Kankinkon ~ Ryoujoku no Hibi ~

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Saijou Touji (西条 凍時)
CV: 三楽章

Confining Marriage ~ Days of Rape ~

What awaits is only despair.

On a certain day, during the way home, the heroine was suddenly dragged into a car. Held down by an unknown man, who called himself “Saijou”, the heroine shook in fear and was told this.

“You don’t know me, but I’ve always been watching you. Each and every single day, I’ve wondered how I would ravish you…”

Inside the car, where help does not come, the heroine was thoroughly assaulted by Saijou. Enduring the humiliation, just as she thought she would finally be released, Saijou started to talk about a “wedding”.

The numerous words of Saijou, who can only be thought of to be insane, gradually eat away at the heroine’s spirit…

SURPRISE!! You can pick up this drama at the English DLsite or the Japanese DLsite. All the download rewards have been reached already. For those who are curious about this man and want front row seats to my ongoing meltdown over him I have a Twitter moment dedicated to him at Ili’s Gross Touji Diary.

I was running out of things to say during the Very Obvious countdown LOL. Let’s be real, is anyone actually surprised by my Valentine’s pick for this year? Because I’ve been screaming about Touji for what feels like forever and it’s not going to stop any time soon if Dusk keeps spoiling my boy. I love him so much and even though I’m not sure I’ll ever translate all of his materials (there’s so much) I’ll do my best to tackle some here!

To be honest, I’m mainly doing these translations to motivate myself to check out all his free short dramas. IT TAKES ME FOREVER TO GET AROUND TO ANYTHING TOUJI-RELATED BECAUSE I JUST KEEP COLLAPSING INTO A PUDDLE OF TEARS OVER HIM. I know, I know, he’s a dumpster-on-fire man and deserves a place in the deepest pits of hell but oh MAN is his relationship with his heroine one of the best carefully crafted hate/love relationship I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing and straight up my alley.

OKAY, anyway, on with the actual CD below.

*** TRACK 1: Dragged Into the Car… ***

Touji: Excuse me, I’m sorry to ask you this at night, but… there’s just a small thing I’d like to ask. *heroine comes over* You see, I can’t reach the place of one of my appointments, so I’m in some trouble. I was using the automatic navigation in my car, but I came to an entirely different place…

T: Ah, the name of the place? Let’s see… here. This restaurant… Yes… Ah! I see! Go straight down this road, turn right at the end, and then after that take a left turn… Ahaha, that really helps. I’m not good at reading maps, so I definitely wouldn’t have made it there on my own.

T: I’ve been teased a lot for being like this even though I’m a man. But, in my opinion, it’s everyone’s way of teaching that’s the problem. On that point, you explained it precisely and it’s easy to understand. You must be a smart lady. Moreover, to explain the way to a stranger like me… you’re also a kind one.

T: Haha! Please don’t be modest. For an ordinary man like me, you’re very dazzling. Huh? I’m not ordinary?… Haha, handsome, you say… Me!? Hahaha, to compliment a man like me… you really are kind.

T: … It’s because you’re so kind… that you can be deceived, huh. *grabs heroine and shoves her in car; she struggles*


T: Shhhh… calm down. If you struggle too much, you’ll hurt yourself. *she struggles* Hmm, you won’t stop no matter what? Aah, if possible, I didn’t want to use this though. I guess I have no choice. Mm? You’re asking what it is? An injection. Ah, could it be that you hate needles?

T: Haha! How adorable. It’s only going to sting a little, so don’t worry. Alright, please stay still. If you move then needle will bend and you’ll get hurt, you see. *injects heroine* There we go. Everything’s good with this. Next is to accept me obediently.

T: Hahaha! This drug takes effect immediately, doesn’t it? Your consciousness becomes hazy and you can’t move your body much. Because you aren’t tensing it pointlessly, I should be able to put myself in you soon.

T: Now then, I’ll use this time to bind your hands and block your mouth. In truth, I don’t want to do this, but it’s done so that you won’t be hurt. I have no choice. *ties up heroine* Good. That’s… done. Next is your mouth…


T: … Hmm? A grudge? It’s not possible for me to have a grudge against you. Ah, that being said, this isn’t just a random crime either. I genuinely… love you. *kisses* Hehehe. You don’t know me, but I’ve always been watching you. Every single day I wondered how I would ravish you.

