Rouge et Noir ~ Second Barrel ~

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Makabe Ryo (真壁 亮)
CV: 河村眞人

Rouge et Noir ~ Second Barrel ~

It’s been about one year after the flood of the new strain of drug, Rouge et Noir. The crime syndicate, House, has lost the majority of its active bases as a result of the investigation from the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare, and that series of events is heading to an end.

During this, Makabe Ryo, a narcotics officer belonging to the Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as SCID), and you, a narcotics officer in the same division and the “buddy” of Makabe, seize unexpected drugs in a separate investigation. It is a liquid variant of Rouge et Noir, known as Second Barrel.

You and Makabe obtain information that the seized Second Barrel is being sold at the headquarters of the Chinese mafia, Xiang Mao, and so you two infiltrate an underground casino in Macau in order to expose this, but–.

(Thank you to kay for the translation commission!! This is the 6th volume in the Rouge et Noir series so we’re going back in time and things are out of order, but shhh. WARNING: This is R18.)

Here is a timeline for those confused since I’ve jumped around the series: Under the Gun > Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In. Jacks or Better occurs somewhere after Double Down and before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR edition is also a side story.

Second Barrel, or more commonly known as Double Barrel, is a bluffing or semi-bluffing move. Sorry, we’re going to have to dive into some more poker knowledge here. There are many variants of poker but a very popular one among casinos is Texas Hold’em (which I’m sure Makabe’s CD is based off of because of the terms), where players are dealt two cards and then there’s 5 community cards face-down on the table. The goal is to create the strongest 5-card hand using your two cards + the 5 on the table. The community cards are revealed after turns in the order of “flop” (3 cards), “turn” (4th card), and “river” (5th and last card).

Now, the game opens when a person makes a bet. Then others can either fold to exit out, call to match that bet, or raise to increase the bet. Now, bear with me, the person who raises in this round is called the “pre-flop raiser” (or original raiser in Arlen’s CD). And then, once the flop happens and 3 cards are revealed, this person bets again to do a “continuation bet”. And then, once the turn happens and the 4th card is revealed, this person bets again to become the “Second Barrel”.

Basically, the whole point of this is to actually bully the other players into folding because they’re scared of how aggressive you are LOL and they think you have a strong hand. But the Second Barrel is doing this regardless of whether they’ve made a hand on the table or not. Hence, a bluffing or semi-bluffing move since you could very well end up with a strong hand.

Note: All the titles in this series are poker/card terms, so I’ll be explaining those as we go along.

*** TRACK 1: Small Blind ***

Blinds are forced bets the players have to make to add to the pot; it’s basically like a joining fee because in Texas Hold’em players can fold without placing a bet. So, the “Small Blind” is the person who sits to the left of the dealer (or “Button”) and they usually bet half the amount of the “Big Blind”, who is to the left of them (or two to the left of the dealer) and who generally makes the minimum bet.

If you’re wondering how this works, since the “Small Blind” seems to come before the “Big Blind”, I believe these are actually posted first and then the person who gets to act first is the person to the left of the “Big Blind”, who just so happens to be called “Under the Gun”, so then it goes in a circle from there making the “Big Blind” last.

*bar noises; ice in glass*

Makabe: You’re all smiles tonight. Did something good happen? Oh?… *leans in* Then I’ll open a champagne bottle to celebrate. Yeah, might as well. I’ll call over the people I know and open it with a pop.

M: *takes out phone* It’s me. You guys should come over and drink. Yes, the club I talked about before, Sirenetta. Heh, yeah, don’t be late. *ends call*

M: Now, which one will come first? The champagne or them?

*footsteps; champagne enters ice bucket; door is kicked open*

M: Ahah, the same time, huh. *gets up* Everyone, freeze! It’s the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare Narcotics Control Division. From this moment on, this shop is under criminal investigation for charges of violating the Stimulants Control Act as well as the Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Act.

*crowd gasps; someone rushes Makabe; he grabs them*

M: Woah there, didn’t you hear? I’m sure I told everyone to freeze. *flips person over; something smashes* Haa, that top class wine just got ruined. *more people run over* Geez, if you don’t know when to give up you’re going to be hurt more. *heroine kicks them* See? Still, roundhouse kicking a customer to detain them is pretty aggressive for a hostess…

M: Haha, no, I’m complimenting you. That was a good kick, as usual. Heh… Looking at this site, our undercover mission is complete. Good work, partner.

Narration: Rouge et Noir… Second Barrel.

[03:18] *elevator noises; walk down hallway; opens door*

M: I’m sure you know, but shut the door properly before you sleep. Since this is immediately following an undercover operation. *heroine nods*… Yeah, good night. Take it easy for tonight at least. See you. *turns around to leave*… Actually– *turns back; grabs heroine and kisses; door shuts*… I’ve changed my mind. *locks door* I think I’ll stay the night like this, heh. Right after I told you to take it easy for tonight… this is me being a fine wolf in gentleman’s clothing, huh. *kisses*
(T/N: We don’t have this phrase in English so I modified it but he uses “送り狼 (wolf escort)” which is a “gentleman” who pretends to escort a woman home but then molests her.)

M: There’s the smell of smoke in your hair. No, it’s not just mine. *inhales*… You were in that club for close to a month, weren’t you. It’s the smell of smoke from customers… Obviously! You and I both have our jobs so I normally don’t show it outwardly, but once I take a step outside the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare even I’m just a man. I’ll get jealous when I think about other men plastering themselves over the woman I love. That’s why I want to do this… *kisses*

M: Heh, there’s a pretty mark on you. Ahah, if you don’t open the buttons of your shirt it won’t be seen. Besides, soon you won’t be able to care about this. *kisses*


M: *slides hand between her legs* Hehe, that’s quick. Well, I’m not in a position to say that about you either. Look… ngh… I’m like this.

M: If we leave things to continue like this it feels like the entrance’s walls will get dirtied. Let’s continue this in bed.

*they move to the bed; door opens and closes*

M: Mngh… *kisses; removes belt; opens drawer for condom*… Look, I’m putting it in now. Aah… *inserts himself*… Hehe, you’re urging me on down here as if telling me to hurry up and move on to the next step. Don’t be impatient, it’ll be right after this. Mngh! *starts thrusting*… Try stretching both your arms out to me. Like this…! *hard thrust* Ngh! Look! If I pull you like this, it’s reaching you deep inside, right? My tip is pressed right up against you and it feels unbearably good… mngh! Nrgh… haa… haa… *thrusting*

M: Mm? What is it?… Ahaha… then open your mouth and try begging lewdly. If you do I’ll give you however many kisses you want… Hehe, well done. *kisses; slow thrusting*

M: Are you going to come?… Heh, me too… I’m about to burst already… ngh!… Aah… haa… *thrusting*… I’m coming…! Ungh…! *they orgasm*

M: … Haa… haa… *kisses; strokes heroine*… Now, this time we really need to rest easy. Ahah, good night. *kisses*

*** TRACK 2: Hole Cards ***

The two starting cards that are given to the players and that are hidden from the rest of the players.

