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We’re back with another man in Capcom’s mobile game, Toraware no Palm, although this time it’s actually called Toraware no Palm Refrain and it’s a whole new app. This post follows the same format as my previous ones on Haruto and Aoi so WARNING: will contain massive spoilers in the summary section below so don’t read if you’re going to play this (also some CG spoilers)!

Following below will be a translation of his profile, summary of his route, his endings, and then my thoughts.


Name: Chiaki

CV: Ishikawa Kaito

Story: “What are you hiding?” Due to saving a young man, Chiaki, who collapsed in an alley, you come to an island’s holding institution and pursue the mystery of a “certain incident” with him. The astonishing truth you come to learn there is…!?

Personality: At a glance the impression received is arrogance and dry humor, but to those he accepts there is a strong consciousness to protect. Has something caused him to be like that…?

Game Contents: A love suspense pursuing the mystery of a certain incident. A scenario that is spread throughout with complicated information. A one and only love found at the end of built-up trust.


The game starts with you seeing a book on the ground as you’re walking home and then you hear a person groaning in pain and find a young man in an alley muttering what sounds like “Melissa”. You call an ambulance and hand the book over to the police and give them all the information you have, but in the end you’re still taken to an island where the man, Chiaki, has been transported to in order to confirm his identity as the man that you saved.

Note: The book’s title is “The Golden Bee” and it was a book that showed up in Haruto’s story. It’s about two researchers who realize that the company they’re working for was doing terrible human experiments and so they take the data and run but die in the end. HMM. By the way, this game is set 5 years before Haruto and Aoi’s events.

You meet with a warden called Suda (SHADY ASS SAKURAI TAKAHIRO) who explains everything to you and then you have an interview with Chiaki where you confirm that he’s the man you saved. After that, you stay the night and prepare to leave tomorrow but unfortunately because of a storm there are no boats transporting passengers. Meanwhile, Suda informs you that you’ve now become a suspect in the incident Chiaki was in because something he was carrying has gone missing and you’re the last person who was with him.

The only way to prove your innocence is to help Chiaki regain his memories because, conveniently, he lost all his memories from the time the incident occurred up to when he collapsed in the alley. Suda reveals that Chiaki was wounded somehow and, on his way to the hospital, escaped before ending up in that alley. Anyway, you’re forced into agreeing to this and so you become Chiaki’s new “counselor” at the Seahive Medical Center.

However, Chiaki is clearly suspicious of you and is observant enough to tell that you’re hiding things and not a real “counselor”. You, yourself, also want to know the details of the incident that led to him collapsing in the alley and what he’s being suspected of and so you start looking for more clues. This whole prologue shows Chiaki’s inherent kindness (because he tells you to be more suspicious of people) but also his sharp intelligence and ability to charm people (THE DEVIL WHISPERS SWEET TEMPTATIONS).

Episode 1 “Confession of Pure Color”. The entirety of this chapter is you and Chiaki feeling each other out, because he’s suspicious about how you have no background on the incident, yet you know something went missing at the crime scene, and how you don’t know his schedule when you’re supposed to be his “counselor”.

Meanwhile, you discover that the whole incident revolves around an attack on a diplomat at the Kagami Hotel. Isuzu Rikurou was attending an international meeting on South-East Asian Education Support as an ambassador and was staying at the hotel, but various diplomats and security members were attacked. One diplomat and one security member suffered severe injuries and Ambassador Isuzu is unconscious.

Apparently, Chiaki was found collapsed outside of the ambassador’s door in the hallway, but he has no memories of that or anything after, including his hallway escape. You end up confessing on how you’re suspected in erasing evidence, so you’re here to help him get his memories back to prove your innocence. Chiaki thanks you for your honesty and apologizes for his harshness up to now.

Then, after the honesty lets you two become friendlier, he reveals that he works in the US State Department as someone who handles foreign affairs. Currently, he’s been working abroad and handling the Asia-Pacific region. He was mainly supposed to do translation work and act as support in the international meeting Ambassador Isuzu was at. He actually met Isuzu, but only to greet him and that was it. (By the way, Chiaki knows Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, English, and Japanese LOL).

Turns out that Ambassador Isuzu was cracking down on criminal organizations and their money laundering (or working on a law about that). You and Chiaki realize this is a clear motive for the attack on the ambassador and so things look like a failed assassination attempt. However, this also mean Chiaki is the biggest suspect because he was collapsed in front of the door when he had no business there. Their rooms were on different floors in the hotel and you need a key card to get up to certain floors.

Chiaki asks to make a deal with you: he’ll reveal everything he remembers, the moment he remembers, but only to you. In exchange, you have to bring him new information about the case to help him remember things. (THE DEVIL WHISPERS SWEET TEMPTATIONS PT.2) There’s actually a small part of him that is hesitant to regain his memories because he suspects himself. (THIS ANGEL COULDN’T HAVE POSSIBLY DONE ANYTHING).

Extended Interview I: Chiaki’s bandages around his chest comes loose and he asks you to look away while he’s fixing it. I COULDN’T PEEK OKAY. TOO EMBARRASSING.

Extended Interview II: There’s a mouse in the attic and it keeps interrupting your conversation. You two imitate cat noises to try and scare it away. Chiaki even starts making mouse noises when the mouse is still there LOL.

Extended Interview III: Because Chiaki knows many languages you ask him to demonstrate some, and so he speaks Malay to you! “Mata anda cantik” eheheh.

There’s also additional content where Suda lets you listen to a voice recording of him and Chiaki speaking to show you another side of Chiaki:

Voice Recorder I: HOLY MOLY. Literally starts with Suda accusing Chiaki of manipulating you and Chiaki accusing Suda of using you too. But then Suda makes Chiaki feel bad by pointing out how you were so worried about Chiaki you actually ran over to report his headache to them in the middle of the night. Chiaki ends up speechless.

Voice Recorder II: Suda doesn’t stop taunting Chiaki and, when moving Chiaki into his new room, he mocks Chiaki’s origami cranes and goes to throw them out until Chiaki asks him not to throw the one you folded (I chose to fold one for him). Suda notes how there’s a red one and a blue one and, since you and Chiaki folded one each, it’s like the cranes are a mated pair. Suda PLS.

Episode 2 “With Trust and an Abyss”. More investigation in this chapter. You accept Chiaki’s deal and discuss how to get more information because all you two know is that Ambassador Isuzu touched the black box that was the criminal organization, which no one else wanted to mess with, and was targeted for his life. Both of you think about the security cameras at the hotel, but if the police haven’t gotten any leads from that then it must mean there’s still not enough evidence.

Chiaki reveals that he heard Suda has been acting shady at lunch, so you accept the mission to find out what he’s doing. When you do go after Suda though it turns out he’s raising a hamster LOL and doesn’t want you to reveal that so he confirms that the security cameras at the hotel don’t have anything of use, but the evidence that has gone missing is the “Golden Bee” book. It used to belong to Ambassador Isuzu, but Chiaki had it with him at the hotel and during his escape.

You don’t understand since you turned the book into the police, but now it’s gone missing. Chiaki doesn’t have any memories of this book, including taking it. He also wouldn’t have borrowed it because he and the ambassador weren’t close.

Anyway, the synopsis is that a researcher called Beatrice is looking into psychotherapy in a facility on an island and discovers this new drug. But the government wants to use it for the military and does human experiments. Beatrice realizes the sin she has brought and commits suicide in the end, disclosing the human experiments to the world. The Golden Bee isn’t being published anymore and was recalled. The writer also died ten years ago.

Because Chiaki hasn’t been sleeping well, you send him some room fragrance that smells of woods and reminds him of a church in his past. He used to live in Singapore until he was ten, then the Americas, and then Japan for 5 years, then America again to work and now he bounces around the Asia-Pacific region. Back in Singapore, he used to be really poor but there was someone who taught him how to make origami cranes there (ISUZU??).

You end up having a dream about spider lilies after you see a single one growing in the forest and show Chiaki a picture of that. In your dream, there’s a field of red spider lilies and a single yellow one that becomes Chiaki who then disappears. You try to call out but you can’t and then wake up due to a huge storm. By the way, spider lilies have poison in their stems…

In the last interview of the chapter, you tell your dream to Chiaki and he comments on how it sounds like a meaningful dream. He also points out how spider lilies are a type of flower that doesn’t bloom when it’s growing leaves, and when it blooms it doesn’t have any leaves. Basically, a relationship where no matter how much you want to meet the other, you can’t. No matter how much you desire it, you’ll never obtain it. He likens himself to a spider lily. (OW MY HEART).

Suddenly, the lights go out and the fire alarm activates because of the storm. Chiaki urges you to leave and get the wardens, but before you can leave he experiences a huge headache and recalls that the fire alarm triggered in the hotel too. During the incident, there was a fire alarm, red flames, and emergency lights. You notice that his eyes have changed into a dark abyss and Chiaki chuckles lowly and darkly.

Extended Interview I: The topic about Suda’s shadiness leads to the topic about embarrassing secrets. Chiaki admits that he’s not good with people touching him and it tickles. When you try to pry, he asks you where you think he’s ticklish. I booped him on the nose, but he just found it bold for me to go for the face. He does admit though that it didn’t feel as bad as he thought it would. Because it was through the glass? Or maybe… you? Ehehe.

Extended Interview II: Talking about the subject of the Golden Bee book leads to Chiaki telling you about a horror movie he saw once with a zombie virus. But then the lights start flickering in the room and you hear a chain link fence being rattled. Chiaki makes groaning noises to frighten you into thinking there’s an actual zombie virus. WHICH MADE ME ANGRY CAUSE I’M WEAK TO HORROR MOVIES SO I GOT HIM BACK BY DOING THE SAME THING! LOL. He gets so worried.

Extended Interview III: During his medical check up here, Chiaki learned about a pressure point behind your ear to help you relax and sleep. He shows you where it is and then during the course of the conversation jokes about how maybe you prefer sleeping with someone instead of using pressure points. BOY!!

More extra content.

