Nureba no Ie no Tatarikon ~ Winter: Taboo ~

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Tani Koushirou (谷 幸四郎)
CV: 黒瀬鷹

The Cursed Marriage of the Black House

Around the time I was old enough to understand things around me, I was sent to Tokyo.

Ever since then it was my dream to be successful and return to my hometown in glory.

Winter, there was a woman there unchanged from the time we separated.

I opened the lock and now I can no longer go back.

Together with my beloved wife and older sister, I will obtain everything.

(Hands down the darkest of this series. Please please do not ignore the warnings I’ll be putting here because this one was messed up to the extreme. I love Koushirou though and this explains the mystery of the Tani household and its curse. WARNING: very dark themes, R18, child abuse, and mind break.) On JP DLsite.


Dark desires and cursed blood leads these men to that house–

The jet-black household called Tani, which had stood since the beginning, does not give birth to men.

Therefore it was a rule to take in a son-in-law from another household.

The daughter of the Tani household is beautiful.

Like moths drawn to the light, four men came forward.

And, once again, the seasons pass.

Stage Setting:

A jet-black house coated all over in the deepest black.

In a mountain village in a certain prefecture the Tani household was known to be wealthy; however due to a long-established custom, they were avoided.

After the death of the head of the house, the mother and daughter of the Tani household constantly searched for a successor.

What appeared there was–

.Character Synopsis:

A businessman who built a fortune as a stockbroker: Tani Koushirou.

Keyword: Inquire

After graduating from an ordinary elementary school, he lives in Tokyo since starting an apprenticeship.

When he was traveling overseas with his master, he observed that a war was nearing, and became a businessman who built a fortune by cornering the market on stocks.

At a glance he’s nouveau riche with great confidence in himself. An ingrained skeptic, but he hungers for affection.

Hobbies: Fishing in a mountain stream
Habit: Snapping his fingers when thinking ・ During the act, leaving bite marks
Favorite Food: River fish
Disliked Food: Meat

*** TRACK 1: The New Year ***

*banquet sounds*

Koushirou: Yes, thank you very much, the business is doing well. Allow me to be a filial son from here on. Yes, that’s right… why don’t we build a new storehouse? We can also adjust the old outer wall.

K: But brother Kouichirou has also been wholly blessed. He’s received such a sensible wife and he already has a heir to speak of… these things happen naturally, don’t they. Well, here’s one to you too, brother. *toasts with a glass*

K: How old is the boy? Ah, five years old? That’s the same age our brother, Kousaburou, was at when he went to Tokyo to study literature. Ah, no, it’s been a long time since I contacted Kousaburou. Although we’re both in Tokyo we’re both busy. Especially since this war started, opportunities have opened up…

K: Eh? Me? I haven’t taken a wife yet. I’ve been thinking I should soon… but to disregard brother Koujirou and have me, the youngest child, take a wife first would be doing things out of order. How about it? Are there any good ladies around here? I can prepare as much money as you need for arrangements.


K: Hahaha! You’re as hard to please as always, Koujirou. Ah, thank you very much. *drinks* Incidentally, where has our older sister married into?

K: … What’s wrong? I’m talking about our sister… It can’t be… Aah, she hasn’t been married off yet, has she… I see. Even now, her health is… to the extent where she can’t even attend this New Year’s celebration…

*cup is slammed down*

K: !! Don’t talk about her, you say?!… I understand… Hm? Ah, this haori was ordered from Ginza. If you like it, I can place orders for everyone. Oh, that’s right! I bought toys for your boy. *opens bag*

*** TRACK 2: Older Sister’s Illness ***

*nighttime; opens a door*

K: If she’s not here either then where could she be? *snaps fingers in thought*… My father and the others were acting strange. Like they were hiding my sister… like there was something inauspicious… Hm? Did there used to be a wooden door this far back?

*opens it*

K: A cell!? To think such a thing was here… !! SISTER!

K: It’s me! Koushirou, sent out at ten years of age under an apprenticeship…. Yes, that’s right. Your younger brother! Your one and only younger brother. Why are you in this cell? How cruel! It was our father’s deed, wasn’t it.

K: Nothing can be done because you’re ill, you say? Then you should be sent properly into a sanatorium!… When did this start?… Just before our mother died!? Hasn’t it been ten years then! And you haven’t been let out even once!?

K: … The age when a woman should be in her prime… for you to only be able to spend that in this cell… *shaky voice* even though you’ve become this beautiful… I won’t forgive them. I’ll speak to our father and take you out.


K: Eh!? You’re happy enough being in here? That’s impossible! Absolutely not. I won’t allow it.

K: If you’re ill then I’ll cure you. Or, if you desire, I’ll take you to Tokyo and take you to a modern hospital–… that’s right, then you’ll surely become healthy!

K: … You’re happy when you get to go into the baths, you say… *strained voice* you’re happy when everyone gives you love, you say… Keys. Who has the keys to the cell!? Inside those drawers?

*walks over there*

K: This is a puzzle box… *knocks against it* Heh. I can easily… *starts moving drawers* Hah, see. *gets the keys*

*walks back to unlock door*

K: I’m taking you out. These keys won’t be used ever again. *opens door* Now, come!

K: … You won’t come out?… You want me to go in? *he enters*


K: … I’ve come in. Now let’s hurry and get out. Everyone is drunk and sleeping. If we’re going to run from this house then now’s the chance. If you want to stay here then I’ll persuade our father and the others. For you, our sister, to live normally.