*lighter opens; smoking cigarette; door knock and opens; heroine walks over*

M: Hm?… *exhales smoke* That was quick. Did you hear about the mission from the boss? *stubs out cigarette* Yeah, one of the men arrested from the case we were given, Chan, was an Asian foreigner. He possessed this. *holds up a vial* It’s a liquid form of Rouge et Noir, known as Second Barrel. The higher ups confirmed this thing’s existence for the first time three months ago, but this one has subtle differences in its ingredients compared to the one seized on the spot.

M: According to Kurusu’s expert report, this one has less impurities. It’s likely the previous one was a failed step. Incidentally, it’s said that Second Barrel has a higher chance of making the side dish, the Noir side, appear than the capsule type. It’s unknown whether that was intentional or not though.


M: Well, in short… *shakes vial* this one is the perfected product. In the past year, the incident involving House and Rouge et Noir has been heading to a resolution and that’s why we were given a separate case, which we hadn’t had for a long time, but… yeah, not everything has ended yet.

M: The Second Barrel that Chan was amusing himself with was obtained in an underground casino in Macau. In other words, the headquarters of the Chinese mafia, Xiang Mao. Their relationship with House is going strong even now.

M: Yeah, we can’t leave it alone. The boss has already acted to request cooperation from the local police. It’s a verbal message that we’re completely striking at Xiang Mao. We’re going to infiltrate the underground casino and find proof.

M: Really? This is your first investigation outside the country, huh. *heroine nods* Well, you don’t have to stand ready more than what’s necessary. I’ll be sure to protect you if by chance anything happens. So, relax your shoulders.

M: … What’s wrong? You look unhappy. Is it because I’m not strong enough? *heroine shakes her head* Oh… I see… Anyway, it’s going to get busy from here again.

*** TRACK 3: Preflop ***

Pre-flop is the period before the flop (the three community cards) happens. Basically, the beginning of the game where everyone takes a look at their cards and decides if they want to fold, call, or raise.

*crowd noises; car pulls up*

M: Watch your step. Here. We happen to be overseas, let me escort you. *heroine places her hand in his* Great.

*car door closes and car pulls away; they start walking*

M: Is it here?… It’s a bit luxurious for a den of wildcats. Anyway, we should enter.

M: But still, I can’t get used to wearing a tuxedo no matter what. Hah, that’s my line. That dress really suits you. Hm? It’s better that way. Weapons and anything wireless aren’t allowed to be brought in here at all. So it’s important to be able to move easily. Well, the other half is… mm… my personal taste, you see. With a slit like this, my hand can easily slip in, right? Mm… see… like this… *heroine slaps his hand* Ow!

M: Don’t be angry! I was joking! Come on, come back. *wraps his arm around heroine* Let’s go.

*they enter casino*

M: It’s lively. Most of what I can see are just tourist things. Well, this place here is a legitimate casino just in case. To enter the underground casino we have to become VIPs with a certain amount of money. Yeah, if we bring in a large amount of money at the beginning and have our identities checked it’ll be so much easier for a problem to occur. It’s best to increase our moneys in the casino-way by winning at games.


M: Relax, I’m reasonably confident at poker. When I was in Los Angeles I played it ad nauseam, betting smokes and alcohol. Hehe, I took away quite a bit from DEA guys we had a combined investigation with. No, that’s not true. There’s an essential role that only you can play. Bluffs control the outcome in poker, in other words a feint. You just need to go along with my bluffs. Just give a suitable reply with a smile to whatever I say. You can do that, right? Heh, good. Now then, let’s start the game.

*scene skip; poker game starts*

M: Call.

M: Oh? Look, tonight my draws are great. Ahaha, right? Raise. 30,000.

M: Heh… *whispers to heroine* everyone folded. This round I’m the sole winner. *pulls all the chips in* Mm, yeah, it’s going extremely smoothly. Look, across from me is a young man, right? That’s an ideal easy mark. He’s overly conscious of me because I’m accompanied by a woman and he’s become desperate. Thanks to him, we just need a bit more to hit our target amount of money.


M: Now then, how about one more game? *cards are dealt; chips placed*

M: *to heroine* Hm? What’s wrong? You’re unusually bold… Ahah, then I’ll place a bet for you. Once this game ends, I’ll buy you anything you want. Raise. 100,000.

M: The only one remaining is you, huh. It’s a one-to-one match, but I won’t particularly mind if you fold, you know? *opponent adds chips* Haha, this is looking good. Raise. 200,000.

M: *opponent pushes all their chips; crowd gasps* Oh? Then… I’ll do 500,000 as well. All-in. Now, let’s settle this. *opponent reveals cards; crowd gasps and claps*

M: Woah! This man… Nah, I was surprised your hand was better than I thought. *reveals his cards; crowd cheers* I have a spade royal. I’m sorry for your short-lived joy.

M: Haha. *whispers to heroine* That ad-lib was a fine performance. You could become an actress. Hah, yeah, that was the best. Now then, let’s end our play here. *they get up*

M: Dealer, exchange my chips. For a first-class seat that’ll be much more comfortable than this place, yeah? *pushes all his chips forward* It’s enough, I presume. You’ll guide us there. *to heroine* Hahah, let’s go.

*** TRACK 4: Flop ***

When the three community cards on the table are revealed.

*guide leads them; gate opens*

M: Hey, how is this VIP-exclusive casino different from the one just now?… Oh? That’s amazing. Then the rest is just us two enjoying this slowly. Thank you for showing us the way.

*guide leaves; gate closes*

M: Haa… *whispers to heroine* Yeah, it’s as you just heard. In other words, you can exchange your chips in this underground casino for things ranging from legal to illegal as prizes. Most likely Second Barrel too… *crowd cheering* Hm!? The floor below us suddenly got rowdy. *goes to look*

M: The main event? There’s two men on the stage and one woman… *heroine goes to him* No, it doesn’t look like a magic show or something halfway like that. Look at what’s in those two men’s hands. They plan to make them drink Second Barrel and have the guests bet on whether the Rouge side or Noir side will appear.

*crowd boos; one of the men collapse*

M: !! One of them had the Noir side appear. The other one… *crowd cheers; he covers heroine’s eyes*… You don’t have to look. You know full well what kind of beast the Rouge side’s aphrodisiac turns men into. These people are sacrifices… They’re going to make a show of the sex in front of us like this and entertain the customers. They’re fucking crazy.


