Rouge et Noir ~ Maximum Bet ~

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Arlen Clive (アーレン クライヴ)
CV: テトラポット登

Rouge et Noir ~ Maximum Bet ~

It has been about a year since the overflow of the new strain of drug, Rouge et Noir. As that series of events head to an end, due to the weakening of the crime syndicate, House, you spend vexing days just concentrating on treatment from the aftereffects you suffered because of your deep cover operation a year ago, staying in the Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as SCID) as a narcotics officer.

But the fugitive, Arlen Clive, a top executive of House, suddenly appears in front of you. You are cautious as Arlen approachs you with a temporary partnership.

Although mutual interests coincide, Arlen’s real intention cannot be seen.
You are at a loss as to whether you should take that extended hand or not, but–.

(First, a huge thank you for the translation commission by Hina. This is the 8th volume in the Rouge et Noir series, so if you’re interested in the others… well ;) there’s a way to get them translated– ahaha, sorry sorry. But seriously, this series is so good when listened to in order. WARNING: This is R18.)

Here is a timeline for those confused since I’ve jumped around the series: Under the Gun > Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In. Jacks or Better occurs somewhere after Double Down and before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR edition is also a side story.

Just to keep things consistent. The title “Maximum Bet” refers to the maximum a person can bet at a gambling table, because sometimes there’s limits. Of course, there’s also a no-limit poker.

Note: All the titles in this series are poker/card terms, so I’ll be explaining those as we go along.

Before the events of the CD the heroine has been receiving these flower bouquets and mysterious letters. (I corrected the spelling in some because the Japanese is perfect but the English is a bit off, understandably). I’m sure you’ll understand the meaning of these letters after the contents of the CD.

  1. “Where is your light now?”
  2. “The confined fire is something that burns the hardest.”
  3. “Fate is that which carries your soul to the most appropriate location.”
  4. “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.”

*** TRACK 1: Original Raiser ***

In poker, the game starts when someone “opens” and makes the first bet. After the first bet, the other players may either “fold” to drop out and lose any bets they’ve made, “call” to match the highest bet so far, or “raise” to increase the previous high bet. The first person to raise is called the “original raiser” (I believe there’s a few other terms for this too).

*heroine showers; exits into room*

Arlen: Though you may be in love with this residence, is this apartment’s security not too weak?… Miss Narcotics Officer.

A: Heh, I will be imposing on you.

*heroine runs to drawer; retrieves gun*

A: It appears you’re more familiar with a gun than you were a year ago. But… *walks up; grabs gun; leans in*… you must know if a revolver’s cylinder is held onto then you can’t shoot. And your concentration is terribly dubious… as if you had no intention of shooting in the first place.

A: Heh, asking me what I came here for is quite cold. Although our relationship was fictitious, were we not lovers who had been heatedly entangled with each other countless of times?… Like this. *intense kisses*


A: … The sweetness of your lips hasn’t changed. I would love to slowly taste our moving reunion like this, but I’m in a bit of a hurry. We’ll continue this when you regain consciousness. *heroine slumps down; he catches her*… Good night.

A: Now then… *moves across room; dials phone*… It’s been a long time, Eiji Suou. I am actually visiting Japan for business. It wasn’t that difficult to find her. Incidentally, if my memory serves me right, that event one year ago… I’m sure I asked you to come pick up Sleeping Beauty. I don’t recall asking you to lock her up in a tower of thorns though?

A: Heh, even if that wasn’t your intention in truth it’s similar, is it not?… *walks over to heroine* But Sleeping Beauty has a fate of being woken some day by someone’s hand. *he strokes heroine* And the one to give a waking kiss to her is not always a fairy tale prince…

A: … Apologies, our time is up. Now, excuse me. *ends call* Heh… the declaration of war is complete. The actors have gathered… *breaks phone* Now, heh, the second game begins.

Narration: Rouge et Noir… Maximum Bet.

*** TRACK 2: Collusion ***

When two or more people at a poker table work together to win more money from the other players. Obviously, this counts as cheating and is not allowed.

*heroine shifting*

A: Have you woken up? *heroine dashes to door; door is locked* I’ll tell you in advance that there’s no place for you to run. This boat is heading to L.A.. Currently, we’re right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. If you understand then return to the bed. If you push yourself when the drugs haven’t cleared then it’ll be painful later.

*heroine returns; sits down*

A: Heh, good girl. *pours water* Drink? You look like you’d rather have the reason I took you than water. I’ll get right to the point: won’t you join hands with me?

A: For the restoration of House, the House Manager is trying to make an alliance with a certain underground organization in their home country… in order to regain the power House had, before it retreated greatly in this past year. However, I cannot approve of this alliance coming into existence. There, in order to obstruct the alliance, I’d like to borrow your hand.

A: There’s a benefit for you already. Before long the House Manager intends to re-examine Japan, but its alliance’s backing is essential for that. In other words, if the alliance is obstructed, you will be able to have prevented both the menace of House and Rouge et Noir.


A: Of course, I didn’t think you would easily nod your head. If you refuse, then I can return you to Japan but… once that happens, you will again relapse back into days of being a useless person on payroll.

A: Eiji Suou, after your undercover operation, took you from Kaasa, hid you in that room, and had you undergo treatment for drugs. Officially, it’s related to a solo top secret mission, or so that’s how it appears. If he didn’t do that, it wouldn’t have been strange if you, with your body corroded deeply by Rouge et Noir, were driven into retiring.

A: However, even if the addiction symptoms are alleviated to where there are no impediments to everyday life, there is a possibility that touching Rouge et Noir during an investigation would cause a flashback. In that case, he would be unable to protect you. As a result, even while you wish to return to the scene as soon as possible, that is not permitted and you’re left frustrated at your position of being told nothing but fragments of investigation information and being unable to move about. Am I mistaken?


A: If you’re lost then you should ask your heart. You’re at your limits remaining in the wings of the stage, no? *leans in* But I can grant you the opportunity to be on the stage again.

A: Heh, the part I wish for you to play is the active duty narcotics officer who, in the past, tried to win me over but was made to change sides and is my lover. In short, a cooperative worker in Japan. To show the House Manager that I am preparing for a retrial in Japan, as they have ordered. There’s no better casting than this, no? Now, you’re the one who chooses, Miss Narcotics Officer.

*heroine nods*

A: Heh, I thought you’d say that. With this, it can be said we’re accomplices again… Ahah, I know. In the end… it is temporary. *leans in* Now then… let’s stop our wicked plots here and it’s about time we continue our moving reunion. *intense kisses; heroine bites him*… Biting my lips… It appears you’ve become quite a naughty girl since I last saw you. But a bloody kiss isn’t unpleasant. *licks lips* That’s what makes it you. *kisses*


A: The drugs should have worn off already, but… your resistance is weak… in addition, you’re awfully sensitive. Look, it’s already pointed and hard here, as if it wanted this done earlier. *kisses*

A: … It’s faint but your skin has a floral scent… it seems your preferences are quite different from when you acted as my lover… Is this your bare self?… Hah, no, it’s not bad. Rather… it’s arousing. Show me more of what I don’t know about you. *kisses*

A: … Oh my, it seems this place is also sensitive. Look, you can hear it, can you not?… Mm… It’s tight, but it’s reacting as I trained it to… Heh, I see now… the reason you are like this. *slow kiss*


A: In this past year, you’ve been under the protection of Eiji Suou and, if he pleased, he could have comforted you as a man, yet… it appears he hasn’t done that. But then… if he had slept with you, even now I’d turn back to Japan and strike him down.

