SNB Sanada ~ Chapter 1.2 ~

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Chapter 1: Showdown, Hordes of Yakuma!

Despite having just met, she was welcomed cheerfully into the Sanada army.

But as soon as she arrived at the castle there were reports of monsters called “yakuma” who appeared at a nearby village…!

Chapter 1.2

[NOBUYUKI]: “Kgh… these circumstances.”

[SASUKE]: “… Shit, those yakuma scum… they don’t discriminate between houses or anything!”

[YUZUKI]: (This is the work of yakuma…)

I timidly looked around the area. Rice fields and vegetable fields were laid to a messy waste and fires were rising from collapsed houses…

[YUKIMURA]: “Anyone! Is there anyone unharmed here!? Anything’s fine, but please respond!”

[YUKIMURA]: “Someone, anyone! Is no one around!?”

[MALE CITIZEN]: “–Y-Yukimura-sama?”

[MALE CITIZEN]: “It really is you, Yukimura-sama… HEY, everyone! Yukimura-sama is here!”

Hearing that voice, people who were hidden showed themselves all at once. They all came immediately to Yukimura-san’s side and said words of appreciation such as thanks and that they were saved.

[YUKIMURA]: “Everyone…! I’m glad you’re all safe.”

[NOBUYUKI]: “Above all, it doesn’t seem like there’s any wounded in particular.”

[SAIZOU]: “Now all that remains is exterminating the yakuma… Do any of you know which direction the yakuma went?”

[MALE CITIZEN]: “Yes. If it’s just about the direction the yakuma ran in, then I think it’s north…”

[MALE CITIZEN]: “I’m so sorry… after that, it took all we had to just run away…”

[YUKIMURA]: “No, knowing the direction is more than enough. We’ll do something about the rest.”

[YUKIMURA]: “Everyone, please take it easy and rest.”

[NOBUYUKI]: “Good. Then, based on the information we obtained, we need to find the runaway yakuma quickly.”

[SASUKE]: “In that case, leave it to me! I’ll find them immediately!”

[SAIZOU]: “Heh, Nobuyuki-sama, you should entrust this to me over Sasuke. If we are talking about reconnaissance then I, Kirigakure Saizou, am the obvious choice.”

[SASUKE]: “Hah!? Don’t just cut in!”

[SAIZOU]: “I am most decidedly not cutting in. This is a natural suggestion.”

[SASUKE]: “Shut up! You’re butting in, cutting the line! In the first place, you’re always doing tha–“

[NOBUYUKI]: “You two! Cease fighting even at times like these! All the villagers here are watching!”

[MALE CITIZEN]: “Hahaha… please do not worry about that. Everyone in the Sanada army is as friendly as usual and just seeing this makes us feel better.”

[NOBUYUKI]: “W-We’re ashamed…”

[NOBUYUKI]: “A-Anyway! Sasuke, Saizou, Kamanosuke. You will all find the yakuma as soon as possible.”

[KAMANOSUKE]: “Ehh… I have to go too?”

[NOBUYUKI]: “It’s quicker to split it between the three of you. I’m relying on you three.”

[KAMANOSUKE]: “Geez, since it’s come to this I guess…”

[YUKIMURA]: “All three of you, I’m counting on you guys.”

[SASUKE]: “Yeah, leave it to us.”

[NOBUYUKI]: “Now then, while Sasuke and the others have gone to scout, we need to think on how we’re going to exterminate the yakuma.”

[NOBUYUKI]: “From the information given and judging from the damage of the village, the yakuma are acting in a horde.”

[NOBUYUKI]: “Depending on the scale of the horde, there is a possibility that it could be difficult with just us alone. I would like to proceed carefully over the course of several days, but…”

[YUKIMURA]: “But in that case, during those days, everyone would continue to be scared, wouldn’t they.”

[YUKIMURA]: “… Brother, is there no way to do something and get rid of the yakuma quickly?”

[NOBUYUKI]: “Hm, that’s right, I thought you would ask that.”

[NOBUYUKI]: “In truth, I feel the same as you. Let’s try thinking about a good method.”

And then Yukimura-san, Nobuyuki-san, and I thought about ways to exterminate the yakuma together but only time passed without a good plan coming up.

[NOBUYUKI]: “In the end, defeating the yakuma horde with our present force is…”

[SASUKE]: “H-Hey! This is bad, Yukimura!”

[YUKIMURA]: “What’s wrong! Did you find the yakuma!?”

[SAIZOU]: “If you’re asking about finding them then we did find them, however…”

[KAMANOSUKE]: “They’re coming to this town. In numbers I’ve never seen before.”


