Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Kusakabe Mashiro ~

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Kusakabe Mashiro (日下部 真白)
CV: 切木Lee

Tales From the Meiji Pleasurable Nights

An earl’s daughter, you were returning home after slipping out secretly from an evening party but, caught by a sudden downpour of rain, you took shelter under the eaves of Baroque, unbeknownst to you a high-end brothel of the capital.

There you met a male courtesan possessing an uncommon appearance– it was Kusakabe Mashiro, who used to be employed at your mansion in the past. This coincidental reunion brought back to life the love you held towards him, but Mashiro refused you coldly.

Several days later, unable to give up, you visited Baroque once again of your own volition. It was a rule of the male courtesans who worked at Baroque to be unable to refuse the wishes of a customer. Thus, a relationship was tied between you and Mashiro, but even though your bodies were connected your hearts were not, and the days passed repeatedly.

However, on the borders of a certain night, the twisted love Mashiro held towards you awakened. Those feelings, which were suited to be called a mad love, imprisoned you in a secret room of Baroque–

(Even though Furukawa is one of my god tier seiyuu, I’m actually torn between Vol2 and Vol3 of the Baroque series as being my favorites in terms of themes and story. I really like the fairytale-like aspect of Vol2 and catch me always being suckered into stories that revolve around the theme of “white”. R18 WARNING!)

Note1: His name literally means “pure white”.

*** TRACK 1: Reunion ***

*raining; heroine runs to shelter; door opens*

Mashiro: Ah, unbeknownst, it’s become a downpour. At this rate, tonight… oh? Please excuse my rudeness. Good evening, welcome to Baroque.

M: Hm? Ah, you were taking shelter from the rain. However, your clothing will become damp there. Please, come inside. Haha, there is still time before the business opens, so please do not hesitate. I cannot bear the sight of a lady being assailed by the cold rain.

M: Yes, you are most welco– ah!… You are… My lady!? Why are you in a place such as this!? Furthermore, alone…

M: An evening party? It can’t be that you snuck away…? Oh…

M: … For the present, please come inside. You will catch a cold if you stay like this.

*they enter; scene skip*

M: It’s raining quite heavily, isn’t it. Look, the rain has become much more stronger. *pours tea* Please, warm yourself up with this hot tea.


M: It’s been four… no, it’s already been five years, hasn’t it. Since the time I left the mansion. To think we would meet each other again in this form; I never would have dreamed of it. Yes, it has been a very long time, my lady.

M: … Why did you slip out of the evening party?… You ran away from a gentleman’s forceful invitation, hm. I see. When I take a look at you now, I feel like I can understand why that gentleman had a forceful attitude. Ahaha, you are not conscious of it, are you.

M: My lady, you’ve grown to be extremely beautiful. Far more than the memory of you from five years ago, which has been frozen in time within me.

M: … That is… ah… I am remorseful from the bottom of my heart for leaving the mansion without informing you, my lady, but please do not ask me my reasons. Ah, I just recalled a business I must attend to. I will excuse myself here. Please use this room however you wish. If you have need of anything, use the bell and a servant will come immediately. Now, excuse me–

M: !!… Aha, is something the matter?… You want me to stay here…? I apologize deeply but I cannot do that. My lady, my position is different now from the time I was a servant at your mansion. Please, remove your hand.


M: … My lady, this estate, Baroque… do you understand what kind of place this is? Baroque… is a place for male courtesans and ladies to enjoy a night of passion. You are no longer a child, so you must understand my meaning, yes?

M: And I am also one of those male courtesans who act as companions for customers. You are the young daughter of a predominant earl, please remove that hand of yours.

M: … I will arrange for a carriage later. Until then, please relax and unwind at your leisure. Excuse me.

*he leaves; scene skip; carriage arrives and door opens*

M: The rain has completely lifted and the moon is peeking out. *opens door* Now, please climb aboard.

M: Yes? What is it?… Me? No, my lady, you must not come to see me anymore. Think of everything tonight as a dream and please forget it. Excuse me, I will now be closing the door. Please take care in your return. *closes door* You may depart now. *carriage sets off*

M: Goodbye, my lady, I pray that we will no longer meet again…

*** TRACK 2: Male Courtesan ***

*door opens; Mashiro arrives*

M: Ah! My lady!!… Why are you here!? The other day, I said you mustn’t come here anymore… Hah?!… What did you say just now?… You’ve come to Baroque as a customer…?

M: !!… You want me to be your partner, my lady?… That sort of jest… I cannot do such a… Ah, where did you hear that… My lady, you inquired about it personally, didn’t you? About Baroque.

M: … Certainly, as you say, in Baroque the customer’s wishes are absolute and a male courtesan, no matter their company, cannot refuse as a rule. Of course, I am not an exception. Knowing this, you are insisting that I be your partner.


M: Yes, exactly, such a cunning and cruel lady… you are.

M: … Are you serious?… Those are eyes I saw back when I used to be at the mansion. When you have those eyes, I know full well that your will won’t bend… If that is the case, I will not say anything further. As my lady pleases.

M: I shall be your partner this evening. *kisses* However, in the end I am a male courtesan and you are a customer. Baroque is a place to enjoy a night of passion. That line must never be crossed. I ask of you to please never forget that. This way, I shall escort you to my room.

*scene skip; door opens and closes*

M: Please, have a seat on the bed.

M: … If I may be so bold as to ask, my lady, is this sort of experience your first?… Are you truly agreeable with this?… Understood. It would be boorish to inquire any further… Please, close your eyes. Yes, just like that. *kisses*


M: Are you frightened?… Do not be concerned, I will be as gentle as possible. Excuse me, I shall remove your dress now. *kisses*

M: … My lady, if you cover your chest then I won’t be able to touch them. Please entrust your body to me… Look, you are beyond lovely. What is there to feel shy about?… *kisses* Did you feel that? Please do not suppress your voice.

