Rouge et Noir ~ Eye in the Sky ~

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Suou Eiji (周防 衛士)
CV: 鷹取玲

Rouge et Noir ~ Eye in the Sky ~

The circulation of the new type of drug, Rouge et Noir, and the battle between the Narcotics Control Division of the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare and the crime syndicate, House, which was distributing the drugs, continued.

However, the struggle for supremacy began to collapse due to a tear that opened up within House. Suou Eiji, of the Special Criminal Investigations Department (also known as SCID), saw this as a great opportunity and personally set out on an investigation to destroy House.

As a new narcotics officer belonging to the SCID, you gradually build a relationship of trust with the highhanded Suou while opposing the means of his investigation.

(Thank you so much to Hina for another translation commission!! At this rate, I might end up with a complete collection LOL which is the dream, to be honest. This is the 4th volume in the series. R18 content warning.)

Here is a timeline for those confused since I’ve jumped around the series: Under the Gun > Check in the Dark > Double Down > Eye in the Sky > Pure Bluff > Second Barrel > Implied Odds > Maximum Bet > All In. Jacks or Better occurs somewhere after Double Down and before Maximum Bet. Makabe’s VR edition is also a side story.

“Eye in the sky” isn’t a poker term but it is a casino term! It refers to the security cameras that are set up to monitor the seats, tables, hallways, restaurants, and even elevators. It’s to help the casino catch anyone who is cheating or counting cards (a type of cheating) or committing crimes.

Note: All the titles in this series are poker/card terms, so I’ll be explaining those as we go along.

Note2: He calls the heroine “hiyoko” which is literally a baby chick or someone inexperienced and green, but that sounds so weird in English + the negative connotations of calling a girl a “chick” (aka. hot chick) or “little girl”, so I changed it to robin (I wanted to keep the bird reference because Suou is the Port and Harbour’s Eagle Eye LOL).

Note3: Suou’s volume has a lot of world history that is explained in detail in the data file. “Ouryuukai” (literally Yellow Dragon Group) is the largest yakuza group in the city, Kaasa. In the past, Kaasa had lots of gangs that warred with each other until they were all subjugated under Ouryuukai, due in part to the under-table dealings between the Kaasa police and Ouryuukai.

Note4: Rikugou Masanari was the one who killed Suou’s dad, the reporter that was investigating the under-table dealings between the Kaasa police and Ouryuukai.

*** TRACK 1: Surrender ***

Apparently, this isn’t a poker term but a blackjack term. The player abandons their hand to recover half of their initial bet. I think it’s done because they know they can’t win the hand (meanwhile, this doesn’t make sense in poker since you can bluff your way to victory).

*both are walking*

Suou: Your face is stiff, robin. Listen up, I’ll teach you how to go up against the types of people who are here. Do not falter. Do not be fazed. That’s all.

*he kicks door open*

S: I’m gonna impose on everyone. I’m a narcotics officer from the Port and Harbour Ministry of Welfare. A search warrant? Like I’d have that kind of thing. I didn’t come here to do a premise search; I came on personal business with your boss. It won’t take up too much time.

S: … Che, how annoying. *beats people up* Don’t make me say it again. I don’t have business with underlings. *lights a smoke* If you don’t want to show me in then call your boss here. Tell him Suou of the SCID is here.

Narration: Rouge et Noir… Eye in the Sky.

[02:02] *door opens; he’s smoking*

S: It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Chairman of the Ouryuukai, Rikugou Masanari. I picked up a good present so I came over to play. Here, take it. *throws paper down*

S: Hah, they’re all names you know well, right? They’re all executive leaders of Ouryuukai who were involved with drugs and arrested during these past few days. They’ll all head to prison like this, but… *smokes* fortunately, the prosecutors at the Public Prosecutor’s Office owe me one. I can make sure your people aren’t prosecuted… Heh, as expected, you’re quick on the uptake. Tell me where House’s base is in Kaasa.

S: There’s been investigations on the undeveloped land you supplied to House, while making them put on the black market weapons they bought from Xiang Mao.

S: … Heh, negotiations are complete then. *opens phone* It’s Suou. About what we discussed, settle it immediately. *ends call* Let’s go, robin. We’re done our business here.

S: *smokes* There’s a lot of red tape and crushing yakuza gangs isn’t part of the duties of a narcotics cop. But… one day I’ll slam you fucker into prison with my own hands. Just you wait and see.

*** TRACK 2: Isolate ***

It’s when a player re-raises the opening raiser (the first person to raise) in an attempt to push everyone else at the table to fold or get out of the pot, so they can have a one-on-one showdown. The details are confusing as to when you want to do this, but essentially it gives you a better chance of winning against certain types of players.

S: You look pretty unhappy. It’s written on your face. Because the executive leader, Arlen Clive, fled the country three months ago, House has been in a state of disorder. So, why not use the card I’ve been keeping for negotiation? With Rikugou accepting my deal, Ouryuukai has no choice but to break away from House. House will be isolated like this and its influence will be crushed.

S: Well, if you can’t stomach it then it’s fine if you don’t. More importantly, stop the car. *heroine puts on blinkers and stops; he rolls down window*

S: Archaic Manufacturer. The place Rikugou gave was this, huh. Can you get me information? *heroine types on computer*

S: So they’re affiliated with Hermes Medical Group. I recognize a lot of these people among the staff. It means this series of events related to Rouge et Noir has seriously deep roots and it’s annoying.

S: You don’t need to know anything more. Anyway, we’re going to pull out here for today. *rolls up window; car starts again*

[02:05] *scene skip; briefing is being given*

S: Regarding the name that was distributed the other day as House’s base, Archaic Manufacturer, a private investigation has resulted in discovery of this being a disguise as a supplier of chemicals. Originally, it seems like it was used by Ouryuukai as a storehouse for illegal drugs but currently House is using it as a base for production of Rouge et Noir. This means that, starting now, SCID will place maximum priority on exposing Archaic Manufacturer.

S: In order to get a search warrant for the premises, we’ll need to find a point of contact with House. I’ll take anything, so grab them by the tail. Dismissed! *officers head out*

S: What’s wrong, robin? No, that’s impossible for this case. The information I obtained, outside of the process of justice, won’t be recognized as evidence by the courts. The private investigation of Archaic Manufacturer was gotten by me using a “S” outside of the department and his hacking.

S: Though nothing was a lie, I’m aware this is illegal. I’ll take all responsibility. I should investigate in a more proper way?… I’ve said it already, this case isn’t simple enough to be resolved with proper and honest investigation. Then investigate solo or whatever; do what you want. Seeing as you’re criticizing me, naturally you have your own angle, right?

S: … You can’t answer?… Then don’t talk so pretentiously, little girl. *heroine runs off* Makabe, there’s no need to chase after her. Let her do as she wants for a while. What? You’re going to cover for her? Hah, where’s that coming from, you upstart? Have you forgotten how many times I wiped yours and Kurusu’s asses in the past?