T: Ah, even now I remember that fated day. It was still April when the cherry blossom trees were in full bloom. You were heading home after your graduation ceremony and passed this park. You were so beautiful in that flurry of falling cherry blossoms. Rather than your appearance, it was your pure atmosphere which stole my heart in but a moment. It’s a little embarrassing, but you could call it love at first sight, I guess.

T: I honestly couldn’t believe it. Until then I held no interest in anything and was even called an ice-cold man. It was after you appeared… that the world became warm. Heh, even I was mystified as to why I was so attracted to you… but I’m sure this is what makes it fate.


T: For the first time… I prayed to god. “Ah, O Lord, that pure woman… please let me wantonly ravish her as soon as possible. Let me pour my sperm into her in the morning, the afternoon, and at night and please let me make her mine alone”.

T: … Now then, it might hurt a little… but I’m going to cover your mouth, alright? *kisses* Mm… that reminds me, the man you were with today… he isn’t possibly your boyfriend… right? A friend? Mm, good. In that case, we can do it bare without reserve, right? Eh? But you don’t have a boyfriend or fiancé, meaning there won’t be a problem if you end up pregnant with my child, no?

T: Haha! I wonder why you’re trembling so much… when a paradise with just the two of us is about to start from here. Nrgh! *tears her clothes* AhahahaHAHAHA! Haa… haa! How beautiful you are. It’s something that can’t even be compared to what I saw through the monitors. Perky and gleaming… these soft breasts… I’ve always thought about sucking on them. *sucks and kisses*

T: Aah… hey, do you prefer being sucked on hard or sucked on gently, I wonder. *kisses* Like this? Or… around this much?

T: If you don’t nod to either of them, I’ll bite through. Come on… Mm? You mean to say you like it hard? Hehehe, ah, gently then. Haha, that’s right, because this is your first time. You’re scared of pain, right? Aah, this time I’ll gently and tenderly lick… and suck. I’ll knead the other one too with my fingers, so… it won’t feel lonely, right? Mm. *kisses* Hehehe.


T: Ahaha, it’s completely hard now. *quick kiss* Me too… I’ve become extremely hard. Mm, see? Ah, ngh, after getting to touch you it’s become even more unbearable. I want to be in you soon. Hahaha, I know, you’re scared for me to enter you all of a sudden, right? Don’t worry, this place of yours which is tight… I’ll relax it with my tongue.

T: Ngh, I know, I know, stay still. I’m going to remove your underwear, ngh, oh… haha! Oh? You’re a little wet. Did you get aroused by me licking your breasts? Ahaha, I’d be happy if that were the case. You want me too, huh. Mmhm, I can tell. Because you and I are fated to be like this… Yes, fate. You were fated to be ravished by me. Now then, I wonder what color… is it inside?


T: Mm, I’m surprised! I’ve never seen such a pretty color. Could it be… you’re a virgin? Haha, if you don’t answer honestly, I’ll shove myself in right now. Oh! You’re a virgin! I see, I see. Hahaha… ahahahahaHAHAHA! Oh god, I’m so happy! You left yourself for me, didn’t you! This hymen which is just for me… I’ll seriously and carefully… break it. *inhales deeply*

T: Aah, what an amazing scent. It smells of you. When I inhale this, I get even more and more… hard. *breathes in and out* Hehehe… hahaha… aah, this is unbearable. Hey, while I’m tasting you, can I also jerk myself off? I can, right? I can’t hold back anymore. *removes belt; gives oral*


T: Mngh… nrgh… it’s delicious. It’s delicious. Licking you like this and stroking myself… It’s like I’ve already put it inside. Aah, once I put it in, ngh, I’m sure it’ll feel, agh, even better. Hahaha! More cum flows out when you jerk like that. Even though it’s your first time, you’re sensitive, aren’t you. *giving oral* Why are you denying it? When this place is so engorged. Mm, ah! Here, this part too… I’ll suck it with my mouth.

T: … Haa… haha! My spit and what you’ve let out has made this place sopping wet. Your entrance is twitching too. In that case, I’ll stretch it with my fingers next. *heroine struggles* Ngh! You’re a naughty girl. To think you still have enough energy to struggle like this.

