Nureba no Ie no Tatarikon ~ Autumn: Blood ~

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Andou Takafumi (安藤 貴文)
CV: 深川緑

The Cursed Marriage of the Black House

Once, my father talked about a destined woman.

He probably became maudlin. I remembered this after I agreed to an engagement.

Autumn, at the village I visited I believed in fate.

You are the only woman I love.

Let our marriage ceremony of the Tani household be the last.

(Arguably one of the sweetest guys in this series but SUCH A TRAGIC END. This one in the series made me think about so many “what if” scenarios… As usual there is a WARNING: dark themes and it’s R18.) On JP DLsite.


Dark desires and cursed blood leads these men to that house–

The jet-black household called Tani, which had stood since the beginning, does not give birth to men.

Therefore it was a rule to take in a son-in-law from another household.

The daughter of the Tani household is beautiful.

Like moths drawn to the light, four men came forward.

And, once again, the seasons pass.

Stage Setting:

A jet-black house coated all over in the deepest black.

In a mountain village in a certain prefecture the Tani household was known to be wealthy; however due to a long-established custom, they were avoided.

After the death of the head of the house, the mother and daughter of the Tani household constantly searched for a successor.

What appeared there was–

Once again, continue to pay attention to the character profiles :’)). Also, it’s best to listen to this series in order to get the impact of the reveals.

.Character Synopsis:

A researcher working for a pharmaceutical company in Osaka: Andou Takafumi.

Keyword: Deity/Soul

As the eldest son of the prosperous Andou household he was raised lacking in nothing.

Tired of the company politics and old school ties in the pharmaceutical company he was employed at, he visited the mountain village where the Tani household was.

He has the temperament of a genius and dislikes unfair things.

Hobbies: Fishing in a mountain stream
Habit: Snapping his fingers when thinking ・ During the act, leaving bite marks
Favorite Food: French
Disliked Food: None

*** TRACK 1: The Young Man of the City ***

*car driving; radio crackles*

Radio: With respect to the forced double suicide incident in Yokohama, it is understood from his peers that the man who passed away had a romantic relationship with his actual sibling. On the Kanagawa roundup of this matter…

Takafumi: … Committing that without fearing a curse from God… to have sex with a sibling related by blood… Hah, I can’t believe it.

*turns off radio; flips car signal*

T: A crossroad, huh. Which one is it? *pulls out map**snaps fingers*… Hmm… Looking at the flow of the river… Left, I think?… *gets out of car*

*heroine arrives*

T: Eh? Oh, I apologize for intruding on private property. I heard there was a good out-of-the-way place for mountain stream fishing deeper in. Do you know of it? I came from Osaka, so… I’m not too knowledgeable.


T: I see. You can’t tell from this map, huh. Moreover, it’s impossible for the car to go any further from here… Darn… Eh? Oh no, I can’t possibly ask you to go that far…

T: Thank you very much. Then, as long as it’s not a trouble…

*scene skip; fishing beside river*

T: However, it’s very enjoyable to fish here. Even though it’s your first time, you’ve caught a lot. Haha, I was a bit surprised when I heard you wanted to do it too though Ah, the clouds are looking ominous. Perhaps we should leave soon?

T: Then, how about this. If you have time tomorrow, please accompany me again. I’m staying at a nearby hot spring inn for five days. Ahah, you don’t have to nod so happily. *starts packing but it starts raining*

T: Ah!… This is bad, let’s return quickly.

*scene skip; raining heavily*

T: If it was an earlier season, these mountain cherries would probably look lovely. But now it’s this weather… *thunder rumbles*… This is really bad… *lightning strikes*

T: Do you know of a place to take shelter? Right now, it’s too dangerous to return to the car… Eh? Over here?

T: … Ah. This cabin looks safe.

*opens door and enters*

*** TRACK 2: Tryst in the Falling Rain and Spring Thunder ***

T: This place… doesn’t seem like it’s been used in a long time. Ah, this place is a hunting cabin? Presently, there’s no one in your family who goes hunting so it’s not used, huh. You live alone together with your mother?

T: At any rate, we should light the fireplace. We’re completely soaked so, if left like this, we’ll catch a cold.

*collects wood; uses a lighter; blows on fire*

T: This should be good. Now, come closer to the fire.

T: Me? I’ll be fine here.

T: … Then… I’ll sit beside you…


T: … You’re still cold, huh… you’re shivering… *pulls you closer to him* Are you a little warmer with this?… If you aren’t uncomfortable with this, let’s stay like this.

T: … It’s strange. When I hug your shoulder… why is it… you… seem like someone I’ve known since a long time ago?… The fact that today is the first time we met… becomes unbelievable.

T: *kisses and kisses*… Aah… *kisses and kisses*


T: You… I… *kisses and kisses; undresses heroine*

T: I’ve… been enchanted by you… *kisses*… Hold my head… *kisses*… And you’re… drawn to me too… that’s right…

T: This place is… hot like it’s burning… Ungh, take off my clothes… *he’s undressed; kisses and kisses and kisses*


T: You… want me, huh… *kisses*… Aah… me too… I want you irresistibly…

T: *inserts himself*… Nngh… It’s your first time?… *kisses and thrusting*… And yet you’re moving your own hips… It’s my first time too… feeling it this much…

T: I… you… *thrusting and kisses*

T: You too… for me… *kisses*… we desire each other…


T: It’s the first time… yet it feels like this… *kisses and thrusting*… Come… me too, I’m… inside… to think it feels this good… *he climaxes*

T: *kisses*… We’ll meet tomorrow too, right?… Not just tomorrow but every day after this. Even after I return to Osaka… I’ll take another holiday trip soon and come see you. *kisses*


*car stops with radio running; he runs out*

T: I missed you! Even though we only spent a few days together… I longed for so much… Haha, what’s wrong with me, huh. Show me your face… as I thought, you’re gorgeous. I wanted to see you so badly I finished this week’s work urgently and drove the car all this way, but… while I was on the Chugoku Expressway I thought about something hilarious… Did you really exist? Were those enthralling several days of satisfaction just my delusion? I became uneasy…

T: Perhaps that is how lovely my memories with you became… Like a dream… *kisses and kisses*

T: I’m glad. The taste of your lips is exactly like my memories. You are truly here.