K: … You’re fine with this!? Why! Because you want to please everyone?!… No, a family who is pleased with you being confined here isn’t a good one. I’ll return you to your proper state. So–… Huh?

K: You’ll show me your breasts, you say?… What are you saying!? I’m not an infant. I was already ten years old when I left you, sister. Don’t treat me like a baby–…! *turns away* Sister, you mustn’t. Please close your clothes. Even if I’m your younger brother you can’t show someone that!

K: Why, you ask? That’s because–…! *heroine presses against him*… Please let me go. Sister, your body must be weak even now, right? I can’t shake you off…!

K: There’s no way I hate you, sister. Even when I was in Tokyo I’ve always been concerned about you. I missed you… and wondered whether you were healthy or not… Ungh… Please let me go, sister. Agh… ngh… Sister… I’ll get angry. We haven’t seen each other in a long time but… we’re blood-related siblings. To do something like touch your breasts…!


K: … Please don’t moan like that… I truly… Absolutely not. Your younger brother’s… that place… you shouldn’t touch it. Sister… it can’t be that… the reason you were confined in this cell is… for this…? Please stop this, sister! Ah!

*heroine gives oral*

K: Sister… you really mustn’t do that. It’s not a problem of whether I’m happy or hate you or anything! Only… we’re siblings!… Ngh…. I… don’t want to be rough towards you, sister. If I shake you off though… sister, you’ll… So, please, sister, stop this already. Ungh… angh… ah…

K: Anymore than this… mustn’t be done. I… we’re… blood-related… siblings!… Not from a different mother, or different father… we had the same parents… ngh…

K: Why… why do you… look so happy… Ungh… I can’t endure this any longer! *pushes her down and inserts himself*


K: Sister, why… *kisses and thrusts*… Don’t make those noises, don’t feel satisfied…

K: I didn’t search for you, sister, to do this…! *kisses and thrusts*

K: I’ve fallen into incest… aha… furthermore, even you, sister…! *kisses and thrusts*

K: Sister… sister, for you to reach completion from my… Angh!… No… I’m coming too…! Inside you, sister… It’s coming… ngh… *he orgasms*

K: … What have I done… Sister… please forgive me… I… Please cover your chest. *takes out paper*… Let’s cleanse this place too… with this paper… *cleans her up*

*** TRACK 3: A Beast’s Love ***

K: … I… Sister… you felt good, you say?… Aah, you don’t understand, do you. That people with the same blood must not have sexual intercourse. That it would be the love of a low beast.

K: That’s not true?… What do you mean. Who told you that… What do you mean, what?! Sister… sister, you’ve always been confined here, haven’t you. Without going outside… But you… aren’t an innocent young woman. Did you think that it’s because you’re fine with whoever it is that comes to join themselves with you, like just now… that you were confined? If you’ve been confined since before our mother died… just who in the world… did this to you… The very first who had sex with you… who was it?


K: … Who was it that did what we just did now!? I’m asking… *groans*… As I thought it was our father…

K: Our father raped you, didn’t he… Since when?… It can’t be ever since you were confined here!?… AGH!!… That father… I’LL FUCKING KILL HIM.

K: I’m not angry at you, sister. I’m angry at our father who did such horrible things to you. No… he’s not our father or anything… as if he could be called anything like a relative. That shit father… I’ll damn him to hell!

K: … Huh? Which one? Both our brothers!?… AGHHHH!! *pounds the ground* Even our brothers… aah, this house has gone mad! Even though Kouichirou has a wife and child… Ah. Moreover, that reaction from his wife back then… she surely knows. She knew yet she didn’t say anything!… krgh…


K: While it may be true that you have a weak health and your mind is unstable, sister… to leave you confined in this cell was… it just to use you for their own comfort!? That’s why in the main hall when I brought you up, sister… they had that reaction. Like you were a hateful thing. They prevaricated!… Who is the hateful one. And that’s why you even did that to me, sister…

K: … Sister… I… am not angry at you. I’m angry at those who did such cruel things to you. So… please don’t be so afraid. *embraces her*

K: Am I scary? I’m not scary, right?… The reason why I’m so angry… you don’t understand, do you… How can I explain it so that you’ll understand?

K: You’re saying it’s good you’re doing something to please everyone!? Aah, sister… *crying*


K: For you to be happy to be of use… I understand. It wasn’t that you didn’t want it, sister… that’s fine, but… if I said that I didn’t like it, would you stop? Live together with me in Tokyo. I’ll find a house where you’re able to spend your days leisurely, sister. You can heal your body there. And if you so wish, sister… a family for you to marry into. No, it’s nothing… at any rate, together with me… we’ll run from this house. Alright?

K: Sister… I understand that the outside is scary and that you feel as if your family should be there, but… if you continue to stay here… you’ll have to become their toy again! Sister, even if you’re alright with that… I am not.

K: Certainly, it’s illogical for you to run away when you aren’t in the wrong, sister. Those men should be driven out… penniless or anything else. After all, they cannot do anything without my money… they’re nothing but deadbeats.

K: Sister, I’ll drive them out! And then… I’ll protect you forever, sister… in this house. That should be fine, right?

K: Why are you making such a sad face?!… Because those people who did these things would be gone…? SISTER!… Even if I’m here…?