Voice Recorder I: Chiaki has been having nightmares about a dark room, a gun, and someone trying to kill him. Suda talks about dream symbolism and how dreams can be of the past, a desire, or a warning; the gun can represent violence or breaking free from a situation (Chiaki’s imprisonment). Anyway, he offers to have a guy talk with Chiaki but Chiaki is very against that because Suda has a shadily eager and mocking face LOL.

Voice Recorder II: They do have a guy talk though! They talk about razors and shaving because Suda nicked himself and is bleeding. Chiaki sort of brags about the “perfect razor” you sent him and Suda implies that all the items that have been sent to him might undergo a re-examination, because they’re going to become more strict, so Chiaki’s “perfect razor” might be confiscated. LOL Suda IS JUST PETTY AND JEALOUS.

Episode 3 “A Wavering Heart”. Following up from the cliffhanger interview the last time, Chiaki confirms that he remembers the fire alarm in the hotel but doesn’t know if there was actually a fire or anything. He also doesn’t remember his eyes changing in the last interview (OR LAUGHING LIKE A SERIAL KILLER I GUESS).

Actually, he still isn’t sure how much he can trust you, but realizes he’s not being fair when you’ve been bringing him information. So, he admits he remembers flames, black smoke, and the smell of something burning. However, the memory doesn’t seem to be from the hotel. So, then where is that memory? And he’s not even sure it’s real.

You discover that there are ruins in the forest but employees on the island are forbidden from going there because it’s dangerous (Is this not the research lab from Haruto’s story? Even though we’re in the past LOL). However, you see an unfamiliar person who doesn’t seem to be an employee on the island going deep into the forest. HMM.

Anyway, Moji (the librarian worker voiced by Suzuki Tatsuhisa!) manages to find a copy of The Golden Bee for you! Hurrah! You give it to Chiaki to see if his memory gets sparked, but nothing happens. Chiaki confirms the contents of the book is like the synopsis you gave him, except that the author introduction talks about how the author used to work for a big pharmaceutical company. It’s quite a big job change to go from a drug researcher to a writer, and they probably didn’t expect The Golden Bee to be their first and last book. Chiaki is a bit impatient at the lack of clues and then gets all jealous (!! BOY!!) that Moji is free to help you when he’s stuck behind glass.

In this chapter, Suda sends you on some quests and gives you information on Chiaki in return. For example, Chiaki read a lot when he was young and he had lots of translated books, which might have led him to his translating job. One of the books he read a lot was “Illuminations” by Arthur Rimbaud. He hates bitter things and he can cook simple things; specialty is egg salad (w-what do I do with this information? LOL).

So, turns out Moji is a super programmer and can hack websites for information so you make boneless fried chicken, with lots of garlic, to trade for information. You send some to Chiaki too and this leads to an interview where he’s basically super jealous of Moji and concerned about him stinking of garlic.

Moji goes through all of the records he can find on Ambassador Isuzu and this leads him to the Kuroiwa financial conglomerate, which turns out to be a criminal organization that uses building schools for the South-East Asian Education Support program as a pretext for their money laundering. Essentially, they would benefit if Isuzu was dead because he was trying to crack down on these types of people.

Hearing this, Chiaki sternly tells you to stop investigating because it could risk your life. He seems to personally know the Kuroiwa financial conglomerate and points out that they’re strong enough to be left alone by various countries even though everyone has suspicions about them. Anyway, it’s too dangerous for you now and he wants you to just stop. Actually, he already faintly knew about the dangers but because it was so fun talking to you he pretended he couldn’t see it. MY HEART.

If you bring up how Chiaki must want to go home too, he reveals that he was a foster child and his adoptive father is dead already. He doesn’t know who his real parents are and he has no home to go back to or anyone waiting on him. HELLO ANGST TRAIN.

Extended Interview I: The nice old lady at the farm shows you how her mother used to cheer her up by drawing a circle on the palm of her hand. You show this to Chiaki, drawing on his palm, and in return he tells you to place your cheek against the glass so he can draw a circle. Then he jokes about whether you were hoping for something else… ;) BOY!!

Extended Interview II: Following up on his jealousy, Chiaki gets all overprotective and mutters about Moji’s intentions. He also gets SO jealous when he hears how you and Moji chat through the messenger too LOL. Chiaki offers to listen to anything you want to talk about, including love. He hasn’t fallen in love himself though, doesn’t even know what it’s supposed to feel like, so he doesn’t think he’ll be of much help there.

Extended Interview III: Suda comments on you being romantically popular, but Chiaki misunderstands the slang to just mean popular so he straight up calls you attractive. But when you explain what Suda actually meant Chiaki gets SUPER embarrassed and says he wouldn’t have used those words if he knew what you guys were actually talking about…

More extra content.

Voice Recorder I: Chiaki and Suda talk about the rat extermination going on and Chiaki manages to lead Suda into talking about hamsters by comparing the two LOL. Suda just goes on and on about how adorable hamsters are, especially their cheek pouches, and how they AREN’T like rats at all! Though it sounds like he’s a general animal lover. Chiaki’s laugh is so precious here because he’s finally getting one up on Suda!

Voice Recorder II: Suda and Chiaki both show off how sensitive their noses are because they can detect a faint fragrance on the other. Chiaki smells of the room fragrance you gifted him to help him sleep. Suda has a sweet, spicy, and sensual cologne that draws women in and doesn’t let them leave LOL. Chiaki says it’s a dangerous smell, while Suda says that the women who he likes seem to like his smell.

Episode 4 “Budding of a Bond”. You don’t listen to Chiaki’s warnings though (because the game doesn’t let you–) and go exploring places you’ve never looked into. There’s an abandoned greenhouse at the garbage dump that leads to an abandoned laboratory which is forbidden for anyone to go into because it could be dangerous, and there could be experiments still there. Actually, there’s rumors on the island that there were human experiments done in that lab.

Chiaki and you realize that this is exactly like in The Golden Bee: the book about a researcher, Beatrice, who worked for a pharmaceutical company, discovered a new drug, did human experiments, and then committed suicide. The abandoned laboratory here is probably Seahive’s old pharmaceutical laboratory; they were running out of money and so they closed their projects on the island until they were bailed out by the Kagami group. But in exchange of being bailed out they moved to the mainland to resume their research and even started developing drugs for the government.

Anyway, once again, he tells you firmly to stop researching because it’s dangerous and he couldn’t stand it if you were harmed. But you’re stubborn so suck it Chiaki!! (I’m angry because he’s so stubborn about stopping you and it hurts him to feel helpless, but I feel hurt and helpless at being unable to comfort him. I have no choice, Chiaki!! Plus, I want to help you!!).

Fortunately, Chiaki and you come to an agreement. He gives up on stopping you, but makes you promise to tell him whenever you’re going somewhere dangerous. Once again, he reiterates that he’ll tell you whatever he remembers.

You end up exploring the laboratory with Shinnosuke (this metro guy who helps you with relationship problems) and Moji, but you guys don’t find anything except for a photograph of a family. Afterwards, Suda finds you through SABOT’s GPS and takes you back to scold you.

There you meet Kawachi, who introduces himself as an employee at a non-profit organization that helps out people involved in international criminal matters (HM). Apparently, he’s the person who asked for Chiaki to be kept on the island while he’s recovering. He doesn’t want you to reveal this to Chiaki out of fear of causing Chiaki mental stress if he finds out that he’s under observation because of the incident.

So, Ambassador Isuzu then wakes up out of his coma but he’s still being rehabilitated and can’t speak right now. Chiaki is relieved as heck because, at some point, he started thinking the whole incident was his fault. Nothing else really happens while everyone waits for the ambassador to recover, but you and Chiaki are close enough to change the way you address each other. Chiaki also tries to ask if you have a special someone who is waiting for you LOL. You want to know if he does, but he can’t think of anyone off the top of his head.

Random memo information is that animals only approach Chiaki when he’s asleep. Apparently, when he’s awake he might give out an aura that warns them away. (HELLO? ASSASSIN OR FBI AGENT THEORIES ARE INCREASING!! I forgot to mention this somewhere, but you learn in an interview that Chiaki is ambidextrous).

Some more exploring happens and you discover that Kawachi’s wife used to work on the island when Seahive still had their pharmaceutical lab, ten years ago. Kawachi would come here to visit her and have dates. His wife ended up losing her ring somewhere though and so when you saw him in the forest it was because he was searching for it again. He’s searching for his wife’s ring because she’s sick (sounds like dementia) and can’t remember him, so he’s hoping the ring will trigger her memories.

You tell Chiaki you’re going to search for the ring and head to the dried waterfall where you end up slipping down somewhere and breaking SABOT. By sheer chance, you find Kawachi’s wife’s ring though! It’s night by the time Suda and Kawachi find you with the GPS on your SABOT, since it was just the screen that broke. They only started searching because Chiaki was freaking out. (Oh god, when you get your replacement SABOT you can see that he was SPAMMING you with worried messages. I’m so sorry!!). Anyway, you hand back the ring to Kawachi and then see that he has a large birthmark on his hand.

When you finally see Chiaki again he literally deflates with relief. You’re surprised he’s not more angry, but he is angry and it’s just directed at himself. He looks back on all the things you’ve said to each other, how he didn’t know how to react to you, how he tried to push you away, and then how tried to use you. But through all of this, you two got closer and now he realizes the hidden feelings in himself. He… needs you.

He actually delivers some pretty yandere lines here LOL because you two place your hands against the glass and he asks you not to leave or go away. He doesn’t want to lose this warmth and connection. At this point, even if you try to let go and break free, he won’t let you go. (I know the lines he brings up from the past are what you choose to say, but I wonder if that determines the way he describes you personality. For me he said I looked obedient but was secretly very passionate LOL).

Extended Interview I: Chiaki and you try to make up after your argument, but then he suddenly retches and looks horrible. So, you get super worried, right?! Turns out he was lying so you get to feel the helplessness that he feels being stuck on the other side of the glass, unable to reach you. UGH. I HATE HIM!!

