SNB Uesugi ~ Chapter 10.1 ~

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Chapter 10: A Thousand Mixed Complications

The commanders are shaken by the order, announced suddenly from Kenshin, to invade the Oda and Toyotomi territories.

What is Kenshin’s real intention when he remains silent and does not try to speak…?

Chapter 10.1

[KENSHIN]: “With the full force of the Uesugi army… we will attack and destroy the allied force of Oda and Toyotomi.”

[YUZUKI]: (That’s… It’s Kenshin-san, so he must have some plan, right…?)

[KENSHIN]: “… That is all.”

[YUZUKI]: “Um… excuse me, Kenshin-sa—“

[KAGEKATSU]: “… Father.”

At that moment, where no one said anything, Kagekatsu-kun quietly called Kenshin-san to a stop.

[KAGEKATSU]: “Your words just now… what do they… mean?”

[KENSHIN]: “Did you not hear? I said to begin war preparations.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “However… that means an invasion…”

[KAGEKATSU]: “Father… are you saying we’re going to try and invade… the Oda and Toyotomi territories…?”

[KENSHIN]: “… I will not speak on this any further.”

Kagekatsu-kun watched Kenshin-san’s departing back, as he left the room, with a sad expression.


[YUZUKI]: “Kagekatsu-kun…”

[KAGEKATSU]: “I’m sure father must have some plan…”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… Right…?”

[YUZUKI]: “… Yes. I’m sure you’re right.”

I couldn’t do anything but nod unclearly with hope at Kagekatsu-kun’s words, which he seemed to be telling himself.


[YUZUKI]: (Why did Kenshin-san order such a thing…)

When I exited the room, I heard Kagekatsu-kun and Kanetsugu-san’s conversation in front of me.

[KAGEKATSU]: “Kanetsugu, what are you going to do…?”

[KANETSUGU]: “… Isn’t it obvious. I’m going to make war preparations.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “War… that means invading, you know? Kanetsugu… you don’t think anything about that…?”

[KANETSUGU]: “If Kenshin-sama has decided to go to war then… I only need to obey.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “Why… how can you so simply…”

[KANETSUGU]: “Enough, Kagekatsu.”

Kanetsugu-san stopped moving and glared at Kagekatsu-kun.

[KANETSUGU]: “The general of Uesugi is Kenshin-sama… Not you.”

[KAGEKATSU]: “… I… know.”

Kagekatsu-kun only said those words before leaving us on quick feet.

[YUZUKI]: “… Kanetsugu-san! Why did you say that?”

[KANETSUGU]: “You’re not a commander so you wouldn’t understand even if I told you.”

Kanetsugu-san also just said that and went off in the opposite direction to Kagekatsu-kun.

[YUZUKI]: (If I’m going to chase one of them…)

I thought only for an instant and then immediately ran after Kagekatsu-kun.

[IMARI]: “Huh, ah… please w-wait!”

[YUZUKI]: “Sorry, Imari-kun! I’m going ahead!”


When I chased after Kagekatsu-kun, he was standing in the courtyard.

[YUZUKI]: “Kagekatsu-kun… are you alright?”

I quietly asked Kagekatsu-kun who couldn’t hide his worries.

[KAGEKATSU]: “… I don’t understand. Kanetsugu, my father… what are they thinking…”

[YUZUKI]: (I… feel the same as Kagekatsu-kun. But if I said that right now I’d just make him worry even more…)

[YUZUKI]: “Kagekatsu-kun. This kind of thing… happened before, didn’t it.”

[YUZUKI]: “At that time, I think I chased after you like this, Kagekatsu-kun.”

I remembered how, not long after I came to the Uesugi army, Kagekatsu-kun felt uneasy about Kenshin-san who wouldn’t really speak his true feelings.

[YUZUKI]: “But at that time, after you listened closely to Kenshin-san, you two understood each other, huh.”

[YUZUKI]: “I’m sure this time too… if we ask him properly, we’ll be able to understand.”

[YUZUKI]: (Yes, I can only believe that now…)

[KAGEKATSU]: “You’re… right.”