S: If you feel bad about that then call over that ladies’ man and workaholic from forensics right now. For a job. *Makabe leaves* Good grief, every last one of them…

*** TRACK 3: Marginal Hand ***

It basically means a hand that is neither good nor bad. A modest poker hand.

*heroine drinking in a bar; Suou enters*

S: So there’s a customer already. What do you mean why am I here? This place serves the SCID. If you didn’t want to be bothered then find another shop next time. *sits down* Bartender, the usual. *drink is poured; he drinks*

S: In these two weeks, from the dealer we arrested, it seems like you’ve systematically gone over all the restaurants to even the employees related to House. If I don’t catch the movements of even one of my subordinates, how could I work as the director of SCID? I predicted the entire state of your investigation. I even knew from the beginning you’d hit a wall and be at a dead end.

S: *drinks* It would have been easy for me to tell you from the start that you’d end up at a dead end and you should quit while you’re ahead. But, you see… like the sight you saw at the beginning, isn’t there something to see after hitting a wall?

S: Heh, only those who are covered in setbacks are able to mature one turn quicker than the people around them. Well, in a word, that was my lesson. Besides, from the outset, I don’t want obedient people in the SCID. Rather, people who ignore my orders are just right. That’s what I was counting on, which is why I personally scouted you and the others when you all were still in the training institute.

S: That way, when the time came, you guys would move with your own purpose. *drinks*… The people who stand at the top aren’t always right. That’s why, robin, come at me without reservation whenever you can’t agree with me. That’s the kind of place the SCID is.


S: Heh, in particular, I argued a lot with Makabe in the past. Right now, he’s my ace but when he was a rookie he was even more stubborn than you and hard to handle. *lights a smoke* Well, he was similar to Kurusu who was there at the same time. The year I let the two become buddies was the worst, you know? Whenever the two gathered, they made enormous messes. Haha, it’s impossible to imagine, right? They both excelled at being rash, so they couldn’t restrain each other.

S: *smokes* Before I knew it, those two damn brats ended up being called Bullets. Bullets are a pair of Aces. In other words, the strongest combination of cards. I forgot who was the first to call them that, but they were a good combo to be called that… Hm?… I see, so you don’t know about the incident that led to Kurusu quitting the SCID. *smokes*

S: Three years ago, Main Cage, an organization that smuggled cocaine, expanded their influence into Kaasa. There was an operation to eliminate them, code-named “Eye in the Sky”. It was a joint infiltration operation with the DEA, an American Narcotics Control Division. First, after we made Main Cage retreat and shut them out of Japan, several narcotics cops, including Makabe and Kurusu, tracked down and infiltrated them at the base they moved to in Los Angeles. A co-operation between Japan and America was extremely unusual, but the operation went well to the very end. *smokes*


S: Up to the moment of exposing them… Kurusu was dragged into a gunfight and was injured. Unable to bear that, he left the SCID and broke off being buddies with Makabe. Main Cage is the predecessor organization of House. For Makabe and Kurusu, they’re holding complicated emotions to this case involving Rouge et Noir. Moreover… no… *smokes* it’s nothing. *stubs out smoke*

*scene skip; elevator opens*

S: Jeez, don’t drink until you can’t walk. How far are you going to make me take care of you?… *opens door; door closes; cat meows* Yo, I’m home, buddy. Sorry, I’ll have to prepare your meal later. I’m going to put this drunk to sleep first.

S: *opens bedroom door* Come on, we’re here. I’m going to put you to bed, so lie down like this. Woah! Don’t struggle! *falls over*… Haa… you don’t understand your situation right now, do you? It looks like I should teach you what happens when you’re carried into a drunk man’s bedroom. *sucks on ear*

S: Oh?… If I restrain both your hands like this then you can’t do anything, right? *sucks on ear*… Look, if you’re going to resist then do it more seriously. What you’re doing will only please a man. *sucks on ear*… You’ve gone limp… I’m going to have sex with you. Is that okay?

S: … That was a joke, dummy. *gets up* Hurry up and sleep. *leaves room; closes door*

[09:02] *scene skip; morning birds chirping and cat meowing; door opens*

S: Bol, is the drunk awake? Trebol is that guy’s name. It’s long, so I call him Bol. Right, Bol? *cat meows*

S: So, how much of last night do you remember? Hehe, from your appearance it looks like you remember everything. Be grateful that I’m a gentleman. Normally, in that situation it wouldn’t end at just an attempt. If you don’t want to commit a mistake under the influence of alcohol then watch how much you drink next time. It’s enough that you understand. Here. *throws bottle* Drink that and take a shower. I won’t be lenient on you clocking in late because of a hangover.

S: Also, what are you going to do after this? Are you going to continue investigating solo? *heroine shakes her head* I see, then help me out with my work. It’s decided. Well then, I look forward to working with you today.

*** TRACK 4: Aggressive ***

Pretty much exactly what you think it means LOL. A player who plays aggressively by opening and raising and they can often make money with weak hands because of their bluffing skills. However, done too much and they can get predictable and be called out by other players (via things like isolation plays and calling their bluffs, etc.).

*radio crackles*

S: It’s Suou. Has there been any movement? Archaic Manufacturer’s receptionist? She’s alone at this time? Where is she going? Got it, I’m going too. *heroine starts walking*

*scene skip*

S: Should have guessed she’s meeting up with men… Who knows, but traffic has died down. If we keep at this, there’s a possibility they’ll notice us shadowing them… Hm? Aah, so that’s how it is. *turns on car blinkers* I know where they’re going. We’re going to go on ahead.

*scene skip; car is parked*

S: We’ve arrived. Even though this is an empty place, there’s a number of cars parked here, right? Don’t look around so much. It’ll be annoying if we get mistaken for peeping. This pier is a popular spot for having sex in the car. People who can’t get off on regular play come here.

S: Hahah, it’s like another world, huh. Sorry for interrupting while you’re imagining things, but there’s the car from before. Che, they’re coming over here. *grabs heroine* Bear with this for a moment. You understand what kind of place this is, right? If we don’t act like that we’ll be suspicious. Great, good girl.

S: They’ve stopped a bit behind us. Give me the night vision camera. *heroine hands it over; he turns it on* It’s pretty steamy over there. Oh, this guy is… Take a look, robin. What are you misunderstanding? I don’t have an interest in other people’s love affairs either. Take a look at the guy’s hand. *zooms in*


S: It’s a familiar capsule. Yeah, it’s Rouge et Noir. Meaning… either that guy’s a House customer or dealer. No, I don’t know the identity of the man yet. I’ll let them go free for a while longer. We’re withdrawing here for tonight. Be sure to return home. These days you’ve been staying at the office, right? It’s great you’re passionate about work but you’re doing too much. Rest a little. Got it? *heroine nods; car starts up*

*scene skip; drink is opened; door opens*

S: Hm? You… That’s my line. I told you to go home for today, didn’t I? If you don’t watch yourself, you’re seriously going to collapse. Me?… I’m not weak enough for you to be worried. I’m used to this. I said I’d be okay, remember?