Extended Interview II: You guys pinky swear to keep your new deal. (HE ENDS UP STARING AT HIS PINKY IN HIS ROOM LATER BECAUSE IT’S STILL WARM EVEN ACROSS THE GLASS!). This also leads to a talk about how rings on the left or right pinky mean different things. Left pinky means you need to grab love while you have the chance; right pinky means you need to use your appeal to attract someone. I chose right for Chiaki, without knowing this, and then after knowing this chose left for myself which made him ask who I was aiming for LOL. Meanwhile, Suda comes in and is like “btw I’d wear one on the right” and Chiaki is like “no one asked you” LOL these two.

Extended Interview III: THIS WAS SUCH A CRITICAL ADDITION TO HIS CHARACTER. So, Chiaki ends up telling you that he can’t think of someone who is precious to him but he can think of someone he wants to meet, if that counts. When he was in America he didn’t have any friends and was often alone. One day, he found a black kite bird that was injured and took it home to nurse it. Black kites aren’t native in America so it must have had an owner. Anyway, Chiaki reminisces about the good times like feeding it and how intelligent and playful it was. But then one day when he came home he found the window and cage open and the bird gone. It’s likely his foster dad released it because a bird like that can’t remain caged… YEP. ANYWAY WHAT A DEPRESSING STORY. And he wants to meet that bird again, if possible.

More extra content.

Voice Recorder I: Suda is poking fun at Chiaki for maybe having feelings for you, which Chiaki denies. But when Suda jokes about how you’re an oasis on this island, Chiaki gets REALLY startled!! Anyway, you find out here that Chiaki surprisingly doesn’t have much experience with women. Meanwhile, Suda’s had a few previous relationships before.

Voice Recorder II: Suda and Chiaki talk about the fried boneless chicken you made for Moji and they both don’t like the heavy garlic smell. Chiaki ate it because he wasn’t going to turn down food you made for him (AW). Anyway, Suda keeps poking fun about Chiaki being jealous but Chiaki keeps bluffing and says he isn’t LOL.

Episode 5 “The Flower-Illuminating Sun; the Flower-Killing Shade”. Chiaki overhears Kawachi and Suda talking about the wedding ring. Normally, this wouldn’t mean anything except Kawachi’s voice sounds familiar to Chiaki… he doesn’t say where he remembers it from though (HMM!!). Anyway, the conclusion is that Kawachi is hiding something but that doesn’t mean he can’t be trusted since he could be doing things for you and Chiaki.

In the end, Chiaki doesn’t trust Kawachi and actually thinks he remembers him from the international South-East Asian Education convention, because his voice and the birthmark – after you tell him – seem familiar. But Chiaki would like some more time to organize his thoughts before he tells you anything. In the meantime, you see that his bandages have come off (HOLY HE’S BUILT AND HIS SHIRT IS SO LOW LOL didn’t notice this when he was bandaged) and he has scars. You can see the one on his hand.

As you roam around the island and wait for Chiaki to organize his thoughts, you see him one day in his room opening the Golden Bee book and he gasps upon seeing a folded origami crane. (This is interesting because I chose to fold him one, so he used mine. I was actually wondering where it went this entire time because it disappeared somewhere in Episode 3, probably after you give the Golden Bee book to Chiaki, and I was so sad because the two cranes were a mated couple!! I guess, if you didn’t fold him one, he’d probably use his own??)

Anyway, in the next interview, Chiaki tells you that he remembers Kawachi now as someone who was introduced to him by Ambassador Isuzu. Kawachi is not a non-profit employee; he’s a fully-fledged Japanese government worker. He’s actually Ambassador Isuzu’s aide and, as old acquaintances, it’s been heard that he shares the same views as Isuzu. Chiaki thinks Kawachi is here because Chiaki is the prime suspect to attacking Isuzu.

I revealed to Chiaki that Kawachi said he was the one who requested for Chiaki to be protected on this island, but Chiaki doesn’t believe that because Kawachi is someone who lied about his occupation until now. (Fair enough!!).

Chiaki doesn’t just remember that, he also remembers being in a dark room, inside Isuzu’s room, and opening the Golden Bee book to see a folded origami crane inside. This memory was triggered when he dropped the book in his room and picked it up and saw your crane.

That’s all he remembers though and he’s scared that he might be fabricating this because he’s trying so hard to remember. There’s a part of him that wants this to be real and also doesn’t want it to be real. Because if it’s real then what does that mean? Why would he be in Isuzu’s room? (My assassin and FBI theory seems tossed here LOL but instead maybe Isuzu is the person who taught Chiaki how to make origami cranes in the past!! I also think Chiaki is Kawachi’s son, but who knows!!).

EXCEPT JOKES ON ME. FUCK FUCK FUCK!! Chiaki’s bandages are off and you see – using the cameras in his room – that he has a spider lily tattoo between his shoulder blades. Then Kawachi calls you over to show you Chiaki’s American passport and his real name, Hugo Kuroiwa.

Kawachi also shows you pictures from a hidden camera Ambassador Isuzu installed because he knew he was in danger (the regular cameras were disabled during the incident). The cameras clearly show Chiaki going into Isuzu’s room. (HE LOOKS LIKE A HIT MAN WITH A SUIT + BLACK GLOVES HNNGH.) You ask Kawachi if this means they’re pinning the crime onto Chiaki, but Kawachi says they can only say for certain that Chiaki was there. Who attacked Isuzu and why Chiaki was unconscious outside is still a mystery.

Anyway, you confront Chiaki about his passport, the camera, and his fake name. He collapses back into his chair with lifeless eyes, realizing that you know everything, and then he also confesses that remembered everything when he saw the tattoo on his back. He remembers the day of the incident as well as things he didn’t want to ever remember. The last thing he tells you in this episode is for you to stop getting involved with him because he’s just an empty doll (WHAT. THE. FUCK!!). Cue the most hollow laugh ever from him.

Memo time! Chiaki smells like bittersweet citrus, that then lingers sweet. This is without any cologne. He also hates moths, because when he was young they would bump into his desk lamp and dirty his books.

Extended Interview I: You put on lip gloss during an interview and Chiaki notices that LOL this extended interview is how the talk about lips reminds him of a fairy tale. He read a lot of these fairy tales when he was a kid because he was poor. The one he keeps talking about is Sleeping Beauty and he starts acting as the prince who parts the thorns that are carefully protecting the princess, as if she’s a treasured thing, and says “You’re the one I’ve always been searching for”. YABAI?

Extended Interview II: Chiaki can’t get used to being without bandages and still has the habit of checking to see if the one around his chest has loosened. He had to learn how to wrap it around himself for convenience, because it was annoying going to the infirmary all the time and he wanted to shower whenever. He sees you trying to memorize how he wrapped himself, so he asks you to try and then starts blushing imagining you wrapping his chest LOL. Suda interrupts and reminds you that this is an interview room, not an infirmary. CAN HE STOP MAKING IT OBVIOUS HE’S WATCHING AND LISTENING TO THESE!? LOL.

Extended Interview III: SCREAMING!? THIS IS SO PLOT-CENTRIC. So, Chiaki holds you back because he doesn’t want you to leave and basically he admits he’s scared, because he feels like he’s losing himself. I told him not to blame himself and he’s touched by how I’m always quietly supporting him. He then begs you to come closer because he wants to feel your warmth, even through the glass. AND!! YOU GET TO PRESS YOUR FOREHEADS TOGETHER!! SCREAMING. Suda interrupts again which makes Chiaki so sad.

More extra content.

Voice Recorder I: Chiaki gets really into his music and Suda threatens to confiscate his CDs and CD player unless Chiaki sings this hilariously girly pop song… which Chiaki does LOL including hand motions. You get to hear Suda humming it as he leaves too.

Voice Recorder II: A conversation that takes place after you’re rescued at the dried up waterfall. Suda pokes at Chiaki with his usual thorny words, but Chiaki is so relieved that you’re unharmed that he collapses into his seat and starts shaking. Suda’s voice actually softens at this (!!) and he notes that you’re pretty important to Chiaki. Chiaki realizes he can’t bluff it anymore and admits that you are; he also thanks Suda genuinely. Suda accepts it graciously and is also amused to see this unexpected side.

Episode 6 “Stacked Evidence”. Kawachi apologizes to you because he’s been concealing his identity and reveals that he’s not a non-profit worker, but actually a government employee. YEAH THANKS, CHIAKI ALREADY TOLD ME. Isuzu helped him way back and so, after he heard Isuzu got attacked, he took over the investigation on Chiaki. By the time he reached the crime scene, Chiaki was already unconscious in the hall.

They’re currently investigating why Chiaki was at the convention with a fake name, but nothing has been discovered yet. However, they did find the Golden Bee book in Isuzu’s possession that went missing after Chiaki escaped and you handed it to the police, so the suspicion on you is cleared. You’re free to go home in a couple of days after they settle things.

Knowing this, you ask Chiaki to meet with him again because he’s being a POO POO HEAD and actually told you not to ask him for an interview for a while. So, now knowing that you might leave soon he decides to meet with you because this is probably going to be the last time. This interview is the worst because he speaks with no emotion and doesn’t answer any of your questions, even though he lets you ask them to your heart’s content. I SASSED HIM SO HARD HERE LIKE I DID AT THE BEGINNING. He’s all like “See, even if you ask me questions I won’t answer anything” and I fired back with “Give me a minute, I’m about to come up with a good question”. Anyway, he basically wants you to forget him because Chiaki doesn’t exist anymore; the person in front of you is just another person with the same face. He then acknowledges this is probably the last time he’ll see you and this is the end of everything.

Meanwhile, a new warden is coming to the island because Suda is getting busier and he’s going to take over managing the interviews for you. The new warden turns out to be someone called Kariya (!! IT’S THE SAME GUY FROM HARUTO’S GAME! Wasn’t he a government agent working against Seahive there?).

So, you’re pretty bummed out but you get advice from the kind old lady at the farm who tells you to believe in everything you and the person you’re thinking about has gone through. This triggers your memory of the pinky promise you made with Chiaki (I ACTUALLY FORGOT ABOUT THIS!) where he said he’d tell you everything he remembered as long as you tell him when you’re going to explore dangerous places.

