Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari ~ Weiss ~

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Weiss von Weltalles (ヴァイス・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: 烏丸葉月

Grenzen von Weltalles (グレンツェン・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: 安堂之

Sirius von Weltalles (ズィーリオス・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: 九財翼

Löwe von Weltalles (レーヴェ・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: ジャック・ライヤー

The Tale of the Kingdom of Weltalles ~ Weiss ~

ALRIGHT. CRACKS KNUCKLES. Huge thank you to the confidential person who commissioned me to get off my butt and translate this, especially because we’re both desperate for this work to reach 1500 downloads to unlock all the short stories (DUSK OWNS MY SOUL). I know they count the English side too so come on, everyone, don’t let me down LOL. Look at the work I’m doing to share this with everyone!! PS. The first three names are italicized because those are all their pseudonyms and no one knows who they are.

You can purchase this drama CD on the English side of DLsite HERE or the Japanese side HERE. It’s just $17 or so *waggles eyebrows*. Please do note the warnings though and because this is Dusk it’s not just R18 but really dark, including things like groominggangbang, drugging, overall madness, and minor gore.

There was a country said to have been founded by a great hero, the Kingdom of Weltalles.

However, the current king was amorous to an extent where it was hard to believe he descended from a hero and there were whispers that if there was a woman he was interested in then he would snatch them, be they a noble or a commoner.


That king had five children born of different mothers.

The eldest son, the First Prince and successor to the throne, Weiss von Weltalles, was a man who excelled in both the literary and military arts and was said to be the “reincarnation of the nation founding hero”. The brilliance of his silver hair, beauty, and valor attracted each and every person.

The Second Prince, Grenzen, had profound knowledge with the arts and his talent was such that merchants from distant lands would come to visit, desiring his paintings.

The popular Third Prince, coming level with the Second Prince, possessed excellent business acumen and was said to be able to “turn stones into jewels”.

The Fourth Prince, Löwe, was an exceptional swordsman. Although clumsy, his honest personality made him be loved by the people.

And then there was the youngest child, the heroine, who spent her days isolated in a quiet and detached palace though she was the first princess.

The reason, which was an open secret not only with the royal and titled nobility but even the common people, was that—

The heroine was not the “real child of the king”.

When the current king forced the heroine’s mother, who was just a commoner, into the inner palace she was already carrying her former fiancé’s child.

Those who descended from the blood of the royal family would have a royal mark without fail and, upon finding out that there was no mark on the heroine’s body, the king loathed her even while establishing her as a princess for appearance’s sake.

And then those around were also forbidden to love the princess.


Ten-odd years have passed since then…

The only one who frequently visited the quiet and detached palace was the First Prince Weiss, who obtained great popularity and power.

The other brothers occasionally visited the detached palace but only to scorn the heroine with their words.

The heroine felt sorrow at such a situation, but she was supported by the gentle Weiss and was brought up to be a pure and docile princess.


However, when the balance between two neighboring countries collapsed, that purity gave birth to a tragedy…

Off we go now!

Note: The nickname Weiss uses, “seirei”, isn’t written anywhere (yet? I’m looking at you, short stories) so without the kanji I can’t tell what he means except for what’s explained in the story. He could either be calling her a damselfly, some kind of holy or pure spirit, or something the writer made up LOL.

*** TRACK 1: Enveloped in the Tenderness of the First Prince Weiss ***

*birds chirping; Weiss arrives*

Weiss: Oh my, what a misbehaved girl. Despite having had a fever three days prior, you are already drawing in the gardens. *heroine sees him and runs to hug him* Oh! Is it proper for a princess to come and cling like this? Ahaha, I was jesting. I’m home… my seirei.

W: Haha, I explained it before I left on my military campaign, didn’t I? In this country, seirei is a word used to point out the utmost loveliest woman. And? I wonder why exactly my seirei is here in this place? Has your fever gone away completely?

W: There is no need to apologize for causing me worry. It’s natural to be worried over my adorable little sister. Ah, speaking of worries, I’ve removed your matter of concern. Mm, so as not to worsen your health any further, I’ve warned Grenzen and Sirius not to come over. In addition, I’ve even rebuked Löwe who was rough with you recently. Good grief, despite those three being your older brothers as well, it is sad they cannot be kind to their little sister.

W: Hm, again with that. Even if your honorable mother was a commoner, there is nothing to be done about that. Those who cannot be kind towards their family cannot exemplify a path for the people. Furthermore, if there is a person who must be blamed… it is His Majesty.

W: Haha, yes, it is just like the rumors you know. Mm? The authenticity of those rumors?… You are making quite a lot of inquiries today. Did you ask the maids about irrelevant things? Ohh? The new maid that father sent over said such a thing…?


W: … Now, how shall I discipline her? Haha, that’s true, you’ve become an adult. Until now, things have been kept vague, but it should be time soon for me to explain things. You see, that man forced your honorable mother, who had a fiancé at the time, into the inner palace. It is said he was taken in by her radiant beauty… What a childish reason. Just like a baby reaching out to a glass marble. You wouldn’t think the blood of a hero from old flows through him.

W: And yet, as soon as he knew you weren’t his own child after you were born, he treated you coldly… and, in the end, he foolishly began to blame your honorable mother for not being a maiden before marriage. Because I was still young then, I couldn’t stop him. I feel deeply regretful about that… if I had the same strength then as I do now, I could have stopped my father who had gone mad with jealousy… before he killed your honorable mother. It discomforts me deeply.

W: Ah, it was nothing. In any case, this was everything I saw. Perhaps there may be more minute details, but… hehe, let us stop here for today. Why, you ask? Are your hands not trembling? In truth, you are unbearably sad, are you not? There is no need to force yourself to hear everything all at once.

W: My health? Why are you concerned? Aah, I was at a fort just yesterday and so you are worried. I’m fine. After I burnt the enemy general to ashes with high-level magic, their military formation collapsed immediately, and they were driven away faster than I expected. It was simpler than usual.


W: Putting me aside, have you truly gotten better?… Alright. Then allow me to examine you well to see if you are lying or not. *kisses* Hmm, as I thought, your cheek is hotter than usual. You haven’t really gotten well, have you? Ahaha, that’s right, if it concerns you then I can always see through you. Now then, why don’t we return to your room. If you’re in the wind your body won’t heal no matter how much time passes. Haha, I love obedient girls. Although, in your case, I’d love you even if you weren’t obedient.

*they start walking*

W: Eh? You want to hear about the battlefield? Ahaha, you really are a strange one to have an interest in that. No, it’s fine, I’ll tell you. What do you wish to know? The number of enemies I defeated? Hmm… if I recall correctly, it was around two thousand, I think. Of course, I adjusted my fire magic but the momentum of it made everything burn all too easily, so nothing could be done. Be that as it may… it also hurts me to take people’s lives. Every time I return from the battlefield… my hands cannot help but shake.

W: Ahaha, thank you. If you hold my hand like that then tonight it seems like I won’t have any nightmares. Ah, that reminds me, the mutton we ate at the battlefield was very delicious. I brought some back after casting preservation magic on them, so you can eat some later as well—

*scene skip*

W: —And then, the hero and heroine were bound together and they all lived happily ever after. *closes book* Ahaha, you really love tales about heroes, don’t you. I’m almost jealous of the hero inside this story. Eh? You love this hero… because he resembles me? Haha, what are you going to do after pleasing me this much? Even if you compliment me, I can only offer you these pastries. Haha, they’re cute pastries, aren’t they? I had the capital’s best confectioner make them for you.


W: In truth, I wanted to bring you flowers to include my sympathies for your illness, but in the past you said you’d rather the flowers be alive, right? Thus, I thought of a different gift. Ahaha, I’m happy you’re pleased. However, your position is such so that you should be able to acquire this sort of thing at any time… I cannot bear how miserable you must be, isolated in this segregated palace.

W: Haha, that’s right… you can be happy because I am here. I too… am happy because you are here. I feel a sweetness much like that cream on your lips. *kisses* Why are you bashful? I taught you this a while ago, did I not? Even if they’re siblings, everyone exchanges kisses. This is proof of a deep affection. Yes, really. Have I ever told you a lie to hurt you? I am always on your side.


W: Right? Therefore, don’t be embarrassed… open your mouth… Mm, like that… don’t draw your tongue in… *kisses*

W: … Hehe, you’ve gotten quite skilled. It is as if your confusion at the very beginning was a lie. It makes me want to give you more pleasure… and taste you… much deeper. *kisses*

W: Ah! I’m sorry, my feelings surged up. Did I push you too hard? This was put aside for a while after I went to the battlefield, so I ended up thinking that I want to do a lot of this while I had the chance…


W: Hm? Aah, yes… before long, a conflict to a greater or lesser extent may be born. Not long ago, I spoke about how a large mountain on the western side of this continent erupted, didn’t I? Because of that impact, the western country is in great distress. That is why they cannot resist desiring our bountiful Weltalles. You’re wondering about Brenan in the east? Who knows… Lately, they seem to be showing disquieting movements but…

W: Ahaha, you don’t have to worry about such things. No matter what happens, I will protect you. Eh? You’ll become a heavy burden? You? That’s absurd! You are my war goddess. No matter the battlefield I’m on, just thinking about wanting to touch you again brings out my power manyfold. So, be at ease and stay in this detached palace. As long as you’re alive, I will return home without fail. *kisses* Hey now, I told you to close your eyes when you kiss, right? It looks like you still need much more practice in kissing. *kisses*


W: Haa… haa… my lovely seirei… your breaths alone make my heart quiver… *kisses*… Today, why don’t we try practicing kissing that is one step up? Ahaha, it isn’t anything difficult. All you need to do is spread your legs… and entrust your body to me. I will have you let me kiss you in this especially warm place.

W: You can’t do this? But this is something everyone does, you know? One day, if you find someone special to you and you don’t learn this kissing here, I think you will cause them sadness. Listen, think carefully on how the maids and your brothers, apart from me, are all His Majesty’s people and how they don’t teach you anything. At this rate, you will really become an ignorant and shameful woman.