T: It’s embarrassing that I became insecure alone. Maybe because it was my first time…


T: Come. Let’s talk slowly while I drive the car around a little.

*opens and closes door for heroine; goes to his side and gets in; closes the radio and starts driving*

T: I love the scenery here because it’s very calming.

T: …? Ah, you mean when I said it was my first time just now? That itself is an embarrassing subject. Because this is the first time I’ve fallen in love in this way. Of course, I won’t say that I haven’t dated anyone but… I’ve never missed someone this unbearably before. Can I… hold your hand? Ahah, this is a gentle mountain road. It’ll be alright with one hand.

*they hold hands*

T: I want to touch you… and want to be touched… unbearably. I want to hear your voice and feel your warmth, hah. To be honest, I didn’t expect myself to have such a romantic side. Because I’m a boring man whose only redeeming feature is his diligence.

T: Haha, thank you. You really are… adorable. To the extent where I wouldn’t think you to be older. Ahah, of course I mean that in a good way. You’re extremely cute. But… you’re too cute. At this rate I might become a man who drops his work and everything to come and see you… like this it will be a road to destruction, hah.


T: Are you an enchantress or something? I feel as if I’m a character in a love story… constantly.

*he stops the car*

T: … I want to… touch you. I can’t hold back anymore. *kisses and kisses and kisses*

T: Sit on top of me. Don’t worry, we’re under the shade of a tree and can’t be seen from outside. Come. Let me hold you… more. *heroine moves over*

T: … I love your scent… and the feel of your hair. I’ve always… wanted to be like this and thought this every day. You too? In what ways did you remember me?

T: Even though I’ve told you this much, when you won’t tell me even a little bit is… unfair. This kiss… *kisses*… did you not think back to it? And how I caressed your skin? Well?

T: Hm? It tickles? But you seem happy. *unzips heroine’s clothes* Ahah, even though I said we can’t be seen inside the car you’re quite careful huh. Don’t worry I’ll make it so that you can’t even think about those things soon. *finishes unzipping clothes and kisses*

T: You’re so… wet… You… love kisses, don’t you. Or is it… that you love me? Oh… *kisses*


T: You’re already dripping… *kisses*… Not long has passed since you felt a man for the first time and yet… you’ve become completely sensitive. *kisses*

T: … Please. Say that you want me. *heroine kisses him*

T: … Ah. You’re honest. *unbuckles his belt* I’m going to enter you like this. *inserts himself*

T: It’s hot and feels good. I knew it I love… being inside you. Try moving. As you like… ngh…

T: It’s difficult?… *heroine is moving*… It’s not embarrassing. It’s enough for the two of us to feel good… Try hitting the spot… that makes you feel good…


T: Yes… well done… Don’t be shy… *kisses*… Yes… *kisses*… Try dropping your hips more… you can be more… bold… *kisses*

T: Ahah, is it hard? That’s true… I might be teasing you too much. I’ll thrust up from below so… Ngh…

T: Try feeling it again like you did before… feel it… I love your face… *thrusting*… Look at me and show me your pleasured face…

T: That won’t do. You have to look properly… at who it is that is making love to you… *heroine’s back hits the car horn*… Oh! Your back hit it, huh. Ahah, it’s cramped so we need to be careful.

T: I’ll pull back the seat more so lie down. *position shift*

T: I’m going to enter you once again. *inserts himself*


T: … Feels good… You’re feeling it more so than before… you’re starting to squeeze tightly… I love you… *thrusting*… more than anyone else… I love you…

T: … I want to come once too… I’m already… *kisses and climaxes*

T: … You really are… the best. *kisses*

T: I want to stay like this forever. Together with you. Always.

*** ANOTHER DAY: PRISON – River Play ***

T: Haa… it’s strange but whenever I’m with you I always catch interesting things. Ah, again! *pulls up a fish* It seems like this year’s trout is good. Oh! You have a bite as well. If you don’t pull your rod in soon– *he comes over to help*

T: It looks like you’re alright. Yes, just pull it up like that… *pulls up a fish* I’ll remove the hook so pass it over. Once the fish eats the bait and we pull it up, it’s good that the hook catches in the fish’s mouth but… It might be hard on you when you’re so kind. With this you have two. Let’s grill and eat them later. A meal you’ve fished up tastes exceptionally good.

T: Haha, you look happy. Then let’s enjoy ourselves some more until then. *casts his fishing line again* Oh, what about you? A break? That’s nice as well. It’s not so bad to stare out at the river absently for a while. That boulder over there looks easy to sit on, so you should sit there.


T: Hm? Ah, that’s right. I like mountain stream fishing. It feels very soothing to stare at the river like this in the clear air and… it’s some light exercise too. Huh? Oh no, my father doesn’t seem interested in fishing so I wasn’t taught by my father.

T: Come to think of it… I might not have been taught anything by my father. That person is a good example of what not to do… for me.

*heroine comes over to him*

T: … It’s difficult to expose my household’s shame but, well, it might be fine with you. Once you hear it, you’ll know that it isn’t anything for you to furrow your eyebrows over. My father is capable with work but… slovenly person who loves women, sake, and tobacco. I rarely see him in the house. He does everything noncommittally and isn’t a person who is serious… My mother cried a lot. And I was brought up while thinking only that I didn’t want to become a man like that.