K: … I’ll do it… If you so wish, sister… Only me…


K: For you to be overjoyed… *kisses*… Sister, you belong only to me. *kisses*… Do you love me? Ngh… mmgh… angh…

K: I love you a lot as well, sister. For you to be this happy simply from these words… *kisses*… For even these gentle kisses… to be your first time… *kisses*

K: It can’t be… that painful things were done to… What was done to you, apart from “that”? Eh!?… Aah… you don’t have to say any more… such things… I won’t ever let them be done again. *kisses*

K: Never again… will I let them touch you. No matter who they are… not even one finger… *kisses*… Sister… *pushes her down and inserts himself*

K: Sister… *kisses and thrusts*… nngh… ngh… I’ve honestly… fallen in love with you, sister. *kisses*… Such a cute person… there are no others. *kisses*


K: Sister… I will make you mine only. I will cherish you… and release you from this cell.

K: Sister… sister… sister…

*** TRACK 4: The Men Who Repeatedly Violated the Girl ***

K: I apologize for this being in the morning. What I wish to speak about is… this *takes out keys and tosses them*.

K: For such a long time, how dare you do those things to my sister…! Hereafter, I will protect this house, its lands, and its tombs. You all will leave. I shall give you money so that your lives in the future will not be troubled.

K: … Shut up… the man who destroyed and raped his actual daughter has… no RIGHT to be the head of a house! Of course, the rights of the heirs too… You will never again lead the Tani household… these are my intentions. Now, GET OUT!

*struggle for the keys*

K: … Too bad, brother. It looks like you were a step too slow. The keys are mine. I won’t let you bastards see my sister or touch her ever again!… I’m disgusted with you all. The father who continuously raped his actual daughter… and far from remonstrating him, the eldest son who did the same! And then… the second son who came up with such a scheme.


K: I heard the two of you have a good relationship as brothers… and even treated her roughly! Fucking trash… *throws money*… Take the money. Think of it as my last compassion. If that isn’t enough… I’ll give more again.

K: You don’t want it? You all who have no standing and earn no money. How admirable for you to say such things. Then… you may leave with nothing but the clothes on your back. Our ancestors won’t forgive me, you say? How asinine. All of your wickedness… is making our ancestors cry in their graves!

K: Haha… and what of it? Ah, that’s right! I crawled out of the same hole! But I have money and a vocation. Furthermore… it sounds like you all were hopelessly unskilled. I have to give a nod to my kind sister who could only have you all as her partners.

K: You can even go to the brothel with that money. Aah… but trash of the country like you all would only be rejected at even the lowest of brothels, huh.

*katana is drawn*

K: Oh? With that sword bestowed to our ancestors from the feudal lord… are you intending to slash your filthy stomach? *takes out a blade* Even I have skill with a weapon too… With that dull katana which hasn’t even been maintained and my blade… do you wish to have a match?


K: … There are women and children here. I will wait this entire day. If you are still harassing this house tomorrow morning… I will give you all your final notice. *walks out and shuts door*

*scene skip; opens cell*

K: Ah, sister! Well then, although I told them everything, going by their attitude, I don’t think they’ll leave obediently. Now that it’s become like this, it might be convenient that you’ve returned to this cell, sister. As long as you’re here they can’t harm you directly. As long as these keys aren’t stolen.

K: But if they show strong measures… and, being lit aflame, those three – no, adding in that wife – the four of them come at the same time… and try to attack us… Sister… what kind of horrible things will you experience. Those men don’t have that sort of courage, but… a cornered rat will bite a cat.


K: … I’m sorry, sister… Sister… you enjoy having your hair stroked, don’t you… When I was small, you looked after me and yet… now you are entirely a child.

K: What kind of desolate experiences have you gone through until now… *shaky voice* I won’t forgive them…

K: … Sister… I will protect you. No matter what happens.

K: Even if I must descend into hell. Oh, that’s right… the demon… I don’t care what happens to me. I’ve done utterly dirty things to accumulate money. A spell or curse at this point is nothing special… I will be going to hell anyway, so… before then… I want to live happily in the present at least. With the woman I fell in love with… until my life ends… always… *kisses*

K: Nngh… *kisses*… Sister, you too… have fallen for me, right?… We mustn’t, sister… now is… nngh, ahah… the sun is still out. When it becomes night…


K: I see… you can’t see the sun from here? There are no windows… in this cell it is always night… ungh… I will show you, sister… a bright world. And then, never again will horrible people… do with you as they please. *kisses*… Never again… will you be lonely.

K: Face the other way. I’ll hold you from behind… Raise your hips. Yes… *inserts himself*

K: … Ngh… Sister… *thrusting*

K: Even if I am cursed and become something inhuman… *thrusting*… Please continue to be… in love with me. Ungh… ngh… angh…

*** TRACK 5: Taboo ***

*holds a light*

K: Those guys were completely asleep… there is a limit to shamelessness.

K: Tsk, in other words, they don’t have the slightest intent to leave this place. And they have the stomach to continue living like they have been previously…

K: I want to slaughter my father and my brothers with these hands, but… *sighs; takes out matchbox*… I refuse to make love to my sister with bloodstained hands.

*takes out a match; lights it; lights candles; blows out match*

K: This will do. To the god who protects this land… to the demon who haunts the Tani household… grant my wish!

*some candles get blown out; he rolls up his sleeve; pulls out a katana*

K: With this katana that serves as an avatar of god… *stabs his arm*… nrgh… I offer the blood of my left arm…

*more candles get blown out*

K: The ones named as Tani Seibei… Tani Kouichirou and Koujirou… send them divine punishment! And then… those who descend from the same blood as I… will wish… to copulate with their female siblings… for an eternity…

*blood dripping; another blown out candle*

K: To the men of the Tani household… I curse thee.

