SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 10.4 ~

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Chapter 10: Forward

The information brought by Kanbee who returned from his reconnaissance was that Date and Oda had made contact behind-the-scenes.

Realizing that it was in order to attack Mouri, the decision that Hideyoshi made was…?

Chapter 10.4

When I picked up my cell phone that came out of Imari-kun’s tea kettle, the area was enveloped in a bright light.

[IMARI]: “Huh…? What’s going on!?”

[YUZUKI]: “I don’t have a clue either…”

The light gradually converged and became a three-dimensional shape, which then changed into a woman’s figure.

[YUZUKI]: (Who is this lady…? She’s somewhat mysterious and really pretty…)

She seemed to perceive me and smiled sweetly.

[???]: “At last, I am able to speak with you…”

Her voice resounded directly in my head.

[YUZUKI]: “You are…”

[IMARI]: “H-Himemiko-sama!!”

[YUZUKI]: “Himemiko-sama…!?”

[HIMEMIKO]: “Yes… I have been waiting all this time to be able to speak with you.”

[HIMEMIKO]: “And, Imari-kun, you have found her wonderfully.”

[IMARI]: “B-But… if I was more put together, she could have talked with you sooner, Himemiko-sama…”

[HIMEMIKO]: “That is not true at all. Imari-kun, you worked very hard. I am glad I requested this from you.”

[IMARI]: “H-Himemiko-sama… uwaaaah!!”

Imari-kun was so moved by Himemiko-sama’s words that he cried out loud.

[HIMEMIKO]: “But… I also think it’s true that it would have been better if you found her earlier.”

[IMARI]: “Huagh?!”

Imari-kun received this shock with teary eyes and Himemiko-sama giggled as she looked at him with affection.

[YUZUKI]: (Is Himemiko-sama surprisingly mischievous…?)

[IMARI]: “This was something I picked up on the day you came to Shinga. I didn’t think it belonged to you…”

[IMARI]: “It was smooth and pretty so I stored it in my tea kettle to treasure it.”

[IMARI]: “Uuu… it wasn’t something I’ve seen before so I should have suspected it was yours…”

[YUZUKI]: “Don’t worry, Imari-kun. It’s alright because you found it. Thank you for picking it up.”

[IMARI]: “Uuu… it really helps to hear you say that…”

Himemiko-sama was looking at Imari-kun with gentle eyes but, suddenly, she returned to a serious expression and looked in my direction.

[HIMEMIKO]: “I sincerely apologize for summoning you abruptly to Shinga.”

[HIMEMIKO]: “But at that time I had no choice but to do it…”

[YUZUKI]: “Umm… uh, in the first place, why did you summon me?”

[HIMEMIKO]: “… I have something to request of you.”

[YUZUKI]: “Request…?”

[HIMEMIKO]: “Yes… I would like you to make this Shinga a peaceful place without war once more.”

[YUZUKI]: “Wha…? Me?”

[HIMEMIKO]: “Yes. The power of your blood is necessary for that.”

[YUZUKI]: “The power of my blood…?”

[HIMEMIKO]: “This is something only you can do. Please, I beg of you, make this Shinga– peace–“

In the middle of her words, Himemiko-sama suddenly began to blur and disappear.

[YUZUKI]: “… Ah! Himemiko-sama!”

[IMARI]: “P-Please wait, Himemiko-sama! HIMEMIKO-SAMA!!”

Imari-kun’s shouts were in vain and Himemiko-sama’s form disappeared along with the light of my cell phone.

A few days later, after I met with Himemiko-sama, the Toyotomi Army was finally about to head towards Mouri territory.

[MITSUNARI]: “Now then–, in other words–… What is the matter. You seem to be absent-minded.”

[YUZUKI]: “… Huh? Ah, yes!”

[MITSUNARI]: “Please get a hold of yourself. Did you hear what I just said?”

[YUZUKI]: “N-No… sorry.”

I wasn’t able to consult with anyone about Himemiko-sama’s words, because I hadn’t sorted out the contents myself yet.

Because of that, I had been in deep thoughts increasingly since then.

[MITSUNARI]: “Good gracious… we are about to head to Mouri territory from here, please focus your mind more.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Now, now, now. This girl is also nervous. Right?”

[YUZUKI]: “Y-Yes…”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Anyway, while we’re heading to Mouri territory we’ll join up with reinforcements along the way that Oda prepared.”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “Let’s brace ourselves, and roll up our sleeves!”

[YUZUKI]: “Okay…!”

[YUZUKI]: (I have to switch my feelings over right now… because we’re heading into a dangerous place from here!)

[MITSUNARI]: “However… what in the world is Nobunaga thinking, I wonder.”

[MITSUNARI]: “Far from stopping us when we sent a letter saying we would head to Mouri ahead of Oda…”

[MITSUNARI]: “On the contrary, they have sent over reinforcements…”

[HIDEYOSHI]: “… Who knows.”

Although he said that, Hideyoshi-san seemed to have already sensed something, unlike Mitsunari-san who was openly suspicious.