M: No, I understand their gimmick. That event is also a demonstration. The customers buy Second Barrel from the dealers. Now that we know that it’s unnecessary to stay here long. Let’s hurry and get one vial and withdraw. I can’t bear this sight either!

M: *walks over to someone* Hey, about the drug being used in the event below us… we’d like to test it out too. Yeah, tonight’s our first time here. Oh, nothing can be done about that then. *grabs heroine* I suppose we’ll have to come again. Personally, I’d like to watch this event to the very end but this girl says she can’t resist anymore, you see. *to heroine* Right? *kisses*

M: If I put it off anymore, she’ll most certainly be displeased. Or do you want to see me have sex with this girl like that company down there?… Haha, it’s obviously a joke. I’m a customer, you know, I don’t do that service. See you.

*they leave; scene skip; phone call*

M: It’s Makabe. Yes, the infiltration, as planned, was a success. I was told that to buy Second Barrel you had to be a frequent guest at the underground casino, so this time we pulled out after making visual confirmation. Have you made the necessary arrangements with the Macau police?

M: You’ve had some trouble?… Ah, that’s received a lot of publicity in the newspapers here too… Understood, until next time then.


M: *to heroine* Yeah, what I spoke with the boss about was this matter. *shows newspaper* Lately, corpses of foreigners with their right hands removed have been coming up continuously from the ocean in the neighborhood. It seems the authorities think that members of an overseas mafia quarreled with and were killed by Xiang Mao. For now… though.

M: But then again, speaking of Macau’s casinos, shady people throughout the world come to wash their dirty money and it’s famous for its abuse of money laundering. This sort of case isn’t particularly unusual. But because there’s been a series of these cases this time, the Macau police are in a bit of a disorder internally. It’s been tentatively put in order with the boss’ request for cooperation.

M: That man is also coming here the day after tomorrow to take command directly. So, whatever the truth about those cases, we just need to focus on the mission at hand to the end. *heroine nods; closes newspaper* Well, anyway, we’re to standby until the boss arrives.

*** TRACK 5: Turn ***

When the fourth community card is revealed.

*crowd noises*

M: It’s about time. Our plan of action is exactly as the boss ordered. Once the event happens, we’ll purchase Second Barrel, escape from this underground casino, join up with the boss and the Macau police raid force on standby, and launch a criminal investigation. Got it? *heroine nods* Yeah, this is the critical moment.

*scene skip*

M: … This is strange. We’re close to being 20 minutes past. No, we can’t wait any longer. For the operation this time, it’s essential we obtain Second Barrel as evidence. If we don’t have that, the Macau police raid force can’t move. Now that it’s become uncertain, it’s wiser to go back to square one… Most importantly, I have a bad feeling. *grabs heroine’s hand* Anyway, we’re getting out of here.

*rushed footsteps*

M: !! Che… were we too slow? This way! Run!!

*they run; kicks open a door; guns are drawn on them*

M: … We’re surrounded…

[02:00] *footsteps*

M: Are you the owner of this place? Much obliged you expressly made an appearance. *gets punched* EUGH!… *collapses and coughs; grabs heroine* Wait!… Don’t do it… Breaking through this situation unarmed is impossible. It’s better to be quiet and get caught here. *whispers* If we struggle pointlessly here we can only die, but if we survive there might still be a chance. Got it? *heroine nods* Mm, good.

*scene skip; cell opens; Makabe is thrown in*

M: Gugh! Ngh… yeah… I’ve returned. Ahaha, since the last time you saw me I’ve become handsome, huh. It’s because those Xiang Mao guys treated me quite politely. I’m okay. How about you? Nothing was done? *heroine shakes her head* Haa… good then. I was worried to death that maybe they’d have made you drink Second Barrel and given as a toy to those guys.


M: One year ago, the Rouge et Noir I took in was a very small amount that was scattered in the air. Furthermore, because it was made in a messy building with a poor environment where impurities were easily mixed in, its purity as a drug was low. Thanks to that, I also didn’t have any symptoms of poisoning. But that was simply luck.

M: … If I ingested Second Barrel, which has an increased purity grade as a drug, there’s no guarantee I’d be safe this time. If, by chance, it entered our mouths it’d be our undoing. You and I must absolutely avoid only that. *heroine nods* So, before it becomes that worst case scenario…

M: Let’s hurry and escape. *snaps wrist restraints* Cable tie restraints are unexpectedly easy to remove. Bend your knees and try striking your bound wrists. *heroine snaps restraints* Haha, see? As long as both hands are free it won’t be difficult to take off the restraints around our legs either.

M: The lace-up part in your shoes is leather as well, right? I’ll be borrowing it a little. *removes the lace* Nylon cable ties are weak to frictional heat. So, if you rub it strongly like this many times… *snaps leg restraints* Exactly like this. Stretch your legs here. *rubs it until hers snap* Heh, this is enough.


M: Now then… the problem is what to do after this. From their appearance during my interrogation, those Xiang Mao guys only knew that people who appeared to be official Japanese police got into the underground casino. That’s why they tried to get our purpose out of me and didn’t kill us immediately.

M: Yeah, I’m not sure where the information about our infiltration was leaked, but at least they don’t know the whole aspect of the operation. In other words, as long as we’re able to bring out Second Barrel from here, there still remains a possibility to expose them.

M: On the other hand, if we miss this now, another chance won’t come around… It’s going to get pretty reckless. You understand? *heroine nods* Haha, it’s decided then. I thought you’d say that. Then… let’s resume our mission!

*** TRACK 6: River ***

When the fifth and last community card is revealed.

*grate noises*

M: We came out in an unexpectedly good position. It’s the backyard of the underground casino. Heh, to think we were forced to escape through the ceiling vent… Hm? There’s only one guard right now. Looks like we can do it. I’ll drop down first. You wait here.

*drops down; takes out guard*

M: Haah, sorry but it’ll be problem if you made a fuss. *takes guns; checks them* There’s two guns. It’s pretty great as spoils of war.

M: It’s okay now. Come on, drop down. I’ll catch you. *heroine drops; he catches her* In any event, our escape was a success. Next is securing Second Barrel… Yeah, it should be somewhere in this backyard. We can only look around slow and steady here. *heroine nods* Oh, before that. I should hand you this, just in case.

M: It’s been a year since that time where you held a gun in a real fight, huh. To be honest, I didn’t want this opportunity to come around again, but… Yeah, I’m sure you can shoot it now. But… if possible, I don’t want you to shoot. If you shoot, you’ll be shot back at, and the likelihood of being exposed to danger rises. So, don’t shoot as much as possible.


