SNB Uesugi ~ Chapter 2.3 ~

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Chapter 2: All Things Wholeheartedly

“Blood that has power” the same as Himemiko.

The moral within the army rose when they obtained this power in an unexpected place and that unification of the country would not be a dream.

But at that time, Kenshin issued an order.

Chapter 2.3

[YUZUKI]: “Helping you buy something… you say?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Yes. I am going to purchase a gift for the princess of an allied nation, but I wanted to hear the opinion of a lady.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Please, won’t you accompany me?”

.[YUZUKI]: “Yes! If you’re okay with me, then please!”

[YUZUKI]: “Wow, it’s so lively and crowded. This is the first time I’ve come to the castle town, so it’s kind of refreshing.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Oh my, is that so. Then please enjoy yourself to your heart’s content.”

[YUZUKI]: “Okay!”

[YUZUKI]: “Um… by the way, Kagemochi-san, there is one thing I’m curious about…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “What is it?”

[YUZUKI]: “It’s about the person following behind us…”

[VILLAGER]: “Oh, Kageie-sama! Are you shopping?”

[KAGEIE]: “Uh, no, rather than shopping I’m… how do I say this… Sorry but don’t call out to me right now! I’m in the middle of tailing that girl!”

[YUZUKI]: “Kageie-san… came even to this place to supervise me, huh…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Well, do not think too deeply about him. Right now, let’s enjoy shopping with me… alright?”

[YUZUKI]: “R-Right…”

My heart picked up a little at the small sweetness in his words and then Kagemochi-san stopped in front of a general store.

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Now then, why don’t we enter this store first.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Oh, also, if there is anything you want besides the gift, please say so without reservation.”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh!? That’s too much.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “No. If I do not do anything to thank you for helping me choose a gift for our important allied nation then I will be scolded by Kenshin-sama.”

[YUZUKI]: “… If that’s the case, then I’ll take you up on that offer.”

Kagemochi-san smiled and then invited me into the store with a “Now, please come in”.

[YUZUKI]: “… There were so many pretty accessories it was a lovely shop!”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “I am glad you seem to have liked it.”

[YUZUKI]: “But I’m sorry I was so undecided that in the end we didn’t buy anything…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “No, no, please do not worry about that. There are still many stores after all.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Now then, let us go to the hairpin store next. It is a popular store in our territory.”

[YUZUKI]: “Ah, I’m looking forward to it!”

[KAGEIE]: “Ohh, she’s becoming cheerful! Good job, Kagemochi!!”

[YUZUKI]: “Kagemochi-san, thank you for today. I had a lot of fun!”

[YUZUKI]: “Moreover, I even bought such a lovely hairpin…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “No, no, I am the one who should be thankful. I was able to prepare a lovely gift. I am sure the princess over there will be pleased as well.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “It is all owing to you. Thank you very much.”

[YUZUKI]: “No, that’s… but I’m glad to have been of help to you, Kagemochi-san.”

[YUZUKI]: “Lately, I’ve just been getting in everyone’s way…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “… Regarding that, I recall hearing things about that as well. If I recall correctly, according to Kageie, you have been helping out with everyone recently…”

[YUZUKI]: “Yes, but in the end, far from helping them, I’ve just been helped by Kageie-san…”

[YUZUKI]: “That’s why I think it’s natural for Kageie-san to suspect me of being a “suspicious woman”.”

[YUZUKI]: “I’m sure he came to supervise me today too so that I wouldn’t do anything…”

[YUZUKI]: “… I guess, in the end, I’m not trusted by Kageie-san and everyone else in the castle, huh…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Haha. Kageie-san, doing things like that, seems to like you quite a lot.”

[YUZUKI]: “Is that so?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Yes. Besides, Kenshin-sama believes in you. Of course, I as well.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Or is it that you cannot trust what I am saying?”

[YUZUKI]: “That’s not it, but–“


[YUZUKI]: “That voice just now!?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “… It can’t be.”

When we looked in the direction of the scream, we saw a giant shadow charging towards us.

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Yakuma…! For it to appear in town…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Please hide in a safe place.”

[YUZUKI]: “Kagemochi-san…!?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “I will help the evacuation of the villagers!”

Saying that, Kagemochi-san ran out and tried to give instructions to the villagers but–

[YUZUKI]: “… Huh?”

The yakuma took no notice of the people around it and rushed at me in a straight line.

[KAGEMOCHI]: “What…”

Kagemochi-san’s response was delayed and it was unlikely he’d arrive to help.

[YUZUKI]: (It’s going to get me–)

Paling with the fear of death, I tried to crouch down on the spot. At that moment.

[KAGEIE]: “Get down!!”

A broad back abruptly cut in between me and the yakuma…

[KAGEIE]: “… Orah!”

The yakuma’s body was bisected by Kageie-san’s blow.

[KAGEIE]: “Are you okay!? You aren’t hurt!?… Hey, say something!”