S: Haa… *musses his hair* alright, alright! I just need to rest, right? Then, you sit here. Never mind that, just sit. *heroine goes over and sits*

S: I’m going to borrow your lap. *lies down*… You’re the one who said to lie down properly and rest. I’m not accepting complaints. Take responsibility and wake me in thirty minutes. Your response? *heroine nods* Heh, good.

[06:16] *some time later*

S: Nngh… Robin. Hey, hey… *gets up* what am I going to do with an alarm clock that falls asleep?… You won’t wake, huh. See, you were at your limits like I thought and now there’s this repercussion. *moves the heroine*

S: … Well, I don’t dislike that part of you. Heh, honestly, you’re cute with how difficult you are to handle. As thanks for letting me sleep comfortably for the first time in a while, I’ll lend you my jacket and shoulder for the moment. *pets heroine* You’ve worked hard, rest well.

*** TRACK 5: Cold Deck ***

The original meaning is when a deck is fixed with the intent of cheating. For example, a player colludes with the dealer to give the victim a strong hand (so they bet more) but then the player has an even stronger hand. Or this term can also mean when, over a long period of time, one player constantly ends up with strong hands; at this point, you could call the deck a cold deck (though this just sounds like improper shuffling). It can also mean a stacked deck so that one person slowly loses all their money over time.

*radio crackles*

S: Robin, can you hear me? I’ve found out the identity of the man from before. He’s a House dealer. Yeah, it seems like Arlen Clive was an absolute power in House. When he was in Japan, even the dealers at the very edges didn’t expose themselves easily. Now they’re moving as they like. Anyway, we’ve gathered our evidence with this. We have a legitimate reason to search the premises of Archaic Manufacturer with the receptionist having touched illegal drugs. Well done, robin. This time the credit’s with you. I’ll get a search warrant by tomorrow.

S: You’re still downtown in the N district, right? Wait there. I happen to be returning to the office too.

*scene skip; car comes to a stop*

S: I’ve kept you waiting. Get on. *people come over* Hm? Wait, robin, they’re for me. Those guys are from the Port and Harbour Ministry. *parks car; gets out* What business does the ministry have today? I’m abusing my authority? Oh yeah, that reminds me, maintaining Ouryuukai’s matters has fallen under your jurisdiction, huh. If you don’t make some sort of complaint about me going directly to their office you won’t be able to save face, is it? That’s the truth though.

S: Well, whatever. I’ll tell you that I don’t plan on going to Ouryuukai for this case any more. Are you satisfied with this? If you understand, then hurry up and get out of here. You guys are eyesores. *they leave* Fucking charade.

S: Yeah, those Port and Harbour guys aren’t monitoring Ouryuukai, they’re monitoring me. You look like you want to ask a lot of things, robin. I don’t mind. I don’t intend to dodge questions at this point in time. For this story to be a night chat with you probably means it’s time I talked to someone about it. *lights smoke*


S: It’s a twenty-five year old story already. Ouryuukai, who had just launched their business at the time, got the better of a large-scale gangland war with certain means and ended up taking control of Kaasa. It was a collusion with Port and Harbour’s police. In exchange for turning a blind eye to large amounts of drugs, a part of the sales would go a detective as payment under the table.

S: Ouryuukai, who gained the backing of the Port and Harbour’s police, was secured; and the detective, who participated in the under-table dealings, was promoted smoothly thanks to entertaining the top brass with bribes. The other detectives and the mass media must have had some suspicions, but they feared the risks and no one acknowledged it.

S: Except for the group of people with a burning sense of justice, like my dad. *smokes*… My dad was a newspaper reporter and he obtained proof in his independent investigation, but just before he could accuse them he died.


S: Yeah, he was killed by the detective and Ouryuukai to seal his mouth. Publicly, he committed suicide. The root of Archaic Manufacturer, the Hermes Medical Group, is a cushy retirement job for the old boys of the Port and Harbour’s police. Furthermore, the ex-detective involved with my dad’s case has joined that list as an executive. Even now, the other top brass of the Port and Harbour’s police, who are on active duty, have been enticed by Ouryuukai and they let them do whatever they want. The reason we had such a hard time finding House’s base is also because this city has that sort of background.

S: *smokes* But then again, I’m not all that different from them for doing whatever I want and using whatever means at hand. I became a narcotics officer to expose the truth about my father’s case. Even the start up of SCID was because it was convenient to respond to drug cases from outside of the police force. Before, I talked a little about the time when Makabe and Kurusu stopped being buddies, right?


S: In truth, there was an underside to that operation. It wasn’t out in the open, but at that time the SCID stood at the crossroads of being abolished. From the start, because of its special authority, it was initially perceived as a decoration and even the higher-ups lost interest in using me. So, in order to show the benefits of the SCID, I targeted Main Cage. Not out of a sense of duty as a narcotics officer, only so that what I built up with all my pains wouldn’t be crushed.

S: Looking at the result, the operation drove Main Cage to the brink of destruction and SCID’s existence was decided. It was around that time I started being called the “Port and Harbour’s Eagle Eye” and that exaggerated name took on a life of its own. But the one who suffered a wound as payment for that reckless plan… wasn’t me. *smokes*

S: … This is the truth of the operation code-named “Eye in the Sky”. *stubs out cigarette* No matter how it’s dressed up, what I’ve done in the end is for nothing more than revenge. I’m a failure as a narcotics officer and as a boss. Even though I know that, I’m struggling shamefully and clinging to my spot right now.


S: That’s probably why, huh… *touches heroine* From time to time, the pure sense of justice you have is dazzling. Because it’s something I’ve lost a long time ago already… I’m begging you, don’t become like me… Sorry, for getting you involved. Let’s go back. *walks a few steps*

S: What is it? Come to think of it, I remember saying that at the bar. What?… You…! Are you saying that’s the answer? Certainly, the people I chose for the SCID are all those who can turn their backs on me at any time by their own will, but… Hah, are you saying that as long as you guys are in the SCID it means I haven’t completely stepped off the path? *heroine nods*

S: In that case, with those honest eyes of yours… watch me properly. So that one day, when I really do step off the path… you’ll be the first to turn your back to me. It’s a job only you can do. Can I count on you? *heroine nods*… Thank you.

*** TRACK 6: Palming ***

Straight up cheating by hiding a card in your hand and making your hand look empty. Then you hide the card somewhere on your body before pulling it out when you need it.

*phone ringing; car is being driven*

S: Makabe? Yeah, I got the search warrant just now. There’s a possibility House has set a trap, so don’t drop your guard. Also… *phone beeping* oh, my bad, my battery is running out. I’ll say the rest later at the office. See you.