A: … Is something the matter?… Heh… If I said that was the case, what would you do? Hearing that I would be jealous, would you accept me on that feeling?… Silence has the same meaning as affirmation. It is as if you nodded. Heh, well then… *removes belt*… I’ll give you what you wish right now. *inserts himself*… No matter how much you reject me, your body remembers me. Because I’ve engraved myself into you over and over and over again. It’s natural. Ngh, look, even now, are you not violently desiring me? More… closer… you want it deeper… *thrusting*


A: Ah, it wouldn’t be bad to make love to you gently, affectionately, and confuse you, but… when I hear that voice of yours even that thought vanishes. Ngh… *kisses; slow thrusts*… Come to think of it, even the first time we shared a bed together at night I’ve never had gentle sex with you. Even when you shouted that you couldn’t take any more as you reached the summit, I thrust myself into you countless of times, and I remember your delicate gasps well each time I shook you up… It’s nostalgic, is it not? *hard thrusting*

A: Look, that night as well, I pulled your arms like this and pierced you deeply, and then, like you were squeezing me to the utter limits, you clenched around me… Haa… haa… haa… Ahaha, what a nice expression… Haa, haa, haa, haa…

A: It’s so hot inside… Because you’re wrapped around me so tightly I’m already on the brink of going off… nrgh… *kisses; thrusting*… You’re at your limits as well. I’ll make you come like this. *rapid breathing; thrusting*


A: Look, I’m releasing… *they orgasm*… Agh… nrgh… haa… haa… *last thrust; kisses*

A: … Now, you should sleep some more… Heh, did you think I’d fuck you until you lost consciousness? It’s a ten day or more trip until L.A.. There’s no need to be impatient… *kiss*… We have a lot of time. You should enjoy it slowly.

*** TRACK 3: High Roller ***

The term for a poker player who frequently plays in high stakes games.

*exiting to surface of boat*

A: You can see it, Los Angeles. It appears our objective has arrived first. There is an enormous ship anchored to the white wall, no? The 45,000 ton passenger ship, Seventh Heaven. It’s something that was arranged on purpose to welcome the VIPs this time. Starting tomorrow for a period of two days a party will be held on that ship. Including the networking of both organizations for the completion of the alliance.

*scene skip; he knocks on door*

A: Excuse me. *opens door* Are you pleased with the present from me? Heh, it suits you very well. But… touché. This evening you are a little too charming. I prepared a necklace to match that dress, but… *drops it on the table*… it’s unnecessary. *steps into heroine* What should decorate your neck is… this alone. *kisses hard*


A: Look, my mark has been placed clearly on your pale skin. Heh, it would be a problem if the House Manager and alliance partner said they wanted you. *footsteps outside* Hm? *door knock*

A: Come in. *door opens and closes* Are the venue preparations settled? I see. Aah, that reminds me, you two weren’t introduced to each other. Allow me to introduce you two again. Gilles Lagrene, my aide.

A: Heh, it’s true he was given the short end of the stick due to the Nikolai matter, but he understands his position well. Isn’t that so, Gilles? Well, there you have it. Do you understand? Heh, well then… come, it’s time for the party.

*** TRACK 4: Slowplay ***

A deceptive play when a player bets weakly or passively to trick other players, who might have folded, into raising or making them bet more strongly than they would have if the deceptive player had played aggressively.

A: Is this crowd more than you imagined? This time it’s not just members of House and its alliance partner but also people who are involved were invited. Tomorrow night both parties are scheduled to play poker in the ship.

*door opens; people gasp and clap*

A: Oh my, it appears the main guest has arrived. Julio Emiliano. One of the leaders of the Emiliano family. Heh, he is not just young looking, but a little boy with shallow experience still in this world. What is important… is his background. Have you heard the name Cosa Nostra? They were active in the Prohibition era and made a name for themselves in the past in this country as a legendary mafia.

A: In the 1980s, they were driven close to annihilation due to the FBI but one section of the upper echelons and its blood relations went underground and secretly continued their activities. Even now in the underworld, with their master’s charisma, they hold tremendous influence. Yes, Emiliano is one of them. The House Manager is trying to command their respect and connections… like a parasite.

A: Well, for the present, we only need to enjoy ourselves in this place tonight.

*scene skip; door opens and closes*

A: … What’s the matter? You look like you wish to say something. Heh, you surmised that much from knowing Emiliano’s background? You’re sharp, as expected. As you say, it would not be an exaggeration to claim that House’s fate hangs on this alliance. If obstructed, the organization would become even weaker and it would result in a collapse.


A: I don’t care. I said it before, did I not? That House is just a means for me and not my goal. In regard to that goal, the existence of House itself has become a hindrance. That is all.

A: Aah, that I took you with me because I wanted you to act the part of a cooperative partner was a downright lie. It would have been simple to bind and confine you but… if possible, I wanted you to act alongside me on your own will.

A: Well… my real purpose of taking you with me is something else entirely. However… I have no intentions of telling you now in this place. Heh, angry? In the first place, you should know firsthand that I am a man who cannot be trusted. Everything may be a lie, but even while thinking that you chose to take my hand, no?

A: It seems I hit the mark. And? What made you do that? *leans in* The pure sense of duty as a narcotics officer? Or… is it because of the fever that is even now afflicting you? Heh, your eyes are more honest than your lips. *kiss* Is there something else you wish to say?

A: *heroine yanks him into kisses* Mmpf!… Hah… “Shut up”, you say? Heh, very well. *kisses; unzips dress*


A: It’s good this dress is easy to remove. *tosses his jacket* Heh, is it that unusual for me to take off my jacket? A tuxedo is a little tight for doing things like this… *kisses*

A: … Mm, what? This? Ah, it’s the wound I got at the church in Kaasa… Are you satisfied now? It’s nothing enjoyable to look at. *heroine licks it* Ngh!… What are you doing?… It seems you’re misunderstanding; this left shoulder is proof of my carelessness. Mngh!… Will you not stop!? *pulls her back* The scar won’t disappear with you licking at it like a cat.

A: … Unreasonable girl. *throws down* Be grateful that the carpet in this room is soft. *kisses down*


A: To be so wet down here… how shameless. *gives oral; heroine orgasms*

A: … You came already? That was quick.

A: … Why are you looking at me with those eyes?… Stop it… Grgh! *flips her around; removes belt* In my relationship with you, it’s more appropriate for us to be connected like this from behind like animals. *thrusts in* Ngh! Raise… your hips more. Aah… haa… tonight, you can’t seem to help but break my stride. I should have done it like this from the beginning so that we both can’t see each other’s faces. Now, cry! All you need to do now is moan wildly. Don’t think about anything unnecessary…! *harsh thrusts; rough breathing*


A: It’s quite easy to slide inside… Is it because you just came?… In this state, your second time will also come soon. Look, it’s saying it wants more of me and deeper…! Haa… haa… haa…

A: *snarling* Don’t look over here! Ngh… don’t look…! *kisses*

A: … Hagh… haah… haa… it’s twitching and heaving inside… Are you coming again? In that case, come quickly. But I won’t be gentle… as if I’d do that…! Nrgh! *kisses; thrusting; heroine orgasms*

A: You came?… Haah… I’ll release too… *thrusting; rough breathing; he orgasms*…

*scene skip*

A: … She fell asleep from exertion. *picks heroine up; places her down on bed; caresses her*… “What win I, if I gain the thing I seek? A dream, a breath, a froth of fleeting joy”… Please don’t disturb my heart so much… as everything will be over soon. Heh, I’m the one who has more of a serious illness than you. I’m going to clear my head in the sea breeze… Good night. *kiss*
(T/N: Quote from William Shakespeare’s, “The Rape of Lucrece“).

*** TRACK 5: House Advantage ***

The mathematical advantage a commercial gambling venue has over you as you play over time to ensure a percentage return to the gambling venue over time. Basically, this ensures that the house will always end up making money.

A: It’s about time soon. *radio crackle* It’s me. Execute it as planned.

A: Ah, tonight this ship is scheduled to depart from Los Angeles. A short cruise until the poker game is done. You? If you wish to know what I’m trying to do then come with me. I’m certain all the answers you seek are at the end of this. *heroine nods* Heh, it’s decided then.

*radio crackles*

A: Gilles? What’s wrong? *radio crackles* Ah, my apologies, I completely forgot about you all. But you can catch up with me from here, right? I’ll be waiting.

A: It’s nothing serious. I didn’t tell Gilles that the boat would be moving. I only left him behind in the harbor. Hah, there’s no need to worry. He’s capable; he’ll manage something at this degree of irregular variables. More importantly, let’s go.

*scene skip; poker game*

A: Call.

A: Raise. 250,000.

A: May I take this as everyone folding? Then, I shall be taking the chips here. *audience applauding*


A: Heh, it’s an honor to be awarded praise, House Manager. That’s true, let’s do another round like this… is what I’d like to say, but before the next game begins please excuse me for a second.