M: You’re right, you can say that about me too, but… No! I’m not saying you aren’t reliable!… I just… *hugs heroine* Now’s not the time to argue. Anyway, you’ll be protected by me. Okay?… I’m going to consider your silence as agreeing. Let’s go, we’ll start with that room first.

*scene skip; searching room*

M: … Haa, is this also a wrong guess? What’s wrong? *comes over* You happened to find a hidden door? Feels like we should have guessed this. *creaks open*… Oh?… Look at this. There’s Japanese yen and even euros. It’s all successfully made counterfeit money. Lined up over there are forged passports. There’s even works of art in the back, probably stolen goods.

M: Ahah, you struck a big prize! This is the underground casino’s prize storehouse. Second Barrel must be in here somewhere. Yeah, you take that side. I’ll search in the back. *they start searching*


M: A suitcase?… *pops it open* Hehe, our heart’s desire has finally appeared. Seeing that the neutralizer, Strategy, is also present means those Xiang Mao guys were tricking the customers to make bets in that event. *takes out vials; closes suitcase* What?

M: …? Ah! This is…! *flips papers* So that’s how it was. This is a list of port entries. We entered Macau by way of a ferry from Hong Kong, right? It seems that among the Macau police who were managing the comings and goings at that time there was someone inside who circulated this list to Xiang Mao. It’s likely they were bribed and taking part in the daily smuggling of people into the country.

M: Geez, looks like even the police of any country is accompanied by corruption. No, we can’t state that definitively. The department that manages the comings and goings of Macau and the department against organized crime that the boss requested cooperation from are completely separate things. That those Xiang Mao guys weren’t able to grasp the whole scope of this operation is, in a word, proof that they haven’t gotten around to that department.


M: Haha, yeah, luck has turned in our favor. Anyway, we’ve secured our evidence. Now, we just need to–…!! This is bad, someone’s coming! We’re going to hide!

M: … Come closer to me… *footsteps*

M: … *fading footsteps; he exhales; something is bumped and breaks* Ah, shit!… Che, we got found! *gunfire* Nrgh!… We’re retreating!

*they run; gunfire; alarms*

M: Shit! It’s impossible to break through the front with this… Over here! From the structure of this place, if we go around to the other side, we should be able to get out. It’s a little bit of a detour, but we have no choice! Anyway, run!!

*slams open door*

M: Haa… haa… what is this place… It doesn’t look like a parking lot… Yeah, it’s full of crazily expensive cars you rarely see. Every last one of them doesn’t have a number plate, meaning they’re stolen cars. Are these prizes for the underground casino too?… !! Newcomers?! *door busts open; gunfire*


M: GET DOWN! Gugh!… Shit… *gunfire* We’re gonna hide under the car, go! *gunfire; something starts leaking*

M: Che! They’re shooting as much as they like. I suppose confronting this many is reckless. *reloading*… It’s only a matter of time before this car becomes like Swiss cheese. Haah, there’s no choice. I’m pretty reluctant about this but we have to do it. *flicks lighter open* I’m talking about Plan B. There’s no time to explain. Once I give the signal, dive into that door over there.

M: … Three… two… one… RUN! *gunfire; kicks open door* COVER YOUR EARS! *throws lighter; flames erupt; shuts door*

M: Kgh… haa… haa… Mngh… It went well… haa… haa… with this, until the fire dies down, those guys can’t chase us. Now’s our chance. Let’s hurry!

*scene skip; walking but Makabe is breathing heavily*

M: … Ngh… eugh… *places hand on wall*… No, it’s noth– gugh…!

M: Ahaha… you caught me. Back there in that gunfight, it was a little bit… I thought it was a scratch, but… nrgh… *blood dripping*… It seems surprisingly deep. Don’t get angry and there’s no need to worry… It missed my vitals. It’s not a wound that’ll kill me.

*heroine rips her dress*

M: Heh, what a shame for that to be used to stop the bleeding. I really liked the way you looked in that dress… Eugh!… Don’t worry about me, continue… Nrgh… ah… kghh…


M: … Yeah, I’m feeling much more stable. I think I can move now. But… I’m sorry… Even though I said arrogantly that I’d protect you… in this state I’m far from being able to protect you. I’m a burden now, kgh! Disgusting. There’s a limit to how pathetic I can be.

M: !?… What?… You…

M: … Ahaha… you’re right. You’re my buddy. Not a woman who is just to be protected… *holds heroine close* A precious partner I can entrust my back to. Heh… then… I’m counting on you, partner. We just have to hold out a little longer! Let’s go.

*scene skip; Makabe in pain*

M: I’m okay, because you’re here. Hah, more importantly, there’s something I noticed. Apparently, when humans are placed in a crisis their base instinct to leave a descendant is stirred up… In other words, I really want to sleep with you… Haha! It’s precisely because we’re in this moment, no? When we return to Japan, we’re going directly to a bed.

M: You’re laughing? I’m going to make you regret that later, so prepare yourself…


M: Finally, an exit… *footsteps; gunfire* Tch! At this time! We’re easy targets like this. Let’s take refuge in that room over there for the moment. We’ll both shoot and then run. Three… two… one… *shoots* NOW! *they run; burst into room; guns are drawn on them*

M: !!… The owner… so this is your room. I see… we were nicely lured here, huh.

M: If possible, we’d have liked to never see you again. *gun cocks*… Yeah, yeah. *to heroine* Put down your gun. *gun drops; he kicks them over* There. Are you satisfied now?

M: Yeah, we’re up against the wall already. This is it–… heh… that’s true, there’s nothing we can do unless a miracle happens. But… as a place to die, the view from this room isn’t bad. *to heroine* Come on, you take a good look too. It’ll be a pleasant memory to take to the afterlife. *heroine comes over*

M: Right? What a great view. It just so happens to be dawn… *whispers* By the way, can you swim? *heroine nods; helicopter noises* Heh, very good! *kicks someone; takes gun and shoots window; runs over to edge* We’re jumping! Hold onto me tightly! *they jump and plunge into the water*


M: Haa… haa!… Are you OK? Haha, geez… whether that was a good idea or not, there’s the person who’ll tell us that. Look, it’s the boss’ appearance. *helicopter lowers; door opens* Does it look like it’s fun to swim in this damn cold ocean? We’ve been running all through the night and we’re at our limits. Please pull us up already, Chief Suou. *rope is thrown* Ah… he told us to hurry up and come because he’s in a hurry. Hah, what a nice person. Yeah, we just barely made it… hah, with this our mission is complete at last.

*** TRACK 7: Return ***

This isn’t really a defined term in poker but it’s basically the amount you win. So, your profitability at the end of the game.