*twists the blade; all the candles get blown out*

K: … Ngh… This is enough… with this… hehehe… with this my sister and I… will be together forever…

*** TRACK 6: The Cursed Marriage of the Black House ***

*crows cawing; painting the wall*

K: Yes, do the outer wall and everything with this. Paint it in this astringent black ink.

*someone walks up to him*

K: Oh? Greetings there. Yes, a chill wind did everyone in. I thought for this paint to be a protective charm for this house, even in the slightest. I don’t want to lose any more family… No, only my sister is left. It might have been fortunate that she doesn’t have a personality for going out due to her weak health. To think that everyone died before the New Year’s Week was over…


K: Thank you very much. Yes, I closed up my business in Tokyo… and I intend to open up a business here anew. Curse? Haha, you don’t say… Aah, now that you mention it, in the past my mother mentioned a demon or something. Yes. I will be as careful as I can.

*person walks off; scene skip; he opens cell door*

K: I’ve returned!… Good gracious, in the end I suppose this place is where you feel most settled? *kisses* Hm? Aah, I am painting the outside of this house in astringent black ink. So that a terrifying illness will never again approach this place. So that this house won’t be afflicted by anything. It seems that the smell of the paint has stained even me too.

K: Haa… *undresses* Heh… sister… I only went outside for a little bit to check in on the workers, and yet… I apologize for causing you to feel… lonely.


K: … You’re this wet… almost like it’ll start dripping… Did you want this that badly?…

K: Hmm? Not yet… Sister, you need to learn some restraint… especially with respect to being lascivious…

K: This feels more than pleasurable enough, right? Like this, against the place you love the most, sister… my penis is rubbing against you… ngh… angh…

K: Ahaha… all day long… until your juices come to an end, sister… I won’t put it in… ahaha… this inside that I won’t enter is already… You came already, didn’t you? Haha… ngh… haa…

K: If you say it like that… I won’t be able to… endure it!… *inserts himself and kisses*

K: … Ngh… angh… haa… Why does it… feel this good… Ngh… It’s completely different compared to other women… this place of yours… it grips onto me firmly… this snug fit is irresistible…


K: If you’re impatient, let’s have a marriage ceremony… in front of the household shrine… *thrusting*… I’ve already requested your bridal clothes from a tailor… ngh…

K: Hm? I’m glad… that you’re happy… *kisses*

K: … It’s beautiful, isn’t it. Perhaps we should buy a camera. We need to leave behind pictures… angh… ngh… and then, won’t you give birth to my children? *thrusting*

K: I’d like a daughter. Like a pearl, a cute girl… *kisses*

K: These breasts will start giving milk… to our real child… Ngh… *kisses and thrusting*

K: Hm? Of course you’ll raise them together with me. Because we’ll… always live here together…

K: Now, come again… before you came when I was at your entrance… continue to come… *thrusting; heroine climaxes*


K: Nrgh… Good… it’s convulsing around me…

K: Sister… you’re so good, so good… I feel like my body, my entire body is coming undone… Look, at how thickly this is coming out… like a waterfall…

K: This time from this side… I’ll thrust deeper into you… by slamming it in… *thrusts hard* It’s irresistible… sister!… *kisses*

K: Why is it, sister… that you love it when I bite your neck, I wonder… Ahaha… even though you hate pain… only for this… *kisses and biting*

K: … I love you, sister… even when this body perishes… even when I fall into hell… I’m certain in the next world…


K: I don’t want to release from my penis yet, but… I can’t… endure it any longer… I’m going to come… squeeze it all out… all of my semen… yes… again… while you’re coming… *intense thrusting; they climax*

K: … Haa… haa… sister… *kisses*

K: I’m happy, sister… thanks to you, the thing I have always searched for… I feel like I’ve obtained it. With my beloved sister… and only wife… ahaha… Sleepy, are you? Here, I’ll continue to hold you like this. *kisses*


K: Good night, sister. Hm? Yes, once you’re awake we’ll have a crash course in cooking. I don’t want to use any maids as much as possible, since there aren’t any suitable people. Until then, I’ll cook all the things you like, sister.

K: Haha, grilled fish can’t be called cooking but oh well. *kisses*… Yes, in the mountain stream at the back of our home… let’s catch some masu salmon.


K: Sister.

*enters cell*

K: I apologize for making you wait. Sister, your… no, our room has been prepared. Let’s hurry and move you out of this cell and into a comfortable room, why don’t we. You don’t want to? Why?

K: It’ll be alright. There is nothing to be frightened of. The father who confined you here is already gone and our brothers are gone too. There is nothing for you to fear.

K: Haha… I understand. You’ve always been in this cell. Like you said, sister… it’s inevitable that you fear the outside. Then, why don’t we get some sun. The season is still chilly but the sunlight is warm, you know… Come on… alright, sister?

K: There are some steps there so watch your step.

*opens door; scene skip to outside*

K: The scenery here is beautiful, isn’t it. Ahaha, you don’t have to cling to me like this. No one can enter this house. It’s a quiet place. You see, I… have grown to relatively like the scenery here from this veranda. The garden is arranged cleanly. Ah, I know! Right now there’s nothing in the pond but why don’t we let some koi swim in there.


K: Sister, are you cold? We’re still in the middle of January. Even though we’re under the sun, the chill can be harsh. Come…

K: Hehe. Is it bright? The place you were in, sister, you couldn’t tell whether it was day or night, could you. Even though the sun is something that shines down equally on anyone… Hmm? Haha, when you’re outside in a cold place and you breathe out it becomes white like this. Have you forgotten?

