SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 9.2 ~

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Chapter 9: Determination

Opposing the mysterious army together, the Toyotomi Army contracted a public alliance with Oda.

However, during the evening banquet, in the midst of harmonious conversations that were flying about, there were sparks between Nobunaga and Hideyoshi…?

Chapter 9.2


[NOBUNAGA]: “……”

[YUZUKI]: (W-What do I do… If it becomes a battle like this…)

The moment I felt like I was about to be crushed by anxiety, Nobunaga-san suddenly turned his back as if he had lost interest.

[NOBUNAGA]: “Tomorrow morning, we will be leaving to return to Oda territory. If it is needed, I can leave soldiers here.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “It’s not needed. We’ll protect our own lands.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Hn, you’re saying you won’t show your belly.”

[YUZUKI]: (The air is really prickly… Even if we’re said to have an alliance, the hostility towards each other hasn’t changed.)

[NOBUNAGA]: “Unfortunately, I do not have the time to squabble with you right now.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “That’s true. I’ve been thinking about the alliances of the other armies too…”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Above all, I need to consider that army we just fought a while ago too.”

[YUZUKI]: (Oh, right. Those soldiers we fought during the day… who exactly are they?)

[NOBUNAGA]: “… Beyond this point, massive battles will occur. On a scale of which these skirmishes between Oda and Toyotomi are beneath notice.”

Nobunaga-san stated that and then looked at me.

[NOBUNAGA]: “Girl, you will be forced to make a choice at that time… It will be something to watch.”

There was no time to ask what he meant; Nobunaga-san said only that and then left.

The vassals of the Oda Army followed him like that and the room was left with only the Toyotomi Army.

[YUZUKI]: “… Fuah.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Were you scared?”

[YUZUKI]: “Yes… a little… er, more like a lot. Nobunaga-san was angry too…”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “I see. But don’t worry because he wasn’t angry at all, he was actually in a pretty good mood.”

[YUZUKI]: “Like that!?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Yep, like that. He’s hard to understand, huh.”

[YUZUKI]: “But why…”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Because you didn’t bend to Nobunaga and followed through with your will. That cold-blooded Demon King makes judgments on his opponents by their ability.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “And it seems like you’ve been liked by the Demon King.”

[YUZUKI]: “I-Is that how it is…”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “… It’s not just Nobunaga who likes you though.”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh…?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “You resisted well without saying anything in front of that Nobunaga. Thank you.”

[TOSHIIE]: “Seriously. You worked hard!”

[HANBEE]: “Yep yep! I was moved!”

[MITSUNARI]: “It would be extremely advantageous for other armies to know the information about Himemiko and the sacred treasures that only Toyotomi knows.”

[KANBEE]: “… Aa, it was good work.”

[YUZUKI]: “N-No… all I did was stay silent though…”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “As expected of my fiancée!”

[YUZUKI]: “Wah!? Geez, Hideyoshi-san, you can’t just hug me suddenly–“


[YUZUKI]: “Hideyoshi-san…?”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “… Nobunaga-san said something, didn’t he. That, eventually, you are going to make a choice.”

[YUZUKI]: “… Yes.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “If that time comes… will you choose to be together with me?”

[YUZUKI]: “Hideyoshi-san…”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “You’re the only one I don’t want to hand over to Nobunaga or any other army…”

Hideyoshi-san gently touched my cheek. The sad look in the eyes that were facing me squeezed my heart.

[HIDEYOSHI]: “I want to stay with you forever. You…?”

[YUZUKI]: “I…”

Hideyoshi-san’s face slowly came closer. And in the moment where I thought our lips would touch with just a little more distance–

[HANBEE]: “Okaaay, stop right there. Separate, separateee~!”

Hanbee-kun pulled Hideyoshi-san apart from me while laughing with a broad smile.

[TOSHIIE]: “Geez, ignoring us like that…”

[MITSUNARI]: “P-Please stop your jokes right there.”

[KANBEE]: “This is not the time for that sort of thing.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “What a shame. I just needed a little bit more too.”

