Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Nagumo Hotaru ~

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Nagumo Hotaru (南雲 蛍)
CV: 寺竹順

Tales From the Meiji Pleasurable Nights

You were married into a distinguished family as the second daughter of a prosperous mercantile house but then arbitrarily divorced by your husband, who was surrounded by mistresses, and so you returned to your parents’ house. What awaited you there were days of rude treatment from your family for being a disgrace.

You knocked on the doors to Baroque to fill your loneliness and there you met the male courtesan, Nagumo Hotaru, and the Western doll he was in possession of, named Kosuzu. Although a little confused by Hotaru who declared that while he was a male courtesan there was a line he wouldn’t cross with customers, you chose to spend a night together. As he said, Hotaru serviced you with his hands and lips but would not embrace you in the last step; however, you were healed by the innocent side that Hotaru showed occasionally, and so you went to Baroque many times.

One night, when you asked with slight curiosity as to why he wouldn’t sleep with customers, Hotaru replied with puzzling words that he could only love the doll, Kosuzu. Unable to understand the true meaning behind those words, eventually Hotaru collapsed from an illness–.

(And with this we conclude our Baroque adventure!! For now, maybe? I keep thinking they’ve got a good set up for a manager volume but who knows. R18 WARNING!)

Note1: His name literally means “firefly” and if you know anything about how fireflies are used in Japanese media…

Note2: Hotaru’s doll is called “Kosuzu” which can translate to “little bell”.

*** TRACK 1: Heresy ***

*door opens and closes; Hotaru is far away*

Hotaru: Look, Kosuzu, this evening a lovely nightingale has strayed into this mansion. I wonder who her partner will be? Hehe, it is rare you have an opinion. Then, shall we make a wager? Whose arms will she nest in?… If you win I will create a new dress for you. I’ve obtained a pretty silk printed by the Yuzen process, dark red on the outside and blue inside. Or would you like a hair ornament made out of silk crepe?… If I win? Hmm, let’s see…

H: Oh my, it appears that we’ve been discovered. Well then, shall we go and greet her?

*approaches heroine*

H: Good evening, miss. Welcome to Baroque. The manager has stepped out for the moment, so I will undertake their role on their behalf. Who would you like to designate?… Oh my, is that so?… Did you hear that, Kosuzu? That this is her first time. In that case, our bet from the beginning is void. Such a shame. Your new dress and hair ornament will have to be postponed.


H: Ahaha, you must be surprised suddenly being spoken to. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Nagumo Hotaru and… this girl is Kosuzu. “A pleasure to meet you.” Incidentally, are you troubled by not knowing who to choose?… In that case, let me give you some recommendations.

H: If you wish for a beautiful man then our best would be Kusakabe Mashiro. He may feel a little cold but he will treat you courteously. If you enjoy gentle men then our second best, Hiiragi Kain, would be agreeable, I believe. There are many other male courtesans though, so if you tell me your desires then I can introduce you to them.

H: Me? Hehe, oh my, you wish to play with me? How curious. I don’t mind though… but will you be able to be satisfied?… You see, there is a line I don’t cross with customers. Do you understand my meaning? In other words… I won’t join my body with yours. I will only imitate the intercourse between men and women with these hands and lips and give you a pleasurable play. Therefore, if you wish to be embraced to the very end, you should choose another courtesan.

H: What will you do? Or do you still wish to play with me?… Haha, I see, then it’s decided. Let’s play together. Look, Kosuzu is welcoming you too. Follow me.

*scene skip*

H: This is my room. Ah, Kosuzu, it is time for you to sleep now, isn’t it. *walks a few steps away* Be quiet and obedient until the morning… Hehe, good girl. *turns to heroine* Well then, you may come this way. The bedroom is in the back.

*they walk in*

H: … Now, won’t you let me look at your face closer? I was interested in this earlier… ah, as I thought, you have very beautiful eyes. It appears black but it’s not brown either. Look, the eye color changes on the degree of light. I’m certain I can’t bring out this color just by putting pigment on a glass ball. Mm, if I take a side of amber and cut it into the shape of an eye then I feel like it would be a bit closer…


H: Ahah, oh, I apologize. I was speaking to myself, don’t mind it. More importantly… I have kept you waiting. Why don’t we go and play on my favorite bed now? You don’t have to do anything. You can simply… be obedient like a doll and sit here looking small and quiet. The rest… will be me making you abandon yourself to pleasure. *kisses*

H: Mn… heh, are you surprised? My hands are hot, aren’t they. My body temperature is slightly higher than others… Your hands are soft and they feel nice. *kisses*… You’re sensitive, aren’t you. Do you feel it even from your fingertips? Ahah, then why don’t we do this. *kisses fingers*

H: Is this your first time having your fingers licked like this? Ahah, this place here is surprisingly erogenous, you know. Look, this finger too… *kisses*


H: The skin between your fingers is thin, so it’s even more sensitive. *kisses*

H: Haha, your reactions are cute so I’d like to love all of your fingers and toes one at a time, but you’d probably become impatient. After all, look, your skin is flushed and you have such an erotic look on your face. Heh, you want stronger stimulation, don’t you? *kisses*

H: … Ahah, such young and lustrous white peaches, huh. Look, their size is just right for my hands. Even this tip that is popping straight up… *kisses*… haha, it’s sweet and delicious. I’ll treat this side too. *kisses*

H: … Aah, I hear your lovely voice. How nice, it’s tantalizing. Mm… *kisses*… Haha! It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Baroque is such a place, so be as disheveled as you want. I am here in order for that. *kisses*


H: Yes… this is a place where anything is permitted. So, be more disordered and indulge yourself. *kisses; fingers heroine*

H: Aah, it’s wet pretty well. Nngh… look, it’s twitching…

H: … Ah, I can see your most precious place. Haha, if you close your legs then I can’t make you feel pleasure. Don’t worry and leave it to me. *gives oral*… A thick honey is flowing out… and there’s an irresistible sweet and sour smell… Hey, please give me more of your honey… Mmngh!… *heroine orgasms*

H: Hehe, did you release already? That was quite fast, wasn’t it. Oh no, that’s not allowed. Don’t hide yourself. Right now, you have a very cute look on your face. See, adorable. *kisses*


H: But this isn’t the end yet. Haha, is that so surprising? Baroque is a business and a place to indulge in pleasure. To end after just reaching the summit once is such a waste, isn’t it. The night is still young. Look… *fingers heroine*… Right? Your body is saying it hasn’t had enough yet and it’s so ripe. I’ll melt you even more until you become sopping wet.