A: *to heroine* My apologies, but can you speak to the bartender and get some water? Yes, not alcohol, I’d like water. *heroine goes to get it and returns* Thank you. I’m sorry to trouble a lady.

A: *to everyone else* Yes, I’m not feeling that well. Because… *steps over and splashes someone with the water; audience gasps* a filthy stray dog that’s slipped in is releasing a terrible stench. Did you think you’d trick my eyes by dressing neatly, acting with manners, and being a spectator? The boss dog of Underdog is quite laughable.

A: *to heroine* Yes, this is one answer. Emiliano, who showed interest in Rouge et Noir, formed an alliance with Underdog first. House has the method of creating Strategy but for the Mafia, who prizes reputation, to cast away Underdog at this point will cause various troubles. There, Emiliano, ordered the House Manager to reconcile with Underdog as a condition for the alliance. Among the original Main Cage members who started House together with me, the only one remaining alive now… is the House Manager.


A: As long as he closes his eyes, the one who holds a deep grudge against Underdog is… me alone now. That is why he accepted those conditions and persuaded the rest of the House executives. He will purge me here… as proof of reconciliation. *everyone draws their guns* See? Easy to understand, right? With this, the entirety of House has become my enemy. Well, I had no intention of coming together with men who exist with stray dogs.

A: *walks over to heroine; pulls her into him*… It goes against a gentleman’s manners to dirty a lady’s dress with blood. Especially in the dazzling light of the chandelier. *cocks his own gun; shoots chandelier so it crashes; audience screams* We’re getting out of here! *they run; shots are fired*

*kicks open a door; shuts it*

A: Are you unharmed? Then let’s go. This way. *they run; explosion happens* Oh! Are you alright? Heh, it seems to have begun. I’ll explain later. *they run; gunfire*

A: I apologize for the rough escort. There’s just a bit many of them. *reloads gun* Oh my, it looks like the next marks have come. *shoots his gun* This time it’s that side? *heroine runs to get gun; she shoots someone*

A: !!!… Hah, I forgot. When push comes to shove, you’re not a woman who settles obediently in my arms, huh. Then I’ll end the escort here. Let’s go as a united front. *gunfire* RUN!


A: Two at two o’clock! *gunfire*

A: Seven behind us. *gunfire*

A: Newcomers. Let’s hurry. *they run* Look there, if we climb those stairs we can exit out onto the deck. In this situation, did you think I was a man who’d wager on a low chance of success? Never mind that, just run straight through like this.

*they climb stairs; slam through deck door; helicopter noises and cocked guns*

A: Haa… haa… See? I think you understand now the reason I said there’s no need to worry. They arrived on time as planned.

A: I’m happy you’re precise in keeping time… Gilles. Or, I suppose it would be more appropriate in this place to call you… Investigator Gabriel Garrett.

*** TRACK 6: Drawing Dead ***

When a player has absolutely no chance to win a hand, no matter what card they’re dealt with next.

A: You seem confused and unable to comprehend the situation. Gilles is an active duty FBI investigator who infiltrated House. This time, in order to arrest Emiliano, he joined hands with me. He’s a person with mutual interests.

A: *to Gilles* Oh my, do you hold a grudge for having been outwitted and deserted? Both of us hid things from each other. You hid the matter about Underdog until the very end on purpose. I don’t want excuses. It was so that I wouldn’t disturb your plans by going off, right? Considering all that, I overheard your actions in L.A. and Vegas though?

A: Heh, you could have done better. But then again, gathering secret information is my specialty. Well, who cares about that now. More importantly, if you’ve secured your target then you won’t mind if I do whatever I like with one or two stray dogs, yes? Then… please escort her home first.

A: *walks over to heroine* I’ll return soon. For a short time, be a good girl beside Gilles. *kiss* There are… still things I have left undone.

*scene skip; he lights a cigarette; raises gun*

A: … *cocks gun; shoots it* No matter where you hide, your unpleasant stench hits my nose. Even if you tuck your tail and run… how about trying to do it better? *shoots him twice; smokes cigarette*

A: For being the top of an organization, how unsightly. He… Arlen… wouldn’t have begged for his life. *shoots him three times; bullets drop* It’s surprisingly boring to corner a wounded stray dog. *reloads gun* I’ve grown tired of tormenting you… *finishes reloading*


A: *smokes cigarette; stubs it out; kisses his ring* How about I end it. *cocks gun; someone shoots a warning shot* Ngh!

A: … Hah. Oh dear, I told you to be a good girl beside Gilles. Did you come to stop me? Heh, problematic girl. Yes, killing the Underdog boss with my own hands… that is your second answer. Hah, it’s too late to stop now. I’ve already sunk several Underdog executives in Macau’s sea. Like he did to Arlen… I cut off their right hand. These hands are more blood-stained than you ever imagined.

A: Even with all that, will you stop me?… Heh, it seems we cannot talk this over. *he raises gun; heroine does too* If you seriously intend to stop me then, before I end his life, you will have to shoot me in the forehead with the one remaining bullet in that gun. Will you kill me? Or will you let me kill him? The choices given to you… are those two only. Now, choose.

*heroine’s hands shake*

A: Heh… “Those who live in the light of the day cannot comprehend the depths of the night”… You don’t have to understand it. You… shouldn’t come over to this side.
(T/N: He modified a Nietzsche quote).

*he raises his gun; cocks it; inhales deeply*

A: Please… stay like that.

*one lone gunshot*

*** TRACK 7: Stake Back ***

You can stake a player in poker, which basically means becoming their backer. It’s like investing in a company and basically you give them the money to use in the game in exchange for the profits (or some portion thereof) that they generate.

*helicopter leaves; car stops and people get out*

A: I appreciate the reception. From your appearance, almost everything has been settled, Gilles. Yes, things are settled over here too… without a hitch. Then I’ll ask you to fulfill your promise. Take me to him… to that said place. *to heroine* You come too. There is a man I want you to meet.

*scene skip; birds chirping; bells ringing; they go from a trail to wooden building; door creaks open*

A: Over here.

*walking through an empty church*

A: He’s inside the coffin.

*heroine walks over; reels back*

A: Heh, allow me to introduce you two. He is… the real Arlen Clive. *kisses his ring* My younger twin. Hah, I had the exact same reaction as you right now when I faced his corpse in the morgue. Even though he’s been dead for several years… it’s as if he’s sleeping, no? He was sunk into the frozen sea by the Mafia and, cut off from the open air, he did not decay; instead, the composition inside his body changed.

A: Called adipocere, it’s the phenomenon of an eternal corpse. To those deeply religious, it seems this is called a miracle. Once he was discovered, after the ice broke, he was recovered by the FBI and his DNA tested.


A: The result showed it was another person similar at the genetic level to Van Clive, the FBI investigator who was treated as missing… it was established that it was the remains of his younger twin, Arlen Clive. And then the FBI realized it… that us twins switched places. That is why they sent Gilles, as an undercover investigator, into House to continue watching me.

A: When I was in the FBI I was involved in highly classified information. Naturally, in the course of acting solo, it wouldn’t have been strange for me to have made special personal connections that only I knew about. Even the route to get in contact with Emiliano was one of those things brought about by chance. To the FBI, who were pursuing the remnants of the Cosa Nostra for years, this was information they wanted so badly they could taste it. The rest… you can probably imagine.


A: Yes… The FBI suggested turning over Arlen’s remains as terms for cooperating with the arrest of Emiliano. No matter how much I searched up to now, I wouldn’t have found Arlen… because… he was hidden in order to be a transaction for me.

A: Out of some fate, Underdog became entangled there too, but… achieving Arlen’s revenge and recovering his remains has made this an ideal stage. This is your third answer. *his phone rings* Oh my, speak of the devil…

A: *answers phone* It’s me. We’re still in the church. I’ll be taking him like this. And? What are you planning to do after this?… What?… Haha, can this even be laughed at? The FBI investigator carrying the same name as a messenger of God coming to tell me of the miracle brought by my atheist twin… this irony is too good to be true. Good lord… you’ve done it now, Gilles, no… Gabriel… Yes… I know. *ends call*


A: Oh dear. The archangel at where Gabriel works… the FBI has pulled a deus ex machina. It’s the absolute power that resolves everything conveniently, the god from the machine, that appears in a hopeless tragedy. It ignores the characters in the play and even the story that has been written. That is what a deus ex machina is. It’s not that I didn’t anticipate it making an appearance, but… heh, in the end, an unnecessary thing has been done.

