Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Hiiragi Kain ~

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Hiiragi Kain (柊 加音)
CV: テトラポット登

Tales From the Meiji Pleasurable Nights

You, a noble lady, spent your days in melancholy due to the existence of a fiancé determined by your parents. At that time, you heard rumors about the high-end brothel, Baroque, that existed at the edges of the capital. It was said everyone hid their identity there and freely enjoyed a night of passion.

If you were to marry an unfamiliar partner like this then, at least once, with a person you chose yourself… That thought made you knock on the doors of Baroque.

The one who greeted you was Hiiragi Kain, a male courtesan with a calm atmosphere. You were strongly drawn to the kind Kain and went to Baroque many times; Kain also reached out and established a bond with you.

However, eventually the day you had to meet with your fiancé arrived. The one who awaited you at your fiancé’s mansion was a young man with cold eyes. And his face was exactly alike to Hiiragi Kain.

(Honestly, I’m trying to control the projects I’ve started and I debated hard on whether I wanted to translate this series. But I caved because the writer is godly, okay, and these stories are so evocative and touching, especially Vol2 and Vol3. Mikado Ren is also the scriptwriter who did the Rouge et Noir series which owns my soul. FORGOT TO WARN THIS IS R18!!)

Note1: The title literally translates to “Meiji Pleasurable Nights Stories” so I did a play on the name Arabian Nights ;).

*** TRACK 1: The Door to Paradise ***

*door opens and closes; heroine is walking*

Kain: What is the matter, miss? Good evening. You seem to be an unfamiliar face here. Is this your first time at Baroque? Ah, pardon me, I am Hiiragi Kain. It is my duty to be the partner of young ladies such as you.

K: Hm? Ahah, when I exited my room I saw a lovely young lady standing all alone at the bottom of the staircase. Do I need any more of a reason to call out to you?

K: Haha, it doesn’t seem like you are convinced. Hmm… then shall I speak the truth? It’s because I saw that you held a concern in that small body of yours. Ahah, have no fear, I won’t ask anything. That is a rule of Baroque.

K: We here, as lovers for a night, only show you a sweet dream. Therefore, there is nothing to be uneasy about. Ahah, you’ve finally smiled.

K: By the way, miss, have you decided already on your partner? Ah, I see. It seems I was correct to exit my room. Due to that, I am the very first to meet you. Well then… my fair lady, it is my pleasure to be your partner for tonight. *kisses hand* Is that agreeable? It’s decided then… Come. I shall guide you to my room.

[03:05] *scene skip to his room; door closes*

K: Sit.

K: … Are you nervous?… You do not have to be scared. After spending a night here, everyone obtains a tranquility in their heart before they return home. Now… entrust everything to me. From here, I shall teach you a maddening pleasure.

K: *carries her to bed; kisses*… I’ll be taking off your dress… *kisses and kisses*… vibrant flower petals have been scattered over and over again, ahah, secret flower petals that only you and I know about… Now, how about I remove this corset as well? It’s pitiable for those soft breasts to continue to be bound away. *undoes corset*

K: … Look, I’ve finally met the real you. Ahah, your figure in a dress is lovely but the you in front of my eyes, with your dress removed like this, far more charming. *kisses and kisses*

K: This place is pointing straight up… *kisses and kisses*… Ahah, what a lewd noise… Do you know what has become of this place? It’s damp and soft… and a warm honey is flowing out. It’s proof of your response to my caresses. Here… thick and sticky… what a luscious smell… *tastes his finger*


K: Haha, it really is like honey. It even feels like it’s melting on my tongue… *breathing as he fingers heroine**kisses down*

K: It seems to be quite loose now… It should be time soon. *undresses himself*

K: Now, I’m entering you… don’t be afraid and relax… *inserts himself*… ngh… It’s tight inside… if I don’t hold onto my senses, I feel like I’ll reach completion immediately, ahah… You see, reaching completion means ascending to the summit of pleasure.  A pleasure that cannot be described by words… I must be sure to teach you this… a supreme rapture. *thrusting*

K: … That expression you’re making… is so lovely… Nrgh… Mm? It’s not unusual… it’s fine… let your mind become blank… abandon your body to that swelling wave… come on… just a bit more… *increases speed; heavy breathing*


K: … Angh! Nngh… haa… haa… You seem to be dazed, ahaha, did you think your body became undone? You are so adorable. *lazy kisses*

K: Come closer… Until you settle down, I will hold you forever like this.

*scene skip; morning*

K: Ah, what a pleasant morning. It’s good that the snow stopped, isn’t it. However, the ground is still wet so watch your steps… I can only send you off here, but come see me again. I will always be waiting for you. *kisses*

K: Ahah… until next time.

*** TRACK 2: Repose ***

K: Ohh? So, in the end, you weren’t able to see the cherry blossoms that day. Ahah… even horse-drawn streetcars seem to have faults, don’t they. They’re much more convenient than boarding stations but they’re frequently derailed, so… Some time ago, I ended up waiting in vain at a boarding station as well. But the cherry blossoms by Sumida River were charming. From Ryougoku to Asakusa, that scenery overshadowed by a pale pink… is something that can only be seen in this season.

K: Hm? Haha, that’s true. It would be enjoyable to see it together with you, wouldn’t it. Finding a carriage and having it travel comfortably alongside the river would not be so bad. Still, you’re a bit odd, aren’t you.

K: Every time you come here, you tell me many things about yourself. Such as things that happened recently, or places you went. The ladies that come to Baroque do not talk a lot about themselves, so I find it unusual. Why do you tell me these things?


K: … You… want me to know you? This is the first time someone has said that to me… Ahah, if I thought it was a bother then I wouldn’t have listened. It also makes me happy to learn about you… Somehow, it feels like I’ve become an important person to you.

*scene skip; heroine is riding him*

K: Ngh… angh… Ahah, you’ve become quite good at dancing on top of me. The first time you were trembling like a small bird. Haha, you’re lovely now too. The way you wriggle your hips and dance is more beautiful than any waltz. It’s sensual… Dance more… Look, I’ll help… *thrusting*


K: … Oh my? Are you tired from dancing?… Then let’s change positions. This time I’ll lead you. Come closer to my side, I’ll hold you. *kisses and thrusting*

K: It’s warm… inside you… Especially so when you’re above me like this. It makes me wonder if I’m about to melt… that’s how hot I become… This flower bud that’s squeezing me too… has become tight and hard, ahah… Adorable. *kisses and thrusting*

K: … What a lovely voice. Cry sweeter. Sing for me like a nightingale.