[YUZUKI]: (No need to mention Nobunaga-san… but I can never tell what Hideyoshi-san is thinking as usual…)

Just what was Hideyoshi-san’s frame of mind when he spoke in such a carefree tone…

Even though I was beside him, I wasn’t able to guess that yet.

11 thoughts on “SNB Toyotomi ~ Chapter 10.4 ~

    garden said:
    April 21, 2018 at 01:25

    Himemiko: Yuzuki… I’ve waited so long to talk to you…
    Yuzuki: good god I have so many questions can you pls start with why am I here?
    Himemiko: …take care of things for me. and by ‘things’ I mean the entirety of Shinga thanks byeeee *noped out again*

    Himemiko is such a troll lol

    it just occured to me, do we know how many years it had been after Himemiko disappeared? I assumed hundreds or at least a few decades. but then Imari can recognize her… how old is Imari?

      waterinegirl said:
      April 21, 2018 at 22:47



      as usual cliffhanger

      Himemiko is such a troll lol

      i agree with you with this

      it just occured to me, do we know how many years it had been after Himemiko disappeared? I assumed hundreds or at least a few decades

      at first i thought himemiko was literally old, but as i read the next chapters maybe himemiko doesnt age

        Ilinox responded:
        April 22, 2018 at 01:13

        LOL I agree too. I just kinda tilted my head at this random appearance and disappearance from Himemiko. Thank you lady for explaining… absooooolutely nothing. Also, man I just realized (even more so with translating Uesugi and Date) that MC is pretty secretive in the vampire routes. She doesn’t tell them about Imari and she also doesn’t say anything about this visit from Himemiko, hmm.

        You know what, all this time I was assuming something like centuries too! But Imari straight up says that Mouri Motonari marched on the capital and was not afraid of Himemiko’s power and she disappeared shortly after he returned back to his land… that means it couldn’t have been that long ago? Like twenty years maybe? Ten? Because Motonari went home after he picked up Terumoto and Takamoto IIRC (or was it Takakage and Motoharu). Unless oni age very slowly and they’re actually like 100s of years old…

        Everyone talks about Himemiko like she’s loooooong in the past though lmao. Even Nobunaga was like “a long forgotten instinct is stirring at your scent” as if he’s never smelt Himemiko before (maybe he hasn’t? But he seems to be the same age as Motonari…??) but then again the rest of the recent armies talk about Mouri as if they’ve gone into seclusion for a long time.

        I guess at this point the real question is how old Motonari is LMAO.

    Reggie said:
    April 21, 2018 at 00:52

    Meaning she has no chance on getting home?! ∑(゚ロ゚〃)!!!!! This is good news for Hideyoshi, he’s dream wedding LOL 😂

      waterinegirl said:
      April 21, 2018 at 22:50

      she has no chance on getting home?! ∑(゚ロ゚〃)!!!!! This is good news for Hideyoshi, he’s dream wedding LOL 😂

      CONGRATULATIONS hideyoshi looks like himemiko give you an indirect helping hand if that’s the case

        Ilinox responded:
        April 22, 2018 at 01:08

        Good point LOL. Himemiko wasn’t very helpful on the “how to go home” department. She just told MC that she summoned her to Shinga to bring peace to the world and then disappeared. Excuse me lady!! We need answers!! First being what are you! Second being how to get home!! Third being when you say something as ominous as “the power of your blood is needed to bring peace to the world” I just imagine someone being sacrificed ;;;;;;

        Reggie said:
        April 24, 2018 at 06:17

        @Ili: a human sacrifice! ∑(゚ロ゚〃) Ohhhhh…… I want to strangle that old lady throwing all problems in her shoulders Jk XP but maybe even though we didn’t get answers, Yuzuki will get home soon if she turn Shinga in peace again and save everybody, vampires, werewolves and demons in the end (if there’s the end lol) I wish they give us good ends and bad ends, that would be interesting. ^^

        @waterinegirl: hahaha 😂, but she didn’t told everyone so maybe it’s a good thing to secret it so enemies can’t get info.

    Idaira Ferrandiz said:
    April 21, 2018 at 00:27

    I need more!! But I’m thinking that maybe it’s nearing the end. I mean, most otome games have 12 chapters, this one is already on the 10 and above it has appeared Himemiko-sama. Is it possible that within two chapters it ends? It seems very short, I still think that more things should happen.

      waterinegirl said:
      April 21, 2018 at 22:51

      @idaira most otome games have 12 chapters

      they’re joking right?

        Faura said:
        April 22, 2018 at 00:20

        It should be fine… I guess. I’ve heard of otome that have twice as much, so this maybe the same… hopefully.

        Ilinox responded:
        April 22, 2018 at 01:07

        Are we talking mobages or? |D;; because I don’t remember the otome games I played to have such defined chapters. I think it depends on how they want to split it too because some games have looooong chapters while others have shorter ones (SNB seems to separate its parts into pretty manageable short ones) and it doesn’t seem close to ending because of all these mysteries still.

        Of course, there’s no guarantee if the game gets shut down because it’s not making a profit >< and there's also the fear of them pulling an endless story to make as much money as they can lmao (please don't SNB I want answers!!).

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