Day: January 17, 2019

SNB Mouri ~ Chapter 4.5 ~

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Chapter 4: A Turbulent Heartbeat

Seeking the stone slab serving as a clue to Himemiko and the sacred treasures, the Mouri party departed.

Yakuma increased in strength with every step. As everyone was forced into a close fight, Takamoto suffered a severe wound…

Chapter 4.5

When we went down the path Terumoto-kun found, we were able to find what we were aiming for.

[MOTOHARU]: “So this is the stone slab.”

[TERUMOTO]: “It’s biiiiig~.”

[TAKAKAGE]: “It’s been abandoned for quite some time, huh. The ivy wrapped around it is in the way though.”

[MOTOHARU]: “Looks like we can only make it readable.”

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