H: Now, let us continue, this time with my fingers… Haha, such a high voice that it’s echoed through your hips too. Is it also your first time being nudged here? Inside here it’s twitching to the point where it seems like you’ll climax from just this alone. Ah, it’s squeezing me tightly. Haha, is this place nice? Then I need to give you more… *kisses and fingers*

H: Haha, your knees are trembling. This is nice, I love girls who are sensitive. I want to give them love as much as they’d like… ngh… Hehe, now, you don’t have to resist. Feel pleasure as many times as you’d like. Nngh… *heroine orgasms*

H: … Hah, that’s twice now. Hm? You have an adorable look this time as well. *kisses* Aah, look at my fingers. See, your nectar is wrapped around it and it’s shining wetly in the light… Aah, haha… what an extremely lewd and irresistible smell. *sucks his fingers clean* Your face… is bright red. Are you embarrassed? Hehe, you’re so adorable.

H: Why don’t we take a rest. And then I’ll melt you again.

*scene skip; footsteps and door opens*

H: The morning sun is dazzlingly bright. *yawns* Nngh… Now then, I can only escort you to here. At this time, if you step out onto the main street, you should be able to catch a carriage immediately. You’re welcome… I had fun last night. If you feel like it, come by to play again. Heh, until then. *kisses; heroine leaves*

H: … Hey, Kosuzu, do you think she will come again? That’s right, it’ll probably be once more. The same as always. But you saw it too, didn’t you? Her eyes looked so beautiful. So, next time I should inspect them much more slowly. And then, Kosuzu… I will give you the same eyes as hers. It’s something to look forward to, isn’t it. I’m certain it’ll suit you very well. *kisses* Now, we should return. Let’s sleep until night… as if we were dead.

*** TRACK 2: A Game ***

*door opens and closes*

H: Who are you looking for… miss? Oh no, unless you guess who it is, I won’t remove this hand. Correct! It’s me. Good evening, I’ve been waiting. *kisses* Here, Kosuzu, you should greet her too. Mm, good girl. Today is cold, isn’t it. Why don’t I brew some tea to warm us up? Or… should that be after you and I both get hot from our usual play first?

H: Haha, you’re so red it’s like there’s rouge on your cheeks. How cute. Yes, I do think tea should be postponed. Come, let’s hurry and play.

*scene skip; intense slurping*

H: To spill out so much honey… I’m getting dizzy from this lewd smell. Haha, you’re sensitive as usual. You love my fingers, don’t you. Relish in them more. *giving oral and fingering* Do you like it when I rub here? Look, on the inside it’s hot like fire and swollen. See? You sound like you’re feeling very good. Mmn…


H: It’s making such obscene sounds. Look, even though I’m licking it so much, what comes flowing out from you is something that can’t be held back by my mouth anymore. Haha, it’s even dripping to your thighs and making them sticky. But… you don’t have to worry about that right now… after this as well I will clean every part of you. So, for now, just feel it.

H: … Haha, I’m immersed in so much of your honey that it feels like my fingers will prune. I’m sure the smell of you will be ingrained in my fingers and won’t leave for a while… and every time I remember this I feel like I’ll become aroused… Mmngh… ahah, your voice is trembling, are you feeling at your limits?

H: Heh, I love honest girls. Then it’s time to feel good, right? *giving oral; heroine orgasms*

H: … Ahah, look, you felt good, right? Face this way. Show me your face clearly right now. You’re absolutely adorable. *kisses*

*** TRACK 3: Kosuzu ***

H: Mm? What’s the matter again?… Oh? To ask that… do you want to take the last step with me as well now?… You’re fine just being here with me, you say? Then there’s no need to ask me my reasons for not having sex with customers, no? None of it matters.

H: You think it’s strange, huh. Fair enough. If you insist then I suppose I can tell you though. In exchange, you’ll have to tell me something too… about yourself… and exactly what kind of loneliness you’re experiencing. I can tell, because I’ve seen many people like this. Humans are living things who seek the warmth of another when they try to run away from loneliness. And that’s why you came to Baroque as well, right?

H: … Hey, tell me…

H: I see. After marrying into another family, and even after being divorced and returning to your parents’ home, you’ve suffered horrible treatment… You’ve gone through a painful experience, haven’t you… It’s fine because you met me, you say… If you could think that in the future as well then I’d honestly be happy, but… Oh, it’s nothing, I just thanked you for telling me.


H: Well, I need to tell you about me then. *gets up and walks away* The reason I don’t have sex with anyone is… because the only one I can love is this Kosuzu. Isn’t that right, Kosuzu? *kisses*… Now, how you should interpret that is up to you. But if I have to say one thing then it’s not because I don’t feel your appeal as a lady… The evidence of that is… *grabs heroine’s hand* Here, feel it.

H: Mngh… ngh… See? It’s still hot, isn’t it. Because I saw you just a while ago disheveled and at the peak of your pleasure… as a man I’m reacting more than enough. But, you see, it can’t be done. I cannot penetrate you with this.

H: Haha! Are you disappointed that I’m good-for-nothing with a perversion for dolls? If you think that, then you should change partners. At Baroque there aren’t any annoying rules such as not being able to have sex with anyone apart from the courtesan you’re friendly with, unlike in Yoshiwara. If you leave, I won’t chase. Everyone disappeared from me like that. So, you can do as you please… Everything is as you prefer. *kisses*


H: Now, why don’t we rest for tonight. Good night.