*** TRACK 3: Fiancé ***

*rainy day; heroine enters Baroque*

K: Hello. You came today too… I’m overjoyed. *kisses*

K: Oh my? You don’t seem to be… happy. Come with me.

*scene skip*

K: … May I ask? About what happened… My apologies, I understand that I am breaking rules by inquiring about this, but… I can’t bear seeing you with that expression.


K: … Your parents had you engaged without your permission? Ah… I see. And you have to meet him within ten days. To be engaged suddenly to an unfamiliar stranger… that would be painful. So you also live in a constricting garden. Oh no, it’s nothing.

K: … You don’t want to see him, do you. I wonder what kind of man he is… your fiancé.

K: !! Sanjou… Abel… That is… the name of your fiancé? Ah… if it is him, then I know him well. He… can’t be called a friend. Our relationship… is a little difficult to explain in a few words. Only… he also knows me well.


K: … I see. You… But… if it’s you then he’ll… Oh, I apologize. I was just speaking to myself.

K: I can only hold you like this, but… your meeting with him is not something that is only bad. I wish the best for you.

*** TRACK 4: Kain and Abel ***

*heroine enters a mansion*

Abel: Oh… you’ve arrived already. That was quicker than I expected. *claps hands* Someone. Escort this lady to my room, and prepare tea for two. *to heroine* Pardon me, I will be right there. *he leaves*

*scene skip*

A: Now then, we haven’t introduced ourselves yet, have we. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, fiancée. I am Sanjou Abel, an earl and the next head of the Sanjou house.

A: … Heh, you look absolutely bewildered. Are you surprised to see me? And how alike I am to Hiiragi Kain. No, we aren’t twins. However, we do not accidentally resemble each other either. Kain said something along these lines, did he not? That we knew each other very well.

A: Hiiragi Kain is… another person inside of me. Presently, he is sleeping. He awakens when night visits and then I am the one who sleeps. In other words, Baroque’s Hiiragi Kain and the Sanjou Abel in front of you… are two people who are one.


A: Perhaps it is hard to believe? However, from the moment you entered this mansion… you must have felt a sense of discomfort. If it was the Kain that you knew then, before any warm tea, he would greet you with his own warmth. He would smile tenderly and talk about something more enjoyable, wouldn’t he. You see, that very sense of discomfort is proof that everything is the truth.

A: … Have you accepted it?… That is enough. Then, let us breach the main topic.

A: First, I would like to say one important thing to you. This is something that has been decided between both our houses already, thus I will marry you as planned. However, I will not love you.

A: A lady I have my heart set on? Hah, you’re mistaken. I don’t have someone like that. It is because you will surely… be unable to love me. And so there is no meaning in me loving you. There is nothing more worthless in this world than one-sided love.

A: It’s simple. It’s because you love Hiiragi Kain. Hah… how strange, isn’t it. During the time when either one of us is asleep, we remember the other’s actions. For me, what Kain has seen, heard, and felt… is like viewing a vibrant dream and everything is conveyed to me. Thus, I can tell your budding love for him. At Baroque, a place where people enjoy a pseudo-romance, you connected to him with a purity that surpasses innocence.


A: Kain and I… are the same person? Ahah… He is the exact opposite of me. Kain is not bound by anything. He can freely love someone. He can be loved by someone. I… am an existence who is to be used like a doll in a garden covered all over by ties of obligation. Not loving anyone… and not being loved. Look, you are unable to regard me in the same light as your beloved Kain, right?

A: Heh. If you cannot give an immediate reply then that is your truth. That is why you do not have to love me. And I too will not love you.

A: Ah… Both our families’ actions are nothing more than to bind our houses together in the end. So long as we keep up appearances, there will be no problems. Hah, you still seem discontent. Eventually, even you will understand. *drinks tea* That is all I have to say.

*scene skip evening*

A: Oh, the sun has started setting without our notice. Let’s end things here for today.

A: I will escort you to the foyer. Is something the matter? Ah… that. Is this your first time seeing a rosary and a Bible? They’re my mother’s personal effects. My mother was an Englishwoman who moved to live here. She was a devout Christian.


A: She passed away… when I was a young child. It’s nothing for you to be concerned about. Or is there something else you still wish to ask?… Then let us be off. I do not wish to have this conversation.

*scene skip morning*

A: It’s quite a splendid view, isn’t it. The summer sun has abated and, now in this season, the autumn roses have all bloomed. You seem to enjoy them. I was correct to select this place, hm. Your expression has become much softer than it had been one month ago.

A: Is it unexpected for me to say such a thing?… I said that I would not love you, but I will not treat you cruelly. I intend to care for you in my own way.

A: Oh my, your expression has clouded. It appears that my words do nothing but trouble you… *he gets up and walks*


A: I apologize. Here, as a sign of my apology. Do you prefer red roses? I think white suits you though… I see. I’m glad. Ah, shall I place it in your hair? It also matches your clothes today.

A: Please don’t move. I’ll be done soon. *sets the rose in* There, done. It’s beautiful. Ahah… your cheeks are stained a deep red. If it’s because you heard the same words from Kain… I do not particularly mind. After all, just from our appearances we are not the slightest bit different. If you overlay vestiges of Kain on top of me… I will not fault you.

A: Shall we walk a bit? Come with me. *they start walking* It’s quiet, isn’t it. Hah… not just this place but you as well. If you are bored, we can set out in a carriage and head to the capital.

A: I see. I too do not much like places with many people. It’s calmer in quiet places like these. Haha, you too?


A: Oh, did something catch your attention?… Ah, that rose. It’s a breed that has the strongest scent in this garden. It smells wonderful, doesn’t it. Ah, wait!… You cut your finger, didn’t you. Unlike the ones around the gazebo, the roses in this area have not had their thorns removed. Show me your hand.

A: It’s bleeding. How sad… It must have hurt, didn’t it. *kisses it*… Ah, good… it seems the bleeding has stopped. What is it? I’m kind? Me? I see. Thank you.

A: Let us return to the mansion. I will bring the medicine box over. We cannot leave an injury on your pretty hand.

*** TRACK 5: Regarding Love ***


A: What a terrible storm. The wind and rain have become much stronger than before. I’m certain the roses will all be scattered with this. By the way, is your injury from that time fine now? I see, then I’m relieved.