W: Ah, please don’t cry, my seirei. Don’t worry, if you practice now then you will still be in time. So, come now… remove your underwear and spread your legs… *heroine does so; he kisses her* Good girl. Now then, I will teach you a lot about how kisses here are a pleasurable thing. *he gives oral*

W: Mm… haa… relax your legs some more… you must not try to close them. It’ll be alright, you can do it. Aren’t you a very hard worker? So… alright? Spread your legs more… Haha, that’s right, if you spread them this much then it’ll be easy for my tongue to reach in deeply. *continues oral*


W: Such an adorable voice… The flavor here is beyond what I imagined as well… I’m already… *kisses* feeling like I cannot hold myself back. *kisses* Ahaha, what am I holding back? Are you curious? *kisses* Mm… I can teach you, but when did your menstrual cycle end? Aah, if that’s the case then it’s still not good yet. Right now is a period where I cannot teach you, so let’s do it at some other time. For now, reach your completion with my kisses. *continues oral; heroine orgasms*

W: … Ahaha, you came well… *kisses* There, there. You did amazing. You worked hard. *kisses* How was it? The kisses below felt pleasurable, right? Haha, good. Me too, when you’re feeling pleased… I feel, haha, very happy. Until the day you become a bride, continue to practice with me, alright? *kisses*

*** TRACK 2: The Second and Third Prince’s Heartless Words ***

*heroine is drawing; Grenzen arrives*

Grenzen: Ah… Hey! Exactly as I expected from a commoner! You’re taking so much time to draw just a flower; it would be impossible to think of you as my little sister. I, Grenzen, known to be a virtuoso in art.

G: Oh wait… has my older brother come? Ha, you’re an idiot. When I say older brother, I only have one, right? It’s Weiss, I’m talking about Weiss. Ah, I see. He already went home for today? I-It’s not like I’m relieved or anything…! Huh? Hey… what’s with that drawing? There’s never been such a creepy flower drawing in this world.

G: Haa, good grief. You’re the same as always. *comes beside heroine* Don’t space out and give me your hand. Haha, I won’t draw it. This is your drawing, right? So, I’m just giving some advice. Listen and look closely. If you want the appearance to be similar then hold out your brush in front of you like this and draw while confirming your object’s length and angle. Here, try it. Yes, yes, just like that.

*heroine draws*

G: Hmm, it’s better than before but you really have no talent in art. Even though you’re this bad, why do you like to draw? D-Don’t cry! If you practice… I’m sure you’ll be good one day! Huh!? Obviously, it’s impossible for you to be like me. After all, I’m praised for being a virtuoso.


G: … Don’t nod honestly. Doesn’t that make me look dumb? Eh? You heard rumors about me from your maids? Haha, that’s exactly right. Right now, even people outside the country say that about me. It was quite difficult to get to this point, but… my hard work has paid off. Ah, if you’d like, you can say it too. Haha, yeah, yeah! I’ve come this far so you could say that about me! Ah… um… I wanted you to feel miserable that, compared to my genius, you have no talent whatsoever.

G: Y-Yeah, that’s right, I didn’t teach you because I like you. If such an ugly drawing was left behind by you as my younger sister, I’d completely lose face. That’s why I had no choice but to teach you. Besides, I’m… just returning the debt I owe in the past. It’s mortifying to owe something to a commoner, you see.

G: What? You don’t remember?… The time I was compared too much to our older brother and I ran away to this detached palace while crying. You were still five years old then and, like now, you were drawing a flower. It was so ugly that I drew a little bit in your stead. And then you said, “It’s just like magic! That’s amazing, brother!”, and you were so happy… and with that I was able to have a little confidence that I had value too.


G: That’s why, from that time, I’ve always…! *wind blows* Ah! With the wind blowing this hard all the flower petals will be blown away. You should also hurry and return inside— wait, what’s with that hair!? Isn’t it an absolute mess? It makes me annoyed, so come here. I’ll arrange your hair. *heroine declines* Listen, look this way.

G: I brought some beautiful hair ornaments for a gross person like you. Come now, if you don’t stay still… *leans in* I’ll do something even scarier here. Ehehe, you’re wondering what? For example, this… *kisses* taking a bite out of your ear. *kisses*

G: Haa… if you understand, then stay still. *arranges heroine’s hair* Alright, your hair is perfect with this. Next is… that dress, I think. When a commoner wears a plain dress, they look even more shabby. Good grief, bold of you to call yourself my little sister while looking like that. I’m the one who gets embarrassed, so I had new dresses carried to your room. You should dress up as much as possible while lamenting your own ugliness.


G: I-I don’t need your gratitude, because I’m bullying you! You should be more sad!

*Sirius arrives*

Sirius: Hah! It means your bullying isn’t enough, brother.

G: Sirius! You came as well?

S: Yeah, I’ve been mentally exhausted by business, so I thought to bully this girl and vent it all out. *takes something out* You have a face that lacks ambition just like a commoner today too. If I rub this roadside rock against your face, won’t it become a bit better? Come on, doesn’t it hurt? Hurry up and take it, commoner.

S: Huh? What are you looking at?… Oh my, I made a mistake. Because roadside rocks and jewels aren’t any different to me, I blundered and gave you a jewel instead. Hah? You’re returning it!? Do you think me a stingy man who’d take back something he gave? *heroine shakes her head* Good, as long as you know that.


S: Now then, commoner, face the other way. A commoner who doesn’t know their position needs a collar, don’t they? So, I brought a good one. Hah? It just looks like a necklace to you? Haha! You don’t have eyes, do you? This just means your aesthetic sense is dead.

S: Come on, hurry up and do it. *heroine turns around* Hrmm… alright, done. Look here. Mm, I made a good choice if I say so myself. It really matches your eyes— uh, ahem, the thin air of a commoner has become better.

S: However… I’d like a little more color. For example, on this neck… if there was a red color it might be nice. *kisses*

G: Hey, if you go any further your hickey won’t fade.

S: I didn’t suck that hard. It’ll disappear before Weiss comes tomorrow.

G: But, Sirius, isn’t this jewel a rare item whose value has increased in the recent years? His Majesty will be angry— I mean, won’t it be wasted on a commoner?

S: Certainly, on this continent it’s rare and of high value. But in the south continent a mineable mountain has been discovered recently. I heard that from my subordinates operating outside of the country and commenced negotiations quicker than any other country. Those guys in the south don’t understand the value of this jewel yet, so like idiots they’ve sold it to me at a low price.

G: I should have expected that of you, Sirius. You’re really fond of anything involving business.

S: Yeah, no one will call me the son of a woman who snuggled up to a king with money anymore. I have the power to support this country and I’ve triumphed over them.

G: Haha, I’d like to tell this to your crybaby self in the past.

S: H-Hey, you probably cried in the past or something too…

G: Hah, that’s true. I’m the same as you, Sirius. My world changed with this girl’s words. Haha, what? You don’t remember him either?


S: Oh dear, it must be hard for a commoner’s memory to be so poor. In the past, when I sneaked in here to bully you, there was a simple glass marble you treasured like a jewel, right? Moreover, you even gave it a name. I thought it was embarrassing for someone as great as me to have a little sister who was such an idiot, so I bartered that glass marble into a jewel.

S: How did I do it? Ahaha, there’s countless ways. If I said it was a colored glass, the only one in the world and concealed by the king, then even simple glass would be given value. Because among the nobles there are those who desire unique things. In retrospect, it was a childish transaction but… you were so happy and you said “Brother, you’re like the great magicians in stories!”

S: After that I grew interested in the value of things that fluctuated and business. Then various other connections were born and, before I knew it, my business acumen was recognized. For me, when I was fed up with only being compared to Weiss, that was a happy thing.

S: Hah!?… Do you still only know Weiss to that degree? When that demon is serious… we wouldn’t win even if we were doubled. Not just military power, but his knowledge and personal connections are in a different league. That’s why our father became unable to say anything to Weiss.

G: Sirius, you’re going too far calling him a demon. Whatever that man does, if you say bad things—


W: —If horrible things are said, that would truly hurt. It’s my intention to love all my cute little brothers equally.

G+S: !!!

G: Haha… that’s just like you, brother. I didn’t notice you here at all.

W: Ahaha, I wanted to surprise my cute brothers and sister, so I came stealthily. Nevertheless… you’re naughty children, aren’t you. Were you tormenting our little sister again?

G: Brother, what sort of business do you have? Even though you’re busy, you’ve actually come here twice today?

W: Ah, I had a bit of a bad premonition. I was worried over whether my cute little brothers would be punished by our strict father or not.

S: We… haven’t done a single thing to be punished for!

W: I see! Then, like I thought, just as our father ordered… you were tormenting this girl, weren’t you.

S: …!

W: Answer me, Sirius. You… being here… what were you doing?

S: …… I was bullying… the commoner who didn’t know her place.

W: And Grenzen?

G: …… I was also… bullying her.

W: Haa… how sad. Do you two hate this princess that much?

G: No, I—

W: Hm? It can’t be that you love her? If that was the case, I’d be happy. I’ll propose to our father that everyone wants to love their sister together.

G: …… I ha… hate her.

W: Truly?

G: Really. I hate her. There’s no way I would love such an ugly woman.

W: Haa… do you love her, Sirius?

S: … Grgh…

W: Haha, being silent means you love her then, Sirius? I feel like celebrating such a joyous day with a grand announcement.

S: !!!… Kgh… I hate… her obviously. I come here only to bully her.

W: Haa… how lamentable. However, you two are good boys who won’t disobey our father’s orders. I want to acknowledge the value of that point. *heroine shifts* Aah, my poor princess. Come here. I’ll protect you from your cruel brothers. *heroine runs over* There, there. No doubt you’re saddened, aren’t you. I brought a new book, so let’s read it together in your room.

[16:44] *they start walking*

S: *mutters* This damn demon…

G: Sirius!

W: Hm? Just now… did you say something?

S: Nothing.

W: Really? Ah, I forgot, but your honorable mother’s family, House Reichen, seems to have omitted reporting a page of silver earnings.

S: !!!… Calculations about a single page of silver coins going amiss happens, doesn’t it?

W: Haha, it is feasible even for those whose specialty is business. But do miscalculations happen that easily? Could this actually be a sign of treason—

S: NO!… And you even sent your subordinates to search for such trivial things!?

