Houkago no Linaria ~ Juuzoku no Hibi ~

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Tendou Tsubasa (天堂 翼)
CV: 河村眞人

After School Linaria ~ The Days of Dependency ~

Here we are with another anonymous commission. Thank you!! This is another one of Dusk’s work and set in their Kankinkon universe, the one that has my eternal love Touji– I mean, you can download it on the English DLsite or the Japanese DLsite. R18 warning again and since it’s Dusk there’s themes like dubcon, etc. Honestly, Tsubasa is super tame compared to the others though.

The heroine, vice-president of the gardening club at the private Yamana Academy, was a devoted and serious student who knew nothing about messing around.

She thought that romance was something far beyond her.

However, one day, Tendou Tsubasa, the ace of the baseball club and the object of every girl’s dreams, happened to walk home together with her in an unexpected turn of events.

The moment they parted ways, the heroine was about to be hit by a car, whose driver had dozed off, and Tsubasa suffered a serious leg injury protecting her.

As a result, Tsubasa recovered to the extent where there was no difficulties in his daily life, but he could never again play baseball.

The heroine felt responsible for destroying Tsubasa’s dreams of going professional.

Tsubasa approached the heroine, saying “If you feel responsible then grant my wish”…

“You’ll listen to anything I say, right? Then strip right now.”

“Those eyes are the best. Look at me, be more scared. Cry, scream, look like you’ve been hurt by me. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, live while thinking about where I am… I’ve always been watching you.”

—After school at Yamana Private Academy, the linarias bloom.

Note: Linaria in Japanese flower language means “notice this love” :’)) ouch my heart. It also has another name which sounds cute as heck when you look at the kanji, 姫金魚草.

*** TRACK 1: The Beginning of Dependent Days ***

*rain BGM; heroine walks into Tsubasa*

Tsubasa: W-woah!! What!? Y… you… You’re the class representative of the classroom beside mine, huh. If you walk around spaced out like that you’ll get hurt. Actually, why are you soaked? Ah, you’re in the gardening club, aren’t you. You were doing work to protect the flowerbeds before it became a full-out storm, huh. Eh? How do I know?… Just by chance! I’ve seen you before in front of the flowerbeds… um… you can see it clearly from the baseball practice grounds.

T: … More importantly, shouldn’t you do something about your shirt? How do I say this, it’s… uh… showing your underwear. Ah, I’m sorry if it stinks but wear my jersey in the meantime. Here. *places it on heroine* Eh? Ah, that’s true, my back got pretty wet when you crashed into me.

T: Haha! Don’t worry about that. I’m pretty healthy right now, so I won’t catch a cold that easily. I’m more worried about you than me. Here, I’ll lend you this towel so dry your hair. It’s drenched. *heroine shakes head* Idiot, at times like these you should just accept it obediently. *heroine shakes head* You won’t?… Then I’ll dry your hair. Hey, don’t run away! If you run, I’ll chase you. Mm, good. *towels her hair*


T: Hmm, this is probably enough. Later, once you get home, make sure you take a bath to get warm and dry your hair. Oh, that reminds me, did you bring an umbrella? It doesn’t look like you have one right now. *heroine shakes head* Don’t say you’ll be okay. Even if you run, you’ll get wet… Umm, you ride the train to school, right? I’ll walk you there, so come under my umbrella.

T: Haha, it’s not a big deal to be under the same umbrella, right? I ride the train to school too, so our station is in the same direction. Hm? Ah, uh, while I’m a student, I’d like to go to and from school like one. That’s why I don’t use the Tendou family’s cars. That’s how it is, so don’t be shy. *heroine hesitates*

T: … Do you hate the thought of being together under the same umbrella? *heroine shakes head* Then it’s fine, right? Come on, let’s go home before the rain gets worse.

*they start walking; scene skip*

T: Hey, come closer. If you’re that far away it defeats the purpose of being under an umbrella… If you don’t come closer, my shoulder is going to get wet though! *heroine shifts closer*… Closer. *heroine shifts closer*… Stop being hesitant over every little thing. I’m telling you to stick right beside me. *heroine protests* Huh!? You’ll be killed by my fans? Ahaha! I’m not as popular as you think. Eh? Y-you… you saw me being confessed to the other day?

T: … Hmm, well, it’s true there’s people who kick up a fuss, but… I don’t really like those things, honestly. I’d rather be shouted at in the baseball club than have those people follow me around. W-why, you ask? It’s just annoying to have people you don’t like say things about you, right? Besides, I’d like to concentrate on becoming a pro, so I don’t have time to date a girl I couldn’t care less about.


T: Eh? It’s attractive that I’m strict about relationships? N-no, that’s not it… I just find them annoying… Or, maybe I should say, you… sound like you’ve watched me a lot, surprisingly. Hm? In gratitude? For what? Hey, don’t fall silent there. If you don’t tell me… *leans in* I’ll bite your ear. Hahaha! Just kidding! If I say this then that guy, Arai, will get jealous, huh.

T: Haha, that’s because you’re dating Arai, who’s in the same gardening club, right? It’s become a rumor recently. *heroine denies* Haha, you don’t have to lie like that. Mm? The origin of the rumors? Ah, apparently, a girl in my class confessed to Arai and then Arai said he was dating you so he wouldn’t date her. Jeez, she cried so much it was pretty amazing. The other girls made a racket about the gardening club prince being stolen away… *quiet sigh* It was really stupid.

T: … Ah, you shouldn’t bother yourself with the jealousy of the other girls, okay? Haha, it’s just like you to be more worried about the linarias… It’d be nice if the linarias could bloom safely… Hm? Ah, uh, I just happened to notice them when I passed in front of the flowerbeds. It’s not that I’m familiar with all the flowers, just… that flower… was given to me by someone precious when my health was a bit bad. That’s why I also… love them.