Kagekatstu-kun smiled gently at my words.

[KAGEKATSU]: “… Okay. I’ll try to ask him to talk…”

[KAGEKATSU]: “So… could you come with me…? Like that time…”

[YUZUKI]: “Yes, of course…!”

I took Kagekatsu-kun’s hand that he held out and the two of us headed towards Kenshin-san’s room.

(T/N: I really dislike this chapter so I kinda regret leaving it to the end like this LOL. I understand their concerns because Kenshin is going against his ideals but, uh, people change? And considering what he’s gone through recently… Kagekatsu and the MC aren’t being fair to Kenshin in shackling him to those ideals and it frustrates me how they keep forcing their opinions onto him.

Like Kanetsugu said, the two of them don’t understand the position of a general and the responsibilities. If they’re gonna disagree with Kenshin’s decisions and lecture him then they should be prepared to assume a general’s responsibilities, but Kagekatsu’s whole thing is that he CAN’T assume those responsibilities due to insecurity.)

10 thoughts on “SNB Uesugi ~ Chapter 10.1 ~

    Reggie said:
    November 29, 2018 at 04:46

    GET BACK YOU TWO, IT’S NOT THE SAME AS BEFORE!!! Kagemochi, stop those two hard headed children ( he can defy his father but can’t do anything when it comes to Kagemochi o_o) and Kenshin hide to your closet, those two are coming! 😂

    Hmm…. But I kinda…. Agree to them a little….. Because I don’t know about leadership but somehow tell the reasons behind those orders so the subordinates can understand. Oh I’m turning a rebel like Mitsuhide does before hehehe 😅

      Ilinox responded:
      November 29, 2018 at 09:33

      Right?! The MC being all like “last time we talked to him he explained himself so let’s do the same thing again!” just made me wince because things are definitely not going to be the same this time around.

      Yeah, I can see where they’re coming from but at the same time the leader shouldn’t have to explain eeeeverything (especially if there’s a fear of spies, etc) and you should believe in the leader you chose to follow |D. It really echoes what happened with Mitsuhide and Nobunaga, huh.

    Cey said:
    November 27, 2018 at 12:37

    ———On the last chapter:

    [YUZUKI]: “Um… Kagekatsu-kun, what do you think we should do?”
    [KAGEKATSU]: “I’d like to hear your opinion…”
    [YUZUKI]: “Huh…”
    I thought about it for a moment, while being puzzled, and arrived at a single thought.
    [YUZUKI]: “I… think we should go with what Kenshin-san decides, shouldn’t we?”
    I answered that with confidence as I watched Kenshin-san, who was silent and listening to the discussions.
    [YUZUKI]: (The moment I came to this world, and after that, I was saved many times by Kenshin-san…)
    [YUZUKI]: “I don’t know any strategic things, but… I’ll follow the path Kenshin-san decides on.”
    [KAGEKATSU]: “… Mm. Me too… I have the same opinion.”

    ——–On this chapter:

    [KAGEKATSU]: “Father… are you saying we’re going to try and invade… the Oda and Toyotomi territories…?”
    [KENSHIN]: “… I will not speak on this any further.”
    Kagekatsu-kun watched Kenshin-san’s departing back, as he left the room, with a sad expression.
    [KAGEKATSU]: “… I don’t understand. Kanetsugu, my father… what are they thinking…”
    [YUZUKI]: (I… feel the same as Kagekatsu-kun. But if I said that right now I’d just make him worry even more…)

    Really? How fast they lost confidence in Kenshin. You’re right. Shame on them!

      Ilinox responded:
      November 27, 2018 at 13:39

      RIGHT? I also feel like Kenshin himself would be more than aware of how he’s going back on his ideals after uttering those words, so they don’t need to make it more painful by trying to get him to explain himself, jeez. And if this is how the rest of the people in Uesugi sees him too then I’m surprised his heart hasn’t already died and he hasn’t hollowed himself out as an ideal vessel that embodies Uesugi’s philosophy yet LOL.

    leohikarusora said:
    November 27, 2018 at 01:01

    Hmm… That’s why I warned myself to need to prepare myself lol

    Well, since Kenshin have another name “God of War”, I think Kenshin’ll crush any army/ies who gonna be threat. But it’s not really like him that he keep worry by himself. And as always, Kanetsugu… In this chapter I can’t even understand him one bit.