A: Incidentally, you… have been staring at me quite intently today. This is the third time you’ve come to this mansion. I would think you’d have become used to seeing me?

A: Or… are you remembering Kain? Heh. Ever since you came to this mansion, you haven’t gone to Baroque, have you. Isn’t it about time you’ve started yearning for him?

A: … I see. Then what have you been thinking?… My feelings?

A: Ah. What I said to you at the beginning. That’s right, it hasn’t changed. Haven’t you also finally realized that Kain and I are different? Eh?…

A: You are still saying such things, huh. If you feel that Kain and I are the same then that is simply a hallucination.


A: … Stubborn. *gets up* Then… for argument’s sake, if what you say is true and that Kain and I have the same origin… what will you do? Will you love both Kain and I?

A: You will love both, you say. Hah. That you can say such things is because you were brought up in surroundings with unconditional love. To those who weren’t, your words are cruel. Loving someone… and being loved, I have already given up on that. From here on… and in the future too… forever.

A: … Whether I’m fine with that or not has nothing to do with it. I have always lived like that. I won’t do something such as grieve about it at this point in time.

A: You will? Hah! I’ve told you before that it’s impossible. You love Kain, not me. No, there is no way you can do it. You’re an unreasonable girl, aren’t you. It appears that our conversation, no matter how much we say, will run on parallel lines. If you continue to insist… why don’t we make sure of it all the more.

A: Love is said to be patient and kind. If you say you truly love me then… you should be able to endure any kind of humiliation. Prove it to me. However, I will say only this first… it is futile to overlay traces of Kain over me. Unlike him… I won’t be gentle. *rough kisses*

A: This is your first time being pushed down so roughly like this, isn’t it? Since Kain always has sex with you lovingly. *kisses*


A: And by your ears, he whispers sweet intimacies, doesn’t he. Even when he’s removing your dress, he does so delicately as if treating you like glass. *yanks dress* Look, he wouldn’t expose you in this way. Can you still say it even with this? That he and I are the same. *kisses*

A: … Hey, you should just admit it. That it’s impossible in the end. If you do, then I’ll release you immediately… Why don’t you understand! *kisses*

A: It hurts, doesn’t it. Of course, since I pressed my teeth into your neck. You might experience something more terrible if this continues. Come on, put an end to this… ah… *held breath; shaky breathing*

A: … At this time… how are you able to embrace me? Why aren’t you rejecting me? Even though I’m forcing these horrible things on you. Why are you trying to accept me?… Ah!… Won’t you stop that… I’ll want to think that you… I’m begging you… please don’t make me harbor hopes… a want to love… a want to be loved… Don’t make me wish for that. *in tears*


A: …… The rain has stopped. The wind has also settled… You may as well return now…

A: Don’t look over here… Please… go home like that. *heroine starts to leave* I’m sorry… *door closes*

*Abel smashes the table*

A: !!… What was that! What was I doing!… What the hell is a proof of love. That was just me one-sidedly… HURTING HER, WASN’T IT!? *breaks more things*

A: … Kain… Kain…


K: *yawning*… Hi, this is unusual, Abel. For you to wake me at this time.

A: How dare you say that. After all, you saw everything.

K: Haha… yes, that’s right. I saw it from beginning to end. And I understand that you’re horribly shaken right now. I can roughly guess… why you woke me too. It’s because the feelings you have towards her… are the same between us, isn’t it. Am I mistaken, Abel?

A: Yes, you’re right.

K: Then why did you pretend to test her? Why did you not try to accept her?

A: Kain… that girl loves you… not me.

K: Hey, Abel. Is that really the case? True love is to accept that person completely.

A: What?

K: The one who taught me that… was that girl. Try remembering. The things she told me at Baroque. Her idle ordinary days, her painful worries. She opened everything to me. She said it was because she wanted me to know her better. And then, even when she learned the truth that Hiiragi Kain hid… she did not reject you.

A: Ah…


K: Haha, I only found the answer slightly earlier than you. That is why I dare to say these words to you now. Love is patient, love is kind. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

A: The First Epistle to the Corinthians

K: Yes, the thirteenth chapter. Regarding love. Haha, isn’t it nostalgic, Abel. It’s the section in our mother’s bible that you read again and again, countless times. Trying to love in order to be loved. You always tried hard.

A: That’s in the past.

K: Hey, Abel… please, try believing just once more without being afraid. If you do, then I’m sure… something will change.

A: … Kain?!…

A: … Heh… you always refuse to instruct me on the most crucial thing.

*** TRACK 6: Confession ***

*night; heroine knocks on door*

K: Come in. Good evening. Or should I say… it’s been a long time? This is the first time I’ve met you outside of Baroque, isn’t it. Mm, yes, I am Kain. The one who called you here tonight wasn’t Abel, but me. Come beside me.

K: For a little while… may I talk about the two of us, about Kain and Abel?… Abel, who lost his mother at a young age, was raised strictly to become a suitable heir to the Sanjou house. However, he was always alone. The love that should have naturally been poured into a child… No one provided that to him.

K: No matter how much he loved, he was not loved. Believing he had no right to be loved, Abel closed his heart and continued to be in self-denial. Like he was trying to kill himself off.

K: And then, inside him, another existence was born… that was me. Hiiragi Kain is an existence that was created out of Abel’s self-denial. Knowing this, why do you think I was at Baroque as a male courtesan?

K: Little by little, between my exchanges, the momentary love I was provided by the ladies passed through me to Abel. The love I felt also satisfied Abel. Because I realized that, I personally worked at Baroque. Even if it was just an affair for one night, if it could cure Abel’s thirst, then that would be enough. Until I met you, that was all I thought.


K: It will soon be one year, won’t it. Since the time I came into contact with you like this… When I noticed that what you turned towards me wasn’t the pseudo-romance of Baroque, but a pure love… I was at a loss but… I was happy.

K: Before I knew it, I started to become aware of you as a simple man. Because it was my first time… knowing true love.

K: I’ve yet to say it properly, huh… I… love you. *kisses*

K: And Abel too… is drawn strongly to you. Through me… and the same as me… he is also in love with you. That is why the moment I knew you were Abel’s fiancée, I thought you might be able to change him. Ahah, that’s true, Abel has only tried to thrust you away. Although he desires love more than anyone else… for that very reason, he’s become a coward. I ask of you to forgive him. And, please, to love him.


