Day: October 27, 2018

SNB Takeda ~ Chapter 8.4 ~

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Chapter 8: To Be Inseparable

Pursuing the sacred treasures, the Takeda army went on an expedition to Uesugi territory. On the way, they encountered the Sanada army by chance.

As Uesugi and Date move suspiciously, an alliance proposal came from Yukimura…

Chapter 8.4

[YUKIMURA]: “… I see. The Uesugi army ambushed us, but they immediately left, huh…”

[SHINGEN]: “Yeah. I don’t know what the other side is planning, so I thought to discuss it with you–“

[TAKEDA SOLDIER]: “Shingen-sama, it’s another Uesugi assault!”

[SHINGEN]: “… Kgh. We’ll talk later. Let’s go and scatter those guys again!”

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