SNB Uesugi ~ Chapter 2.1 ~

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Chapter 2: All Things Wholeheartedly

“Blood that has power” the same as Himemiko.

The moral within the army rose when they obtained this power in an unexpected place and that unification of the country would not be a dream.

But at that time, Kenshin issued an order.

Chapter 2.1

Several days later.

[IMARI]: “Nnnh, nngh… mngh……”

Despite Imari-kun taking an afternoon nap in the corner of the room, I thought back to the battle a few days ago.

In the end, although the Takeda Army withdrew from Uesugi territory, the battle ended in a draw, and Kenshin-san seemed vexed.

I didn’t know what to say to Kenshin-san like that and so, even after we returned to the castle, I hadn’t spoken to him.

[YUZUKI]: (Though everyone else talks to me about something whenever we meet…)

[YUZUKI]: (Kenshin-san seems to be busy dealing with the aftermath of the battle and I haven’t seen him at all…)

[YUZUKI]: (I wonder if his body is alright… Isn’t there something I can help with.)

Up to now I’ve only received protection and caused trouble for Kenshin-san and the others.

But if there was something I could do– if I could be of use to the people of Uesugi, then I would do anything.

[YUZUKI]: (If people were sick, I could look after them…)

[YUZUKI]: (Ah, if their injuries heal when they drink my blood, I wonder if it’ll work on exhaustion?)

When I thought about that, the sight of Kenshin-san when he was drinking my blood suddenly came to mind–

[YUZUKI]: “Kenshin-san, please. For the sake of those two who are fighting so hard, I’m begging you to drink my blood.”

[KENSHIN]: “… Are you certain?”

[YUZUKI]: “Of course! If there’s the slightest chance that it’ll help everyone then…!”

[KENSHIN]: “… I understand.”

Kenshin-san placed a hand on my shoulder as if he had made a resolution.

[KENSHIN]: “… If it hurts, speak. I will stop immediately.”

Kenshin-san’s expression as he said that, with his desire for blood, was terribly seductive.

Also, there was how rough his breathing was as it tickled my skin, or like how hot his tongue was as it traced my neck…

Most importantly, when my blood was being sucked, I couldn’t help but find it strangely pleasant–

[YUZUKI]: (Ack, what am I thinking.)

I quickly shook my head, as if to cool down my burning cheeks.

[YUZUKI]: (Anyway, leaving that alone…)

[YUZUKI]: (I can’t believe that by drinking my blood, not only do their wounds heal, but they can also get amazing strength…)

[YUZUKI]: (I wonder if the fact that everyone’s attitude has changed, when compared to before, is because they’ve accepted that my blood has the same power as Himemiko-sama…?)

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Are you available right now?”

[YUZUKI]: “Kagemochi-san? Please come in.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Excuse my intrusion. Recently, you mentioned you wished to eat sweets, did you not?”

[YUZUKI]: “Ah, I feel like I might have said that…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Because I purchased some in the castle town.”

Kagemochi-san smiled and presented sweet bean jellies to me.

[KAGEMOCHI]: “By all means, please enjoy them.”

[YUZUKI]: “Is it okay?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Of course. I purchased these for you.”

[YUZUKI]: “Thank you! But I feel kind of bad for getting these…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “It is nothing. Rather, please allow me to do this much. You are the one who saved Kenshin-sama’s life after all.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “If there is something else you would like to eat, or if you are lacking in anything, please tell me.”

[YUZUKI]: “Kagemochi-san…! I will!”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Haha. Then, I will excuse myself here.”

After I saw off Kagemochi-san, another person entered as if switching in.

[KAGEIE]: “Hey! You here!?”

[YUZUKI]: “Wah! Kageie-san!? What is it? Did you come to check on me again?”

[KAGEIE]: “Yeah. I still don’t believe you have Himemiko’s power.”

[YUZUKI]: (It’s inevitable for Kageie-san to think that, huh. Even I don’t really get it…)

[KAGEIE]: “Observing you is only a part of that. The other is to get to the bottom of your real identity.”

[YUZUKI]: “I see…”

[YUZUKI]: (It’s a little inconvenient for him to pop in abruptly every day, but…)

[YUZUKI]: (If it leads to a clue to Himemiko-sama by having Kageie-san watch me–)

[YUZUKI]: “Have you found anything out by observing me?”

[KAGEIE]: “Yeah, one thing.”

[YUZUKI]: “Really!? What is it…!?”

[KAGEIE]: “You have bed hair. It’s improper for a woman.”

[YUZUKI]: “Wha…!”

I couldn’t return any words at that unbelievable answer.

[KAGEKATSU]: “… Kageie-san, so you were here.”

[KAGEIE]: “Ah, Kagekatsu-sama! Is there something you need from me?”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… My father was looking for you.”

[KAGEIE]: “Kenshin-sama? Understood, I will go immediately!”


Kagekatsu-kun saw Kageie-san off and then sat quietly beside me.

[YUZUKI]: “Oh, Kagekatsu-kun, do you need something from me too?”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… No… Can I not stay here?”

