Sengoku Night Blood ~ 1st Anniversary ~

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Thanks to Shiina for letting me know about this 1 year anniversary video! It totally slipped my mind despite how they were promoting it on Twitter, oops.

[ALL]: Sengoku Night Blood 1 Full Year!

[HIDEYOSHI]: At long last, it’s been one full year for “Sengoku Night Blood”! Have you been having fun every day?

[YUKIMURA]: Being able to welcome this moment with you like this makes me really happy. Thank you for everything!

[SHINGEN]: I hear there’s a lot of celebratory projects planned! We’ll be able to have a fun time together still.

[KENSHIN]: Preparations are proceeding to give you more enjoyment from the opinions and thoughts we’ve received up to this point. Look forward to it. I thank you for sending forward your personal feelings.

[MOTONARI]: For this sweet and lovely time we spend with our princess to continue on, we will also do our very best. I would be happy if you continued to support us hereafter as well.

.[MASAMUNE]: Whether I have your support or not… I don’t particularly care…

[MOTONARI]: Oh my, the general of Date is not honest, is he. But if you do not convey your feelings at a time like this firmly then you may come to regret it.

[MASAMUNE]: … I’ll send a letter later just for you… be sure to read it.

[NOBUNAGA]: Follow me after this as well. You wish to be more addicted in me, do you not–

[NOBUNAGA]: Sengoku Night Blood–

[KENSHIN]: Heading to two full years–

[MOTONARI]: From here on as well–

[MASAMUNE + YUKIMURA + HIDEYOSHI + SHINGEN]: We appreciate you and are counting on you!

(T/N: I’M LAUGHING SO HARD AT NOBUNAGA’S LINE. WTF. Okay, I had to drop some things to make it smoother but 1) he says “kono ore” so partially third person usage again. It’s like “the great me” or like “this me”. And then 2) he uses “oboreru” verb which is like “to indulge in; to drown in; to lose your head over something; to be addicted”. Calm down, Nobunaga.

Also, I can’t stop feeling sad over hearing Umehara ;w; and the comments in the YouTube section are all wishing him good health and telling him to rest and recover carefully. SOBS we’ll wait for you to come back Umehara!! Your health is the most important thing! Though knowing how Enstars switched the voice of Hosoyan’s character when he got throat surgery makes me wonder.)

7 thoughts on “Sengoku Night Blood ~ 1st Anniversary ~

    yukihime03 said:
    May 13, 2018 at 22:56

    [MASAMUNE]: Whether I have your support or not… I don’t particularly care…
    [MOTONARI]: Oh my, the general of Date is not honest, is he.

    Grandpa calling out the young’un… XD

    That Nobunaga’s line though… O_o

      Ilinox responded:
      May 15, 2018 at 19:37

      I honestly didn’t expect them to joke to each other like that |D;; but omg yeah Nobunaga… w-what the heck, man.

        yukihime03 said:
        May 16, 2018 at 00:40

        I like it though when the older generation teases the younger ones… dunno why.
        ….maybe because the younger ones cannot exactly talk back? (unless they are rude)
        …or because they don’t actually speak the same “language”?
        …or is it because the older people definitely know more about things? especially if they tease the kids in that “I know but I’m not gonna tell you” attitude. lmao
        I like to do the same thing though. Whenever I hear kids talking that they want to be adult soon, I will definitely use the attitude I mentioned above. “Be careful what you wish for. :)”

        If I were there, I would instantly ask Nobunaga if he’s sick or ate something funny in the morning. |D

    AMBER said:
    May 13, 2018 at 00:11

    Aww thanks for this! I didn’t expect to see Masamune’s keeping his tsun even in official video lmao. What a cute guy. And that Nobunaga XD No!
    I find reading Date’s chapter 10 and heard Umehara’s voice is pretty hurtful. I can’t do anything but wish him gets better very soon.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 14, 2018 at 16:53

      Same, same, I have to admit it’s pretty cute. Especially when he gets chided by grandpa Motonari |D;; and then the throwback to his skit scenes and stuff about how he can only be honest through his letters. IIRC we actually haven’t seen letters being a big deal to Masamune in the main story, so you could have only known that through skit interactions and card stories, which is a neat thing. Makes them actually have a purpose LOL.

      Ahhhhh, same about Date’s chapter 10 and Umehara. I even set Masamune as my login screen leader and now I’m just :’)))) poor guy. I hope he makes a complete recovery!!

    Bluesheep said:
    May 12, 2018 at 11:02

    I was going through the congratulatory quotes going uh huh, uh huh all relatively typical things except with a little bit of personal flare like Masamune’s being tsun and only being comfortable conveying his feelings in private, then there is Motonari going in with his princess lines. When I finally reached Nobunaga I was like …..whut. Standing out by being suggestive as hell, what a guy.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 14, 2018 at 16:50

      LOL SAME. I was like “ah, this is pretty generic but cute of them I suppose”. Got a giggle at Masamune’s letter line (and sadness because Umeharaaaaa) and then my jaw dropped at Nobunaga’s line. WHAT WAS WITH THAT. WHY. LOL.

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