T: Ah! The linaria flowers… I love those! Uh, um… anyway, you take this umbrella. I have something to do on the opposite side, so… *heroine protests* It’s fine! Even if I get a bit wet— *car honking; tires screeching* WATCH OUT! *he grabs heroine; impact* GUGH!! Aagh… krgh… ngh…!!

T: Ah, I’m alright… only my leg got hit… ngh… Haha, don’t cry… you’re blowing it out of proportion… You aren’t… hurt, are you?… I’m so glad… As long as you’re safe… that’s enough… for m… *loses consciousness; ambulance sirens*

*scene skip; heroine opens classroom door*

T: Oh, what, it’s you. Are you here to lecture me again? You’ve been hard at work for three months… Aah, it must be rough on you, class rep, to follow me to this empty classroom. You should just leave a boy in the neighboring class alone.


T: … N-no, not really… I didn’t mean that I didn’t want to see your face. I’m saying it’s a waste of time to chase after a guy who’s become useless like me. *heroine protests* Hah, I AM useless! Baseball was my one and only talent… but I can’t run anymore with this leg… there’s no impediment in my daily life though.

T: It’s because you feel responsible that you chase after me, like you were told to by the teachers, right? Mr. Kaga is pestering you to convince me to attend classes, huh. *heroine shakes head* If that’s not the case, then what is it? Are you going to comfort me with your body like the other girls?… Haha, why are you flustered? You must know, don’t you? That in these three months girls have been approaching me to the point of turning me off.

T: It’s honestly… fucking annoying. I’ve even started to hate men… let alone women… Aah, I can’t make any of my dreams come true anymore. Maybe I’ll quit school? My grades aren’t that bad, if I just get a certification then university— *heroine interrupts* Hah? Reparation?… Reparation for what?… This injury wasn’t because of you. I decided on my own to protect you. So, me dropping out of school has nothing to do with you. *heroine stomps over to him*

T: !! What! Don’t just come close like that… No, it’s not that I’ve given up… I just… can’t find a point to being in this school… *heroine grabs him* !? Let go of my hand! You’ll listen to anything I say? Are you an idiot!? You’re the one who should cool your head!


T: … You’ll really… listen to anything I say? *heroine nods* Haha… hahaHAHAHA! You really are stupid! Promising that when you don’t know who I really am, ahaHAHA! That’s hilarious, haha. It’s so funny tears are coming out. Heh… hehe. Alright, I’ll take your reparation then.

T: In that case… get naked. Hehe, isn’t that what you brought up? If you feel responsible, then grant my requests. You’ll listen to anything I say, right? Then strip right now. *heroine hesitates* Don’t make me say it twice. Hah!? Of course it won’t be over after just taking your clothes off. From here on, as your reparation, you’re going to be violated by me. It’s not whether you can do it or not… I’m saying I’m going to do it.

T: Aah, my leg hurts. Are you going to drop this? Did you know with serious injuries, even if it looks healed, it hurts whenever it’s a rainy day. When I think about having to get on with this pain for my whole life I get really depressed. *leans in* It’s so depressing, it makes me want to jump down from here and die.

T: Heh, oh? You want to strip now? Well, isn’t that good? I won’t force you, but if you say want to make reparations no matter what then… *leans in* I won’t hesitate to violate you. *heroine steps back* Heh, now then, why don’t you strip? I’ll watch from here.

*heroine starts taking clothes off*

T: … You have a pretty nice body, don’t you. More beautiful… than I imagined. I-I’m not complimenting you! I’m just telling the truth… more importantly, you still have your panties on. Hurry up and take them off. *heroine does so; he swallows audibly*


T: N-now, why don’t you lie on the ground. Ah, wait! *takes off his jacket* Alright, lie down on top of this jacket. You’ll hurt your back if there’s nothing, right? N-no, I’m not being nice! This is… uh… a m-master treating their pet well. Hehe, that’s right, starting today you’re my pet. So you have to listen to anything I say. That’s how it is, so hurry up and lie down and spread your legs.

T: Hehe, what’s wrong? Do you want to run in the end?… That’s fine. Run away. If you do that, I’ll go and die though. *heroine obeys him* Heh, that’s right, be obedient like that— ah… O-oh? It’s a cute color, isn’t it. I wouldn’t think you were doing it with your boyfriend.

T: Eh? You’re a virgin?… Hmm? So, you’re a virgin… hehe, what a tragedy that your precious virginity is being taken by someone other than your boyfriend. Hah? Me? I’m…! O-of course, I’m experienced… in fact, I’m tired of looking at women there… b-but as the master I have to know my pet well. *goes over to heroine*

T: First, I’ll carefully inspect it… and taste it… *quiet* Woah, this is a woman’s… N-no, it’s not weird. *mutters* Besides, I don’t have a comparison… It’s different from what I thought, but somehow… when I think about how it’s yours I get really aroused… *gives oral*


T: Hey, don’t struggle. I can’t lick deeper like that, right? *continues oral*

T: Your voice just now was cute. I want to hear more. Mm… *continues oral*

T: This… means you’re getting wet, right?… Does it feel good to be licked by me? Mm… hehe, even if you say no with your mouth, this place is twitching. Also… I haven’t licked these yet, but your nipples are swollen… If I suck them, will they get redder? *licking and sucking*

T: They’re kind of getting stiff. Hehe, so it does feel good then. *continues sucking; heroine jerks* Ah! I’m sorry!… Ahem… Hmph, if I lick you gently after it hurts like this then you’ll feel better, you see. *licking and sucking*… Like this? If it’s like this, then it doesn’t hurt?… Oh okay, I can rub them and suck them around this hard, huh. Mm… *licking and sucking*


T: Your moans… mm… really hits me down there. Hehe, you’re bright red… I’m the first one to see this face, right?… Oh, no, it’s not a weird look. Rather… This is bad. I can’t hold back anymore, I’m putting it in. *unbuckles belt* Hah? There’s no way I’d bring a condom to school. Obviously, I’m putting it in without protection.