K: Haha, you really are the woman I thought you were… Thank you… Now then, I should conclude my duty soon. In truth, I didn’t intend to meddle like this but the other me is far too awkward. But it’s Abel’s turn here. I’m going to sleep for a while now, because I spoke a little too much. Well then, I’m entrusting the rest to you, Abel. Good night.

A: … Hah. Good gracious. He doesn’t play fair… Kain. Saying whatever he wishes without permission…

A: Yes, I am… Abel. Some time ago, I did horrible things to you, didn’t I… I sincerely apologize. Everything is as Kain said. I’ve always… yearned for you. That is why, contrary to him, when I knew you were my fiancée I was distraught. Because you loved Kain and did not know me.

A: I thought that if I forced you to love me, it would just pain you. In that case, all the more reason for you not to love me. Even if I wasn’t loved, it would be enough to simply stay by your side. Those were… my true feelings. At the start.

A: … However, in the end, I… couldn’t suppress my own feelings. I wanted you to look at me, not just at Kain. I… wanted to be loved by you. I wished that from the bottom of my heart.


A: I also… love you… I’m… timid and a coward. I hurt you countless of times. I shook off the hand you held out… I’m sorry, but still I beg of you to believe… that in this heart there are no more lies…

A: Thank you. *kisses and kisses*… Ah!… Any more of this and I won’t be able to curb myself. Hah… even though I just confessed my feelings, I’m certain I will start desiring more than that… I wish to cherish you. Even up to now, I’ve only done awful things… Eh?

A: !!… You mustn’t say such things… I truly… won’t be able to stop.

A: … Are you certain? For my hands to touch you… I understand. If that is what you wish… *kisses*

A: To the bedroom. Tonight, I’ll be making love to you as Abel.

*** TRACK 7: Gospel ***

A: *kisses and kisses*… To be honest, I thought I wouldn’t have the right to touch you again like this. What an idiot I was. When you were always accepting me. Under the pretext of not believing you, I… hurt you… Ah!… You’re kind… If you’ll offer me forgiveness like that then this time, so that I’m worthy of it, I swear to love you.

A: … I love you. *kisses and kisses*

A: You’re wet. I can tell without looking. Look, even now… I’ll do this… *gives oral*

A: Haha, from the rich scent of this nectar, I feel like I’m the one becoming dizzy…


A: You orgasmed, huh. *kisses*… Will you accept?… Me?… I want to be connected with you.

A: *kisses*… I’m entering… *inserts himself*… angh… ngh… It’s your warmth… I’m allowed to be here, aren’t I… I love you… I love you… your innocent smiles… your unravelled state as you desire me… everything… absolutely everything… I love it all. *thrusting*

A: Hey, don’t close your eyes. Look at me. *kisses*… Call my name… call it… Yes, more…

A: I love you… I love you… from the tips of your fingers to each and every strand of your lovely hair… to the fullest… you are so dear… *thrusting*

A: I’m sorry!… I’m at my limits already!… I’m so worked up… so aroused… I can’t help it… Is it okay? Like this!… *he climaxes*


A: … Thank you… for loving me… for loving us.

*scene skip*

K: Aha, I apologize. You were sleeping so well but I seem to have woken you… I am Kain. I had Abel sleep for a bit. By nature, night is my time.

K: At last, Abel was able to achieve his desire. He’s bound to you and I can feel how he’s fulfilled in a way he has never been before… Thank you, for loving him. Just now, I spoke to the manager. That I would be quitting Baroque.

K: There is no reason for me to stay there anymore. Because Abel has someone such as you. Haha, do not worry, the manager understood. Since there’s many male courtesans at Baroque who have special circumstances. I was sent off with a smile.

K: In truth, once Abel found someone to love and be loved by, I thought to disappear. Because I am an existence that Abel himself created, sooner or later I was intending to sleep eternally inside of his heart.


K: However… *kisses* I changed my mind. Even if I were to sleep, my feelings would not disappear. Because… I love you so much like this. *kisses*

K: Haha, so I will be with you as well. From here on, without changing, will you love us?… Thank you. *kisses*

K: We’ll continue to love you… as Kain… and Abel too… we’ll love you together forever.

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: Mirror ***

A: Ahah, found you! *hugs heroine* Heheh, so this is where you were. I was searching for you. There’s something I’d like you to see. Will you come with me? Then, this way. Follow me.

A: Now, we’ve arrived. Yes, it’s in your room. Haha, that’s the fun after you enter. Now, please enter, my lady.

A: Haha, are you surprised? What I wanted you to see… was this. Yes, a mirror. It’s enormous, isn’t it. I thought a large size like this would be convenient for when you change clothes. It’s a present from me to you. Are you pleased?

A: *heroine hugs him* Oh my! Haha, I’m glad you’re overjoyed. In truth, I thought long and hard over where to place it. At first, I intended to place it beside that window over there. But I could not have you changing beside the window, right? Having said that, placing it close to the door would make it unstable… And so, in the end, it was settled in front of the bed. In addition, look, from here the entirety of the room is reflected in the mirror, so it feels like the room is larger, no?

A: Hm? What’s the matter? Is that so? That is well then…

*scene skip; dinner*

A: Ah… come to think of it… yesterday, a maid carrying a large cloth entered your room. Did the curtains tear?… Hm? But what is that cloth being used for? For something you can’t tell me?… The mirror…? Haha, I see. For that, haha. I’m happy you seem to be treasuring it.

*scene skip; door knock*

A: It is me. May I enter? Excuse my intrusion. Ah, what you mentioned during dinner was this.


A: Certainly, if you were to cover the entire surface of the mirror, it would be difficult if it weren’t the size of this cloth… Hey, but why is it only during the night? It isn’t covered like this in the afternoon, right?

A: Hehe. I was told by the maids who clean your room. That you told them to only cover it during the night. Is there a special reason, I wonder? Hehe, shall I guess?

A: *yanks the cloth off* For example, if this isn’t covered then our entangled bodies would be reflected entirely… or something like that? As I thought, haha. I thought it would be something you would think. But… what a shame.

A: How you look when I’m making love to you… is extremely charming. I would like to show that to you as well.

A: Is that so? But I want to see. The you in the mirror will surely be lovely as well. Moreover, it will probably… feel much more pleasurable than normal. Heh… Come, take a look. Just holding you while we’re sprawled across the bed like this… makes one feel like they’re doing something forbidden.