T: Oh… but there was one time… when he was drunk and had a serious look in his eyes. There was a time when he talked about having fallen in love with a woman a long time ago… Aah, even a person like this had an experience like that. I was surprised at that time. My father still hasn’t forgotten that person… I’m sure…

T: Love is frightening. It completely changes people. For better or worse. Hah… *pulls up his fishing rod and drops it*

T: I’ve… changed too. Having met you. *kisses and kisses*

T: Hey… how about we head over to the shade of the tree over there? To a place where people can’t see us…

*they walk over and he kisses heroine*

T: … I too… won’t forget you for the rest of my life. There’s no way I could forget you. Because I’m so… drawn to you. *kisses and kisses and kisses*


T: I’m… that different from my father… who left the person he only loved. I won’t leave you… ever… *kisses and kisses; unzips heroine’s clothes*

T: I would never let go of you… I’ll continue to desire you… *kisses*

T: Don’t hide yourself… I want to kiss… your breasts as well.

T: Aah… *kissing and sucking*… Mm? I don’t mind if you make noise… it’s always just us two here… and I haven’t felt any signs of life, have you?

T: … Don’t hold back… show me your pleasure… ngh… *kisses and kisses and kisses*


T: You’re already… this wet… It’s fine… since it means you feel good because of me… I need to make you feel better, hm. Is it hard to stand? Hold onto me.

T: I want to… hear your voice more. There’s honestly… no one around. If my fingers feel good… then I want you to tell me. What way makes you feel good… tell me with your voice. Rubbing it slowly… is no good? Haha… I won’t understand if you stay quiet. Do you want it inside?

T: Ahah… your hips are moving. You’re steadily becoming more sensitive, aren’t you… It’s taking in my fingers by itself… I’ll put it in. I’ll stir you up inside with my fingers… ngh…

T: You’re so hot inside… and slippery… It’s swallowing my fingers and wrapping around them, ngh… Is it good here? It looks like you’re about to come soon… it’s tightening… If I do this then you’ll surely… immediately…

T: Ahah, it’s fine… Come!… *heroine orgasms; he kisses and removes his belt*

T: … I’m putting it in as we stand. Raise your right leg, I’ll support you… *he inserts himself; thrusting*

T: Hold onto me more… tighter… deeper… I’ll make you feel good… Aah, how many times has it been already… that I’ve done this with you…

T: It’s strange… I feel like I’ve spent time like this with you long before… Even though I’ve only met you a few times… I feel like we’ve done this long ago…


T: Don’t squeeze that hard… or I’ll come immediately… Even though you came just a while ago…

T: I’m already… Come closer. You’re going to come once more… haha… You’ve started to obey my words exactly… Cute… I’m…! I want to release it… *thrusting; he climaxes*

*he pulls out; heroine starts to collapse*

T: … Woah there! I pushed you too much. *kisses*

T: When I’m in front of you, I can’t seem to restrain myself no matter what. That’s a problem… haha… at this rate I might become hated by you.


T: Haha… thank you. I really don’t feel like I can be separated from you. A future where I leave you… I can’t even imagine it. That’s why I can only think I ought to swear to stay with you forever… It’s strange but… that’s exactly why even if we were to be separated by death… we’ll be together for eternity… *kisses*

T: You are truly dear… everything about you… For lunch, we’ll grill and eat the trouts. What do you want for dinner?… That’s right, we’ll go into the city with the car and, ah no, how about we leave the car and eat French? We’ll pass the time slowly while drinking wine. I want to be together with you this entire night. I’ll book a hotel in the city, so… aah, I don’t want to let you out from these arms anymore… forever…

*** TRACK 3: Two Night Cicadas ***

*in the middle of doing the do*

T: You’ve always lived here, and yet… it’s your first time staying at this onsen, huh… *kisses and thrusting*

T: Ahaha, that’s true, you wouldn’t stay at an onsen in your home town. I was raised in the city so I don’t really understand though… *thrusting*… Yes, I was born in Kobe. Right now, my company is in Osaka so… It seems my father was born near here though… *thrusting and kissing*

T: For generations after generations, your family has watched this area… that’s amazing… *thrusting*… Ahah, shh… you mustn’t… Keep your voice down more… *thrusting*


T: Ever since I met you… this inn that I’ve stayed at every month saw me bring a woman in for the first time… The people at this inn are very interested… in what kind of woman my lover is… *thrusting*

T: Ahaha, you’re the one who didn’t want them to know you’re the daughter of the jet-black house… *kisses and thrusting*

T: Your house is a splendidly pitch black house, as I recall… One day, I’d like to make love to you in that house… *thrusting and kisses*

T: Look this way… *kisses and thrusting*… Every time we kiss, you… push up and I’m going to come… *thrusting*

T: You seem like you’re about to come… *thrusting*… me too… I’m already… *he climaxes*


T: You must be tired… Come over here.

T: Ahah. You’re older than me by three years, but you love to be pampered. When I met you at the beginning, I thought you were very level-headed too…

T: Aha, please don’t make that face. That’s your charm so I thought to compliment you. *kisses*

T: … I love you. To the point where I’m fine with becoming your husband right now.

T: Ahaha, you want to come to my mansion in Osaka? The city is an exhausting place. And here I’m envious of you living here… so… *heroine starts kissing him* Oh… hahah… You like this birthmark, huh. This birthmark that looks like a katana injury, ahah. You’re always kissing it… Ah… *heroine gives him oral*

T: Good gracious… this time it’s here?… You aren’t satisfied with what we just did?… Aa, I’m the same. Even if I run the car down the Chugoku Expressway to come and see you… the truth is I want to stay with you all the time… Maybe I’ll move here…


T: Mm, there’s various things related to work… the daughter of my boss, who I can’t go against, forced me into a marriage interview… and it looks like we can be married… I didn’t say?… *heroine still giving oral*

T: Until I met you… I thought life was like that and I felt like accepting, but… I’m already… I don’t want to be without you. Ngh… pull it out of your mouth… I want to put it in you.