*scene skip; morning*

H: Mmngh… Is it morning already?… Agh!… Ah, I’m sorry, I just felt some vertigo. It happens often when I wake. It’ll settle soon so please wait a moment… *shaky breathing*… Mm, I’m alright now. Heh, you don’t have to be concerned. It really is something that happens often. More importantly, please make preparations. Once you’ve dressed yourself, I’ll escort you to the entrance.

*** TRACK 4: The Boundary ***

*clock chimes*

H: Ah, it’s this time already?… Haha, I know, Kosuzu. It’s been a month since that time. I’m certain it’s pointless no matter how long I wait. Once again, with this, I’m back at the beginning… It’s fine, I’ve become used to it. I have you here, Kosuzu. It’s enough to just be with you…

H: It’s cold here, isn’t it… Aah, it’s snowing terribly outside the window. Why don’t we return to our room and warm up at the hearth.

*Baroque door opens*

H: Oh?… *door closes* Ah! You’re…! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it. I thought you wouldn’t come anymore.


H: Did you come to see me? Or do you wish for another courtesan other than me… tonight?… Are you truly fine with me? Ah…! *hugs heroine* This is the first time… you’re the first one who, even knowing my secret, came to see me. Thank you… *kisses* Come, I want to be alone with you as soon as possible.

*scene skip; fireplace crackles*

H: … Hey, are you still awake? Then come a little closer… May I hold you close like this? Ahah… you’re so warm… Is that so? I’m the same as always. You already know that, from the start, my temperature runs higher than others. If that is the case then… perhaps it’s because of you. Yes… because it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you… since I’ve seen your disheveled appearance.

H: Nngh! Look, even now, it’s really straining… almost to the point of pain… Angh! Nngh… could I ask for one more selfish request?… Just a little bit is fine… keep touching me like that… it’s fine through my clothes… nrgh… *heroine rubbing him* Nice… it feels nice… Not so strong…! No, it feels too good so… I won’t be able to hold back…!


H: … No… I’m going to…! *kisses heroine*… Hey, by chance, if I were to do you like this right now… Ah!… *flinches back* Haa… haa… I… I’m sorry… Forget that just now. I’m going to change. Please go ahead and sleep first. *walks away; exits room*

H: I… Just now… what did I try to do to her?… Ah! Kosuzu… I’m begging you, please don’t look at me with those eyes… I know… I really do know… that it’s a line I absolutely cannot cross any further than that!… If I don’t keep that then I’ll… kill her…

*** TRACK 5: The Disease ***

H: It’s bright outside, we need to get up now. Agh!… *collapses*… Haa… haa… ungh… I’ve surprised you, haven’t I. I’m fine. It’s the same as before. I’m just experiencing vertigo and it’ll soon… ngh… urgh!… Haa… haa… WAIT! *grabs heroine*… You don’t have to call for a doctor. More importantly, there’s prescription inside that drawer… I’m sorry to ask this but could you take one out for me?

*heroine grabs medicine*

H: T-Thank you… *swallows*… Haa… haa!… I’m alright now… if I lie down like this… it’ll be eased… But I’m sorry… it seems like today… I won’t be able to escort… you… *faints*

*scene skip; door knock*

H: Ngh… the manager? I’m sorry but I’m not feeling normal yet. I’m afraid I’ll have to ask to take today off as well… Eh? *door opens*… You…! I’m surprised that you’re the visitor. I caused trouble for you the other day, didn’t I. And I’m sorry. You came all this way but it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to be your partner tonight.

H: … Huh? You were worried about me… so you went out of your way to come? You… Ahah, I’m beaten. No, how could it be a bother… it’s just… I don’t really know what to say at a time like this.


H: Thank you… is that enough? I see… then, thank you. I’m happy… to have seen you. *heroine comes closer* Hm? Ah, I have a slight fever. That’s true… if only I could just drink medicine and rest until my fever drops… I suppose it’s similar to a cold…

H: Ahah, don’t worry, it won’t pass on to you from just being together like this… Eh?… What’s your reason for being this kind to me? You’re a customer and I’m nothing but a courtesan…


H: I’m…? You’re mistaken. I haven’t been kind to you even once. You simply have the wrong impression. I… I… only…

H: … I’m sorry. Can you return home for today?… I want to be alone… *heroine leaves; he mumbles something*

H: Hey… Kosuzu… It hurts, doesn’t it… to hold yourself down… It hurts much more than I could ever imagine. What do I do? What should I do?… Hahaha… Even if I ask you, there’s no way you’ll respond, huh.

H: Ngh… I should just go ahead and become insane…

*** TRACK 6: An Idol ***

*door knock; no answer so heroine enters*

H: Who is it? Haha, ohh, hehe… so this is where you were, Kosuzu. I couldn’t find you so I was worried. Where did you go secretly? Ah… Kosuzu… when did you become exactly like that girl. Even those beautiful colored eyes… this silky hair… these crimson cheeks… this gentle skin… Everything is the same as hers! Furthermore, ngh, how strange… today I can even feel a warmth from you, ahaha. Am I seeing a dream?

H: But, you know, Kosuzu… no matter how much your appearance resembles hers… you won’t become her. You’re a doll. If I tear off your dress, you’re nothing more than a wooden doll. Hehehe! What a meaningless existence. You… and me too… that’s why I should destroy you already and disappear too, huh. Then everything will end–


H: Ah!… You… what in the world was I… Aah… hah… I see. Hahaha… everything was just a hallucination. Did you come to check on me today as well?… That’s true. Having seen me like this, even if I keep telling you that it’s just a cold, there’s no way you would believe me.

H: I’ll tell you everything. What I’m hiding… my true secret… Heh, let’s go into the back. It’s dangerous here since there’s carvings and sculptures scattered everywhere.

