Baroque Meiji Kyouraku Yatan ~ Christmas ~

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And here’s Hotaru’s short story to celebrate the release of his CD. These all have such sad vibes :’)) but at least they have such fateful meetings with their heroines in their CDs. I translated these a little out of order but I feel like there’s more connection and understanding of his character after his main CD. Anyway, this entire series was a fun side project and I hope you all enjoyed it.

Once again, we’re going to start off with some words from the scriptwriter.

20 December 2017, the situation CD “Baroque ~Meiji Kyouraku Yatan~” Third Night Nagumo Hotaru has released.

I’m late since the release date as it’s become the 25th, but like the Second Night I’ve written a commemoration short story.

Because I wrote this on Christmas, it became a story a few days before the main CD involving Christmas, which wasn’t that major yet in the Meiji era that Hotaru lives in.

*There may be some light spoilers (in nuance) included, so please be careful just in case.

Mikado Ren

“Take a look.”

When I pulled in my right hand, which held Kosuzu, the lovely bells rang as if in reply.

“See, it’s your first time seeing such a large one, right?”

Silver to gold to red. I looked up at the tree, decorated in all sorts of colors, and my eyes creased. I knew that this tree, which was seen as the end of the year approached, was called a Christmas tree. The same thing was decorated at the entrance of Baroque every year.

“It seems to be a very important event for them.”

Amidst the scattered powered snow, children ran around energetically in my surroundings. Golden hair and blue eyes, they were all foreigners who lived in the foreign settlement of Tsukiji.

“It’s the day someone was born and it seems a lot of people around the world celebrate like this. Amazing, isn’t it. To be celebrated for being born in this world, I wonder what that feels like? I wouldn’t know…”

My mother, at least, would not have wished for me to be born. In the place I was born, children like me were not welcomed. Usually, while one was in their mother’s womb, ground cherry roots would be used to reap the bud of life. Because no one was pleased at the first cry of a parasite.

“Do you know?”

I gently touched the powdered snow on Kosuzu’s cheeks. The pale snowflakes disappeared fleetingly just from that.

Kosuzu said nothing. She only stared at me with those clear glass eyes. Only the bells on her dress played a small sound sorrowfully.

“Yes, you’re the same as me, huh.”

I looked up at the sky and stared vacantly at my breath that was stained white as it drifted like smoke and disappeared.

“… Will a time come when I understand, I wonder?”

The words froze the instant I spoke them and was sucked into the pure white world. Even the voices of the children who were so lively seemed to feel strangely distant.

“I wonder if I’ll meet them one day… Someone who will be pleased that I was born into this world…”

I might have unconsciously sought for warmth and squeezed Kosuzu in my arms tightly. However, the doll did not have the warmth I desired. Only, the coldness of the dress wet from snow drove my chilled heart and body further into loneliness.

“Come, Kosuzu.”

I invited Kosuzu in under my mantle and turned my back on the Christmas tree. I did not suit this place overflowing with love and joy. I knew that.

“Let’s return home, to our house.”

Leaving footsteps on the snow that had piled up faintly at my feet, I started walking. After returning to Baroque, I would hold Kosuzu and sleep. And then I’m sure I would see a dream that wouldn’t be granted today either.

Until the veil of darkness covered the capital which was steeped in white…

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