A: In the mansions of European aristocrats, there are rooms covered entirely in mirrors… naturally, you understand what those rooms are for, right? Haha, you’re red. Did you imagine it? Hey… shall we try it? *kisses*


A: Ahah, you mustn’t struggle. *kisses*

A: Haha, there’s goose bumps on your skin. *kisses*… Ahah, all the strength has left your body. Your ears are sensitive, aren’t they… Here, I’m raising your body.

A: Oh my? You’ve averted your eyes already? That’s no good. Come, take a look. Your appearance as you start to become disheveled is reflected… how lascivious. Now, spread your legs. Haha, you can’t do it yourself? Then I’ll aid you. Ahah, like this you can’t close them now, can you? Because my legs are keeping yours down.

A: Look, even the modest dress that covers you is… now this open and defenseless. Oh my, haha, to think it’s like this here, contrary to your heart… Can you hear it? You have an honest body. Your underwear is moist. I wonder why?

A: … *kisses*… The you in the mirror also has her eyes tightly closed with the utmost embarrassed expression, but… it feels pleasurable, right? It’s flowing out from your underwear. Aah… with this, your underwear is no use at all, is it… I’ll remove it.

A: Look, you’re rapidly becoming defenseless. And, at the same time, see here… you’re sopping. It’s twitching and pulsating… and swallowing my fingers wantonly… Do you wish for more? Aah… *kisses*

A: Have you noticed? That you’re much more sensitive than usual. You can’t tell? Then… let me show you. *kisses*


A: Hey, you can tell, can’t you? Haha, you’re aroused… as well. The same as I. Ah, it’s trickling down again. Do you like it when I touch you deeply?… Perhaps I’ll nudge around here some more. Here… it’s squeezing tightly… like it’s sticking to me… You don’t want my fingers to leave you that much? Or are you simply trying to hold back?

A: Haha, oh my, it appears I was right on the mark. It’s not good to hold back. At times like these, you need to be more honest… aah…

A: Ahah, it’s sticky all over. *kisses*… Could it be that you’re angry? But with such bleary eyes, I can only see it as a temptation. Instead, my temperature only rises… Look, can you tell?

A: … See? The you in front of me and the you in the mirror… when I look at both I’ve become like this as well. I can’t endure it anymore… Allow me to… be inside you.

A: *heavy breathing; inserts himself* Angh… what an unraveled sight. Ahah, I’m sure I told you not to avert your eyes. Make sure to look into your own eyes, and ascertain… just how we’re connected to each other. How your place here… is taking me in… you have to see it all. Here, I’ll be moving. And you mustn’t… close your eyes, alright? *thrusting*


A: The you beyond the mirror is being rocked by me… and looks to be in pleasure… she’s lost such control of herself and is on the verge of crying out… How adorable… I want to do more and more things…

A: What is it?… You want my lips? Haha, how cute… begging so desperately… *kisses and kisses*

A: … Hey, is it enough to beg only for my lips? After all, your place here… ngh!… See? It’s saying it wishes for a stronger sensation. Am I mistaken? Ahah, perhaps I’ve teased you too far just now. If that’s the case, you can just nod. Do you want… more?

A: Ahah, well done. Then… I need to reward you. *thrusting and kisses*


A: You seem about to climax… Go ahead… I too am soon…! *he orgasms*

*scene skip; morning*

A: Good morning. Ahah, oh my… why won’t you meet my eyes? Haha. Is it because I teased you too much last night? I’m sorry. *kisses*

A: But, you see, and you may get angry if I say this… but it might become a vice… that mirror. Ah! Hahaha! Like I thought, I’ve angered you.

A: That was a jest. I won’t do it anymore. After all, you like it… so it would be sad if you ended up hating that mirror. I was at fault here. So, please, smile and don’t be angry. *kisses*

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: The Rose and the Maiden ***

A: It’s been a long time since I had tea with you in the gardens like this, hasn’t it. Lately, the weather was bad and it was boring being unable to go out. I don’t like the rain either, since I end up feeling depressed. Being bathed in the sunlight like this and spending time leisurely with you is much better.

A: Hm? This scent… You haven’t noticed? It’s drifted over faintly on the winds though… Ah, see, again… Haha, are you curious? Then, let’s go find it together! Ahah, this way.

*they walk*

A: Here, I’ve found it. What I felt back there was the scent of this rose. Like I thought, one should go out on clear days. By chance, we came across a wonderful discovery.

A: That’s right. Normally, it shouldn’t bloom in this season… Ah, I know, since we discovered it we might as well pluck it and take it with us. Haha, you’re gentle. But to bloom only one flower out of season, it’ll soon die. This sweet scent will invite the insects. In that case, I think it would not be unpleasant to decorate the inside of our mansion with its beauty preserved.

A: You’ll pluck it? Alright, but be mindful of its thorns… Ah… haha, good gracious, as soon as I said it…

A: *holds heroine’s hand* That is why I told you to be mindful. Show me. It’s bleeding… Now that I think about it, this happened before as well, hasn’t it? At that time, if I recall correctly, I did this… *sucks her finger*


A: Oh my, it won’t stop. Did you cut yourself that deeply? *kisses*… Hm? Oh? Haha, the bleeding has stopped but, just now, I feel like I heard a slightly strange noise. Haha, what a naughty girl. I was simply cleansing your injury and yet… you felt that? Haha! It has the opposite effect when you refuse with such a red face. At times like that, you need to be aloof. Haha, previously I thought you were sensitive but… to feel aroused from your fingertips, even I didn’t know that.

A: At any rate, blood, roses, and a maiden, hm… it reminds me of the creature I read in a novel last night, a vampire. Yes, a vampire. Perhaps they aren’t as well-known in Japan yet. They are famous monsters in European stories. They drink the lifeblood of people by biting them with their sharp fangs.

A: Here, like this… *play bites*… Oh my, are you aroused again? Come to think of it, vampires prefer the lifeblood of beauties above all else. And the maidens who have their blood sucked seem to fall into a pleasure to an extent that makes them writhe. *kisses*

A: Haha, I don’t have fangs like a vampire but just lightly pressing my teeth into you makes you raise that kind of voice, hm. If I actually drank your blood… I wonder what exactly would happen? *kisses and kisses*

A: Don’t worry, I won’t do any more than this. Here, at least. After all, your bewitching figure might be seen by the gardener. Moreover, although the bleeding has stopped we need to treat that cut from the thorns. So, why don’t we return to the mansion for the time being. We can continue things after that… slowly, alright? *kisses*

*scene skip*

A: There we go, done. Medicine was put on as well and, like this, the cotton won’t get in your way, right?