*they head into his bedroom*

H: … You sit too. Because it might be a long story…


H: My mother, you see, was a drifter in the Yoshiwara red light district and served as the lowest prostitute in a shop at Rashomon. The child that was born between my mother and a customer… was me. She suffered from an illness while I was in her stomach and so after my mother gave birth to me she died immediately. I was adopted and raised by a doll maker who lived in Yoshiwara in those days.

H: You see, the moment I was born this body received the same illness my mother had. One that’ll result in death eventually… and can never be healed. An incurable illness, you see. Like being strangled slowly with a silk cord, the poison of the illness eats into my body slowly… But it’s not that I fear death. After all, sooner or later, all humans will die some day.

H: What hurts is that… if I were to fall in love… I cannot bind myself to them. So long as I spend my days ordinarily, this disease won’t spread to anyone. However… if I have intercourse with anyone, as a man and woman, the disease will join in as well and bare its fangs to my partner at once.

H: Yes, that’s why I told you. That I can only love my doll, Kosuzu. Because I have a body that cannot love a living woman. Even if I were to meet a woman who I loved from the bottom of my heart… no matter how much I loved her, I cannot join with her. Because if we were to have sex even once then I’d forcibly be taking my beloved along with me into death.


H: With a body like that, it’s hilarious how I’m a courtesan here in this place, right? You see, I was invited at the very beginning. By the previous manager. He had a hobby of collecting Western works of art and antiques and by chance happened to take notice of the dolls I made. At that time, he was the one who called out to me after learning my circumstances.

H: “Won’t you become a courtesan of Baroque?”… I wondered what kind of joke that was! In what world is there a courtesan who doesn’t sleep with customers. But he was serious… “Even without joining with them, someone who will accept you might appear one day. Until you meet that person, why don’t you enter Baroque?”… I, who couldn’t throw away this ray of hope, set the condition that there would be a line I would never cross and became a member of Baroque.

H: But the result was as I expected. Even without knowing about my illness, the moment they knew I wouldn’t sleep with anyone, everyone left from me. And, as that repeated, at some point my reason for staying in Baroque turned into consolation for myself.


H: You see, about Kosuzu… the shape of her eyes… the feel of her hair… the color of her cheeks, the form of her lips… I slowly transferred the appearances of women I found beautiful to Kosuzu. And indirectly made those women mine. Each time, Kosuzu’s appearance has changed on countless occasions. This girl, you see, is the idol created by my twisted desires.

H: But… that’s over already. In the last stages of this illness, it afflicts even the mind. And then the soul sickens. You saw it too just now. That is why, at least while I am still myself, I am going to leave Baroque… After that… I wonder what I’ll do? Perhaps I’ll leave the capital and go somewhere far away… A quiet place to die would be nice.


H: You have a request? For me? Ahah, please say it. Although I don’t know if I can grant it… Huh?… I can’t even laugh at that joke. Did you not hear the talk about my illness? If you– ah!

H: … You understand? If you have sex with me you’ll… die eventually to the disease just like me. So, why?… I said it before, didn’t I!? I haven’t been kind to you. I’ve only seen you as nothing more than a target for my selfish desires!… Ah…! *heroine hugs him*

H: … I… *returns embrace and passionate kisses*… Ngh!… Haa… haa… Those words just now… are they your true feelings? Then…! I…! At this rate, you’ll…! *kisses*

H: *rips himself away from kisses*… I can’t… If I have sex with you then I’ll push you to the edge of death! That kind of thing… I can’t bear that!… Because… I also… love you…! Do you remember the words you said to me? That just being together was enough… that you were glad to have met me… At the beginning, I didn’t believe you. I was sure you’d be the same as all the others up to now. I thought you would disappear from me one day. But you… only you… have stayed by me without leaving.


H: Because you’re like this… I couldn’t help but fall in love. That’s why…! That’s why…!

H: Ah!… Eh?… You intend to bear the same thing I have? In order to live with me?… I can’t allow such a thing! Because something that’ll make you happier might be waiting for you after this!… You… hah…

H: How strange. Even though I know I shouldn’t allow this, I… I’m so unbearably happy right now. Strange, right? This sort of thing, but… but… *hugs heroine tightly*… Is it alright? You won’t be able to go back. You really won’t regret it?… Okay… Please give all of yourself to me. Because I’ll give all that I am to you… I love you. *kisses*

*** TRACK 7: Most Beloved ***

*intense kisses*

H: It feels strange. Even though I’ve touched you countless times as a courtesan… this evening I’m awfully nervous. You too? Ahah, I see. This might be… because we’re joining with the person we love, huh. In that sense, tonight is the first time for you and me. *kisses*

H: … I love you. *kisses*… Ahaha! But your sensitivity is the same as always. Look, right here… it’s hard and standing up… *kisses*… it’s become instantaneously hard, haha. Even though its surroundings are so soft, this one place is… *kisses* Hehe, cute.


H: Oh? Haha… you’re wet… more than you’ve ever been before… It’s quite amazing, look, it’s swallowed my finger easily up to the base. Ngh… haa… there’s no place for the overflowing nectar to go… your clothes and the bed is getting sullied, hehe… but who cares about such a thing right now. *kisses and fingering*

H: Does it feel good deep? Feel it more. Let me hear your voice… ngh… Ah, haha… more has flowed out again. Wow, it’s my first time seeing that… *kisses*

H: Your body is stiffening, huh. Don’t hold back. Show me how you are when you’re in pleasure. Nrgh… *heroine orgasms*

H: Haha, you came, didn’t you. *kisses*… I’m going to enter you. Is that alright?… *kisses; unbuckles belt; unzips pants*… It’s your first time seeing this part of me, huh. You’re my first and my last… I love you. *kisses; inserts himself*


H: Relax… I’m going in. Angh…! Haa… It’s hot… more so than when my fingers are in… this is… your warmth, isn’t it… Right now, I’m… inside you… I’m connected… to you… I love you… I love you. Ngh…! *thrusting*

H: It feels good. I didn’t know… that being able to embrace someone… isn’t just pleasure only… How do I say it… it feels like, not just my body, but even the depths of my heart is being filled… It’s warm… and I’m so happy I want to cry… *kisses and thrusting*


H: More… hold me tighter…! Yes… more!! So I can… feel every inch of your being. Hold me tighter and tighter…! I’ve always dreamed about this… the day I’d join with my beloved… I thought it’d never come to me for an eternity… *kisses and thrusting* Love… I love you… I love you… ngh… haa…!