You bring up the pinky promise to Chiaki in the next interview, but he’s STILL A POO POO HEAD who says he doesn’t remember the promise. I stubbornly kept at it and called him out on his lies, so then he says they were just convenient words to get you to quiet down. But, finally, he gives up in the end because you’re always so strong like this and willing to accept him and his scars (at least, that’s what I chose to tell him in previous interviews).

Chiaki is willing to tell you everything he remembers, but he needs time to organize his feelings. He makes another pinky promise but also vows something else along with that. He won’t tell you what it is though ;;;; I asked if it was something that’d make me happy but he just answered with a vague “Who knows”. THIS JUST REMINDS ME OF HOW I CODDLED HARUTO AND HE BETRAYED ME WITH HIS CHOICE TO SEND ME TO ENDING 1!! I’M WORRIED!! ANYWAY THIS INTERVIEW WAS THE BEST AND THEN THE MENU BGM CHANGES!! AH. The BGM always changes when you hit a critical point in your relationship with the guy and you’re about to end the game…

Anyway, while you’re waiting for Chiaki to organize his feelings, you get Moji to look into the background of “Hugo Kuroiwa”. Meanwhile, Kariya also shares information about Chiaki’s background with you and turns out he’s the son of the former director of the Kuroiwa financial conglomerate, Tetsuo Kuroiwa.

In the interview, Chiaki confirms this. He was given to an orphanage in Singapore, so he doesn’t know his real parents. The orphanage life was tough and they were really poor, but he never felt lonely with all the other similar children. Tetsuo came to the orphanage when Chiaki was ten and adopted Chiaki and brought him to America. There, Chiaki lived a blessed life but he had no freedom. He always had an attendant with him when he went out and he was tutored at home. Tetsuo didn’t want a child, he wanted a convenient toy.

Proof of this is how Tetsuo was the one to give Chiaki the tattoo on his back. He told him “Just like the flowers that wish for the leaves but cannot meet… you will never obtain what you truly want, no matter how much you wish for it. I will carve this into you so that you won’t forget” and, just like Tetsuo’s words, Chiaki’s memories came back when he saw the tattoo. I’M GONNA BUILD A TIME MACHINE, GO TO THE ORPHANAGE WHEN CHIAKI IS TEN, AND DROP KICK TETSUO IN THE FACE!!

Moji digs up dirt on the Kuroiwa financial conglomerate and shares it with you after grave warnings. Kuroiwa has connections to drug smugglers and the mafia though, on the surface, they make legitimate deals related to construction (the schools in the South-East Asian Education Support thing). However, they’re actually selling weapons at a higher-than-market price to criminal organizations under a subsidiary company that also does money laundering. It’s a win-win; criminal organizations get to use their dirty money and Kuroiwa rakes in the money.

Now, the reason no one has done anything is because Kuroiwa is sending illegal contributions (aka. bribe money) to a former big shot government person. So, they send this money at fixed intervals and then they’re ignored by the government. Oh, they also make legitimate deals with the government’s arms industry for weapons, so the government gets money from them too. Thus, if everything were to be revealed it’d be inconvenient. There’s a high possibility that the one who targeted Ambassador Isuzu was the former big shot government person.

For the last interview with Chiaki, he realizes you have the resolve to see everything through so he tells you about the incident day. Nothing happened during the actual conference and then afterwards, when everyone was at the after party to make connections, he was singled out by Isuzu. Apparently, Isuzu met him in Singapore (I CALLED IT!! THE ORIGAMI CRANE!!) but it also seemed like he was looking through Chiaki at someone else (Chiaki’s real parents??). Chiaki didn’t and still doesn’t remember Isuzu though so he could only respond vaguely until Isuzu was greeted by another attendee. Then Chiaki left the party to head to Isuzu’s room because he was going for a microchip that was in the Golden Bee book that Isuzu had.

Random memo time! Suda saw a mole close to Chiaki’s butt during one of his health check ups LOL. He suggests you try looking for it… and you can actually find it. Thanks Suda?? Also, when Chiaki lived in an orphanage, the younger children loved him because he stood up against bullies. He has a strong sense of justice and doesn’t give up.

Extended Interview I: OBVIOUSLY ANGRY AT CHIAKI AND I TELL HIM THAT IT FEELS LIKE LEAVING HIM ALONE IS A BAD IDEA. He’s a bit shocked but then realizes you’re always kind like that and then brings up how the island inhabitants will be sad if you leave, like Shinnosuke and Moji. Actually, he can’t control his jealousy to Moji even now LOL although he’s also trying to convince himself that he can be at ease if you have someone like Moji beside you (risked danger to investigate Kuroiwa for you). Anyway, he asks you to come closer so he can burn the sight of you into his memory because this is the end… of everything.

Extended Interview II: ENDLESS SCREAMING AND CRYING BECAUSE THIS ONE IS THE BEST EXTENDED. It starts raining and Chiaki comments on how he’d have liked to share an umbrella with you, because you probably wouldn’t reject him like how he was rejected by a girl in the past when he offered to share an umbrella with her as a colleague LOL. This is because he didn’t realize the significance of sharing an umbrella in Japan (only couples or really close/intimate people do this; aiaigasa).

Anyway, he asks if you’d enter his umbrella but then remembers the glass separating you and him. Instead, he breathes on the glass and draws an umbrella and writes his name on one side and invites you to write your name on the other so you’re metaphorically sharing an umbrella (and this is literally the same as drawing a heart + writing you and your crush’s name in there). HELL YEAH I DID!

But you didn’t breathe on the glass on your side so nothing shows up. He gets all tender and soft because you’re willing to write your name though and is about to write it for you on his side when you’re interrupted by Kariya, who tells you that the extended time is up too. It’s still raining though and when Chiaki asks if you’ll be alright Kariya offers to share his umbrella with you. Chiaki INSTANTLY bristles at that and glares at him until Kariya says, in a deadpan voice, that he was just joking and they can lend you a spare umbrella. I’M DYING.

Extended Interview III: So, because the talk ends with depressing Tetsuo memories, you get Chiaki to talk about the fun times he had at the orphanage and he recalls playing at the nearby church, which is why the smell of fragrance is so evocative to him (episode 2 details!!). He thanks you for giving him back the nostalgia and knows you’re being considerate to him because of his earlier depressing memories.

More extra content.

Voice Recorder I: Chiaki tricks Suda into revealing that he engineered the game book treasure hunt by complimenting the ingenuity of the person who designed the levels. (Suda gave you a game to play with Chiaki called “The Hero and the Trapped Swordsman” LOL). But once Suda reveals that he did it, Chiaki rips into him for sending you into potentially dangerous places. In Suda’s defense, he didn’t think you’d seriously follow the clues.

Voice Recorder II: Suda and Kariya have a conversation over wine where they probe each other, but they’re both really shady and sneaky. This entire conversation was loaded with tension LOL and they end up finding out nothing about each other.

Episode 7 “A Quietening Pulse”. Moji tells you to come to the library because he finished investigating something he was curious about. Turns out that Seahive is involved in all of this too because they have relations with the former government big shot who is accepting bribes from Kuroiwa. (HELLO CORRUPTION!)

Basically, as you learned in an earlier episode, Seahive started going bankrupt and shut down their operations on this island and moved to the mainland to do business after getting bailed out by the Kagami group (I just remembered that Kagami group + hotel chain is Aoi’s family! It’s also the hotel the convention was being held at). Anyway, uh, Seahive started developing shady drugs LOL.

Chiaki confirms this when you bring up Seahive. They moved back to the mainland to develop drugs, but it would be hard to make money with their present research on medicine for difficult diseases. This was when they were approached by the former government big shot who asked them to research things for the government and, in return, the government would bear half the costs. From a business perspective this was a good deal, so Seahive accepted and started doing shady human experiments.

Under a certain intelligence agency (HMM??), Seahive was researching a drug under the name “The Golden Bee Project” which was going to be a drug that enhanced human abilities and made them able to be controlled. The microchip with Isuzu has the names of people involved in this project. (HOLD UP!! IS THIS NOT HARUTO’S PARENTS’ TIME?? SHIT, WHAT IF THE MICROCHIP HAS HARUTO’S PARENTS?? Or more like just Haruto’s father because the antagonist in Haruto’s route was a jealous asshole who lusted after Haruto’s mom).

Chiaki won’t tell you why he was going for the microchip yet, but he hesitated when he saw the crane in Isuzu’s Golden Bee book because he recognized that crane as the one he folded in Singapore. He realized at that moment that Isuzu was the one who taught him how to fold cranes and treasured the first crane Chiaki ever folded and gave to him. Because of Chiaki’s hesitation, Isuzu came back to the room and so Chiaki hid in a corner. He wasn’t the one who attacked Isuzu though and he asks you to believe him.

Kawachi asks to meet you again and, when you confront him about the Golden Bee Project and the microchip, he admits he does know about this. Isuzu ran into the Golden Bee Project while he was investigating money laundering. Anyway, they also know Chiaki wasn’t the one who attacked Isuzu because Chiaki is actually an intelligence operative sent by the CIA to get the chip. The CIA want the chip because it contains information about influential people, sponsors, and backers of everyone involved in the project and can be used as blackmail. So, to them, this was much more important than the crime of money laundering (FUCK!! MY FIRST GUESS WAS RIGHT THEN. HE’S AN FBI AGENT… KINDA).

Chiaki admits that he’s an intelligence operative and he received this request from the CIA. These kind of jobs are irregular and his usual tasks entail just collecting information on every country. But turns out the CIA always knew about the Golden Bee Project and just didn’t have a good opportunity to do anything until now when Isuzu got a hold of the microchip.

It was supposed to be an easy job but Isuzu came back early and then the fire alarm was set off. Someone knocked on the door, claiming to be a hotel staff member here to escort Isuzu to safety, but when Isuzu opened the door he was attacked by an assassin. Chiaki confronted the assassin, got severely wounded, and then collapsed out in the hall when he tried to chase after the assassin, who ran away because they spent too much time here.