M: Please tell me which places make you feel pleasure… Can you relax your knees?… That’s right, just a little more… This place has become hot and, look… *fingers* it’s starting to become damp… You mustn’t close your legs. We need to stretch you properly.

M: I shall relax you with my tongue. *gives oral*… My lady, please abandon your shyness, that is what Baroque is… Now, embrace it more and become honest…


M: Look, a syrupy honey is overflowing from your depths… what a lascivious smell…

M: … Heh, such an enraptured expression. *fingers*… It appears that you’re quite loose now… look, my finger has smoothly entered you… ngh… Does it hurt? Then, shall we move on? *unbuckles his belt*

M: My lady, take a good look without averting your eyes… because this will be entering you. Come, touch it with your hand and make certain of it. Ngh… hah, it’s hot and hard, is it not? It’s standing tall after seeing your disheveled figure.

M: … Put both your hands on my back and relax. Please breathe out slowly… I will be placing it in now… ngh… *inserts himself*


M: Does it hurt?… I ask for a little more of your patience… if we stay like this, the pain should lessen before long. I will not move until then… *kisses*

M: It seems your breathing has become easier. Has the pain softened? Ahah, then for the rest do not think of anything and simply drown yourself in pleasure… *starts thrusting*

M: It’s hot inside you… like it’s filled with a burning heat… It’s sticking to me like it’s entangling around me… and clenching so tightly…

M: No, it doesn’t hurt. Rather, the opposite… it’s so pleasurable to the extent where it feels like I may go insane… Look, even during the time we’re like this, your entrance is pulsating and seducing me… *thrusting*

M: You seem to squeeze me when I go in deep… Ahaha, my lady, you are unconsciously running me down… ngh… angh… It’s become tight again… My lady, will you grant me permission to finish inside you? Ahah, thank you very much. *thrusting*


M: I’m releasing..! Angh…! Ngh…! *he climaxes*

M: Your body isn’t in pain, is it? I see… *kisses*

M: … Then please rest for a while like this in my arms.

*** TRACK 3: Tryst ***

*raining; door opens and closes*

M: You have come tonight as well, I see. Good evening, my lady. Am I your designation for tonight as well?… Understood. *kisses hand* Please, this way.

*scene skip*

M: *kisses and kisses*… You’ve become entirely accustomed to this all too soon… I mean the way you’re touched by me like this… For some reason, it is nostalgic to recall your bashfulness and trepidation… *kisses*

M: Look, even though I am barely touching you this place has become wantonly moist… No, I am pleased at how you’ve learned about pleasure as a woman. And that it was brought about by my hands… all the more so.


M: … My lady, you enjoy this, don’t you? My fingers exploring inside you… Those sweet and shallow sighs are always spilling from you… as if you are asking for more without words. Look, it’s pulsating and throbbing… ngh…

M: Is what’s inside not enough for you? Your hips are moving as if you’re frustrated… You’re swollen aren’t you. I’ll touch this place as well… ngh… *kisses and fingering*

M: It’s flowing out from your depths… It’s so pleasurable that your voice is shaking, isn’t it. Please feel more and more pleasure. Raise your voice as if you were losing your mind. *kisses and fingers; heroine orgasms*

M: … Aah, you’ve soiled my fingers to this extent… *licks it up*… Your honey is always sweet. Ahaha, your eyes are so dazed… *kisses*… You truly are… a lovely lady.

*scene skip*

M: It’s been two months already, hasn’t it. Since the day I met you again, my lady. Even though that night was the long rain of autumn, it has now become the season of chilly rains… How many times have we laid with each other like this?… My lady, how long will you continue doing this?


M: Aha, I do not find it a bother. Because it is my duty to be the partner of a customer. However…

M: … *he gets up* Your throat must be dry. Please wait a moment, I shall bring a pitcher of water.

*he leaves; raining outside*

M: … Yes, there is no way it would be a bother. Rather, that you wish for me makes me happy. But that is precisely why… I am almost at my limits in continuing this relationship. My lady, I am certain that one day to you I will…

*** TRACK 4: A Distinct Line ***

*door opens and closes*

M: Good evening. This evening has grown quite cold, has it not. It must have been cold outside, yes? I will warm up a room. Please, this way.

*scene skip; fire crackling and tea is prepared*

M: … Is something the matter? Ah, outside the window?… Aah, the first snow of the season. No wonder it has become colder… Ahah, my lady, you love the snow, don’t you?

M: Eh?… Ah, that’s… Did such a thing happen? I apologize deeply but I don’t seem to remember it very well… Yes, I do not remember it. Ah, please, do not make such a face. I simply cannot remember it… *frantic kiss*


M: … If you continue to remain by the window, your body will become chilled. Let me warm you up in the bedroom.

*scene skip*

M: Ngh… ah… *thrusting*… Your breathing is rough, my lady… Are you about to release?… Then come here more. Please allow me to feel in my arms the instant you ascend… *kisses and thrusting; heroine orgasms*

M: … Haa… ahaha… Tonight you also have an adorable look, to the point of bewitchment. Are you alright?… My lady?… W-What is the matter? You’re staring intently at me… My la– *she kisses him*

M: My lady! What is the matter all of a sudden?… Eh?… !!!… You…

M: … I must have said this, my lady. My relationship with you is nothing more than a courtesan and customer. And that line must never be crossed. I cautioned you that much! And yet… you…!!

M: … AhahahAHAHAHA!! My lady, you are a sinful woman… the feeble thread of reason I desperately tried to keep has at last been severed… *intense kisses*


M: I love you. I also love you, my lady. I loved you from the first time I met you at the mansion, and since then, ever since then, I have dearly loved you… I yearned and yearned and just how often did these feelings of affection seem to sear me, I wonder? Since I left the mansion five years ago to the time I reunited with you there wasn’t a single day where I did not think of you. Even the times when I was someone’s partner as a courtesan, it was always your figure in my heart. If only you were the partner in front of me right now… and even the instances I reached the summit and climaxed… I only ever thought of you.