*walking; noise of a cigarette being lit; heroine overhears Makabe in a room*

M: Didn’t you stop smoking?… You’ve scolded everyone about not entering the lab until the smell disappears. Yeah, my stomach wound has long healed. Thanks to being forcibly admitted into the hospital, all the paid holidays I saved ended up being used up to yesterday though.

M: Her? Like you imagine, she was extremely worried. *smokes cigarette*… When I was shot, she yelled at me while crying. “This time I’ll protect you. I don’t want to be protected one-sidedly. Isn’t that what buddies are?”… That gave me a sudden realization… Yeah, that I burdened her with my… no, with the same thing that happened to us. *smokes cigarette*

M: It’s almost been four years… since that time, huh. Does your left arm still hurt?… I see. *smokes cigarette*… You don’t have any plans on returning to the SCID, right? No, I’m not telling you to return. Even if our positions are different and you aren’t my buddy, you’re still a comrade, even now. That’s the one thing that doesn’t change. Recently, I’ve finally arrived at that simple answer.


M: That’s right. She’s always so direct to the point of being too direct. From somebody’s influence. Haha, yeah, it’s amazing. *smokes cigarette* Anyway, that’s how it is. *stubs out cigarette* I’ll continue to count on you in the future, Rei. *handshake* Heh, yeah, see you. *Kurusu walks out*

M: … You’re there, aren’t you. Come in. *heroine enters*

M: It wasn’t like it was a conversation you couldn’t hear. Ah, in the past we often smoked here. I thought he already quit, but it seems like he smokes extremely rarely. It’s the first time I learned about that too.

M: … I need to apologize to you. In my mind, I thought you’d become like Kurusu all over again, and I was always afraid that you’d disappear from in front of me. That’s why I told myself I had to protect you, and always prioritized my own feelings. While saying we were buddies, I didn’t properly understand the meaning of entrusting my back to someone. And, unconsciously, I hurt you with that, huh… I’m sorry.


M: Hah, yeah, in the future I’m going to rely on you without reservation. Hehe, it’s a promise.

M: … Hm? Ah, that time? I didn’t call for reinforcements. Haha, do you know what Kurusu and I were called during the time we were partnered? Yes, Bullets. Incidentally, Plan B in the SCID is the abbreviation for Plan Bullets. At that time, when we were at the end of our ropes, we used an explosion as a way to escape.
(T/N: Bullets is a poker term for a pair of Aces. It’s actually the title of the last track in Makabe’s first CD.)

M: Because we went past the planned time for the operation and an explosion happened at the underground casino, it seems the boss knew we were experiencing something or other and forced the raid unit to move. Apparently, they agreed because we’d hand over the entire achievement of exposing the underground casino. Everything on the members of the SCID will be concealed, but the underground casino is crushed and Xiang Mao has been driven to annihilation too. So, the results are all right.

M: Ahah, well, if by chance we didn’t seize Second Barrel as proof of evidence, us and, of course, the boss might have been fired. Thanks to that, I was scolded at nastily just a while ago. “Even if there’s a second generation of Bullets, this way of doing things hasn’t changed from the first generation”. Ahaha, anyway, I’ll teach you how to write a letter of apology. Since I had to write quite a bit when I was a rookie.


M: Haha. Hm? It’s this time already? Since it’s after we did all that work, I’m sure they won’t complain if we leave work on time for today. That’s true, it’d be nice to go for some drinks, but… more than alcohol… *leans in* I want you. Heh, you’ve forgotten what I said at that time, haven’t you. Hah, have you remembered?… Hehehe, you’ve prepared yourself, right? I’m going to make you regret so much in bed.

*** TRACK 8: No-Limit ***

Where the player can bet as much as they like (as long as they have the chips in front of them). This is related to Maximum Bet from Arlen’s CD where that denotes the limit at a table.

M: *kisses*… Not yet. Not until I taste you all over… Mm… *kisses*… I did say not until I taste you all over, didn’t I? I don’t usually touch over here. *kisses*

M: Haa… ngh… Ah, you’re like this just from your ears and back. Mm… *giving oral*… Mm? What is it?… Ahah, that’s unusually aggressive of you. Are you sure? I haven’t made you come yet. Heh, alright, then face this way.


M: I wouldn’t be able to see your face like that. *kisses; removes belt; grabs condom*… Look, here’s what you’ve been waiting impatiently for… Hngh…! Haa… I’m going to move. *thrusting*

M: … What’s wrong? You’re the one who said you wanted this… Ahaha, of course it’d be intense… because the instant we came back to Japan, instead of this room, I was sent directly to a hospital bed! Mngh…! Haa… haa… I’ve had to wait for this close to three weeks… I’ve been starving…! Nrgh!… But you… no matter what you say, you like it when it’s intense, right? Mmgh! Haa… haa…

M: Here, I’ll hold up your legs like this. Ngh… it’ll place my entire weight on the spot we’re connected. Mngh! Angh… haa… haa… *thrusting*


M: Ah, there’s tears in your eyes. Hah, I’m sure I told you before that when you make such a face at a time like this it turns me on, haha. You’re doing it because you know, aren’t you. Mmngh! Ah! *thrusting*

M: Ngh!… It’s fine. Hang onto me however you like. Haha, because I’ll get to laugh at you when you get embarrassed seeing my back next morning. Nngh! *kisses; thrusting; heroine orgasms*

M: !!… You suddenly came. Ahah, and quite a lot too… Haha, it doesn’t matter how dirty the bed gets. At any rate, in this past year, it’s been stained deeply in your erotic smell. It’s a little late to care, no?… More importantly, I’m already at my limits too… Let me come… inside you… Nngh! Haa… haa! *thrusting*

M: I’m coming…! Kgh…! Nnagh…! Haa…! *he orgasms; kisses*


M: Ah, that reminds me… I love you… Ahah, I haven’t said that, right?… From what happened this time, I felt how real that was once again. I love you… stay by my side, always. *kisses*

*scene skip; cigarette is lit; heroine opens door*

M: … Hm? Hah, it’s you, like I thought. Obviously, I’d know. You’re the only one in the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare with those calm steps. *stubs out cigarette* I said it before, didn’t I? That I wouldn’t smoke in front of you. Besides, I have this that you gave me. *shows lighter* One drag is more than satisfying enough.

M: So? Judging from your appearance, the boss asked for something unreasonable again? *heroine nods* Haha, geez, that guy is a slave driver as usual. Oh well, in any case… *hugs heroine* I have the best buddy. There’s no one anywhere who is a match for her. Hehe… well then, let’s go… partner.

