Dear Vocalist Riot ~ Re-o-do ~

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Re-o-do (レオード)
CV: Masuda Toshiki (増田 俊樹)

(Guess who’s back in town?! The singing boys!! I promised I’d tackle this season because it’s the last one for Ciel (why is he last) and I did enjoy the character development in the others so here we are.)

Story premise this time is that everyone’s last songs sold pretty well but Mr. Panda isn’t impressed yet and so told them to have a live that’s sold out. If the venue isn’t filled then they’ll get the cut! And so once again everybody has to struggle to make their best song (with their girlfriend’s support).

A quick introduction and reminder. This is Re-o-do and his band’s name is Lumiere. He calls his fans “minettes” which is French for kittens. He puts on a harsh facade but he’s a total sweetheart with his girlfriend unlike someone who we do not mention around here.

Note: I’m gonna apologize ahead of time for any creative liberties taken in the drama tracks because something about their speech style makes it really hard to translate LOL it’s like the structure is so Japanese that my brain goes through crazy mental strain trying to flip it into English.

Oh, btw, if you click on the song titles below you can listen to the song previews from Rejet’s site.

Ambitious Night

午前二時 苦笑い カラっぽの冷蔵庫に laugh’in
2AM in the morning, with a bitter smile, I’m laughing at the empty fridge
迎え撃つ ジレンマに 棘をだして見たとして アンタ次第?
The dilemma of confronting my opponents // If you see it as thorns it’s up to you?

どんな朝になるかは この夜(よ)のタクティクスで
What kind of morning it’ll be depends on the tactics of this night
悪巧む自虐に トビっきりのピュア——……
This tricky masochism is extraordinarily pure—…

鏡に伝染ってる 掠れたアンビシャス
This scraped up ambition, infected by the mirror,
解き放とう 夢のまま Allright
release it as the dream that it is, alright

背中で騒いでる 哀れな黄昏を
The miserable dusk that makes noise on my back
燃やせばいい 灰になれ Allright
it should be set aflame and turned to ashes, alright

どんなやり方だって そぅ自由さ Damn it!!!
Do it in whatever way, yes there’s freedom, damn it!!!

路地裏で 崩れても ジレったいモチベーション Fly high
Even if I collapse in the alley, there’s an impatient motivation // Fly high
まだ早い 世界なら 舌をだして虚仮(コケ)にする オレ次第?
If it’s too early for the world, then if I stick out my tongue and make a fool of myself, it’s up to me?

香り立つ欲望を 今、目の奥につめて
An enveloping fragrance of desire, is now crammed in the back of my eyes
かしこまる限界値 決めきれぬ Judge——……
The Judge can’t decide on a respectful limit—…

理屈をカジっても 産まれないアンビシャス
Even if I gnaw at reason, this unbirthable ambition
研ぎ澄ますよ 愛のまま Allright
will be sharpened, staying as love, alright

身体は火照ってる 未だ見ぬ自分へと
My body is hot and flushed, to the unseen me
変わればいい 汗だくで Allright
I just need to change, dripping with sweat, alright

ヤケな自信過剰 ねぇ自在に Black Out!!!
This reckless overconfidence, hey freely black out!!!

TVを消して 画面睨み
I turn off the TV, glare at the screen,
しがみついた やせ細った Body?
at this clinging thin body?

可能性に イチブノスキも
At the possibility of some portion of love
許さずに 震えている
I’m trembling without permission


鏡に伝染ってる 掠れたアンビシャス
This scraped up ambition, infected by the mirror,
解き放とう 夢のまま Allright
release it as the dream that it is, alright

背中で騒いでる 哀れな黄昏を
The miserable dusk that makes noise on my back
燃やせばいい 灰になれ Allright
it should be set aflame and turned to ashes, alright

理屈をカジっても 産まれないアンビシャス
Even if I gnaw at reason, this unbirthable ambition
研ぎ澄ますよ 愛のまま ブツかる前提でもいいんだ
will be sharpened, staying as love, even a clashing condition is okay

身体は火照ってる 未だ見ぬ自分へと
My body is hot and flushed, to the unseen me
変わればいい 汗だくで 滴るふたりの未来へ
I just need to change, dripping with sweat, trickling to both our futures

どんなやり方だって 「自由自在」だ——……!!!
Do it in whatever way, it’s “unrestricted”—…!!!