M: Even I did not wish to be parted from your side. However, I… my love is extremely twisted. This black desire will surely attempt to harm you one day, my lady… that is why I left the mansion. But it is all too late. Please, I beg you to prepare yourself. My lady, there are no means to stop these feelings. Even if you were to try and refuse me… *kisses*

M: … I love you. I love you, my lady! *thrusting*… Angh… ngh… It’s hot… I was always frantic whenever I was inside you like this… Each time you cried out in a high voice, I wanted to entangle myself with you until you were a mess… and it was extremely painful trying to maintain my reason which was about to tear off… *kisses*


M: It feels good… unbearably… it feels so good, my lady… more… please let me hear your voice more!… Your disheveled voice… your sweet voice!… Nngh…! *thrusting and kisses; orgasms*

M: … *kisses*… I love you, my lady. And I won’t ever let you go again.

*** TRACK 5: White Rabbit ***

M: There is something I haven’t told you, my lady. By nature, I am not a butler that is able to serve by my lady’s side. For as far back as I can remember, I was an exhibition in a freak show. There I was called a white rabbit. I was treated similarly to a cow or horse, particularly as an unusual animal, and day after day I was raised to be exposed to the curious eyes of people. There, someone with the name of Kusakabe pitied me and claimed me; he was my foster father.

M: The Kusakabe family served as butlers for generations at my lady’s mansion. And I, who was taken into that family, was given the name Mashiro and permitted to serve as a servant of the mansion… The day I was taken by my foster father to visit the mansion for the first time, to meet the master, I suddenly became frightened. What if, once again, people were to find this appearance of mine unpleasant and I would be sold again somewhere.

M: Driven by my insecurities I ran away and became lost in the inner gardens. There… I met you.

M: Reading a book under the warm sunlight filtering through the trees, you were… extremely beautiful. Stared at, you noticed me standing still and it was you who quietly approached me, wasn’t it. I came back to myself and tried to run but you smiled at me and said this: “It’s like snow, how pretty.” Yes, the words you asked me if I remembered when you were sitting at the window just a while ago, looking at the snow.


M: I deeply apologize for lying about how I did not remember. I was desperate in my own way… If we talked together about our memories, it felt like my feelings towards you would overflow. Ahah, well, now that it’s become this… it’s too late now.

M: … *soft kiss* Now, let us sleep for tonight… Yes, good night.

*scene skip*

M: Ngh… It’s still before dawn. My lady, you… ahah, are still dreaming it seems. You must be exhausted, since I pushed you a little too hard last night.


M: Yes, in the endless darkness of my world, the one who gave me a beautiful light was you… my lady. That is precisely why I think this… *voice drop* that I want to stain you. With these hands, I want to dye you in these dark desires! If I don’t then I surely can’t get a hold of you with these hands. My lady, you still have not realized… these warped feelings of mine. I… cannot love you properly. I do not know how… because no one taught me.

M: The moment you learn the truth of me… what kind of look will you have? Fear? Or scorn? Aah, I do not care which one it’d be, so long as you are by my side then… I will content myself with that. That’s why, right now, please just in this moment, rest quietly with a pure mind… my dear and beloved… my lady alone. *kisses*

*scene skip; morning*

M: Good morning, my lady. You appear to have slept very well. Ahah, oh my, why are you so flustered?… Return home? Haha… what a funny thing you just said. Where will you go?

M: … Have you forgotten? I won’t let you go anymore. Your place is here inside my arms. I won’t allow anyone else to touch you… hahaha… see, that is why I said what I did. That my way of loving is extremely twisted. Ah… that reminds me, in the past something like this happened. It was when I was still a servant in the mansion.


M: It was part of my daily routine to give breadcrumbs to a beautiful bird that always came to the mansion’s garden. This bird, who was very accustomed to people, would always peck at the breadcrumbs in my hand… However, one day, I suddenly thought this… What would I do if this bird took off from my hand and never returned again?…

M: I felt like a small hole in my heart opened… similar to sadness and accompanied by a slight pain… Do you know what I did to appease that pain?

M: … I cut off its wings with these hands. So that the bird would never fly away… But, in the end, I was questioned by my foster father and the bird escaped. And then it never returned again. What a shame… an extreme shame… just a bit more and it would have become mine. If I let you go from these hands right now, you might never return again just like that bird…


M: That is why… I want to tear it off… your wings. So that my lady will never fly away from me for an eternity… *kisses and feeds heroine a drug*

M: Hahaha… sleeping pills are quite effective… you are already asleep now. Now, let us depart, my lady… to a special birdcage suited just for you.

*** TRACK 6: Mad Love ***

*footsteps; opens locked door with key*

M: Good evening, my lady. There is a terrible snow over the capital tonight, although I suppose you cannot look at the state outside from this room. Haha, this is a room I used when I was still merely a servant at Baroque. It can only be entered from a door at the back of the storeroom, and so there are not many male courtesans who know of this room. The locks are rusted so even the manager hasn’t seemed to come close to this room for many years. That is precisely why it is ideal for my rendezvous with you.

M: Haha, as I thought, I was correct in finding thin sized ones. Silver chains are very fitting for those slender wrists of yours.