T: Aah, what a shame. In truth, I wanted to make love to you more slowly and tenderly… but before you escape I have to make you my wife… right? *thrusts in* Ngh! Haa… haa… ungh… ah, nice. It feels so good. It feels infinitely better than what I imagined. Aah… haa… it’s hot and tight inside you… I feel like I’m melting… ngh!


T: Hmm? What’s wrong? Does it hurt? Oh, how sad, but nothing can be done. It’s your fault for trying to run away. Experience thoroughly with your body what happens when you try to leave me behind. Mm! Haa… haa… *slow thrusting; heavy breathing*

T: Hehe! I’m in deeper than I was earlier. Here, I wonder if you can tell? That I’m rubbing against your cervix. If I came in here, you might get pregnant immediately, huh. Because I made sure to keep it all saved up for this day. Nngh! Haa… haa…

T: Ngh, you just squeezed hard. Every time I try to pull out, you wrap around me… and it’s irresistible. Aah, I’m happy you want me this much. I love you too. *kisses; slow thrusting*

T: … Haha, I know, you’re acting like you hate it because you’re embarrassed, aren’t you. In reality, you were waiting for me to do this. It’s why this place is so… haa… tight and clenching down. Ngh! I’m about… to release… I’m going to fill you up inside. *heroine struggles*


T: Aah, hahaha! You still have energy left? You’re not just cute, but also spirited. Haa… haa… I love that part of you too. Nngh, but it’s all useless. Hey, did you know? There’s sperm in pre-cum too. Even if you run away at this point, my sperm is already inside you. Haa… haa…! Aah…!

T: I’ve held myself back quite a lot today, so… ngh… I feel like a lot of pre-cum has come out. Aah, I’m going to send this deeper into you. Nngh! Aah! Ama… zing, haha! You’re twitching around me deeply! It feels like you’re completely prepared for everything to be poured in. Haa… haa… come on, open this place wider. Haa… haa… so that my sperm can enter easier! *kisses; thrusting*

T: Can you tell? That I’m about to burst. I’m going to dump it all deep in you. My dick is twitching… ngh! Haa… haa… *thrusting; kisses*

T: Hehe, you look cute when you’re crying too, my destined wife. I’m going to pour lots into you, so accept it all deeply inside, alright? Haa… ah! *thrusting* You tightened around me again. Nngh, it’s good, it’s so good…! Aah…! I can only make you my wife as soon as possible when you have a body that ruins men like this. I’ll make you into a sopping mess deep inside every day… If I don’t plug up how indecent you are here with myself… then who knows when a man will appear one day due to your charm and assault you. Aah…!


T: You’re such a naughty girl being this cute inside and out…! I’m going to cum lots inside… nngh… and punish you… ngh…! Haa… haa… I’m coming…! *he orgasms*

T: … Hehehe, ah, finally… finally… you’ve become my wife. I’m never going to let you go anymore… I love you. *kisses* Hmm, that reminds me, what sort of ceremony would you like? I think a white kimono or a wedding dress would suit you. Ah, if you wish, you can also wear both. Hmm, we’re going to need two receptions, inside and outside the country, so it’d be nice to deliberately wear the kimono overseas. Aah, I’m looking forward to it. *fade out*

*** TRACK 2: Temporary Love Nest ***

*heroine wakes up; Touji walks over*

T: Good morning, my cute wife. *heroine shoves him away* Ugh! Hahaha, I seem to be someone you’re quite on guard with… even though we’re in a relationship where we wanted each other so intensely last night.

T: This place? It’s a hotel suite room that I’m borrowing. I don’t think there’ll be any inconvenience in your daily life here, but if you’re lacking in anything let me know. If it’s something you wish for then I’ll grant you anything.

T: Huh? You want to go home? Hahaha! No. We’re not done with your bridal lessons yet. Yes, that’s right, until you grow completely accustomed to me being inside you, we need to keep on having sex. This is still a temporary love nest, but let’s slowly nurture our love here. *kisses; heroine bites him* Ngh!

T: Haha, do you think I’ll recoil from something like being bitten on the lips? In that case, do you want to try biting my entire body? If it’s you then you can even gouge out my eyes or bite off my ears. Even if you do that, I still won’t ever let you escape though— *phone rings* Tch, I told them not to call me right now.