S: Yeah, this is an important step to push House towards destruction. It’ll be the end at last. *another car speeding up* What’s that? *gunshots; car screeching and crashes*

S: Urgh! Ngh! Hey! Robin! Hey!! *glass shatters; gas is sprayed; Suou coughing* Sleeping gas!?… Shit… urgh…

*scene skip; Suou getting beaten up*

S: Ngh! Ugh! Gurgh! *glass shatters; Suou coughing; door opens and closes*

S: *spits* If you’re going to hit me, then put some more strength in it, you weak bastard… Heh, yo, robin, you’re awake? This isn’t anything serious. More importantly, are you hurt? *heroine shakes head* You’re spotless from that accident? What luck to escape trouble. Jeez, those House guys are pretty bold to fire guns in the middle of town.


S: That’s right. To leave us alive like this means they’ve decided we have value to be used as hostages. For now, at least. Are you scared? Don’t worry, I’m not that easy of a mark to let myself be killed like this. We just have to wait for us having been shot to be a signal. *car screeching in the distance*

S: Oops, they’re quicker than I expected. Well then… *fiddles with rope* alright, it’s cut. *rope falls* Ah, it was because a mirror was right behind me. Once I provoked that guy back there a little, he did exactly what I wanted. *comes to heroine* Raise your hands a bit. *cuts rope off*

S: Now then, let’s counterattack. Heh, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to bring you out. So, until then… let yourself be protected by me. Your arms are too thin to go without a weapon. Let’s go then. Three, two, one… *kicks door open*

S: This is my thanks for earlier… TAKE IT! *knocks guy out* Hah, what a stupid warden. *takes gun and checks it* I’ll be borrowing this.

S: Hm? Woah, this is… Rouge et Noir? There’s a large amount. Heh, those House guys seem to have carried it here out of panic from Archaic Manufacturer. How thoughtful of them to go out of their way to lead us to it. Look, this is the neutralizer called Strategy. Apparently, when this is taken together with Rouge et Noir, the side effects won’t appear at all.


S: Hm? This ampoule here is… Second Barrel? Another new drug?…! We’ve been noticed. First, we’ll take one of each of these as samples. *grabs vials; door gets kicked open* Robin! *dives into cover with heroine; gunshots* Ngh!

S: I don’t have time to deal with grunts! *returns fire; body falls*

S: We’re going down. This way! *running; draws gun*

S: … Hey now, don’t spook me. I was about to shoot a hole in the head of my reliable, precious ace. Nah, nice timing, Makabe. How’s the first floor?… Got it, we’re going to retreat outside temporarily and after gearing up we’ll join you immediately. The third floor we were on seems to have several workers and dealers. Don’t drop your guard. *Makabe salutes and leaves*

S: Now, robin, hold out a little longer. Let’s go! *running*

[06:46] *scene skip; handcuffs being put on*

S: This is everyone? For a preliminary skirmish, it ended up being quite the roundup. Hm? Haha, you’re right, I suppose I should disclose the secret of my trick. My cell phone’s redial. Before I lost consciousness, I pushed the button and planned it so that Makabe could hear the conversation of those House guys. When we were captured, I made it so that they’d see the private cell phone I used, but by the time they noticed the cell phone I was concealing at my waist the battery died. The battery was on the brink of death after all. After that, with the built-in GPS signal being interrupted, Makabe deduced the place we were being held.

S: It was a plan made on the spur of the moment, but it’s a rule to turn everything into profit, right? I could have escaped at any time, but then I’d fail to catch those House guys. Well, the cause of their defeat is not doing a proper pat down or using their heads when they kidnapped us. *lights smoke; footsteps*

S: Yo, Makabe, good work. Ahah, I know, my bad. I’ll listen to however many complaints you have later. More importantly, did you bring the simple Rouge et Noir inspection machine Kurusu made? *Makabe nods* Find out the ingredients of this ampoule called Second Barrel. I found it inside earlier. *hands over; it’s poured out*

S: A positive reaction, huh. So, Second Barrel is the improved liquid form of the existing Rouge et Noir fine powder… just in case, have Kurusu analyze this in detail starting tomorrow. *Makabe nods; Suou smokes*

S: Alright, dismissed! *everyone leaves*

*** TRACK 7: Shuffle ***

I’m sure everyone knows this, but it’s when you shuffle and randomize a deck of cards before a game.

*door opens*

S: You haven’t gone home yet? The only ones here now are you and me. You should rest for today, at least… Robin?… Hey! *catches heroine* You’re burning! What’s wro—… what is this? An injection mark?…! No way…! *clothing rustle* Tsk, me too? Robin, this is— nrgh! Agh… guagh…

S: … Yeah, it looks like we were made into guinea pigs for Second Barrel while being hostages. Looks like you… have the aphrodisiac side… On my end… I seem to have pulled the side effects… kgh!… Ngh… Fuck, my body… feels like it’s being torn apart…! Gugh… agh…. *heroine pulls out vial*

S: Robin… what are you doing… Hey, that’s—! *heroine makes him drink*

S: … Gugh… haa… haa… haa… You damn idiot! Strategy only drops the side effects, but the aphrodisiac side doesn’t disappear! Do you understand!? Making me drink that means… Ah! Hah… haa… haa… haa… Nrgh! *grabs heroine; kisses*


S: Fuck! At this rate…! Robin…? What did you say…

S: … Agh!… Whatever is going to happen… you and me… You’re really okay with that? *heroine nods*… You better not… regret this. *wild kisses; shoves heroine on desk*

S: Hot… I’m going insane… *kisses*… Haha, I should take off these stockings, but this view… mmgh… hahaha, sorry, but I’m going to tear them! *rips stockings* Hehe, you’re looking pretty desperate too. *gives oral*

S: Don’t struggle… let me do this, at least… If you don’t, I’ll just slam myself into you like this. *continues oral; heroine orgasms*


S: … Hey, don’t tell me you came already? Ahah, jeez, what a terrifying drug. Haha, it’s no good, after seeing this face of yours… I’m at my limit! *unbuckles belt*… I’m putting it in. Nnrgh…! Amazing… it’s clenching around me… ngh… hah… mngh… *thrusting; beastly breathing; heroine orgasms*

S: … You… Again? *heroine nods* Hehe, if you feel like cumming… heh, then cum. You’ll be more comfortable that way. Come on…! *thrusting*

S: Krgh…! You feel like you’re about to snap me in half. How tight are you gonna squeeze? At this rate, I’m also going to…! *thrusting; he orgasms*

S: … Haa… haa… *pushes heroine down; paper rustling*… Are you okay? Haha, well, what’s not okay is… Nrgh!… Ahah, I guess it’s the both of us, haha… sorry, I’ll have you accompany me some more. *kisses; thrusting*


S: What a dirty… smell… Mm… *kisses* Who knows whether it’s what’s flowing out of you or what came out of me. At any rate, we’re both a sloppy mess… *kisses; thrusting*… But… this smell… shit, I’m losing my self-control…

S: You look like you’re about to cum again. Go ahead, I’m close too. I’ll make us cum together… ngh… haa… haa… *thrusting; they orgasm*

S: … Haa… haa… haa… hahaha, you came hard. It’s soaking wet there. Don’t worry about it. Right now… that’s the last thing on our minds, right? It’s not enough yet… for you… and me… *thrusting* Ngh!


