SNB Uesugi ~ Chapter 9.4 ~

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Chapter 9: All or Nothing

In the moment a predicament was escaped, the large army of Takeda and Sanada were soon approaching.

Kenshin, who was concerned about the castle town becoming a battlefield, chose to confront them in an overwhelmingly unfavorable situation…!

Chapter 9.4

[KAGEMOCHI]: “In other words, if us werewolves fought each other, we would be crushed… That is what it means.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “It can’t be… vampires!”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh…”

[KANETSUGU]: “…! Oda and Toyotomi, huh…”

Kenshin-san and Kagemochi-san quietly nodded at those words.

[KENSHIN]: “According to Shingen, Oda and Toyotomi have joined in an alliance.”

[KAGEIE]: “What in the world…!”


[KAGEMOCHI]: “Oda and Toyotomi are both large forces of vampires…”

[KANETSUGU]: “Yes. If those guys joined hands to come and attack then, in order to resist that… it wouldn’t be strange for Takeda to think about an alliance with Uesugi…”

Everyone nodded in comprehension.

[YUZUKI]: (Since Oda and Toyotomi are a common enemy, I wonder if it’s okay to believe in the alliance with Takeda and Sanada…)

[KAGEMOCHI]: “However, although Oda and Toyotomi have allied themselves, presently, they show no sign of coming to attack.”

[KANETSUGU]: “If they invade poorly and agitate Uesugi and Takeda, then even those guys couldn’t compete against us.”

[KANETSUGU]: “So, wouldn’t they be waiting for a skirmish to start between us and the Takeda army?”

[KAGEKATSU]: “Then… for the time being, we should watch…”

[KAGEIE]: “Sounds about right. In that case… while we’re at a truce with Takeda, shouldn’t we chase after Date…?”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “Indeed. When we consider their deeds in Uesugi territory, they cannot be trusted.”

[KAGEMOCHI]: “This time they also purposefully used the excuse of an alliance to probe us…”

Kagemochi-san said this and then glanced at me.

[KAGEMOCHI]: “We can also consider that they needed to search for something here, besides having the motive to kidnap you…”

[YUZUKI]: “Searching for something…?”

[KANETSUGU]: “Date is a small army. For them, raising a hand against Uesugi is accompanied by a lot of risk.”

[KANETSUGU]: “And yet they acted, meaning…”

[KAGEKATSU]: “That something was pretty important… and they’re confident it’s in Uesugi territory…?”

[YUZUKI]: “… Hey, Imari-kun, what do you think the important thing is…?”

[IMARI]: “Hmm… I have no clue…”

Imari-kun shook his head decisively. A magatama swayed under his neck.

[YUZUKI]: “…!”

As I looked at that magatama, a certain thought came to my mind.

[YUZUKI]: “… Hey, Imari-kun, is there only this one sacred treasure?”

[IMARI]: “Huh? No, there are many.”

[YUZUKI]: “…!”

[IMARI]: “Having said that… I don’t know where the other sacred treasures are though…”

[YUZUKI]: “There are many… Then, could it be…”

[KANETSUGU]: “… Hey, what is it. Spit it out.”

I noticed that everyone’s gaze gathered on me with Kanetsugu-san’s words, rushing me as if he were impatient.

[YUZUKI]: “Erm… in the first place, about why Uesugi accepted the alliance with Date—“

[YUZUKI]: “It was because the light released from the sacred treasure pointed to the Date army, right?”

[KANETSUGU]: “… Yeah, it definitely pointed to Date.”

[YUZUKI]: “Then… if there was a similar sacred treasure in Date territory…”

Before I could finish my words, Kanetsugu-san opened his mouth.

[KANETSUGU]: “If Date obtained the same clue as to what we have and came to Uesugi territory…”

[KAGEKATSU]: “In that case… it would be reason enough for them to risk danger to come…”

Silence descended on the spot.

[YUZUKI]: “I wonder if the Date army found the clue in Uesugi territory?”

[KANETSUGU]: “… They braved danger to come to Uesugi territory. I can’t see that Date Masamune going home empty-handed.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “Then right now… we should keep an eye on Date’s movements?”

[KANETSUGU]: “No, I’m not so sure about that. We need to be careful with Oda and Toyotomi’s movements too—“

[KENSHIN]: “……”

[YUZUKI]: (What exactly should we prioritize…)

Unable to get a consensus, the decision was deferred to tomorrow.


[YUZUKI]: (Kenshin-san…?)

On my way back to my room from the bath I saw Kenshin and stopped.

[YUZUKI]: (I wonder what that small box thing he’s holding is…?)

I became curious at Kenshin-san’s rare, grim expression as he looked at the box.

[YUZUKI]: “Um… Kenshin-san?”

When I unconsciously called out—.

[KENSHIN]: “…!”

Kenshin-san looked unusually flustered as he hid what he held.

[YUZUKI]: “What were you holding just now…?”

[KENSHIN]: “… Nothing you need to concern yourself about.”

[YUZUKI]: “O-Oh…”

[YUZUKI]: (But Kenshin-san… he looks pale and he’s different from usual…)

[YUZUKI]: “Erm… did something happ—“

[KENSHIN]: “It is nothing. Return to your room quickly.”

[YUZUKI]: “…!”

Rejected in a strong tone that was unlike Kenshin-san, I startled and retreated.

[YUZUKI]: “Um… good night…”

[KENSHIN]: “……”

[YUZUKI]: (I wonder what’s wrong with Kenshin-san…)

[YUZUKI]: (That thing he was holding… is it something he doesn’t want brought up that much…?)

On my way back to my room I felt my uneasiness grow larger and larger.

[YUZUKI]: (But… it’s Kenshin-san and so I’m sure it’ll be okay, right…)

I told myself this so that I had no choice but to shake off my concerns.

4 thoughts on “SNB Uesugi ~ Chapter 9.4 ~

    leohikarusora said:
    November 24, 2018 at 07:28

    Ok, need to prepare… Need to prepare…

    But I think, only in Uesugi’s story that MC mention about another sacred treasure in another place, or it’s just me who forgot about the rest stories (excluding Takeda and Date, since I still remember it)?

    Thank you for your hard works…

      Ilinox responded:
      November 25, 2018 at 01:05

      I think this is the first time she’s mentioned other sacred treasures! It might be brought up in the Mouri army story too but I don’t remember clearly.

    waterinegirl said:
    November 24, 2018 at 00:17

    the box with mouri symbol?

      Ilinox responded:
      November 25, 2018 at 01:04

      Maaaaaaaaaaaybe ;D But knowing how everything played out in Date, Sanada, and Takeda’s routes…

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