Asking that, Kagekatsu-kun’s action of tilting his head was like an affectionate cat and, reflexively, I wanted to hug him.

[YUZUKI]: “No, it’s fine. I guess we can talk then–“

[KANETSUGU]: “Found you, Kagekatsu! You’re hanging around this girl’s room again!”

[KAGEKATSU]: “Ah… Kanetsugu.”

[KANETSUGU]: “Lately, whenever I think you’re gone you come here immediately… Do you like this girl that much?”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… Mhm. Because she’s the person who saved my father’s life…”

[KANETSUGU]: “Well, that’s true but…”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… If she hadn’t been there, who knows what my father would be like now…”

[YUZUKI]: “That’s an exaggeration, Kagekatsu-kun. I didn’t do anything much…”

[KANETSUGU]: “Hah? What are you being modest for now. That’s gross.”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh…?”

Kanetsugu-san faced me as I startled and spoke as if he were spitting words out.

[KANETSUGU]: “You know, you have to stand up straighter and be more firm. If people knew that such a spiritless woman saved Kenshin-sama’s life, then his status will fall.”

[KANETSUGU]: “Well, I won’t tell you to act like me but be more confident. Have confidence.”

[YUZUKI]: (On the contrary, I think Kanetsugu-san seems to have too much confidence…)

But when I thought about how this was Kanetsugu-san caring about me in his own way I was happy.

It wasn’t just Kanetsugu-san, but also Kageie-san, Kagemochi-san, and Kagekatsu-kun.

[YUZUKI]: (All I could feel when I just arrived in “Shinga” was uneasiness, but…)

[YUZUKI]: (What is this now. Somewhere in my mind I’ve started to think that… if days like these were to continue then…)

At that time, Kenshin-san came to me and told me to come to his room.


[YUZUKI]: “Excuse me.”

[YUZUKI]: (Huh? Everyone’s gathered. I wonder what we’re going to talk about?)

After Kenshin-san looked around at all of us, he slowly opened his mouth.

[KENSHIN]: “… Everyone has already heard of what this girl greatly contributed in the last battle with Takeda, correct?”

Excluding me, everyone nodded.

[KENSHIN]: “There is a tremendous power in her blood, identical to Himemiko, which can influence the war.”

[KENSHIN]: “Her existence has become exceedingly important to the Uesugi clan.”

[YUZUKI]: (My blood is that precious to everyone…)

[YUZUKI]: (It kind of feels like I’ve been accepted so I’m a bit happy…)

[KENSHIN]: “Accordingly, on the matter of this girl…”

Kenshin-san left a momentary pause there before he quietly stated this.

[KENSHIN]: “Henceforth, it is forbidden to use her power at all in battle. Of course, that includes speaking about her power outside of this castle.”

[YUZUKI]: “… Huh?”

It seemed like I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t hide their confusion at Kenshin-san’s words.

[KAGEKATSU]: “Father, why…?”

[KANETSUGU]: “If we have this girl’s power, Takeda wouldn’t be our enemy anymore!”

However, Kenshin-san did not answer to either one–

[KENSHIN]: “That is all. Dismissed.”

[KAGEIE + KAGEMOCHI]: “… Acknowledged.”

His manner of speaking preempted everything and not one of us was able to object.

[YUZUKI]: (Just when I thought I could help everyone, why…?)

(T/N: I’ve been butchering these chapter titles so you guys probably can’t tell but all Uesugi chapters are 4 kanji words that are like phrases or philosophies. FYI Oda’s are pretty normal, Toyotomi is one word only, Takeda uses idioms, Sanada has exclamations, Date uses cliffhanger hyphen trail offs, and Mouri generally has adjective + noun.

Reason I’m mentioning this is because there’s no good translation for this Uesugi chapter. Essentially it means that no matter how much you study or whatever techniques or art or skills you know, it’s useless if you haven’t put your heart into it. AKA. there’s no point in being omnipotent if there’s no sincerity. Very Kenshin-esque.)

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    Reggie said:
    March 2, 2018 at 06:38

    Kageie is more suspicious to her than Kagemochi I didn’t expect that 😲
    “Asking that, Kagekatsu-kun’s action of tilting his head was like an affectionate cat and, reflexively, I wanted to hug him.” What I see is a husky dog 💖
    And by the way I laughed so hard on “K9″😂😂😂

      Ilinox responded:
      March 2, 2018 at 10:31

      Kagemochi knows that sweets are the way to get into a woman’s hea– //bricked. Except unfortunately I have a low sugar tolerance so it wouldn’t work for me :'( but mofumofu on the other hand…

      Oh, good point! Kageie is much less dangerous though cause he’s just insistent on guarding her but Kagemochi was straight up going to murder her in coldblood behind Kenshin’s back LOL.