[01:48] *answers phone*

T: What is it. Be brief. Ah, if it’s about that then an email should have gone out this morning. Are your eyes bad? You can complete the data with those documents from a few days ago. Yes, that’s right. If you understand then don’t call me anymore today. I’m in the middle of the most important moment of my life right now. *ends call* Hahahaha! Did you think you could run while I was on the phone?

T: Unfortunately, even if you were to open that door, the men I employ are always standing in attendance. The possibility of you escaping is zero. But… you’ll need to be punished with regard to trying to escape.

T: Now… today will be a punishment that doubles as a bridal lesson. *picks heroine up* Of course I won’t put you down. If you don’t want to be hurt, stay still. *places heroine on bed* Hahaha! Despite looking fragile, you’re quite energetic. At this rate, there’s no need to hold back, huh. Here we go! *grabs heroine* For now, why don’t I tie up these hands that are getting in the way?

T: It makes me sad to have to tie you up again, even though I wanted to be gentle to you today especially… Ugh, ahahaha! To shove me away while being bound… you really do have guts. It’s precisely a woman like you who is suitable for this Saijou family.


T: But right now… *removes belt* it really looks like you need to be punished. Hahahaha! No matter how many times you run, it’s useless. Right now, it takes all that you have to run with that body, right? Yesterday’s drug hasn’t left your body yet…

T: Also, what I poured into you… still remains inside. *touches heroine* See? You’re still loose here. I came in you three times, so it’s dripping with me. Mm? Aah, sorry, you were so cute that while you were sleeping I came in you at least two times. I actually wanted to come one more time, but then I thought about how cumming four times might be hard on a virgin so I restrained myself.

T: However, you’re more energetic than I thought… so it looks like it’ll be alright if I enter you immediately. *heroine struggles* Hehe, can you tell, I wonder? That I’m hard against your thighs. I’m going to thrust deeply into you lots again with this. HahahaHAHAHA! Do you think I’ll really stop with you asking me to stop? Rather, it just fuels my desire. That trembling voice too… is so cute it’s irresistible. *kisses*

T: Aah… actually, while I was watching you sleep, I’ve been keeping a constant check on the urge to thrust into you. Aah, and now I’m finally able to put myself in. *heroine struggles* Hahahaha! Come on, if you don’t move your hips more in resistance then I’m going to enter you. Ah, I’m entering… enter— ngh! *inserts himself* Aah, haha… hahaha…! You’re getting ravished by me again. Counting from yesterday, this is the fourth time. Nngh!


T: Even still… this place remains tight. Is that its quality by nature? Haah… every time I thrust in it squeezes me tightly. Hehe, this is the best! Nothing could be more talented at pleasing a husband than this. *kisses* I love you. Let’s have a lot of unprotected sex today too. Nngh! *thrusting*

T: Maybe it’s because I’m doing you from behind, but it feels… like I’ve entered much deeper… than I did yesterday… ah! It’s a shame I can’t see your face clearly, but… this is nice in its own way. Nngh… ah! Haah… haa…

T: Aah, that’s a nice cry. Your mouth was covered yesterday, so I thought it was unfortunate I couldn’t hear your voice. Haa… haa… let me hear more. Call my name… Ngh! Hmm? Come to think of it, I feel like I haven’t introduced myself… ngh!


T: Oh, I know! This is a good opportunity, so let’s play a game. If you guess my name then I’ll let you go. Nngh! Mm, really. Your chances last until I cum. Hahahaha! Even if it’s unreasonable, this is the rule. Now, why don’t we… begin! *thrusting* Ngh! Haa… haa…

T: Mm, Ryousuke?… Wrong. You got it wrong, so… I’m going to grind against the place where you’re most sensitive. Nngh! Ah, clenching… it’s clenching…! Aah, it’s convulsing… Hahaha! You’re surprised, huh, that this place makes you jerk… ah… in pleasure, right? Yesterday, while you were sleeping, I searched for the places you loved the most. Even though you were unconscious, you were twitching so cutely. *kisses; thrusting*

T: You were a virgin yesterday, yet… you really have a sensitive body. Haa… hehehe. Now, what’s the next one? Or are you done with that last one? Ngh! Aah… haa… hehehe, if you don’t think faster I’m going to cum. Aah… mmm, Kenji? Ah, it feels a little close and a little far maybe? Hahaha, you got it wrong, so… I’m going to tease you more here. Mmngh! Haa…! *thrusting*