H: I’m sorry… I want to make you feel much more… but I’m so aroused I don’t even know what to do with myself anymore…! Please… please let me come inside you… Ngh…! Haa… haa… *he orgasms*… Haa… ngh… haa…

H: … Hold my hand… *kisses*… Thank you… for loving someone like me.

*** TRACK 8: The Light of a Firefly ***

*train whistle*

H: Ah! Found you! Mm, I arrived just now as well. There’s a lot of people at this station as usual. Oh? Is that all your luggage?… The same as me. I left most of my things behind. I’m only bringing the things I really need.

H: Haha, I left Kosuzu behind as well. I thanked her for everything up to now and said goodbye. She is no longer needed. Because… I have you, my precious love.

H: … “Hotaru”, huh. Ahah, to think a day would come when I would be this happy to be called that name… You see, at the time I decided to become a courtesan of Baroque, I threw away my real name and gave myself the name “Hotaru”. To give myself irony…

H: The creatures called fireflies copulate once in their whole life in order to leave behind offspring, and die with no strength once they finish that. At that time, I thought they were the same as me. Because the person who had intercourse with me even once would suffer the disease and soon die…


H: But… to die after joining with the one they love… might be a happiness for them. That’s what I think now… that’s what you made me think. *kisses; train whistle*

H: Ah, the train is leaving soon. We should go now. Then… grab my hand. So that we won’t get separated. *heroine grabs hand* Haha… By your side… I’ll live together with you… Like the light of a firefly, it might be an unreliable life but… until the moment it burns out… I’ll be by your side… For an eternity… I’ll continue to love you. *bell rings*

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: Bedroom ***

H: Let’s see, it should be around here, but… Ah! There it is. Right here. Ahah, it’s a much older terrace house than I thought… That’s true, having come to this town only yesterday, it’s fortunate enough that we were able to rent a house when our backgrounds haven’t been made clear. Home is where you make it… there’s that saying too. First, why don’t we go in.

*opens door*

H: Ah, it’s just large enough for the two of us to live in. But this… that’s true, we’ll have to roll up our sleeves a bit and clean. In truth, I wanted to relax a bit but it’s better to start first, isn’t it. If we don’t then we’ll be troubled for a place to sleep at night. Then you can brush off the dust on the shelves. I’ll do the scrubbing.

*scene skip; fire crackling*

H: Haa… in the end, it took the whole day. Are you tired? I see. In that case, come here… You worked hard today. *kisses* Ahaha… Mm? It’s nothing. I was just thinking how we’re alone together. Certainly, when we left the capital we were alone together the entire way. But tonight is the first time we’re alone together in our home, right? See? When I think that, I feel somewhat moved.


H: How do I put it… my heart is strangely racing. You too? Hehe, we’re the same then. *kisses*… Hey… may I touch you?… In truth, I’m still a bit nervous at doing this. Hm? Ahah, that’s because… I’m so engrossed with you that I’m trying not to push you too hard… When I’m holding you like this, my love for you overflows and I start losing my mind… I love you… *kisses*

H: … Ahah! The moon is bright this evening. Look, it brings out how pale your skin is. Mm… *kisses*… when I roll this around with my tongue… heh, this place turns red immediately and hardens… *kisses*

H: Look… they’re standing erect. What a lascivious view. Hahah, is my breath arousing you? Your ears are sensitive, aren’t they… *blows air*… Look, again. Just my breath isn’t enough, right? I’ll give you this… *kisses*


H: You’re twitching and trembling. Even your neck is bright red… cute. Here, I’ll do it to this side too… *kisses*… Your bleary eyes are extremely seductive, ahah. When I think about how you feel pleasure by my hands, I become aroused just from that. Now… open your legs.

H: … It’s stickily wet. Here, your nectar is already this much… *kisses*… Ahah, it’s twitching. Are you begging? What would you like?… Would you like me to swirl my fingers inside like this? Or do this to this one part outside… and pinch it?… Tell me. With your words.

H: … Haha, then I’ll do both… Miss Greedy. Ngh… ahah, this part is steadily swelling and becoming redder. Does it feel good? Hehe, you don’t have to nod. Because you squeezed on my fingers inside and told me already. This place is where women feel the most pleasure, right? Hagh… *moving his fingers* Aha, your hips are rocking like you seem to want something. Are fingers not enough already?

H: Do you… want me? Eheh, I too… want you. *kisses; removes belt*


H: Hey, come onto my lap… That’s right. Lower your hips like that. Slowly is fine… mngh!… Hagh…! Haa… ahah… I’m happy to be connected to you. Ngh…! *thrusting*… When I’m able to feel your body deeply like this… it gives me the real feeling that I’m alive together with you… It makes me so happy… And also… I know… that being inside you is warm… and tight… and because it squeezes me hard… it feels so unbearably good…! Angh! Mngh… ngh…!

H: Hey, you move as well… Let’s feel much better together…! Nrgh! Hagh… ngh… the tip of me is hitting you deeply, ahah… I can tell I’m really deep inside you. Look, when I do this… Mngh! See?… It’s like my brain is being electrified… ngh… What do I do… I can’t stop… I want more… It’s still not enough… My body is moving on its own…!