W: That’s a funny thing to say. When it’s related to my cute little brothers, naturally I’d investigate it myself.

S: When did you do such a time-consuming thing…

W: It didn’t take too much work. I only did calculations to pass the time before I went to the battlefield.

S: Grgh…

W: Sirius, if you’re saying this isn’t treason then give your honorable mother’s family a strict warning. “Do not ever run counter to a royal order. If you disobey, blood will rain.” Etch this into your mind well so that you do not forget too. Lately, you seem to have forgotten our father’s feelings somewhat.

S: …… I understand.

G: Let’s go already, Sirius.

S: Grgh… Hmph!

[18:38] *they leave*

W: Ah! Why are you crying? Does it hurt anywhere?… If that’s not it, then why?… I see. It hurts that much to be hated by them? I understand, I’m sad as one of their sibling too. Haa… good grief, doing something unnecessary. Hm? Ahaha, it means I won’t forgive anyone who hurts you. Let’s go now, my seirei. Let’s practice kissing today as well while we’re reading the book. Especially on that bully-related mark on your neck.

*** TRACK 3: Pastries Thrown by the Fourth Prince ***

*Löwe arrives*

Löwe: Y-yo, commoner! You’re cu— ugly looking today too. I-it’s not like I came here because I wanted to see you. I only came here because I had no choice after Grenzen said it was about time I came to bully you.

L: Hm? You… what’s that gross thing you’re eating. Who gave that to you? Oh… that’s your meal?… *quiet* How long is our father going to do these awful things… N-nothing! Don’t touch me when you’re a commoner! Y-y-y-y-you should eat these nasty pastries! You’re slow in the head. You’re not going to accept this? Hurry up and open it, commoner.

L: In order to make you suffer, I packed them tightly in that pouch. Try your best to open it. *heroine opens it* Hehe, that’s right, they’re the pastries you absolutely love! I put a lot in there, so eat it all and get fat! Come on, quickly! *heroine eats one*

L: … Is it tasty? Ahaha, good, I’m glad! H-hah!? Why are you thanking me!? This is me bullying you to get you fat, you know!? Besides, when a commoner like y-you is hungry, the dignity of the royal family drops, right? So, I’m doing all this because I have no choice. If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t come here— *heroine approaches*

L: —I-I’ve always told you not to get near me so easily, right!? I-I-I really hate you! I came here to bully you! Ah, jeez, when you come close… my face feels hot from disgust! Eh? What…? You want me to eat too? Hah, I see, if you’re insisting that you’re so touched you want to share then I guess I have no choice but to eat some. I’m a very generous person, after all. Then, um, why don’t we sit over there first? Ah, it won’t do to be thirsty, so I also brought tea.

[03:00] *they move over to sit; he pours a drink*

L: Here, drink up. It was tea I just brewed so it shouldn’t be cold. Ah, wait! If you drink it all at once like that— aah, that’s why I warned you. It’s too dumb to burn your tongue at your age. Don’t apologize, idiot! I’m at fault for handing it to you while it was hot.

L: Ah, no, I’m regretting that it wasn’t hotter so even your lips would be burned! Hmph, look this way. How is it? It hurts, right? I’ll heal you to let you experience the same pain again, so stick out your tongue. D-dumbass, there’s no way I’d kiss you! It’s magic, healing magic. I’m not skilled like Weiss, so I can’t heal things unless I see my target.

L: Haha, that’s right. It’s true there aren’t many magic users who can use healing magic. But still, in the end, my worth is just… at that level. Compared to our brothers, I don’t have any talent at all. At most, I can only win the championship at swordsman tournaments… Is it really amazing? At my age Weiss mastered the magics of fire, water, wind, lightning, and everything. And not just that, he can also countlessly use healing magic at a level that can save people on the verge of dying.

L: I wouldn’t be able to do that in my entire life. Among the four of us, I’m the worst prince. I haven’t fallen so low as to be worried over by a c-commoner! A-anyway, stick out your tongue! If you don’t stick it out, then I’ll yank it out. *heroine sticks out tongue* Alright, stay still. *casts magic* Mm, it should be okay with this, right? *heroine nods* It’s not like I did it to please y-you! So, don’t thank me…


L: Haha, when I healed you for the first time, you beamed at me like that too, said “Amazing! You’re so cool!”, and made a big fuss, huh. Ahaha, I see, you remember! That’s nostalgic… you were still around five years old at that time. When even our father sneered at me, you were the only one who always complimented me and soon it was fun to come here. For a month we basically played together every day, huh.

L: But, when I did that, our father started beating my mother… *sniffs*… t-that’s why I… I hate you! If only you didn’t exist, then my mother wouldn’t have died! *teary voice* It’s because I hate you… this much… that just looking at you makes my heart hurt. Don’t apologize! Even if you apologize, my mother won’t come back. You… don’t need to apologize… kgh… *heroine hugs him* Yeah… I really hate you.

L: Someone like you should never leave this place in your entire life and die here. Then I’d… always be able to see you suffering. *teary laugh* Hahaha, are you an idiot? There’s no way someone as great as me is crying. It’s because I’m tormenting the person I hate right now that my feelings are so uplifted… it makes my voice shake. Being hugged like this… hurts, right?

L: Hahaha… you should just suffocate. If you died in my arms, that’d be the best. Aah… if I could call you my seirei… how nice that’d be. Eh? You… You know the meaning of this word? Wha. Why do you know it? There shouldn’t be anyone here who’d say such a thing, right!? Because this word is—


W: Oh dear, Löwe, you also came to harass our little sister, I see.

L: Brother…

W: Such a pale face. What’s the matter, Löwe?

L: Um… I’m just guessing, but is it possible that… you’ve said the word “seirei” to this girl?

W: To teach her the meaning of words that exist in this world… is that such a bad thing?

L: O-oh… I see, that’s how it was.

W: Mm. That’s how it is. More importantly, Löwe… can I ask you to release that girl now? If you torment her any more than this… I won’t stay silent.

L: Y-you’re mistaken! I—

W: I’m mistaken? Then what is this called? Embracing your little sister, like you’re in a position to whisper words of love. What were you doing?

L: Ah, I… um… uh…

W: Haa… enough with the excuses. Release her now. Bad children who don’t listen… will be punished befittingly.

L: !!! *bows his head* P-please forgive me, brother. I seem to have bullied her a bit too much.

W: Haha, I understand your fear of our father, but you must not forget the limits.

L: Yes.

*heroine interrupts*

W: Eh… Löwe did nothing wrong? Why? He hates you and bullied you. Oh? You’re defending Löwe like that… I’m happy to have seen such beautiful sibling love… Hey, Löwe. What do you think of this girl?

L: ……

W: Come now, speak honestly.

L: … Brother, you don’t wish for that, do you?


W: I wish for it. Your true feelings, Löwe, without lies or falsehoods.

L: … I hate her. I loathe her. If she didn’t exist, then my mother wouldn’t have died.

W: What a shame. Those are your true feelings.

L: … Yes.

*heroine shifts*

W: Ah… you have such a teary look. My poor little sister. Come here. *heroine runs over; he holds her* See? I told you, didn’t I? The only one who protects you… in this world is me alone. Grenzen, Sirius, and Löwe… everyone hates you. I will take precautions in the future, but it’s dangerous so try to stay away from everyone for a while. Once everyone’s anger abates, I’ll take you out of your room.

L: Well then, brother, please excuse my presence.

W: Ah, I’ll see you tomorrow. At the training grounds.

[12:16] *Löwe leaves*

W: *quiet* Now, what shall I do… Ahaha, what should we do for dinner tonight? I’ll be eating together with you this evening, so you can ask for whatever you like. Thus, I’ll hold onto those pastries you have in hand. If you eat too much before dinner, you won’t be able to eat anything else. *heroine gives him the pouch* Now, let us be off, my seirei. Once the meal ends, let’s practice kissing again. *they start walking*

W: Ah, that reminds me, starting tomorrow I’ll be away from the imperial capital for about three days. During that time, stay in your room obediently. Haha, yes, I have to go to the fort at our borders again. It’s nice to be relied upon for my military strength, but being relied on overly is a problem as well, haha. Are you worried? Don’t be, I’m much stronger than you think. More importantly, what souvenir should I bring back? My safety is the best present…? Haha, such adorable words. It makes me want to practice kissing right now.

*** TRACK 4: A Collapsed Equilibrium. Weiss’ Lascivious Teachings ***

*Weiss is pacing angrily*

W: … *muttering* For a person of garbage social standing to try and get ahead of me… How foolish…! If this is the case, I should immediately end that person… !! Aah, I was thinking while I was walking and, before I realized, it seems I arrived at your room. Haha… for me to enter a lady’s room without permission… There’s a limit to how much I can lose myself. It’s somewhat late to confirm this, but… were you sleeping? *heroine shakes head*

W: Ah, I see. I’m glad… May I come over there? *heroine nods* Oh my, you were sleeping with the windows open. That was how you caught a cold the other time, so you must take care. Furthermore, even though this is a detached palace, what would you do if lawless people entered?

W: Hm? Aah, a lawless deed would be like… ah… Heh, well, there are various things. In any case, it means bad things. For example, like this; a fellow returning from the battlefield, in a furor, and visiting a lady’s room at night. Haha, for you to always be happy if it is my visit… *leans in* You are the best in the world at pleasing me. *kisses* Hehe, there are times when you kiss outside of practice. Just now that was a greeting kiss.


W: This is… *kisses* a kiss of deep affection. Eh? I’m not forcing myself. Do I have such a strange expression right now?… Haha, how strange, why am I always exposed by you? When the others haven’t torn my mask even once… Even at the time we first met, you suddenly asked me a question, didn’t you? “Did something sad happen?”… Furthermore, when I lied and said there was nothing, you – hahaha – were astounded. “Then you’re not very good at smiling, huh.” And then you held both my cheeks like this.

W: Ahaha… I should have known, you don’t remember this either. To you it must have been something you said innocently to someone. Ah, I’m not blaming you. Only, to me, it was just a conversation that left a very strong impression. Haha, how nostalgic. On that day, the wind also carried the scent of roses like this, you see. And, as if I was lured by that wind… I arrived at this detached palace.