T: It feels so good! Haa… haa… you feel so good that… ngh, I’m about to cum… immediately again…! Nngh! Ah, you don’t want me to? Then do your best. I’m going to thrust more against this place, though! Nngh! Haa… haa…! Hehe, what? Giving up already? Aah… haa… *thrusting*

T: Hahahaha! No, no, aren’t you being completely incoherent? Haa… haa… does this feel that good? You’re going to cum even though you’re being fucked from behind like this… hahaha! Haa… haa… that’s fine, come on, cum. Because then I’ll cum deeply in you while you’re clenching from your release…! Haa… haa… ngh!

T: Hehehehe! HAHAHA! Aah, you’re cumming, you’re cumming! You came magnificently because of me. Now, me too then… I suppose I’ll cum too! Aagh! I’m cumming…! Aah… haa… *he orgasms; kisses*

T: Hehe, that’s a very ravished look on your face. How adorable. Here, look this way. This time let’s kiss properly. *kisses*

T: Oh dear, are you alrigh—… guess not. I’m sorry, I knew I went too far. I’ll help you into the bath and clean your body, so let’s rest together. *picks heroine up* Ahaha! I’m merely taking you to the bath. In any case, you don’t have the energy left to resist so stay still in my arms, hehe.

*** TRACK 3: Filled Even in the Bathroom ***

*water noises; Touji turns faucet off*

T: Now then, I think this is good. How is it? Do you feel refreshed? Mm? Why are you fidgeting— ah, in there? You want to wash me out of you? Hmm, that’s fine, but I don’t think washing it away will act as contraception. Haha, alright, alright, I understand. Ah, that angry look is cute too. *heroine washes herself*

T: Hmm? Hey, is that good enough? If you don’t like my cum, then wouldn’t it be better to put your fingers in and scrape it out? For example… like this… *touches heroine* See, it’s flowing out. Like I thought, your way of doing it wasn’t scraping it out at all. Looks like I’ll have to help you. Hehehe, don’t be so cold. Or is it that you feel pleasure just from it being scraped out? Will you come by having the fingers of the man you cursed at as a brute in you?

T: I see, if I’m wrong then there’s no problem in me helping out, right? Hehe, good girl. Leave everything to me then… and relax your body. In any case, you… can’t run away from me. *touches heroine; kisses* Mm…


T: Nngh, how strange… I’m just trying to clean you, and yet you’re getting even sloppier. Aah, are you possibly aroused? If I’m wrong then I wonder what this is? It’s been twitching down here, especially… when I rub against this sensitive spot and your hips are jerking too. In truth, it’s because you came just earlier… so the afterglow is still there, right?

T: Aah, me too, because you’re gasping so adorably… I’m like this again. Oh, woah there! Hahaha! Trying to run away again… You never learn, huh. Or… is it your preference already to be taken from behind? Ah, don’t cry, even that feeling of sadness right now… I’ll take it away from y-o-u…! *inserts himself* Haa… ngh…

T: Sorry, I really didn’t intend to do it here, but… you’re too cute so holding back is… impossible. Aagh… hngh… Once I cum here, I’ll wash you properly after… ngh! You can’t stand anymore? Then look this way and wrap your arms around my neck. You don’t want to? But if you don’t do that… I’ll put it in your ass.


T: Hahaha, you’re a good girl, aren’t you. Hold on tight then… ngh! *thrusting* Agh! Haah! This… is amazing. I’m so deep inside you. Nngh! Haa… haa…

T: I love you… I love you… *kisses; thrusting*

T: … Hey, say my name. Climax while saying my name… haa… haa… Mm? Ah, that reminds me, I didn’t tell you earlier either. *kisses* My name is Saijou Touji. Nngh! Written as “Frozen Time” and pronounced Tou-ji. Hehe, I know your name without having to ask. Now, come on, say it. Say “Touji, I love you”. If you don’t say it… I’m going to keep you confined forever… Aagh! Haa…!