M: Aah, the marks from my mouth last night still remain… scattered here and there on your pale skin. Ahah, like scattered petals it’s so beautiful. Tonight, I shall scatter more… *kisses*

M: … Lately, I’ve been finding even your dress to be in my way. Wouldn’t you say? Because it’s hiding your pretty skin from my eyes… *yanks at it*… More than ever, it’s to the point I want you to remain bare, ahaha, but you’ll be chilled like that, wouldn’t you. *kisses*


M: Aah, so warm and soft… why is your skin so pleasant… even these adorable breasts… are so irresistibly lovely… *kisses*

M: … Oh my, you’re a naughty lady, aren’t you. You’re already like this… could it be that you became this wet from waiting for me in this room? Imagining yourself sleeping with me tonight. Ahah, if that is the case, then that would be a great honor. Have no fear, look… I am already like this. *unbuckles his belt*

M: *voice drop* I’ll… ravish you immediately… Now, put out both your hands and raise your hips more. Tonight I want to see you disheveled from this side. *inserts himself*… Ngh… nrrgh…

M: You’re also tight inside today… as if you’re rejecting me… ahaha… but how ironic, the more you reject me inside the more I feel unbearably good… *thrusting*

M: Haha!… Such a lovely voice, my lady… that ardent hoarseness is irresistible… please cry more… tell me that you’re delighted to be shaken like this by me… angh… ngh…


M: … Feels good… it feels good, my lady… more, please give me more… of yourself… *kisses and thrusting*

M: Do you love it when I plunge into you deeply? Ahaha! I can tell, see, when I do this here… Ngh! See? You clench around me tightly… Now, my lady, let’s become disordered together… *kisses*

M: Ahaha, my lady, please face this way… As I thought, whenever you are about to find your release you always bite your lip like that. But you’ll bite through your lip like that. Here, I’ll do this… *kisses and thrusting; orgasms and kisses*


M: It’s been just half a month since I confined you in this room… and every night I’ve made love to you like this. You said I was as pretty as snow, but… for snow to stay pure white it must be in solitude… Even pure fresh snow, if approached and touched, will melt and disappear all at once. And then, like the ground that is stained with mud, it will expose its unsightly true character.

M: More beloved than anyone else, I’ve locked you up and and chained you… and I’ve simply continued to hurt you and stain you… Your eyes shall reflect only my form… what shall reach your ears are my words only… even what touches your skin shall be me alone… Right now, I am extremely filled. This… is the Kusakabe Mashiro you love. You must scorn me, right, my lady?


M: … Ah… My lady…? Hah… since you arrived in this room you haven’t expressed a single word of reproach. Like this, you merely embrace me tonight as well… I’m certain these twisted feelings of mine have driven your mind mad. *kisses*

M: Good night, my lady, I wish you pleasant dreams. *leaves; door opens and closes and locks*

*** TRACK 7: The Dagger ***

*footsteps; door unlocks and opens*

M: Good evening, my lady. I heard from the manager that policemen came to Baroque. It appears that they are searching for a certain earl’s daughter. One day, she suddenly disappeared and hasn’t returned to the mansion for many days. Is it a mysterious disappearance? Or a kidnapping? It seems the capital is in an uproar.

M: Yes, my lady, it is about you… The manager might have noticed something vaguely about you and I… and, on top of that, they have covered for me. That person is such a character. However, it is not long before the hand of the investigation reaches me. And even this time I spend together with you like this is surely meager.

M: *kisses*… I have been thinking these few days… what I should do in order to stay with you forever. And then I thought of something. *opens drawer*

M: Please take a look. An European dagger. It’s decorated with beautiful ornaments, is it not? I received this a long time ago from the manager. It is an aged item but… *unsheathes it* look, the blade has not rusted and it comes to a sharp point. Yes, to an extent where it can easily pierce something like a human body or thread. *grabs heroine*


M: Haha! Did you think that I, driven to a corner, would attempt a forced double suicide like a lover and his Yoshiwara prostitute? Please do not worry, I won’t do such a thing as take your life. The one this dagger will pierce is… as you can see, my body alone. If I were to kill my lady with my hands then, even if I were to follow after, you would be summoned to the heavens and I would undoubtedly fall to hell.

M: … If it is our fate to be unconnected in this world and split apart in death then what meaning is there in ending both our lives? In that case, with this life, I want to leave a scar with you that will never disappear in your entire life. Dying in front of your eyes will leave a scar that will never heal for an eternity… with that, my lady, you will never be able to forget about me even after my death. Time passes, but even if you were to love another man one day, you will surely remember me each time.

M: When you close your eyes, you will see my dying countenance… the smell of my blood will cling to the depths of your nose and never leave… See, for an eternity you will be imprisoned by me… forever and ever… you will belong to me.


M: Ah, or would you rather pierce me with your own hands? As revenge for imprisoning you in such a place and raping you continuously. Heh, that would be nice as well. Love and hate, the emotions you show towards me are all equally beloved.

M: It’s simple. Please clench your hands here. Like this, you can pierce my throat… Hahaha, if I can pass away while watching my flowing blood dye your pale skin crimson then even I’m certain even the instant of death will be felt as the most sublime ecstasy.

M: … Now, what shall you do, my lady?…! What are you doing!?

M: !! What foolish things are you saying… there’s no need for even your life to be ended… !! PLEASE STOP! *lunges for the dagger and knocks it away*

M: … Why… why are you saying you would follow after me? Do you not scorn me from the bottom of your heart!?… Ah!… You…


M: Even now you still love me?… Even though my twisted feelings and insane mind have, like this, directed fangs at you?… Even still you… towards me… ahahaHAHA… AHAHA… *crying laughing* Even though I obtained you and was this close to you… your… those feelings of yours… I ended up not being able to see them…

M: Ah!… ah… my lady… my lady… my… lady… please… *crying* please, I beg you… don’t forgive me… I… am a helpless idiot… foolish and selfish… but the happiest person in this world… *bawling*

*** TRACK 8: To the Ends of the Earth ***

*removes chains*

M: … There are clear shackle marks… what a horrible concentration of them. I deeply apologize. Hah, such a kind person… you are.