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Dear Drunkard ***

*opens can of beer; he drinks*

M: Fuah… *door opens*… Ah, it’s you. *door closes* Yeah, it’s been a while since I did a two night stakeout, so it’s been a bit of a strain. The boss said that? Hah, naturally. If there was a day where, after writing this much, I was told to hand in my report by the end of today on top of that, I’d run over to the workers’ union. Well then, I won’t be shy and I’ll leave on time. *downs his beer; trashes it* You’re off too, right? Get a drink with me. We’ll head home immediately, so there’s no problem.

*scene skip; drinking at a bar*

M: Aah… it tastes especially nice today. Maybe I should drink some more. Yeah, after drinking one I’m back to normal. Bartender, give me the same, but double. Also, I’ll order the cocktail she always has. *bartender makes the drinks; Makabe drinks*

M: Heh, it makes me forget how tired I am. *drinks again* Hm? What? Ahah, I’ve lost my edge if I’m being worried over drinking too much from a woman who turns into a kiss demon from a few cocktails. But I’m okay. *downs his drink* Bartender, another. *bartender makes one; Makabe drinks*


M: Haa… feels great. Hm, you’re still saying that? Here, look closely at whether I’m drunk or not. Hmm… I’m not any different from usual, right? In the first place, I won’t get drunk at this level. You worry too much. Eh, why are you trying to get away? *pulls heroine closer*… You’re my woman, right? Don’t leave me. Stay by my side. Hehe, are you embarrassed? How cute.

M: It’s the truth, isn’t it? I’m always thinking it. That you’re cute and irresistible… That’s why I get worried… ’cause there’s many men in the SCID. When you’re walking around the office, every last one of them is following you with their eyes. Shall I tell you how I feel every time that happens? It makes me want to declare that this girl’s mine and show them. Like this… *kisses*

M: … Ngh! *heroine pushes him away* Hey, what’re you doi–… It’s your fault for being cute. Oh yeah, I thought this in the morning but your clothes today are pretty. It’s the first time I’ve seen this. It’s tight lines turns me on a lot. Mm… look, this area’s the best. It makes me want to slip my hand inside and pet you. *heroine steps away* Woah! Hey, wait! I haven’t said we’re going back yet.

M: Why do you want to go back that badly?… Aah, I see. It’s that. Hehe, then I have no choice. *gets up* Bartender, I’m leaving the amount for today’s drinks here. I don’t need change.

[06:10] *they leave the bar*

M: Now then, let’s get going. Hey, wait! *grabs heroine* Where are you going? There’s no need to go all the way back home, right? There’s a love hotel in the opposite direction. You’re asking me why? Isn’t that why you want to go home so quickly? *heroine shakes head*

M: What, so it’s like that… if that’s the case then fine. Come on, let’s go. Heh, there’s no misunderstanding the meaning of that. There’s only one meaning behind going to a love hotel together with the woman you love. I want to make love… to you. I can’t possibly wait until we get home. Hehe, that reaction is acknowledgment, right? Then it’s decided, ahah.

*scene skip; door opens and closes; he turns into a kiss monster and pins her against wall*

M: … What? There’s no need to rest. Mm… *kisses*… I don’t need water either… *kisses* what I want right now is just you… *kisses* or are you trying to tease me? *pins her arms* Hehe, with this you can’t resist, right? Come on, try to break away.


M: Impossible, right?… Instead of holding down both your wrists like this, if I used handcuffs that could be surprisingly hot, huh. Want to try that next time? *heroine shakes her head* Haha, I was kidding. I’m not that much of a sadist. *kisses*

M: You should be wet by now… Ahah, you’re hot, and you must be aching to have me hurry and touch you deeply here. Mm… but it’s going to be postponed still. Bear with it just being on top of your underwear, okay? I’ll do it after you’re so soaking wet that it drips out from your underwear. Until then… I’ll pleasure this side. Look, you love it when I play with the tips of your breasts, right?

M: Ahah! Your heart is beating quicker. Are you looking forward to something? Mm… *kisses*… It’s hard already. You’re really weak to this place being licked, huh. *kisses*

M: Mm? You’re getting impatient, huh. Not yet still. *kisses*


M: Hahaha, hey, your hips are moving. Is it that frustrating? Nngh… ahah! A woman with no patience… Aah, you’re so sticky… it looks like you were enduring much more than I thought. Take a look at my fingers… See, there’s a string. How lewd. *sucks fingers*

M: Now then, as promised, I’ll give you some love… a ton of it. Ngh!… Mm… ahahah, I know it feels good but don’t use that much strength. I won’t be able to move my fingers. You want to feel better, right? Come on, relax… *kisses; using fingers*

M: That’s a nice look. It’s the look you have when you’re about to come. In that case… I’ll use my mouth for the end. *gives oral* Ahaha, it’s flowing out more and more… amazing…

M: Your knees are shaking, you know? You can hold onto me, mngh… You’ve tensed up. Do you want to come? Hehe, then say it. “Let me come”… If you beg wantonly then I’ll make you feel good to the best of my ability.


M: … You passed. *gives oral; heroine orgasms*

M: It felt good, right? This time make me feel good. *removes belt; holds out condom* Why don’t you put it on once in a while. *heroine nods* Heh, here then… Hngh… well done. Here’s your reward. Haha, you’re between me and the wall. You won’t fall even if one of your legs are raised. Here, I’m putting it in… aah… mngh… haa…

M: … Look, in this position I can enter deeply from the very beginning. Mngh… you can’t tell? Then I’ll raise your other leg too… I’ll do this. Ngh! See, your entire weight is on me. You should be able to tell with this, right? Hagh… ngh… *thrusting*

M: Haha, those moans are like screams. Mm! Cry more! No matter how much you shout here, there’s no need to worry about the neighbors complaining. Come on! I’ll shake you up as much as you like. Hngh! Haa… haa…


M: You look like you’re about to come again. Hehe, that’s fine, then come first… mngh…! *thrusting; heroine orgasms*

M: … Ahaha… haa… haa… you’re looking unsteady… but… I’ll have you accompany me just a bit more. I need to come inside you… or I won’t settle down over here. Ngh… *thrusting*

M: Open your mouth… stick out your tongue… *kisses; thrusting*… Ah, I’m about to come…! Mmgh…! I’m coming…! Haagh! I’m coming! *he orgasms*

M: Haa… haa… ahaha, you have teary eyes… You really are cute… I love you…

*scene skip; birds chirping*

M: Ngh… it’s morning? Huh… this place… is this a love hotel? Oh right, last night… *sighs*… It’s the complete opposite from last time. The things I did…


M: You can tell by looking, right? I’ve been awake a long time ago. Uh, don’t say anything. I remember… yeah, each and every word, everything… My bad. So, don’t say any more! I’m begging you. H-Hey! Why are you laughing?