T: … *changes position; inserts himself* Ngh… *kisses and kisses and kisses; thrusting*


T: If only I had come here earlier… Tonight we saw the fireflies together, but… when we met for the first time, instead of the lightning that struck that day… if I had met you earlier… we could have seen the cherry blossoms in full bloom together… *thrusting*

T: Ah, that’s right… we’ll be together again next year… *kisses and thrusting*

T: That you… don’t belong to another man… is such a fortunate thing… *thrusting*… To think you couldn’t easily find a groom… Even if they noticed your charm… they’re all old-fashioned men trapped by legends… No one had the courage, huh.

T: … You yourself don’t believe it, right? Demon, you said?… Haha. I’m a researcher of new medicine so I stand in a position of disbelief greater than you towards this thing… but, that’s right, if there was a man who came forward to steal you… Should I kill him with my new drugs?

T: *thrusting*… What I’m developing right now is a drug to be used for death penalties and quiet deaths… A drug for painless death…


T: I’m carrying my work so… how about I test them? *thrusting*

T: Haha… I’m joking. It’s true that I’m carrying my work though… It was simply left in my bag. *kissing and thrusting*

T: … Like this… when I play-bite your neck… you like it, huh… *kissing*

T: I’ve remembered everything thoroughly… the places that please you… Look, the proof of that is… You’re starting to squeeze me so very tightly… ngh… *thrusting*

T: It feels better than before, doesn’t it… Aah, I know… this time, let’s do it together… *kissing and thrusting; he climaxes*

T: … I’m truly happy… to stay together with you for tonight… *kisses*… to sleep while holding you still… *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: Ripened Season ***

T: Have I not declined that subject? It is an honor for you to say that still, miss. However, I have a lady my heart has decided on. There is no choice then. I am prepared to leave this company and throw away my career as a researcher.

T: Miss, you must have better opportunities, no? Now please excuse me.

*scene skip; he’s in the car and turns on the radio*

Radio: … For the first time… heart… brain… France’s…

T: The reception is as bad as always here.

*closes the radio; stops the car and gets out*

T: Sorry to keep you waiting. There was traffic on the Chugoku Expressway. It’s been around a month, huh. I missed you.

T: The leaves have changed color in this area already. Why don’t we go autumn-leaf hunting today. Ahah, you live here so maybe you’ve grown tired of looking at them?

T: … Thank you. That’s true, there’s no point if we’re not looking at them together. Let’s go a little farther. Come into the car.

*they get in the car; he’s driving*

T: How about I put on some music? Hm? You want to talk? What’s the matter, you have quite a serious look. Did something…


T: A child…? *stops the car*

T: … Our… child is…! *hugs heroine*

T: Let’s get married. Actually, I’ve already… *opens car compartment* I planned to propose to you today. *opens wedding ring case*

T: It fits perfectly… *kisses and kisses*

T: What’s your mother’s schedule today? Is it okay if I go and greet her right now? *kisses*

T: And then I need to introduce you to my family too, huh. My father was born in this area so there’s no reason to object. I’m the eldest son but I have two little sisters. It won’t matter if I marry in as your husband.

T: If it’s to make a new family with you… I’ll do anything.

*** TRACK 5: Proof of Possession ***

T: Please entrust your daughter to me. I will make her happy for the rest of her life. Ah, thank you very much. But there’s one more thing we need to announce. In truth… inside her stomach is our child…

T: I’m glad you’re receiving it happily. Yes, I’m a researcher at an Osaka company for liquid medicine. We develop new medicine and… ah. My parents’ home? Kobe. Before they were in Mikageyamate but now they are in a mansion at Sannomiya. My… father? Ah, yes, my father was born in this area adopted out as a child.

*heroine’s mother SLAMS something*

T: … Is something the matter? My… left arm? How do you know about this birthmark… *exposes his arm* Is this enough?

T: *to the heroine* Did you talk about this birthmark? If you didn’t then why… *heroine’s mother comes over to him* Why?! Is there something about this birthmark– *heroine collapses* Dear!!


T: The intravenous drip is about to end soon. We’re fortunate it was just cerebral anemia. There are no problems with the child inside either– How could you! It’s your daughter’s child! Certainly, you cannot help but criticize a pregnancy before marriage but, in that case, please blame me!

T: A demon of disaster? To call the child inside of her that…! The one haunting the Tani household? The demon’s curse? How absurd! Is that the result of you actually seeing something? I heard your family business was divination and I don’t intend to repudiate that but just because of that…! I won’t forgive you for calling my child something like a curse. Please return home. Hereafter, I will protect your daughter.


T: Ah, you’re awake? How do you feel? Yes, it’s alright, nothing happened to the child inside so be at ease.

*heroine’s mother slams her chair*

T: Hah? You’ll talk scientifically? Do you intend to prove the curse with science?

T: How… do you know that my father… also has the same birthmark? Your older brother? My father, Yuuji… is your blood-related brother?

T: Then… we’re… cousins?… Please answer clearly. Even if we’re cousins we can marry in this country’s laws. For you to argue vehemently that it’s a curse means there is another reason, right!?

T: That’s why… I’m asking what the demon is! Siblings… are unable to do anything but sleep together… that is the curse…?

T: You… and your actual brother… You gave birth to your brother’s child? And that is… *turns to heroine* her… Then… my father, after impregnating you… in Kobe with my mother…

*heroine gets out of bed and bolts*

T: Ah! You can’t suddenly run! Calm down!