Everything is making sense, but you don’t understand what happened with Isuzu’s Golden Bee book. Kariya overhears this and decides to reveal to you, after you go to find Suda to ask about the Golden Bee book but only Kariya is there, that a “certain organization” intervened when they saw this whole thing happening. Turns out this organization set things up so that you gave them the book, instead of the police, and then, when the police suspected you of hiding evidence, the organization took you to this island for protection.

They aren’t in opposition to the police, but it’s convenient for them to have the police think this. You ask Kariya who he is, but he doesn’t answer. (THIS EXPLAINS WHY HE’S STILL A GOVERNMENT AGENT MAN OR WHATEVER IN HARUTO’S GAME!! Oh my god!! Also, Shinnosuke (the metro man) decides to be true to himself and introduces himself as Cindy to you. YES! IT’S THAT CINDY FROM HARUTO’S GAME!! This is amazing how it ties everything together, but also makes me worried because Moji and Suda aren’t in Haruto’s game. What happened to them?).

Anyway, Kariya also brings up an interesting point in the conversation. Chiaki escaped the hospital semi-conscious with the book while being severely injured. He must have been put under a suggestion or something. When you ask Chiaki about this in the next interview, he recalls that a flower had been sent to him in the hospital. Upon smelling the flower, he lost control of himself and escaped out of the hospital with the Golden Bee book.

You remember that he was muttering “Melissa” under his breath when you found him in the alley. This clears everything up for Chiaki because “Melissa” is the code name the CIA used for the Golden Bee Project and this mission (I guess Beatrice is the code name the Seahive people used? Or for when it’s to be used? Btw, “Melissa” means “bee” in Greek LOL well played). So, it was the CIA that sent him the flower to trigger him.

The CIA were probably nervous because he failed in his first attempt and they needed the book. To them, he’s just a disposable pawn. The reason why he’s working with the CIA, and as an intelligence operative, in the first place is because he was scouted out by them. He is in good physical condition, knows multiple languages, is intelligent, and above all he is all alone in the world. You point out that he’s the heir to the Kuroiwa financial conglomerate but Chiaki looks really uncomfortable and tells you that he ran away from that. From everything.

Once again Kawachi calls you over to chat and tells you about how Chiaki’s foster father, Tetsuo Kuroiwa, died in a fire that burned down the entire mansion. Chiaki was evacuated quickly, so he didn’t get too hurt. He wasn’t named as the successor to the financial conglomerate, but there was a sizable inheritance left for him and once he became of age and accepted that he disappeared off the face of the earth.

You talk to Chiaki about this and he confirms most of that. Actually, someone arranged for him to stay in Japan after all that. He doesn’t remember who it was, but he thinks they may have been Kuroiwa’s lawyer. However, they did prioritize his mental health and Chiaki wanted to live in a place where no one knew him to recover (KAWACHI? ISUZU??). He doesn’t remember much from that time because he was in so much shock that he lost all his emotions; it was like he was the living dead.

But he’s slowly been regaining his emotions, especially through talking to you and how you point out the necessary thing to him. Because of your support, he feels filled. Chiaki leans in real close here and strokes the glass (HJSDFHJGJ). In fact, that’s the reason why he feels like he should tell you everything. It wasn’t the fire that killed Tetsuo… Chiaki killed him. (Honestly, I’m not too surprised? And the guy was kind of a dick so… LOL).

Memo time! He used to guide tourists around in Singapore for small change and would use that to buy the younger children at the orphanage snacks. He was like a kind older brother. This was also when he became interested in other cultures. Also, the sisters at the church nearby acted as his mother figures.

Extended Interview I: H O L Y S H I T. So, you talk about the crane in Isuzu’s book and Chiaki recognized it because he wrote “thank you” on it when he was a kid. You both recall how coldly he treated you at the beginning because I chose to look surprised that he treasured my crane (this seriously makes me wonder what’ll happen if you don’t send him a crane?) and he responded that he’s the type who treasures anything given to him. Anyway, I reassure him that I’ve forgotten his treatment at the beginning (honestly, what coldness? He was so inherently kind LOL).

AND THEN!! AND THEN!!! Chiaki asks if you prefer him when he’s being a bully/tease or when he’s kind? I chose to be teased and HE JUST GOES INTO IT. SCREAMS. Literally, he’s like “Oh? Sorry, I didn’t notice. I see. So you love to be bullied. Meaning you’re not satisfied when I’m just gentle?” HE DOESN’T STOP EVEN WHEN YOU’RE FLUSTERED.

I chose to continuously look away from him and oh my god the intensity of his sex appeal here LOL when he leans into your screen, saying “Hey, where are you looking? Do you want to be teased more? You don’t have to be so embarrassed. When I see your eyes darting around like that… it makes me want to tease you more, you know? Ah, but you like it that way, huh.” PLEASE. CHIAKI.

By this point, I was just expiring on the ground in real life. Chiaki stops after that because he knows where to draw the line and then admits that, in truth, he likes to see you smile more than look troubled. He’d like to ask you more about your feelings (whether you believe him or not) but at least he got to hear one of your “desires” GYAHHHHH.

Extended Interview II: STUPID BOY STILL PLANS ON BEING AN INTELLIGENCE OPERATIVE! He says he can’t think of another job he could do (translations??). I kept expressing my worries at him but he can’t promise you anything about his safety. He also suggests taking you with him to places… but that’s just a joke since you’ll be heading home to the mainland soon.

Extended Interview III: He wants to ask you more about your reaction to the name “Melissa” because you thought it was his lover. STOP!! LOL. I straight up told him I was curious and he’s flustered because he wonders if he can take that to mean what he would like it to mean. Anyway, he doesn’t have a lover because he’s never had the time to get in a relationship. However, rather than being unable to be without someone, he thinks he’s found someone he’d like to be with… you.

SCREAMS. Chiaki asks if you want to be his lover, but then sadly realizes the glass prevents you guys from touching. I placed my hand on his though and LOL he amends his previous words because if there wasn’t glass here then he’d grab you and never let you go. These times he’s had with you are precious to him, but he knows he should stop it at just that. If you’re serious about him then he won’t be able to stop this entire thing as just a joke either.

I called him out on being mean and teasing me like this which made him bring back the words at the very beginning :’)) about how I should be more suspicious of people. CRYING OVER HERE IN THE CLUB AT THESE CALL BACKS AND THIS SOFT BOY.

More extra content.

Voice Recorder I: Suda was there when Chiaki’s bandages came off and told him scars would remain. Chiaki doesn’t care about one or two scars. However, Suda shows an interest in the spider lily tattoo because Chiaki doesn’t seem the type to get something like this; it looks like a design with “meaning”. Chiaki gets really defensive and tries to embarrass Suda into leaving him alone by accusing Suda of liking him. Suda turns the tables on him though LOL and tells Chiaki that he’s a thousand years too young to go against him when he was more experience in romance. BOYS PLAY NICE!

Voice Recorder II: Chiaki wanted to request a tool to split the rocks, but Suda can’t give him anything that can help him escape. He offers a deal where he’ll get the rocks split for Chiaki, but he gets two-thirds of the rocks. Chiaki reluctantly agrees. It’s super cute because, at first, Chiaki refuses to hand over anything you’ve given to him to someone else.

Episode 8 “Feelings Exchanged with Blinks”. WELP THE ANSWER CAME SO FAST ABOUT MOJI. He gets fired because Suda finds out that he hacked into places using the island’s network. You apologize profusely, but Moji tells you not to because you made your choice. And he did what he wanted to do. Gods, I clearly don’t deserve this boy and I’m so sad he carries such a huge torch for you when you’re inevitably drawn to Chiaki. WAH.

Anyway, Kawachi pulls you aside for another talk after you ask him about the fire in Chiaki’s past. Turns out that Chiaki didn’t actually kill Tetsuo Kuroiwa; he did stab him but the wound was too shallow to do anything. Tetsuo died from a blunt object to his head which crushed his skull. The criminal hasn’t been found yet, but they’re also suspected to be the person who set off the fire.

The reason Kawachi knows so much about Chiaki is because he heard it all from Isuzu, who was good friends with Chiaki’s real parents. They lived in Singapore and then died in a car accident; Chiaki was given to an orphanage right after. Isuzu went to Singapore to inspect the orphanage and didn’t recognize Chiaki until he heard about the baby clothes that Chiaki had, which had the name “Hugo” embroidered into it. These baby clothes were something Isuzu gave Chiaki’s parents to celebrate their child.

Isuzu, after knowing Chiaki is the child of his good friends, returned to Japan to get permission from his family to adopt Chiaki. But when he returned to Singapore after getting permission, Chiaki was already adopted by Tetsuo Kuroiwa. Isuzu knew who Kuroiwa was and, at that time, couldn’t touch them. Then, after the incident with the fire, he was the one who arranged for Chiaki to come to Japan to live a new life. However, Chiaki disappeared when he became an intelligence officer.

All this time, Isuzu has been wracked with guilt for being a step behind taking care of his good friends’ son. He’s been trying his best to watch over and protect Chiaki from the shadows.

You tell Chiaki the good news about how he didn’t murder someone. He’s completely shaken by the truth because, at the time, he wanted to run away from Tetsuo and when Tetsuo goaded him, asking him to stab him if he could, Chiaki grabbed a paper knife and stabbed him. Tetsuo hunched over after that.

I convinced him that he couldn’t have killed Tetsuo with the strength he had as a child and Chiaki realizes you’re right. He also realizes that he always misses the important things, like how he didn’t notice Isuzu’s efforts to help him at all. Kawachi spoke to him about his past with Isuzu and how Isuzu was his parents’ friend.

He also learned the meaning behind his name “Hugo” that his parents gave him. (Now, this is cool. So, in Japanese they pronounce his name like “yuu-go” and his parents gave him the kanji “(侑; yuu) to exist as a human” and “(吾; go) pronoun for I, me” with the 侑 also carrying the meaning “to help/save”. His parents gave him this name in the hopes he’d become someone who would be kind to others around him and to help them. SOBS I’M SORRY FOR LAUGHING AT YOUR AMERICAN NAME).