M: What comes after this, you ask? That’s right… to be honest, I haven’t thought of anything. I couldn’t imagine what would come after you disappeared in front of me. Ahah, no the truth is that I didn’t want to think about it. So even I do not know what to do.

M: … Eh? My lady, that… that means becoming hunted along with me. If they discover that the culprit who kidnapped the earl’s daughter was me, the police will pursue me wholeheartedly. What awaits is nothing but the endless and aimless journey of a fugitive.


M: My lady… if I take you along with me, it may lead to a place that is more despairing than the bottom of hell. Even still, do you wish to stay with me?… You really won’t… regret it?

M: … *hugs heroine* Then I will devote everything of me to you. Until this life ends, I swear I will be with you… I love you, my lady. *kisses*

*scene skip; blizzard and walking through snow*

M: !! Are you alright?… It’s a horrible snow storm, isn’t it. The winter season in the North-East must be hard on you when you haven’t once left the capital before. Ahah, you truly do love the snow, don’t you.

M: Do you remember what I said once before? That the only way for snow to stay pure white is to be in solitude. That if you approach and touch it, like the ground that is stained with mud, it would expose it’s unsightly true nature… I will correct what I said. No matter what unsightly thing there is, the pure white snow will overtake it and turn it beautiful.


M: … The snow falls and piles up like this and, as if repainting anything and everything white again, you also gently enveloped my exposed and warped heart. Even if touched, it will never be tainted, this eternal kindness. That is you… Haha, from the start, it may have been impossible for me to do something such as stain you black. If only I realized that earlier, huh.

M: Ahaha, no, I didn’t say anything. The winds have grown stronger, it seems. Come closer… Let us go to find a place for you and me only… *they walk through the snow*

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: Secluded Hot Spring ***

*people chatting; walking*

M: This town is quite prosperous despite being in a valley. A smell? *sniffs*… Aah, it is quite strange. I see, this town is surging with hot springs. That must be why there are so many people gathered like this. My lady, why don’t we stop for lodging in this town tonight. Hot springs are most suitable for curing you of your exhaustion from travel. The mountain paths will continue for a while ahead so we should rest our bodies here for a short time. Then, let us find lodgings.

*scene skip; sliding door opens*

M: My lady, I have returned. Yes, I have bought all the necessities… Incidentally, my lady, as I was returning I heard about the hot springs and there is a slight problem… It troubles me to say that this town still continues its Edo customs of mixed bathing. Yes, even if I am there, I cannot expose my lady’s skin to the general public. So, I have a proposition but…

*scene skip; walking*

M: My lady, it is dark so please watch your steps. Yes, it is farther than I thought. According to the head of the inn, it should be in this area but… Hm? Ah…! I’ve found it, my lady, look! It’s past these bushes. *pushes past bushes*


M: Here it is… haha, to think there was such a place deep in the mountains, no doubt from former times. Yes, there is no concern. It appears the locals tend to enter occasionally in the afternoon; I heard no one comes close during the night. Well, that would be natural since it is deep in the mountains. In other words, tonight it is reserved for us only, ahaha. It is a little luxurious, isn’t it. Now, you must be tired from all that walking. Let’s relax in here.

*scene skip; in the hot springs*

M: It feels pleasant, doesn’t it… not too hot and not too tepid, it’s extremely comfortable… Come to think of it, my lady, this is the first time we’ve used a hot spring together, isn’t it… Ah, my lady?… Haha, oh my, could it be that you’re embarrassed? Even though we entangle our bodies together every night. Haha, it has the opposite effect when you run away like that, my lady.

M: … See, I’ve caught you. Ahaha, you mustn’t struggle. Now, come closer to my side… Why must you run away? Are we not simply using the hot spring together like this? Haha, ah, are you thinking that I would be up to no good with you defenseless like this? For example, like this…

M: Oh my… ahaha, I only intended for it to be a jest just now, but if you react like that it feels somewhat of a shame to end it at a jest, won’t it. Ahah, shall I tease you more…? *kisses*


M: Your body is hot, isn’t it, my lady. Is this because of the hot spring? Or is something else the reason, I wonder?… You don’t know? Ahah, even though it’s about yourself, that is quite troubling. Then I’ll have to investigate in your stead.

M: Your back and your breasts are hot… and your heartbeat is a little quick… Normally, entering a hot spring will calm your mind, so I wonder why… *kisses*

M: … Aah, your heartbeat has quickened again. Now then, how about over here… Oh my, ahah… my lady, there is a completely different sensation, separate from the hot spring, at my fingertips… Ahah, look, it’s slippery and my hand is sliding. Moreover, it’s much warmer than the hot spring, haha, like this place here that is the center of your warmth.

M: Shall I probe deeper?… Ngh… *fingering*… Haha, my lady, your face is bright red. Furthermore, it’s hot as if burning. At this rate, you might become overheated. How about we do this.

M: Please sit on this boulder. If you put your legs in the hot spring then you won’t feel cold, right?… Now then… What am I doing, you ask? Hehe, I must take responsibility for my teasing which had gone too far. Look, that your place here has become soaked like this is because of me… *gives oral*


M: Don’t worry, my lady, this place is quite far from town. Only the birds and beasts will hear your voice, so please be at ease and feel this. See, you love it when I suck this place hard, right?

