SNB Kanetsugu ~ Awakening ~

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After one battle ended, we didn’t return to Uesugi’s castle immediately, and instead treated the people who were injured.

[YUZUKI]: (Everyone’s running around in a hurry to treat people. I need to work hard as well.)

[YUZUKI]: “Are there any others that need treatment…”

When I darted my gaze around the area, the sight of Kanetsugu-san pressing onto his right arm entered my eyes.

[YUZUKI]: “Kanetsugu-san…! You’re hurt! In that case…”

[KANETSUGU]: “… In that case what.”

Kanetsugu-san’s voice when he answered, whether it was due to fatigue from the battle or what, was terribly darker than usual.

[YUZUKI]: “I’ll treat it immediately so please show me your arm.”


[YUZUKI]: “Huh…? Why?”

[KANETSUGU]: “It doesn’t matter, does it. Don’t bother with me and go away. There’s still wounded people, right?”

[YUZUKI]: (I don’t know why Kanetsugu-san is trying to keep me at a distance, but… if he’s hurt then I can’t leave him alone!)

Thinking that, I forcibly grabbed Kanetsugu-san’s hand.

[KANETSUGU]: “Wha, hey!”

[YUZUKI]: “Please don’t move. I’m treating it right now.”

[KANETSUGU]: “I told you it doesn’t matter!”

[YUZUKI]: “It does!”

Maybe because he faltered at my words for the moment, but Kanetsugu-san unexpectedly became quiet.

Using that time, I quickly applied medicine to Kanetsugu-san’s wound and wrapped it with a bandage.

[YUZUKI]: (With this… it’s done.)

At that moment, I heard my name being called from another place. It seemed like it was a request to treat an injury.

[YUZUKI]: “Ah, looks like I have to go… Bye, Kanetsugu-san. I’ll be going to another per–“

The instant I said that and turned my back.

[KANETSUGU]: “Wait.”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh?… Ah!”

My wrist was suddenly grabbed and, when I turned around looking surprise, Kanetsugu-san had a furious expression; however, the depths of his eyes shook and he seemed to be lacking composure somewhere.

[YUZUKI]: “I-It hurts…! Kanetsugu-san, please stop…!”


Kanetsugu-san remained silent and, like he was dragging me, went in the opposite direction of the injured people– we went deep into the forest.

[YUZUKI]: “Kanetsugu-san!? What are you doing all of a sudden?”

[YUZUKI]: “I’ll listen to you, so please talk–“

[KANETSUGU]: “Ah, geez, shut up.”

Kanetsugu-san finally stopped and then embraced me from behind with a strength that was painful.

[KANETSUGU]: “Just so you know, this is all your fault.”

[KANETSUGU]: “You were moving around in front of me while showing off that delicious smell…”

[KANETSUGU]: “You’ve forgotten that we’re part of the “Gekka Tribe”, haven’t you?”

[YUZUKI]: “Ah…”

As the full moon illuminated the area surreptitiously, Kanetsugu-san’s presence approached the back of my neck.

[KANETSUGU]: “In this situation, there’s no way I can hold onto reason… if you don’t want to be hurt unnecessarily, don’t resist.”

Right after I heard Kanetsugu-san whisper this feverishly–

[YUZUKI]: “Ah…”

Fangs were stabbed in and I felt my blood being sucked. But, maybe because he was drinking with brute force, the intense pain made me scream reflexively.

[YUZUKI]: “Kanetsugu… -san…! It hurts…! Please… stop…”

When I tried to run from the pain, Kanetsugu-san tightened the arms that were holding me.

[KANETSUGU]: “Shut up. I told you earlier. It’s your fault for scattering around the scent of your blood.”

[YUZUKI]: “But…!”

[KANETSUGU]: “Enough, be quiet and let me drink.”

Even when I twisted my body to try and escape, I couldn’t beat Kanetsugu-san’s strength–

Eventually, perhaps because I lost too much blood, my body went slack.

Maybe because he noticed that Kanetsugu-san immediately brought his face away from the back of my neck and, like he was holding me in his arms, brought me to sit at the base of the tree.

[KANETSUGU]: “You’re exhausted already? Pathetic.”

[YUZUKI]: “Those words…! Isn’t it because you drank so much, Kanetsugu-san…”

[KANETSUGU]: “Wha! What started this all was you!”

[YUZUKI]: “Even if you say that…!”

[KANETSUGU]: “You know, don’t you? We get thirsty when we’re hurt. So… even if I think about trying to hold myself back, it’s impossible.”

[KANETSUGU]: “If you don’t want your blood to be sucked roughly like this, then promise me. That you won’t hang around when I’m injured.”

[YUZUKI]: “… I can’t do that. Because I have to take care of those who are injured.”

Hearing my words, Kanetsugu-san sighed as if he was exasperated, and then he quietly brought his face close with a joking smile.

[KANETSUGU]: “Hmm… then if I drank from you even more violently… you definitely can’t complain, okay?”

(T/N: I was hoping coming back to this awakening scene to translate it would change my feelings on it like how Toshiie’s did but… nope. I still hate this one LOL.)

19 thoughts on “SNB Kanetsugu ~ Awakening ~

    1_chan said:
    June 21, 2018 at 01:29

    Eh…would love to give the boy a good lecture about not shifting the blame onto ppl for his own lack of self-control u < u )) .. He's not a bad person, from what I've seen so far, but…hm..this awakening scene definitely falls short where the others are acceptable :0

      Ilinox responded:
      June 21, 2018 at 14:25

      He needs to take lessons on etiquette from Kenshin /o/ the most gentleman-ly of all the werewolves. But yeah… yeah… I just don’t know why his awakening was like this. Even Toshiie apologized after his explosive outburst and how he lashed out in anger. Meanwhile this jerk is just *vague hand gestures*.