*** TRACK 6: The Truth ***

T: You… didn’t know anything, huh. To conceal the family tree in the wedding clothes… The bride’s wedding clothes has the official registry and family tree that wouldn’t matter if it was publicized. The groom’s side has the true family tree.

T: Your mother must have known everything. She didn’t just make love with her actual brother… she herself was the child of a brother and sister with different mothers. Our grandmother and great-grandmother too.

T: This is… a curse… The demon possessing the Tani household… My feelings towards you… are they a curse? Me visiting this village… meeting and loving you… was it all… guided by the demon?

T: … *holds the heroine*… It can’t be… these feelings of love for you belong… they belong only to me… I also loved you out of my own will!

T: You too… *kisses and kisses*


T: We… didn’t know anything. That I was your younger brother from a different mother… that we were the mere shadow of siblings… doing this over and over again.

T: I have two younger sisters. I can’t think of myself desiring them. And yet… my father and my grandfather… But… even though I know you’re my sister from a different mother… my feelings haven’t changed one bit. This is…

T: Let’s run far away… to a country where we can get officially married. But… this child… *kisses*

T: Won’t you wear these wedding clothes for me? I would like to see it right now. The image of you having become my bride… aah… of course, me too.

*** TRACK 7: Marriage Ceremony of the Tani Household ***

T: You’re beautiful… *ferocious kisses; he inserts himself*

T: … With this… we’re… husband and wife. No matter what anyone says… I won’t let you go… Even all the things that were done up to now, and the things that we will do after… everything is by our own will… *fierce thrusting and kisses; he bites heroine*

T: Aah… blood is… The blood running through this body… however thick it is… ahaha…


T: Nngh!… This blood!… I’m not being possessed!… But… aah… since we came to this house… it’s all the more…

T: … Something like a curse… doesn’t exist… ahaha!… The demon too… if something like that… really exists then… I have to sever it… *intense thrusting; heavy breathing*… ahahah…

T: … Sister… stick out your tongue… *kisses*… It tastes like blood, huh…

T: Ahaha… amazing, ahaha… wanting me to the point of writhing in agony…


T: I come and I come but I still… want you… No!!… I… I… *calms down briefly* I love you… You are the only… woman I love.

T: Ahaha! *thrusting and kisses*… ahahah… ngh… Come. Like this. While wearing the sacred wedding clothes… ahaha… thrusted into by your younger brother’s…

T: Ungh… ngh… ahahaha… you’re completely drenched, ahahaha… and so these wedding clothes won’t be able to be used, won’t they… yes… we’re the last ones… The jet-black house’s… marriage ceremony, ahaha… *thrusting and kissing*

T: Sister… are you that happy… you’re squeezing me to death… ngh… Let’s go together… grandly… ungh… ahahaha… *they climax*


T: I love you… only you… *kisses*

T: You don’t have to… cry anymore. *kisses*… Before we’re misled by this house any more than this… before we become any crazier than this… let’s end this demon together. I, as the Tani household’s last groom… and you… as the last daughter. So that there will be no further suffering siblings…

T: The thing you placed in the sleeve of your kimono a while ago… Will you take it out? Ahaha, of course I noticed. That you took it out of my bag on your own while I was getting changed.

T: Pass it over. *opens bottle; drinks it; gives it to heroine via kiss*

T: … Haha… it’s sweet, isn’t it… *kisses**bottle drops*… It’s the drug I researched and created after all… so that it’ll have a sweet and pleasant taste… It’s a new drug so… whether or not it’ll work is still…

T: … Aah… I’m terribly sleepy… *they collapse**gentle kisses*… Let’s go to sleep together… together forever… a family of three…

*** NOTES ***

IS IT RAINING IN MY HOUSE. OR ARE THESE JUST EXTREME TEARS. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. And also my heart breaks because Yuuji was also one of my favorites but he ends up in such a horrible state, according to this CD. Also, in the span of translating this CD (and listening to another really good but dark series) I ended up loving Kitayama ridiculously crazily so… now Takafumi destroys me.

Anyway, this time we get the Andou family tree. There’s no need to really know about their ancestors but you get to see where Yuuji entered in. Also, did you know that all the girls in this family can have their names read as “Takako”? They’re all written with different kanji but they can be read the same. Unfortunately, almost everyone in this family has names that could be read a different way and I don’t know which one is the right one without hearing it, so… Even Takafumi is just my educated guess. But these are the most popular readings so take it as you will.

One more CD to go and then that’ll be the end of this dark story. Although, actually, each of the guys has two short stories but hahaha yeah no I’ll pass on trying to collect tokutens. I’ll spoil here that the next CD is going to take us to the very beginning of this series; where and how the curse started.

14 thoughts on “Nureba no Ie no Tatarikon ~ Autumn: Blood ~

    garden said:
    March 29, 2018 at 01:25

    I KNOW! I’m eyeing that Rejet’s new cemetery thing for a while now since I saw Kimura Ryohei is in the cast. funny how I started deliberately not to get near to Rejet’s anything ever since Thanatos night broke my heart, but then I saw your translation to DeaVo, fell in love, and now I basically throw money at them hahaha *my wallet cries quietly*

    yes I listened to a lot (read: A LOT) of drama cd nowadays. it began with me trying to get my listening skill a slight boost bc I was scared of the non-keigo conversational Japanese. but the other day I went back to my manga and I realized I can’t read anymore. my brain completely forgot how to read even N4 level kanji fffffffuuu *cries*

    sorry I was supposed to explain what I meant by ‘elaborated drama’ by last post but I forgot. I meant anything that the plot is a whole lot more important than the, um, fun parts lol. since I am ace, I don’t really enjoy the Fun Time™ except sometimes, so I’m looking towards the drama that comes with it. e.g. plot in Inma and the Karepiro series don’t really have any significance, compared to, say, Tatarikon and Rogue et Noir.