T: Don’t resist at this point in time. Next is just your hymen being broken, so…! Ngh…! Huh?… It’s not going in well. Hey, relax more. I can’t put it in, right?… Don’t cry. It only hurts at the beginning… probably. You’re so noisy. Shut up already! *kisses*

T: Haa… haa… did you relax a little? With this I think I can go in… ngh… *inserts himself* augh! Ah… oh god… haa… haa… it feels so good to be in you… It feels a thousand times better than I imagined. Ngh! Agh! Wait, don’t move! If you move right now— agh! Ngh! *he orgasms* Ungh!


T: It’s because you moved… that I came, see. Mngh… look, it’s all sloppy inside with my sperm. Haa… haa… haha… what an erotic view, more than I could have imagined. I… came inside you, huh. Heh, this is the best… Hehe, I’m not lying. I’m… used to it… but I came quickly to make you more wet inside. Be grateful.

T: …!! *quiet* I’ve told you not to cry… Because even if you cry, I’m not going to stop. *kisses*

T: Ngh… haa… with you moving, I’ve gotten hard again. Hngh! Hehe, there’s no way I’d pull out. I’m going to push into you like this and cram my sperm deep into you! Ngh! *thrusting*

T: You said you’d do anything, right?! Then don’t resist anymore. Nrgh… besides, there’s no difference between twice and once… Because I already… came inside you at the deepest spot. Ngh… ah… *kisses and thrusting*


T: Ah, shit, ngh… it feels too good inside you…! I’m about to come again… Yeah, yeah, you don’t want that. But it doesn’t matter what you want. Mngh! Haa… haa… *mutters* it doesn’t matter… that’s what I’ve decided… *kissing and thrusting*

T: I’m coming! Haa… haa…! It’s coming out…! Mmngh…! I’m coming…! *he orgasms*

T: … Haa… haa… *kisses* Finally… *kisses*

T: *he pulls out* Ah, my sperm is pouring out crazily. It’s so sexy and arousing… Finally, you’re mine… Haha, those eyes are the best. Look at me, be more scared. Cry, scream, look like you’ve been hurt by me. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, live while thinking about where I am… I’ve always been watching you. *kisses*

T: … Well then, I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m going to violate you every day, so come to school with that purpose. Hah!? Of course I won’t use contraception. Ah, I’m going to tell you in advance, don’t take any contraceptive pills. If I find out you’re taking them, I’m going to have you make reparations in a much more terrible way. See you. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s reparation too. *kisses* Hehe. *walks off; rain BGM*

*** TRACK 2: Bound For a Lifetime ***

*someone walks over*

Arai: You’re here already. I thought today would be the day I went to the flowerbeds before you, but jeez you… I don’t know if I should call you serious or passionate. Ah, I brought the fertilizer. Is this enough? Haha, this is nothing. It’s something I should do as the gardening club president. *comes closer*

A: … What’s wrong? You don’t look so well. *heroine shakes head* Really? It’s fine if it’s my imagination, but… hey, if you’re feeling down about something then I—… ah, no, I hope these flowers can comfort your heart. Ah, that reminds me, I heard that linaria flowers are good for feng shui. The four colors collected here are related to a person’s fate concerning love: yellow is opportunity, white increases a person’s fate concerning health, and the cardinal direction of the flowers in the back— er, I suppose you already know all this.

A: Haha, I see. Then, of course, you know about its flower language, right? *heroine nods* Yeah, it’s a cute one. I was a little surprised when you said you wanted to grow linarias. It fits my feelings right now perfectly. Haha, in other words—

*Tsubasa walks over*

T: Arai! Mr. Tanaka is looking for you.

A: Eh? Really!? That’s weird. I should have already handed in the copies…

T: In any case, you should hurry and go. He looks like he’s waiting.

A: Ah, okay. Thanks!

[02:12] *Arai leaves; Tsubasa comes over*

T: Hey… you’re my pet, aren’t you? Why did you ignore my call? Hah? You didn’t see? *comes close* Don’t lie. You just wanted to flirt with your boyfriend, so you ignored me, didn’t you. *heroine shakes head* Heh, enough with your excuses, come here. *drags her*

T: Alright, if we come over here we can’t be seen, huh. Hehe, you’re asking what I’m doing? *leans in* Obviously, having sex. You didn’t respond to my call, so I’m going to assault you here. Oh no, you’re the one at fault for keeping me waiting. *kisses*

T: You had gym today, so it’s a little salty. Hm? I didn’t say it wasn’t good. Your taste and smell… I love it. *kisses*

T: … Hey, I thought this yesterday too, but wear a shirt underneath your blouse. It becomes transparent once you sweat. Nope, it’s see-through. Besides, for a blouse… if you undo the buttons like this… and then pull down the bra a bit… Your nipples can get licked right away like this, right? *licking and sucking*

T: See? If you understand then start wearing a shirt tomorrow. You’re my pet, after all. Don’t draw other men’s eyes to you, apart from me. Heh… *licking and sucking*

[05:42] *unbuckles his belt*

T: Haha, look. It’s because you made me wait that it’s already hard like this… I want to put it in you quickly, so take off your panties and get on your hands and knees. Ohh? You’re refusing? Didn’t you want to make reparations? *heroine obeys* Hehe… I can see your shameful place in its entirety. It’s brighter than it was yesterday, so I can even see inside.