A: This is not something you need to thank me for. *closes box* Now then… shall we continue? Hahah, did you think I was jesting? Unfortunately for you, I am serious. I can’t help but want to… make love to you. *pushes heroine down; kisses and kisses*

A: Hahah, your eyes are so wide. You do not wish to? I’ve finally gained permission. *kisses*

A: Whenever I touch you like this… I always think… dresses are such vexing things. Even though I wish to touch you as quickly as possible, they hide you complexly and get in my way. Look, even now, I feel like I’m being teased… *kisses*

A: How tender… and pale and soft… when I touch them, it feels so nice… ahah, their size which fits snugly into my hands as well… is absolutely adorable. *kisses*

A: Ahah, it appears you also… no, it appears you were the one who was left in anticipation much more than me… Were you like this since the rose gardens? Aah… ngh…

A: You’re drenched. Like this, it seems like it’ll be alright. Look, try touching me. Ngh… haa… See, it’s crying out how it wants to be one with you… let me… *inserts himself*


A: You’re much more tight today, aren’t you. Haha, so as to not reach my pleasure before you… I need to be careful, angh… *thrusting*

A: So erotic… your disheveled hair is covering your face… and you look so lascivious… You’re unraveled in my arms, crying out in ecstasy… just looking at you sends shivers up my spine… to the point where I can reach the summit from simply this…

A: … It feels good… squeezing and clenching… I can’t resist this… more… more… desire me more…

A: *kisses*… Angh!… I’m sorry, I’m already…! *kisses and climaxes*

A: … Haa… haa… I’m sorry, it felt so good… I was the only one who came to release first… This time I need to make you feel pleasured… *thrusting*

A: Ahah, your high cries are echoing. Let’s see, you like it… here, right? I’ll give you more… *thrusting* Haha, I’ve always told you, haven’t I… that I don’t mind how much you lose your mind at times like these, after all this is that kind of enjoyment… Here, so that you’ll lose yourself even more… I’ll help. *kisses*


A: You’re trembling around me. Show me… the expression you make when you’ve reached ecstasy, ngh… *thrusting and climaxes*

A: Haa… haa… yes, that look right there… Here, show it to me clearly. *kisses*

A: Cute… you’re so cute and utterly adorable… it’s irresistible… I love you.

*scene skip*

A: Ah, are you awake? It seems you slept soundly. Perhaps because I pushed you too hard in the afternoon, ahah. *kisses*


A: Oh, that? It’s the rose from before. I plucked it while you were sleeping, since it would have been a waste if it was left alone like that. Ah, it really does have a nice smell. If we leave it like this for a while, I’m certain the room will be filled with the scent of this rose. Mm, it’s something to look forward to.

A: Then, until that time, you can sleep a while longer. I’ll be here like this… holding your hand. Good night, my lovely dear. *kisses*


Note2: I noticed something interesting in their names. First, in Track 4 their names are written in katakana so literally Kain and Abel. However, as you may have noticed at the top, Mikado-sensei actually gave Kain a kanji name (加音). If you take the kanji apart they mean “addition” and “noise” so like an additional noise. AHEM. Additional noise… additional personality… :’)). Also, if you google that kanji it leads to the definition of “summation tone” which is “a combination tone whose frequency is equal to the sum of the frequencies of the two tones generating it”.

Note3: Note2 was only brought up because of Track 7 actually, which I translated as “Gospel” because of the previous Christianity reference from 1 Corinthians 13. But please note that its kanji is 福音 or basically “good news” or literally “happiness noise” LOL. I thought that was cute because of how Kain’s name references noise too.

Note4: I know there’s that biblical story about Cain and Abel but, as far as I can see, there’s no connection drawn from that.

Note5: It’s clearer when you hear Furukawa’s voice here because Kain and Abel have different tones (Kain’s is gentle and high; Abel’s is low and flat). And so it’s interesting to note that in the tokutens it sounds like a seamless blend between Kain and Abel. In the main CD, Kain uses “boku” as his pronoun and Abel uses “watashi”; in the tokutens, he is using “boku” but his voice is lower and less gentle than the one he uses for Kain but higher and softer than the one he uses for Abel. Seiyuu are so good.

21 thoughts on “Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Hiiragi Kain ~

    Reggie said:
    June 20, 2018 at 06:28

    I only listened volume 2 when I sleep over to my co-worker’s house, oh my goodness my ears (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) ♡
    And in this volume, I have mix feelings to this guy because of his 2 personality (disorder)

      Ilinox responded:
      June 20, 2018 at 14:36

      Oh my LOL listening to risque CDs at another person’s house– //bricked. I still remember Shingaki’s voice from Vol2 too and oh man I adore the track where his emotions overflow and just ahhhHHH how many different ways can you say “I love you” because he must have nailed like 19501295 versions there.

      Aww, at least the two personalities aren’t fighting each other for the MC or one isn’t interested but the other is :”D I love how supportive they were to each other (though mostly for Abel since he’s the main personality). But honestly if I were to compare all three volumes, this volume does fall lowest in terms of story (sorry Abel/Kain).

    Cey said:
    June 17, 2018 at 16:57

    Wow! I’m impressed by this. I noticed the R18 note, but this was… Wow!
    It’s really a beautiful story. I wish I could hear it.
    Thank you for sharing.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 17, 2018 at 18:21

      I’m all about supporting the companies but also understanding about people’s circumstances, especially when it comes to media like drama CDs that are a questionable purchase especially if you don’t feel like you’ll get what it’s worth due to various factors like knowledge of Japanese, etc etc.

      And soooo I’m here to nonchalantly mention that there might be some people out there who have uploaded streams of drama CDs (like on SoundCloud) and that if you search for the name of the drama CD you’ll probably find it :’D Here it is in Japanese which might make the search easier too “BAROQUE ~明治享楽夜譚~ 第一夜 柊伽音”.

      I honestly feel like all my translations barely scratch the surface of the experience from listening to the actual audio (in VNs, drama CDs, and mobages, hahaha) so if you thought it was a beautiful story from just the text, I highly recommend hearing Furukawa actually voice these parts because ahhhHHH!!