T: Hehehe, this is the best! Aah… to have you say you love me… It’s like a dream! As thanks, I’ll make you feel more and more pleasure… alright? Nngh…! Ungh… *thrusting; kisses*


T: Haha, your expression is slack in a good way. You already completely… have the face of loving my dick. Nngh… it’s not a lie. Look, when I rub against you here… ungh! You squeeze me hard… Aah, nice, that voice… goes straight to my lower half. Haa… haa…!

T: I’m going to thrust more against this spot that you love, so… haa… let me hear you more. Nngh…! Aah…! It’s unbearable… I’m going to release deep inside like this. Nngh, even if you say no I can’t stop anymore. You feel… so good… inside…! Aah! Haah… I’m cumming… I’m cumming inside you again… mngh! *he orgasms*


T: … You’re all sloppy and sticky again… This time I’ll wash you seriously, so will you leave it to me? Hahaha, that’s right, you finally understand that it’s useless to resist.

T: I’m so happy. Hurry up and give up on everything… and fall in love with me. *kisses* Mm…

T: … Hm? Did you lose consciousness again?… Hehe, I’m sorry. I suppose I’ve pushed you too hard. I was so giddy being touched by you that I found myself on cloud nine. Starting from tomorrow, I’ll keep it to two times. No, wait, according to your health, maybe three times in the end. *fade out*

*** TRACK 4: Established Facts ***

T: Good morning. You’re up already? Mm? You’re curious about me being in a suit? It’s been a week since you’ve been confined here. I’ve been doing my work here while you sleep, but I’ve finally been told to come to work. Good grief… I’m properly doing the things I need to do, but my grandfather is hardheaded.

T: Hm? My family? Heh, you know a lot just from my name. Yes, that’s right, I’m the grandchild of the head of the Saijou group that took down your father’s company business. Incidentally, your father owes a debt to my company right now. It’s a preposterous amount that no amount of effort can do anything about.

T: And so it’s something regrettable for you, but… *leans in* even if their daughter came back with a large belly, your parents wouldn’t say anything. Even supposing that they were to sue… I’m confident this can be covered up. That’s the situation. I wonder if you’ll tell your parents the truth? If you tell them you didn’t run away from home but were kidnapped then your parents might make a move for their daughter’s sake, but that might result in them and all their stockholders losing everything.

T: Haha, I did some studying too. I knew the timing to come for you. Now then, I’ll be going, my dear wife. I believe you understand already, but it’s useless to run. *kisses* Be a good girl and wait for me. *walks off; opens and closes door*

[02:40] *clock ticking; scene skip; lightning storm*

T: Kgh! THAT FUCKING OLD GEEZER! ARGH! *smashes something* Haa… haa… *breathes out; calms down* I’m sorry for waking you. I surprised you, right? I was just a little angry. Erm, how about we ask the room service for something? You haven’t eaten anything since I left in the morning, right? Now, tell me what you want. Apart from wanting to leave this place, I’ll grant you anything.

T: Hm? You want me to tell you the reason I was angry?… Alright. It’s something you’ll find out about when we marry, so I’ll tell you.

T: My grandfather is trying to force me to get married. He must have gotten wind somewhere of me falling in love with someone. The other woman? Hah, I’ve only met her after being forced to be introduced at a marriage interview. Haha, are you saying that seriously?

T: *pounces on heroine* I’ll die if I marry anyone other than you. I’ll absolutely… never… do that! *shaky breathing* Until I loved you, I just readily went along with my surroundings to respond to their expectations. The world was colorless and transparent… and there was nothing of interest. But the moment I saw you, my world changed.

T: … For the first time, I felt an attachment to something. I’ve never loved someone… to say nothing of falling in love at first sight, so I was quite at a loss. For three years, while I watched you from the shadows… I confirmed that these feelings in my heart wouldn’t ever disappear. The moment I realized that… I came to a decision. Even if you were to hate me, I would obtain you without fail.


T: *quiet rage* And yet… that fucking old man… I want to arrange an accident and slaughter him!

T: Ah, I’m sorry. I made you worry again, huh. I was lying about killing him. If I became a murderer, then I wouldn’t be able to marry you. *kisses* Aah, won’t my child hurry up and settle in this stomach? If it becomes an established fact, then I could convince that damn geezer…

T: … Quickly… if we don’t hurry… Now then, let’s have sex today too. I’ll pour tons into you, alright? So, don’t leave me! You’re my only… hope.

