Light Beyond 3 ~ Afterword ~

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And this officially marks the end of volume 3. Yay!

Here we go!

Hello, long time no see. Or, perhaps, it’s nice to meet you for the first time.

Thanks to you, this story was able to welcome its third volume.

I am truly happy for this book to be in your hands like this again!


In this volume, the heroine herself, and the environment surrounding our heroine, has developed greatly. As the author, I am deeply moved to have finally gotten here. The number of characters has also greatly increased, each one proceeding with their own path, and it was a lot of hard work to put it all together around that.

But Yuna has been working hard as usual and I feel like even Asyut has become a passionate man (LOL). I had a lot of fun writing this work as well (though I had a lot of nightmares as well). I would be pleased if everyone enjoyed it too.

In the next volume, I also have to put in my spirit again and work hard! Although, saying that, the next version of “Light Beyond” which was published at the same time has progressed to greeting the ending one step ahead in the contents of this third volume. While the individual scenes are different, the book version and net version is generally the same, but finally they are heading in completely different directions. Although the conclusion is decided, it is an unknown world to me as well. I think I would like to focus on parts that the net version couldn’t delve into, so I’d be grateful if everyone continued to join me with this.

… Oh my, before I knew it, this has become a sales promotion afterword for the next volume, so I’ll end it here.



Thank you very much to Mr. Kishida Mel for drawing the beautiful illustrations this time as well. It’s become a daily routine to stare at these illustrations, immersed in pleasure, to the point where I’m surprised a hole hasn’t opened up once a day. And thank you very much to my editor, Mr. Y, for working hard to pull my weak-minded self up to the publication of this third volume. Though you might be exhausted from pulling me up to the point where both of your arms have sore muscles… I-I will be diligent! And then, and then, thank you very much to all the people who took part in the publication of the third volume. And I thank you, who is holding this book right now, from the bottom of my heart.

Well then, I hope I can meet everyone next time in the fourth volume of “Light Beyond”.


2010 November.

3 thoughts on “Light Beyond 3 ~ Afterword ~

    kukkiriri said:
    July 30, 2018 at 12:25

    When I first discovered the series, I never realized how much of a spoiler the last cover was. Am I spoiling it for others? But it’s not a secret? D8? 8D!

    You’re amazing, Ilinox! It’s a mystery to me how you stay so motivated!

      Ilinox responded:
      July 30, 2018 at 16:05

      I’ve been keeping the 4th book under wraps on the book page until we reached this point precisely because of how spoilerific it is :’)) but nothing can be done about that now! And if the publishers didn’t want it to be spoilers then they should have instructed the cover to be a different illustration! Haha.

      Aw, thanks, and I’m a bit surprised by how I’ve been trucking along through this too. It definitely helps that I can finally see the end of this journey though LOL and that I chose one of my all-time favorite books.

        kukkiriri said:
        July 30, 2018 at 19:47

        Booo! You should’ve totally made a terrible light at the end of the tunnel joke and tied it back to the novel title.

        All-time favorite huh? :O There’s no motivation better than sharing what you love, and definitely no higher praise for any author. :D *rolls you*

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