A: The FBI is treating all the crimes I’ve committed to present as belonging to the real Arlen Clive, and cancelled the international search on grounds of the death of the suspect. Hereafter, I will be apprehended by another investigation agency to prevent me from leaking important information.


A: As Emiliano and the majority of the executives who started House with the manager have been arrested the collapse of House is decided. That being the case, rather than sending me to jail as a prisoner, it’s more convenient for them to put me under observation in a place they can keep an eye on. When needed, they can pull out information from me. And they can erase me whenever they want.

A: Indeed, it’s very characteristic of the FBI to do things this way… but a deus ex machina isn’t needed to close this stage. I’ll be turning my face away from the will of God. Heh, you’ll understand soon. First *walks to coffin*… I need to hold a proper memorial service for him.

*** TRACK 8: Angle Shooter ***

It’s when a player rides the thin line between cheating and not cheating. Basically, their actions are technically within the rules of the game but are unethical, unfair, and/or exploits an inexperienced player, etc.

*leaves blowing outside*

A: This is good enough. I buried you alone before but… it was just your right hand. *heroine holds out flowers* Ah, no. Can you offer that to his spirit instead? That pure white flower bouquet isn’t appropriate for my hands. *heroine goes to place it on grave*

A: … With this I can finally return to you… this ring and your name. *takes off ring and places it on grave* Good night, Arlen… this time… rest in peace.

Van: … It’s taken quite a long time, attending to various things. No, it’s not over yet. There’s one more important thing left. *turns to heroine* Arrest me… Miss Narcotics Officer.

V: You have no reason to arrest me? Heh, that’s not true. I said I would turn my face away from the will of God, didn’t I. *takes out pill bottle* If there’s Rouge et Noir here… you can use it as the reason to arrest me, not as Arlen Clive, but as Van Clive. If I confess to all my crimes up to present evidently then I would be judged by the laws of your country.


V: Seeing that they’ve cancelled the international warrant, the FBI can’t do anything serious. And with you being a distinguished young narcotics officer, with so much achievements, there’s a low risk the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare will question this. In other words, you can return to the official title of your job. As you’ve always wished for, right?

V: Heh, those words are quite unlike you. Do you plan on overlooking the man in front of you who has committed crimes? In that case, you’ll be giving my arrest at this point, which you and your colleagues have been pursuing, to a complete stranger as a meritorious deed.

V: Eiji Suou is cognizant of the fact that I kidnapped you. He must not have told that to his surroundings yet. Thinking about your safety, eventually he will have no choice but to start an open criminal investigation. If that’s the case, I intend to personally go to the police in Japan with my crime of kidnapping. But, in this situation, there will be an inquiry into the lie regarding your top secret mission and it would be difficult for you to make a comeback. And Eiji Suou too, who has continued to protect you, will be forced into a grave position.


V: That you would wish for such a conclusion… is something I cannot possibly think you would do. Am I mistaken?

V: Yes. Being arrested by your hands… that is your last answer. That is my real purpose for taking you with me. Everything follows the scenario I’ve written. See? This time it’s not a break-even; it’s my sweeping victory. *heroine slaps him*

V: Hah, that’s right. It’s the worst, warped, and self-satisfied scenario. Nevertheless, I didn’t want to entrust this to someone else. The one to close the curtains on this stage… had to be you.


V: *heroine hugs him* !!… Heh, yes, just now that wasn’t a lie but my true feelings. No… why don’t we go overtime for a moment? *holds her back*… Obtaining you like this, we can forget both our positions and pasts and everything, and go somewhere far away… It’s not that I didn’t see, even for an instant, such a selfish dream… but, right now, I have an even stronger wish.

V: Even if fragmented it is not lost, this strong light, which can be noticed in any kind of darkness, just shines brightly… that light which rests in your eyes… I’ve… fallen in love with it. That is why I want that light to continue shining in the place it belongs.


V: Even… *strokes heroine’s face* if you leave these hands… if I’m never allowed to touch you again… *heroine pounds his chest; he holds her tightly*… That’s right, I’m an unfair and cruel man. Because right now I don’t even have the means to stop your tears… I’m so foolish it’s laughable. That’s why you can blame me… hate me… that would be the greatest punishment for me… Good. In this world, I beg of you, be the only one… to not forgive me.


V: The handcuffs are in the inner pocket of my jacket. *heroine takes it out; puts it on*

V: Hah, the other side is being put on you? I don’t intend to run though.

V: … I see. If you wish to do that then I don’t mind. It’s strange… even though we’ve held hands as a flirtation, kissed each other, and even slept with each other… even though we’ve done those to the point where they can’t even be counted… Heh, if I’m not being conceited, for the first time through this cold and lifeless chain… I feel like I’m connected with you from our hearts.


V: … Thank you, Miss Narcotics Officer. *kiss; they clasp hands*

V: Let’s go. To the place we each belong… Heh, I’m relying on you to guide me. Show me the way with your hands.

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: As Time Goes By ***

*walking through snow*

V: It’s piled up quite a bit this year. I remember the first time I visited this place… That reminds me, I heard a mysterious story from the cemetery caretaker. There are many graves which have gone to ruin here, but every year, when it becomes Christmas morning, there is only one grave where snow has been carefully brushed off and a bouquet offered. However, they have never seen the person who has been doing that even once.

V: When I heard it was a pure white Casa Blanca bouquet… I knew. It was you, right? Miss Narcotics Officer. *heroine turns around* No, now you’re an ex-narcotics officer, right?… It’s been a long time.

V: Heh, that would be the case. It’s been a very long time since that day we last saw each other. I also grow old. Besides, it’s not just me. You’ve also changed a little.


V: *turns to grave* You too. Ever since that day, Arlen… I’m sorry for not showing up. She came to see you while I was away, didn’t she…

V: May I ask you one thing? Right after you arrested me and returned to your country, it seems you personally quit from the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare… Why? Even though you wished to return.

V: … You… Hah, ahaha! You won’t do things my way? Good gracious… that’s just like you. So it didn’t become the scenario I wrote, in other words. This means I have to correct myself. At that time, I declared it was my sweeping victory, but… the score of the game between us, with your one win, makes us even. At the end of the day, I couldn’t win against you in the end. Touché. I can’t win against you.


V: What do you mean I’m wrong?… In that case, there’s no victor in this game. Nobody… what remains is only the two of us, who couldn’t be a winner or loser.

V: Are you going home?… I see. I am going to stay here for a while longer. After that… well… nothing. I haven’t thought about anything. According to your country’s laws, the crimes I have repeated are worthy of capital punishment or penal servitude. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to breathe the outside air again like this, but… there were many crimes that couldn’t be judged with only a confession and no evidence.

V: Hah… to think the times I unconsciously erased my traces, when I was acting as House’s Pit Boss, would backfire in this form. Thanks to that, I’m at a loss. Until that day, I acted only to achieve my goal. That’s why, right now, to be frank, I don’t know what I should do and that’s the truth.

V: My dream? No, I don’t have one. Yes… because it’s been granted.

V: … I got to see a glimpse of you. That is all. After that… I don’t wish for anything more.


V: Do you not have anything? A dream you want granted. Yes, tell me.

V: … Are you serious?… I don’t have anything. The only things that remain are numerous crimes that can’t be atoned for and the name Van Clive… Even still, though?… Really?… I understand. If you wish for that then… *hugs heroine*

V: … I’ll stay by your side. *kisses*… I won’t let you go anymore.

*scene skip; door is unlocked, opens, and closes*

V: It’s a little similar to the room I had in New York, when I used to have my old home. How many years have you been here alone?… You haven’t returned to Japan?… I see.

V: *heroine comes over to hold his hand* … What? It’s the same as your hand. *he holds her hand* It’s cold… chilled by the snow, huh. *breathes on her hand* Are you cold? *heroine hugs him*

V: Me too? But… *holds her tightly; breathes in deeply* I know. Let’s warm up together. *kisses; lifts heroine up* I’m going to borrow your bed.