Ambitious Night


腫れてる 瞼は 誰に向かって泣いているの?
Those swollen eyes, who are they crying for?
いつもの シャツすら 心なしか乱れて
Even that usual shirt is somewhat disheveled

Ah 過ぎた季節 取り返せるなら
Ah, if I can get back those seasons that passed
誰もいない 『雨』の桟橋で
on that pier of “rain” where no one is

I want to hold you
You’re not alone

どこかでまだ繋がって 残光に照らされてる
Lit by the afterglow that I’m still connected to somewhere
ありふれている理想と 胸の痛み
A common ideal and a pain in my chest

許しあえなかったよね 相違の嵐の中
It couldn’t be forgiven, could it // inside a storm of differences
結びつくいくつかの 愛の欠片
joined together by several fragments of love

……——今、考えているのは オレだけかな?
…—Am I the only one thinking this right now?

笑って 誓ったね 幼い日の約束なら
I vowed to smile, huh // If it’s a promise from childhood then
誰かの 言葉に 『罪』は惑わされない
by someone’s words “sin” won’t be mislead

Ah 蒼いふたり 息継ぎできず
Ah, the two young ones, unable to take a breather
なにもかもを 睨みつけていた
glared at anything and everything

Those day after days were also

すべてが繋がりあえば 攪拌できないから
If everything’s connected, then it can’t be stirred
揺るぎない想い出と 優しさだけ
Only steady memories and kindness

“If choosing another person will give you happiness then…”
大人にはなれないよ ぐちゃぐちゃだよ
I can’t be an adult, I’m all messed up

涙、噛み締めてる いつでも
I’m always fighting back tears
言葉には なぜか できない
For some reason I can’t put it in words

Rain and Pain

You’re not alone
どこかでまだ繋がって 残光に照らされてる
Lit by the afterglow that I’m still connected to somewhere
ありふれている理想と 胸の痛み
A common ideal and a pain in my chest

許しあえなかったよね 相違の嵐の中
It couldn’t be forgiven, could it // inside a storm of differences
結びつくいくつかの 愛の欠片
joined together by several fragments of love

……——今、考えているのは オレだけかな?
…—Am I the only one thinking this right now?

*** TRACK 3: Be charged with you. ***

*Dear Innocence ringtone*

Re-o-do: Hello? It’s me. Hey… do you have time now? Can you come to the studio? Just for a little while. Hey… no? REALLY!? Great! *someone knocks in the background* Hold on, someone came. *someone enters in the background*

R: What? Ah… the other members went home… Leave me alone. It doesn’t matter what you say, I’ve decided to go with that song. I’m not planning on following your opinion at this point in time. That’s enough for today, right? Hurry up and get out. *person leaves* Like I thought, they said it.

R: … Sorry, I made you wait. Uh… a little. But I’m good, because you’re coming, right? I’ll be in the usual room; the meeting room beside the studio. Ah, but actually I can’t wait anymore. Once you reach Shibuya give me a call. I’ll come pick you up at the station.

R: Eh? Why! Isn’t it okay? Besides, I’m worried… Fine, then I’ll wait. Come right away. Absolutely, okay? Mm, it’s a promise. *hangs up*

R: Hehe! I’m glad. I wonder if she thought I was strange…

*scene skip; heroine knocks on door*

R: I’m seriously happy you came. Come in, quickly!


R: Hm? It’s nothing. I called you here ’cause I wanted to see your face. Er… actually, you heard that conversation through the phone, right? It’s just a little problem. I’ll do something about it myself.

R: This conversation’s over. Since you came all this way to see me, don’t make that face. Come here… ah… I’m sorry. I… made you worry, huh… Actually, I should be honest. I can’t hide things from you. But, in exchange… just for a little bit… let me recharge.