K: When we were young we used to breathe out together like this and play around, you know. For some reason, sister, you continued to breathe out over and over again. You haven’t changed at all from that time. You’re still cute… and pure. Now, if we stay out too long it might harm your body. Why don’t we return now.

*picks her up*

K: Here we go. Stay still, sister. We can’t have you pushing yourself too hard, so I’ll carry you back. Haha, you aren’t heavy at all. More importantly, make sure to hold tightly onto me so that you won’t fall. Let’s get you accustomed to the outside slowly. We have plenty of time.

*returns to a room; he places her down*

K: That wasn’t too harsh on your body, was it? I’m glad. Your kimono is a little disheveled from when I carried you… the collar is… aah, your cheeks have become this cold… I can tell very well when you rub your cheek against my hand. Sister… *kisses*


K: Sister, whenever I touch your skin I can never… hold myself back. It’s a complicated feeling… even this…

K: Sister, your skin being this white and lovely… *kisses* is surely… *kisses*… because you haven’t been under the sun for a long time. Ah… it’s an envious thing… but that’s because your skin, sister, is extremely bewitching. *kisses*

K: It makes me want to keep you this pale and white… ngh… *undresses and kisses*

K: As I thought… you’re so pale and beautiful… ah… *kisses and bites*

K: I’m sorry… I’ve unconsciously bitten you again. It’s bleeding… *sucks*… the scent of you, sister, has grown stronger from this… Look, you’re so wet… I’m putting it in, alright? *inserts himself*


K: Sister… *kisses and thrusting*… haa… haa… when I’m like this with you, sister, I feel like I can understand the feelings of those who confined you… and to think such detestable things!…

K: It’s because you’re too beautiful, sister… it almost makes me want to blame you… *thrusting* The things that touch your skin, even if it is only the sun, I find them odious, haha… I’ve become such an absurd man.

K: Haa… haa… I don’t want you to even enter the eyes of another… haa… what is this… I feel like I’m grasping the feelings of the father and brothers I hate… *thrusting and kissing*

K: But, sister, don’t worry… I won’t treat you like they did… I will only love you amply… I will only give you love… ngh… Sister!… It feels good, doesn’t it… sister!… I’m already… going to come!… Sister, you too?… It’s coming… I’m coming… I’m coming so… you too, sister! *thrusting and climax*


K: … *kisses*… Nrgh… haa… haa… I love you, sister… we’ll always stay together with just the two of us. There is no one to intrude anymore. *kisses* In this house that belongs only to us… here and onwards forever…


K: Eh? You can’t come with me to go fishing. Even if you plead like that a no is a no. No matter how warm it’s become, the footing is bad at that mountain stream and fishing takes a long time, so it’s unthinkable.

K: Haa… Seriously, you’re as honest as a child… a person like you… Once the days warm, I’ll be sure to take you along. More importantly, there is something better today. What is it, you ask? Heh… that is still a secret.

K: They should be arriving by now though. Come on, sister. Let’s wait in that room. I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

*scene change; he’s outside and talks to a worker*

K: Yes, release them into this pond. Two of them.


K: Haha… I’m glad you’re pleased. For you, sister, I’ve obtained patterned koi for you to appreciate. Look, they’re beautiful, aren’t they. Apparently, crimson speckles are rare so these were quite hard to acquire. Haha, it suits you more to admire beautiful koi than to fish.

K: Ah, look! It looks like the koi are pleased with this pond as well. They’re starting to swim energetically.

K: Ah, my apologies. Like I mentioned beforehand, the water of the pond has been prepared and there doesn’t seem to be a problem. You may return home now. Thank you for your work.

*worker is sent home*

K: Hm? Feed? Ah, it seems it’s better to do that after they grow familiar with their new pond for a while. Let’s just watch them for a while longer. Don’t look like that. You mustn’t pout. If they aren’t raised carefully it’ll be much sadder when they die, right? Good girl. Then let’s sit on the veranda and take our time watching them, sister.

K: Haa… it’s such a pleasant thing, isn’t it. For there to be carp in our pond.

K: Ahaha, hm? What’s wrong? Are you sleepy? You have such a happy look… Are you that pleased with the koi? Haha. You’re happy so you’re snuggling your face against me… good gracious, you’re like a cat, aren’t you… Now, look this way. *kisses*


K: If you’re this demanding… I won’t be able to hold myself back like this… although the sun is shining, it’s still unpleasantly cold… you’ll catch a cold here…

K: You’re a hopeless person, ahaha… there are two beautiful koi watching us, you know… *kisses and undresses*

K: … You’re already making such lovely sounds?… Sister, you really enjoy having your breasts sucked, don’t you… Yes, me too…

K: … That’s right… I’m already hard… from sucking your breasts, sister… and hearing your lovely voice, sister… ngh… If you suddenly go that fast… please wait, sister…!

