Day: October 23, 2018

SNB Kojuurou ~ Bond 1 ~

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(Bond 3 achieved! Now who’s my next victim– haha.)

[KOJUUROU]: “Not looking well… Do you mean me? –Hah… I cannot get anything past you, can I.”

[KOJUUROU]: “It is embarrassing to tell you this, but… actually, when I was speaking to Masamune and Shigezane, you were brought up as a topic.”

[KOJUUROU]: “Hearing about you from them made me feel frustrated at how there were sides of you I did not know. I was jealous of the two of them…”

[KOJUUROU]: “Do you think me a narrow-minded man? –But I wish to be the one who always understands you the best.”

[KOJUUROU]: “These are my thoughts. I wish to be allowed by your side. If possible, forever– I love you.”