H: It feels good… it feels so good… Hey, hold me… more tightly… In the instant we climax, I want to feel your entire body…! Haa… I like you… I love you… I adore you… *kisses; thrusting*


H: Yes… like that… cling onto me… Look, you’re clenching me down there… it’s squeezing tightly again… You and me just need a bit more… let’s go together…! Mngh…! Haa…! Haa…! *orgasms*

H: … Ahaha… you reached completion, didn’t you… Me too… I released a lot in you… Ngh! Haa… let’s stay connected like this… a while longer. Because I don’t want to let go… of your warmth yet… *kisses*

*scene skip; fire crackling*

H: There’s something I wanted to say to you once we decided where to live… I want… you to be married to me. I know how your previous husband treated you. But, you see… these are my honest feelings. I… want you to be my wife.

H: … Was it too sudden?… Ah, w-wait. Hold on. Why are you crying!? I-I should have known you’re against marriage now, right?… Eh?! Then… ahah, I’m so glad. *hugs* This might be the first time I was this nervous. Suppose I was rejected?… Even though I had that trust, that’s just what insecurities are… that’s how much I love you.

H: I love you… my precious wife. *kisses*… From here on, I place myself in your care.


H: I’d like to ask you for advice. You see, I was thinking about making dolls again. Ah, don’t misunderstand, I’m not trying to make a doll like Kosuzu. The dolls I make are to be sold. Right now, we still have the savings from when I was working at Baroque, but there’s the rent for this terrace house and we need medicine from doctors, right? When I think about the future, I think it’d be good to do something while I can still move. And if we’re talking about what I can do, then it’s basically this.

H: What do you think? Haha, thank you. I thought you’d say that. You want to help with something? Hmm… ah, I know! Then I’ll have you help out with “that”. Hm? An important thing that only you can do.

*scene skip; drawing noises*

H: Ahaha, hey now, you can’t move. No protests. I have to draft the entire body. If you wear clothes then I wouldn’t be able to see the lines of your body. I have to observe you intently like this and transfer the shape of your body precisely or I won’t be able to make good dolls. I thought it wasn’t needed anymore, so when I left Baroque I disposed of all the old bodies. I have to remake them from scratch.


H: Hey, don’t hide yourself right after I say that. Are you embarrassed? Why? You’re extremely pretty. Oh dear… *lowers tools* I suppose it can’t be helped. Let’s stop here for today. You don’t have to apologize. And I don’t want to trouble you. *comes close to heroine* So, tonight… why don’t we do something else entirely?

H: Oh? There’s no need to ask what I mean explicitly, right? Your face is bright red. You know what I mean without me saying it, I’m sure. Ahaha, you’ve become silent. That side of you… is so cute, I love it. *kisses*

H: Besides, to be honest, partway through I couldn’t concentrate. I tried to concentrate, telling myself that this was part of work, but your body illuminated by the paper lantern was so bewitching… by the time I noticed, look… nrgh… I’ve completely become like this. See? That’s why I’m done for today… Do something pleasurable with me.

H: Haha, then look this way. *kisses*… Heheh, very nice… for there to be no clothes from the start between you and I to interrupt us. Look, I can touch you immediately like this… Your skin is a bit tender. Could it be that while I was looking at you, you became aroused on your own? Haha, I wonder… because, look… *kisses*


H: See, this place is standing erect. For some reason, I feel like it’s reacted quicker than usual… *kisses*… Ahah, do you like my teeth pressing in lightly over being sucked? Mm… *kisses*… It’s glimmering from my saliva. This hard point… *kisses* It’s swelling… How lewd. *kisses*

H: Mm? What’s the matter? Eh?… *heroine removes his belt; zipper noises*… When you say it should be my turn occasionally… You’re going to lick this?… It’s not that you can’t but it’s the first time you’ve said that, so I was just a bit surprised. Haha, go ahead. With your tongue and mouth… make me feel pleasure. Ngh! *blowjob*

H: I didn’t know… that you could do that with your tongue… Hagh! Ngh… nrgh… haa… what do I do… it feels so good… right there! More… suck harder… Ngh! Angh!… If you swallow that deeply, it’s painful, right?… Hngh! N-No… if you suck that hard… I’m going to… in your mouth…! Angh…

H: Ngh… w-wait… no, really!… Stop! Haa… haa… haa… You’re mistaken. Rather, it felt too good I was about to release. When I reach completion, I want to be inside you so… Can I? *kisses*


H: Ahah, it’s more than wet enough, hm. I’m sorry, I feel bad I don’t have the composure to use my fingers, but… it shouldn’t hurt. I’m putting it in… Ngh… *inserts himself*

H: Are you alright? I have to be sure to return as much pleasure as you gave me… *thrusting*… It’s amazing how it sticks to me… moreover, it’s so hot I feel like I’m melting… Haa! Haa!

H: Hey, look this way…! Bring your face closer… so that I can give you what you love most… Good girl… *kisses; thrusting*

H: Ngh! Don’t hold your breath. When you do that, you squeeze around me tightly before I’m ready…! I haven’t made you feel satisfied tonight yet, have I… Look, just a little more… Ngh! *thrusting*


H: It’s undulating inside…! You’re about to release, right?… Ahah, cute. If you become that frantic, then when I see that expression even I’m at my limits…! Is it alright?… Hagh!… I’m coming…! I’m releasing…! Ngh! *he orgasms*

H: … Ahah… you’re gulping. I told you not to hold your breath… *kisses*… I love you.

*scene skip*

H: Hmm… Ah, the example body is done so I was thinking of moving to the next process. But this body is more charming than I thought. Look, see? Seductive, right? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, is it? This is you.

H: Ahah! I’m sorry, I’m sorry. But, thanks to you, I believe I can make a nice doll. Thank you for helping me. Mm, you were a lot of help. That’s why… when I’m drawing the next body… I look forward to working with you. *kisses* Ahah, I’m relying on you.


Note3: Okay, going back to the use of fireflies in Japanese media because it’s one of my favorite tropes ever. But basically fireflies are all about representing mono no aware which is about the beauty of transcience. I recommend reading more on it if anyone’s interested! The wikipedia article is kind of bare |D.

Note4: I couldn’t capture all the noises or else this whole thing would become italicized asterisk SFXs but there’s some amazingly significant bell jingling in this track :’)) to symbolize Kosuzu and Hotaru. Seriously, 80% of the enjoyment of a drama CD is the audio (many meanings intended here LOL).