*opens doors; he places heroine on the bed; kisses*


V: Turn your back to me. Your shoulders and back are chilled. I want to warm up your entire body. *heroine turns around* Thank you. *kisses*

V: … Does it tickle?… Ah, it arouses you, good… you’ll become warm… *kisses*

V: Look, when did this place become feverish… *kisses; using his fingers*… It’s spilling onto my fingers. At this rate, your underwear will be dirtied… *undresses her*… Spread your legs. I’ll lick everything up. *gives oral*


V: Right after it becomes clean… syrup seeps out… It’s twitching deep inside where my tongue can’t reach, as if impatient. I need to use my fingers… amazing… it’s squeezing tightly around my fingers…

V: Your voice has risen… and it’s squeezing tightly… You’re about to come, are you not?… You don’t have to hold back. I’ll make you come. *heroine orgasms* Ngh! Mm… Oh my, it’s trickled onto the palm of my hand too. *licks it clean*

V: You’ve sweated a little. Heh, it doesn’t seem like you’re cold any longer. Now, let’s make you feel good once more. Here… *heroine stops him* What’s wrong?… Heh, I see. Alright. I’ll give it to you as much as you like. *removes belt*


V: Can you sit on my lap? I want to see your face closely. Hah… Come… Open your mouth. *kisses*

V: … I’ll be entering you now. Ngh… haa… Relax… *inserts himself* Ngh…! Haa… haa… I’m sorry if I’ve made you feel pain. Are you alright?… I’m glad. *kisses*

V: Put your hands on my back. I’m going to move… ngh… haa… *thrusting* It’s hot… much more so than when I touched you with my fingers… I can feel your warmth, hah… that’s right… feeling you, I’m sure I’m burning up more than you… it’s impossible for me not to be burning… because you’re in my arms like this… Ngh…! Aah… haa… angh… haa…


V: Your hips are moving. That’s assertive of you… It’s not that you can’t but, as far as I know, you didn’t do this often in the past. I see, at that time I didn’t do anything but what I wanted. Sex is something two people mutually do. I had forgotten even such an obvious thing. *thrusting; rough breathing*

V: It feels good… above anything and everything… it feels like I’m being filled with you. *kisses; thrusting*

V: Mm… what? *inhales sharply*…………… *exhales; holds heroine tightly*…… If… I were to say the same thing… To put those words in my mouth… Would you allow me?… I love you… I adore you… I cherish you… You are unbearably dear to my heart.


V: I thought I’d never have the right to tell this to you. Because I was the one who told you not to forgive me… Hah, I see… That’s enough. Love me without forgiving me. And I won’t ask for your forgiveness… and love you without being forgiven. *kisses; thrusting*

V: You can’t squeeze me so tightly inside… I won’t be able to stand it… *thrusting*… Heh, you too?… Hah, we’re the same. In that case, let’s go together… *rough breathing; thrusting*… Hug me tightly like that… you can even dig your nails in… even that pain lets me feel you… Look this way… I want to kiss you… *kisses; thrusting; rapid breathing; they orgasm* Angh! Ngh… *kisses*

V: Haa… haa… haa… Aah, me too… let me stay like this for a while longer… I still want you feel you… *tender kisses*… I love you.

[28:10] *scene skip; birds chirping*

V: It’s morning?… It looks like the snow has stopped. The sun is shining… Ah, good morning. *kiss; heroine hugs him* Ah!… What’s wrong? Did you think I’d go somewhere while you were sleeping? Didn’t I say it… that I’d stay beside you. I’m here… as long as you wish it… I won’t go anywhere anymore. Relieved?

V: Heh… it’s like you’re a young child… *strokes her head*… How long has it been… since I welcomed a morning like this? Mm… it’s almost strange how my heart is… at peace… *gentle breathing*

*scene skip*

V: Ngh…! Ah, oh no, I went back to sleep. *he gets up; goes to other room*


V: My apologies, it seems like I fell asleep at one point. What are you doing? *heroine pours a drink* Coffee?

V: … Heh, no… spending the night in your house… and when I wake, having you pour me coffee… It’s like… like we’ve become lovers. It makes me almost feel like I’m hallucinating.

V: What?… You… Hah, good gracious… I honestly can’t beat you. *walks over to heroine; holds her* You’re right. I love you. And you love me too. In that case… we might be lovers. Even if it’s different from the people around us and in a warped shape. Is it alright for me to think that?

V: Heh… Let me say it once again… I love you. *kiss*… I love you from the bottom of my heart.

*** ANIMATE/OFFICIAL TOKUTEN: Side Rouge ~ Case of Arlen ~ ***

Note2: BAD END that splits in Track 4.

A: … She fell asleep from exertion. *picks heroine up; places her down on bed; caresses her*… “What win I, if I gain the thing I seek? A dream, a breath, a froth of fleeting joy”… Please don’t disturb my heart so much… as everything will be over soon. Heh, I’m the one who has more of a serious illness than you. I’m going to clear my head in the sea breeze… Good night. *kiss*

*heroine grabs him when he tries to leave*

A: … You were awake? Hah, what’s wrong? You’re not a child who gets lonely sleeping alone, are you. I’ll return soon. *she grabs him again*… What?… You really are acting strange tonight. Go to sleep. *she embraces him* Ngh!…

A: If this is a joke in poor taste… This is your only chance to withdraw your previous words. *heroine shakes her head*… Are you saying that… in all seriousness? *heroine nods* Hah… ahahaHAHAHAHA!! Good lord, regarding revenge and love… women are more savage than men. “I love you”… you’re saying that to me? *intense kisses*


A: Yes, I know. How do I know? Because I also love you… more than you know… I want you. However, you haven’t noticed, have you… that just now you’ve personally torn a hole in my reason. What do you think is at the end of this?… A love and longing similar to hatred… the fear of losing something… the last stop of those is an obsession that borders on madness. Prepare yourself. I won’t let you run anymore. No matter what means I have to use.

A: Nrgh! *opens drawer; pulls out vial*… This is called Second Barrel; its purity as a drug is much higher than the Rouge et Noir I gave you in the past. When used with Strategy there’s no pain from the Noir side but, in any case, it’s a deadly poison to you. If you take it you’ll simply drown in pleasure and, regardless of whether it’s day or night, you’ll end up thinking only about being fucked by the man you say you love.

A: Hah, and still you wish to stay beside me? Those are some killer words. *grabs heroine* As if I’d let you go… you… belong to me. *opens vial; drinks it; kisses heroine*


A: You didn’t think I would drink it too? I won’t let you go alone… to the hell of obsessive love and pleasure. I’ll fall together with you. Haha! Good, now, why don’t the two of us become true beasts. *intense kisses*

A: Aah, I feel like I’m electrified to my bones. It’s a nostalgic sensation, but… this is vastly different from that time. *kisses*… This time you’ve also wished for and accepted it… no? To think a day would come where our hearts are connected in this form, haha. For a criminal and a narcotics officer who stepped off the path… what a fitting end. *animalistic kisses and breathing*

A: Aah… aah… you’re sopping wet… Nrgh… ngh… haa… Look, you’re soaked more than you were when I fucked you a while ago. There’s no need to stretch you, huh. What you need right now is… *removes belt roughly*… this, right?