M: It’s not a lie! Listen, forget about that! Accident. It was an accident. It was something like an accident! *heroine shakes her head* Y-You! *he grabs her* Listen up, don’t tell this to anyone! Especially Kurusu, that guy! It’ll become a bother for sure so don’t ever mention it to him alone!

M: Really!? You’ll promise, right?! Haa… *to himself* even though I’ve never shown that side to anyone until now… well, that just shows how much I let my guard down around you, huh… Ah, it’s nothing. *kisses*… Now then, let’s take a shower and leave. It’ll be busy today too. Heh, I’m counting on you.

*** ANIMATE/OFFICIAL TOKUTEN: Side Rouge ~ Case of Ryo ~ ***

Note2: Bad End that splits in Track 5.

*crowd noises*

M: It’s about time. Our plan of action is exactly as the boss ordered. Once the event happens, we’ll purchase Second Barrel, escape from this underground casino, join up with the boss and the Macau police raid force on standby, and launch a criminal investigation. Got it? *heroine nods* Yeah, this is the critical moment.

*scene skip*

M: … This is strange. We’re close to being 20 minutes past. No, we can’t wait any longer. For the operation this time, it’s essential we obtain Second Barrel as evidence. If we don’t have that, the Macau police raid force can’t move. Now that it’s become uncertain, it’s wiser to go back to square one… Most importantly, I have a bad feeling. *grabs heroine’s hand* Anyway, we’re getting out of here.

*rushed footsteps*

M: !! Che… were we too slow? This way! Run!!

*they run; kicks open a door; guns are drawn on them*

M: … We’re surrounded…

[02:00] *footsteps*

M: Are you the owner of this place? Much obliged you expressly made an appearance. *gets punched* EUGH!… *collapses and coughs; grabs heroine* Wait!… Don’t do it… Breaking through this situation unarmed is impossible. It’s better to be quiet and get caught here. *whispers* If we struggle pointlessly here we can only die, but if we survive there might still be a chance. Got it? *heroine nods* Mm, good.

*scene skip; crowd cheering*

M: Grgh! To think it’d end up like this… there are more spectators than there were when we watched this from above. It looks like there’s more people with bad taste in this world than I thought. *whispers* You were made to drink Strategy too, right? *heroine nods* Before we got on the stage, I was given this. It’s Second Barrel. I was told to drink it together with you… like that main event… here in this place.

M: … That’s right. If we don’t drink it, going by the looks of those guys backstage, we’ll definitely be killed. So, we have no choice but to drink it… Do you believe in me? *heroine nods*… Then it’ll be alright. I’ll make sure we get through this… the two of us together. *drinks Second Barrel; kisses heroine; crowd goes wild*


M: Krgh! Aah… haa… haa… as expected… there’s a difference in purity compared to the Rouge et Noir I breathed in before… It’s starting to affect me. Kgh! At this rate, in a few more minutes, I won’t be able to move normally. It’ll be rough but we only have this chance when the audience is stirred up… Once I give the sign, we’ll jump into the audience and run away. All the guys here are VIPS. If we drag them in well those Xiang Mao guys won’t shoot recklessly either. You can do it, right?

M: … Haa… haa… good girl. Well then, here we go. Three… two… one… GO! *crowd is upset* RUN!! Don’t look back! It’s exactly as we planned. Even if they want to shoot, they can’t shoot, and they’re delayed! We’re cutting straight through like this!

*scene skip; door opens and closes*

M: Ngh… haa… haa… We managed to escape somehow… You… what are you thinking right now?… Ahah, the same as me, huh. That’d be the case… Rather, I can’t believe we endured until we returned to this room. Nrgh! Haa…! I’m at my limits already! I want you so bad… You too, right? *heroine nods; intense kisses*


M: Your clothes… are in the way… Quickly… I want to touch your skin now… *kisses*

M: You’re burning… No, both of us are, huh… I’m so hot it’s like I’m on fire… *kisses*

M: Your nipples are bright red. What a lewd sight… mmgh… *fingers heroine* Amazing… it’s sopping… did you run out of the underground casino like this the entire time?… It must have been painful. Let me soothe that right away. Ngh!

M: It’s tight down here… haa… Touch me too… *removes belt; heroine touches him* Mngh! Gugh! Haa…! Yes, like that! Grip it tightly and stroke it. Hngh! Aah…! Aah, this is bad. I feel like coming just from this. Your fingers around me feel so good… mngh! Aah…!


M: Hehehe, in that case, hurry and come, you say?… You’re right. Ngh! It’s useless to go against this drug. I know this better than you… ngh! Aah!… Make me come like this with your hand… nngh… haa… yes, like that… right there…! Harder… mngh!

M: You’re almost there too, right? Mmngh… you’re clenching around my fingers… here, come…! Right here, right? Just let yourself go… Mngh… haa… me too… I’m coming… Agh! *they orgasm*

M: Haa… haa… Sorry… I got your hand dirty… Well, but… at any rate, we’re going to be covered in a mess soon… you and me…

M: Put both hands on the bed and raise your hips. Fingers aren’t enough for you, right? And I won’t be settled just from coming once either.

M: … You’re in a worse state than you were earlier. It’s overflowing and trickling down… and that area’s completely slippery. *inserts himself* Idiot! You’re squeezing too tightly! Ngh! Are you trying to make me come the instant I’m inside? Ahaha, cut me some slack, will you? Mngh! Haagh! *thrusting*


M: Huh?… What is it?… It’s a feeling I remember… My scent to you… and your scent to me… is felt more keenly than normal. It’s the instinct ingrained in a man and woman…! *rough thrusts* Before too, I was driven crazy by this smell. My brain was reduced to jelly and, before long, I ended up not being able to think of anything. Krgh! Aagh…!

M: It afflicts you to the point where you don’t even have a fragment of human-like reasoning. Haa… haa… ahaha, this is the same as being a beast… Argh! Gugh! *kisses; thrusting*

M: … Hey… if you’re about to come again then don’t hold back. The more you try to endure it the more the drug swallows your strength… ngh… Don’t think about anything right now! If you don’t, then this’ll never end! You understand, right? Haa… haa… Good girl… *thrusting*

M: I’m going to come too! Mngh…! Kgh…! Haa… aagh… *they orgasm; harsh breathing*

M: … It’s not enough… once more… krgh! *thrusting* Angh… As if I’d wait! *harsh thrust*… How about I tell you what you’re like inside because of me? Mmngh… it’s going wild about wanting me deeper, to gouge in, to pierce you… agh… to senselessly pound you until you’re absolutely worn out! Ngh!! *thrusting*


M: Look this way… *kisses; thrusting*… Dammit! Again…! I’m coming…! *kisses; they orgasm*… Ahah, you’ve thrown out some lewd syrup… What’re you going to do if your turn me on even more than this? Mmgh… *pulls out; gives oral*

M: I’ve told you, I’m not going to wait… Enough, give it to me. Give me everything… come on! I’ll even stir you up with my fingers… mngh!

