Light Beyond 4 ~ Afterword ~

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Okay, now we’ve really reached the end of this long 2 year project. Thank you to everyone who supported this series or dropped by to read it. I’m going to take a long break after this and maybe play some otome games LOL but honestly this is still one of my favorite books and I’m glad I got to share it with everyone. Once again, please consider supporting the artist if you enjoyed this book and I only shared about 1/4 of the illustrations in total so!!

At any rate, please enjoy the author’s comments down below.

Here we go!

Thank you very much for accompanying me to the final volume of “The Light Beyond the Road’s End”.

It’s been a very long time since the publication of the third volume and to those who picked up this work, despite that, I truly cannot raise my head.

First, please let me give my feelings of gratitude.

Once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


This work, as you know, was originally a web novel which was made into a book.

Naturally, because it is a commercial work, if it does not sell then it won’t be continued and so, to start with, the first volume was released. At the time, I remember just praying that I could deliver the final volume in the form of a book to everyone.

After that, it was due to everyone’s support that the next volume was decided on but, being a coward, I had negative thoughts on how the series might be discontinued by the next volume and so I should compact everything so that it fits in that one volume (lol).

However, my editor, Mr. Y, pushed me strongly to go together until the fourth volume and, instead, I ended up writing beyond the story that was imagined at the beginning.

And that is this final volume.

This work is a story where Yuna confronts many things, works hard, and matures. And so I thought I’d be able to bring the story to a conclusion by the third volume. Actually, the web novel (although the contents differ in various ways) reaches the ending in the third volume of the book version.

When I thought about what to write in the brand new fourth volume, I thought about how I wanted to give shape to Asyut, who has been facing Yuna all this time, and what he feels, what he thinks, and what actions he would take. I wanted not just Yuna to do her best but for Asyut to also do his best.

As a result, I think Asyut has worked very hard. I also don’t have regrets any longer after this. Besides, right now I strongly feel that coming this far is “The Light Beyond the Road’s End” that I really wanted to write.


However, even though I say that, in the end I’ve been constantly anxious about all the time it’s taken until the publication of the final volume. I also became timid, thinking that all the readers would have already forgotten this work.

However, until this day where I am writing the afterword, I was greatly encouraged by the continuous messages and impressions I received from everyone towards this work. Even when the publication of the final volume was announced, I received many thankful and celebratory words.

I am worried whether or not this final volume will meet the expectations of everyone who has said “I’ve been waiting”, but I think I am satisfied in my own way with this one volume I’ve completed with my utmost effort.



Thank you to Ms. Shirosaki Saya, who was in charge of the final volume’s illustration.

Thank you so much for cheerfully accepting the sudden appointment and outrageous request for the final volume only. The moment I saw the lovely front cover where Asyut and Yuna were facing each other, holding hands, I felt like that one picture summarized this entire story and was very moved. Yuna, who appeared as an illustration for the first time in this volume, was exactly as I imagined and I was really surprised and delighted again.

Unfortunately, Mr. Kishida Mel was not available this time but thank you very much for everything up to now. In the end, I believe that it was because these characters were designed by Mr. Kishida that this work exists like this.

Also, to my editor Mr. Y, thank you so much for accompanying me from the first volume to the final volume. Of course, not only did you work very hard to publish the final volume, but you also dug into the character’s emotions and actions together with me, were involved with the revisions, and corrected my strange Japanese accurately. I can’t thank you enough. I’m glad I followed Mr. Y!

Also, I’m grateful to East Press who gave me the go-ahead for the publication of this work. Thank you so much for your continued publication over the past several years and it was an honor. What a generous company.


Even while saying lastly it ended up being long.

I apologize sincerely for how it became another formal afterword. I tried reading the past afterwords, but I felt like that excitement is grueling on me… (lol) and I realized there too that it’s really been a long time since then.

Well then, once again, I am so grateful to everyone who was involved in this work.

It would be an honor if I could see everyone again somewhere.

Thank you very much.


2015 October.


4 thoughts on “Light Beyond 4 ~ Afterword ~

    iriefi said:
    December 6, 2018 at 08:16

    *crawls out from lurking* I feel satisfied, yet empty reaching the end of this novel :(
    Thank you very much for your hard work!

      Ilinox responded:
      December 6, 2018 at 14:55

      You’re welcome and thank you for reading! It ends on such a great note but it’s always sad to come to the end of a journey, huh :’)).

    shironeko225 said:
    November 20, 2018 at 23:35

    After a deep and fricking wide cliff we finally reach the afterworld now my heart can beat normally as it should be have a nice rest translator san hope to see your next work soon

      Ilinox responded:
      November 21, 2018 at 19:54

      Thank you! I hope you enjoyed the story :) and congratulations on surviving all the cliffs LOL.

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