R: … Mmm… it smells like you. Hey, lift your head. I want to kiss you. Mm… *kisses*. Heh, that’s the best. I’ve wanted to be like this for forever…

R: Ah, actually, you see, just now I argued with a band member again. About our new song. Because our opinions were different, like usual I lost my cool and drove them out… To be honest, I reflected on my actions a little. That’s why I called you. Because I wanted to calm down for a moment.

R: Honestly, I don’t want to show you my bad side. Besides, it’s about music, so I thought I needed to do something about it myself but… if it’s possible, I’d like you to listen to me talk for a bit. It’s not that I want you to do anything… just listen. I see, thanks.


R: Our new song this time is something I’m making. And the band members said they’d leave it to me too, so I was really eager. I thought I made the best song I’ve ever made in my history. It has a highly difficult melody but I wanted to challenge myself or something. When I had them listen to the rough draft, the band members also said the song itself was amazing… In a good way they said it was nothing like what Lumiere has done up to now and that it was new. But… it’s not the one this time. That’s what everyone said.

R: The mark this time is the live. And what we’re aiming for is a song that’ll excite people at the live. Especially, a song that can enter the stage. Of course, I made it knowing that. There’s intense chords from the first verse to the end and there’s even parts for musical arrangements. It’s ridiculously cool.

R: The best song… is what I wanted to make. And yet… it was no good. The keys are high and it’d be a strain on my throat… is what I was told. To be honest, I got pissed. I’ve always been taking being a vocalist seriously up to now. I have absolute confidence I can sing that song at the live. It’s true… that I might be pushing myself a little… but I’ll sing. I’ll sing it properly at the live.

R: Yeah, of course! Since they left it to me, I definitely wouldn’t make a half-assed song. Naturally, there’s feelings in it. Because I thought about many things while making it. And yet… I’m sorry. It sounds like I’m complaining, huh. I’ll stop now… I’m fine. Just having you listen to me makes me feel lighter somehow.


R: Haha, why are you so kind… always and more than anyone else. You understand me completely. *hugs heroine* It makes me wanna be spoiled. Even though I have to do something about it and even though I decided not to let myself get spoiled by you… I don’t plan on taking it all upon myself. But, you see… being told that by the band members made me feel like they just arbitrarily decided on the limits. And I hated that.

R: Mm… I really do understand. It’s not that everyone doesn’t acknowledge me; we’ve come all this way together and even I believe in everyone… that’s why I wanted to show them something good all the more. Since it’s the live we’ve all been waiting for. I definitely don’t want to compromise.

R: … Ah. It’s not that they told me to compromise… A song that my voice can be best heard in? Ah… that’s right. It might be like you say… The thing we have to aim for this time is a song that’ll best excite everyone at the live; a song that can do that in the music hall with my singing alone. I might be satisfied after pushing myself really hard. But I’m sure the others are different. And even if the music performance goes well, that won’t mean everyone did that as one. A band isn’t something done alone, huh. The band members, the staff, and the minettes are there. That’s exactly how I’ve continued.


R: … I got why I was working hard wrong. I’ll try thinking about the new song again. And I have to talk to the band members too. Thank you, it’s because of you. I’m really glad you came today. Mm, look forward to it. I’ll be sure to make the best song for everyone. Of course, I’ll have you be the very first to listen to it. I’ll give everything I have tomorrow. And I’ll work hard in a different way from today.

R: So… *hugs heroine* for now, just like this… it’s fine if I hug you tightly, right? Because I have to work super hard after this. So, I’d like you to give me some more power. I told you to let me recharge, right? Let’s see, first then… look over here… *kisses*

R: This time you hug me tightly too. ‘Cause then I’ll work super duper hard. Come on, do it… ah, thanks… but do it tighter… this isn’t enough yet. So– *lifts her up*


R: It can’t be done here. But I want to be pressed up much, much closer to you. Let’s go over there… to the sofa. *walks over; places her down* Alright, we’ve arrived. Mm… *kisses*

R: In that call a while ago, I said I wanted to see you for a bit but… in the end it’s impossible. There’s no way I can let go after a bit… it’s you after all. And… I love you this much. I might not be able to return you home today. Hey… won’t you come back to my place after this? We can also stay here together with just the two of us. Either way, we’ll be on a soft and fluffy bed, yeah?