[YUZUKI]: (Hideyoshi-san is back to his usual self already. Was that a joke just now? Or…)

[MITSUNARI]: “Kanbee is correct. Right now we need to discuss about tomorrow’s situation and things thereafter.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “That’s true. Let’s settle everything before we sleep.”

[MITSUNARI]: “About the Oda soldiers… was it really wise to make them withdraw?”

[TOSHIIE]: “It doesn’t matter, right? We wouldn’t be calm if there were Oda soldiers in our territory.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Indeed. No matter how much our troops would increase, it’s dangerous to leave the Oda Army in this castle.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Since this alliance won’t always continue.”

[MITSUNARI]: “However… when I think about opposing his army from here on, we won’t have enough troops no matter how much we have.”

[YUZUKI]: (His army… they mean the person we fought during the day, right?)

[KANBEE]: “… I am of the same opinion as Mitsunari.”

[KANBEE]: “Certainly, it is dangerous to put Nobunaga’s subordinates in the castle. However, when I think about the movements of his army…”

[YUZUKI]: “Um, about this topic just now, by his army who exactly is that…”

[KANBEE]: “… I see. You did not know, hm.”

[KANBEE]: “The land controlled by mighty demons who, in the long ago past, reigned over Shinga…”

[KANBEE]: “Presently, the Toyotomi Army is under the worst threat called the “Mouri Army”.”

16 thoughts on “SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 9.2 ~

    1_chan said:
    June 20, 2018 at 13:51

    Hanbee!! They were so close ahhh ;; < ;; )) It was gonna be so good, but the dear boy had to cockblock lol

      Ilinox responded:
      June 20, 2018 at 20:54

      T___T I’M SO SAD. But I doubt they’ll ever give a conclusive scene between a guy and the MC during the main army story, sobs. I guess that’s what all the extra card stories are for…

    emmy said:
    March 2, 2018 at 18:01

    [HIDEYOSHI]: “I want to stay with you forever. You…?”
    [Me]: “I want to stay with Kanbee.”

      Ilinox responded:
      March 2, 2018 at 21:22

      [HIDEYOSHI]: Σ Σ (´д`lll)

      Haha, I’m pretty content with the leaders being the main focus of their route (because I’m so biased to leader characters) but f’sure Kanbee is mighty tempting to me too. If Hideyoshi could just look away for one moment so we could get some more time with Kanbee– //bricked.

    Reggie said:
    February 20, 2018 at 17:19

    All I did is this —> (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻ THAT WAS CLOSE, A BIT MORE INCHES!!!!!! CHILDREN IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE, JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES!!!! But Hanbee is……. still unclear whether he’s jealous to his monkey boss or just the other’s says they’re in the serious situation so no jokes.

      Ilinox responded:
      February 21, 2018 at 10:44

      L A U G HING. I’m sorry we were all cockblocked so hard here. I’m not too sure either, hmm, I think he cares about the heroine but he certainly hasn’t really shown it in a romantic way. Then again neither have any of the others |D;; at least not as much and hard as Hideyoshi is. Kanbee is a strong contender though~.

    Bluesheep said:
    February 20, 2018 at 15:35

    I wonder if this is the closest to a kiss scene between the two since the closest physical intimacy they ever got was a glomp hug when he revealed some of his insecurities to her. LOL his vassals did not appreciate his excessive pda. Lucky for Yuzuki the slight rumor of her spending the night with Nobunaga is heavily downplayed in Oda route.

    Ah geez these three men (Hideyoshi, Masamune, Nobunaga) being aggressive types asserting their claim over Yuzuki with little to no input from her. Fiance and wife for Hideyoshi and Masamune, while to Nobunaga she’s more of a personal belonging (touch my grilled cheese sandwich and die basically) although there may be something a little more there. Well I don’t think the other generals would pull stunts like that and have a degree of respect for her autonomy.

    It was odd for the Mouri to attack since we learned they’re trying to live peacefully and keep a low profile, but the next section cleared that up a bit.