K: Let’s enjoy ourselves much more slowly… this house just has the two of us… there’s no need to be impatient… Haa… you’re this wet… I’ve only pressed against the front… and it’s swallowing me in…


K: Hahaha. For you, sister, you’ve already held yourself back, huh… Ah, that’s right… it’s because I recently told you to learn some patience, so you’ve tried your best, haven’t you… ahaha… Then this should be a reward. For the patience you showed for a short while. *inserts himself and kisses and thrusts*

K: If you cling onto me so tightly… it’s hard to move… Relax more so that I can… thrust into you a lot, sister…

K: Ahaha, yes, that’s good. Sister, you can view the koi in the pond… while I thrust into you hard… *thrusting and heavy breathing*

K: … Hm?… Aah, those koi… even the professional doesn’t know their gender yet… so, who knows if they’re a pair or not… haa… haa… but if they’re a pair then they’ll have children… Right now, in this jet-black house there are two carp…

*she flips him over*

K: Sister!… Ahaha… oh my, are you jealous of the koi? You’re mistaken! Whether you’ll become pregnant or if the koi will become pregnant first… that’s what I was thinking… *thrusting*… ngh… haa… haa…


K: Sister, the sight of you straddling me… and the way you’re moving your hips… is beautiful… Sister, does it feel good? Ahaha… I can tell. That I’m hitting the place you love, sister… Drop your hips more. That deep place that you love, sister… I’ll hit it deeply… nrgh… angh…

K: Honestly… you’re gorgeous… as if you were a beautiful koi, sister… *thrusting*… Swimming freely in the pond… a beautiful patterned koi… It can only swim in this place, and so… perhaps it is beautiful like a dream…

K: Sister!… It feels good… swim more on top of me… more… intensely… Sister!… Angh… I’m coming… *he climaxes*


K: Haha, it’s because you were that intense that you’re tired, aren’t you, sister. Let’s lie down for a while like this… Ahaha… yes, after some more time, let’s feed the koi, sister.

*** NOTES ***

Annnd we’re done! As much crap as I give Shouwa the true person who could have stopped everything was Koushirou *coughs*. He didn’t need to go so far as to curse his entire bloodline and his descendants LMAO not to mention the implication that the other guys are like partial reincarnations of him or something (all the habits they share). Although, I did read an interesting Japanese review about how they suspect the curse might be, as they call it in the CD, a curse of the land because why the heck did the family start doing that in the first place!? I just assumed they were messed up people but who actually knows. Poor heroine though.

Btw, here’s the last family tree! Pretty much like the one you saw in Shouwa’s CD except Kousaburou hasn’t had children yet and Koushirou hasn’t been blotted out.

25 thoughts on “Nureba no Ie no Tatarikon ~ Winter: Taboo ~

    Angela said:
    July 27, 2020 at 04:54

    Hi, thank you so much for posting the translation! Question: I have purchased the whole cd series from Animate international but unfortunately the tokuten bonus that comes with it ran out since they were out of stock. If possible, can I buy the tokuten from you?

      Ilinox responded:
      July 27, 2020 at 09:30

      You’re welcome! It’s always nice to see people getting into Tatarikon after all this time, haha. Oof, it sucks so much when they run out of tokutens. Hm, I’m not too clear on the promised bonus from Animate International, so how about this? There’s an option to send a private ko-fi message, so if you want to send an email over so I can send you a download link and it’ll be $3 (one coffee) for one tokuten. I just have the two that I translated for each of the guys, so you can pick and choose which one you want or all of them.

    crystal said:
    November 17, 2019 at 06:42

    is there audio that goes with this and can i find it anywhere…???

      Ilinox responded:
      November 17, 2019 at 22:01

      It’s a drama CD from Black Lady that you’d have to purchase. You might be able to find illegal uploads on Youtube or Soundcloud, but I wouldn’t encourage those.

    Risa2806 said:
    November 4, 2019 at 04:49

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this series and your wonderful translations! My favourite volume was the summer one by far – but this whole storyline is so tragic I have trouble listening back to the 3rd CD especially. Blacklady’s writer did a great job though, honestly I never thought to expect such a deep and twisted scenario from an R18 series but gosh, they sure know their stuff. Have you checked out the new Ikeniekon series BlackLady is releasing at the moment? I’m getting the first 3 cds at least since I’m in Japan right now (the last volume only comes out at the end of this month though). It’s the same writer so I’m really looking forward to this (and my expectations are through the roof!)

      Ilinox responded:
      November 4, 2019 at 21:02

      HECK YEAH my favorite is the summer one too. Something about that playing in the dark and the gentle lies and that voice… OOF. Autumn is probably my second favorite because of my love for Shinsenryoku and just what a good man he was there, choosing to end the curse like that.

      Ooh, I hope you have a nice trip there! This comment came at the perfect time because I just finished listening to 1 and 2 (to help me decide if I want 3 and 4 at the end of November). It’s… interesting. I think it has less twists than Tatarikon did, especially since Tatarikon’s generation reveal happened in the tokutens. But I’m invested enough into Ikeniekon’s story to see the end. I feel like the first two guys only provide one side’s view on the subject of superstition. Overall though, hrm, I’d still rate it lower than Tatarikon at this point.

    satsuyurami said:
    September 17, 2019 at 06:49

    Thank you so much for this. I remember someone mention this CD story is dark but I didnt expecting incestious relationship.

    Koushirou is the root of the incest right?

    Oh and this series remind me of Kankinkon series (both has curse)

      Ilinox responded:
      September 17, 2019 at 12:21

      House of Incest is what I like to call this series LOL I’d say Koushirou is the root, yep. I mean, I guess you could argue that his father and brothers… sort of started it? But I feel like they were just messed in the head to begin with and it WOULD have been a one-time thing until Koushirou literally cursed his entire bloodline, which caused everything else to happen.