    yep I agree. the nyctophobia dude volume is not my fav as well bc of how the gf just ~decided~ to ‘fix’ him. I like the otokonoko and do-M dude though. Shikaku kankei is a gem! I love it so much and it is exactly very realistic and pleasant. I love both sides♥ (God please let Satou live forever that man is a treasure) Hajimarikata I think I’ve only heard the delihost vol, not sure which one it was, bc I like the CV. usually I avoid anything that has something to do with hosts bc the outcome is always the same; host fell in love with MC, quits as host. but I’m dying to own the entire series regardless bc the cover art is so darn cute. *my wallet weeps again*

    hey if you wanna talk about drama cds, just hit my tumblr. I’m always to talk… though I might know a lot less than you already do hahaha

      garden said:
      March 29, 2018 at 01:26

      ack sorry I forgot to hit the Reply on the last comment >_<

      Rosaleen stark said:
      April 16, 2018 at 06:18

      Yo I can’t wait for the 4th Nureba no Ie no Tatarikon winter, I spent a very long time trying to find translation
      BTW can you please explain the family tree cause I can’t understand it

        Ilinox responded:
        April 16, 2018 at 21:33

        Ahh, sorry, I’ve just been having a rough week trying to juggle everything so it’s on my to-do list but I haven’t made much headway into it. Gotta tie up this series with a bang, haha.

        Erm, I think you’ll need to be more specific about what you don’t understand /o\ this family tree is Andou’s so we’re not actually looking at the Tani family. It’s read from right to left with single lines showing the children born / next generation. Double lines that appear after a single line show adoption, in this case Yuuji (Summer’s male lead). Horizontal equal signs show marriage.

        So, you can see that Yuuji married Sachiko (the girl in Kobe) after his CD’s events and had Takafumi (Autumn’s male lead) and two daughters, aka. Takafumi’s two younger sisters.

    JayceeLm said:
    March 27, 2018 at 09:08

    The other dark series you mentioned: Are you talking about the series im thinkin about yes i think youre talkin about the one im thinkin about and yes after that particularly dark series i end up fallin for Kitayama’s voice …. :) ((*whisper* : tell me its name…))

      Ilinox responded:
      March 27, 2018 at 12:30

      Yes, it might be the one I was screaming about for two weeks on my twitter :’)) Kitayama’s one was called 「体イク教師」. In the end, as sweet as Takafumi is, I clearly have a preference for hyper-aggressive men LOL since the voice Kitayama used for Makoto was hjkfgjhkfjhkfgjh.

    Bluesheep said:
    March 27, 2018 at 08:21

    I think so far, Takafumi is the only one who seems to care about his child even if unborn compare to the two. Also did Yuuiji’s girl cut him off from seeing each other secretly at some point because here she seems adamant at discontinuing the curse.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 27, 2018 at 12:39

      LOL I won’t argue with you there. Shouwa couldn’t seem to care less. Yuuji is too obsessed with his generation’s heroine and has no interest in his own daughter.

      I think after the last track (the tokuten called “Desire of Beasts”) Yuuji went off to Kobe to get married and start his own family and that’s probably when the contact was cut off entirely. Maybe through pride and because she herself didn’t want any more connection with him she never contacted Yuuji for whatever help he offered. It IS surprising that Yuuji didn’t come back again and again though yeah :'( maybe his girl did just kick him to the curb after that scene because she doesn’t want to help him be an adulterer.

    Reggie said:
    March 27, 2018 at 07:19

    “Committing that without fearing a curse from God… to have sex with a sibling related by blood… Hah, I can’t believe it.” Look who’s talking lol jk but I like this Mr. Clueless Guy too, he’s unlike the other two, he’s more gentle. And in the end same fate as the radio news at the beginning. Now I see why it’s autumn, its the end of curse but I don’t feel relief at all because he has still 2 younger sisters, I imagine if those 2 were get both married and their children….. you know, the curse will be sprout again….. Or it’s just my own assumption ^^’ since its entitled autumn. I’m not against for killing his self and her since its the sake of their future generations but its just so tear jerking ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚
    Speaking, I did say I would kill them for ending their sufferings but I joke about it so I can take back what I said since I’m not sure if that’s the best option, it’s just one of the common things to free your self from the curse. T_T

      Ilinox responded:
      March 27, 2018 at 13:52

      The foreshadowing in that scene since we, as the audience, knows what’s going to happen :’)) I’d argue that Yuuji was super gentle too… but he just had a more malicious side since he knew full well what he was doing but didn’t care LOL.

      I don’t think the curse will be passed through the younger sisters because there seems to be 2 conditions that need to be fulfilled 1) the daughters of the Tani household have double-cursed parents or incestuous parents and 2) the groom is most definitely cursed.

      1st Gen Kousaburou (not cursed) > 2nd Gen Sei (not cursed) > 3rd Gen Shouwa (cursed)
      1st Gen Koushirou (cursed) > 2nd Gen Kouko (cursed bc both parents are blood-related) > 3rd Gen Heroine (daughter – cursed bc parents are cousins)

      Shouwa being cursed is the only example of the curse popping up weirdly from people who weren’t cursed (but through a male line). And you could argue that this is because Kousaburou is from the original line and was sort of there at ground zero.

      So, 3rd Gen Shouwa (cursed) + 3rd Gen Heroine (cursed bc parents are cousins) = 4th Gen Yuuji (cursed) and 4th Gen Heroine (cursed bc half-sibling parents).