[YUZUKI]: “Um… it hurts…”

[KAGEIE]: “What!? It hurts, you said!? Where were you hit!? Shit, that damn yakuma!”

[YUZUKI]: “No, um, the shoulders you’re grabbing, Kageie-san…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Kageie, please calm down a little. She is unharmed.”

[KAGEIE]: “I see, oh phew…”

Kageie-san’s expression became relieved and he released his hands from my shoulders.

[YUZUKI]: “Um, Kageie-san, why did you help me? Weren’t you wary of me and tailing me…?”

[KAGEIE]: “Huh!?… No, that’s, um, you see…”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Actually, he is not watching you today.”

[YUZUKI]: “Wha!?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “In the first place, at Kageie-san’s request, today’s shopping trip was a plan to cheer you up.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Tailing you was just in name only and, in truth, Kageie was also worried about you and followed us to watch over you.”

[KAGEIE]: “Hey! Didn’t you promise not to say this!?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “If you wished to keep it hidden, then please make efforts to hide it. This girl discovered your presence from the very beginning.”

[KAGEIE]: “Wha… what did you say!”

[YUZUKI]: “Um, sorry, I don’t really understand the situation… He wasn’t watching me because he thought I was suspicious…?”

[KAGEIE]: “I still don’t believe this and that about the power of your blood, but… at the very least, you’re not a bad person!”

[KAGEIE]: “That’s why, um… I’m sorry for making you cry with my strict supervision!!”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh? That wasn’t because of Kageie-san’s supervision though…”

[KAGEIE]: “What!? Then why were you crying!? Hey, Kagemochi! What exactly is this!?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Why don’t you ask her directly, without relying on me. Good gracious… I am returning home first.”

[KAGEIE]: “Hey, Kagemochi!? Where are you going?! Don’t go home alone! I’m not good at being alone with a woman… wah, HEY, ARE YOU LISTENING!”

[YUZUKI]: “… He’s gone.”

[KAGEIE]: “Ah… yeah. Um. Uh, so…”

[YUZUKI]: (Kageie-san is really troubled… umm, I guess I should break the ice?)

[YUZUKI]: “Um… Kageie-san, why don’t we return home too?”

[KAGEIE]: “Ah, yeah, ri… right! Alright, let’s go!”

–And then, while continuing an awkward conversation, the two of us went home.

By the time we arrived at the castle, the impression of Kagie-san being “a little rough and scary” which I held up to then had completely changed…

And I started to think “maybe he’s really a nice person?”.

15 thoughts on “SNB Uesugi ~ Chapter 2.3 ~

    ImmaFish said:
    March 11, 2018 at 14:39

    Kagemochi, you sly son of a b//slapped
    In all seriousness, Kagemochi has to be my semi-favorite character in the Uesugi. My favorite being Kagekatsu (smol child must be protected >_<) I honestly don’t have much to say about this chapter other than Kageie is a little tsundere who needs to take a chill pill, and if it wasn’t for Kagemochi, Yuzuki probably would’ve loathed (or dislike) Kageie for the rest of her life.

    I was reading earlier comments and there’s a snb quiz? Anyway I can still take it, or was it limited time or somethin. (Interest levels at max)

      Ilinox responded:
      March 13, 2018 at 13:44

      Can’t drop our guards down around him because if you give him an inch he’ll take a mile :’D being a sneaky ijiwaru person like that. For me it’s Kenshin and Kagemochi at the top :’D.

      LOL I think Yuzuki understands where Kageie is coming from and actually doesn’t think much of him apart from the fact that he’s clearly a worrywart and excessively cautious. It’s funny that she pretty much is like “oh he’s watching me while I’m out with you too… k” and then is like “?? why would I cry over him?” haha (at least that’s how it comes off in my head).

      Nope, they still have the quiz up on their website here. It’s a reaaaaally small quiz though LOL and I feel like the reason I always land in Uesugi is because I’m the youngest child in the family.

    yukihime03 said:
    March 4, 2018 at 17:18

    I’ll admit Kagemochi can be nice, but when I read this:

    [KAGEMOCHI]: “Or is it that you cannot trust what I am saying?”

    My first reaction is to say no. :P

      Ilinox responded:
      March 4, 2018 at 23:23

      Saaaaaame. I love characters like his but they make me suspicious. It’s because he’s so smooth it really makes you wonder what he’s thinking. I didn’t relax around him until his character-centric chapter which iirc is still a ways off. Was it Ch4 or Ch5? Hmm.