Chiaki blames himself so much for not living up to his parents hopes because he didn’t save anyone and was only concerned with himself. He even took on the ugly job of being a freelance intelligence officer. I TOLD HIM OFF SO HARD HERE. BECAUSE HE SAVED ISUZU!! If he hadn’t been there, the assassin would have killed Isuzu for sure. Anyway, Kawachi reassured Chiaki that Isuzu would never hate him and Chiaki is torn between wanting to see Isuzu but not thinking he has the right. He would like to though, if he had the chance.

Anyway, you run into Kawachi again at the greenhouse and he’s just making sure the old Seahive laboratory on the island is locked. He reveals to you that his wife doesn’t have dementia and she was actually made into a test subject for the drugs she was working on by the government and other groups. She was working on the Golden Bee Project and the drug that got used on her degraded her brain. Anyway, there’s been people poking around this lab so he wants to make sure it’s locked (WAIT THIS LEADS INTO HARUTO’S GAME! HOLY SHIT!!).

Kawachi also reassures you that the microchip is being passed around to everyone involved with Isuzu who wants to stop the Golden Bee Project. They need one decisive blow since this involves the government, a financial group, and just influential people everywhere.

You tell all this to Chiaki and he’s glad the microchip is doing good. And then he confesses his love to you for the first time and even cries for the first time. Basically, you go over everything you’ve been through together (including your reactions and choices to him) and he remarks on how he’s regained so many emotions that he never thought he’d have because of you. Even though he tried so hard to keep you away, you kept being yourself and accepted everything of him, and now he finds even his clumsy newborn emotions precious.

AND THEN! Suda calls you in to sign some documents which puts you under a NDA about everything you learned on this island and you are to never contact Chiaki again. I told him that I wasn’t going to sign (SCREW YOU SUDA) but apparently Chiaki already signed it to get you to sign it (I’M CRYING). You’re about to return to the mainland so the next interview will be the last…

So, in his last interview Chiaki explains how he doesn’t believe he has the right to have a precious person, even though he always longed to be loved. His parents died soon after having him. Tetsuo Kuroiwa, even if his love was twisted, disappeared from his life too. For him, it was better not to love and not to be loved. If he did find a precious person then they would just leave him one day.

He went through the world with shallow interactions and thought he was fine with that. Nobody tried to climb or break the walls he built around himself. He thought human interactions were just like this. However, he met you and you accepted everything that he was just being yourself and, because of that, he noticed that he still had a heart.

He actually wants to break the glass, feel your warmth, hold you in his arms, and take you away. But, in the end, he knows he can’t do that because he wants you to be happy no matter what happens to him. But even thinking all this it’s still hard to leave you. Even though it hurts this much to see you, when it comes time to never see you again… Still, he’ll prioritize you over his feelings. YOU DUMB BOY! MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE!! I SWEAR TO GOD!!

For the last thing in this episode, Chiaki sends you his folded crane (the blue one). It’s the only thing he has of his to give you and it contains all his feelings. But even though he sent it to you he actually wants you to forget about him.

And then Suda calls you to tell you that you’re returning to the mainland early tomorrow morning. This happens RIGHT AFTER Chiaki sends you the origami crane. He also tells you that Chiaki got moved to the infirmary so he can be under a strict watch, just in case anything happens right before you leave.

However, because you didn’t even get to tell Chiaki your feelings or say goodbye properly, you decide to try and see him at the infirmary anyway. The door is locked and Suda appears only to give you the key because Kawachi asked him to let you see Chiaki, as thanks for finding his wife’s wedding ring. Suda tells you that the guards come around every ten minutes, so that’s your time limit.

You enter to see Chiaki, but he’s really not happy to see you and tries to get you to go home. Especially since Suda was the one who let you in and who knows what he’s planning. But you’re stubborn and you try to tell your feelings to him because he hasn’t let you respond even once. AND EVEN NOW AT THIS TIME HE KEEPS CUTTING YOU OFF. He just keeps telling you to forget him.

I was so angry I told him that my feelings wouldn’t change no matter what. And then when you try again he slams his hand on the glass to cut you off and then tells you quietly that he… can’t love you. (HE ACTUALLY SAYS THE MOST INAUDIBLE “sorry” IN BETWEEN THE PAUSE BTW. FUCK!! AND IT WAS AD-LIBBED TOO. DOUBLE FUCK!!). Eventually the patrol comes and you have to leave Chiaki.

Memo! Chiaki didn’t go to school in Singapore, but when he was being tutored during his time with Kuroiwa he learned a lot about different cultures. He also took statistics in order to compare them more easily. He was very studious. His birthday is May 13, by the way. It was the only thing readable off of his baby tag when he was sent to the orphanage.

Extended Interview I: Kawachi also told Chiaki that Isuzu returned to his room early because he recognized Chiaki even with the fake name. They hadn’t seen each other since the time at the orphanage. However, when he realized Chiaki didn’t remember him at all he wanted to go get the crane in his Golden Bee book to jog Chiaki’s memories. Kawachi thought it was fate that brought Isuzu and Chiaki together again and Isuzu was so happy to hear that… Anyway, SUPER SWEET INTERVIEW BECAUSE I ACCEPT EVERYTHING OF CHIAKI! And he’s so touch you’re always here to support him and wants to rest his head against your hand.

Extended Interview II: EHEHEHE!! Chiaki realizes he confessed to you and now he gets to see your reaction to it. But he actually stops you from responding to his confession; he doesn’t need you to say anything as long as you don’t dislike him. He’s not sure what to do after this though because he’s never thought about wanting to be with someone in this way. I SUGGESTED THINGS LIKE DATING, HOLDING HANDS, AND KISSING. AND HE!! HE!!! takes that to mean you wouldn’t mind if he went further…

Anyway, it’s too early to start celebrating because then he muses on how he can’t do anything in this current situation. And he doesn’t even know if someone like him can have a future like that. I tried to encourage him, but he just broke my heart because he’s never wished for a future before either and doesn’t know if that happiness exists for him. If he had been born in a normal house and raised with a normal life then he could have dated you. WAH.

Extended Interview III: Chiaki muses on how these interviews have become part of his schedule that he almost forgot they had to come to an end one day. Or more like he didn’t want to think about the end. Anyway, he reminds you of how you guys made a second pinky swear and he also did an additional vow, right? That vow was to himself to see his feelings through to the end.

Chiaki swears that he will always love you and he’ll never forget you no matter what happens or where you are (or where he is). THIS INTERVIEW WAS JUST HIM PRESSING HIS HEAD AGAINST THE GLASS AND SOUNDING SO TIRED AND SAD. I’M SCREAMING. I KEPT TOUCHING HIM. DEPENDING ON WHERE YOU TOUCH HIM HIS NEXT WORDS ARE DIFFERENT AND UH… YEAH I TAPPED HIS LIPS. And then he confesses that he wants to kiss you and he’s deadly serious this time.

More extra content.

Voice Recorder I: Suda had the last volume of a comic you were looking to give Chiaki and he talks to Chiaki about this. Chiaki is surprised Suda would do something so selfless and after Suda explains that he just genuinely loves this series and wants other people to be a fan of his artist friend Chiaki apologizes for his misassumption. But then Suda lets it slip that he can now read the entire series whenever he wants because it’s all gathered in Chiaki’s room… LOL SLY FOX.

Voice Recorder II: Another Suda and Kariya conversation where Suda wonders who Kariya is because he knows Chiaki’s true identity as a freelance agent for the CIA. He also, while investigating Moji, saw that someone else used their network to hack things too. He just doesn’t know “when” this rat did that. Of course, Kariya doesn’t reveal anything and Suda is only possessive over you and Chiaki because he doesn’t like other people messing in his territory.


THIS IS A LONG END. The next day you get on the ship and, even though you broke the NDA thing you signed, no one decided to punish you probably because it was too much of a hassle. Anyway, you return to the mainland and several days later you see on the news that a car transporting the person suspected of attacking Isuzu caught on fire and everyone died, including five wardens.

Then you get a phone call from Kawachi who tells you that Hugo Kuroiwa was in that car and he’s… dead. They’re presently investigating the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, the remains were badly burned. YEP. OF COURSE YOU BLANK OUT AND BASICALLY EVERYTHING FADES OUT. You see the dream you had earlier where Chiaki is in a field of red spider lilies and then disappears. All the while, you’re screaming at him to wait. But Chiaki is… no longer anywhere.

Extreme time skip. One year later, you visit Chiaki’s grave for the first time to leave a flower bouquet, because all this time you can’t believe he died. His name is cleared in the involvement with Isuzu’s attack, but the cause of the fire that killed him is still unknown. You say his name ONLY TO HEAR A FAMILIAR VOICE ASK YOU WHAT YOU’RE DOING LEAVING A FLOWER BOUQUET AT AN EMPTY GRAVE.

You turn around and, yep, there’s Chiaki in casual clothes and a gentle smile. He knew it was you from the back immediately; you two haven’t seen each other since that night. I asked if he was really here and he asks in amusement if you think he’s a ghost. They wouldn’t appear in broad daylight like this. He’s really alive.

Anyway, he does feel bad for all this time you’ve thought he was dead but he needed time. He explains that after he met you he spoke with Isuzu over the phone. Isuzu suggested that Hugo Kuroiwa should die in an accident because there was a high probability of Chiaki being targeted by the real criminal (who attacked Isuzu) and the Kuroiwa financial group after Chiaki’s failure to get the microchip.

It was a reckless plan but Chiaki decided to gamble on this plan, especially since Isuzu has been genuinely concerned about him. And so, “Hugo Kuroiwa” certainly died that day. The person here is no one but “Chiaki”. He apologizes for everything up to this point. Here, you can choose to continue looking away and being angry or look at him. I chose to look at him and he tells you to keep looking until you can accept that he’s here.