M: … Unlike a bed or futon, no matter how much nectar you release, it’s nice to be able to simply wash it away, no?… Because whenever I taste you like this, you always overflow with a thick honey that my mouth cannot contain… *heroine orgasms*

M: Did you find your release? Ahah, tonight you were a little quicker than usual. *kisses*

M: Now, come back into the hot spring once more… turn around like this and put your hands on that boulder… Hngh, I’m going to enter you… ngh… *inserts himself* Joining our bodies together in a place like this is also the first time for me. It’s not quite bad, right? It’s somewhat arousing… *thrusting*

M: … My lady… you’re moving around me obscenely… ngh… whenever I plunge into you, it invites me to release quickly and quickly… whenever I draw my hips back, this time it squeezes me tight and doesn’t let go, as if telling me to stop…


M: Ahah, when did you have such a selfish and lascivious body? Ngh!… No… I find this side of you adorable and irresistible. Because I’m the only one who knows about this disheveled side of you. Everything about you is unbearably lovely. That is why I desire you like this regardless of the place. Ahaha, good grief, I am the one who should be embarrassed. *thrusting and groaning*

M: In this position I cannot see your face, huh. Could you look a little this way?… Your mouth… *kisses*

M: … Tight!… My lady, if you tighten around me like that, I won’t be able to hold back… ngh… is that agreeable? Ahah, then as my lady commands… *thrusting*

M: It feels good, my lady…! It’s tingling deep in my mind and I feel like I’m going to go mad… ngh… hah… angh!… *orgasms*


M: … Please look this way again once more. *kisses*… I love you, my one and only… beloved and dear lady.

*scene skip; walking*

M: It was a thoroughly long bath. Look, at some point, the position of the moon has risen that high. Aah, it’s become a little colder. At this rate, we will catch a chill after taking a bath… My lady, here. Please wear this until we return to the inn. It would be a problem if you caught a cold.

M: Please do not concern yourself about me. Despite my appearance, I normally take care with my health more so than others… Besides… look, if I do this, it will be warm. Ahah, now then, let us return.


M: Ah, we’ve reached our destination at last. I’m glad we arrived before the sun set. Yes, that’s true, it’s not a very large town so if we take our time then we might lose a place to stay tonight. How about we search for an inn first? That way we can rest our feet. Then, let us be off.

*scene skip; opens and closes sliding door*

M: … Yes, it seems like this was the last empty room. It appears our luck is good. However… I had some expectations from its appearance but it seems to be quite an old building. Yes, certainly, it is a fortunate thing to have a proper roof and place to rest our bodies, but… from this appearance, it is most likely… Ah! No, it is nothing. More importantly, my lady, you must be exhausted. I heard from the owner that it will soon be time for dinner so, until then, please make yourself comfortable.

*scene skip; night and heroine is tossing and turning*

M: … Ahah, you can’t sleep?… No, as a matter of fact, I have been awake this entire time. For some reason, I feel oddly awake tonight… You as well, my lady? That is a problem. The next town from here is slightly far away and we will have to wake somewhat early tomorrow. It will be hard along the way if you do not get any sleep.


M: I have a very effective method, you know? We just need to do this… If you become exhausted from making love with me, then you will be able to sleep soundly as usual… Ahah, tonight the moon is bright, is it not? I can tell clearly that even your ears are red… Do you not want to, my lady? Though I would like to touch you…

M: Heh, I have received permission, I see. In that case, please excuse me… *kisses*

M: … Oh my, my sincerest apologies, my hands are cold aren’t they… but… your skin is extremely hot, ahah. Because of the temperature difference, it seems you have become sensitive. Look, the tip of your breasts are already hard. Do you enjoy it when my fingers do this?… Hm?…

M: Aah, it appears that the room beside us is still awake. Haha, my lady, it is somewhat late to bring it up in this situation, but I completely forgot to tell you something… it seems like the walls of this room are extremely thin.

M: Ahah, it seems you understand what I wish to say. Yes, that’s right, we must be careful or even the guests in the adjoining room might hear your sweet voice. Hm? Haha, oh dear, my lady has said something quite cruel. You haven’t noticed?


M: Ngh… Look, simply from touching you just a little bit, I’ve become like this already. If you stop here, you would be a cruel lady. Moreover, my lady, that would not be your real hopes either, no? Even during this time, I can feel your skin tinged with even more warmth… as if you’re demanding this part of me. Are you truly agreeable with stopping?

M: … Ahah, I thank you for your understanding… *kisses*… Ahah, are you trying to suppress your voice with that small hand? However, it must be painful to hold yourself back that hard. If you relax some more, I will help out. *kisses*

M: You’re still tense. Should we stay like this some more? *kisses*… And over here too. *kisses*

M: … It appears that you’re relaxing little by little, look, the knees you had pressed together tightly are slackening… Ngh… Oh my, I feel like I heard something just now. Perhaps it was my imagination?… *moves fingers* Ngh… ahah, it seems like it wasn’t my imagination in the end. I heard an extremely lovely voice, my lady… ahaha, my lady, you will suffocate like that.


M: Let’s see, if you don’t wish to make a sound that much then… please, go ahead and swallow my fingers. Ahah, come, go ahead without reservation… ahah, I knew this when I touched you while kissing but the inside of your mouth is also extremely hot. Ngh, look, if I stroke from the palate of your mouth to the bottom of your tongue… ahaha, you react the same as the times when I use my tongue. Your shoulders twitch and tremble like a bird, ahah, it’s exceedingly adorable.

M: Now then, I need to continue on this side. Ahah, look, in the slight time my hand was stopped, you’ve drenched my fingers. Are you feeling that impatient? Ngh… *moves fingers*

M: It’s flowing out again, ahah. Can you tell? There’s a terribly lewd sound coming from here… *kisses ears; moves fingers*

M: The fingers you’re holding in your mouth are also sticky already. There’s no point to them now with this, is there. I’ll remove them. Ahah, my lady, I’m afraid to say you are much too late. Please give up graciously and concentrate on me. Look, you can’t resist anymore, right? *moves fingers*

M: Now, become at peace. Show me your cute face… *heroine orgasms*… See, it felt good, right?

