SNB Terumoto ~ Awakening ~

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It happened when I was walking in the courtyard, about to water the flowers.

[YUZUKI]: (Huh, over there is Terumoto-kun…?)

For some reason he was running around while holding a pinwheel the size of his head. However, he was unsteady on his feet and I instinctively ran over to Terumoto-kun’s side.

[YUZUKI]: “Terumoto-kun, hello. What are you doing? You look like you’re a little shaky…”

[TERUMOTO]: “Haa, haa… I’m training my body right now…!”

[YUZUKI]: “Er, with a pinwheel…?”

[TERUMOTO]: “Yeah! Takakage-sama told me that running and holding a pinwheel is really good training.”

[YUZUKI]: (Takakage-san told another lie to Terumoto-kun…)

If Terumoto-kun knew, he’d probably be depressed. That being said, it felt dishonest not to tell him that it was a lie.

Thinking that, I tried to let him know casually after I changed the topic first.

[YUZUKI]: “That’s amazing, Terumoto-kun. You’ve been training every day.”

[TERUMOTO]: “Because I want to hurry and be a strong commander like Motonari-sama. I have to work hard lots!”

[YUZUKI]: (Oh no…)

Feeling somewhat apologetic as glittering eyes were turned to me, I unconsciously said what I had thought.

[YUZUKI]: “… But I think that was probably Takakage-san lying.”

[TERUMOTO]: “Wha! A lie?”

[YUZUKI]: “Ah… yes. Even if running is a form of training, I don’t think there’s a need to hold a pinwheel…”

[TERUMOTO]: “No way… I just want to become strong as soon as possible and be helpful…”

[YUZUKI]: “Don’t be so down… Terumoto-kun, you’ve been working so hard!”

[YUZUKI]: “Ah, that’s right, you must be tired after all that running, so why don’t you take a break?”

[TERUMOTO]: “Uuu… okay…”

Terumoto-kun, while still being depressed, came beside me and plopped down onto the veranda.

[YUZUKI]: (I want to do something to cheer up Terumoto-kun… Oh, I know!)

[YUZUKI]: “That pinwheel is really pretty.”

[TERUMOTO]: “Mm, Takakage-sama said he bought the prettiest pinwheel in the store.”

When Terumoto-kun blew air gently, the pinwheel turned round and round slowly.

That sight was prettier than I expected and I made a sound of admiration.

[YUZUKI]: “Hey, Terumoto-kun, can I try blowing?”

[TERUMOTO]: “Yeah, of course.”

After Terumoto-kun turned the pinwheel to me, I blew air and it revolved even more quickly than before.

[TERUMOTO]: “Here, me too… Fooo…!”

[YUZUKI]: “Haha, this is kind of fun. I wonder if it’s because you’re here, Terumoto-kun?”

[TERUMOTO]: “Really…? It’s fun being together with me?”

Terumoto-kun looked a little sad as he stared up intently at me.

[YUZUKI]: “Terumoto-kun? Why did you ask that?”

[TERUMOTO]: “You see, I’ve been constantly thinking about why Takakage-sama would lie to me.”

[TERUMOTO]: “And, see…? I think Takakage-sama finds it boring when he’s with me… that’s why he told a lie.”

[YUZUKI]: “That’s not true. Takakage-san doesn’t think you’re boring, Terumoto-kun.”

[TERUMOTO]: “I wonder…”

[YUZUKI]: “Yes, because I’m always cheered up by your brightness, Terumoto-kun.”

[YUZUKI]: “Besides, you’re impressive when you’re working hard and I think it’s amazing.”

Hearing those words Terumoto-kun’s expression became bright.

[TERUMOTO]: “… Thank you! You’re always so nice.”

[TERUMOTO]: “Because you’re like that, I—“

Terumoto-kun suddenly touched my upper arm and just as I saw his face come close quietly—

[TERUMOTO]: “Nnh…”

[YUZUKI]: “Ah…!”

His fangs pierced me. A small pain ran through my arm and then after that a sweet numbness spread which made my body shiver.

[YUZUKI]: “Terumoto-kun…?”

[TERUMOTO]: “Ehehe, I pushed myself a little too hard.”

Saying that, Terumoto-kun showed his usual, carefree smile.

He grabbed the edge of my clothes like that and stared hard at my face.

[TERUMOTO]: “Hey, you won’t grow to hate me, right?”

[YUZUKI]: “Don’t worry, I won’t hate you.”

[TERUMOTO]: “Really? Promise?”

[YUZUKI]: “Yes, I promise—“

Terumoto-kun smiled broadly and the hand grabbing the hem of my clothes slipped down.

Like that, he gripped my hand and nuzzled his head into my shoulder. The sweet smell of Terumoto-kun’s favorite fried dough cake drifted from him—

[YUZUKI]: (For some reaosn, I feel really happy…)

It’d be nice if this moment could continue forever. Thinking that, I quietly closed my eyes.

5 thoughts on “SNB Terumoto ~ Awakening ~

    leohikarusora said:
    January 31, 2019 at 02:24

    Ugh… Finally can rest after gone grinding in GBF, now the game was full of cats lol XD

    Hmm, actually I don’t really like his awakening CG, but I’ll forgive him since your seiyuu was Aoi Shouta. And Takakage, stop bullying both him (and MC).

    Now back grinding in SNB rerun event. Wait for me, Saitou-san!!! Thank you for your hard works~

      Ilinox responded:
      January 31, 2019 at 13:22

      I’ve been seeing those around and they look so cute! Not to mention they have really good translators on board GBF now, haha, so some of the quotes I’ve been seeing are so funny (and/or horrifying).

      I’m surprised no one stops Takakage from bullying Terumoto like this LOL but I guess it’s just harmless pranks. I mean, technically, Terumoto is still getting training out of this!! He just looks silly with the pinwheel, but he’s still running so |D.

    waterinegirl said:
    January 31, 2019 at 00:21

    [YUZUKI]: (Takakage-san told another lie to Terumoto-kun…)

    damn you takakage. if only i can beat him… dont prey on the weak.

    [TERUMOTO]: “… Thank you! You’re always so nice.”
    [TERUMOTO]: “Because you’re like that, I—“

    HE HAPPILY BITE ME LIKE THE WAY YOU EAT A CORN!!! that’s what i was thinking seeing the cg. i forgive him since he’s too childish and cute…

    he’s awakening is too cute.

    damn!!! how about his potions stories and card stories? i cant see myself have romance with a kid. i really wont mind if he looks like a kid as long as he’s an adult in the way we thinks. but this is not the same case with TERUMOTO. he’s a kid inside and out. and too CUTE!!!

      Cey said:
      January 31, 2019 at 12:17

      I hadn’t thought about the corn stuff until you said it. You’re so right!!! Hahaha
      Now I can’t stop seeing him like that. LOL.

        Ilinox responded:
        January 31, 2019 at 13:19

        It’s kinda cute how Takakage keeps pranking Terumoto like this and Terumoto just falls for it, not gonna lie LOL.

        I remember that CG taking me by surprise the first time I saw it ;w; he just takes a chomp out of her, what the heck!!

        Terumoto’s card stories and potion stories are roughly like this? It’s in-between him being like a kid and having some moments where they’re trying to do something romantic, but at the same time he’s so young so it’s like… innocent love?

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