T: … *touches heroine; quiet* It’s still really tight… does this place really get used to it?… Uh, it’s nothing! I’m putting a finger in, so relax. *fingers; quiet* If I remember correctly, you’re supposed to slowly stroke this area… uh… something’s a bit off… the feeling should be much different… Is it deeper?… Oh! You’re getting a little wet. I’ll keep it like this and stretch you with two fingers—


T: Oh crap, Arai came back!? SHH!! Don’t make noise! You don’t want your boyfriend to see you like this, right? I said, don’t make noise! *inserts himself* Gugh! Aah… hngh… like I thought, it’s tight… ngh…! Hm? It’s because you did something wrong and tried to run… even though I was thinking I’d try and stretch you a little before putting it in…! *thrusting*

T: Mngh! Haa… haa! *kisses and thrusting*… Ngh!… Don’t worry… if you stay quiet then I’ll end this before Arai finds out. Aaugh… because it feels so good inside you… I can come inside almost immediately. Haa… haa…! Hm? You don’t want it inside? Heh, then… call for help from your boyfriend right there. That you’re being penetrated by a guy you don’t like and you’re about to be impregnated! Ngh!


T: You’re not going to say it? Hah! You don’t want to be hated by your boyfriend that much?… But, too bad, if I come inside here and you get pregnant then either way your boyfriend will find out you’ve done it with another guy, huh.

T: Haha, me? I don’t care. If you get pregnant, then I can torment you not only at school but also at home. Nngh! I’ll make you my wife and bind you to me for a lifetime. Nngh! *kisses and thrusting*

T: Nngh…! Aah, I’m coming…! I’m releasing it now…! Mm? Haha, what are you saying? Obviously, I’m having fun. Nngh! I don’t need something like your heart anymore… as long as you’re always beside me! Ungh! Aaugh… haa… haa… Hey, if you don’t want your boyfriend to find out then look this way. I’ll kiss you and seal your mouth. *kisses and thrusting; he orgasms*


T: Haa… haa… hehe… you got dirtied by me today too. You can’t go back to your boyfriend with a body like this, right? *kisses*… Nngh… I want to make a mess inside you more, but… I got called by Mr. Yamana, so I’ll see you again tomorrow. *kisses; pulls out and does his belt*

T: … Hey… look here… Wipe your face with this handkerchief. If you go back like that you’ll be noticed by other men… Well? *heroine responds* Good. Well then, go back home with my sperm in you still. Heh. *kisses; walks off*

*scene skip*

Kazuma: Hikaru, about that matter, can you wait a little? Currently, I’m in the middle of getting the exact number.

Hikaru: Alright, then tell me when the results come out. I’m relatively free right now, so I’ll come see you again at your convenience, Kazuma.

K: … But is it really okay to settle things on your own discretion?

H: Yeah, my father told me to donate whatever amount of money I decided on.

K: Haha! The Yamana family won’t ever be able to raise their head to the Saijou family in the future.

H: Not really. The amount donated is to have the Saijou family receive the best education. When I consider how my daughter will be entering one day, it’s a cheap prior investment. So, Kazuma… when that time comes I’m entrusting my daughter to you. That girl doesn’t seem to be very athletic, so I’d like you to support her as her gym teacher.


K: Ah, that reminds me, I forgot I was asked for something by Shouma.

H: Your eldest son?

K: Mm, towards your daughter that kid is—…?! This smell…

H: What’s wrong, Kazuma?

K: No… there’s a strange smell.

H: *sniffs* I don’t sense anything in particular, but… heh, Kazuma, you’ve always had a good nose.

K: … My ears are also good. I’m worried.

H: Eh?

*Kazuma jogs over to heroine*

K: I thought so…! You’re crying. *crouches down* Are you okay? Should I call the police?

H: Wait, Kazuma. I think it’s better after we listen to her.

K: She’s crying! No matter how you look at it, she was forced! There’s no need to wai—

H: If she was completely forced then she wouldn’t be looking at our faces right now.

K: !!

H: It’s because she doesn’t want him reported that she’s trying to stop us in some way or other. You can tell by these frantic eyes.

K: … Is this true? *heroine nods* I see… then, I won’t pursue this deeply. Anyway, put on this jersey, since it’s probably embarrassing to fix your clothes right now. Haha, of course, as a teacher I need to take heed of this, but without knowing your situation I won’t go and do something without listening to you. It might just end up hurting you, after all.

H: Well, we can tell that the boy is trash though.

K: I want to tell you that in the past.

H: Ah, I apologize for making you confused. *crouches down* I’m Saijou Hikaru, an alumni of this school. I was a member of the student council along with your homeroom teacher, Kazuma. And you are, if I recall correctly… the daughter of a company that once had dealings with my family in the past, right?

K: You have good memory.

H: I wouldn’t forget this. Because they’re something the Saijou family crushed.

K: !?

H: It seemed like her father was done in by my mother’s charms and tried to force a physical relationship. There, my father went crazy with anger.

K: … I see. That’s just like Touji…

H: *to heroine* After that, your family fell into extreme poverty. The one who saved the breakup of your family was… let’s see… the Tendou company, was it?

K: You’re really knowledgeable.


H: Because saving her family in that situation meant opposing the Saijou family. That was an unusual thing, so I was impressed. But then again, the Tendou family doesn’t think they’ve been discovered by the Saijou family.

H: If we assume this, the one who’s forced this relationship on you is… the son of the Tendou family? For example, knowing what happened in the past, he compelled you to return the favor? *heroine shakes head* Oh? He doesn’t know about that?

H: In other words, he’s gripping your weakness with something else. Haha! Don’t worry, I have no intentions of crushing the Tendou family. Honestly, doing something about that family would be a considerable effort even for the Saijou family. Incidentally, have you told him your own feelings?

K: Her feelings?

H: Looking at this girl makes me remember… that teacher, Ms. Sumeragi, at that time.

K: Aah, that thing…

H: *to heroine* Haha, you don’t need to understand. Only… we’ve seen someone who was similar to you in the past. Now then, *gets up* we’re going to go now. Should we carry you? *heroine shakes head* I see. If you need help, say so at any time. Unlike my father, I feel that we’ve done something inexcusable to you. *heroine shakes head* Haha, no, you don’t need to apologize for what your father did.