A: Look, I’m already hard as a rock. Mngh… haa… haa… I’ll give it to you right now. *shoves himself in*… Ngh!… You’re clenching so hard. Do you want to squeeze it out from me that much? *heavy breathing and thrusting*


A: What a loud noise… Come on, listen to the sound of where you and I are connected… it’s echoing lewdly and sloppily, like it’s even ravishing your eardrums. Haa, haa, haa… when I think about how I’m the one making you make these noises I feel beyond aroused… Nrgh! Haa, haa, haa…

A: You have tears in your eyes already, but it doesn’t seem to be because of pain… Ecstasy, right now that word suits you well. It’s a face I haven’t seen before… this is the taste of the fallen pleasure you wished for. Corrupting, isn’t it? Fall more… and what you should look at… what you should think about… is me alone. *rough thrusting and breathing*

A: Here now, come… show me your wanton face. *kisses and thrusting and beastly breathing; she orgasms; he goes on until he orgasms*

A: … You can’t possibly be thinking of ending it with this one round, right? *thrusts again* Ngh! Look, you’re clenching me hard and not letting go, telling me to hurry up and give you the next one. Do you want more? Hah, what an honest and good girl. Until everything of you is dyed in my color, I’ll pour it into you any number of times. Nrrgh! *thrusting and rough breathing*


A: The second time seems to be quick… no, I’m the same as well… Even now, it’s tight to the point where I’m about to come… Good lord, what a problem… haa, haa, haa… *intense thrusting and breathing*… Don’t avert your eyes. Look well at the man who dragged you over to this side! *animalistic kisses*… Here, I’m going to come! Feel who you belong to deep inside. *thrusting; they orgasm; heroine squirts*

A: Haa… haa… haa… grrgh… nrgh… Hah, you’ve dirtied the bed quite impressively. It seems like it’d be awful to sleep on those soaked sheets… What do you need to apologize for? In the first place, I neither feel like sleeping nor am I going to let you sleep. Between you and I, we’re only going to be connected insatiably until the effects of the drug ends and we lose consciousness like marionettes whose strings have been cut. *he pulls out*


A: Look at this thing of mine. Even while covered in your slick, it doesn’t know how to calm down. Hah, those are some hungry-looking eyes… Do you want to try swallowing it? *heroine gives BJ* Angh! Mm… haa… aah… haa… Don’t use your teeth. Well, at this point, even that pain might be thought of as pleasure, but… I’d rather not have it bitten off. And you’d be troubled if you didn’t have this, right? Aah… mm… Right there, suck it harder… take it deep inside, wrap your tongue around it, ah… ngh… aah…

A: You too, move your hips this way. Climb above me… Your hips are moving. You can’t endure it with just swallowing me, can you… Aah, my cum is trickling down. Hah, I’ll scrape it all out with my hand.


A: Hah, don’t just let things be done to you. Won’t you continue with me as well? It’s painful being neglected partway through… mngh… haa… yes, like that… aah… Ngh! Look, you’re clean now. Hah, because you’re empty inside now I’ll have to pour it into you once again, huh. *he gives oral*

A: … You’ve stopped moving. What’s wrong? *heroine turns around and sinks down on him* Ngh! Aah! Haa… hah, how aggressive. So my fingers and tongue weren’t enough. Very well, I’ll shake you up until you’re satisfied. *beastly thrusting and breathing*

A: What an awfully lewd view… you’re straddling me, becoming disheveled as much as you want, the appearance of a proud narcotics officer is nowhere to be found anymore. Ahahaha!! It doesn’t seem like you understand what I’m saying any longer. Probably, with the aftereffects you have, you’re more sensitive to the circulating poison of Second Barrel. Haa, haa… that’s fine. Go wild, moan, cry, forget everything and anything. You’re nothing already… apart from belonging to me alone. *sits up to kiss; rough breathing and thrusting*


A: Even if you end up not understanding anything anymore, I won’t let you go… every day I’ll savor you thoroughly and love you to the point it drives you mad. So… be at ease and go insane. *beastly breathing and thrusting*… Here, I’m coming again!… Take it deep inside without leaving a single drop! *kisses and thrusting; they orgasm*

A: Haa… haa… haa… tell me… who do you belong to?… *kisses*… ahahaHAHA! That’s right… that’s good… Lovely girl. *kisses*… I love you… forever…

*** NOTES ***

Note3: It is to my regret that I did this series out of order (but it was a commission, so no choice!) but you guys need to understand just how masterful the writer is because every volume builds the world on top of the previous volumes. So, obviously, Arlen’s is a continuation of his first season CD but in the second season there was a hint in Makabe’s CD about how bodies, missing their right hand, have been found in Macau’s ocean. And in Kurusu’s CD you actually meet Gabriel and learn that they’re purposefully leaving Arlen alone and that the FBI is planning something big. All leading to the reveals in this CD. This. Series. Is. So. Good.

Note4: FOR THE REFERENCES TO FIRST CD. Arlen doesn’t smoke around ladies :’) so that he’s smoking in that one scene means heroine isn’t there in the beginning. Her light and purity and him being in the darkness and blood-stained. Obviously, the whole Arlen and Van story (+ his personal story in the data file book) and him taking on Arlen’s ring and name. THE TWO ARE ONE; TU FUI, EGO ERIS. But now Arlen can finally rest and I’m crying at every ring kiss. His break-even reference because that’s what happened at the end of the first CD! They couldn’t win against each other!! I’M!! All these references made me die.


Note6: I’M NOT OKAY!! WITH EVERYTHING!! ESPECIALLY THE ENDING!!! It was so fulfilling and it was absolutely perfect but I’m also lying on the ground, drained and emotionally compromised. He loves the heroine so much. He placed everything on the line, his Maximum Bet, for his goals and for the heroine in the end. VAN!! VAAAAAN!!

Note7: The Stellaworth tokuten RUINED ME AGAIN. Him going back to sleep! Because he used to have constant nightmares about Arlen!! And feeling phantom pain!! His right hand would /burn/ because of Arlen!! SHE LOVES HIM WHILE NOT FORGIVING HIM. HE LOVES HER WHILE NOT BEGGING FOR FORGIVENESS. His lack of confidence in saying those words!! Not believing he has the right when he gave everything for her!! His stupid illusion talk about them being a couple. H E L P. YOU STUPID SILLY MAN I LOVE YOU.

Note8: GOODBYE. Hello, 911, Animate tokuten MURDERED ME. HE. LOVES HER. SO MUCH!! HOLY MOLY. And can I just say I am in awe of Frkw’s voice acting here but also so worried for his throat because his voice is so low and the INTENSE BREATHING HE DOES. BOY!! CHILL!!! But no seriously it’s eye-opening to realize how much Arlen was holding himself back in the main track and trying to respect the heroine’s light and sense of justice. He was fighting these two conflicting desires in him so much!! And she just!! made him snap in this one!!

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    Mrs Jessie Clive said:
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    Bro, I love Arlen’s storyline so much it’s not even funny. I listen to his cd every. damn. year. And I finally recently bought the animate tokuten because I miss this man so damn much.

    HOLY SHITTT!!! The animate tokuten……. LORD HAVE MERCYYYYTUFJSJSHSHHS. It might have been my favorite track of all time. The intensity was through the roof!!!. This man called Arlen(Van) will be the death of me. The ending… DEAD IM GONE.

      Ilinox responded:
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      He has such a good, good story that even now it still ranks in my top 3 favorites!! I’m scared to find out what kind of prologue CD he might get since that’s going on now…

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    It’s been a few years since I first heard it…. ahhhh nopee, actually every year I come here to reread it at least once or twice… And why am I still crying… 😭😭😭 who put onions here….!!!! This is really” piercing my heart, Vannnn… I love uuuu BIG DUMMY…. 😭😭😭 hearing his voice while proclaiming love broke my heart, from a wild animal to being like this… hhhhhh this is not good for my heart but I already love it… Btw I saw your comment that maybe he was in prison for 20 years, imagining him being 50 when he got out of prison gave me goosebumps… isn’t he very daddyable even at that age 🤣🤣🤣 in my brain he’s even like a DILF even without having kids loollll forgive my imagination… Anyway, thank youuu for your hardwork ❤❤❤ this is my first time to write a comment, every time I come here and read I always forget to write something because I cry like a bitch.. 🤣 i loveee youuu senpaiiii….. It’s a pleasure to read your translations…

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      Oh gosh, thank you for loving him so much that you end up coming back here every year to read this (and cry). BIG MOOD though because sometimes I like to load up the Stellaworth tokuten just to hear him finally get his peace and experience a slice of domestic life, sobs.

      Haha, I have zero doubts that Arlen would make a dashing silver fox at the age of 50 LOL. Arlen without kids and Arlen with kids, either domestic fantasy would be amazing for someone like him!!

      Aw, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment this time LOL and I’m glad you enjoy these translations!

    Mochi said:
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    How many years do you think have passed in Stellaworth Tokuten: As Time Goes by ? Because Van said that it was very long time they saw eachothers last time.

      Ilinox responded:
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      That’s a good question. It has to be enough years to see a change in both of them, so I’m guessing something like 20 years? It’ll put him at the perfect age to be a silver fox—HAHA sorry sorry.