R: Mm… *kisses* No? Really? Awesome! I love you. Besides making the song, there has to be discussions about the CD jacket picture, and there’s tons of things that have to be done. Anyway, I might not be able to meet you… so, just for today, it’s okay for me to think only about you, right? *kisses* Nope, I’m not stopping. More… mm… *kisses*

*** TRACK 4: For You ***

R: Ah, you’re awake? Good morning. Did I wake you? You must be sleepy and it’s still this time. I see, but I’m a bit happy you’re up. Mm… *kisses* It’s the prince’s good morning kiss… kidding. How flustered are you getting? Cuuute. You’re super red. I’m going to touch your cheeks, hehe. Your cheeks are really soft though. It makes me want to keep touching them.

R: Eh? Are you angry? Sorry, I teased you too much… *hugs heroine* Nope, I don’t want you to be angry. Until you’re not angry, we’re going to stay like this. Really? Hmm… but I won’t let you go yet. Because I want to stay like this. When I hug you tightly like this, I’m the happiest I can be. You always smell nice and you fit perfectly in my arms.

R: When I hug you like this, it’s the best and it feels super good. Mmm… it’s so good it kind of makes me sleepy again. I have a meeting first thing in the morning but maybe I’ll go back to sleep with you like this~. Mm? It’s fine. I was just thinking we woke up too early. Look, it’s still completely dark.


R: Lots of things have to be decided on, so I thought about psyching myself up… hah, but I psyched myself up too much. That’s why going back to sleep again is completely fine. And you happen to be staying over too. While I have the time, I’m going to get some power from you. *kisses*

R: That look is cute… ah, honestly… no matter how long I look at it I never get tired. Let me hug you tighter… to the point where your smell gets on me. Mmm… I love you. Waking up in the morning and having you right beside me is the best thing ever. Mm… *kisses*

*scene skip; birds chirping*

R: Ngh… ah… Mm? Ah, crap! It’s this time already!? *leaps out of bed* I have to get ready right away! Ah, you can keep sleeping!

*runs out and door closes; scene skip; door opens*

R: Haa… my hair is still wet but it’s good enough. I’ll be in the car either way. Mm, I’m fine. If I leave now I’ll make it on time normally. There’s not much traffic at this time. Well, I’ve decided that I definitely won’t be late today so I’m going now. Mm, pretty much.


R: Actually, last night, it finally came to me. The way to remake our new song. I spoke with the staff and band members a lot during that last one and, for the moment, went back to a blank paper. This time I made a song that’ll make everyone agree to it. I think it’ll fire up the audience at the live too. It’s a completely different song from the one I made before. It’s packed full of an elaborate arrangement and though I think it’s necessary to challenge our own limits I don’t want people to decide on themselves as their limit.

R: It’s not that I don’t have any attachment to the song I made before, but I’m satisfied with this one right now. Because… this time it’s a song that can be thought of as having been made by Lumiere as a whole. And it’s thanks to you that I think of it like this. It’s because you made me notice that back then that I now think about seriously making a song that’ll excite everyone the most in that live and on that stage.

R: Ah, geez… *hugs heroine*… even though I have to go… if you have that look then I won’t want to let you go, right? Hey, can I ask for one thing? That smile… put it aside for me until the next time we meet. I’ll definitely show you how awesome this new song is. Once recordings start, I won’t be able to see you even more. But I’m going to work hard together with everyone in Lumiere and… I want to sing at the live soon. I want everyone… even just one person in a crowd to hear it. Of course, you too. Once the song is completed and I can do it at the live, I definitely want you to come.