      Ilinox responded:
      February 21, 2018 at 10:43

      I think so, not counting card stories! There was that time when they were sitting outside and she asked him about his reasons for fighting Nobunaga iirc around like Chapter 6? That was a pretty intimate moment cause he was like scooted right up against her and making her look at him. But this near kiss!!

      I was gonna make a comment about Hideyoshi being the furthest now among all the guys across all armies in the main story but upon closer thought I don’t think so LOL. Nobunaga had that moment where he basically pulled her shirt down and was kissing right above her chest, so.

      Her spending the night with Nobunaga hasn’t been brought up again but then in full view of the banquet he pulled her right into his chest!! That has to count for something, right? LOL. I can’t imagine Nobunaga would do that to just any girl~.

      I’m :’)) right now because you’re so right about these three men being very aggressive with her. The others get just as much affection but aren’t so caveman-y. Chivalrous knight Kenshin, casual affectionate Shingen, and first love nervousness Yukimura LOL.

      Same same! It’s really clever of the Senbura writers to do that |D;; as the audience hopping routes (like an unfaithful person– //bricked) we have an almost omniscient view of all the armies and what they’re doing, so the fact that they’re interweaving these things while keeping the armies true to themselves is amazing. It’s also so cool to see how each army reacts with their lack of information.

      Unfortunately my translations are behind so you guys don’t get the full picture quite yet but all the armies have basically caught up with each other now and are moving into the world stage: Uesugi’s and Takeda’s scuffles with each other and allying (?) with Date and Sanada actually spooked Oda and Toyotomi into an alliance but those two being a vampiric army is now spooking Uesugi and Takeda LOL. And I’m not too sure if I’m remembering this correctly, but I think Mouri’s chapter 4 was about outside armies threatening to move into their territory… maybe Oda and Toyotomi? So showing that Nobunaga WAS plotting behind the scenes.

    yukihime03 said:
    February 19, 2018 at 22:17

    Hideyoshi and I: Dammit, Hanbee! Would it kill you to just keep quiet for a few more seconds…? Or at least you guys can just turn your heads away?

      Ilinox responded:
      February 21, 2018 at 10:30

      We got so denied here LOL The entire time the scene was happening with Hideyoshi I kept thinking “B-But what about everyone else? ARE THEY JUST STANDING THERE?!” so I laughed when they actually commented on that. Toshiie sounded soooo annoyed.

    Idaira Ferrandiz said:
    February 19, 2018 at 07:56

    Mouri!! I want to see their chapters, they seem very interesting … although I have to wait a long time xD

      Ilinox responded:
      February 20, 2018 at 21:34

      Aw, yeah, I’m sorry but Mouri is gonna be on the back burner because I know lots of people are waiting for Uesugi and even I’m excited to show Uesugi’s route since it’s so deliciously agonizing. Their route is still pretty calm since they only have 4 chapters but the Oda and Toyotomi chapters are certainly hyping them up a lot LOL.

        Idaira Ferrandiz said:
        February 21, 2018 at 10:39

        I understand, I also want to see the route of Uesugi and Kenshin (Sanada not so much xD) so there is no problem. I know that with so many characters and armies it is a bit difficult to translate all the routes, but I want to know how the Mouri army are because they are demons and they seem to paint very well (⌒‿⌒)

    TakarinHime said:
    February 19, 2018 at 07:35

    Why did you guy ruin the perfect moment !!!!!!!!!!!! I luv this ship so much !!!!!!

      Ilinox responded:
      February 20, 2018 at 21:33

      HI-FIVE!! Haha, I really love how playfully aggressive Hideyoshi is :’D you know he totally meant everything he said too and he’s only joking to lighten things up and make it so that things aren’t awkward there. WE WERE SO CLOSE TO AN ACTUAL KISS!! IN THE MAIN STORY!! Card stories don’t count–

        TakarinHime said:
        February 20, 2018 at 23:29

        Yeppppp !!!!!!! And Hanbee just ruin the perfect moment !!!!!! I just so salty here !!!!!!!! TT^TT

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