M: … Now then, this time it won’t be my fingers but this part of me… Please let me feel your heat… *inserts himself*


M: It’s warm and tight… Just being connected like this feels so good I almost want to shudder… ngh… *thrusting*… nrrgh… ahaha, it seems you feel more pleasure crying out immodestly when thrust into by me over stifling your voice… Rather, are you not a little more aroused? That some stranger, hearing this voice, might be imagining our entwined bodies. That they might wonder what woman is making this disheveled voice. Heh, see, doesn’t it feel somewhat like we’re doing something untoward?

M: Angh!… Ahah, my lady’s body is exceedingly honest, isn’t it. You tightened around me before any words and that was your answer… nngh… then please taste more and more the feeling of immortality… *thrusting*

M: … Open… your mouth… *kisses*… Grngh… nngh… I’m releasing now…! Nrgh… my lady…! *orgasms*

*scene skip; morning and walking*

M: It’s a pleasant morning, isn’t it. The air is clear and it’s extremely refreshing. My lady, were you able to rest well last night?


M: Haha, that is good to hear. I thought I might receive a scolding for pushing you and conversely making you unable to sleep, and was a little anxious about that. Ahah, my lady, you must not make such a lascivious expression in this early morning. Blushing cheeks and hazy eyes… please, wait until the night.

M: Ah, ow! Haha, puffing out your cheeks like that… my lady, even your angry face is extremely beloved. Ahah, oh my, this time you’re pouting. I may have teased a little too much…

M: My deepest apologies. Please, forgive me. *kisses*… Ahaha, thank you for your grace. Now then, please give me your hand, my lady. The road ahead seems rough and I will support you firmly so that you do not fall… Well then, let us go.


Note2: Not really anything to do with the translation but the piano tracks in this CD are AMAZING. I always tear up at the end of the main track when they’re walking through the blizzard because the piano is so melancholic but tender and it suits his gentle monologue so well.

11 thoughts on “Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Kusakabe Mashiro ~

    garden said:
    July 23, 2018 at 18:55

    I swear I was angry at myself for not paying attention to Shingaki when I first listened to this. it was a great performance, added with that dramatic plot (bless the writers!), it’s almost a perfect series. my personal favorite after Rouge et Noir and Shuumatsu no Esperanza. plus, I love his alias; Girigi Lee. so catchy lol. though I do went completely bonkers when I realized it’s the same guy who played Caramia in Ozmafia. I never thought Shingaki could do deeper voice like this so well!!

    as for the story, it’s very tragic in a sense. they don’t directly say he had albinism, but I suppose he is an albino? is Mashiro can be considered a yandere? I mean, he does have extreme possessiveness towards MC and his means are corrupted, but at the same time, I felt like he didn’t fit the classic yandere-ism.

    haaa I really can’t decide which I love more, Furukawa’s or Shingaki’s (the third one I never listened to before to compare T_T ). for now, I think they’re tied, with a slight heavy on Shingaki’s.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 23, 2018 at 20:52

      This CD and mariage 1 made me pay more attention to Shingaki cause he has such a mature but friendly sounding voice /o\ but this one definitely showcased his emotional range (that part where he rushes out all those “aishiteru”s was SO good!!). I had no idea he was Caramia but LOL that explains why Caramia has that amazingly mature but boyish charm too, no wonder.

      Considering his appearance on the cover art I think it’s safe to say he’s an albino ww white hair and red eyes. And I think he can be considered a yandere since, at its core, the term yandere just means someone who’s lovesick and who generally comes off as harmless or normal in appearance at the beginning.

      Although, I don’t particularly like using the term yandere to describe these characters anymore since, like you said, it gets confusing as to what type they are LOL and I dunno what the “classic” type even is. Is it the one made popular by Higurashi and Mirai Nikki (the murderous ones)? Or is it the imprisonment ones (aka. Toma for otome players). So, you might as well just describe him without the term and instead his motivations since oftentimes people’s first experiences with yanderes will define the rest of the yandere genre for them and they might think one type when you mean another.

      That and imo the term gets used disingenuously for other characters that do things like these but not necessarily from a place of lovesickness (and then they get written off as flat obsessed 2D crazies). Buuuut I might just be arguing semantics and details here because I’m protective over my messed up boys and want their reasons and sociopathic progression of thoughts to actually be acknowledged instead of just “oh crazy in love” especially since so many of the type that I like keep their cold and logical reasoning and it’s more like a 仕方がない thing rather than being deep in love.

      Haha, I’ll be interested to see if this changes once you see what the third one’s about because it’s down to 2 and 3 for me, though leaning towards 3 because mono no aware themes gets me all the time.

    Reggie said:
    July 22, 2018 at 05:12

    His breath, kisses…… IT TICKLES ON MY EARS! Even though I can only understand 5% of what his saying LOL o(≧∇≦o) and now I’m scared of this guy. I got trick by his good looks, formal way of speaking hmm….. What else….. It’s feels like a butterfly got trap on Venus flytrap.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 22, 2018 at 12:52

      Aww, Mashiro is a sweetheart!! So polite and never raised his voice or anything, ahaha. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body towards the heroine :’))) (coughs except for the psychological trauma he decided to do at, what he thought, was the end of the line for him coughs). I’d like to say he’s pretty deceiving in how he looks but considering there was that handcuff and knife in his cover art… very suspicious LOL.

    leohikarusora said:
    July 19, 2018 at 09:33

    Ah, I see… Thank you for translate this, even I haven’t listening it yet… (I know this is was R18 Drama CD, but you forgot to add warning I think)

    Ehm, I found that Mashiro was overprotective, I think. He makes MC drink sleeping drug, and then locked her in somewhere room inside Baroque. It’s kinda interesting, but for me, that’s little scary.

    But, he desired to… Have I think? MC as his own, and I like the scenario itself that he want to free her from those forced-marriage or something like that. Good job for that~!! (Also this scenario give me some ideas, thankfully)

    And… If I have to choose Kain/Abel or Mashiro… Unfortunately I can’t decided that, they have their own charismatic, but for story… I’ll choose Kain/Abel one, idk why but I like more the conflict inside the story, but I still like the conflict in Mashiro one too…

    Thank you again for your hard works~! ^^

      Ilinox responded:
      July 19, 2018 at 15:25

      Ahhh, thank you, I’m constantly forgetting that warning because I keep assuming everyone knows about these drama CDs oopsies.

