Day: January 26, 2019

SNB Overflowing Love and the Future Bride ~ Chapter 4 ~

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Event: Overflowing Love and the Future Bride

The Oda army encountered a scene where a bridal procession, with the bride marrying into another territory, was attacked by yakuma. They immediately drove away the yakuma, but also became guards for the way. On the other side, the Takeda army was waiting with the groom to welcome the bride…!?

Chapter 4: A Perfect Net

[NOBUNAGA]: “There is no change at the banquet hall. Ranmaru and the other appear to have done well.”

[NAGAHIDE]: “Seems so. Should we begin to move too?”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Do we know the thieves’ location?”

[NAGAHIDE]: “Yes. Their target is the bride. They seem to plan on kidnapping her to demand money for her return.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “So they chose the bride herself instead of the difficult-to-handle trousseau.”

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