[NOBUYUKI]: “T-Then… how long do we have until the yakuma arrive at this village?”

[SASUKE]: “H-How long you ask…”

[SAIZOU]: “… As you can see, they are approaching near at hand.”

[YUZUKI]: (T-There’s a terrifying number of them… Can everyone really win against that amount?)

[KAMANOSUKE]: “… So, what’re we going to do?”

[NOBUYUKI]: “Kgh… for a second attack to come this quickly… It was unexpected.”

[NOBUYUKI]: “Someway… there has to be a good way to deal with–“

[YUKIMURA]: “There’s no time to think about that!”

[YUKIMURA]: “Haaaaagh!”

[YUKIMURA]: “Now, the next one who wants to be killed, come!”

[YUZUKI]: (W-What do I do. Everyone is working so hard…)

[YUZUKI]: (I-I’m scared… What’s going to happen to me…?)


[YUZUKI]: “Huh…?”

[YUKIMURA]: “Shit, I have to make it!!”

[YUKIMURA]: “Guagh…!”

By the time I noticed, Yukimura-san was in front of me and behind him was a yakuma swing down its sharp claws… I only noticed just now that Yukimura-san shielded me.

[YUKIMURA]: “Dammit… I won’t let any of you lay one finger on this gi–“

[YUZUKI]: “N-No… Yukimura-san… YUKIMURA-SAAAAAN!”

7 thoughts on “SNB Sanada ~ Chapter 1.2 ~

    Kanade-chan~ said:
    August 14, 2018 at 16:34

    I feel so disappointed… I wanted to start reading Sanada after my Japanese got better but couldn’t help myself……

    AHEM, ignoring my little rant up there… Thank you for the translation Miss ili!

    Sanada is soooooo nice! I love those three with Nobuyuki SO MUCH!!!!!!
    Oh noes!!!! Is Yukimura going to be alright!?

    Does Yukimura run SUPER fast or were they just really close to each other? I thought he ran off a bit to the herd of yakuma earlier so shouldn’t the distance between them be pretty far? Yet he made it…

      Ilinox responded:
      August 14, 2018 at 21:57

      Aw, maybe you can read along in Japanese first and then just use these translations as a guide or to confirm whether your understanding is on the right track or not? |D;; that’s how I learned my Japanese at the beginning.

      I think all the non-human races (vampires, werewolves, and oni) are super fast LOL but now that you mention it he did get over to Yuzuki pretty fast. But then again he got slashed in the back so he probably ran as fast as he could and then just threw himself in the way in front of her.

        Kanade-chan~ said:
        August 15, 2018 at 16:02

        I’m okay with majority of hiragana (just a little slow when reading), I haven’t started on katakana but it the kanji that kills me so much >.< I might just start doing that, thanks!

        True since he'd probably would've tried blocking it if there was the time… Dunno about Takeda and Mouri (haven't started on then oops) but I would definitely nominate Yukimura for prince after Kenshin, seriously Uesugi routes is honestly too dramatic, I love it… but I feel like Kenshin needs a break (especially that chapter where she kept on disappearing right in front of him……)

    leohikarusora said:
    July 27, 2018 at 03:11

    … just saw new tweet from official page, and maybe this gonna be good news for you ili, since… Hideyoshi come again!!!
    (Here’s the link : )

    Ehm, put aside that. Hmm… I wonder, why those two always fighting?? And Kamanosuke always being lazy do- ehm, wolf. You three always made Nobuyuki take more works lolol XD
    And I kinda agree with @waterinegirl that Yuzuki is playing princess in this route

    Can’t wait the next part~! Thank you for your hard works~!!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 28, 2018 at 08:08

      That’s not good news LOL it just means all my crystals are going to go bye as I try to pull him. I haven’t had very good luck with 5*s lately :’)) just 4*s so I’m not expecting much. And I also hear that there’s going to be another 5* Kenshin coming up with tickets and 5* Kojuurou.

      Sasuke and Saizou are epic rivals! Haha, but the more they fight the more you can see how close they are together, imo.

    waterinegirl said:
    July 27, 2018 at 00:09

    Am i playing princess in distress in this route?

    Oh, yukimara, playing prince charming, i wonder what kind of person are you when you fall in love with yuzuki.

      Ilinox responded:
      July 28, 2018 at 08:07

      It’s not that bad |D the true princess in distress is Uesugi route. Yukimura is like a teenage boy, it’s extremely hilarious but also cute in that sense.

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