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    Van… Vaaaaannnn… VAAAAANNNNNN!!!! Oh my god this MANNN!

    I finished this 4am and I’m now crying with my heart shattered all over the place. I agree,,, the main track has such a beautiful and well designed ending but it just leaves us so emotionally drained!!!!! Van! This man! He just gave his own happiness away for the heroine! So that she could fulfill her dream of upholding justice! He already suffered so much for his twin and deserves all the love in the world… Please don’t do this to yourself… qwq

    and it absolutely breaks my heart with the light and dark metaphors… Every time he mentions it, it’s like him further affirming the belief that he’s not worthy for the heroine… You don’t have to hurt your own self esteem like this qwq

    the Animate tokuten too… It just hurts more knowing that he was holding back so much in the main track! The main ending wasn’t really his sweeping victory as he said, since he basically planned out everything to ensure that he emerges victorious from the war for his twin, so that he can then lose to no one but the heroine!

    Why… Why…. Van…. qwq

    P.S. This is my first fime replying on your blog! I absolutely appreciate the translations that you’ve done! I’m very new to Drama CDs and Japanese so it’s such a tremendous help. They are of such high quality too! Thank you so much!

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      He’s such a theatrical scriptwriter but I love that his heroine constantly proves him wrong and doesn’t do the things he expects, which is probably why he was drawn to her too. The thing that wrecks me constantly with him is that, from the beginning, he was nothing but an ordinary man and he chose to walk down into the darkness like this to avenge his twin SOBS.

      Hello hello, welcome to this blog, and I’m glad you’re enjoying these translations! You certainly picked a very good series to get into drama CDs with HAHA because Rouge et Noir is just on another level.

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    Arlen seems to contrast the most than the rest of other guys.

      Ilinox responded:
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      I always go back to this line he said in his character profile, but he’s just an unremarkable and boring man :’) or more like that’s all he wanted to be, but circumstances forced his hand to go down the path of revenge for his twin…

        cryandbleed said:
        March 15, 2021 at 17:51

        Plot and track wise, he doesn’t fit in what other guys did (having some protected sex at some points, especially the end, and their girls get in trouble by some bad guys in Animate tracks leading to alternate ending). I haven’t fully read all translations nor listened to this volume yet.

        Ilinox responded:
        March 15, 2021 at 20:27

        Ohh, his story is unique compared to the others in that he’s someone who believes he doesn’t have a future after this though, haha, so that’s why there’s nothing that takes the future into account in his CDs. But IMO his heroine is also unique in that she’s the only one who uses birth control pills, but her mission was also a honey trap one so it’s to be expected. (IIRC Makabe’s heroine did get the morning after pill though).

        cryandbleed said:
        March 15, 2021 at 20:39

        Responding to your second response, I thought all heroines took birth control pills but they did it off the story or it wasn’t mentioned. Otherwise, they would be pregnant.

        Ilinox responded:
        March 15, 2021 at 20:46

        In the Rouge et Noir series, I know it’s just Arlen’s heroine who uses BC pills. The other heroines may use morning after pills (like Makabe in volume 1) but, for the most part, I’m pretty sure the men use protection or not at all during the drugged times and both them and the heroine are just lucky LOL.

        In general CDs, it’s usually condoms or pull out or nothing though because BC pills are actually really hard to get in Japan, so you rarely hear about the pill in drama CDs.

      Junipie said:
      June 5, 2021 at 01:07

      I just came from soundcloud and HOLY GOD ALMIGHTY DO I NOT REGRET FINDING THIS TRANSLATION!!!! Normally when I go into some drama CDs, the stories and characters are all rather arbitrary that I’d be left disinterested most of the time.

      And then I found THIS RARE MASTERPIECE. I can’t believe I went into this so late!! We got one badass MC! The story is intriguing! The action is jam packed! (By God the sound effects just OOMPHED me into the sun) The music is chef’s kiss! Did the drama and endings leave me a total mess? Ohohoh OH YES. The lovemaking moments… aaaaaahhhhh DON’T GET ME STARTED I’M ALREADY BLUSHING HARD. It all felt extreme, sexy, heartfelt and natural! And we shouldn’t be forgetting biggest the culprit in this.


      OH if there’s another thing that gets me riled up with a story, it’s ENGAGING CHARACTERS OF COURSE. This man’s got layers(layers upon layers), Insane Goals, Charming Personality, Heartwrenching Struggles, Characters Development, and that VOICE, oh my god i can’t get enough of that sexy, husky voice even when I’m already just a mere puddle XD Good Ole Makoto Furukawa with the the amazing acting, absolutely brought Van to life! I could go on but the rest can’t be explained thoroughly with my words lol. Safe to say this man is a Devil and I am Loving him! I really want to see more of him. Boy, how I wish he were real.. Sob.

      Right now he’s my favorite. I haven’t really touched upon the other routes because I haven’t fully listened to them and I hate being spoiled XD

      Seriously, I’m absolutely thankful that you translated this amazing gem! You did total justice for it^^ I really do of course have to thank the writers for creating this story. They made something special and I hope they can make other interesting works! Again, thank you so much!

        Ilinox responded:
        June 6, 2021 at 14:24

        I’m grinning really hard right now because Rouge et Noir is one of my favorite series and I’m so happy that people are still discovering it to this day. I remember that when this track was released it actually got onto the Oricon music chart in Japanese for a short time and reviews were saying how it was more like a Hollywood movie than drama CD LOL.

        I really recommend listening to this entire series in order because they build on one another and, if you haven’t heard his first CD yet, then I really recommend it! I have a master list here that organizes everything into its proper order. All in total, Van has 3 CDs dedicated to him!

        Aw, thank you! I follow the writer who did this series on Twitter and I’m afraid to say their other works (including their most recent military one) has not hooked me as hard as Rouge et Noir has, but they aren’t bad either.

        Psst, if you’re looking for another engaging work and don’t mind yanderes and things getting really dark then I would recommend the circle Dusk! I translated their Psychoclimber and it was one that made me cry from how good the story was.

    Rere said:
    July 19, 2020 at 22:21

    I can’t be the only one. Please tell me I can’t be the only one who can’t listen to his cd without pausing in between to calm down so I don’t cry. Van… VANN. His CD is so good but I can’t bring myself to listen to it often or else I just… Become a mess of tears. The stellaworth ended me, the softeness of the moment they had and how he was scared to say I love you. Can he have happiness now??? Please????

      Ilinox responded:
      July 19, 2020 at 22:40

      I HAVE TO CONFESS I STILL HAVE NOT LISTENED TO IT PAST THE FIRST TIME + TRANSLATING. I think I was translating as I was listening to it so I don’t even have a full listening experience and now I’m too scared to go back because… yeah… it’s so emotional and so good. It’s terribly bittersweet that he’s so warm and affectionate in his VR prologue CD but that’s set in the first season, oof.

    Gabs said:
    April 29, 2020 at 20:36

    o(TヘTo) gosh, I am almost drowning in tears rn, thank you for your hard to translate the tracks

      Ilinox responded:
      May 1, 2020 at 09:03

      You’re welcome ;3;!! RN is such a good series and I’m glad you enjoyed my favorite man out of them all, haha.

    Sam T said:
    April 30, 2019 at 08:55

    *Replying to above comment.*

    Yasssss. Your translations are super easy to follow. I’ve been using them to learn a little bit of Japanese from drama cds. :D So thank you! <3

    Ya, I'm a bit tired of furumako right now. So I'm being a bit unfair. But I LISTENED to the takuyan rouge et noir. 🙀 🙀 🙀 🙀 🙀 🙀 🙀 🙀 🙀 I won't spoil it but it's GOOOOOOOD. SOOOO GOOOD. Did you listen to it already?

    I'm super into Takuyan right now. My last obsession was the "Chotto Daitan ni natte" one. Postman Takuyan. 🤤

      Ilinox responded:
      April 30, 2019 at 10:04

      Oh dear, my translations might be a little harder to use to learn Japanese nowadays because I’m going for more liberal translations instead of literal |D;; so there are times when I change the sentence order completely so you can’t do word-for-word associations.