Or… did you want to forget him? I chose to say that he suddenly died in an accident so I couldn’t forget about him. TERRIFIED ME OKAY, BUT I WAS LIKE “NO WAY TORAWARE WON’T DO THIS TO ME RIGHT? ALL 3 ENDINGS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE VIABLE”. Chiaki admits that he also couldn’t forget you and the reason he accepted Isuzu’s proposal was also because he wanted to meet you again.

He confesses that, on the last day, he was supposed to have settled his feelings. And yet, you appeared at night. Did you know how surprised he was? Because he didn’t think he’d ever get to see you again. He told you to forget him, that everything was enough as long as you were happy, and he even crushed his overflowing emotions to tell you that he didn’t love you. But you tried to confess your own feelings to him over and over again.

I told him in the last meeting that my feelings wouldn’t change and it gets brought up here again. Chiaki says that he couldn’t give up after you said such a cute thing. If he wasn’t ever going to meet you again then it would be better to leave behind the smallest of possibilities to see you. That’s why he bet on the plan. Right now, he also took up Isuzu’s suggestion and is teaching kids in developing countries.

He came back to Japan because today just so happens to be the first anniversary of the death of “Hugo”. He thought he might be able to see you. I WAS SO FOCKING PISSED I ASKED HIM WHAT HE WAS GONNA DO IF HE DIDN’T SEE ME HERE. BECAUSE THAT IN AND OF ITSELF WAS A GAMBLE TOO. But he just says he’d have thought of something at that time. Besides (AND HERE IS THE MOST RIDICULOUSLY ROMANTIC LINE EVER) “If I didn’t meet you today, then I’d come again next year. If I didn’t see you next year, then I’d come the year after that. And I’d continue to do so, until I saw you.”

Chiaki tells you that, on that day, he could only tell you that he didn’t love you. But now it’s different. Of course, even if he changes his name it doesn’t change his past; he will bear everything he’s done and he actually believes it was all necessary to lead up to this moment of meeting you again. He loves you. And you? Do you love him even when he’s like this? He wants you to tell him, but not with words.

OF COURSE I’D FORGIVE THIS RIDICULOUSLY RECKLESS AND SILLY AND UNFAIR MAN. You get to choose to touch him or not but I was all over him— I mean, I cupped his cheek LOL. He asks if he can take that as a “yes”. And then kisses you!! Comments on how soft your lips are!! How your ears are red!! He says he loves you, now and forever… and then more kisses!!

Another time skip. This time it shows the ending CG there. Chiaki was wondering what you were looking at but turns out to be a photo he sent you a while back. You comment on how you can tell that everyone loves Chiaki here. In response, out of nowhere, Chiaki asks if you want to go shopping for a ring. You’re all ??? and so he tells you that he wants to be a family with you. When you point out how sudden that is, he tells you that it actually isn’t sudden because he’s been thinking about this forever. Chiaki smooches you and tells you he loves you. THE END!

(Toraware keeps flipping their endings around because Haruto’s Ending 1 was TRAGIC LMAO I’m still traumatized. Meanwhile, Aoi’s Ending 3 was his best imo. And now I think Chiaki’s Ending 1 is the best with Ending 3 being the worst, although they’re all viable in the end.)


SAME START AS ENDING ONE. The next day, after the last interview, you get on the ship and even though you broke the NDA thing you signed no one decided to punish you probably because it was too much of a hassle. Anyway, you return to the mainland and several days later you see on the news that a car transporting the person suspected of attacking Isuzu caught on fire and everyone died, including five wardens.

Then you get a phone call from Kawachi who tells you that Hugo Kuroiwa was in that car and he’s dead. They’re presently investigating the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, the remains were badly burned. You see the dream you had earlier where Chiaki is in a field of red spider lilies and then disappears. All the while, you’re screaming at him to wait. But Chiaki is no longer anywhere.

One year later, you manage to bring yourself to visit Chiaki’s grave because you still can’t believe he was dead. His name was cleared in the attack on Isuzu but the cause of the fire that killed him is still a mystery.

You murmur his name, in disbelief, and then Chiaki asks if you called for him. LOL THE LINE HERE. You straight up think you’re getting auditory hallucinations now so you say his name again, only for Chiaki to be like “Yes, what is it?”. That’s when you spin around and see him standing there. He was hesitating about whether to call out to you, but he clearly chose to in the end.

He tells you that he’s actually here and he’s not a zombie. I ask if he’s a ghost instead then HAHA but he points out that a ghost wouldn’t appear in broad daylight. This isn’t a horror movie or occult movie and he returned to see you. He realizes that what he’s saying isn’t an explanation though and then apologizes because he needed time.

That night, after he met you, he spoke with Isuzu on the phone. Isuzu thought there was a high possibility he’d be targeted by Kuroiwa and the real criminal for his failure in stealing the microchip and data, and so Isuzu suggested that Hugo Kuroiwa should die. It was a reckless plan but there was no other way to let Chiaki live. He apologizes for not being able to contact you.

THIS TIME I CHOSE TO LOOK AWAY OUT OF ANGER. And he sadly asks if you don’t even want to look at him. You tell him you tried to forget him. He apologizes again because he did think about trying to contact you many times, but was unable to do it. If you managed to get back to living happily then he didn’t want to break that.

On that last night, he told you he didn’t love you because he wanted you to be happy. It was enough for you to be happy, even if it wasn’t him doing it. THIS MAN INFURIATES ME SOMETIMES!! I chose to tell him how he could think I’d be happy after he “died” like that. Chiaki admits his thoughts were a bit shallow and it was just because he thought it’d be better if he wasn’t there. But he realizes now that he was wrong.

He’s working as a translator right now after using Isuzu’s connections (OMG! I KNEW HE COULD DO THIS KIND OF JOB!!); he’s a freelancer that doesn’t belong to any company and so he ends up with a lot of time to himself sometimes. Because of that, he would remember the day he spent with you on the island. How you walked around and sent him casual messages and unexpected presents that would make him wonder what the next ones were.

Even though, because of the incident, there were painful memories he only remembers the enjoyable time he spent with you. And whenever he remembers you, it feels like something he is lacking gets filled up. He needs you. I (snarkily LOL) point out that I feel like I’ve heard that line before. Chiaki laughs because it’s true and he also said that he wouldn’t let go of your hand, and yet he still let it go in the end.

This time he won’t let go of you though, so if you’ve thought about him the same as he’s thought about you then… won’t you take his hand? I do because :’)) in the end Chiaki is still the sweetest man ever. And he pulls you into him telling you somewhat mischievously that he said he wouldn’t let you go, right? Rather, it’s more like he can’t bring himself to anymore. He loves you. Only you, and forever.

Time skip. Chiaki sets down those plates and asks how today’s creation tastes? You tell him it’s delicious and he’s getting better at cooking. He says he’s been working hard because he wants to see you looking pleased. He’s off from work tomorrow and suggests you two go out somewhere. You agree and then Chiaki murmurs that he’s happy. When you ask him to repeat that again, not quite catching it, he repeats that he said he was happy. The most he’s ever been right now. THE END!


As you’ve guessed, they all start the same. The next day, after the last interview, you get on the ship and, even though you broke the NDA thing you signed, no one decided to punish you probably because it was too much of a hassle. Anyway, you return to the mainland and several days later you see on the news that a car transporting the person suspected of attacking Isuzu caught on fire and everyone died, including five wardens.

Then you get a phone call from Kawachi who tells you that Hugo Kuroiwa was in that car and he’s dead. They’re presently investigating the cause of the accident. Meanwhile, the remains were badly burned. You see the dream you had earlier where Chiaki is in a field of red spider lilies and then disappears. All the while, you’re screaming at him to wait. But Chiaki is no longer anywhere.

One year later, you manage to bring yourself to visit Chiaki’s grave because you can’t believe he’s dead. His name is cleared in the involvement with Isuzu’s attack, but the cause of the fire that killed him is still unknown. You leave a flower bouquet behind and then hear church bells ringing. When you look over to the church, you suddenly see Chiaki coming over. Only, he’s just as surprised to see you.

He tries to leave immediately but you stop him because ???!!! CHIAKI!?! He tells you that the grave is where Hugo Kuroiwa died and the car accident was set up by the help of “some people”. He’s thrown away his name and everything related to Kuroiwa to start anew, although he’s still doing the same things.

Anyway, he tells you to go home, since you’ve seen him now (which was your purpose for visiting his grave) but you refuse. This makes him remark on how you never do the things he wishes: when he told you to go home the first time you met, when he told you not to go into dangerous places but you went to the waterfall, and when he told you to forget about him. But it’s because you’re like this that he…

He doesn’t finish his sentence and tries to leave but you get to cling onto him like a barnacle (CUE ME LUNGING AT MY PHONE TO DO THE TOUCHING/TAPPING MECHANIC). He tells you to let him go because he has to leave, not facing you. But you ask him if he lied when he called you his precious person and that he didn’t want to be separated.

Chiki tells you that you won’t be able to return to a normal life if you’re with him. He didn’t want to see you because then he could have just continued on in life praying for your happiness away from him. Why’d you appear in front of him…

You call out his name again and he desperately asks you not to say his name like that, because it shakes his will so easily. He won’t be able to suppress his desires even while wishing for your happiness. BUT HELL YEAH YOU CALL HIS NAME AGAIN. AND THEN HE SPINS AROUND AND HUGS YOU TIGHTLY. AND THE ULTIMATE MUSIC CHORUS KICKS IN.

He knows he can’t grant you the future you wish for but even still will you come with him? I chose to tell him that I think we can create our own future if we’re together. To which Chiaki replies that he’ll give everything to you, his past and his future too. He loves you more than anyone else and there’s no going back anymore. Even at this stage though, he doesn’t let you confess. He tells you that you don’t have to say anything… just stay by his side.

(Sorry, I just have to gush here because throughout the game Chiaki has three tracks called “Chiaki ~ Introduction”, “Chiaki ~ Verse”, “Chiaki ~ Bridge”, where it’s his theme song with different focus and instruments. But then they all get combined into an ultimate song called “Chiaki ~ Chorus”. And I’m just hnnghghg at the musical symbolism.)