Note5: Also, much like the second Baroque, there is another devastating piano + strings track at the final scene (and the animate tokuten). The way it swells up as you reach the saddest part of Hotaru’s monologue about being with her until the moment his short life burns out. LIKE HONESTLY WHAT THE HECK THAT’S NOT FAIR. It’s just as touching as Mashiro’s and I wish it was easier to find these royalty tracks the companies purchase for their CDs because I want full versions of these. (I’m sorry I felt nothing for Kain’s strings LOL).

17 thoughts on “Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Nagumo Hotaru ~

    anion said:
    September 27, 2020 at 09:07

    Medical student here. I listened to this CD a long time ago so my memory is not 100%, but it gave me the impression that the disease referenced here is syphilis.

    – It’s probably not HIV, because the time period Meiji precedes its discovery.
    – Syphilis is sexually transmitted. It is so common among sex workers before the prevalence of antibiotics that one of manifestations of neurosyphilis (see below) is referred to (politically incorrectly) as the “prostitute’s pupil.”
    – Syphilis is one of the TORCHES infections that could be transmitted from mother to child
    – Syphilis manifests late as neurosyphilis, when the disease affects the brain. It could cause delirium, which Hotaru exhibits from time to time. While HIV could also affect the brain in the advance stages (AIDS), it is more classically associated with unrelenting infections and the patient would probably die from these infections before being affected by HIV-associated dementia.

    Now, the drama CD presents a very unrealistic case of syphilis (it picks and chooses certain symptoms as convenient) and it seems to describe acquired syphilis rather than congenital syphilis, since babies who got syphilis from their mothers probably won’t live to adulthood (and has other severe developmental issues). Still, I was able to suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy the story, haha.

      Ilinox responded:
      September 28, 2020 at 21:57

      OH, this is so interesting, thank you! Can someone have syphilis without showing physical signs? Because I thought syphilis appeared on the genitals (from my shoddy knowledge way back in high school LOL). Haha, we can’t have Hotaru being too affected |D just enough for the drama but not enough to actually make him an unattractive lead—

    Shea said:
    January 13, 2019 at 02:35

    Hello!I want to listen this drama cd but i couldnt find anywhere. Do you know any place i can listen it? ☺

      Ilinox responded:
      January 13, 2019 at 10:33

      I like to encourage supporting the actual company by buying these CDs /o\ but since I know there are probably illegal uploads of it somewhere you could probably find something on YouTube, SoundCloud, or MissEvan. Here’s the Japanese title too in case it might help your search “BAROQUE ~明治享楽夜譚~ 第三夜 南雲蛍”.

    garden said:
    November 20, 2018 at 04:59

    okay I just only managed to listen to this cd (thanks so much again, Ili♥) and !!!! this series is quite the impressive one. the themes they used are so unique and told quite well. and now they’re telling a story about a man with HIV/AIDS? ugh I love this series so much I don’t want it to end here. can’t they add more characters? I NEED MORE GOOD STORIES!!

    Hotaru is name that I associates with fragile/sickly and lonely person and I guessed it right when he said he didn’t have sex with anyone. I immediately thought of Hotaru in Sailor Moon and how she can’t befriend anyone because of how sickly she was. ‘hmm is he actually too sick to have sex?’ though I did thought it’s a bit confusing to think someone like his weakened health would choose to be a prostitute. for a reason that ~ he might found someone who would accept him as he is ~ if he becomes one? hmmmm

    also. thanks for translating this one. I actually managed to not take a peek at it before actually listening to the cd and I guess I understand why most ppl are against being spoiled (I’m one of those who needs to look up for the spoilers before watching/reading anything because I’m so easily triggered lol)

      Ilinox responded:
      November 20, 2018 at 13:24

      You’re welcome! This series and Rouge et Noir definitely put Mikado Ren (the script writer) on my radar and now I follow her everywhere LOL. But yeah, I was really surprised by the themes in Hotaru’s story and how sensitive it was. The line about Hotaru thinking something happier could be waiting for her in the future, but how that’s not a guarantee and she’s choosing him right now because he’s her happiness just *clenches fist* gets me so hard. I feel like it can definitely be expanded upon, but it’s all dependent on sales :’)) there can be many more courtesans! And heck, we can have a manager edition!!

      Haha, it’s the curse of anyone related to fireflies, whether through their theme or name, because it means they’re gonna die soon in some way LOL or something about them is fleeting. The way Hotaru explained it just sounds like he was waiting for death but the manager came across him and was intrigued and offered him a place in Baroque even with his condition of never sleeping with someone. Hotaru accepted because he has nothing to lose and there’s a 0.0000001% chance that he’ll find someone who actually loves him. Although, the same could be said if he remained a doll maker, hmm.

      You’re welcome! I’m pretty lenient towards spoilers myself but that’s because I take forever to get around to things, so it ends up being my fault for not playing fast enough LOL. It’s generally nice to go into things and get surprised by the twists though, that’s for sure (as long as there’s nothing that triggers you).

        garden said:
        November 21, 2018 at 03:10

        ah yes I think we talked about Mikado Ren before. unfortunately I only know Rouge et Noir and Kagome no Uta of those credited with her(?) as the scenario writer, and both are very good writing… although I admit I have vague understanding the significance of the plant/flower names in Kagome no Uta because there’s only so much my self-taught listening skills can help me *cries*. oh but you helped me a bunch for translating Rouge et Noir though. there’s WAAAY too many specific criminal/narcotic terms. not to mention the poker/casino references.

        I’m not yet prepared to tackle Rabbit Hunt, and DNP’s 3p theme’s not really something I usually prefer, so all that’s left under Mikado Ren’s works is Hotel Ange Rose (as a producer). the title name didn’t really sound that promising but IDK. have you heard that one yet?