H: Ah, that’s right. While we’re meddling, I’ll give you one piece of advice. Those are some nice flowers blooming over there, no? Tomorrow is a holiday, so how about bringing some to him? If you can’t say it out loud, then you should show your feelings with something else. A single chance may, surprisingly, change things for the better. Let’s go, Kazuma.

K: Huh, okay… *to heroine* I’d like you to tell me too if you have any problems. Because to me you’re a precious student. *heroine nods* Well then, see you and please take care going home.

*** TRACK 3: A Linaria Offered to Each Other ***

*heroine walking*

T: Y-you…! It’s rare for you to come here. On a date with your boyfriend? Hey, why are you looking down. It’s really a date? Che, fuck! After I assaulted you that many times, do you still not get it!? *steps closer* Hey, you said you’d listen to anything I say, right!? Then break up with him. Right now! *heroine denies* Don’t lie about not dating your ex-boyfriend! Then why did Arai— *car zooms close; they barely dodge and hit the ground*

T: Ow…! Ah! Are you hurt?… I see, I’m so glad… but that car just now! I’ll remember their license and report—… huh? That car… I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere… No, it’s not the one that hit me. But I feel like I saw it yesterday somewhere inside Yamana Academy… *looks back at heroine*

T: … Wait, you! You lied about not being hurt! Your knee, look at your knee! It’s bleeding! You’re NOT okay! You got away with just a scrape by chance, but what would you have done if you had been hit like me!? IN THE WORST CASE, YOU COULD HAVE DIED, YOU KNOW!?

T: Actually, why are you even here? Your house is in the opposite direction. Eh?… This flower… you went out of your way to bring it to me? *heroine nods* Ah, come to think of it, someone said that sending white linarias will improve that person’s health or something. Heh, but as a get-well flower it’s one of the worst. Because the flower language for this flower… really hurts my heart…


T: Huh?… You brought it to me, knowing its flower language?… Eh… you mean… you… love me? *heroine nods* No way! Because you have a boyfriend— *heroine denies* Eh? That rumor is really a lie from Arai? *heroine nods*… Then I went ahead and misunderstood on my own… ah…

T: … How can you say you love someone like me? In the first place, there hasn’t been anything for you to end up liking me, right? Huh? My family saved your family two years ago? Ah, yeah, I didn’t know about that. Because of that, you started watching me…?

T: … Was that how it was… I didn’t know about that at all. I’ve done… utterly horrible things to you… *heroine shakes head* Even if you don’t care, I…! I… can’t forgive myself… I don’t have the right to hear you say you love me. That’s what I thought in the past and endured it, but I… made a mistake again.

T: … Um, can you come to my house after this? There’s something I want to show you. Ah! I won’t do things you hate anymore, so don’t worry about that! I absolutely won’t hurt you anymore!… And… if you don’t hate me after hearing what I’m going to talk about… then I’d like you to consider a future with me. *heroine nods* Ahah, thank you… Well then, let’s go?

[05:40] *scene skip; door closes*

T: For now, just sit wherever. I’ll bring it to you immediately. *rummages through things* Erm… ah, here it is! This is— guGH! You… of all places, you sat on the bed!? You have no sense of danger. *heroine explains* Eh? Ah, sorry, you’re right, it’s a little messy so the cushions are all over the place. In this situation, there’s no place but the bed to sit on, huh. *comes over*

T: Here, this is it. You can tell by looking, right? A pressed flower bookmark. It’s a linaria flower. Ahaha, it feels nostalgic? That’d make sense, because the person who gave me that bookmark… was you.

T: … *sits beside heroine* It’s a story from over ten years ago. We met at the Sumeragi Hospital. I received the bookmark at that time. Haha, no, it’s natural you don’t remember. I… was the one who took away those memories, after all.

T: … *inhales and exhales*… You see, when I was small I had a certain illness and I was kept in the hospital constantly. At that time, I met you when you came to see your sick aunt. Did you hear about how your aunt had been at the Sumeragi Hospital for a long period of time? It was then your mother brought you along with her.

T: At that age I was even more useless than I am now. Even though I was just a kid, I was in despair over my life. I was tired of living any longer, but when I tried to jump from the hospital’s rooftop… heh, there was a girl who suddenly clung onto me from behind. I was stopped by her desperate crying. “It’ll hurt if you fall”… You were crying so much that somehow even I started crying… and like an idiot I wailed about everything I had endured until then…


T: It was that… which became the reason you came to play in my hospital room. Haha, you don’t remember but we… were best friends. At that time, I didn’t have many friends so I was happy to have someone listen to me and I even complained about really stupid things. “I’m jealous of those birds flying in the sky. The name Tsubasa is just ironic… I won’t be getting out of here anyway and then I’ll die” is what I said and troubled you.
(T/N: Tsubasa literally means “wings”.)

T: That kind of kid is just a bother, right?… But you came to see me every single day… bringing a white linaria. Haha, mhm, apparently you were told it was a good luck charm for health by your aunt. I was always saved by your smile and your flowers. For the first time since I was born, I was able to have fun from the bottom of my heart.

T: I couldn’t wait for the next day to come every time we met. “If I die then I won’t be able to see her again, so like heck I’ll die!”… is what I ended up thinking. Heh… it was my… first love… If it could be granted, I wanted to be with you forever.

T: … And then one day, after we played in the hospital’s gardens, you said “bye-bye” and started going away… and I felt extremely lonely. I was struck with an impulse to stop you by any means… and when I stretched out my hand…… I made a mistake… and pushed you… You fell down the stone stairs and hit your head hard… and lost your memories of the months we spent together.


T: … It’s true. Normally, it’s hidden by your hair but there’s a spot on your head that’s slightly bare, right? That’s… your injury from that time. Because it was your head that was injured there was so much blood. The ground was bright red… It became a huge commotion… I regretted it so much I wanted to die… I wanted to apologize. Haha, my father at that time had a face like he wanted to die too. “My son did something outrageous” he said and prostrated himself to your father.