Time skip. Chiaki is speaking on the phone to someone about accepting another request, as long as the rewards are there. He tells them that he’ll go to meet them and then, when he ends the call, he realizes you’re awake. He tells you that he’s got another job so he has to leave now, but he also remembered that it’s been a year since you two reunited. If you have anything you want, let him know and he’ll get it. He’ll also be sure to get that day off so you two can spend it together. Then he kisses you, says he loves you, and that he’s going now. THE END!


YABAIIIIIIIIIIII!! YABASUGIRUUUUUU!! I love Chiaki so much!? He’s hands down my favorite out of the three characters but I don’t know where to begin to gush about him! He’s confident, self-assured, observant, sarcastic, witty, smooth, kind, and just EVERY POSITIVE ADJECTIVE DESCRIPTION EVER LOL. He even has a dangerous bad boy past, but he’s such a sweet angel.

It’s funny because he apologizes later in the game for how coldly he treated you at the beginning, but I never got that sense because there’s this inherent warmth in his voice that he can’t erase (except for the moments when he’s being an empty doll). It’s so clear that Chiaki can’t stop himself from being a good person and his warnings to you at the beginning were for your own safety; his wariness at the start is completely understandable given his position too. CHIAKI SU-TE-KI!! DAISUKI!!

Anyway, what really attracts me to Chiaki is the confidence he exudes. In comparison, as much fun as I had with Aoi, his story was at its core a story about self-confidence and his lack of it since he didn’t want to take on the family business and was trying to find his own way in life. Meanwhile, Chiaki has been independent for what seems like as early as he can remember and that comes out in the interviews and when you message him because he’s comfortable in his own skin. (Haruto is… just naturally stoic LOL so even if he’s confident it’s not magnetic).

The mysteries in the story were really good this time and you can see my breakdown guesses happening in real time as I tried to fit all the conflicting information I was getting into a workable theory. I WAS ACTUALLY SO CLOSE TOO. But then in Episode 5 I got confused and distracted and forgot about Chiaki’s personal connections with Kuroiwa. That revelation was hilarious because I only play this game during my transit to work and back, so in the morning I was like “Well, there goes my theory about him being an agent or criminal” only to head home for the day and be like “OH SHIT I WAS RIGHT!?” lmao.

I’m crying over how much I love Chiaki, honestly. I also couldn’t help but laugh because of how much he’s like a reverse Arlen from the Rouge et Noir series. SPOILERS FOR ROUGE ET NOIR. Basically, Arlen was a FBI agent who willingly sunk down into the underworld for revenge. Meanwhile, Chiaki started off in the underworld (with Kuroiwa) and was sort of climbing his way out. Okay, more like he got stuck but I mean overall he’s a good man and angel who didn’t do anything bad even though he came from a shitty place. Both of these guys had or are in positions with the US police force and had or have connections to the underworld LOL.

AND LET’S NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT ENDING ONE OKAY? Arlen, when he becomes Van again, goes to jail and only meets up with the heroine in the series after many years at his twin’s grave and then they finally get together and he accepts his feelings for her. And he’s nothing more than just his name. IS THIS NOT WHAT HAPPENED IN CHIAKI’S ENDING ONE? HAUNTED BY THESE TYPES OF MEN WTF.

Anyway, more about Chiaki’s ending too. I’M JUST ALWAYS BLOWN AWAY BY HOW CAPCOM MAKES YOU FEEL SO MUCH FOR THESE BOYS. For Haruto it really feels like a slowly nurtured love and I just wanted the best for him so much. For Aoi, I wanted him to be comfortable with himself and to do what he loved. For Chiaki, I wanted him to stop suffering over his past, to stop blaming himself for everything, and to open himself up again. AND THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED!

He goes through so much change!! I keep on laughing whenever he brought up how cold he was at the beginning with you and how he tried to push you away, because I still never really felt that? Like he was just too kind and it was leaking out everywhere that the mean things he said never sounded that mean? It hurt, but it was clear that it was hurting him just as much to say that. Anyway, catch me crying in the club constantly over men who don’t understand emotions, but are inherently gentle.

CHIAKI BELIEVED HIMSELF TO BE LOVELESS. BUT HE HAD SO MUCH KINDNESS AND LOVE TO GIVE. I’m a bit sad he lost his name “Hugo” after all the feelings his parents put into that name for him, but it’s true that Chiaki fits him more after everything we went through. And that he’d want to stay as Chiaki in this new chapter of his life. Gods, he went from having no family to actively wanting a family and loving someone!! SOMEONE WHO ACCEPTS HIM UNCONDITIONALLY!! OTP!! OTP WITH CHIAKI AND THE HEROINE (ME?? SELF-INSERT ME?? LOL).

Ending 3 was interesting. This time it was clearly the worst one of them all, but still good. I WAS ALSO SCREAMING OVER THE BLOCKING HERE. And just melting at his lines. It’s funny because the Japanese fandom is in agreement that Ending 3 has a super hot CG LOL but story-wise Ending 1 is probably the best for Chiaki :’D I DUNNO MAN BECAUSE HIM BEING A SPY IS KINDA HOT– jk. I also love Ending 1 with all my heart.

Ending 2 ended up being the last one I got and I’m pretty ambivalent about it. It feels the most unnatural for me to get (because of the choices that need to be made) so I think that’s why I don’t like it at all. In Ending 1 and Ending 3, Chiaki and the heroine have made their resolutions about what to do and carry out a course of action.

In Ending 2, it’s like they both get cold feet or they flip-flop between their feelings and in the heroine’s case she tries to forget about him. COME ON GIRL!! Meanwhile, Chiaki, after all his promises, goes back on them and tries to forget about her too! In Ending 3, he’s resigned about how he’ll always be thinking about her and wishing for her happiness but he wont’ let himself meet her.

But, all that being said, Ending 2 is still viable imo and I think it’s cute. I like the blocking they did with Chiaki extending his hand and then pull you into him, although Ending 3 is the best with the turned back and then spinning around to passionately embrace you :’)) Ending 1 is lacking a bit in that… THOUGH I GUESS I GOT TO MOLEST HIM— LOL.

Capcom also went all out with the supporting characters (Tattsun as the library man; Sakurai as the warden!?) and everyone was either partially voiced or fully voiced during important scenes. I also loved all the extra content and the sarcastic jabs between Suda and Chiaki during the voice recording bits. It really gave you a better sense of the island and its inhabitants, which made some parts of the story hit really hard (like having to leave them).

ALSO, I love all the references to the other two games which I mentioned in the post. Obviously, there’s the Seahive laboratory and Golden Bee Project which leads to Haruto’s game. That microchip must have his parents’ information on there for sure. Then there’s the Kagami group which is Aoi’s family business. Shinnosuke becoming Cindy, who you meet later. Kariya getting installed on this land after Suda. UGH, what a way to tie everything together.

Like Aoi and Haruto, Chiaki gives you a present too. It’s part of a quest about a stone guiding you in love and in the end Chiaki gave me a pink opal. He thought that was the rock for me because I told him I wasn’t too good at expressing love and I’d rather be loved than to love. So, the pink opal enhances love energy and attraction; it’s a marriage stone that increases your ability to be loved by people. HMMM.

Chiaki also gives you a protection gnome after another quest where you get into a series of accidents LOL. Once again, depending on your answers, he gives you three different colored gnomes. He gave a purple one to me because it possesses healing powers. I answered that I was really tired and sad about all the troubles that I kept encountering and that I believed in spirits/fairies, so he hopes this healing/soothing gnome will gently cure my tired mind and body LOL. Thanks Chiaki. I’M ONLY TIRED BECAUSE I’VE BEEN CRYING OVER YOU!!

Anyway, here’s another CG below, the one related to giving you the gnome. I just wanted to say that I love his soft expression there and how the light is streaming in behind his head MAKING HIM AN ABSOLUTE ANGEL. BECAUSE HE IS ONE. HE DESERVES TO BE LOVED. ALWAYS.

6 thoughts on “Toraware no Palm Refrain ~ Chiaki ~

    Minmin said:
    April 13, 2020 at 20:35

    All the feels!!! Here I was thinking it’d be some nice crime solving detective goodness but then the sad backstories and feels just made me ooze with affection for these characters!! QwQ I want to buy the nintendo switch version of the games but do you think it would be easy to follow for a N5/4 learner? Thanks so much for the reviews!! Lovely work as always T u T

      Ilinox responded:
      April 14, 2020 at 22:19

      I still can’t believe I was iffy on this game and thought it was super weird because of the camera business LOL jokes on me because the story and relationship progress for all of them was extremely natural and you can’t help but get emotional over them and feel like you actually bonded.

      Umm, unfortunately I do think it’s a bit hard because the only voiced parts would be the interviews ;;; there’s a lot of exploration on the island and chatting with the guys through texts that may be difficult if you aren’t good with pure reading? I think most of the conversations with the guys are casual and might not be so hard to understand, but the stories for Haruto and Chiaki are definitely packed with jargon because one’s all about scientific research and the other was like governmental stuff and money laundering, haha.

      Even though I say this though, I definitely don’t think you should let it stop you if you’re interested! I mean, the way I learned Japanese was through sheer persistence of playing games that I was interested in and looking up all the words that I didn’t know.

    Impatient Goose said:
    March 25, 2020 at 02:05

    i really enjoyed reading your very detailed review on Chiaki. thank you so much for sharing your experience with us :)

      Ilinox responded:
      March 25, 2020 at 08:48

      You’re welcome! I can’t believe both games got ported to the Switch so quickly, but I hope that means more people can experience this great game even if the premise at the beginning sounds weird LOL.

    azurebelltingle said:
    July 31, 2019 at 10:27

    Oh my god reading your review made me wanting to play too!!! Unfortunately the game is not available in my region :( And I also like Chiaki the best, HE DESERVES TO BE CHERISHED

      Ilinox responded:
      July 31, 2019 at 17:06

      Aw, yeah, I think it’s only in the Japanese store :’)) they’re going to be releasing Haruto and Aoi on the Switch though!

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