      Hmm, I don’t think he was overprotective so much as obsessed and deeply in love. He was so devoted and in love with the heroine that he removed himself physically from the mansion because he was scared of what his own desires would make him do to her. Erm, I don’t think there was a forced-marriage or anything at all in this one LOL she just loved him back and kept on coming to him which tested his restraint until it snapped and he decided to do everything he could to have her as his own. That bit about the evening ball was just someone being pushy but, as far as I know in this CD, there hasn’t been an engagement or anything for the heroine. (I wonder if that would have made Mashiro snap quicker though, hmm, or maybe he’d truly push the heroine away at that time. But with her confessing her love to him like that, he just couldn’t hold back anymore).

    waterinegirl said:
    July 19, 2018 at 02:26

    i got excited form this one after reading one of the translation you made in the past (Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Hiiragi Kain ~)

    oh? the heroine is not the same as the heroine from kain/abel route

    i prefer a guy who has dark side aura but turns out to be romantic
    rather than a guy who is romantic but turns out to be sadistic

    if im the girl, the moment he locked me in the room, i find him scary and cant love him anymore.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 19, 2018 at 15:18

      Drama CD heroines are rarely ever the same! And if they are then any other character in that world is sort of like an alternate universe, haha, kind of like how SNB works with the “same” heroine but different circumstances with different armies.

      Hahaha, you guys are making me question my own tastes LOL because I’m so relaxed like “well, it’s not like he’s starving her or torturing her or anything”. I’m probably just haunted by worse things though and have grown desensitized, oops. But aww Mashiro is romantic through and through and he’s not sadistic at all |D it’s just the steps he’s talking to get there that make you take a pause. Even when he brought out the dagger, his goal wasn’t to hurt her at all… except for, uh, psychologically I guess LOL.

    yukihime03 said:
    July 19, 2018 at 01:31

    Well…. I did not expect the story to go this way. (^-^”)
    His name is ironic indeed, and now I know why he holds those things in his hands….

    I think I like Kain more at this point… This is like Toma all over again. Ahahahahahahahahahaha orz
    For someone who loves freedom too much, I have a hard time liking this kind of story.

    Then again, the writing is good. I had a feeling that he’s yandere and that last paragraph of the synopsis alarmed me somewhat, but oh dear, that sudden change after the heroine kisses him still didn’t prepare me.
    I think I have to listen to it to really get it though. And your comment about the piano tracks intrigues me…

    I still think Mashiro’s the most beautiful of the three though. (or maybe I’m biased by my tendency to like everything related to snow and winter, as evidenced by my username haha)
    I felt like I can love him, but… yeah. Uh. Imprisonment is kind of a dealbreaker for me. (unless I willingly imprison myself. lol. I can survive living as hikikomori)
    He’s still an interesting character though. He clearly realized how twisted he is, and he still tried to save her at the beginning…

    Anyway, thanks for the translation! Now I wonder how vol 3 is like…

      Ilinox responded:
      July 19, 2018 at 15:13

      SURPRISE!! Haha, although I think there were more clues in his synopsis than Kain/Abel’s where you might have thought he had a secret twin or something instead of another personality.

      I have a soft spot for obsessive characters like these :’) since they tend to have more complicated stories (to justify their actions and help you sympathize with them) and then you either get fun twists or just someone who is so abnormal in their thoughts that their mind becomes interesting to pick at, haha.

      Mashiro is actually a real softie ;w; and I think the voice definitely helps convey that because you can hear how distant he is at the beginning, when he’s trying to keep the heroine away, and then when he breaks down and confesses how much he loves her his voice is SO frantic it’s amazing. I was tempted to write that paragraph without any spaces because that’s how fast he was talking but that’d have been impossible to read LOL. Then it becomes really gentle when he’s musing on the past with her. The self-derision he has towards himself and his actions (but unable to stop himself) is very clear too.

      LOL I think he’s the most beautiful of the three too, but I’m also biased towards albinos. I find Hotaru (the third one) to be the second most attractive because he looks so elegant and he has a bell in his hair which is cuuute. So that leaves Kain/Abel last oops :”D.

      Vol3 is a tearjerker I think |D;; don’t let the cover art or synopsis deceive you about him being creepy because of the doll he has. He’s not creepy, he’s not a yandere, and he’s not cold to you.

        yukihime03 said:
        July 19, 2018 at 17:46

        Yeah, but I guess deep inside I wished it wouldn’t go this way. lol

        We already have a lot of twisted love stories with justifications, but sometimes I just want straight-up crazy ones? For variations? :P

        Well, I was curious so I looked for the PVs and…. oh.
        Maaan, Frkw really did good with Kain and Abel though I think I prefer his Abel’s voice because it’s deeper.
        Shingaki-san’s voice is ummm… okay, I guess? Nothing really special to me. I wish I can hear that frantic part to gauge better… I prefer his voice to be like Caramia from Ozmafia after all. The way he says “ojou-sama” though… (*_*)
        Out of these three, I like Abe Atsushi’s voice the most! Hotaru sounds playful… which triggers all kinds of alarm since you’re saying his story is a tearjerker. I am a sucker for angst, but I dread it all the time, especially if the guy doesn’t look angsty but cheerful instead. I can tell it’s going to hurt. :”)

        I agree about Hotaru being the second most attractive. I like his braid too… and those boots. I want to steal his boots. |D
        Kain/Abel looks like your standard lord of the land after all. lol. Butler-like Mashiro and doll-like Hotaru are more attractive to the eyes.

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