    Out of topic. About CollarxMalice, which game that you put in your list, the original one (CollarxMalice), or the new one (CollarxMalice Unlimited)? Since, the original one already translated by Akyss Games, but in their store the game already sold out lol

    Thank you for your hard works~

      Ilinox responded:
      November 27, 2018 at 21:26

      I don’t think they’re worried about losing or winning |D;; the problem here is Kenshin breaking his “we’re only going to defend our borders” philosophy and wanting to actively invade and attack another army. I also think Kenshin’s the type to keep his worries to himself, especially if they’re personal worries since he always has to weigh his personal desires vs. for the greater good and his people (c’mon Kenshin you’ve been dragged through hell for that!) but his coldness in brushing everyone away is new though ;w;

      Haha, I actually understand where Kanetsugu is coming from and I feel like Kagekatsu and the MC might need to appreciate his view more. All the commanders decided to join Kenshin, so how can they just refuse their general’s orders like this? The heroine wanting to question Kenshin’s every decision shows that she doesn’t understand how the chain-of-command works here /o\ (the exception to this case is if you really disagree with what the general is doing and you’re prepared to separate and rebel a la Hideyoshi and Mitsuhide to Nobunaga, haha, look at these parallels! A general who doesn’t explain what he’s thinking and his retainers getting antsy…)

      The sad and hilarious thing is that I bought Collar x Malice when it released in Japan LOL because I don’t need to rely on translations (and I have… feelings about translations, aka. I appreciate the work that’s put in them but ultimately I get paranoid at reading things through an interpretive lens and since I don’t need that I’m better off reading the original) but Aksys picked it up so fast. IIRC they announced a localization before the game was even released in Japan LOL. Anyway, that’s why I say my backlog is a void because I just hoard games like a goblin and get around to playing them reaaaaaaaaally slowly. Blogging about the games takes up more time than you’d think /o\.

    waterinegirl said:
    November 27, 2018 at 00:30

    i can understand kagekatsu. but its too early to judge kenshin. i have faith in kenshin but i really hope he drops an explanation instead dismisses the meeting. he is keeping something to homself. can at least share his woories? looks like kagekatsu is faraway from kenshin, from communication skill to leadership skill.

      Ilinox responded:
      November 27, 2018 at 13:49

      Sometimes leaders have to bear burdens and secrets that they can’t tell anyone else, or it might cause undue worry in the ranks :’)) to be a leader is to be alone– jkjk. I do think Kenshin should have given a better explanation, but Kagekatsu man… he questions Kenshin so hard at every turn.

    AMBER said:
    November 27, 2018 at 00:15

    It’s frustrating to see these two kids(only Kagekatsu is a kid, I think MC is several years older than him but she shows no sign of maturity here) just run around and forcing father/general to talk about things he doesn’t intend to reveal yet. Don’t you guys understand the circumstance? I frowned :( Don’t trust your leader? I feel bad for Kenshin here. Like you said, it’s not fair for him at all.

      Ilinox responded:
      November 27, 2018 at 13:45

      I KNOW! Urgh, I feel like it’s especially frustrating because the heroine has gotten a first seat row at everything Kenshin’s been put through because of his ideals (that whole Masamune arc), although ultimately she ends up reaffirming and supporting his noble and just philosophy. But to push for it now again when the man himself seems to have had a change of heart… girl, you better be careful you don’t push Kenshin to his death and force him to even more desperate situations to keep his philosophy up for you.

      I agree so hard about the leader part but, hilariously enough, Kagekatsu and the heroine might be the only two members in Uesugi that didn’t really get a choice to decide to follow Kenshin. Everyone else joined Kenshin because they believe in him but Kagekatsu is born into the Uesugi clan so he didn’t really get a choice, it’s just assumed. Heroine was picked up and has nowhere else to go so… LOL.

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