W: The white roses your honorable mother was said to have loved floated in the darkness. I remember thinking they were beautiful. However, at the same time… I felt like tearing them all off. I felt like wherever I went I couldn’t escape this pure color. Ahah, it’s the impression I give.


W: My mother was a lady abnormally obsessed with impressions. She often said this, “You have the talent to be called a hero. Make use of that and sweep away the shadow cast by His Majesty. Befitting the color of pure white, be noble, be just, and leave the perfect impression onto others.”

W: Haha, by manipulating the impression given to others, she tried to recover the prestige of the royal family. Thus, I was called the reincarnation of the hero from a young age. My speech, my actions, and what I wore… everything was forced to be fitting of that. Once, when I tried wearing black clothes like Sirius, my magic was sealed for seven days and I ended up listening to an eternity of lectures.

W: Heh, my mother had magic that was equal to mine, so… until she passed away in an accident I had quite a hard time. Mm… an accident happened. The next day after I met you. Haha, you’re right, I’ve never spoken about this until now. The day I met you… is like a concealed gem… a glittering memory. Haha, is it strange? But I was that happy. Because even I thought I could do anything that when I discovered something I couldn’t do… conversely, I felt relieved.


W: Only in front of you… is when I feel liberated from the duty that is being the image of a hero. And not just that. You also taught me how to love. Remember, in the past there was a stray cat you loved, right? It snuck in from somewhere and made its way to the gardens of this detached palace. When that cat stopped coming, you were terribly sad. So, when I found it coincidentally in the rear of the palace, I thought about catching it one way or another… made a mistake and killed it.

W: I didn’t know… that cats were so fragile and easy to break. I was disturbed. I thought you would hate me. After I overcame my distress I brought the broken cat to you… and you cried so much I wondered if you would go blind. That’s why I also became sad and, for the first time since I was born, I wept. I made you sad and I regretted it from the bottom of my heart.

W: And then, on the contrary, you comforted me. You taught me while crying yourself. “Brother, you have to love cute things by petting them and saying ‘There, there’ like this.” In that way, you taught me many things which I couldn’t do. That I can be human right now is thanks to none other than you. You… are my teacher. *heroine shakes head*


W: Haha, don’t be modest. It is the truth. Therefore, when I think about you disappearing… I am horribly shaken. Ah, the news hasn’t arrived yet? In one month, you are to marry into the neighboring country, Brenan. Heh, that’s right, I was also surprised. Because our father has always said he had no intentions of marrying you off.

W: The reason for his change of mind? Haa… as I said a few days ago, the country in the west is repeating acts of provocation. On the other hand, Brenan – in the east – appears to have been approached with an alliance proposal. If this alliance comes to fruition, our country will be flanked on both sides. Good grief, it’s a bolt from the blue. Up until now, those two countries have had bad relations for a long time, and so it was unexpected to think they would try to join hands at this time.

W: Yes… this marriage is to thwart that. You will be married into Brenan and, conversely, they would be joined in an alliance with our country. It’s a rubbish plan, made in a fluster, but there is certainly a result. Even if there are rumors that you don’t have the blood of the king, officially you are titled a princess.


W: … No, I was not consulted at all. It was decided upon while I was unaware. It is likely he knew I would object and so, from the beginning, he had no intentions to speak of it. And so, when I heard about this news on the front lines… I was seething with fury to the extent where I inadvertently wished to burn the imperial capital to ashes.

W: It’s truly maddening. His Majesty and those men in the legislative assembly do not even go to the battlefields and yet they’re trying to triumph using you as a hostage. Kgh! Furthermore, while I was on the front lines, they went ahead and settled on a decision. *snarling* Even if I burn them a hundred times, I wouldn’t kill them enough.

W: Ah! Haha… I’m sorry. They used such cowardly means that my feelings seem to have gotten worked up. I mustn’t be like this as the next king, should I. At any rate, that is how it is. Your bridal procession into the neighboring country has been decided. In truth, I want to cancel it immediately but, in this situation where the king has consented, overturning what the assembly has already decided is difficult even for me as the crown prince.

W: Grgh… I’m sorry… for not protecting you. To have to send you… to that uncivilized country with shallow history… Ggh…

W: !!… Haha… “If someone like me can protect the country…” you say?… Haa… you’re always like that. Even though you’re being forced, you don’t hate anyone. Far from that, you are constantly thinking about people’s happiness. That is also why you will not run from this royal order. In truth… I knew this before I came. And so, to someone like you… as your older brother… I wish to give you one last gift.


W: See, you haven’t practiced anything but kisses still, right? But before you get on a bed together with the man who is to be your husband, there is something more you must know. If you head to Brenan without knowing this, you might bring down your husband’s displeasure on you. No, if he only became angered that would still be fine. In the worst case, if he even divorced you, our father would treat you all the more like a thorn in his eye. Once that’s the case, you would have no place to belong this time.

W: Therefore, before that happens I will personally teach you the exchange between a husband and wife. Haha, there is not a single thing wrong with this. After all, you and I aren’t related by blood. Rather, in the case where they aren’t related by blood, an older brother would teach his younger sister the basics of the bedroom. Yes, really. There is no way I would lie, right?

W: Hm? It’s written in novels that that one should be a maiden? You see, what it means is publicly that is the case. In reality, everyone studies in secret before they marry their husband. That’s the secret to a harmonious couple. *leans in* So… alright? Won’t you entrust your body to me? I’ll make your body be able to accept any kind of husband. *heroine leans away*

W: Do you hate me to be conflicted to that extent? *heroine shakes head* Then… do you love me? *heroine nods* I see, I’m glad. I also love you… *kisses and mutters* even if you cannot differentiate between familial love and romantic love. *kisses* You’re probably anxious, not understanding what is going to be done to you, so I’ll explain.


W: The exchange between a husband and wife is when… *touches heroine* the man’s genital is placed in the hole I always taste. And, by accepting a man’s sperm in the deepest part of you, a child can be made. Haha, you don’t understand anything, do you. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you in order so it’s fine if you just stay still. Now then, first… as a review of last time I’m going to kiss you down below, alright?

W: I’m going to remove your underwear, so won’t you raise your hips a little? Haha, it’s dark right now so I can’t see a thing. So, come now, do as I say… *heroine raises hips* Next is to spread your legs widely. Mm, good girl. Keep like that and try not to close them… *gives oral*

W: Haa… haa… it seems that you’ve grown accustomed to kisses down here. Every time I push my tongue in… mm, haha… it twitches and convulses, mngh, haha… you are truly an excellent student. I’m pleased… *giving oral*


W: Haha… this engorged place as well, mngh… haha, it appears to have become quite sensitive. It was worthwhile to give you kisses, imbued with my feelings… Listen, while you’re being tasted and squeezed here like this with the man that is to be your husband, mngh… haa… you must also accept being stroked inside, here… because when you’re kissed like this you feel pleasured immediately, ngh… *giving oral*

W: Mngh… haa… a lot of your tension has eased. I can already put two fingers inside… Haha, next, show me your aroused face clearly. Ah, you must not be embarrassed. Because men love the face of their wife, slack with pleasure. Rather, you need to actively show them that. So, come now, take away your hands. *heroine does so* Haha, ah… as I thought… what a lovely expression. That expression which says you’re unbearably in love with how my fingers are rubbing inside you.

W: It’s absolutely adorable… and arousing. Hehehe, can you tell that I’m hard? Yes, tonight this will enter you and stroke you gently inside. Because it’s thicker and larger than fingers, you’ll obtain a deeper pleasure. Haha, you imagined it just now, didn’t you? You squeezed me hard inside… Haa… you truly are cute enough to crumble my senses. Feel me more. Let me hear your voice more.  When you do that, this part of me will become even harder and larger.


W: Haha, it’s not scary. I’ll kiss your nipples, so concentrate on that for now. *kisses*… Mmrgh… ngh… Haha, ah, you’re about to reach completion, aren’t you. Go ahead. Do not hold back with me and come. That way the pain of when you’re deflowered will be eased. *kisses; heroine orgasms*

W: … Hehe, you came smoothly today as well. Good girl. *kisses; undresses himself*… Now then, we should practice the connection between the deepest parts of our bodies. Haha, no, it’s not a sickness for this part to be large. From here, this will be put inside of you.

W: Don’t worry, women are made so that this will definitely be able to enter. Thus, as long as we go slowly to accustom you to it, the entire thing will enter. *kisses*… Alright? Believe in me. *heroine nods* Haha… you truly are a good girl. Well then, breathe in deeply… exhale… inhale… exhale… Mm, relax your muscles that way. I’ll put it in gently… alright? Ngh!


W: Kgh! It’s tighter than I imagined…! Does it hurt? Only a third of it has entered with this though… *quiet* I see… you’ll endure it for the sake of your country… not for my sake. Haha, it was nothing. Why don’t we kiss until the pain abates? *kisses*

W: … Mngh… haa… Ngh! Haa… haa… You’ve grown used to it. I’m going to move slowly, so hold onto me. *heroine does so* If you can’t endure it then you can dig your nails into my back. *thrusting* Mngh! Haa… haa… *kisses*

W: Seirei… mine… my seirei… haa… haa… I love you… Agh! Ngh… *thrusting*… Haha… haa…

W: You’ve gradually molded into my shape inside… ngh… Here, can you tell? It’s already… ngh!… Haa… entered to the base. *kisses*… There, there. You’ve worked hard. Now then, just for a while longer… haa… haa… try doing your best. *kissing and thrusting*

W: Ah, that’s right… I was so aroused I forgot to mention this. Ngh… haa… You can only be intimate… with one person alone. You must not let other men… put themselves in here. If you don’t do that… ngh… you will have betrayed your husband. Ngh! Haa… haa… do you… understand? *heroine nods* !?… Because it’s me… you wish to be like this?


W: Hahaha… oh no… if you say such adorable things… hehe… *growling voice* by any means… I’ll want to release inside you. *kisses and thrusting*

W: For the time being, I thought I’d release outside, but… you’re too cute. I can’t bring myself to pull out now, can I? Haha… haa… haa… hehe… Well, whatever, it only means my schedule has been pushed a bit earlier. Ah… ah! I’m coming…! Take my sperm… deeply inside of you… and then the exchange between a husband and wife… will be finished. Ngh? Ah, there’s no need for concern. I’ll cast magic on you afterwards. For you not to be with child tonight… *lowly* maybe.