S: At this rate, it feels like everything is going to be sucked out… and I’ll die…! Haa… nrgh… *kisses; thrusting*

S: Dammit… again…! Agh… it’s coming… *thrusting; he orgasms* Ngh… haa… haa… haa…

*scene skip; Suou is smoking*

S: You’re awake? Stay down like that. It looks like the drug is out, but you’ve been pushed quite a bit. That’s good. *smokes*… I’ve been a narcotics cop for close to twenty years, but that was the first time I’ve had sex under an aphrodisiac. *stubs out smoke*

S: I’m sorry. Making you do such a thing… Hey, hey… because it was me?… That’s a very telling line. What are you going to do if I misunderstand?… That’s where you’re going to be silent? Haha. Your body must be sore, right? Sleep some more. I’ll wake you before it’s morning. Yeah, good night.

*** TRACK 8: Straight Forward ***

A style of play that doesn’t involve any trick moves and is tied to the strength of a player’s hand; they bet and raise if they have a strong hand, fold if they don’t, and rarely bluff. Also known as “ABC” poker or “by the book”.

*door opens; heroine walks outside; Suou is smoking*

S: What’s wrong, robin? It’s a celebration. Are you sure you don’t want to party with them?… Well, it’s better for you not to drink that much, huh. *heroine walks over* Hm? Ah, the matter with Archaic Manufacturer? Because of our flashy clash with them earlier, it ended all too soon, huh. But we’ve crushed one of House’s important bases with this. We’ve halted their momentum. Once again, good work. Heh, yeah.

S: *smokes*… So, aren’t you going to go back? It’s just going to be smoky beside me. Well, I don’t mind… *smokes; stubs out cigarette*

S: Robin… you’ve… fallen for me, haven’t you? I had a hunch. I wasn’t certain, but… I’m convinced by your reaction just now. You have strange tastes. You don’t have a boyfriend? *heroine shakes head* I see, then… be my woman. *kisses* I’ve fallen for you too. Yeah.


S: Haha, that right there. That stupidly straightforward side of you that asks why at a time like this… Your inability to be calculating or shrewd is so cute, I ended up not seeing you as just a subordinate. Also, above all… I was done in by these honest eyes. Jeez, I’ve lost my touch. Don’t make me say anything more. Read between the lines. Heh, good girl. *kisses*

*scene skip; door opens; cat meows*

S: I’m back, Bol. *cat meow* Hey, hey, what are you doing? *picks up heroine* The one who’s going to be stroked and petted all night isn’t Bol but you, right? Hah, that’s a tempting face. *cat meow* Bol, be a good boy for a while.

[04:28] *bedroom door opens*

S: Here, I’m putting you down. Director Suou? How long are you going to make us be a boss and subordinate? If you’re my woman, then at this time you should call me Eiji. Haha, yeah, that’s good. *kisses*

S: Hm? Oh, it’s strange how even though I thought of you as a kid, the moment I fell for you I couldn’t see you as anything but a woman. Haha, don’t pout. I said I don’t see you as anything but a woman now, right? If that wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t be like this. *puts heroine’s hand on his erection* Ngh… See? It’s like this just from a touch. I desire you. *kisses*

S: Hm? Move your hand. I can’t strip you like this, right? What’s wrong?… Huh?… Puhahaha! You’re so cute. You think I’ll say you don’t have sexy underwear? I don’t have any particular preferences. Well, if you wore t-backs then that might be alluring in its own way. Haha, you don’t have to say you’ll do your best. It was a joke. You’re enough like that. If you understand then move your hand. How long are you going to keep me waiting? Good girl. *kisses*


S: You’re so soft. It feels nice wherever I touch you… *kisses*… Relax, today I’m not pushed to the point where I’ll rip your stockings. Here, I’ll take them off properly. Open your legs.

S: Hah, even without Rouge et Noir, you get wet easily, huh. *fingers heroine*… Can you feel my finger? It’s pressing against a lot of places, isn’t it? Mm… heh, does it feel good when I rub you like this? *heroine nods* Then I’ll do it more. *kisses*

S: … Hm? What’s the matter? You look like you want something. Is a finger not enough? *heroine nods* Hah, you… you’re surprisingly honest at a time like this. Sure, you got it. *unbuckles belt; kisses*

S: Tonight, you won’t have to take a morning-after pill. *puts on condom*… Relax. Nngh…! Haagh… Are you okay? Hm? Hah, hey now… I’m sleeping with the woman I fell for, naturally I’d be gentle. Or do you like how extreme it was before? *heroine shakes head* I thought so. *slow thrusting*

S: The place where we’re connected is squelching. It’s because you’ve leaked so much, look, it’s getting easier to slide into… ngh… also, every time I pull out you squeeze hard. Ahah, yeah, it feels good. Mm… *slow breathing and thrusting*


S: I’m going to make you feel this deeper… haa… haa… *deeper breathing* Ngh! I got it already, don’t clench so hard. Wait a little more before you squeeze me dry. Come on, look this way and open your mouth. *kisses; thrusting*

S: Do you like kisses? *heroine nods* Me too. I can clearly see how you look like you’re feeling so good you’re about to cry. Haha, what are you trying to do by arousing me that much? Nngh… haa… haa… *slow thrusting*

S: See? I’m so aroused it’s like I’m about to burst. Haha, you’re a hell of a woman to make me like this. *kisses; thrusting*

S: It’s getting bad… ahah, you’re almost there too? *thrusting*… Come on, cum… Show me a cute face. Ngh…! Haa… haa…!


S: I’m cumming…! *they orgasm*… Haa… haa… haa… *kisses*… I love you.

*scene skip; morning birds; phone rings*

S: Nrgh… *answers phone* Sena? Yeah, well, a little… Am I not allowed to be with a woman? If you guessed that, then read the atmosphere. Well, what’s your business?… If you say it’s trouble, then it’s pretty big. Haa… I understand, I’ll contact you later. *ends call*

S: Like you heard, it’s another annoying case. *kisses* Get up and get ready. It looks like today is going to be a long day too. *puts on clothes* That reminds me, I have to call you something new. Hah, you aren’t aware? That’s just like you. *leans in* It’s about time you graduated from robin, right? Hold your head up high, you’re a fully fledged narcotics cop now.


*doorbell rings; door opens*

S: You’re earlier than I thought. Haha, there’s no need to be reserved by now. Come in. *heroine enters; door closes; cat meows* Hm? Oh, that’s unusual, Bol. Usually, whenever the doorbell rings, you run under the sofa. It’s the fear of a stray cat. When I picked him up, he would barely eat any food. Hah, I thought you’d say that. This guy is because of my mother’s influence. When I was a kid, the neighborhood strays would always come and go at my house because of the food my mother put out. Thanks to that, whenever I see a stray I can’t leave them alone.