T: But your father said, “Her life was saved so it’s fine. I hope your son’s body gets better soon”, and on the contrary encouraged my father. That’s why I think, two years ago, when a crisis befell your family, my father secretly saved your family, knowing we would incur the displeasure of the Saijou family. In other words, my family was just paying the debt from that time. There wasn’t a need for you to feel obligated to my family. *heroine shakes head*

T: A favor received is still a favor? Haha, you really are a good person. It makes me worried whether you’ll be used by a piece of trash, like me. Mm? What did I do after that? I…… I went to see you after your surgery… but when I saw that you had completely forgotten about me… hah… I couldn’t say anything and ran back to my own hospital room like that. Even though I was such a coward, I watched you return to your daily life, having forgotten me, with a constant sense of frustration.

T: I wanted you to remember. Every day I cried like a girl… But I knew I didn’t have that right, so I gradually changed my goal. It would be fine even if you didn’t remember, but I… I would always be watching you. With that one mind, I built up my body like hell to what you see now. Before I knew it, I trained my body to the point where I could turn professional.

T: Haha, yeah, that’s right. I entered Yamana Academy too because you were there. Not too close but not too far… from that distance I’ve always watched you like a stalker. No, maybe it’s even more disgusting than a stalker. Because for ten years I didn’t say anything and just watched you. Haha, you’re turned off, right?… To say something that’ll turn you off even more; the fact that you haven’t had a boyfriend until now… is because I got in the way of all of them.


T: I used many different ways and kept men away from you… I knew I was being the worst, but I didn’t want you to be in a relationship with anyone. Heh, so you’re greatly mistaken about not being well-liked. Actually, when you take off your glasses you’re cute… and you’re pretty popular. That’s why… I had my hands full blocking men who came for you, one after another.

T: Ah, my bad, we got derailed a bit. Uh, returning back to our topic, but because I was always watching you like that, when I heard you had a boyfriend I was really surprised. It felt like a bolt from the blue. Instinctively, I wanted to do some— no, I mean, I wondered if I could persuade Arai… And then the accident happened around that time.

T: Going professional was my second dream so I was pretty depressed, but… if I protected you then I was really fine with that. That’s… what I thought… But you said you’d do anything and my feelings wobbled… I was also jealous of Arai and everything I had been holding in for ten years… spilled out all at once.

T: “If I could get you, then even if my second dream was crushed wasn’t I lucky instead!?”… that’s what I thought. Ah, my first dream is what we said at the hospital— hah, you don’t remember, huh. Um, we… promised to marry each other when we became bigger. It was a promise between children, but it was a precious promise to me… and my first dream… Even now… that first dream… hasn’t changed.

T: … *exhales* This is all I have to say. I think I’ll only get told that you hate me, but my feelings— uwAH! Ah… uh… s-sorry… but if you hug me like this… I won’t be able to hold myself back… I feel like I’ll break my promise not to hurt y-you, so could you please… let go of me? *heroine pulls him into a kiss* Mmpfh!? Ah! I-idiot… if you do something like kiss me… I’ll misunderstand and think it’s okay to touch you…


T: Eh… i-it’s okay…? But you… hated it so much when we had sex, didn’t you? *heroine shakes head* !? If I say I love you then you won’t hate it? Then I’ll say it however many times! I like you. I love you. Ever since ten years ago, for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year… I was thinking of you. Haha, mhm, the words I said to you the first time we had sex were about myself. Even though I knew it was impossible, if I could receive the same intensity of emotions from you… is what I thought.

T: … I didn’t care even if those emotions were hate… no matter with what kind of feelings… I wanted you to look back at me. *soft kiss*… Are you really not scared? *heroine shakes head* Then… *kisses*

T: Haa… haa… can I take off your clothes?… Hey, why did you just laugh? Sorry if my fingers are shaking! Of course I’m nervous!… I won’t be able to hide it well today… I-I’m not used to this! Rather, actually, I’m… you were my first… s-so, I’m sorry if I don’t do well. I must have put you through a lot of pain.

T: Eh? Ah, well… it’s true that a lot of women came to me, but I was conscious of them like they were scarecrows or pumpkins. Even if they came onto me by force, I didn’t feel aroused. Haha, if I did become aroused by that then I wouldn’t have put you through that much pa— *heroine kisses him* mmph!


T: Heheh, are you possibly… jealous? Dummy, there’s no way I’d hate that. I’m happy… think about me more. *kisses*

T: … I’m going to touch your breasts… Ah, they’re so soft and they feel so good. Men don’t have these soft things, so when I touched them for the first time I got really excited. And when I think about how they’re your breasts, just rubbing them like this makes me about to come. *kisses*

T: Hah, it’s the truth. Don’t underestimate the fantasies of a man who was a virgin just a few days ago. If you don’t believe me then… *unbuckles belt* here, take a look. See? Because you’re so cute, this part has become like this. Heheh, you’re bright red. Even though this has been put in you many times, you’re still embarrassed to look at it, huh.

T: Ah, jeez, don’t act so cute. Even though I’m trying my hardest to go slow… my reason is about to snap. *licks and sucks*


T: Hey… how is this? I practiced quite a bit, so your nipples don’t hurt anymore, right? Ahaha, there’s no way I’d practice on other women. When I was walking in the morning for my rehabilitation, I met Mr. Kuse coincidentally. He taught me that I could practice on gummies. But your nipples… taste sweeter than gummies. I wonder why? *licks and sucks*

T: Haa… haa… it’s not just your nipples, but your body tastes sweet all over. Down here… especially. *touches* Huh?… Your underwear is really damp. Erm… is this… you being wet? Ahah, sorry, I’m not teasing you… I’m happy.