      (Unfortunately, Kagemochi and I are destined though because I got him 3 times in that SNB quiz about which commander suits you best. THREE TIMES. I changed my answers and still got him. On the 4th, when I started choosing answers that didn’t even resemble me anymore, I still ended up in Uesugi but got Kenshin… even though I feel like my personality suits Uesugi the least because I share Nobunaga’s philosophies. But then again maybe that ruthlessness is why Kagemochi and I are so suited, oh no… LOL).

        yukihime03 said:
        March 5, 2018 at 16:24

        Then I’ll wait until his character-centric chapter, I may change my mind then.
        If I don’t… oh well, then he will still be no 1 in my list of the most suspicious character in senbura… :P

        Oh! I also did that quiz, and ended up with Kanbee. Hahaha. When I changed my answers a little bit, I got Mitsunari. Basically, I’m stuck in Toyotomi Army. I also don’t think I suit them at all??? I think I may have got them because I said I like smart people… (^-^”)
        I wish I can get Uesugi instead (I envy you, even if you got Kagemochi), because I do believe in Kenshin’s philosophy and Uesugi people are the calmest among the armies. Toyotomi can be… chaotic.

    AMBER said:
    March 4, 2018 at 02:54

    Thank you for the translating! It took time for me to catch up all until now after busy weeks. And when I come back to your blog, it fulls of many Uesugi chapters! Thanks again! My favorite army and routes >\\\<

    I translated these chapters quite long time ago now with my poor Japanese skills and you are saving me in many parts I couldn’t do my own :)

    Kageie in Okitsu’s voice really is really surprising for me at first but finally I became attacted to his personality as well, funny guy haha ;) I remember how I felt sorry for her when she cried because I read it and felt the same way and suddenly turn out as I was smiling when seeing how caring Kageie was for her. I was even more into drama in the next chapters as well. This route just got me cried a lot LOL

    Have a good rest!

      AMBER said:
      March 4, 2018 at 02:57

      *remove one “really”
      *and finally became attracted to

      sorry for many typos ;(

        Ilinox responded:
        March 4, 2018 at 23:16

        Aw, you’re welcome and thanks for commenting \(๑•ᴗ•๑)/ It must feel awesome to let the chapters stockpile and then come back to read all of them, that way you don’t get stuck at any awful cliffhangers. Hoho, I’m glad you’re getting to read through your favorite route then!

        Oh, that’s true! I’m not used to hearing Okitsu voicing these types of characters, haha, and it actually doesn’t really register for me that Kageie is Okitsu, woops. I think it’s because whenever I think Uesugi I just constantly hear Midorikawa and Toriumi in my head LOL. I normally don’t like brawny characters either but honestly all the guys in SNB are so charming and Kageie won me over too with how adorable he is when he drops his guard.

        I actually couldn’t remember much of the beginning of Uesugi until I came back to do translations so it’s funny because the only impression I have of it now is “EVERYTHING IS SO SAD WHY” and you’re right about upcoming drama, except I think it just keeps getting more and more dramatic from here. Uesugi route just plummets downhill into sadness at one point and never stops LOL. I felt my heart get squeezed so many times in this route too T_T why is Kenshin the way he is.

        Haha, don’t worry about typos! It’s still completely readable.

    Reggie said:
    March 3, 2018 at 02:14

    Awww….. Mochi has reach his patients hahaha ( I keep miss reading their names so maybe I shorten their names and I’m not mistaken mochi sounds like a food and the first kanji of his family name ‘Ama’ and add ‘i’ becomes ‘sweet’)

      Reggie said:
      March 3, 2018 at 02:16


        Ilinox responded:
        March 4, 2018 at 17:33

        Heehee, I had a feeling you would! It has so much silliness going on. The comedic duo featuring Kagemochi and Kageie. Mochi is definitely food |D;; it’s that sticky glutinous rice cake, which is why I get the giggles whenever I call Kagemochi by that nickname (honestly, it’d probably be something you’d call your dog LOL like the name Choco or something).

    Idaira Ferrandiz said:
    March 3, 2018 at 00:48

    I need more, why are the chapters so short? I want Yuuzuki to start distributing his blood to everyone xD In this route it seems that they give more importance to his blood? … Because in the previous ones, it seemed that it was not surprising at all and they took it quite normally. But here it seems something else … I need more!

      Ilinox responded:
      March 4, 2018 at 17:30

      It’s funny you say that when Uesugi’s chapters have been averaging around 100~ lines per part which is on the heavier side |D Date is still the most text heavy when it had like two chapters that were 130~ lines each.

      Hm, you have a point. It really depends on the personality of the general of each army and weighing the pros and cons of using her blood. For example, Nobunaga instantly thinks to use it as a tool and he’s confident enough to protect her. Hideyoshi also sees the benefits of her blood though he tries not to let Nobunaga catch wind of this. Date knows it’s risky to have her blood powers be known because they’re a small group and can’t risk everyone attacking them for her, but Masamune is also the type to use whatever means to achieve his goal so in the end they use it.

      But for Uesugi, given what we know about Kenshin’s personality… :’))) You’ll get to hear his reasons for why he forbade the use of her blood.

    waterinegirl said:
    March 3, 2018 at 00:15

    what a tsundere

      Ilinox responded:
      March 4, 2018 at 17:25

      HAHA It never occurred me to call Kageie a tsundere but he’s certainly acting like a tough guy right now when he’s super flustered inside. He’s melting though ;D

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