Day: August 6, 2018

SNB Sanada ~ Chapter 2.3 ~

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Chapter 2: Determination, the Strength to Protect!

Brought along by Imari, she went to search for a clue at the place “Himemiko” was supposed to have visited.

In the middle of that, she caught a glimpse of Yukimura’s inner character from the talks of the people and their lives.

Chapter 2.3

[YUZUKI]: “Wow, it’s a town that’s lively since the morning!”

[YUKIMURA]: “Yep, since it’s a town where merchants gather.”

[YUKIMURA]: “It’s not just the people of Sanada territory and travelers, but even us in the Sanada army are taken care of by this town.”

[YUKIMURA]: “And, because of that, everyone is friendly–“

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