Day: February 14, 2019

Sengoku Night Blood ~ 2019 Valentine ~

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“Valentine” in Shinga

(Gods, everyone and their mother is doing Valentine things. I’m sorry for spamming everyone, I guess?? If I get any interesting Valentine’s cards I’ll have to translate them later. The campaign involves farming for chocolates to trade for limited 3* cards but since there’s 33 characters… I’m afraid only my favorites will be getting love LOL).

February 14—

“Valentine’s Day” was when many men and women would get excited in my old world. A special day for someone to deliver their feelings to a loved one or someone they appreciate.

The thing that accomplished a very important role here was “chocolate”.

This sweet, tender, and melting sweet was connected to a great deal of feelings.

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Kankinkon ~ Ryoujoku no Hibi ~

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Saijou Touji (西条 凍時)
CV: 三楽章

Confining Marriage ~ Days of Rape ~

What awaits is only despair.

On a certain day, during the way home, the heroine was suddenly dragged into a car. Held down by an unknown man, who called himself “Saijou”, the heroine shook in fear and was told this.

“You don’t know me, but I’ve always been watching you. Each and every single day, I’ve wondered how I would ravish you…”

Inside the car, where help does not come, the heroine was thoroughly assaulted by Saijou. Enduring the humiliation, just as she thought she would finally be released, Saijou started to talk about a “wedding”.

The numerous words of Saijou, who can only be thought of to be insane, gradually eat away at the heroine’s spirit…

SURPRISE!! You can pick up this drama at the English DLsite or the Japanese DLsite. All the download rewards have been reached already. For those who are curious about this man and want front row seats to my ongoing meltdown over him I have a Twitter moment dedicated to him at Ili’s Gross Touji Diary.

I was running out of things to say during the Very Obvious countdown LOL. Let’s be real, is anyone actually surprised by my Valentine’s pick for this year? Because I’ve been screaming about Touji for what feels like forever and it’s not going to stop any time soon if Dusk keeps spoiling my boy. I love him so much and even though I’m not sure I’ll ever translate all of his materials (there’s so much) I’ll do my best to tackle some here!

To be honest, I’m mainly doing these translations to motivate myself to check out all his free short dramas. IT TAKES ME FOREVER TO GET AROUND TO ANYTHING TOUJI-RELATED BECAUSE I JUST KEEP COLLAPSING INTO A PUDDLE OF TEARS OVER HIM. I know, I know, he’s a dumpster-on-fire man and deserves a place in the deepest pits of hell but oh MAN is his relationship with his heroine one of the best carefully crafted hate/love relationship I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing and straight up my alley.

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SNB Nobuharu ~ 5* A Groom and Bride ~

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The Request From A Painter

And another commission from waterinegirl to be posted on Valentines! Thank you again for the commissions. Note: this card story is related to the event, “Overflowing Love and the Future Bride“.

[NOBUHARU]: “Was it really a good idea to accept this request…?”

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SNB Katsuie ~ 4* Reproducing A Dress ~

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Suggestive Clothes

Thanks to waterinegirl for the commission and posted on Valentines as requested! Note: this is a card story related to the event, “Overflowing Love and the Future Bride“.

[KATSUIE]: “Hey. What kinda clothes would you want to wear if you got married?”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh? Why are you asking this all of a sudden?”

[KATSUIE]: “Nah, well, we escorted a bride the other day, right? I was wondering if girls want to wear that kind of thing.”

[YUZUKI]: “Oh, I see. Hmm…”

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