        Ilinox responded:
        November 23, 2018 at 20:08

        I listened to Kagome no Uta way back and I’m probably going to do a re-listen because I remember not feeling much about it but now I wonder if that was just my crappy skills back then like 2-3 years ago |D Rouge et Noir is rouuuuugh because I had to look up so many criminal/drug terms too during the course of translation but it’s worth it |D it deserves being popular enough to get a data file.

        Rabbit Hunt isn’t worth it imo I listened to the first two and was disappointed. It’s rough because Gold (the company that’s produced Rabbit Hunt and now Hotel Ange Rose) is one that’s been 80% miss with me so I don’t really trust whatever they push forward, even if they have my favorite script writer on board LOL. I got burned so hard with Rabbit Hunt… sOBS.

    leohikarusora said:
    August 13, 2018 at 10:18

    Hmm… This story makes me sad *sobs*
    At the first time I saw the cover, I thought he was yandere like the one from Diabolic Lovers who always bring doll, forgot the name since I don’t really like those series (I’m really sorry ili X( )

    But, I like the story itself, he has conflict between desires and reality, since he loves heroine so much, but he don’t want make her die like him, but if I in that situation, I’ll choose the option to make him happy until his last breath…

    But, for overall… Yes! This is make my days completed~! Thank you so much ili~!!

      Ilinox responded:
      August 14, 2018 at 10:39

      Haha, Kanato with the teddy bear, purple eyes, and bags under his eyes? And no worries because I haven’t been in the DiaLov fandom for a long time. Any character that’s placed next to dolls makes me immediately nervous because they always tend to be disturbed characters but :’)) jokes on me this time because Hotaru is the sweetest and saddest man.

      I’m still impressed with the courage of the heroine to take that step and share his illness with him, but then again she doesn’t come from a very happy life either so… You’re welcome and I’m glad you enjoyed this series!

    waterinegirl said:
    August 13, 2018 at 02:19

    “our best would be Kusakabe Mashiro. He may feel a little cold but he will treat you courteously. If you enjoy gentle men then our second best, Hiiragi Kain”

    AHEM? didnt expect mashiro to be number 1. because my number 1 for me is hiragi kain. it’s his opinion anyway

    ” I won’t join my body with yours”

    me as a customer “come on, i have money”
    but if i became a prostitute “pls understand… i have degraded myself into this but still i have shame left on me”

    “I absolutely cannot cross any further than that!… If I don’t keep that then I’ll… kill her…”

    dont tell me you’re a yandere
    then i realize he’s complaining about his health. are you ill?

    it turns out he’s dying. remembers “a walk to remember” movie.

    i will do what the heroine do. make him the happiest in his last moment in his life.

      Ilinox responded:
      August 13, 2018 at 11:38

      I think they mentioned the rankings in Mashiro’s CD (definitely in his short story) but those are official rankings :’D it’s not Hotaru’s opinion, ahah.

      I’m really surprised and impressed that Mikado-sensei essentially wrote a story with HIV :’)) Hotaru’s mother contracted it and passed it onto Hotaru through his birth (or breastfeeding) and now Hotaru can’t have sex with anyone or he’ll pass it on. It all checks out. And then she turned it into such a sad love story SOBS (I mean for sure you can love someone without needing to actually have intercourse but damn if this story wasn’t touching because the heroine pretty much has nothing else but him so why not).

        waterinegirl said:
        August 13, 2018 at 21:31

        oh was it confirmed hiV? yeah it’s possible since he describe his illness that is contagious and will surely kill anyone.

        Ilinox responded:
        August 14, 2018 at 10:37

        Nothing is explicitly confirmed /o\ so it can be up to the audience (so long as it checks out on the incurable illness and certain death factors), but the HIV angle fits perfectly.

    yukihime03 said:
    August 13, 2018 at 01:07

    The hotaru trope never fails to make me cry. (TT____TT)
    (Anyone knows Hotarubi no Mori e? So much tears.)

    I think I like this CD the most? I love Abe’s voice, and the story does a good job of turning on the waterworks… and that ending when Hotaru proposes… excuse me while I cry again in the corner.
    Surprisingly, Mashiro’s story being the one I liked the least? Though he is still the prettiest in my eyes. :P

      Ilinox responded:
      August 13, 2018 at 11:29

      Hotarubi no Mori e. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso. Light Beyond. Baroque vol3. Meguru Koi vol3… I’m constantly haunted by firefly tropes and it’s never a happy thing |D but I do love the trope even if it always makes me clutch my heart at the bittersweet feelings.

      :”)) I’m always a bit embarrassed at how on the fence I was about this one because I had terrible assumptions about Hotaru from his character art. Like another yandere. Some creepy doll obsession. (And the fact that he brings that up in the CD in a sarcastic way made me wince LOL).

      Ehehe, for me it’s Hotaru > Mashiro > Kain. Though they’re all good and right up there! I still can’t shake off the fairytale association I’ve given to Mashiro’s CD and the way he told the story of the bird he took care of. There’s just such a soothing lilting story-telling voice there… and then he snaps–.

      In terms of looks it’s such a close tie with Mashiro and Hotaru. I’m a sucker for albinos. But Hotaru is so gorgeously elegant??

        yukihime03 said:
        August 13, 2018 at 22:02

        Ah! Shigatsu with that firefly scene and sad soundtrack! For me, it was the song that made the whole scene even more heartbreaking. *sniffs*
        The only “hotaru” that doesn’t reduce me to tears is Hotarumaru from Touken Ranbu. lol. He is such a strong, nice boy, surprisingly with no tragic past or anything like that. |D

        Lol, I did not get the yandere vibe from Hotaru though? Creepy maybe, but he doesn’t seem like a yandere… but then again, don’t trust me, I also didn’t get the vibe from Mashiro, despite the obvious clues, and look what happened… :”))
        I’m generally okay with yandere, but I draw the line at caging, so Mashiro lost a lot of points from that….

        Yeah, Hotaru looks so elegant, he can be passed off as a lady of high birth, lol. He has an androgynous quality, don’t you think?

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