SNB Overflowing Love and the Future Bride ~ Chapter 4 ~

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Event: Overflowing Love and the Future Bride

The Oda army encountered a scene where a bridal procession, with the bride marrying into another territory, was attacked by yakuma. They immediately drove away the yakuma, but also became guards for the way. On the other side, the Takeda army was waiting with the groom to welcome the bride…!?

Chapter 4: A Perfect Net

[NOBUNAGA]: “There is no change at the banquet hall. Ranmaru and the other appear to have done well.”

[NAGAHIDE]: “Seems so. Should we begin to move too?”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Do we know the thieves’ location?”

[NAGAHIDE]: “Yes. Their target is the bride. They seem to plan on kidnapping her to demand money for her return.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “So they chose the bride herself instead of the difficult-to-handle trousseau.”

.[NAGAHIDE]: “What will we do?”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Ranmaru is beside the bride. Rather than protecting the bride with everyone, it is quicker to attack and crush the thieves.”

[NAGAHIDE]: “Acknowledged. I will go and tell Katsuie and the others.”


[KATSUIE]: “Mitsuhide! We know the thieves’ place!”

[MITSUHIDE]: “… You should lower your voice a little.”

[KATSUIE]: “Ah, my bad… It looks like those guys are hiding in a house outside of town.”

[KATSUIE]: “And they’re about to talk strategy so we were told to return.”

[MITSUHIDE]: “Understood. I happened to have finished my watch on our surroundings. Let us hurry back to Nobunaga-sama.”


[NOBUNAGA]: “How do the surroundings look.”

[MITSUHIDE]: “Several people who were either spies or suspicious were caught. I reported earlier about their target and headquarters, and there is no difference in the information we already obtained.”

[NAGAHIDE]: “Meaning their location is confirmed, huh. We can prepare to attack them with this.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Mm. Wait a moment.”

[MITSUHIDE]: “Wait… for what?”

[NOBUNAGA]: “I believe that man will come soon.”

[SHINGEN]: “Sorry about interrupting your talks. We got the location of the thieves so I came to give you guys notice.”

[SHINGEN]: “… Is what I thought, but by the looks of it that’s not necessary. What are you gonna do?”

[NOBUNAGA]: “We know their location. The rest is simple. We crush the thieves and their base.”

[SHINGEN]: “Ah, that’s what I thought too, since it’s more reliable than protecting the bride.”

[SHINGEN]: “I have a suggestion for that. Why don’t we join hands for this matter?”

[NAGAHIDE]: “Are you saying that seriously?”

[SHINGEN]: “Yeah. We need to capture the thieves and the base quickly and reliably. So, numbers are needed.”

[SHINGEN]: “We can’t have the smallest possibility of the thieves escaping and affecting the marriage ceremony tomorrow.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “I see. So, this is your best plan, is it.”

[SHINGEN]: “Yeah. What do you think?”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Inadequate… but not bad.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Very well. We’ll join with you.”

[SHINGEN]: “It’s decided then. I’ll tell my guys in the army.”

[NOBUNAGA]: “Everyone here has heard this, haven’t you all. We will cooperate with the Takeda army in the attack on the base and the arrest of the thieves.”

[ODA VASSAL]: “Yes, my lord!”

[KATSUIE]: “So this is the thieves’ base, huh. One, two, three… there’s quite a lot of guards.”

[MASAKAGE]: “Lots of entrances too. If we don’t block them up good and people escape it’ll be all over.”

[MITSUHIDE]: “It’s a larger organization than what was reported or imagined.”

[NAGAHIDE]: “Seeing as how we can’t let even one person escape, we should surround the place and rush in all at once.”

[NOBUHARU]: “Fortunately, we have enough men here. That plan will be effective.”

[MASANOBU]: “Yes. I believe it’s more reliable to capture them at the same time after surrounding them, and not attacking separately. Shingen-sama, what do you think?”

[SHINGEN]: “I don’t think that’s a problem. You, Nobunaga?”

[NOBUNAGA]: “In the unlikely event, what are your arrangements to deal with those who escape?”

[SHINGEN]: “I’ll leave that to Masanobu. How about we thin one part of the net, so that we can lead them into an escape path?”

[NOBUNAGA]: “You will incorporate that much planning, hm. Very well.”

[SHINGEN]: “Then it’s decided with that. Let’s go!”


[SHINGEN]: “… All the thieves are arrested with this?”

[NOBUHARU]: “They should be. Masanobu was standing by, but it ended up being useless.”

[MASANOBU]: “I didn’t think they wouldn’t even be able to break through the net… Like I thought, the Oda army’s command is tight.”

[SHINGEN]: “Yeah. It was thanks to that, huh.”

[SHINGEN]: (If we consider the number of the thieves, the possibility of one slipping through was high. That’s why I had Masanobu placed there, but… in they end they were all captured without a single person remaining.)

[SHINGEN]: (I wonder if Nobunaga’s people are able to act with such precision because they have absolute confidence in him to that extent.)

[SHINGEN]: (He’s an opponent I’ll have to take out one day in order to accomplish uniting the country, but…)

[SHINGEN]: “He’s not a lacking one, huh.”


[NOBUNAGA]: (Takeda Shingen and his retainers have a lot of unity and bravey, as usual.)

[NOBUNAGA]: (Their morale is high and they have both military strength and intellectual strength. It won’t be easy to defeat him.)

[NOBUNAGA]: “However, that is what makes it interesting.”

4 thoughts on “SNB Overflowing Love and the Future Bride ~ Chapter 4 ~

    leohikarusora said:
    January 26, 2019 at 11:20

    Out of topic for a while. Found this, and I think you maybe will like this one, (Twitter :

    Hmm… Somehow I feel it was nice that both of armies are working together, but in the end both supreme commander want to defeat each other to unite Shinga, and just like Nobunaga said, this really make it interesting and makes me remind to main stories… What will happen to Shinga in every route, I wonder…

    Thank you for your hard works…

      Ilinox responded:
      January 27, 2019 at 13:28

      Haha, I saw vampires and automatically winced. I’ve had enough of those to last me for a lifetime, but it looks like it’s just a story series which I’m not too interested in /o\ Gotta have my romance!

      I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a darker story, instead of everyone joining up to fight yakuma together. Please give me my hard decisions |D We’re finally almost out of the main story though so we’ll be able to see the second season soon.

    waterinegirl said:
    January 26, 2019 at 00:22

    it’s nice to see oda and takeda working together

      Ilinox responded:
      January 27, 2019 at 13:26

      Working “together” LOL it’s such a tentative peace and the fact that both of them use it to scout out the other just continues to impress how they’re ready for the other person to betray them at the drop of a hat :’D

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