S: Because he was black, tiny, and crying in the rain, I ended up taking him home. Anyway, since you’re here let’s not stand and talk. I’ll make some coffee, so take a seat on the sofa and wait. *cat meows* Yeah, I know, milk for you, right?

*scene skip; Suou drinking*

S: It’s been a while since I’ve had a relaxing day off like this. We’ve been running all over the place these past few days. Hah, it’s fine. If we’re constantly strained then our concentration won’t hold up at a crucial moment. Relax during times like these. Or is it… that you can’t relax being alone together with me in my room?

S: Haha, why are you putting yourself on guard? If you’re expecting something, I don’t mind answering that right now. Like this… *kisses; cat meows* Woah! What’s wrong, Bol? You don’t want to be forgotten? It’s not like I forgot about you. Look, I’ll play with you, so come here. *Bol jumps*


S: He’s saying he prefers a woman’s lap. Jeez, you cheeky brat. *Bol purring* Looks like he likes you. Yeah, he’s really affectionate with you, because he rarely purrs when I pet him. Isn’t that right, Bol? *cat meows* See there.

S: Hm? Well… this guy’s name came from a brand. Trebol 21 millimeter. When I picked him up, I couldn’t think of a proper name so I took it from a cigarette that came into my eyes. Although, while I was calling him Bol because the other was too long, his response to his full name disappeared. Haha, try it. You’ll be ignored.

*Bol responds*

S: … He responded… Trebol… *Suou is ignored*… Hey, call him that again.

*Bol responds*

S: … This bastard… *Bol snarls* Don’t snarl at me. What’s with that attitude towards your master? In the first place, you’re too sweet on her. *Bol snarls* OW! HEY, you scratched me! *Bol hisses*

S: *to heroine* What?… Huh!? Oh ho, you just said something interesting. You think I’m jealous of Bol. Even if he’s a male, he’s a cat, you know. It was a joke? It didn’t sound like one. Besides… *grabs heroine* You’re like a cat too. If I put you on my lap like this and pet you, you’ll purr too, right? *heroine jerks* Haha, see?


S: The back isn’t to your liking? Then I’ll stroke you on your neck. *kisses*

S: You’re shivering. What’s wrong? Purr more for me. Come on, I’ll pet you here too. *kisses; fondles*

S: Mm? It’s become hard. Can you tell? *kisses*… Heh, look, it’s a hard point. What an erotic sight. Should I do it to this side too? *kisses*

S: Ahaha, your hips are rising. Are you wet already? *heroine shakes head* Then I’ll test that. *kisses* Ahah, your underwear is damp. It’s not my imagination, right? Hmm? *fingers* See, what a naughty sound.

S: Haha, did you know this place is called “pussy cat” overseas? It means a cute kitten. Well, when I see you like this, I can understand. Come on, purr more lewdly for me, kitten. *fingers*

S: Heh, if I touch you directly, you look like you’ll make an even better sound. Because you won’t be satisfied if it’s above your underwear, right? *picks up heroine*… Hm? If I go any further, it’ll be something that shouldn’t be seen. Right, Bol? *cat meows; Suou opens door* Sorry, it’s time for the adults to be alone. Play by yourself for a while. *cat meows; door closes; Suou puts heroine down; kisses*


S: Open your mouth. *kisses*… Put out your tongue… *kisses*… more… *kisses*

S: It’s hard to remove your underwear. Raise up one of your legs a little. Heh, good girl. *removes undewear; slides finger in* Like I thought, it’s soaking wet. Hah, I should have taken it off earlier, huh. *kisses; fingers* Look, it’s not just the sides but even your slit is leaking. Ngh… it’s swollen here and wet… As expected, it’s sensitive, huh. You look like you’re feeling good when it’s rubbed.

S: Hm? That’s an impatient look. Do you want me to stop rubbing all around and finger you inside? *heroine nods* Then try begging. If you do it cutely, I’ll give you a reward. Haha, that’s a fail. *heroine tries again*… Pass. *slides finger in*

S: It’s clenching. You don’t have to urge me on like that, I’ll do it properly. Here, your long-waited-for reward. Enjoy it fully. Nngh… *fingers*… your love is overflowing. Even my palm is sticky, to stay nothing of my fingers. Haha, look, there’s a naughty sound too… Ah right, you’re weak here, aren’t you? Then I’ll stroke you harder. Mm…


S: Your breathing is rough. And your eyes are damp. If you want to cum, then don’t hold back and cum, alright? I’ll watch you… *fingers; heroine orgasms*

S: The face you make when you cum is the best. But you haven’t had enough, right? What you really want aren’t fingers… *unbuckles belt*… but this, right? Do you want it? *heroine nods* In that case, why don’t you get on top once in a while. Here, start from putting this on. You can do it, right?

*heroine puts condom on*

S: Ngh… heh, good job. Now then, climb onto my lap. *heroine does so* Try putting it in yourself. Nngh… You look like you don’t have any energy to spare after just the beginning. *heroine nods* Heh, I guess I have no choice but to help out a little. *slow thrusting* Even without holding you down, there’s countless ways to make love to you. Ngh… haa… haa…

S: Look, with your weight added, I’m entering you deeper than usual, right? Haa… haa… ngh… hehe, what a nice view. I can clearly see the pleasure on your face and your cute swaying breasts. This is pretty arousing. See? It got bigger.


S: Hey, stop being rocked by me and trying moving. *heroine shakes head* Ahah, that’s not true. Whenever you’re moaning beneath me, you naturally start moving your hips. Try doing that. Ngh… haa… haa… wriggle your hips more. Show me just how indecent you can be. Ngh… haa… haa… that’s good, well done… Well then, I’ll join you again. *thrusting*

S: Bring your face closer. I’ll kiss you. *kisses; thrusting*

S: Crap…! It’s coming… Alright? *kisses; thrusting; they orgasm*


S: Haa… haa… you have teary eyes. Did you feel that good? *heroine nods* I see. Me too. *kisses*

*scene skip; muffled Suou through a closed door*

S: Hey, Bol! You’ve done it now! *heroine opens door* While we were sleeping, Bol used a cushion as his toilet. *Bol snarls* You did that completely out of spite, didn’t you? *Bol hisses*

S: *to heroine* Don’t laugh! Haa… he’s a hopeless one. *picks up Bol; Bol meows* I’m not really mad. You were lonely because no one was minding you, huh. I’m the one at fault. Let’s make up. *Bol purrs* There, there. Jeez, you’re a cute one.