R: That’s why I’m going to work hard for that. And the moment I meet you after finishing up the song, smile like you did just now. Just for me. Because that’s… my greatest reward… Ah, but in any case… not just a smile… but a kiss… would be fine with it too.


R: Isn’t it OK? Ah!… I seriously have to go. Mm, thanks.

*scene skip; he’s putting on shoes*

R: For some reason, having you see me off feels a bit weird. Usually, I’m showing you out. Relax here, okay? If the intercom or phone rings, you can leave it alone. Also, you have the keys, right? Then I’m heading out.

R: Actually, wait a minute. *kabedon and kisses*… I love you. More than anyone else in the world. That’s all… I wanted to say. See ya. I’m heading out for real this time. *door opens and closes*

*** TRACK 5: The Sweetest My Honey♡ *** 

*car driving*

R: Sorry for taking you out at this late time. Was anyone in your family angry? Hah, I see. I wanted you to hear it no matter what, so I couldn’t wait until tomorrow morning at all. The roads are empty too so we’ll arrive there soon. Yes, the new song is done. Actually, I literally just finished singing so it’s still unfinished. But, to me, it’s pretty settled.

R: Thanks… ah, no, wait! Right now, you have a huge smile, right? You can’t smile yet! I’m driving so I can’t see it! You’re in the car so I can’t take my eyes off the road. I have to be as safe as possible. Aah, geez, can’t we hurry up and make it there!

*scene skip; at studio and Ambitious Night plays*

R: How was it? The song just now? It’s just been recorded and the mixing hasn’t been done yet but it’s going to feel like this. *heroine claps* Right!? I knew you’d say that! I was confident too. The reactions from my band members were super good and the producer complimented me. But, well… I worked desperately hard until I could meet you again, so it’s natural. Anyway… here, come over.


R: Mmm… ah, I was really lonely. Isn’t this the first time we couldn’t meet each other? It’s fine… I’ve been ridiculously enduring this until today. Phone calls and texts really aren’t enough. I need to hug you tightly… I’m glad I had you listen to this no matter what today. Although I want you to listen to it at the live as soon as possible. That’s still in the future, huh.

R: I told you, didn’t I? This new song is for the live. The point is doing it on the stage. What you heard now was only just recorded, but the one on the CD will probably be closer to the live one. Even if I say that though, it’ll be completely different from the live one. In the first place, the sound you hear done in the studio box is different. The size of the booths are nice but the low tone of the drums and bass comes out more in the live. And so there’s an intensity there. Plus, there’s something even more conclusively different.

R: Mm. Ah, we just so happen to have it here. *turns something on; audience cheers*

R: *recording voice* Merci, minettes! Enjoy today’s live to the very end! *audience screams*

R: Mm, it’s the DVD for Lumiere’s arena tour. I gave you a sample too, right? I wanted to look back at it again. And I saw it during the singing… that’s when I thought “Ah, this is what’ll it be like going to the live”. Lives, you see, where there’s the cheers of the minettes and the noise of the venue… all of that lumped together is what completes a song. At that time, it ends after one time. There’s absolutely no take two.

R: This time we made a song for the live. That’s why I think what’ll really complete this song is the very moment I sing it at the live. It can’t be made except for on that day and with everyone… the greatest song. I want this song to be for that. So, I want to hurry and sing it in front of everyone. Of course, I want you to hear it too. Hey, you’ll come to this live, right? Thank you, heh, I believed in that. *kisses*


R: Hey, I’m done singing… so I might want to be spoiled more than usual by you, but… is that OK? Because I worked ridiculously hard to endure, you know? I really, definitely, absolutely won’t let you go. You said you’d give me a reward, right? So, please give me it. Right now… Don’t get embarrassed. Raise your head. Show me… your face that I love the most.