W: Ngh!… Haa… it’s releasing… hngh! *he orgasms* Haa… haa… you did your best until the very end, didn’t you. You really are a good girl. *kisses*… I want to be connected to you like this for a while longer.


W: … Tomorrow I need to go to the fort again, so I will emphasize this once more. You cannot do this sort of practice with your other brothers. If you practice this with them… they might make a mistake and kill you. *heroine protests*

W: … Oh, what? Do you still believe that one day you can be friendly with them? Haa… how worrying. Even though they hate you and try to hurt you… Yes, this is an undoubted truth. *casts magic; stern voice* You… are hated by everyone. The one who protects you… is me alone.

W: Hm? Your head feels fuzzy? Don’t worry, it’s the magic I cast on you all the time. Haha… haha! Yes, don’t worry, it only influences your mind a little. In actuality, it can only be cast upon very young children, but… your resistance to magic is shockingly low. It gets cast on you easily. Nevertheless, to lead you into believing this up to now was a painstaking task. Every day, steadily, like poison I continued to cast this magic. And now at last I’ve clouded your eyes.

W: A shame that the side effects are strong. Whenever I cast this, you become tired and fall asleep. Even if you listen to this explanation right now, you don’t understand it and you’ll forget it immediately. And then, one of these days, you won’t be able to think of anything else but me. Aah, it would be nice if that day would come soon. *kisses*… Your love belongs only to me.

*** TRACK 5: The Night Penetrated by Three Brothers ***

*rainy night; door knock; Sirius talks through the door*

S: It’s me, Sirius. Hey, you’re there, right?

G: I’m here too.

S: It’s decided that you’re going to marry into the neighboring country, Brenan. So, before you begin your trip, we wanted to take the time to speak with you.

G: Because we’ve only bullied you. Before we can’t see you again, we want to apologize for everything up to now… after all, it feels like we’d regret it forever if we didn’t do something brotherly at the very end at least. Please, I ask of you to open this door and accept our apologies!

S: I know Weiss told you not to open the door, no matter who came, right? But are you really okay with that? You really wanted to get along with us, right? I know that. You told your maids, “I’m hated by my brothers, but I think it’d be nice if I could get along with my brothers one day”, right? Haha, see? Then open this door. Let’s be friends!

*heroine hesitates but finally walks over*

S: I see, so you’ll open it.

G: Haha, that’s great, right, Sirius?

S: That’s right, Grenzen. With this… *door is opened* Haha! At last… we can get along. *grabs heroine* So noisy. Shut up until we get to the bed. *starts walking* Hey, Grenzen, close the door. *door closes*

G: You don’t have to tell me that.

S: *puts heroine down; she struggles* Haha! Where are you going? You’re going to get along with us, right? *kisses* That obstacle, Weiss, isn’t here tonight, so it looks like we can be real friendly. *tears heroine’s clothes* Hah? You’re saying no? Just now… did you say no? Weiss is fine but not us!? WE’RE YOUR BROTHERS AS WELL!


S: Yeah, that’s right, yesterday I really did think about apologizing for everything up to now and secretly snuck into this detached palace. When I did… ahaHA! You and Weiss were…! Were entangled like that! When did you two become lovers!? *heroine shakes head* Hah! Don’t play dumb here! Being called “my seirei” like that, you can’t say you two aren’t lovers! *heroine denies again*

S: HahaHAHAHA! I see… you were called that without knowing it? “Seirei” is a word that someone uses to call their wife or lover in this country. It’s not a word to use on your younger sister. You’ve been deceived this entire time! *heroine shakes head* Ngh! You don’t believe my words that much?… Was your life here… that lonely!?

S: Grgh, if it was in our power, we wanted to come and see you every day! But…! That fucking asshole…! Our father forbid it! And yet… and yet… AND YET!! WHY IS WEISS THE ONLY ONE ABLE TO LOVE YOU OPENLY!? IS ANYTHING ALLOWED AS LONG AS YOU HAVE POWER!? Even though we’ve… always… always held ourselves back!! *finishes tearing heroine’s clothes*

G: Hey, Sirius, the maids really won’t come back, right?

S: … Yeah, because I’ve given them quite a lot of money to make them go back to their home town.


G: Haha, I see. That puts me at ease. With this, our dream for many years can finally be granted. *heroine moves* Hm? Ah, of course, I won’t do anything painful. *leans in* I’ll ravish you gently until you’re wasted with pleasure. Now then, drink this drug. It’ll make you feel very good and erase all your sorrows. *heroine shakes head* No? Hmm, that’s a problem. I don’t really like being forceful—

S: You’re too slow! Give it! *takes the bottle* Come on, drink up! *heroine struggles* Don’t… resist! If you don’t drink it, you’ll choke to death. *heroine is forced to drink* There, now… good girl. With this you won’t be scared either.

G: Well then, let’s wait until that time.

S: No.

G: But, Sirius, the night is long—

S: I’VE WAITED TOO LONG! That’s why I don’t want to wait even one more second! *furious kisses*… Haa… haa… I told you not to resist, didn’t I? If you resist again then I’ll bite off this tongue of yours. *kisses*

G: Oh dear, I guess it can’t be helped. In that case, Sirius, I’ll participate once the drug takes effect.

S: Heh, sure, do that. *to heroine*… In this moment alone, I want to delude myself that you’ve become my seirei only… I love you. Ever since the time I met you, you were special to me. *soft kisses* Mm… It’s only because our father and Weiss were always watching that I couldn’t say it openly. In truth, I’ve always… wanted to hold you like this! *kisses*


S: So, your nipples were… heh, this color, huh? I’ve always imagined them… and jerked myself off alone many times. *kisses*… Ahaha, what a cute voice. Heh, so that’s the kind of noise you make when you’re having sex. Hah, it turns me on… more than the usual. *kisses*

S: Hehe, it’s already red and swollen. Like this… you like being licked, huh. *kisses* Mmngh…

G: Haha, it seems like the medicine is taking effect, Sirius. While you’ve been tasting her buds, she’s been rubbing her legs together as if in pain.

S: Oh? Is that so? Even though you look like you’re being forced, you’re actually feeling it, huh. *heroine shakes head* Ahaha! Hey, Grenzen, she’s denying it. *he forces her legs apart* Here we go! I’ll hold her from behind like this, so go confirm it, Grenzen. *kisses*

G: Oh my, how strange. You said you aren’t wet… but this place is dribbling out so much honey. Hehe, how cute. Just tracing the entrance makes it tremble already. In that case… if I play with this engorged place and the entrance, I wonder what will happen. Haha! While you’re saying no, this place is quickly getting slippery. Look, it’s dripped down to my wrist, heh. It’s soaking as if you wet yourself.


S: Hey, Grenzen, hurry up and make it so that we can put ourselves in.

G: Haa… Sirius, you have no appreciation for the mood. We should tease her here until she says she wants it, no?

S: Hah, we can just force her to say it. I’ll finger her breasts and behind, so you can taste the front.

G: Yeah, yeah, I got it. Good grief, even though you’re my little brother you’re a slave driver. *gives oral*

S: Mmngh… *kisses*… Haha, what’s wrong? Didn’t you not want this? Nothing but sweet cries are coming out.

G: Hehe, this place is also entirely relaxed and clenching around my tongue achingly.

S: Hey, it’s about time… you want something inside, right? *heroine nods* Haha! You’re completely a slave to pleasure. Well then, your wish… shall be granted.

G: But we should stretch her a little more—

S: If she’s used to Weiss then she has room for anyone putting theirs in.

G: Is Weiss that big?

S: Yeah. I saw it yesterday, but it was big enough to piss me off.

G: Is that so… This cute, small place was stretched that much, huh. I’m a bit jealous.

S: Ahaha! A bit?

G: Haha, let me amend that. I’m very jealous… enough to go mad.

[15:05] *Sirius and Grenzen are both kissing the heroine*

G: Well then, like we discussed, you’re okay with the back, right, Sirius?

S: Yeah, I want this girl’s first, so her back hole is fine.

G: Haha! You’re an odd one. I want to feel her cervix, so I’ll take the front.

S: *to heroine* Hm? What’s wrong? Haha, that’s right, right now you’re going to be ravished from the front and back. Don’t be afraid now. Look, I’ll coat your hole back here lots with the aphrodisiac. Hehe, like your front it’s clenching and unclenching. I’ll thrust into you deeply soon, so just wait. Hey, Grenzen!

G: Yeah, I know. I’ll hold her down, so you go first, Sirius.

S: *kisses* Now then… I’m putting it in. Relax your muscles…! Ngh…! Ungh… ngh… haa… haa… this is bad… I’m about to cum immediately… it feels that good… ngh! Angh… haa… haha… haa… I love you… haa… haa… from the time I was a kid… I loved… only you…! *kisses and thrusting*

G: Ahaha, does it feel that good to be ravished by Sirius from behind? Your honey is flowing out more than before and your face is slack with pleasure.

S: Ngh…! Haa… haa… Grenzen, any time now…!

G: Ehehe, that’s right, me too… haa… I’m already at my limits! *inserts himself* Haa… it’s burning…! It’s also tight… to the point where you wouldn’t think Weiss had sex with her. It’s so good! *kisses*

S: Ngh…! I’m sorry, Grenzen… she feels so good inside… haa… haa… I can’t last very long… ngh!

G: Haa… haa… don’t worry, because I can’t last long either…! Ah… haa… this girl is convulsing inside with pleasure… and squeezing me hard…!

S: Ungh… oh? I look forward ravaging her from the front later!

G: Me too… I’m looking forward to putting it in from the back… Haa… haa…!

[19:26] *both thrusting and kissing*

G: Sorry, Sirius, I’m… about to come already…!

S: Haa… haa… go ahead, me too…! I’m cumming…!

*both kissing and thrusting; Sirius orgasms; Grenzen orgasms*

G: Gngh! Haa… haa… that was dangerous… I nearly released inside…

S: … Haa… haa… I came a lot inside though.