T: Can I… take off your underwear? *heroine nods; kisses* Then raise your hips a little. *removes underwear*

T: … Haa… I’m going to confess; the instant you took off your underwear for the first time I almost came. Because I was feeling so much and was so aroused. Although, I don’t have any composure right now either. *fingers heroine* Mmgh… haa… it’s the first time you’re this slippery before I put myself in. Women’s bodies are really mysterious. *kissing and fingering*


T: I’ll have to study more after this too, huh. Ah… ngh… this is also the first time I’ve heard you moan like that… haa… if I lick you down there while rubbing you, will you let me hear that voice more?

T: … Hm? You don’t want me to? Ah, don’t worry, it’s not dirty. There’s nothing about you that’s dirty. *gives oral and fingers*

T: Mmgh… I knew it, does this place feel good? It was written on the internet… nngh… haa… let’s see, while sucking this puffed up place, mmgh… gently rub the entrance… ngh… Once it becomes soft, put in a finger… It doesn’t hurt, right? Mmgh… *gives oral and fingers* Ah! You squeezed me just now! So, it really does feel good to have a finger put in while being licked like this, huh.

T: I filed down my nails, but… if it hurts tell me, okay? Mmngh… *giving oral and fingering; heroine jerks* Ah! I’m sorry! Did that hurt!? *heroine shakes head* Oh… I see… it felt good. Haha, I’ll make sure to remember that. That you feel good when I rub you like this here. *continues oral*


T: Wow… it’s flowing out… You’re about to come?… Mm? Why don’t you want to come? It’s written that, at the beginning, it doesn’t hurt when something is put in after you come once. So, come on… mngh! Come! *sucks; heroine refuses* Mm!? Ah… wha… oh… you want to come together with me…

T: … Idiot, don’t say anything cuter. If I come immediately the moment I’m in you again I won’t be able to recover, you know?… *inhales and exhales* Ah, crap! Come to think of it, I don’t have any condoms. I’ll go buy them right away! *tries to leave; gets pulled back* Eh… i-it’s okay!? Uh, but I don’t have any confidence in being able to control myself. I might release inside you.

T: Wha!? You’re asking if I’ll take responsibility if you get pregnant!? OF COURSE I WILL!! I’d even like to get married tomorrow!! I’m eighteen too, so you can be put on my family register at any time!! Ah, if you come into the Tendou family then everything’ll be done by the maids, so you don’t have to worry about that aspect of life. I’ll be going to university, but apart from that time I’ll spend the rest with you—

T: Wait, why are you surprised? Haha, I said it earlier, didn’t I? That was my intention from the start… It was my first dream to build a happy family with you, my cutie. Haha, even though I’ve said this much you still think you aren’t cute? Even if I give up on the point about your appearance, your personality is the absolute cutest! Actually, I love your personality the most. Also, your presence is irresistible. So, have confidence. If you don’t… I’ll have a hard time complaining about the pests, right?


T: *kisses*… Well, I’m going to put it in now, but… if it hurts you’ll tell me, right? Today I’ll put it in… slo… wly… ngh! Aah… agh… ahah, sorry, that’s not all of it yet. Apparently, the baseball guys say I’m really big, so we’ll wait a little… nngh… until you get used to it. *kisses*

T: Haa… haa… hang on a bit more… just a little bit more and we’ll reach the base. Ngh! Aah…! Haa… haa… it’s all in. I put it in carefully today, so it didn’t hurt much… right? I-I see, it feels nice. Oh crap, if you say it feels nice with that face and voice then… nngh… I feel like I’ll go off…

T: Sorry… haa… haa… let me hold you like this for a while… I like you. Love you. I really love you. Nngh!? H-hey… I told you not to move…! You did move…! You squeezed me hard inside right after I said that. Aagh… it feels too good… I feel like I’m going to go crazy… *kisses*


T: I’m sorry, ngh… but it’s impossible for me now… I’m moving! Nngh! Aah… haa… haa… *thrusting*

T: Haa… haa… huh? A kiss? Yeah, me too. I want to kiss you a lot too… *kissing; thrusting*

T: Ngh! Haa… haa… you squeezed me really hard just now or something like that… Did you come by any chance? Ah, jeez, this is bad… ungh… I’m so happy I might die… haa… haa… you came because of me, right? Nngh… me too, I’m about to come… haa… haa… is it okay if I come? *thrusting*

T: Aagh… mmngh… haa… haa… it’s coming…! Can I come in you in the end? Please let me come deeply in you… and get pregnant with my child. Aah…! I’m coming… I’m… coming!! Mmngh… *he orgasms*


T: … Ahaha… wow… it’s not stopping at all… uguagh… I came so much more than the times I’ve done it myself while fantasizing about you… Haa… haa… *kisses*

T: Sorry, in the end, I feel like I pushed you too hard again. Is your body okay? *heroine nods* Haha, I’m glad. Then I feel like I could go twice. Honestly, I could go five times but I’ll hold myself back. Even if we take it slow, we’re already… mu… mutually in love, right? Ahah. *kisses*

T: I don’t intend to let you go, so… this time become my wife and stay beside me for a lifetime. Ah, that’s right, there’s something I wanted to give you. *goes to grab it; returns* Umm… I’m going to say something horrible again, but if you had become pregnant I intended to force a marriage with you in the form of taking responsibility. And so… I planned to hand this to you as an engagement ring.


T: This flower design… is a linaria. I had it made where it could be seen as a different flower too, so I thought it wouldn’t be discovered if I didn’t say anything. Yeah, because I thought I didn’t have the right to say my true feelings for the rest of my life, I thought that I could give you my feelings at least in this form.

T: Eh?! Do I have to say its flower language…? Uhm… uh… that’s a bit e-embarrassing… It’s inevitable! They’re words I’ve been hiding for ten years. It’s more embarrassing to say than saying I love you.