      Haha, yeah, curses are really popular these days :”D There’s actually a spiritual successor to this series called something like Marriage of the Sacrifice or something like that. Same company a similar set up to this series, though I don’t know if it’ll involve incest LOL. I haven’t gotten around to listening to it yet, but if you enjoyed this series you could consider checking that one out!

    leohikarusora said:
    October 17, 2018 at 13:15

    Ehmm… Accidentally read all the series, and OMG that was truly dark theme O.O”” especially this Winter one

    But yeah, I found this series was out-of-box. I mean, it’s totally different from Baroque and Rogue et Noir you had translated back then. Such a blow mind for me… And I can’t stop being terrified because Koushirou was cursed all his brother and the descendants, plus for eternity (also, I read this at 3AM, in my place, hope can sleep well… (。ŏ﹏ŏ) )

    Thank you for your hard works…

      Ilinox responded:
      October 18, 2018 at 13:40

      Accidentally… LOL It’s a really interesting series, especially when they were still releasing it and no one had any idea as to what was going on. We all thought it was something like reincarnation or 4 guys in the same time period, etc etc, except the reality was even more twisted than we thought. It was such a good series for 2017 though :’D.

      Ack, I hope you didn’t get any weird dreams or nightmares from this. I tend to enjoy really dark or strange stories so I’m afraid you’ll probably see those things a lot here LOL in between my SNB translations. Thank you for commenting and checking this one out!

    Jumpy Star said:
    May 6, 2018 at 22:51

    Whew. Wow, this drama series has been a wild journey. I went into this thinking like it was going to be any other drama cd but nope LOL.

    I think so far all three Yuuji, Takafumi, and Koushirou are my favorites XD. Like I honestly can’t choose between them. When I first read Yuuji’s, I was just like “DAM SON ok just go all out, no care in the world.” (And also I had to read his story a few times before figuring out that the heroine was blind LMAO. I was like girl, come on, I’m pretty sure your eyes would adjust eventually) And then Takafumi is just a lovable bean ugh like I was happy when he was happy about the heroine being pregnant. All the others were like “kek, it don’t matter, continue with sexytimes.” And then Koushirou’s voice actor really did well in the cd for me, and overall I just really enjoyed his story.

    (Shouwa is his own category, like seriously LOL. I still love him but he’s a tad bit too angsty and just plain cynical for me haha.)

    Ok even though the sexytimes were like guilty pleasures for me, I couldn’t get over the fact that when they were like “kissing” the heroine, IT SOUNDED LIKE THEY WERE SUCKING AND ROLLING AROUND A MARBLE IN THEIR MOUTHS LOLOL.

    But overall, this drama cd was super interesting and just plain great. I just wanted to say thank you for translating this!!!! You work super hard on translating different works and at the same time living your life and I find that crazy admirable!! I’ve been reading your translations since Hana awase (ugh the feels never go away) and I have to say you are great at organization and clarity when translating.

    Mucho love, keep up the good work!!!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 8, 2018 at 16:50

      I’m always so grateful and relieved that I gave this series another chance because, despite Satou being the first volume, I didn’t feel anything from this series and thought it was just incestuous PWP. Who knew it actually had so much drama attached to it.

      LOL those three are pretty much up there for me too and it took me just as long (+ those sneaky tokutens) to realize the heroine was blind. I just assumed it was… really REALLY dark wherever they lived out in the countryside |D;; look!! we don’t question drama cd setups– //bricked. Takafumi was the sweetest guy among them all and I can’t get over his ending. Why didn’t they just get an abortion and sterilize him or the girl!? Problem solved!! They didn’t have to go that far, sobs. But oh man I loved the rage in Koushirou’s voice and the conflict when he realizes what’s going on and what he ends up doing.

      Like you, Shouwa is… I hated him at first, then I reluctantly grew to be okay with him, and then during the course of the translation I realize that he’s just so bitter and consumed by hatred and revenge. He hates the heroine and all that she represents but can’t help but love her. And that’s extremely up my river |D;; but unfortunately he’s still a little too cruel for me. (Not to mention his absolute disregard of Yuuji. EXCUSE ME, THAT’S MY BOY YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT SHOUWA!!).

      L O L I try not to think too hard about how the seiyuu make some of the noises because it’s either really embarrassing or just cracks me up. Like some of them really sound like they’re slurping up a large bowl of noodles and soup.

      Aww, thank you ;A; it really encourages me to keep on going when I get these kind of comments about people enjoying the same things I found fun enought to share so !!! Ahhhh, that comment about organization and clarity has to be one of the nicest things I’ve ever heard :’D I have to admit that before I pick up any translation project or even do any work I spend some time thinking about how I want to format it and organize everything. Also *pounds fists on table* IROHA-HEN WHERE! I’ve been holding back on KU-hen to wait for it and because I’m still trying to figure out how I want to handle the Mizuchi-hen and Hime-hen books.

      <33 thank you again for taking the time to write such a lovely comment!

    Rosaleen stark said:
    April 30, 2018 at 09:44

    Can someone please explain the family tree better and family members because I can’t properly read it

      Ilinox responded:
      April 30, 2018 at 11:03

      I replied to your two other comments but can you please clarify what you don’t understand? I don’t know what you want further explained, unless you’re just having difficulties in reading the vertical writing?

      Seibei is the father/founder of the Tani family (they had previous ancestors but it looks like the official Tani line starts from Seibei). He had 4 sons, Kouichirou, Koujirou, Kousaburou, and Koushirou, and a daughter, the heroine (blood splotch).

      Koushirou married the heroine (that’s why there’s double horizontal lines) and then they had a daughter named Kouko (and why a line connects her to Koushirou and another indicates that she’s a product of the marriage).