      Now, 4th Gen Yuuji (cursed) + 4th Gen Heroine (cursed) = 5th Gen Heroine (cursed bc blood-related parents)

      But then 4th Gen Yuuji (cursed) + Sachiko (not cursed) = 5th Gen Takafumi (cursed) and 5th Gen Seiko and Maiko (???)

      5th Gen Takafumi (cursed) + 5th Gen Heroine (cursed) = 100% cursed child

      Now, the question comes down to… what kind of child does a cursed parent + not cursed parent have? You could argue that technically the curse has already been “passed” down to Takafumi and so it won’t appear anymore (because you could track the curse through the men).

      But, let’s say for example, the two daughters WERE cursed. There’d be no other siblings for them to have children with |D;; there’s no cousins alive anymore (since it seems like Isamu dropped off the face of the earth) and cursed men because Takafumi is gone. (I’m just gonna assume that Yuuji is dead by now too LOL but even if he wasn’t I don’t think he can have another cursed child with the birthmark because that’s never happened in this series).

      5th Gen Seiko and Maiko (maybe cursed?) + not cursed and not related man = ???

      Honestly, this one has always made me wonder why they didn’t just get an abortion or something. If you don’t want the curse to spread then don’t have children? But at least the two can be happy in their taboo and incestuous relationship– //bricked. Though the agony of Takafumi not knowing whether his feelings truly belong to himself was T___T.

    garden said:
    March 27, 2018 at 03:22

    haven’t heard this one (or the next) yet but omg this is really something.

    I first thought the couple that was mentioned in the double suicide news was Yuuji and the sister, but then when I reached the end, the blind MC from before is still alive. then what happened to Yuuji? I don’t think it was mentioned here.
    so this volume is the end of the line of the family tree? the ending was expected but does it have to be that tragic???? i can’t stop cryingggg. it’s not their fault. they’d never be in the same fate if they never met. this curse is horrible.

    hey Ili, this is unrelated, but can you share your favorite/recommended drama cds (R18 or otherwise)?
    I’m trying to find a good one with elaborated stories such as Tatarikon. I do mostly vanilla but I’m open to darker things… sometimes, if I can get mentally prepared lol

      Ilinox responded:
      March 27, 2018 at 16:26

      Gradual death by sadness when you listen to this series, haha. I feel like it just gets worse and worse (in terms of circumstances) from here. 4th CD technically has a happy end but the circumstances are so messed up and tragic that you can’t really feel happy either, especially knowing that the 4th CD led to all the events in the rest of this series… T__T.

      It’s mentioned a bit during the river play tokuten. I think Yuuji just wanders around in a drunken haze, gambling, drinking, smoking, and sleeping with other women. He’s just an absolute mess LOL but still somewhat manages to earn enough to support his family (?).

      Yep, Takafumi’s answer to the curse is to just end their entire family line :’)) although Reggie brings up a good point about the two sisters and whether a curse will pass on through them. You can see my crazy calculations up there as I try to figure that out LOL.

      I want to cry too. You should hear his voice when he’s agonizing over whether these feelings of his belong to him or not. The last 3 tracks in general are just gut punches one after another. WHY COULDN’T THEY JUST ABORT THE CHILD? They can still be together without continuing the curse /o\.

      Oh man, this is gonna be a bit hard since, without a list of all my drama CDs in front of me, I’m going off the top of my head but for non-R18:

      Rejet’s Wasurenagusa series hands down for heavily amazing stories.
      Rejet’s Seventh Heaven. Slightly connected stories but endless doses of sadness + ballads (I’ll never be salty at how much attention Thanatos Night is getting when Seventh Heaven is standing right there!).
      Rejet’s Dear Vocalist. No elaborate stories but I love the creative passion all the boys convey in this one. And CIEL IS BEST HUSBAND!!
      Otomate’s Koiiro Shihyou. Nothing elaborate but it’s such a good romantic story: some fluff, some drama, and maximum love. HARUTO IS THE BEST BOYFRIEND EVER.
      Team E-co / Otomate’s Kimi Koi Signal. Furukawa, Satou, and Nakazawa. Need I say more? Also not an elaborate story but the shenanigans of these three friends is hilarious and I couldn’t stop laughing.
      Black Butterfly’s Doronuma Renai. A mystery + romance story with Ishikawa and Saito Soma so !!.
      Rejet’s Love Don!! Quixote. Not an elaborate story but super cute fluff. Just the twins though LOL.

      For R18:

      Dusk’s Kankinkon series. SUPER DARK. SUPER EXTREME YANDERE. But oh man I am so emotionally compromised over Touji. He even made it onto my bias list, that’s how much I love him. This story and universe is really elaborate but it’s spread across the CDs and short stories.
      Hanakagami’s Rouge et Noir series. SO GOOD. Also an elaborate and connected story and honestly the writer is amazing at leading each CD into the next one + the poker terms. ARLEN. MY DARLING. His backstory is amazing.
      Ninoya’s Aigan Ningyou Arui wa Adam no Rokkotsu. It has a really long and connected story as well but I have mixed feelings on this one because I hated the ending LOL the middle parts were good though…

      These ones don’t have as elaborate of a story but they had actual plot (unfortunately they all tend to be yandere too LOL):

      Ike-men’s Shinshoku Renai. Only Sawa’s volume but honestly… you’ll never see the twist coming :’)).
      Snow Drops’ Ame no Ato • Anata shika Aisenai. NEVER GONNA STOP LAUGHING AT HOW I COMPLETELY CALLED THE TWIST but then talked myself out of it because I thought I was being too paranoid.
      Hanakagami’s Baroque. At least the first two. Same writer who did Rouge et Noir and oh man the second guy was A++ in terms of themes and execution and it was so atmospheric.
      Operetta’s Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru. This one is a classic, honestly. One of the first R18 and perhaps one of Sawa’s first R18 otome drama CDs too. Haruto… :’))
      Operetta’s Soko wa Kurutta Yume no Fuchi. Was screaming about this one recently but Sadatsugu, ow, my heart…
      Hobigirl’s Villain series. I mostly just liked the Trickster one but they have interesting stories, since they have to get you to like the “villainous” guy.
      Entremet’s Kagai Jugyou. Specifically the 3rd one because my heart kept getting squeezed at how the girl kept pushing him away and how he kept trying to be there.