      They’re all just overgrown dogs so K9 would suit them |D

        Reggie said:
        March 3, 2018 at 03:38

        Well Kagemochi knows how to treat women without treating them sweets or anything hehehe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ah you mean you want to touch their furry tails and ears too? Me too I want to caress them even though for werewolves umm…. There’s a meaning for them to touch their tails and Kagemochi loves it but I don’t mind 😍
        Yeah but I still love Kagemochi 😗

    Cinn said:
    March 1, 2018 at 11:31

    Oohhh ! I can,t wait for the awakening stories (´υ`)

      Ilinox responded:
      March 2, 2018 at 10:04

      n_n I’m just waiting for a good point in the main story to stop and jump over to the awakening stories (where it makes sense that they’re suddenly all lovey-dovey).

    Hisui said:
    March 1, 2018 at 06:32

    Kagekatsu like a cat … XD made me want to draw … T.T but I’m in time for exams, I leave it annotated to do it later.

    Meanwhile enjoy this fanart (credit to its author):
    I have no idea what Kagekatsu says to Yuzuki, but he’s so cute … <3

      Ilinox responded:
      March 2, 2018 at 10:25

      I don’t know why she used a cat analogy when a puppy could have worked just fine and they’re werewolves, haha!

      Aw, I think I’ve seen this around before (but it was before I ended up liking Kagekatsu |D). The conversation goes like:

      Y: Can I touch it?
      K: Mm… that’s if you want to… do you want to touch my tail too?
      Y: Yeah!!

      And then the sound effects are her touching his ears and then commenting on how fluffy it is LOL.

        Hisui said:
        March 2, 2018 at 16:01

        XD that cute … thanks for translating the XD image

        I also thought that with a puppy it would serve … XD but I like cats, I imagined it and it would look cute.
        One crazy thing that had happened to me when I saw the anime was that more than wolves seemed to me dogs, because the tail and the ears of yukimura are more similar to an Akita XD

    garden said:
    March 1, 2018 at 03:28

    I, too, would have reflexively wanted to hug Kagekatsu. I might even do it every single time I’d meet him. I’d be a terrible MC in an otome game.

    so many Kage’s in this clan. is it a popular name back in Sengoku time or what?

    I think you did well with the translating of the chapter titles so far. don’t worry about it, friend.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 1, 2018 at 13:20

      *sit in the same boat with you* I’d be asking if I could touch their ears and tails 24/7 LOL.

      I… have no idea actually! It’s only recently that I realized they all have “K” names too, haha. Now if we just end up with 4 more Uesugi members they could be called the K9– //bricked.

      Aw, thank you! It’s a shame the beauty of these 4 kanji phrases don’t get shown because it gets lost in English but I guess you guys will just be in store for occasional TL notes about the chapter titles |D.

        yukihime03 said:
        March 2, 2018 at 20:28

        Guess what, I can give you 4 more Uesugi members, all related to the K5: Uesugi Kagenobu, Uesugi Kagetora, Amakasu Kagetsugu, Naoe Kanetsuna.

        There were actually several more “K”, but from other retainer clans that are less known.
        I think names with “K” (especially “Kage”) were popular in Uesugi clan. Then again, most (all?) of the clans usually named the sons similarly, like how Oda clan had many “Nobu”s and Date clan had many “Mune”s…

        I, for one, am thankful we only got K5 in Senbura; any more of them and I’ll have a hard time calling them with their right names. (I already mistakenly wrote Kagekatsu as Kagetsugu orz)

    yukihime03 said:
    March 1, 2018 at 00:24

    [KAGEKATSU]: “… No… Can I not stay here?”

    Asking that, Kagekatsu-kun’s action of tilting his head was like an affectionate cat and, reflexively, I wanted to hug him.

    ASDFGHJKL!!!!! (つ≧▽≦)つ
    Now I really want to see a fanart of Kagekatsu as a cat (even though he should be a wolf…)
    On the other hand… so it wasn’t just me, but Yuzuki also thinks that Kagekatsu is like a pet… LMAO~

    Btw, that scene where they enters Yuzuki’s room one by one…
    It feels a lot like a scene in a sitcom… XDDD

    I really like that philosophy of Kenshin though?? I bow to Kenshin-sama. m(_ _)m

      Ilinox responded:
      March 1, 2018 at 13:17

      LOL why do I feel like everyone came into Uesugi wanting to see Kenshin but now they’re all getting their hearts stolen by Kagekatsu–. Yuzuki’s thinking of Kagekatsu makes it REALLY hard to see him as anything but a younger brother or cute pet to raise, huh.

      I like that everyone in Uesugi goes to welcome her in their own way. It’s a big difference from the other groups that don’t really do that (apart from Date but they only have 3 people so whenever one person does something, the rest follow).

      Haha, I wish I could keep the cool 4 kanji thing they have going on but unfortunately the moment it gets translated into English it loses that :’D and oh man I hate and love Kenshin’s things because I’m learning a bunch of cool phrases but also wondering why he has to be so fancy and cultured LOL.

        yukihime03 said:
        March 1, 2018 at 16:53

        The power of puppy eyes is strong. Hahahaha~

        But whenever I remember Date’s welcoming, I remember imprisonment. ಠ_ಠ

        Well, that’s the problem of translation. You cannot always keep the nuances. *shrug*
        I love that he is so fancy and cultured though. XD

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