S: *to heroine* I told you not to laugh! Do you want me to make you cry until you go hoarse again?… Haha, I was kidding. Once you’re done preparing, let’s go shopping. For a new cushion, since Bol ruined one. You’ll be coming here often, so why don’t you pick out one you like. While we’re at it, let’s get some necessities too. *heroine nods*

S: In that case, take a quick shower. *Bol meows* Haha, see, Bol is waiting too. *kisses*

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Private Lesson ***

S: You’re all here, right? Let’s begin then. In regard to the matter of securing a suspect the other day, everyone is already aware it ran into uncertainty, right? The suspect was a macho boxer, big and brawny. However, there were six people there to arrest him. In spite of that, it ended up becoming a brawl… Do you all understand what I’m trying to say? *slams hand down* Fucking pull yourselves together!

S: It ended without an incident because Makabe happened to be close when he received the request for help, but if a mistake had been made then the suspect would have gotten away in front of our eyes. No matter how I look at it, I can only think that everyone’s become careless. Therefore, in order to tighten up everyone in the SCID, this Saturday we’re going to practice the basics of taijutsu. The location will be the training institute’s dojo. *crowd stirs*

S: It makes you remember the induction course when you were all new, right? None of you get to complain. It’s compulsory for everyone to participate. I’m going to train you all precisely. That is why, Makabe, assign everyone to taijutsu training pairs before the day of. Ah, it’s true one person will be left out… In that case, grab anyone from another department somewhere— *door knock* Hm? Hah, you came at the perfect time.

S: Kurusu… if I recall correctly, when you’re not busy with forensics, you’re off on Saturdays, right? I see, I see… then it’s not a problem. Makabe, I’ve miraculously secured our lacking person. You see, this Saturday we were going to do taijutsu training, but we were missing a person and that was a problem… and then, by chance, you came to deliver analysis results… Hahahaha, oh my, you’re so lucky, Kurusu. You’re an ex-SCID member so I’ll let you participate, especially. Be grateful. Of course, you’re going to come, right?… *Kurusu nods* Good, it’s decided.

[02:46] *scene skip*

S: Next! Begin from a hold around the neck. *people throwing each other*

S: You there! Your left hand is extended too far. Protect your throat properly. I can see your entire wrist. It’s over if you get an artery sliced in one shot. And this one, your waist is too high. Don’t forget you have arteries in your thighs as well. Measure the distance between you and your enemy while dropping your hips to a proper level.

S: Hey, Kurusu, don’t slack off. You won’t be popular with the ladies with a flabby body. Makabe, don’t relax either! Jeez, none of you are meeting the standard! *claps hands* After a short break, we’re going to do everything again from the basics of the basics. We have all the time in the world today.

*scene skip; training still going; Suou claps*

S: Alright, stop right there. Everyone kept up well. Although there were several spots still, well, it’s enough to leave it here for today. Good work. Rest your bodies well starting tomorrow. That’s all, dismissed!

S: Hm? What’s wrong? Hah, you’re passionate. Then come to my room after this. I’ll teach you everything strictly. *heroine nods*

[4:43] *scene skip; door opens*

S: What you want to know is how to deal with being restrained, right? *heroine nods* First, take heed that in the case of women, no matter what level of training they reach, it’ll be difficult to win through physical strength against a man with a difference in size. Knowing that, what you should fundamentally aim for is a vital spot that’ll take them out in one hit.

S: Ugh, it’ll be quicker to actually do it instead of explaining with words. First, in a face-to-face situation, what would you do if your collar was grabbed like this? *heroine does a move* Heh, that’s right. Thrusting both your arms into the bend of your opponent’s arm is correct. Try flinging me off from there. *heroine does move* That’s good. If your opponent is a man, the instant you fling him off, strike him between the legs.

S: Next then is when you’re pinioned from the back. *goes behind heroine and grabs her*… What’s wrong?… I see, well… anyway, try doing what you think you should do. *heroine struggles* It’s no use, right? I won’t move an inch with that. In the first place… *tightens hold* practically speaking, your opponent will use more force than this to restrain you. In this situation, where we’re pressed together, you can’t move your body at all like this, right?


S: … Hey, are you properly listening? *heroine nods* Then think about other ways. *heroine struggles* Haa… I’ve said that won’t work, didn’t I? Listen, as many vital spots as there are on the human body there are just as many parts that can be used as a weapon. Don’t just rely on your arms or legs. At times like these… *demonstrates* drop your body forward a little then, using that reaction… *demonstrates* fling your head up and slam your head into your opponent’s face.

S: Or you could use your elbow and slam it into their side—… Hey… since earlier, you’ve been a little too restless. In any case, you can’t help but be conscious of my breath hitting your ear, huh. *heroine nods* I thought that was the case. Haa… looks like it’s better to do some other training before taijutsu.

S: … I’m talking about this! *falls onto bed* If you’re so sensitive to another person’s breath, everything else is pointless. I’ll train you so you can properly endure it. And a bed just so happens to be here. Haha, it’ll be training and fun at the same time. Isn’t this the best? That being the case, do your best not to make a sound for today. *sucks on ear*

S: Hey, your voice is leaking out. You really are weak in the ears, ahah… looks like I have to be thorough. *sucks on ear*

S: That’s right, endure and endure. Hmm, this side too… *kisses other ear*


S: Hey, I heard something just now. Learn to bear with a surprise. *blows air* Hahah, jeez, right after I said that. I’ll let your ears off with this, since it looks like you’re impatient and wanting me to touch other places.

S: That is the case though, right? Look, your tips have hardened so much. Haha, feels like they couldn’t help it because they wanted to be touched that badly. *fondles breasts* Should I lick them? *kisses*

S: Hm? I hear your voice again. It makes me worried for what’s ahead. *fingers heroine* Look, I’m going to be teasing this place now. Ngh… mm… Woah there! *grabs hand* You can’t block your mouth with your hand. That’s breaking the rules. I’m not bullying you. This is for your sake, isn’t it? Come on, try harder.

S: … Hm? What is it? Haha, hey now, isn’t it too early for a person who hates losing like you to throw in the towel? Don’t you want to overcome what you’re weak at?… You look like you want to say that and this are different. Ahah, I guess I have no choice. Then I’ll let you off for today here. You’re pretty sexy when you’re desperately enduring it, but I also love it when you raise your voice. Well then, you can cry out to your heart’s content from now. Here! *fingering*


S: It’s overflowing… Do you feel it more when you’re not holding back your voice? *heroine nods* Haha, then I’ll make you feel even more… *kisses*… You’re sucking in my finger so deeply and won’t let go… If you love it that much then I’ll give you another finger… *kisses; heroine orgasms*

S: Woah!… Hah, you came suddenly. It’s twitching inside… haha, might as well make you cum once more. This time from the outside. *fingers heroine*… Haha, because you just came, your entrance is pulsating. This place is also slippery from everything that’s spilled out, since I stirred my fingers around. Look, my fingers are sliding so well. *increases speed; heroine orgasms*

S: Ahah, your second time was quick too. *kisses*… Now then, it’s my turn next. *unbuckles belt; flips heroine over*… Hm? Just felt like doing it from this side today. *puts on condom*… Raise your hips more… Nrgh… *inserts himself* Even though you came continuously, you haven’t loosened up at all here. Instead, didn’t it become tighter?