        Rosaleen stark said:
        May 1, 2018 at 19:49

        Like can you explain the line as it goes down
        Like this
        Joel and Helen are married and they have 4 sons
        Despaod, Alessandro, Sebastian, and Carlo
        Despaod is married to magarita and has 1 son

        Ilinox responded:
        May 1, 2018 at 20:40


        Seibei has 4 sons and 1 daughter.
        Kouichirou, Koujirou, Kousaburou, heroine, Koushirou.
        Koushirou and the heroine are married and they have 1 daughter.

        Rosaleen stark said:
        May 2, 2018 at 16:18

        Andi k ow I might sound annoying but can you do the other family

        Ilinox responded:
        May 2, 2018 at 16:41

        Sure. For Spring

        Seibei has 4 sons and 1 daughter.
        Kouichirou, Koujirou, Kousaburou, Winter Heroine, Koushirou.
        Koushirou and the Winter Heroine are married and they have 1 daughter.

        Kousaburou has 2 children and adopted 1 son.
        Sei, Isamu, Shouichi (adopted).

        Kouko and Sei get married and have 1 daughter.
        Spring Heroine.
        Spring Heroine marries Shouwa.

        (Shouwa is Shouichi).

        For Summer.

        Kousaburou has 2 children and adopted 1 son.
        Sei, Isamu, Shouichi (adopted).

        Kouko and Sei get married and have 1 daughter.
        Spring Heroine.
        Spring Heroine marries Shouwa and they have 2 children.
        Yuuji and Summer Heroine.
        Summer Heroine marries Minoru; she has 1 daughter with Yuuji though.
        Autumn Heroine.

        For Autumn

        Eisuke has 1 son.
        Seiichirou marries Takako and they adopt 1 son.
        Yuuji (adopted)
        Yuuji marries Sachiko and they have 1 son and 2 daughters.
        Takafumi, Seiko, and Masako.

        Takafumi ends up marrying Autumn Heroine.

        Hope this makes things clearer!

        Rosaleen stark said:
        May 2, 2018 at 18:23

        Yes thank you so much your an amazing help

        Rosaleen stark said:
        May 3, 2018 at 02:24

        By the way do you take request

        Rosaleen stark said:
        May 4, 2018 at 20:47

        Can you do dark night princess

        Ilinox responded:
        May 4, 2018 at 23:20

        No, I’m afraid I don’t take requests :< there's some people out there who do take commissions though for translating drama CDs if you really have one you want done. Off the top of my head teyuuka and mikorin take translating commissions.

        Rosaleen stark said:
        May 5, 2018 at 20:56

        If my message can get to them that is

    Finny said:
    April 24, 2018 at 11:30

    Ugh…thank you so uch much for your translation, I was really looking forward for this one!
    Tatarikon, hands down, is probably one of my favorite drama CD and now I’m kinda sad it’s all over ;-;. It had angst, drama, mystery (and some real good voice acting)- everything I’m looking for in a good CD ♡♡
    Vol.4 was my favorite one eventhough it was messed up on so many levels ;;
    I kinda knew what was going on (my Japanese is shit) so I came prepared for the entire mess in the CD.
    God…poor heroine, deserves non of this shit but I’m happy that she got a happy ending(??).
    And Koushirou…the goodest and best boy, I luv him so much ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (although I dont really understand why he had to curse his entire family line and descendants ^-^”).
    Takafumi and Koushirou were my favs ♡, maybe I have something for softy boys (╥﹏╥)

    Again thank you so much for your hardwork!( ˘ ³˘)♥

      Ilinox responded:
      April 25, 2018 at 17:02


      I'm so glad I gave it another chance after the 1st CD because I was so not impressed and didn't even know what the heck I was listening to. I thought it was just 4 separate stories of brothers getting it on with their *surprise twist* sibling. But then I ended up really liking the 2nd CD just as a standalone. And then… it was only when I got my hands on the tokutens that I was like "wait a minute. WAIT A MINUTE" and realized the plot LOL.

      Tatarikon ranks really high up there for me too but, oh man, lately I've been so sucked into the world of Dusk that their CDs might actually take the top in terms of dark twisted stories |D;;

      I think Vol4 ranks second for me. Vol2 is my favorite because of no-regret-full-on-go Yuuji LOL and how soft and kind he was fghjfgjh Vol3 would rank higher (or it's tied with Vol2) if the ending didn't make me bawl all the time LOL. And then Vol1 as last, though I still do like it a lot! Just… Shouwa's bad attitude…

      I don't even remember what my guesses were coming into this CD; I think I thought the four siblings would fight over the heroine and that Koushirou would be murderously possessive and that would cause the spiraling decline of their house + this curse. But whoo boy it definitely did not go like how I expected it to be with how awful the rest of the family was and how pure Koushirou was. SOBS I'm glad the heroine got a happy ending too (as much as she could with her mind basically being broken/groomed).

      Haha, I was actually talking to a friend about this after I finished translating and, yeah, no idea why he had to add that one clause into the wish because it screwed up his family pretty bad. I was thinking that maybe he had some weird thought in his head that his descendants would be reincarnations of him? Or like he'd live on in his descendants and if they were forever drawn to each other then it'd be like reiterations of him and his sister in love forever??

      OR he literally meant people from HIS blood and he intended to have more than one child with his heroine but that never worked out :'(( and unfortunately they only had a daughter before the parents passed away. And so then the curse had to manifest from Kousaburou's son, Sei, and that's really what started the whole angry forbidden incestuous mess (because it sounds like Koushirou was full on okay with it at the end? And even encouraged it with his curse?).

      Softy boys are the best ;w; especially when they do those agonized parts hjfjhfkjh. Thank you for stopping by to comment!! It's good to know I'm not alone in liking these dark stories, haha.

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