*** TRACK 5: Confining Marriage ***

*raining storm still; phone rings*

T: *answers* What? Ah, if it’s that then I know about it already. I understand without needing you to tell me. At any rate, I’ll return her once to her home. However, not right now. The conditions haven’t been arranged yet. Ugh, shut up! A person who loves vanity like you shouldn’t give me instructions! *ends call* Fuck! Who the hell would marry that woman with thick makeup!

T: Ah, good morning. The weather’s terrible today too, huh. Mm? The call just now? There was some trouble at work. It’s nothing for you to be concerned about.

T: Hey, did you measure your temperature yesterday too like I told you to? I see, let me see. *takes paper* Hm… good, it looks all right. Ah, it’s nothing. I’m worried about whether you’ve caught the flu or not. Well then, my cute wife, let me make love to you once before I head out— ngh! Ahaha, you haven’t rejected me like this since the very beginning. What’s wrong?


T: You don’t want to do it today? W-why?… Ah, I see, today is the day when it’s easiest to conceive. But that has nothing to do with us, right? Come on, be a good girl and come here—… Eh? I won’t be happy even if I bind you to me in this way? Uh, I don’t understand your meaning. I’m happy as long as you’re here, so…!

T: … What are you—!? What are you saying!? N-no way… it’s impossible that you would have fallen in love with me if I confessed properly! Because I’m… ten years older than you! From your view—… Ah, no, you’re right it’s only around that range, but… But didn’t you have an upperclassman you admired in your school club!? NO, you admired him! That’s what your friends said. Even if you didn’t love him, you were drawn to another man!

T: Eh? I-it’s not like it matters who I heard it from! Anyway, it’s useless for you to say that to try to run away from me! I will definitely marry you! No matter how much you don’t want it… *pounces on heroine* Haa… haa… I absolutely won’t hand you to someone else. *rips clothes; kisses*


T: Haha, look, just from licking and touching it your nipples are hard. Such an indecent body can’t be shown anymore to any other men… *kisses* Mm…

T: You are mine… my wife alone… Mmngh… haa… haa… Ahaha, what, compared to how much you rejected me aren’t you already soaking? I wonder if this is because I keep making love to you? I’m going to pour a lot into you here this evening as well. *kisses; fingering heroine* No? But this place is already loose… Even two fingers can slip easily inside…

T: Aah, don’t cry, because I’ll rub against the place you love most… Hehe, you’ve gone slack. Your entrance is twitching here, saying it wants me to hurry up and put myself in. Me too… I want to be inside you soon. *removes belt*


T: Hahaha! Don’t try to push me away so many times. You don’t have any choice but to be ravished by me now. Over and over again… until you DIE! Hahahaha! Aah, look, my tip has entered you. I held back yesterday for today, so pre-cum is already coming out. When I rub my tip against your entrance… Aah, it feels so good… *heroine struggles* It’s useless even if you scream.

T: … But I can’t bear to hear you scream, so maybe I’ll cover your mouth a little for today?… Hahahaha! Like this, it reminds me of the day I ravished you for the first time! It felt so good at that time too. My heart trembled with the joy of having obtained you. Even now… I’m so crazily happy. Nngh! *thrusting*

T: Aah, amazing. You’re sticking to me inside… Hey, while you keep saying no, you actually can’t live without this anymore, right? Come on, say it. Aah… that you love having unprotected sex with me. That rubbing against each other directly is… amazingly good, right? Nngh… me too… haa… haa… it feels fantastically good… *kisses; thrusting*


T: Today I’m going to thrust more deeply into you, alright? So, stop kicking your legs around… Ngh! Here, with this position I can reach you much deeper, right? Ahaha, you’re clenching my tip deeply, already wanting my sperm… ngh! Aah… this sensation… is so good… it’s irresistible when my tip rubs against you. Ahaha! Is it because it’s that day? Aren’t you more sensitive than usual? You’re so slippery it’s like you wet yourself. Haa… haa… that ravished expression is also seriously cute. Nngh… *kisses; thrusting*

T: … I’m about to cum… haa… I’ll press against this place you love… ngh… and release…! Nngh! HahahaHAHAHA!! Come on, you too. Because you can’t run away from me at any rate. Now…! It’ll be okay, don’t be scared. Haa… haa…! Relax and just bear my child! Haa… haa…


T: I love you… I love you…! Nngh…! I love… you…! *thrusting; he orgasms* Aagh!