G: Yeah, but the back is fine. If I came inside and she became pregnant, she wouldn’t be able to be married off. Haa… haa… ah, you’re also cute when you’re covered in our sperm. *kisses* My seirei… I’ve always wanted to stain you like this. I love you.

*door opens; Löwe arrives*

L: Hey, you two! Even if it’s to talk, if you visit this late at night— !!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

S: What, you ask? Can’t you tell by looking? We’re ravishing this girl. Her body feels real good, you know. Her front and back are in a nice, loose condition.

L: W-why…!? WHY HAVE YOU DONE SUCH A THING!? If it’s found out that the bride isn’t a maiden—

S: HAHA! She hasn’t been a maiden for a long time!

L: … What do you…

S: Weiss. That man treated this girl like a lover and fucked her.

L: !!… You’re lying! Even someone like Weiss wouldn’t do such a thing!

S: Hehe! Are you seriously saying that? Even you should have realized a little that Weiss is crazy.

L: ……


S: You should do it too, Löwe. You’ve held yourself back all this time, right?

L: Ggh… I…!

S: *gets up* Grenzen, let’s take a break here.

G: You’re right. We did both come once. Here, Löwe, you can choose whichever one you like, the front or the back.

S: I’ve already let this girl’s maids have money and had them return to their village. And her awareness is hazy with the drug right now, so once everything’s over and she’s cleaned then even her memories will disappear cleanly.

L: …! This is wrong…!

S: Ohh? Then you won’t do her, huh.

L: … Haa!… Haa!… Who said they wouldn’t do it? This girl… IS MY SEIREI! *runs over; slobbering kisses*

S: Oh wow, he’s diving right in.

G: Haha, you were devouring her just earlier too.

S: I didn’t kiss her like crap that way.

L: Haa! Haa! Seirei… MY SEIREI!!

G: Eh? You’re already putting it in? You should enjoy her more—

L: SHUT UP! I’ve waited to the point of madness! As if I’d listen to anyone anymore…! Haa… haa… haa… *to heroine* I’m putting it in… Be sure to feel yourself being taken by me! Agh! Haa…! Aah… ahahaHAHAHAHAHA!! This is…! This is… my… my… my seirei’s warmth…! Haha… agh…! I’ve always… haha… wanted to make love to you like this! Really, this entire time… haa… haa… I’ve loved you! Gngh… I love you. *kisses and thrusting*


L: Haa… haa… ngh… amazing…! Argh… haa… haa… it feels so good…! Haa… haa…!

G: Löwe, just to let you know, make sure to release outside.

S: That guy’s hopeless. He’s not listening at all.

L: Angh… haa…! Haa…! Seirei…! MY SEIREI!! Haa… haa… I love you…!!

S: Hey! Löwe! Listen—

L: SHUT UP!! *shoves Sirius*

S: Ugh! That fucking hurt.

G: Are you okay, Sirius? Löwe, you—

L: Ahaha! I love you! I love you!! I LOVE YOU!!! If I’m not going to be able to reach you any longer, then at least… become pregnant with my child! Haa… haa…! Ngagh…! I’m coming… I’m coming…! Haa… haa… I’m— *Löwe gets stabbed; spits out blood* This… dagger… Where did it come flying from!? *falls over*


G: !! You…!

W: Oh dear, just when I urged my horse forward and came home… Haa… you’re all bad children, aren’t you? As one would expect, even I cannot forgive something like this.

G: !!… P-please wait, brother. Even if we ravished our little sister, Löwe is a prince. If you kill him— *Weiss kills him; his body falls*

S: Grenzen!! Weiss, you bastard! To cut the head off of a prince…! *Weiss kills him; his body falls*

*rain and thunder BGM; Löwe clinging to life and gurgling blood*

L: Gugh… haa… Bro… ther… brother…

W: Huh? Come to think of it, you use restoration magic, don’t you, Löwe? Good grief, you’re stubborn to the point of dislike. But with your strength you can’t completely recover, right? You will only lengthen your agony. I wonder why you’re clinging to life?

L: Why…

W: Hm?

L: Why… was it like this… Even though you had the power to obtain everything you desired… nrgh… gurgh… Why… was it her!?

W: What a stupid question. Obviously, it’s because I love her.

L: *sobbing* I… gugh… argh…! I ALSO… kgh… LOVED HER! While fearing yours and the king’s shadow… even still… I’VE ALWAYS FELT THAT!

W: All the more… to blame then. *Weiss kills Löwe*


W: Haa… Now then, I need to prepare a new room. Hm? Oh, what? Your awareness has cleared already? *breathes in; starts breaking down* Ah… ahh… ahhHH… AHHHHHHHH!! What have I… WHAT HAVE I DONE!? *drops sword; teary voice*… Even if I was hard-pressed with the three of them on me, for me to kill my younger brothers…! Kgh…! Now that it’s become like this, I can only die to atone— *heroine goes to him*

W: DON’T STOP ME!! Even if it was to protect you… I KILLED MY YOUNGER BROTHERS! There’s no greater sin than this!!… Huh!? Are your memories in a mess!? *hugs heroine* You poor girl… They made you drink a drug and disgraced you out of feelings of hate. That’s why I… The instant I witnessed that scene… my mind went blank… kgh…! If I had returned earlier, then you wouldn’t have been hurt. I’m really… sorry. *heroine shakes head*

W: Ah, you mustn’t do that. Your mind is still hazy. *voice goes from teary to sly* If you shake your head like that… hehe, you’ll forget even more. Haha, even though you’re blacking out this much… for you to keep repeating that you don’t want me to die… I’m happy.

W: Hehehe, that’s right, it’s because you love me that you don’t want me to die, yes? Well then, let’s do that. Until you die, I will be nestled beside you. Are you relieved? *heroine nods* Heh, I’m glad. Then you should sleep for a while. Once you wake, a wonderful day will begin. Good night, my one and only seirei. *kisses*

*** TRACK 6: A Red-stained Wedding Dress ***

*rainy BGM; Weiss walks over*

W: I’m glad, you’re finally awake. Ah, don’t strain yourself. I healed your body with curing magic, but your heart… Magic can’t heal that. *embraces heroine* My poor girl… hated by your brothers and disgraced by them. It must have been terrifying, right? That’s right, you were assaulted by Löwe and the others while they spat curses at you. But you don’t have to worry, Löwe and the others… are no longer here.

W: Eh? You wanted to show your wedding dress? To them?… Are you sane!? After they disgraced you, they even tried to kill you. It’s true, I saw it with my own eyes. That’s why, I… forgot myself… kgh… and with these hands delivered judgment on them. In truth, they should have been put on trial.

W: … Oh? Even though a murderous intent was directed towards you, you’re still saying you’d have liked to get along with them? Hmm… that’s a problem. Do you want to see everyone that badly? *heroine nods* I see… Alright, then let’s make it so that you can see everyone tonight. I’ll line up what’s precious to everyone and have them see you in your greatest moment. Mm, it’ll also be a farewell ceremony. *kisses* So, don’t cry, my seirei. Your wish… I’ll be certain to grant it. *walks off; door closes*

*scene skip; rain BGM and door opens*

W: I’ve kept you waiting. The dress… mm, it seems like you’ve worn it properly. *kisses* It looks extremely beautiful. In front of you, even a goddess of beauty would hide their face. Ahaha, now then, let us be off. Father is waiting at the throne. *they walk off; door closes*

[03:50] *scene skip; they’re walking*

W: Hm? Why do you have a dispirited look on your face? Are you scared to meet our father? Have no fear, our father right now is much calmer than before… owing to you. Hehe, it’s the truth.

W: Now, we’ve arrived. Show off that appearance of yours to your heart’s content.

*opens door; they walk forward*

W: Hm? You’re saying there’s no one on the throne? Haha, you’re right, there’s no one on the throne. Father and the others are… *walks forward* on this table! *heroine staggers; Weiss catches her* Oh! Are you alright? Ahaha, I suppose making them freshly severed heads doesn’t look very well. But it was hard to sew them onto their bodies. However, don’t feel disappointed. Here, take a good look.

W: Not just our father, but Grenzen, Sirius, and Löwe are here. Ah, in addition, I’ve lined up the chancellor as well. They can’t speak, but everyone is alive even as heads. Well, it’s a temporary thing and after a few hours they’ll begin to crumble.

W: Eh? I’m not lying. I spelled revival and preservation magic on their heads. Hehe, it will sound like a boast but I think the only person in the world now who can use such high-ranking magic is me. However, in order to revive them a lot of blood and compensation was required. That took some time. I’m sorry… for making you wait. *kisses*

W: Eh? Why, you ask… haha, didn’t you say it? That you wanted to show everyone. That’s why I made it so that you can show them. Ah, our father? Haha, I also think it’s regrettable for him to be in this state. If he hadn’t said he was marrying you off then I would have stopped at just confining him for life. But with this our father is finally like a father. I am a bit saddened at having to say goodbye, but I had no choice. After all, he tried to tear us lovers apart.


W: Now, smile, my seirei. Let’s exchange the vows of a husband and wife in front of everyone. Mm, that’s right, you are to become my wife. Ahaha, if you’re concerned then please be at ease. Among the extremists of Brenan, there are those who do not take kindly to the political marriage. I gathered them all and caught them, so we can just say the death of everyone was their doing. That’s why you and I won’t be suspected.

W: Rather, everyone fears my power and political purge so they won’t come and oppose us. See? With this, all the problems are gone. You just need to be at ease and become my wife. *kisses; heroine shoves him and tries to run* Uwah! Wait! Where are you going? We still haven’t done our ceremony of vows.

W: Eh… *thunder BGM* you’re lying… right? For you to hate me… *pulls heroine in* Look closely at me. I love you. I, Weiss von Weltalles. I protected you… the only one to do so. *heroine struggles* Why!? I granted your wishes, did I not?! I put in my utmost efforts. And yet…! Why are you saying you want to run!? We… ngh… loved each other so much like that!