T: … Nrrgh, jeez, I got it, I’ll say it! I’ll say it so… don’t look at me with those eyes. It’ll make me want to do it again right now… *inhales*… I… thought this every time I saw these flowers. Please… *leans in* notice this love. *kisses*

*** NOTES ***

Note2: This might be common knowledge but in Japanese there’s a word for sharing an umbrella, (相合傘 aiaigasa), and when you draw an umbrella with two names underneath it’s basically the Western version of drawing a heart and writing two names inside LOL. In other words, romantic implications ooh la la.

Note3: Kaga-sensei is another character in the Dusk universe with his own CD; his name is Kaga Ryousuke. He used to be a playboy in his youth but made the mistake of touching Touji’s wife and got his life utterly destroyed by Touji. He was saved by Touji’s wife though and from that changed his life around to become a prim and proper math teacher here.

Note4: Yamana-sensei is also another character with CD; Yamana Makoto. His grandfather is the school president and basically the Yamana family manages the school, which is why the school has their last name. HANDS DOWN THE ONE ROLE THAT MADE ME A DIEHARD KITAYAMA FAN.

Note5: Saijou Hikaru also has his own CD and is Touji’s son (MY SON TOO!!). He’s done horrible things to get his girl, like his father, but he’s kind at heart because of his mother’s influence.

Note6: Kuze Kazuma has his own CD too and he’s Hikaru’s childhood friend. He is the personification of a golden retriever and he met his wife through Hikaru blackmailing her to seduce him LOL.

Note7: SAIJOU TOUJI!! MY HUSBAND!! The main man of this series (though you could argue Makoto is just as popular) and the start of the whole Kankinkon universe with his two CDs. He’s the only character in this universe who isn’t loved by his heroine (until after like 69 years together) and it hurts me so much, but I also think his heroine is the most BAMF ever so… being a Touji fan is just suffering over their relationship. He’s so gross but also so amazingly sweet and devoted.

Note8: Sumeragi is the last name of Hikaru’s cousin, Sumeragi Yamato, and he’s the heir to a huge hospital. But in this CD Hikaru and Kazuma actually talking about Ms. Sumeragi, his cousin’s wife, who is (was?) a nurse at this school. I haven’t listened to their CD yet so I don’t know if she still works here.

11 thoughts on “Houkago no Linaria ~ Juuzoku no Hibi ~

    Sara-chan said:
    October 5, 2019 at 23:00

    Hi, i wanna ask did you have the audio file for this drama?

    There once a yt channel upload the drama, but it got copyright…

    I’ve been searching it, but no results

      Ilinox responded:
      October 6, 2019 at 00:42

      All the drama CD translations on my blog I either 1) purchased or 2) they were shared with me for commission purposes. Please support Dusk by purchasing this CD through DLsite if you want to listen to it.

    leohikarusora said:
    December 27, 2018 at 11:42

    Wait, why I didn’t realize this post was in here? What’s wrong with me >:(

    Hmm, tsundere type huh… Actually I don’t really like this personalities, but I think the writer(s) make it sounds interesting, so this feel refreshing for me, and in the last track I really like it (and give me some ideas fortunately lol). Thank you so much for sharing it~

    Thank you for your hard works…
    (PS : Maybe someday I’ll hit your commission tab for real)

      Ilinox responded:
      December 27, 2018 at 21:15

      I actually don’t count Tsubasa as a tsundere either |D;; for me tsunderes are emotionally dumb and that’s why they end up so flustered and snap at their girls instead of expressing themselves. This guy is just purposefully being mean and setting himself up as a bad person because he thinks that’s the only way to get her after everything he’s done /o\ but he’s very clear and acknowledging of his own feelings.

      Aw, you’re welcome and thank you for considering commissions! I’ll be keeping it open for a while more so there’s no rush /o/ whenever you wanna.

    CHOCO44 said:
    December 26, 2018 at 16:17

    Can you also do Saijou Touji route pleasee? I’m obsessed with his character :)

      Ilinox responded:
      December 27, 2018 at 09:13

      I don’t take requests, sorry! If you’re really interested then I do have commissions open though /o\

    Reggie said:
    December 26, 2018 at 04:36

    This guy has many flavors, first he’s a nice guy then turn to jerk later turn to tsundere and lastly he really is a nice guy so……. Nope to this guy, I don’t like him -_-

    His charm is not effective on me unlike Weiss who use magic on me to make me turn a blind eye on his dark side lol 😭😭😭 I’m hoping there’s another drama cd of Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari I really love it so much! 💞

      Ilinox responded:
      December 26, 2018 at 15:36

      Haha, I didn’t feel much for him at first because he’s on the pure side of the Dusk character insanity, but looking back at it again I can sympathize with how hard it must have been to carry all that guilt and unreciprocated (in his eyes) love around for years only to finally get that chance dropped in his lap. It probably made his last reason snap and, like he said, if he could get her in any form then… why not? :’D

      LOL Poor Tsubasa is too much of a young inexperienced boy compared to Weiss playing the long game and grooming his heroine :’D which is, admittedly, my type completely as well. Setsuka sounded pretty firm on saying that there wasn’t going to be any other Weltalles stories (definitely for the brothers because of their endings) ;;;;;; but we’re gonna get the SS bonuses soon!

    Leafさんの夢が。。。 said:
    December 18, 2018 at 19:21

    Whoa you take commissions? That’s so awesome! I may hit you up with one someday ;)

      Ilinox responded:
      December 19, 2018 at 15:26

      Haha, just recently after I finished my Light Beyond novel translation project :D now I know what having free time is like– jkjk being buried by other things now. Started with Rouge et Noir Maximum Bet and onwards. ご依頼がありますならいつでも歓迎するよ \o/

        Leafさんの夢が。。。 said:
        December 22, 2018 at 10:39

        Good luck with your projects, I know you’ll be amazing at them!!

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