S: Look, just from sinking in to the hilt once, you’re squeezing me more and more. Ngh! Jeez, what an erotic body. Ngh… haa… haa… *slow thrusting*

S: Hey, look over shoulder and show me what your face is like right now. Heh, what a naughty and cute face. *kisses; thrusting*

S: Should I touch you here again?… Ungh! Looks like it feels good here. You just clenched really hard. Hehe, how about cumming one more time? *thrusting*

S: Ngh… you’re squeezing me down to my base… ngh… gugh! *heroine orgasms* Haa… haa… that’s the third time, huh. Haha, seems like you’re in so much pleasure you can’t even think anymore… But I’m going to have you keep me company for a bit more. Because of seeing how you look after all those climaxes, I’m about to burst. *kisses; thrusting*


S: It’s coming… nrgh… ngh… hngh! *he orgasms* Ngh…! Haa… haa… Haha, in the end, it wasn’t anything like training but, well, I guess this is acceptable. *kisses* That was the best.

*scene skip; door opens*

S: Hm? You’re up early this morning. Is there an urgent task? What’s with all those pamphlets?… Kickboxing, Taekwondo, Muay Thai… even Jeet Kune Do? They’re all martial arts. Huh? You can’t possibly be planning to learn them all, are you? *heroine nods* Uh, hold on, together with the training as a narcotics cops, how far are you aiming?

S: Hahah, you must have been pretty frustrated after being teased by me all Saturday night. You’re cute when you get worked up. Well then, next time I’ll teach you properly. Yeah, really. In great detail… and very gently… So, wait eagerly for the next opportunity.

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    garden said:
    November 27, 2018 at 19:22

    whew that hardboiled cop trope is one of the hardest for me to understand their speech. too much testosterone lol. but I’m gonna be the first person to say that I like Suou’s side of the story better compared to Makabe and Kurusu. his covers the large perspective of the whole deal, and I finally understood the ‘flow’ of the story of how and why it happened.

    …..also because I am completely weak towards cat men *hides*

    I haven’t heard if there is one in the making, but I hope we’ll get Suou’s second season as well.

    oh I wonder if the MC here is the same person in all of the five volumes? she seems like the same person in Makabe and Kurusu’s side. Arlen side is much like an alternate universe if she works alone. haven’t heard of Sena’s side to tell.

    I love that you chose to call her robin. very fitting to consider the language difference. whereas my uneducated ass would just translate that to ‘lil birb’ lol

      Ilinox responded:
      November 27, 2018 at 21:47

      I love how distinct everyone’s tone is LOL and how Suou sounds more like a gangster and punk than Makabe and Kurusu, despite being a boss. But yeah, haha, he was using so much slang (especially during the Private Lesson tokuten) that it took me a while for this one and I was scratching my head at tons of spots. He also mumbles a lot so that wasn’t fun at all.

      I feel like the story started picking up a lot in Double Down, because Arlen also reveals Main Cage’s past and the whole Eye in the Sky incident (including Makabe and Kurusu getting deceived by him for his twin), and then Suou’s CD revealed the rest but maybe too much because his romance suffered from an explosion of exposition. Haha, his cat does give him a lot of points though :’)) but unfortunately he and Kurusu suffer pre- and post-Arlen feels for me LOL. I’m either too distracted waiting to catch Arlen cameos in Kurusu’s CD or just crying over any mention of Arlen in Suou’s CD and hissing at Suou for being so damn mean to Arlen’s organization (although he tears it down himself in the end, but shhh).

      I’m sure they’ll finish the season given how popular it is, but it takes like 4-5 months between each CD |D;; now that true hope is that there’ll be a 3rd season– I NEED MORE ARLEN AFTER MAXIMUM BET.

      Mm, I think they’re all the same in that they’re always narcotics officers at this place. The way I view it is a “main” route and every CD with the guy is like a branching route. Like if the heroine got partnered with Makabe to retrieve the sample. But in Kurusu’s CD then Makabe retrieved the sample himself and Kurusu is the heroine’s partner when he comes to give them a hand. Arlen’s heroine is chosen to go undercover but Makabe once again collected the sample by himself and Kurusu also went to investigate things on his own, etc etc. Suou’s CD would have had someone else going undercover to Arlen, etc etc. (At least that’s how the data file chronology makes it sound).

      HAHA, thank you so much for liking the “robin” nickname. I spent a good amount of time just sitting there and saying out loud all the different combinations of “little” “bird” and “girl” to try and find something that sounded natural to say that a rough hardboiled cop could rattle off often. Birb is hilarious and reminds me of my runner ups like chickie, birdie, lil chick…

    leohikarusora said:
    November 20, 2018 at 20:44

    Phew, finally can come back after gone for works… And well, this is really make me got refreshed even hmm… Somehow I found the story kinda lack, but it doesn’t matter for me

    And… Trebol kinda reminds me to cats in my campus, since some people can make them purring while some of them not (that’s including me lol)

    Hmm.. When will you translate Uesugi Ch. 9 and 10? Better prepared my heart and mind first then… And, thank you for your hard works~

      Ilinox responded:
      November 21, 2018 at 19:56

      Haha, Suou honestly suffers post-Arlen issues because he’s been trying to track down and erase House since forever but because it’s something Arlen has helped built… :’)) back off Suou and don’t touch my man.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if cats could tell who genuinely loves them and who doesn’t, so they only purr for the worthy ones– jkjk |D.

    Reggie said:
    November 20, 2018 at 04:47

    Batman your cat is a man too he prefers ladies and when you call his whole name, it’s not sexy to listen to him. Lol 😂

      Ilinox responded:
      November 20, 2018 at 13:27

      THAT TOKUTEN WAS SO CUTE. Gotta love a man who is a big softie towards animals. Pfff, Trebol can’t appreciate how husky Suou’s voice can go LOL.

    waterinegirl said:
    November 20, 2018 at 01:50

    i feel something is lacking in the story. maybe it’s because i have read maximum bet and second barrel. my expectation went high after reading the previous two.

    in terms of love story, i like how arlen x heroine develop their feelings for each other compare to Suou x heroine. maybe it’s because my first impression on Suou is he’s a jerk. turns out he’s not.

    im a cat lover and i can understand cats seeking attention.

    Robin… you’ve… fallen for me, haven’t you? You have strange tastes. <<< damn i cant stop blushing.

      Ilinox responded:
      November 20, 2018 at 13:36

      Those two stories are in the second season, so the writer might have improved between the years |D but in general Suou’s story feels very serious and exposition heavy. I liked it more this second time in listening compared to the first, but unfortunately I feel like him and Kurusu suffer pre-Arlen and post-Arlen syndromes where I can’t pay attention to either of them LOL.

      Suou is like a gruff but kindhearted boss |D. But enemies > lovers is forever gonna be my favorite trope so I don’t blame you for liking the love story with Arlen more, eheh.

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