W: *shoves heroine down* Ngh! Haa… haa… *rips her clothes*… haha… ahahaha… Ah, your pale skin is stained red with everyone’s blood. It’s absolutely stunning. It might be nice to have a red dress for tomorrow’s wedding. I’m sure everyone and everything will be enthralled by your beauty. *kisses; heroine bites him*


W: To bite my lips like this… Heheh, ah, I see… you can’t wait any longer, can you? *wipes his own blood* In that case, I’ll lubricate you with this blood of mine and enter you immediately… Oh? Are you nervous? You’re quite tight today. Eh? “Please don’t kill me”…? Hahaha! I wouldn’t possibly kill you, would I? You are my… *leans in* precious bride, after all. *kisses*

W: … Haa… haa… It’s not really softening. Well, whatever, if it’s this damp then it shouldn’t tear. Nrgh! Come now, relax yourself. Let’s deliberately show everyone the moment we become husband and wife, alright? *inserts himself* Ungh! Haa… ah, seirei… my seirei… ngh! You’re clenching around me so tightly… haa… aah, you’re wishing for me…! Mmngh… *kisses and thrusting*


W: Here now, you’re still going to, ngh, lie about wanting to run? Hehehe, until you… ngh… say your true feelings… it’s best I close up your throat like this, right? *strangles heroine* Ngh! When I choke you… it’s even tighter…! Ngh! Haa… haa… aah, it feels so… good! At last, you’re honest. *kisses and thrusting*

W: Hehe, does it feel good? Just now, your deepest part clenched hard. Haha! It feels good, right? Haa… haa…! Oh? You’re still not speaking honest words? How strange… haa… haa… if I choke you more… and more… you’ll return to sanity and you’ll say… you love me, right? *strangles heroine* Aah! Nice! Your entire vagina is squeezing me… it feels so good…! Ahaha… ah, I’m sorry, I seem to have choked you a bit too much.

W: Haa… haa… Here, it’s fine to breathe. There, there… haha… there, there… *kisses and thrusting*


W: Hey, isn’t it about time you became honest? Try saying your feelings towards me… *kisses*… Ngh… haa… Ah! HeheheheHEHEHE…! That’s right, you love me, right? Ngh! Ah! Aah…! It was because you were unusually dishonest, so I became a little worried. Mrgh… haa… haa… say it… more! That you love me… in a voice where everyone can hear… repeat it! Nngh! Aah, I also love you. I love you. I LOVE… YOU! Aagh! Haa… haa…

W: Now then, this sperm of mine which you love… I’m going to pour it inside you! Ngh… haa… accept it into your womb! *kisses and thrusting*

W: So that the country flourishes… let’s create many children. *kisses and thrusting* Mmngh… ngh… haa… haa… Oh my? Why aren’t you making any sounds? Ngh… haa… even though I love your sweet cries…! Ah… I see… you’re in so much pleasure you can’t even raise your voice? You’ve drooled this much… *licks it up* Ahaha, how cute. *kisses and thrusting; beastly breathing*


W: Aah… aah… it feels good… aah… agh! I’m coming… I’m coming… I’m… coming…! Nrgh… haa… haa… *kisses* Haha… did you climax as well? Your entrance is… angh… twitching and clenching. Nngh… that my sperm is being delivered deep into you is… very clear. Ah, but just to be doubly sure… haa… nngh… ungh!

W: Haha, if I fit myself in like this then it won’t come out anymore, right? *kisses*… Now, once more, say that you love me. Hehe… hehehe… good girl. There, there… there, there… ahahaha… there, there… Aah, your eyes are reflecting only me. I’ve been waiting forever for this. You must not reflect anyone else apart from me. Because if another person surfaces to love you… I’ll kill them without exception.

W: My lovely seirei… from this day forth is the gentle world you wished for… *kisses; rain and thunder in the BGM*

24 thoughts on “Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari ~ Weiss ~

    Dexterraca said:
    April 3, 2019 at 08:30

    This drama cd is a mess, just when i though than that guy was sane he actually reveal to be a freak also. 😂 I can’t stop laughing, i’m sorry but R18 drama cd always make me burst in laughter.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 3, 2019 at 11:23

      LOL I’m sure you were already second-guessing Weiss in the first track because he’s already doing veeerryyy questionable things there. Deceiving his younger sister about kisses and how “oh yeah, this is just a sign of affection” MHM. SURE JAN.

      Haha, they can get pretty ridiculous at times since they’re not constrained by any restrictions :’)) especially for the doujin circle CDs then they’re even more out there.

    Kborenai said:
    March 22, 2019 at 17:59

    I keep coming back to this post, goddamn, I listen to this drama at least twice a week despite a near constant influx of newer dramas into my measly collection (who am I kidding). So thank you very very VERY MUCH for this fucking wonderful translation! It is a joy to read every time.

    Dusk has always been such a top tier yandere factory, constructing all these intricate stories who have no business being this good because its supposed to be just…uhh, pron Lmfao. Welltales needs to be a series imo. The magic, the politics, and the legends got me so invested in the setting. It would be nice to go beyond an isolated hut in the middle of nowhere, as an MC, and actually see Welltales and the neghboring countries in their natural habitat for ourselves and not just through what the boys told us.

    Side track; Lowe caught my heart the moment he walked in. He’s so cute when stuttering his ‘hateful’ words to the princess like boi you need more lessons in the art of Tsundere but stay as you are. You could really tell he’s struggling and it’s so fucking cute emergahd~. Other than that, he really struggled so much – from being the least magically-inclined of the princes, from his family problems, and from his unrequited love. And by God, he struggled right through to the end. The news of the princess’ marriage broke him, but being inadvertedly involved in her disgrace was what sealed the deal. Sirius and Gretchen fucked up, they ended up digging their own graves and pushed Lowe down in his moment of weakness. His suspicions of Weiss were always thwarted by his admiration of him, until now. That’s probably why Lowe was the first to succumb into madness (after Weiss of course, that dude is cray cray from the start). Even after being fatally wounded, Lowe still struggled to life with his measly magic awwwwmygod this poor baby! The fucker Weiss should hang for subjecting him to that zombie head thing ):<

    Speaking of Weiss, aside from my disdain for him (in a good way I swear), he is such a well constructed character. He fell in love with an image of the princess, the kind princess he first met, who offered him warmth in a time of great turmoil amidst his unsavory parents. Nearly all yanderes have this in common – falling in love with an image – and they diverge in terms of how they approach this love. Others obsess over a "utopian" scenario (Haruto, Sadatsugu from operetta; Banri from chouette; Touji of-fucking-course), others over a specific character (Eito, Haruka from chouette). In Weiss' case, it was the latter – he was determined to preserve that image of a childlike, kind af princess – to have a specific someone to come home to after a long fucked up day dealing with their father and politics. For real though, that's disgusting in real life but entertaining as shit in otome.

    Let's keep the yandere in virtual thank you lmfao. I'd hate for anyone to experience such controlling douchebags destroying their lives over a metaphysical concept such as an image.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 24, 2019 at 15:11

      ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ Oh, thank you for this comment!! Ehehe, I’m glad you enjoy this translation and I hope it does this series justice because it’s just so darn heckin’ good.

      LOL I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. I went into Dusk being like “Huh, so just extreme yandere? Interesting–” and then got sucked into their stories and I’m just in awe of the quality and production speed of the group, which only consists of one person. Like DAMN. I feel the same way about Weltalles being such an interesting place, but the writer did confirm that it was a one-shot series and there wasn’t going to be anything more. A-at least we get short dramas that are happy ends for the brothers :’)).

      I have to admit that Lowe is that farthest from my type (young, tsun, etc) but oh boy is he right up there in my favorites list after Weiss because, like you said, his struggle and his (arguably) more tragic past compared to the other brothers. He watched his mother die in front of him because of his actions with the heroine, but even still he loves his sister and struggled to find his place among the brothers. THE LAST BIT WAS JUST *kisses fingers like an Italian chef* the call back to Lowe’s magic, the outpouring of his frustration and agony in those last seconds, UGH. He was probably the only one who genuinely had a pure love for the heroine. Sirius was against Weiss from the start and instantly went into lewd land, Gretchen seems to follow Sirius’ lead LOL or else he won’t do anything, and it was only because of their actions and taunting (?) that led Lowe to snap.

      Don’t worry, I hate Weiss as much as I love him HAHA because, man, was he messed and twisted in his grooming but you also gotta admire his charm and how manipulative he was.

      Ooh, I love that description of yanderes. Falling in love with an image and just differing on what kind of image that is. And you’re so right about Weiss preserving the image of a child-like and kind princess who is in love with him, because the moment she tries to break away at the end and says she hates him he completely FLIPS his shit LOL. Meanwhile, if you contrast to Touji’s “utopian” scenario, he actually lets his heroine do anything as long as she’s there because that’s what fulfills his obsession (just having her there which is as close as he can get to his utopian scenario).

      Grooming is hella creepy and abusive in real life, but interesting in otome land LOL. I think it also helps that usually otome yanderes are so obsessively devoted that you kinda know nothing “bad” will happen once they get what they want. Aka. Touji granting his heroine EVERYTHING and having nonexistent pride when it comes to her. It’s a pretty nice life there, if you could accept/get over the ugly beginning LOL. In otome games, even if they’re horrible bad ends and whatnot the guys always share the same commonality of having this “one love” for their entire life (they won’t just use the heroine and dump her).

        Kborenai said:
        March 25, 2019 at 06:36

        I completely agree on your last paragraph. The fantasy of otome yanderes feeds on the ‘romantic’ notion of being someone else’s entire world. But no one acts like that in real life. Sht like that is very unhealthy guys, and more often than not the emotional stress will cause some serious problems in keeping that relationship. And that is the magic of otome pron – it is a stupid fantasy – a trashy Harlequin book brought to life where one can afford to be “lazy” and still be adored by some hi-spec guy for life. Frankly, Touji can take me annny day lmfao jk. What self-respecting yandere fan wouldn’t love that guy though?

        Hahaha, I love this thread so much. Oh how can I thank you enough. I just don’t find much people getting so invested in ear pron (roflcopter) these days.

    yayamichan said:
    January 2, 2019 at 18:53

    This is such a well made drama cd from what I can tell from this translation. Thank you so much! I just wish I have the means to actually listen to it since I don’t have a credit card to purchase this online :(

      Ilinox responded:
      January 2, 2019 at 22:53

      Dusk has quality stories for basically all their CDs :’)) definitely one of my favorite, if not my utter favorite, doujin circles. I’m glad my translations were able to convey even a bit of that though and thank you for taking the time to read them and drop a comment!