R: Mm, that’s right. Cute. Super cute… Ah, crap! I nearly did it again. Today, I’d like it to be from you. Hey, please give me my reward. It’s fine, right? Then… do it… a kiss. Come on. I won’t wait anymore. *kisses*

R: That’s the best. But I still want more. I said I was lonely, right? I really wanted to see you every day and the moment a call came I thought about going to see you so many times. But I held myself back properly, you know? For you the one I love so much. I told myself I had to make sure to concentrate and sing a good song. So, I want more rewards. Please give me seconds. *kisses*

R: … Hey, tomorrow is Saturday, are you off? Then let’s stay here all day. Alone together for the entire night. I also have a day off tomorrow, which I haven’t had in a long time. So I want to be together with you.


R: Nope, I’ve decided I won’t let you go tonight. And I said it before too. Here, come closer. Not me, you. Come on? Quickly. *heroine moves closer*… Yeah, like this, I really love it when you hug me tightly. Hey, isn’t your heart beating louder than usual? Heh, it’s been a while so you’re embarrassed?

R: That look is also really cute. But… I’m not going to stop here tonight. More and more… I’m going to make your heart race. For example, like this… *kisses*… Surprised? I already knew a long time ago that your ears are sensitive. This place is soundproof so it’s okay for you to make noise like you did just now. Heh, I was teasing. If I was going to kiss you then instead of your ears I like this place more… your lips, which I really like… love. *kisses*


R: Haa… I’m so ridiculously happy. I really feel like so long as you’re here I can work hard at anything. Ah, it’s not that I work hard because there’s rewards though. Of course, if there are then I’ll work hard. Hey, I said this a while ago, right? That no matter how big the venue, I’ll definitely find you from atop the stage. That’s… not a lie, you know? I’m confident I’ll definitely find you. When I see your face from the stage, I can sing a thousand times better than I normally do.

R: The new song you just heard, I can do an even better one! I guarantee that. I’ll sing thinking that it’s for you. So, there’s no meaning if you don’t come. Come to the live no matter what. Come to see the completion of that song. The moment I stand on the stage, you’ll be the very first to see it. Mm, it’s a promise. *kisses*

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    vanrocks2000 said:
    December 17, 2019 at 07:22

    I just recently found this series and I’m so glad for your translations >< I'm really enjoying this series <3 Thanks again for putting in the effort to translate these :D

      Ilinox responded:
      December 21, 2019 at 17:08

      Aw, you’re welcome! I’ve been trying to muster up the energy to finish the rest of the Riot series, but I’ve been having a sluggish translation period these days, haha. Thank you for enjoying these translations and commenting though!

    cowardlyolduniverse said:
    September 23, 2019 at 07:31

    heLLO you’re doing God’s work translating these thanks so mUCH REO IS SUCH A SWEETHEART I LOVE HIM ❤❤❤

    also, I was wondering if you’d be translating the rest of the Riot CDs :?

      Ilinox responded:
      September 25, 2019 at 12:41

      Aw, you’re welcome and I’m happy you enjoyed this translation! I… had plans to do the rest but LOL got really sidetracked by other things and my motivation just kind of plummeted. I still want to reach my best boy Ciel, but that’ll definitely have to wait until I clear my commission backlog and then see what I want to do afterwards. Thank you for leaving a comment <3!

    Yeeee said:
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    I feel like i’m commenting too late ><“ but thank you as always for the translation! I love seeing their development, i’m so glad for Reo. I’ll be waiting for the rest <3

      Ilinox responded:
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      No way, it’s never too late to comment on any of my posts <3 thank you for taking the time to do so!

    mumu said:
    November 8, 2018 at 07:48


      Ilinox responded:
      November 8, 2018 at 14:46

      He’s matured so much since the first CD! Look at him getting along with his band members T__T.

    Latria Solomon said:
    August 20, 2018 at 07:08


      Ilinox responded:
      August 21, 2018 at 11:19

      Hahaha, he grew up so much in this CD since the first one! Like supporting and talking to his band members more instead of viciously insulting them and then kicking them out |D.

        Reggie said:
        August 22, 2018 at 06:19

        That’s what I’m glad about him, I salute his girlfriend for handling this bast— her boyfriend (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* And I hope Ciel will come home soon….. 😞

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