        Cey said:
        June 19, 2018 at 22:08

        Thank you.
        I found a something with the English name, that seemed to be the whole story, but the audio was horrible. Then I searched with the Japanese name and I only found the… promotional video, maybe? It was about two minutes long. However, from what I heard, I can say that voice… It’s truly something! =)

    leohikarusora said:
    June 17, 2018 at 10:07

    Since I’m curious what is this, I ended up read it… But in the middle way…

    I.. Need to… Prepared my heart and mind first…!! Even I didn’t play/read/listen this series, when I read your translation, somehow I… >///////////<

    Thank you for your hard works and decisions~!! ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      June 17, 2018 at 11:23

      OOPS! You reminded me that I forgot to put a R18 warning at the top like I usually do ;;;;;; but uhh surprise, hahaha. It’s a drama CD series :D!

        leohikarusora said:
        June 17, 2018 at 23:50

        Ahahaha… But still, thank you kindly to translate this… To be honest, sometimes I read R18 genres, but I’ve already prepared my heart and mind to read those…

        Put aside what I’m said… Hmm… When I accidentally search about this drama CD, have already found then Vol 1 in SoundCloud and Youtube…

        Once again, thank you kindly and can’t wait the next part~!! ^^
        (PS : if you decided to translate the drama CD before continued the Takeda’s chapter, I’ll appreciate your decision…)

    yukihime03 said:
    June 17, 2018 at 07:55

    Aaaaahhh… you translated this!! Thank you!!
    I found out about this drama cd almost a year ago? Usually, I am not interested in R18 drama cd, but the art!! THE ART!! I love how beautiful it is, I went and tracked down the artist on Twitter and follow the account.. :P
    Sadly, I don’t have enough money to buy the cd, and even if I do buy it, I don’t know if I can understand the whole of it… So once again, thank you!!!

    I was actually more interested in the Vol 2 guy (Kusakabe?), but after reading this, I think I like Kain too…?
    This volume hits all the right buttons!
    1 Corinthian 13 reference? Check! (It is one of my most favorite bible passages, I even stuck a post-it note with a quote from it on my wall)
    Roses? Check! (It’s my favorite flower)
    Multiple personalities? Check! (all the angst)
    I even like how they are named, Kain and Abel, though thank God, no murder happens.

    Kain and Abel remind me so much of Ray and Saeran from MM though… Angst. So much angst.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 17, 2018 at 13:12

      You’re welcome! I gotta admit I’m starting to feel a bit shy because I think more and more people are coming to this blog for SNB translations and yet every so often it’s just like “BAM THINGS UNRELATED TO SNB!!”. Oopsies, but well nothing can be done about that because I’m too lazy to manage another blog for SNB things ahaha |D;; (and it’s all otome-related stuff anyway so… *sweats*).

      Agreed with how beautiful the art is though! I like how all these drama CDs expose a lot of different artists, though it’s also a trap for me because pretty art always catches my eye and then I get tempted despite whatever the quality of the CD is.

      I have plans to translate the entire series so hopefully you’ll get to read about Kusakabe soon! I love the atmosphere in his CD so much. Vol3 might be my favorite though in terms of themes but honestly all three hit different genres |D.

      I’m glad that Kain and Abel didn’t have some kind of murderous fight to see which personality would come out on top LOL. Kain’s support for Abel was the best thing ever ;3;. But ohhhh you’re right there’s some twin-like duality aspect going on here too.

        yukihime03 said:
        June 18, 2018 at 03:08

        Nah, I get your feeling. It’s okay. My own tumblr blog consists of a mish-mash of things, because I’m too lazy to categorize and separate things. Even my book review blog has a game review (in my defense, it’s a visual NOVEL game). As long as they are properly titled and tagged, there should be no issue.

        Yay~~ Can’t wait for it!
        Oh, I forgot to mention how I also like the gothic vibe of this series? It’s stronger in the art, though if the story is not focused on happy ending, it has the potential to become a good gothic story… :P
        I also am amused by the fact that Kain is the gentle one, while Abel is the cold one. It’s the opposite to the biblical Cain who is the murderous one and Abel who is the gentle one. I wonder if the purpose behind this if there is any… hmmm.

    garden said:
    June 17, 2018 at 07:25

    !!!! oh my god it’s like you’re reading my mind or something. I had been trying to go back to this series bc the first time I heard it, I understand like 30%??? I really have no confidence if I’m much better than before hahaha. anyway. you made my day!! are you doing all three volumes?

    aaa I love this type of emotional character of Furukawa. though honestly I prefer Shingaki’s vol story (never listened to the third to compare btw). I think I have a thing for stories using two souls in one person, reincarnation, or someone who had to be someone their not (Hirakawa’s Shuumatsu Esperanza for example). they’re an interesting theme to play around, always with a very good drama as well. is also why I’m having high hopes for that milky chain’s Meguru koi. though now I just look it up and the writer also wrote for Love tranquilizer and that one was pretty okay I guess story wise. still. my hopes still up.

      Ilinox responded:
      June 17, 2018 at 12:11

      I really shouldn’t be doing more drama cd series LOL but yes I’m going to do all 3 volumes!! After I heard the 3rd one I just had to lie there and bask in how good this scriptwriter is because she hits ALL the points that I love and her style is just ohhh boyyy. She gives a lot of thought in these stories imo and I love how you can find interesting references in her works (the poker terms for track titles in Rouge et Noir are so good). Vol2 and Vol3 are my favorites in this series too but I like Vol1 enough with Frkw |D.

      S A M E about reincarnation! I haven’t read or seen enough material about two souls in one person so I think that can go either way for me but I do enjoy duality concepts (either through twins or another personality like this).

      GODS MEGURU KOI IS SO GOOD! I’m 80% certain I want to pick up the first volume (still waiting on my order of Vol2 and Vol3 to come in before I make a decision on those). It’s not 100% certain and still on the back burner only because I’ve been trying to decide on how I want to tackle the emperor’s speech. I won’t be satisfied until I can have a veeeeery clear contrast with just how archaic and noble and imperious he sounds as the emperor vs. his modern speech.

      Haha, I enjoyed Love Tranquilizer :D especially the kansai-ben bartender but that’s because Takeuchi Ryouta is basically the only ossan voice I like LOL.

        garden said:
        June 17, 2018 at 19:42

        oh Ilinox I love it when you translate but please don’t push yourself too hard, ok? HNGG Rouge et Noir series my god I don’t think any drama cd will ever top that one. kinda wish it will be adapted to a game or, if I can dream big, anime. I want to see them cop action scene!!! (lol I just listened to Second Barrel and that scene where they jumped off a cliff was a good freaking surprise)

        AAAAA now you made me feel bad for not getting Meguru koi (planned to buy only after I got to listen to them first) *cries*. Emperor speech would be a great obstacles for you, since English didn’t have them(?). I think most of East Asian language that I know of has some form of Royal/King speech so it’s pretty easy for me to see/hear the distinction. if you ever got to do them, I’m looking forward to how you tackle that one. I’m sure you’d impress me anyhow♥

        ugh I think I should give Love tranquilizer another try then bc I didn’t managed to appreciate the stories the first time around. I don’t think I’ve listened to that volume before and I’m gonna right now bc kansaiben is my thing. I’ll see if it can top my current fav of the older Houbai.