      I haven’t received mine yet ;w; but it should come this week or the next! Ooh, I’m glad it’s good, ehehe, not that I had doubts with Mikado and Satou and the Rouge et Noir series in general. On a side note, I understand how you feel |D;; even though Furukawa and Satou are my top seiyuu biases, if I listen to too many of their CDs in a row I just get oversaturated and tired of their voices. Gotta slide some different stuff in between to keep things fresh.

      IIRC that one was part of the Satou Darake series? Haha, yeah, he did really good there though my favorite one in there was the AV guy :’)).

    endlessnine said:
    April 15, 2019 at 07:44

    Thank you for the translation! My level of Japanese is not fluent (I actually just self-studied haha) so reading this helped me clear some things. I LOVED THIS SERIES SO MUCH. I LIKED an adult drama cd for the PLOT. While the Animate Tokuten BAD END is also good, I’m glad I bought the Stella one because my heart is so weak with the domestic fluff at the end (/∇\*) How could this man be so precious ♡

      Ilinox responded:
      April 15, 2019 at 21:25

      You’re welcome!! I gotta share in the Arlen love because this was SUCH an amazing story and role. (Ooh, fellow self-studier!! Keep at it and you’ll find yourself improve gradually!!).

      Haha, sometimes you come across CDs that reassure you it isn’t all just PWP :’)) I remember when I was looking around for Arlen reactions, a lot of JP fans were saying this CD was like a Hollywood movie.

      The Bad Ends hurt me so much because the writer always makes sure to target everything the guys hold dear _(:3/ Arlen giving up his goal and willingly throwing himself into the flames of lust for her. UGH. Meanwhile, Makabe also giving up his responsibilities and feeling like a failure…

      WE NEED MORE ARLEN. But after the ending of this CD I don’t know if we’ll get another season SOBS. At least it sounds like we’ll get a birthday story for him this year.

        endlessnine said:
        April 16, 2019 at 07:12

        I am still stumbling at reading kanji though, but I am fine with spoken Japanese. I’m surprised to know you self studied too! It gave me more motivation ♡

        While I enjoy occasional PWP, nothing beats something with a plot which this series gave me.

        Yes Arlen is my bias for this series but I agree with you, I think with the Stella tokuten ending I feel that his story closes. At least in the end he finally had a peaceful life. I’m just happy for him. He deserves this much ♡

    Vendrain said:
    October 19, 2018 at 08:05

    …wow. I was feeling a bit numb in the last track and…ugh, it’s a really good story.
    Thanks for the translation.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 19, 2018 at 13:34

      It’s almost been three weeks but tbh I’m still not over this character :’)) Van is just… sOBS. He deserves all the happiness and I really really hope we’ll get more out of this series one day even though this CD ended his story so conclusively, ack. You’re welcome and I’m happy you enjoyed it!

    waterinegirl said:
    October 14, 2018 at 02:43

    i like makabe but i like the plot here. i didnt see it coming.
    also i like how feelings develop between the heroine and arlen. arlen deserves to be happy

      Ilinox responded:
      October 14, 2018 at 12:17

      *waves banner* ARLEN DID NOTHING WRONG!! Hahaha, yeah, Arlen has a really epic story imo. Makabe is my second favorite though; there’s just something about two cops being partners that makes me happy :’D. I could definitely see the Rouge et Noir series continuing on with them taking on more cases and things, but after seeing what happened to Arlen… I’m feeling like a 3rd season is growing more and more distant.

    Paulina said:
    October 13, 2018 at 22:10

    First of all, thank you for your hard work. I am sure it wasn’t easy translating each line, while playing and pausing repeatedly. I haven’t listened to the second volume yet but reading your blog has gave me an insight how mind blowing the story is. I hope you gave yourself a reward after you finished translating. Again, thank you for your hard work. If you are planning on working on other season 2 discs, I look forward to it.

    P.S. How did you get to listen to the Stellaworth and Animate Toukten? I tried finding them but they are hard to spot and I am not fluent in Japanese to create an account to order the discs from the original website. Please I would like to know. Thank you :)

      Ilinox responded:
      October 14, 2018 at 00:55

      Aw, you’re welcome! I’ve gotten pretty used to the rhythm of translating from drama CDs after having tackled a bunch now |D it does take double to triple the actual length of a track but it’s not so bad once you get used to it! I usually get the final version of the translation set from the first listen and repeats are just to make sure I get the pauses and SFXs right. But yeah… unfortunately there are some sentences that are hard to catch (and so have to be repeated endlessly) or their formation is just so purely Japanese that I have to repeat it endlessly and try to think of how to word this in English LOL.

      But as long as I can get other people to cry over Arlen with me then I’m completely satisfied /o\ My reward for finishing this was just to rest my head against a table and leak tears from how sad it was.

      I believe Animate International stocks the Animate tokuten. I ordered the Stellaworth one from Stellaworth’s site since I use a proxy to buy most of my CDs straight from the source hjshjsjh. I don’t think Animate JP and Stellaworth ship overseas at any rate.

        paulinasblog10 said:
        October 14, 2018 at 12:04

        Thank you.

        paulinasblog10 said:
        October 14, 2018 at 12:06

        I wish I could order the stellaworth too. Thank you.

    Jumpy Star said:
    October 11, 2018 at 23:09

    Oml, these types of drama CDs always shake up my feelings UGH. Especially the bad ending track, when the heroine grabs him and tells him her feelings. Then all his reason just crumbles T-T.

    Also it may be just me, but I feel like for this series, the heroine has more of a personality? I understand that drama CDs make it so that you are the one in the heroine’s shoes, but through the voice actor and her actions in general, I get this sense of determination and feistiness. Like when she bites Arlen’s lip and grabs him. In my opinion, I liked it a lot and thought it was super refreshing!

    Again, amazing job as always. Organization is top notch as usual!

      Ilinox responded:
      October 12, 2018 at 20:43

      It still throws me for a spin that an R18 CD ended up having SUCH an amazing story to the point where I’m still devastated and head-over-heels in love with Arlen. GODS. What an amazing setting, story, and character arc.

      I agree too! There’s some unique heroines out there in some other CDs IIRC but Rouge et Noir’s definitely stands out there because she has such a strength of character. I also love the talent of the scriptwriter where she basically leads you into thinking the same things as the heroine so you sync up LOL. Everything I ever thought of in response to Arlen was pretty much said by the heroine and I’m so glad she got those killer lines about ending the game between them and how they’re lovers at the end of the Stella. AND POUNDING ON HIS CHEST IN ANGLE SHOOTER. UGH.

      Aw, thank you so much for reading and commenting and enjoying the organization, ehehe.

        Sam T said:
        April 9, 2019 at 21:45

        As always, your translations are sooo professional. I love how thoughtful you are with your formatting/editing. It’s a pleasure to read your translations.

        I’ve been listening to the first volume of Arlen Clive a LOT and I can’t take him seriously after listening to his “Engrish”. It JUST MAKES ME WANNA LAUGH. I CAN’T HELP IT ;_;

        But I am excited for Vol 9. It’s gonna be about Gilles and guess who the VOICE ACTOR is..



        SATOU TAKUYA!!!

        Gah I’m so excited.

        Ilinox responded:
        April 10, 2019 at 10:05

        Aw, thank you so much for saying that ;w;/ the presentation of the posts matter to me just as much as the content, ahaha, so I’m glad it comes across that way.

        LOL i-it’s not too bad… cut the poor man some slack :”D. On the other side, if their English is too natural or smooth it’s also just as strange (aka. Satou in the Reunion series).

        I KNOW!! I SCREAMED WHEN I SAW THAT! Satou, Sawa, and Frkw are such prominent main and R18 seiyuu so I always joke to my friends that any series that gets all three of them is a glamorous one (cough Koi Signal cough). And so, after seeing Sawa and Frkw in the Rouge et Noir series, I’ve always been wishing for Satou to join them :’)) all the way back when Sena was announced I was hoping it’d be him LOL.

        Then after the Joker card got revealed I started thinking “WE STILL HAVE THE BLANK CARD. AND FACE CARDS RIGHT?” Hahaha. Then after Maximum Bet and how badass Gilles was I started thinking “Ooh, could we get Gilles as one? But how would that work… would he be the blank card? Go back to America for a new FBI storyline? Either way SATOU FOR GILLES!” and so when it was announced… lmao. If I keep wishing hard enough it’ll come true right? :’))

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