      Aw :( that is a bit of a problem since most of their works are online purchases only through DLsite. They do have a pretty long sample that I’ve linked to throughout the post to give you an idea of everyone’s voices though /o\!

        yayamichan said:
        January 3, 2019 at 00:56

        I know its really sad because I really want to listen to the full otome cd and i really want to contribute to reach the 1500 downloads if only I have the means :( But I’m REALLY grateful for your translation at least I know the story because I was really intrigued by the summary and the art. Thank you again for all your efforts! <3

    Rosaleen stark said:
    January 2, 2019 at 11:19

    Can you do Dark Yami ni ochita koi please

      Ilinox responded:
      January 2, 2019 at 11:25

      I don’t take requests, sorry /o\. But I do have commissions open.

    Jumpy Star said:
    December 15, 2018 at 23:43

    Oml this whole time I was just like “THIS IS W I L D” Everyone is just so cray, and I was aware of the gang bang but when it came up I was so shook. But overall I think this CD was pretty enjoyable xD. Crazy yandere guys are a part of my guilty pleasure haha.

    One thing I have a question about is when Weiss says “Nevertheless, to lead you into believing this up to now was a painstaking task.” I just thought that Weiss was verbally controlling her and just feeding her lies from when she was young, so that’s why the heroine is unaware and naive about everything up until now. But he’s actually using magic in addition to that? I don’t know, because it’s confusing for me in general because when you’re young a child is susceptible to everything, so I thought the magic was unnecessary. I don’t know that’s just me.

    Anyway thanks for the hard work it was fun to listen to this!!!

      Ilinox responded:
      December 16, 2018 at 08:03

      The escalation and discoveries in this CD are so good |D and hi-five for enjoying yanderes, haha. I love the more emotionally manipulative kind and Weiss falls straight in that category (almost all of Dusk’s men do, now that I think about it).

      He’s using magic in addition to all that. I think it’s just to make us, as listeners, sympathize more with how much the heroine believes in him when it’s so obvious the brothers don’t hate her. You’d have to be oblivious to not hear them stutter over their mean words LOL. Like he said, the magic he uses is usually only applicable to children because they’re young and susceptible to have their minds influenced. But she has a low resistance to magic so I think it basically keeps her mind free to his influence or makes us realize why even though she’s an adult now she’s still like a young child (tbh I’m with you in that I think it was more than enough that he was already grooming her as a child and that explains everything). But my take is that the reason he says it’s so hard is because of her natural goodness that wants to see the best in everyone; the final proof that she’s under his control is when she believes they hate her and she’s so happy as long as Weiss is with her (but her natural goodness still shines through with how she’s just sad she can’t get along with her other brothers).

      You’re welcome and I’m so happy you enjoyed this :D.

    Rosaleen stark said:
    December 13, 2018 at 12:55

    I wish I knew how old they all are

      Ilinox responded:
      December 13, 2018 at 22:41

      Heroine is most likely under 20 because they did say ten-odd years passed since she was sent away to the isolated palace. So, more than ten years passed from her birth but less than twenty years LOL.

        Rosaleen stark said:
        December 18, 2018 at 14:13

        K thanks judging but her appearance she might be mid to late teens

    Reggie said:
    December 5, 2018 at 03:08

    It’s sucks to be her, I got trick again by a yandare (╥╯θ╰╥) At first in track 1 I completely in love to Weiss because his so gentle but he’s teaching her wrong about love but since he is not her biological brother so….. Yeah it’s normal. 😅

    Track 2 is I feel like the two tsundere brothers will be dead meats soon if they’re honest because Weiss words is so sarcastic that I feel a killing intent. But in my 2nd thought, nah… he’s not a yandare 😅 and about noticing the hickey on her neck make me spat what I’m drinking lol 😂 Track 3 is same feel as the track 2 and I know what he did to the pastries after she give it to him, he throw it somewhere because he’s jealous.

    Oh damn, his voice when he’s doing his ‘seminar’….. It makes my tummy feels weird (灬º 艸º灬). And then after the gangbang he shows his true nature, the 3 tsundere brothers are really turn into dead meats. I’m satisfied on their father’s fate but not the 3 brothers they’re nice especially the 2nd son 😭 and other people he killed. Weiss is a killer with a high IQ— no a monster with a high intelligence .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. His name really reflect on his characteristics, white and clever.

      Reggie said:
      December 5, 2018 at 03:12

      By the way I LOVE THIS DRAMA CD!

        Ilinox responded:
        December 5, 2018 at 14:58

        LOL even with all the foreshadowing of the blood in his cover art and the warnings of the post? |D I started laughing hysterically when he gave his first lie to her at the end of Track 1 and was like “OH SO THIS IS THE ROUTE YOU’RE GONNA TAKE OKAY” but oh boy he took that to another level.

        Track 2 is SO good with showing the darkness in Weiss and just how cruel he is towards his brothers too. That verbal entrapment was *kiss fingers like an Italian chef*. I’m laughing so hard at how you were still hellbent on seeing his better side at this point still.

        TRACK 3 SHOULD HAVE RANG SO MANY WARNING BELLS HAHA. Especially the implication that he’s going to find Lowe at the training grounds tomorrow and kick his ass to kingdom come. I feel so bad for whenever his brothers go up against him.

        But yeah, the fate of the brothers is so sad because none of them had a chance again Weiss. Maybe they could have survived if they didn’t insist on trying to love the heroine but since she also played such a crucial role in changing their lives… :'((

        I love Weiss so much fhgkjhfkgjhf he’s a monster who’s trying to be human for just one person.

    Bluesheep said:
    December 5, 2018 at 02:15

    Holy S**T Weiss! What were you expecting when you showed her their severed heads?! I liked the nothing is scarier aspect in this final scenario, the heads are implied to be alive there is nothing they can do but watch Weiss’s madness in display as he freaks out losing the love of his seirei. Good news is the spell only lasts for several hours and their undead nightmare will be over. There is something confusing about the prior ghastly final scene, her brothers are dead but she still wish to see them? On a lesser note that was a nice callback to Lowe’s healing magic in brothers’ death scene.

    The King deserved it though he was an asshole, another interpretation of marrying her off can be chalked to his resentment of having no control over Weiss it was mentioned how he didn’t care about marrying the princess off so the engagement was a surprise. Weiss deliberately going against his order to show affection to the object of his petty hatred, the princess could’ve symbolized her mother once belonging to another man instead of being exclusively his. Man that plan backfired, could’ve kept his head in lived in exile don’t you know it’s a terrible idea to interfere in the love life of a murderous sociopath-like yandere?

    The princess’s fate is crappy for being a beacon of light for the boys’ lives in such a socially competitive environment. She’s hypersensitive to their masked emotions (some aren’t good at concealing them) and it kind of sucked how she is severely lacking societal knowledge around her and Weiss took full advantage of that aside from occasionally abusing his magic in an attempt to shape her thoughts to his preference. The princess seems to be Weiss’s only tie to humanity he’s implied to kill his mother probably at a young age but breaks down crying in remorse for his sister weeping over a dead cat. So I can’t completely hate Weiss since he still has a sliver of humanity even if it’s overwhelmed by his extreme obsession with her.

    In the end she’s basically like “this is my life now” if she tried to run where would even go she doesn’t know anyone outside the family and maybe some servants but they can’t do anything.

    It’s very late but I haven’t really thanked about translating Rouge et Noir although it was commissioned, its been a very busy semester.

      Bluesheep said:
      December 5, 2018 at 02:29

      On another note, that was a dark reprise on “there, there…” at the end, teaching humanity in the beginning turning into insanity instead :(

        Ilinox responded:
        December 5, 2018 at 12:34

        First, thank you for leaving such a long detailed comment LOL I was afraid I scared everyone off– jkjk but I love this CD so much I want to talk to people about it, though I’d understand if no one wanted to admit that they look into this stuff either |D what is shame, I’ve lost it all on the internet.

        I think the heroine didn’t realize they were dead dead because her memory was already fuzzy/disappearing when she saw their actual deaths (because of the drug) and then afterwards when she woke up cleaned, in a new room, etc. Weiss just said a very vague “they’re gone”. And, even if she did know they were dead, she might have been mentioning it like we do in real life “I wish my parents were around to see this” or something. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t know Weiss would… um… go that far and take her words literally LOL. I DID THOUGH! I WAS SCREAMING THERE WHEN WEISS PAUSED AND WAS LIKE “… Oh? Alright, then” BUT I THOUGHT HE’D JUST USE THEIR ACTUAL DEAD BODIES NOT… THAT.

        Also, omg, SAME. I love love love Dusk’s writer so much for these things. She does subtle callbacks like this all the time with lines that you either think are throwaway lines or just setting/atmosphere ones, only for them to be brought back into the forefront (aka. the “there, there…” line). If you’re curious, his actual line is “yoshi yoshi” which isn’t exactly a “there, there” but we don’t have a good English equivalent. I didn’t want to use “good girl” because he explicitly says that in other lines but basically it’s the thing you’d say when you’re petting animals, a kid on the head, or comforting someone.

        HAHA I honestly don’t know what the king expected. Weiss really played him for a fool :’)) but then again according to Weiss no one can see through is perfect heroic mask, so maybe the king didn’t think he’d ever do that. Though it sounds like Weiss was always planning to overthrow his father for the heroine.

        RIGHT? RIGHT?! It’s so heavily implied he killed his mother over the heroine, since she died the day after he met the heroine, probably because his mother didn’t think the heroine was useful and would be a stain on Weiss’ “pure white nobility” lmao. I’m suuuuuch a sucker for themes of monsters given human form and that’s completely what Weiss is sOBS like he said, the heroine is the only reason Weiss can actually be human-like and learned things like emotions.

        Weiss falls into those yandere types where ignorance is bliss. If she turns a blind eye to everything he does then he’ll treat her as gently as he always has :”))).

        Aw, you’re welcome! And thank you for taking the time to write such a long and detailed comment even though you’ve been busy.

    waterinegirl said:
    December 5, 2018 at 01:46

    damn. its literally dark

      Ilinox responded:
      December 13, 2018 at 22:35

      That’s Dusk for you! :D :D

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