    Reggie said:
    March 22, 2018 at 02:33

    My most fav cg of all awakening, because I like how seductive his face making her. But upon reading this I was like “Oh I thought you finally soften but I was a fool to expecting you become a gentle puppy, your attitude still remaining odious as it has been -_-‘ “. And I like his 2* card story about pigeons he’s so cute there so my case to him is like ‘ the more you hate, the more you love’ :p

      Reggie said:
      March 22, 2018 at 07:23

      *making here* sorry for the typos ^^
      WAAAHHHH!!!! I sounds like he’s raping her hahaha I’m so embarrassing (〃艸〃)

        Ilinox responded:
        March 22, 2018 at 09:28

        I feel like the CG is a bit off from what’s actually going on LOL so I’ve never really liked this one because it sounds really scary and painful T__T but yeah Kanetsugu is definitely one of those “wow you’re a horrible jerk but at times you can also be kinda okay…”. Haha, no worries about the typos! My brain automatically skips those and fills them in so I barely notice.

    Hisui Sama said:
    March 19, 2018 at 08:03

    The first time I saw the image of the awakening, I thought I was raping her. XD What a bad thought I am. In any case, he physically assaulted her.

    When I read the ending, I wanted to hit both. Seriously, Yuzuki is telling you that his self-control is horrible.
    Do not get in the mouth of the wolf.

      Hisui Sama said:
      March 19, 2018 at 08:11

      Oh okay, I just realized that “Do not get in the mouth of the wolf” It may not mean the same in English. For those with a Spanish language, it means getting into a dangerous place.

        Ilinox responded:
        March 20, 2018 at 00:12

        He has a pretty odd/happy expression for sounding so out-of-control in this awakening, haha, clearly this isn’t anywhere near close to being one of my favorite CGs |D;; but yeah he totally assaulted her (and then puts all the blame on her which is :// not cool).

        Ooh, that’s a neat saying! I got the gist of it from the context but it’s nice to learn idioms (sayings??) in other languages /o/.

    yukihime03 said:
    March 19, 2018 at 01:03

    Nope. I still don’t like you, Kanetsugu. I’m afraid I never will like you.

    His awakening form reminds me of kitsune though…

      Hisui Sama said:
      March 19, 2018 at 07:51

      XD Funny, I had thought he looked like a red fox in its normal form.

        yukihime03 said:
        March 19, 2018 at 21:28

        His hair (I almost wrote fur, lol) is too light for red fox so I didn’t think of it.
        But he does have foxy qualities, I suppose? Because of the slanted eyes, perhaps? Longer ears?

        Ilinox responded:
        March 20, 2018 at 00:10

        Yeeeeeep, Kanetsugu’s awakening really really really paints him in an awful light. Especially when you read the other awakenings side-by-side or even think about how much self-control Kenshin had when he was bleeding out compared to Kanetsugu’s flesh wound on his arm.

        I still stand by how my first impressions of his normal form (with the black tipped white ears) reminds me of an ermine LOL. And then yeah his orange version does look like a kistune! It also reminds me of halloween because of the black and yellow-y orange. Lots of fall colors going on. Kanetsugu in general makes me think more weasel than wolf, haha, oopsies.

        Hisui Sama said:
        March 20, 2018 at 16:58

        XD It made me want to draw kitsune Kanetsugu, but I’m just beginning to draw Neko Kagekatsu.

    garden said:
    March 19, 2018 at 00:24

    yeah this particular Awakening is not exactly my favorite. made a bad first impression of his character when I first played the game. it’s a bit uncharasterically do-S for Kanetsugu since he never showed that side of him in the main chapters at least, as far as I can recall. never had his 5* cards so I can’t say about the card stories though.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 19, 2018 at 14:16

      Same same. Like he’s definitely harsh with his words but he never came off as someone who was physically violent or who’d raise his hand to the heroine like this?? Unlike someone who we shall not name *cough* Takakage *cough*. I think I have one of his 4* cards but I can’t remember the story. Hrm, I do have his 4* event card though and WOW Kakki nearly converted me to being a Kanetsugu fan LOL.

    AMBER said:
    March 19, 2018 at 00:19

    LOL Kanesugu awakening story! This is reminding me how much I hate him at the very first time, before I even started reading Uesugi route. However, until the latest chapter that I saw him getting nicer a little by little. It seems he’s not that bad. BUT I will never forget what he did on this awakening story!

    Thank you for translations :)

      Ilinox responded:
      March 19, 2018 at 14:15

      EXACTLY. I think I did his awakening at the very beginning of Uesugi and then it just soured my whole experience of him LOL but he slowly grew on me through the route again. Now that I’ve returned to this awakening I’m still :/// about it but I can stomach it at least. I’ll just assume he’s hiding his worry and caring deep deep deep DEEP inside and like he did help her sit down and is joking at the end. He could have just let her collapse. But compared to the rest of the men in Uesugi, boyyyyy.

    smily07 said:
    March 19, 2018 at 00:14

    Hmmm…that’s not so much tsun but just plain mean, Kanetsugu! If only you weren’t voiced by Kakki, I’d ignore you completely

      Ilinox responded:
      March 19, 2018 at 14:13

      Riiiight!? He gets better in the story but I was so disappointed when I saw his awakening story because w h y. It’s so forceful and mean!! Even Toshiie who starts off aggressive apologizes after, but Kanetsugu keeps trying to push the blame on the heroine and that’s just e_e it’s not her fault you lack self-control, psh.

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