        Ilinox responded:
        June 17, 2018 at 22:37

        Second Barrel was so good fgkjhkfgjh I haven’t heard Kurusu’s yet because I decided to move his CD into the rest of my June CDs (gods this is such a bad habit) but I’m expecting fantastic things. My favorite had to be the poker scene with Makabe though OF COURSE HE’D BE A POKER SHARK. And I love the undercover aspect of it and what a pair they make.

        Haha, admittedly I haven’t heard the 2nd or 3rd one so they could be flops but oh man Yamanaka did such an amazing job in the 1st one and I keep obsessively trying to look up more Japanese reviews of his CD because every time they mention how good his voice was as the emperor I’m just like “WAKARU WAKARU!!” it changed my life LOL. I’ve been giving it more thought and I think I’ll have to do some heavy editing + reading up on Shakespearean language or like the way Final Fantasy Tactics was localized recently because that probably captures the effect the best. And then modern voice would be casual English.

        But yeah, omg, so much about Asian languages and their imperial speech. I really really like historical novels so I ended up learning the different ways you can say empress and things like that but like, amongst the 4 different ways I know how to say empress, he used one I’ve NEVER heard before. But once you get into the rhythm and understand what he’s saying it sets up such a good atmosphere. I drool over these nuances (so admittedly I get upset at localizations and my own translations often because I never feel like they’re done justly).

        It’s been a while since I heard Love Tranquilizer so my memories are veeery foggy and I just remember brief impressions of them. But I pretty much liked all of them except for the 4th one because the guy was imo overly dramatic for no reason LOL. The childhood friend (vol2) is a hit or miss depending on if you like those stories because he’s kind of uhh dense I think? Brusque? Boss (vol3) is cute though. Sawa’s (vol1) and Takeuchi’s (vol5) are probably my favorites though. Sawa’s character can be pretty jerk-ish and aggressive though so ymmv. Bartender is the sweetest person ever though and the relationship was so mature in a good way, no unnecessary drama. Heck, even the misunderstanding caused drama was done SO well that my heart hurt in a good way. I think he only does a bit of kansai-ben when he’s relaxed but he has a tokuten that’s pure kansai-ben and OH BOY. LOL.

        I… may have… a fetish for kansai-ben after I read this hilarious web novel where this extremely badass sexy male lead spoke kansai-ben which was the strangest thing ever because you normally associate kansai-ben with comical or dumb hick characters. So you have this extremely dangerous and attractive man speaking like that and I’m 1000% sure the author set up this contrast on purpose. It’s ruined my life.

        (Randomly, but I’ve been slowly working on a drama CD masterlist for myself as a giant spreadsheet where it lists everything I have and things like companies, seiyuu, keywords, brief summary for myself + my thoughts, and the ones in a series I don’t have. So, I’ll get around to re-listening to them one day!!).

        garden said:
        June 18, 2018 at 08:26

        I just remembered what this vol of Baroque reminds me of. Kimura Ryohei’s Paradise Whisper. man that one was one hecking great emotional drama. I need more titles using this theme!!!

        lol count me in with the kansaiben fetish club! ah there’s this old drama cd I found featuring different dialects, if you haven’t heard of them. Hougen Ren’ai. my god I thought kansaiben alone was interesting but I was so wrong. so so wrong. a guy speaking in kyotoben is just so…. appealing, I don’t really know how to explain why.

        hey if that masterlist ever got made, would you share it? I mean I love the current fanmade wiki for r18 drama cds but what I really want to read is a personal review and thoughts about them.

        Ilinox responded:
        June 18, 2018 at 11:17

        I’ve been snoozing on a lot of Rejet drama CDs because of the R18 ones taking over my life but ooh you’ve piqued my curiosity about Paradise Whispers now.

        Also !! I haven’t heard of Hougen Renai though I think I’ve seen their covers around waaayy back (and back then I wouldn’t have been confident enough in my Japanese fluency to tacklet dialects on top of that) but now you have me super curious LOL. I’ll check it out one day, thanks!

        Bullet has this series called Dakaretekara Hajimaru Koi and one of the characters speaks full on Kansai-ben so if that’s your thing… Fukushima Jun too |D.

        I can’t remember where I read it but there was a list of Japanese dialects and Japanese people’s thoughts on it and I think girls who spoke Kyoto-ben were considered the most attractive. IIRC it gives a softer feel? Uh oh, since I also find keigo pretty attractive… LOL. Dat butler talk.

        Sure sure! I’ll link it to you on tumblr :) the summaries are pretty bare though since they’re just personal memory joggers, haha.

        leohikarusora said:
        June 19, 2018 at 07:17

        @garden, when you mention about Paradise O’Whisper, I found the vol 1, and I get shocked because… It was Toriumi-san O.O

        I can’t believe myself at the first time that from I read, Setsuna (cmiiw) was sadistic character, and Toriumi-san has such a gentle yet cold voice like Kenshin and Saitou from Hakuouki, and sometimes has old voice like Mikazuki…

    waterinegirl said:
    June 17, 2018 at 00:15

    im curious so i ended up reading this. i remember those days when my best friend insisted on going with her to a suspicious hotel because of hot guys

      Ilinox responded:
      June 17, 2018 at 11:25

      Aw, thank you for reading this although it’s lacking like 80% of its impact without the actual voices and stuff in the tracks :’)) Frkw’s voice is a gift. But uhhhhh I HOPE THE HOTEL WASN’T TOO SUSPICIOUS. That… must have been an adventure??

        waterinegirl said:
        June 17, 2018 at 17:59

        If only this get animated as smut or porn… I really wont mind

        I actually like the idea of the mirror placed near the bed. But wait…its 2018. We can use cctv or camcorder these days

        im so jealous of this heroine.for me she’s like hitting a jackpot. Getting 2 guys in one body. If i got bored, i’ll just have the other personality entertain me…

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