Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon ~ Afterword ~

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I can’t tell if this was a shorter book than Light Beyond or what, but considering I seem to have zoomed through the first volume in just three months… I guess so?? Haha, anyway, please enjoy the afterword.

There’ll be a character page after this post.

Hello, this is Itamori. I hope everyone is doing well.

This novel is filled with paintings, inhuman people, a master and servant relationship, and elements I love with all my heart.

There is one story behind this volume.

I was told “How about an apple that’s been bitten once” about the painting Riz is holding from my editor on the composition of the cover and I thought “Cute!!”, feeling dazzled. But then I saw Yoi Machi’s rough sketch and I was overjoyed, thinking “Gorgeous!!”.

Then I secretly vowed “Let’s have a ‘bitten apple’ appear inside this volume still!”. Hurrah to a wonderful idea and a wonderful cover. I had a lot of fun writing this.


My acknowledgments.

I am indebted to my editor. I received a lot of help and was able to finish writing. Thank you so much!

Yoi Machi, I’m really honored to have been able to work together with you. Thank you for the beautiful illustrations and the monochrome ones are also really pretty!

To everyone in the editorial department, those who were involved, the proofreaders, the designers, the salespeople, and the bookshops that displayed this book, I sincerely thank everyone who supported me from the bottom of my heart. My sincere gratitude to my family and friends as well.

To the readers who picked up this book.

There is nothing that would make me happier than if you enjoyed this book.

I hope we can meet again!

Itomori Tamaki

2 thoughts on “Miss Appraiser and the Gallery Demon ~ Afterword ~

    Kalmaegi said:
    March 23, 2019 at 02:13

    OMG I didn’t expect the Epilouge to be so sweet, they really are such a surprising couple. Somehow managing to be straightforward with their affections yet not. I hope the author’s series does well. It has potential, combining all the elements I’m fond of; romance, mystery and supernatural.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 24, 2019 at 12:47

      Ehehehe, it’s so sweet to see them developing a tacit understanding and inside jokes with one another. They both know what each other is implying, but neither of them are saying it explicitly. UGH I wonder if that counts as slow burn or not LOL.

      I’m already starting to translate the second volume, so hopefully it’ll end well!

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