T: Aah, so much is coming out. It might be certain you’ll get pregnant with this…

T: … Haa… haa… I should take out the cloth in your mouth now. You don’t have the energy to scream anymore, right? *removes cloth; kisses* Mm…

T: *quiet voice* I haven’t released enough yet… Look, you’re so lovely that it hasn’t gone limp at all… I’m going to continue to ravish you today until it’s morning… And then you’ll… never again… run away from me.

*** NOTES ***

Note1: Touji explains his name more thoroughly in his second drama but, as he said, his name is written with the kanji “凍 (freeze)” and “時 (time)” and literally means “Frozen Time”. A name that serves two purposes: 1) reminder of his grandfather’s hatred for him and 2) the history of his life up until the moment he met his heroine.

Note2: This translation doesn’t do ANY justice for Makino’s voice work here because Touji’s voice is SO flexible and emotive. He’s constantly going through an entire range and everyone seriously needs to hear how he goes from cooing and sickeningly sweet to business-like to threatening to Ice Emperor (when he’s talking to anyone other than his heroine). He also sing-songs so much and that’s my guilty pleasure for yanderes!!

Note3: Have I said how much I love this man— jkjk this doesn’t make a proper note. I actually don’t have anything interesting to say except that translating Makino is a headache because he loves talking while he’s grunting or moaning and it leaves me troubled as to how to capture that in text LOL. Those nonverbal sounds though… ;).

10 thoughts on “Kankinkon ~ Ryoujoku no Hibi ~

    seirasworld said:
    May 1, 2019 at 07:13

    You did really an amazing job translating this. You’re truly the best💕 me finďing your translations here are truly the happiness of today from me.
    Thanks for making my day amazing today❤

      Ilinox responded:
      May 1, 2019 at 08:20

      Aw, thank you!! I’m glad you’re enjoying them and that they made your day <3. If you're interested in drama CDs please check out the other translations I've done, ehehe.

        seirasworld said:
        June 23, 2019 at 07:32

        You know, now when i listened to this cd again, i was thinking like is there anymore cd’s with story like touji? I mean, the man does some rape and non con but it’s based because he loved the heroine too much?😂 haha i think i’m kinda addicted to this kinda sick man😂

        Ilinox responded:
        June 23, 2019 at 10:38

        Generally that’s how most yandere CDs work /o\ with the guy having obsessive love over the heroine. The unique thing about Dusk is how they detail the yandere and his love’s life AFTER the fact though, so if that’s more of what you’re looking for then I can only really think of Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru and Soko wa Kurutta Yume no Fuchi for Haruto and Sadatsugu.

        If you just want some yandere goodness though then there’s endless piles of them |D;;

    satsuyurami said:
    February 17, 2019 at 07:58

    Thank you for the translation.

    Also are there any dusk labe drama cd that didn’t have rape or dub con?

      Ilinox responded:
      February 17, 2019 at 10:32

      Blood Chain (their first one) doesn’t have any.

      Kazuma, in the Kankinkon universe, doesn’t have any either though they start from a weird place because Hikaru blackmails Kazuma’s girl to seduce Kazuma… LOL. But she loves him so everything they do is consensual.

      A pure sweet one is the construction worker from them.

      I’m hesitant to say the latest one in the Kankinkon universe because Setsuka did say it was a happy ending and it’s 4P but I don’t know the details of how they get there, hm. Because technically Hikaru and Makoto have happy endings too LOL but there’s a ton of rape/dub-con in their CDs.

    oNalle said:
    February 15, 2019 at 07:47

    Thank you for translating thisss
    Why is he so gross omg
    But still love that scum

      Ilinox responded:
      February 15, 2019 at 11:48

      <3 You're welcome! Had to spoil my burning trash man for Valentine's.

    waterinegirl said:
    February 14, 2019 at 01:23

    thank you for translating this. i only know a summary. you can see the progress of their love story in other CD.

      Ilinox responded:
      February 15, 2019 at 11:51

      Yep, although actually his story is spread out across all the other CDs and materials of the Dusk universe LOL.

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