      These are all sweet romantic stories and basically PWP but they hit my favorite/recommended CDs list so:

      Apricot Label’s everything– LOL just kidding but you seriously can’t go wrong with them. Their SweetxSweet series, their Kare to Soine series, and their Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi series. Ahh, I always want to get me a guy like that once I listen to these.
      Hanakagami’s Virgin series (though I’ve only listened to Satou’s, woops). Suuuper cute.
      Black Butterfly’s Beat Mix. Relationship goals with Satou’s character. He’s so good.
      Tunaboni’s Watashi no Kotori is pretty good in terms of story + sweetness.
      Tunaboni’s Mariage. AHHH SHINGAKI’S GUY IS SO CUTE.
      Oto-mitsu’s Kono Kare Youchuui. Neat because both guys feature in the CDs. Sawa’s character is hands down the suave-est guy ever.

      I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for when you say elaborate story but LOL forgive me for all my yandere recommendations. These ones keep cropping up because they’re the ones with the twist/reveal that makes for an elaborate story in my mind (that and the explanation/backstory for their actions, etc).

      I definitely have way more sweet/dark CDs laying around but I don’t think they’d be things I’d recommend people unless I knew they were specifically looking for something. Meanwhile not all of these would count as my favorite/recommended but I think they have interesting enough plots to be mentioned. Anyway, this list has grown pretty long already so I’ll just cut it off here, haha.

        garden said:
        March 28, 2018 at 01:20

        thanks, Ili!! thankfully I have listened to to 90% of them you listed. I asked because I’ll be taking a trip to Japan in a few months and hoped to buy some of the good ones.
        this should really be a PM not as comment, but I’ll be brief.

        Rejet’s Wasurenagusa — yep I just listened through all first three seasons. struggling, I meant. the Japanese used here is not what I’m used to, but they’re very neat historically-inspired drama
        Rejet’s Dear Vocalist. — hey hey hey you made me into a deavo fan don’t forget that. and I’m raising my A-kun to your Ciel for best boy award!
        Dusk’s Kankinkon series — I know! I found this one while looking for more Makino and got super scared of the yan-ness at first but… whatever magic/curse Makino has, it has become my guilty pleasure. I still can’t do much yan, sadly.
        Hanakagami’s Rouge et Noir series.– I don’t think a lot of story-driven drama cd ever reached the peak of this one. but ngl Kawamura (don’t remember his real name lol) here is not what I expect of a voice that played a stoic detective his voice far too gentle hahaha. and there’s second season I AM EXCITE!
        Ninoya’s Aigan Ningyou Arui wa Adam no Rokkotsu. — I’ve only heard of the Aoi Yuuma side though (bc I have a giant crush on his perfectly femm/masc voice) but honestly it’s one of the weirdest I’ve come across. I’ll try to give it another go and see if anything changed.
        Hobigirl’s Villain series.– I’ve only heard of the Killer side and MY GOD I LOVE THE STORY. definitely gonna try to own that volume. gonna check the Trickster next.
        Apricot Label’s everything– I AGREE VERY STRONGLY. aside from milky chain and rabbitcandy, Apricot has only given me Quality Vanilla™ time and time again

        oh if you want to know my absolute fav, it’s Tunaboni’s In the Room with Chasuke. whenever I want to cry I’d go for that one. my god I’m still crying for the dude. other than that is milky chain’s My BF’s Strange Secret. I’m still hopeful they’d give me a prequel or After story because I NEED THEM.

        Ilinox responded:
        March 28, 2018 at 10:43

        Ohoho! That sounds exciting!! I hope you have a great time in Japan! And there’ll be lots more new CDs coming out in the next few months. I know I’ve been eyeing some of Rejet’s new series but I haven’t gotten around to ordering them yet (the cemetery one and mansion one).

        No worries about the length of your comments! That’s what these comment boxes are for after all~! I’m also nodding along to all your comments, haha. Wasurenagusa is a pretty hard one not to mention they throw in a lot of historical references that you’ll get lost by unless you know the whole Shinsengumi era like the back of your hand (I only did one translation for this series and let’s say… never again. My hat goes off to Saki for tackling like the entire series).

        OH! I was actually thinking of throwing In the Room in there but didn’t know if that plot counted as one elaborate enough for you. THAT ONE STRUCK ME SO HARD TOO. I love those kind of painful things and the desperation in his voice at times, mmMM!

        I’m afraid I couldn’t really get into Watashi no Kare no Okashina Himitsu because I think I got majorly pressed by the heroine in the first volume, lmao. IIRC the guy was afraid of the dark and she just?? threw him into the darkness without any warning? LIKE GIRL. EVEN IF YOU WANTED TO HELP SOMEONE GET OVER THEIR FEARS NOT THAT WAY!! OMG.

        I didn’t realize you listened to so much though!! Drama CDs nakama~! Looking at our list here, I actually have a few more to recommend (though you may have listened to these too). First one is Milky Chain’s Bokutachi no Shikaku na Kankei the love square but especially Satou’s side because OH MAN. I just love the maturity of the story and how realistic it felt? In that Satou’s character wasn’t just a 2D emphasized trait.

        Another good one is Milky Chain’s Sono Koi no Hajimarikata. I didn’t like the fourth but the other three were nice |D;; the drama in the middle was a good touch that made me do a little “oh no” every time it happened, haha.

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