M: Your breathing is rough. You’re going to come immediately again like this… *heroine orgasms*

M: … Haa… haa… *kisses*… ahah, to think you squirted twice in a row… Look, everything’s dripping wet… Ahah, why are you apologizing? It’s not needed. More importantly… this time we’ll do it from here. Come on, get on my lap. Mngh! Don’t tease me! Hurry! *he enters heroine* Hngh! Agh!


M: My heart feels like it’s going crazy. Aagh… my insides and blood is boiling too… I can tell my body is straining… mngh! But it’s strange… I don’t feel any pain right now. Or is it that I don’t understand anything but pleasure? Hah… gugh… it’s really a stupidly hopeless drug… Ahahaha, no… what’s more stupidly hopeless… might be us who drowned in that drug and became like this. Angh… haa… cling to me more… *thrusting*

M: … That’s good. When we go crazy… when we break… we’ll be together… ngh! If that happens, it won’t be scary, right? *kisses; thrusting*

M: Good… it feels so good…! Mngh… *kisses; thrusting*… coming… I’m… I’m… coming! NGH! Hngh! Aagh… haa… haa… *collapses to the side*

*phone rings*

M: !!…… We’re long past the scheduled time for the operation… It must be from the boss… *phone keeps ringing*… Yeah, I know I have to answer it… I know, but……


M: …… *phone stops*…… Ah, it stopped… That’s right. If it was me normally I’d call back immediately, but… *grabs heroine* unfortunately, right now I’m not the usual me… ahah… I’m a failure of a narcotics officer. To drown in the drug I’m supposed to crack down on… the thing that can’t happen even once… I’ve done it twice… Moreover, I’ve gotten you involved too and abandoned my mission…

M: But even still… the desire to devour you greedily is controlling my mind…! I can’t think of anything apart from that…! Ahaha… there’s no hope for me… Ah… you too? Heh, I see… then… how about we fall until we arrive at the end?… If I’m with you then I don’t care about what happens anymore… As long as you’re here… I don’t need anything.

*** NOTES ***

Note3: My number two in this series!! I love the classic buddy theme and it’s so sweet to see how much they’ve both grown. They went from an awkward undercover couple to being able to play off of each other as pros and !! established + developing relationships are amazing. Makabe is just super cool in general too.

Note4: I love how the Stellaworth tokuten is Makabe getting drunk because one of the tokutens in his first CD is the heroine getting drunk. Both of them are absolutely wild when drunk LOL. HE BECOMES SO DOTING AND AFFECTIONATE AND !! YOU GUYS GOTTA HEAR HOW SWEET HE SOUNDS. Meanwhile, the heroine is a kiss monster when drunk and aggressive LOL which he actually references at the beginning.

Note5: THE ANIMATE TOKUTENS ALWAYS HURT ME SO MUCH. And everyone seriously needs to hear how amazing all the seiyuu are at sounding like they’re really really really turned on to the point of pain L O L. I swear my eyes are always super wide when I hear how heavy their breathing is and it’s like “SIR, IS YOUR THROAT ALRIGHT, SIR!!”. But no seriously, Makabe’s musings about his failure and not answering the phone at the end makes me want to cry.


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    waterinegirl said:
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    i happen to stumble Rouge et Noir: Under the Gun and now im confuse about the timeline.

    did Rouge et Noir: Under the Gun goes first then followed by second barrel?

      Ilinox responded:
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      The timeline goes:

      Season One
      Under the Gun (Makabe)
      Check in the Dark (Kurusu)
      Double Down (Arlen)
      Eye in the Sky (Suou)
      Pure Bluff (Sena)

      Jacks or Better (Gilles) happens somewhere after Double Down but before Maximum Bet. So like… here-ish?

      Season Two
      Second Barrel (Makabe)
      Implied Odds (Kurusu)
      Maximum Bet (Arlen)
      All In (Suou)

      Then there’s the VR edition for Makabe’s Prologue coming out soon (HELLO! I’M GOING TO DIE WHEN I GET TO THIS!!) which I think happens either after Under the Gun or Second Barrel, because you two are definitely lovers and you’re just chilling on holidays but end up having to do an investigation. I dunno why they call it Prologue but think of it as another side story.

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      I’m afraid if you can’t find it on those sites then I wouldn’t know /o\ and I’d like to encourage people to support the company and author (especially since this’ll increase our chances for more RN goods :’)) DON’T LET ARLEN END LIKE THIS!!).

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    October 8, 2018 at 05:34

    “I told you to take it easy for tonight… this is me being a fine wolf in gentleman’s clothing, huh. ” Sir, you mean ‘K9 in gentleman’s clothing ‘ since you are a officer XD
    ” That gave me a sudden realization… Yeah, that I burdened her with my… no, with the same thing that happened to us.” Awww….. Those bromance days 😳 lol
    “It’s precisely because we’re in this moment, no? When we return to Japan, we’re going directly to a bed.” I was like Hahaha XD we’re in a serious situation Sir Makabuddy! Hang on for a moment you will go for that later! XD
    “because the instant we came back to Japan, instead of this room, I was sent directly to a hospital bed!” HAHAHA XD I LAUGHED SO MUCH AT THIS! OBVIOUSLY! POOR MAKABUDDY 😂

    And I never forget what he said on commentings heroine ‘s underwear and he likes black, YOU’RE SO CHOOSY DUDE….. SO RUUUDE….. Hahaha XD

      Ilinox responded:
      October 8, 2018 at 12:15

      K9 IN GENTLEMAN’S CLOTHING GJHGJH THAT’S CLEVER. Dammit, I missed my chance |D It’s so Hollywood when he starts making quips like that while bleeding out and in the worst situation possible, lmao, I love it so much.

      Makabe knows what he wants ;D and half the time it’s the heroine–

    waterinegirl said:
    October 7, 2018 at 04:08

    finally R18! hey, dont judge me.

    When we return to Japan, we’re going directly to a bed.
    There’s only one meaning behind going to a love hotel together with the woman you love. I want to make love… to you.

      Ilinox responded:
      October 7, 2018 at 08:58

      Hey!! This is Arlen erasure and I won’t stand for it!! LOL jkjk. Makabe is such a cool character |D he can be so professional but also say such raunchy things like that (though to be fair he is drunk in the second one).

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