Junai Paraphilia ~ Seito Kaichou ~

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Arihara Leo (有原 玲央)
CV: 佐和真中

Pure Love Paraphilia ~ Student Council President ~

You were extorted by the student council president of your school, Arihara, into a physical relationship. It was a shock to you, since you looked up to the kind and sincere Arihara.

However, you were told “You and I are similar” in a meaningful manner by Arihara. During the time you were made to go along with Arihara’s extreme sexual play, you were able to confirm that Arihara’s idiosyncrasies came as a backlash from the responsibilities of his position as the eldest son.

And Arihara noticed you, who stifled yourself to death because of your serious personality, and tried to draw out the natural you.

Arihara told you, “Bare yourself as you are in front of me”.

You lost to Arihara’s seduction and—

Thanks to an anonymous commissioner. I’m making myself a nice Nakawaza pile, huh. I gotta admit this is one of my favorites of his works still, even though it’s an old one. On JP DLsite.

Usual R18 warnings about language and content apply here! For other warnings, uh, I guess he’s very into humiliation play and he’s a sadist (spanking, toys, restraints, etc.).

Note1: By the way, the verb used for training in the title of the second track and the Seagull tokuten is specifically used for training/breaking animals… LOL.

*** TRACK 1: The Inspiring Student Council President ***

Narration: Paraphilia – Student Council President – Arihara Leo.

*school bell rings; students in hall; Leo is talking to other students*

Leo: Oh? Really? Hahaha! Ah, excuse me for a moment. *comes over to heroine* Hey, how come you came all the way to the upper floor? Does it have something to do with the mountain of notes you’re carrying? Aren’t you on day duty today— *heroine walks past*

L: —Ah, ignored… That’s harsh.

*comes over*

L: Pass me that. You’re carrying these notes to the staff room, right? Don’t be stubborn, be good and rely on me. Hah, come on— *she resists; notes drop* Ah! I’m sorry, it’s because I tried to grab it from you. *heroine starts picking it up* I’ll help pick it up. *she rejects him* Ngh!

L: … It seems like you really hate me. Nah, actually, you’re scared, aren’t you?

*heroine gets up*

L: Go on. I won’t chase you anymore. *heroine leaves*

L: Heh, acting tough. I like that… girls like you, you know.

*** TRACK 2: After School Training ***

*heroine knocks on door*

L: Come in.

*heroine enters and closes door*

L: You’re here at last. I was getting tired of waiting and nearly fell asleep in this seat. The student council room is needed by the teachers and there weren’t any other empty rooms, so I had no choice but to choose this broadcasting room. Heh, it’s not a problem from time to time, right? Doing it in another place.

L: Come here… Hmm? *smiling* What’s wrong? No… you say? You still don’t know your position, do you? That’s fine, in that case I’ll teach you. *comes over* Look at this. At what’s being shown on this smartphone. Yes, it’s a picture of you. The time you were assaulted by me.

L: This is pretty amazing, you know? It clearly shows where you’re being penetrated and your climaxing face. See? If this picture was distributed everywhere, what will you do? My face isn’t shown, so I can make any kind of excuse. Besides, there’s a lot of people who’ll protect me as the son of a congressman and a reliable student council president. Especially girls.

L: But what about you, I wonder? If I had to say then you’re a plain, inconspicuous, and serious student; however, one who indulges herself in this sort of obscene love in a classroom at school. To the students who are completely fed up with their monotonous school life it’s a gossip they won’t be able to contain themselves from getting their teeth into. You understand with this, right? I’m holding your fate. Now… come over here quickly.


L: … Oh? You’re still defying me? Holding firmly onto your will and not yielding to threats despite trembling… *approaches heroine; she backs up* For our school to have a student like you, I consider it a point of pride as the student council president. But, you see… *KABEDON; whispering* that feisty attitude just makes me want to ravish you increasingly more. *kisses*

L: Ahah, the strength in your body is gradually leaving. You’re always like this. You become obedient the moment I rub your breasts like this, and your breath grows hot. Still, what a plain bra as usual. It suits you, since you’re neat and clean but can’t you wear something more womanly next time? Like frills or ribbons.

L: Because wouldn’t it be more interesting that way? To make a mess of something pretty is to thoroughly infringe upon it. I find that moment irresistible. *removes her bra* Hah, your nipples are hard. I touched you only just now. Did it feel that good? Being kissed forcibly and having a tongue shoved into you… I’m not wrong. You’re that kind of woman.

L: How many times have we done this? How to turn you into a bitch in heat, how to make you cry out wantonly… I know all of it. For example… *sucks on ear*


L: See? You’ve already become what I said. Hahaha, it’s useless to turn your head away. You don’t have just one ear, after all. *sucks other ear*

L: Why don’t you stop covering your mouth? Your voice has been leaking out since earlier. Your knees have threatened to crumble many times too. Standing is already… starting to feel like a limit. *kissing ear*

L: Embarrassed? But… that’s you. If you think I’m lying, why don’t we test it out? It’s simple. Just try asking yourself. This place… of yours. *fingers heroine* Ah… heh, it’s already this wet. It’s sopping inside your underwear. This is the proof… that you’re helplessly debauched.

L: *heroine shoves him* Ngh!… You can’t run away! *grabs heroine* Heh, what a great feeling… pinning you down like this with force. It’s like looking down at a pitiful, pinned butterfly. It makes me shiver.

L: … Next is pleading? If I was going to let you go with that then I wouldn’t have done this from the start. Besides… I need to punish you. Did you not hear me? Punishment. It’s the penalty for trying to run from me… I’m going to embarrass you thoroughly.


L: *sound of a chain* This? As you can see, it’s handcuffs. I always carry them on me in order to catch any rude people I find in the school. Actually, that was a joke, and in truth it’s just a preference of mine. *puts it on heroine*

L: Alright. Someone like you won’t be able to resist after being handcuffed, right? Good, now get up. *pulls heroine up* Leave your arms above your head like this. *removes belt and pants* Now, swallow this. Come on, open your mouth properly or the entire thing won’t fit in. Or do you want me to cram this into your small mouth? *heroine gives him BJ* Nngh… ah… yes, that’s right. Like that… swallow it firmly…

L: Nngh… hah… does it hurt? Even if that’s the case, don’t use your teeth. If you do such a childish prank… ngh, I’ll add more punishment. Haah… ngh…


L: You can keep going still, right? Haah… more… suck harder…! Nngh! Swallow it to the back of your throat. Suck on me while making that lewd noise… ngh… haah…

L: So nice… that face… It feels like you’re desperately enduring this humiliation. Haah… show me more. Not your usual indifferent face… but this unsightly expression no one has ever seen. Haah… ngh… I have no interest in your “prettiness”… The way you look dirtied and fallen… haah… hah… that’s what I want to see. Nngh! Aagh… ngh…

L: Haah… haa… I’m cumming… I’m releasing…! Nngh… haa… *he orgasms*

L: … Haa… hah… Aah, your face is sticky with my semen. It’s mixed with your tears and spit… what a mess. It’s beautiful. *leans in* Do you want me to forgive you? Then accept it. That you’re debauched. Kneel in front of me, clasp your hands as if in prayer, and then say it.


L: Hehehe. You really are tough. You’re still glaring at me with those eyes? It seems like that punishment wasn’t enough. For a woman like you, something more thorough should have been done. Come! *yanks her over and pushes her*

L: Put your hands on that equipment. *inserts himself* Hngh… aah… haha… I didn’t stretch you in particular but I’m easily entering. Haah… look, stick your ass out more. Nngh…!

L: … I’m going to move. Mmgh… ah… haah… What’s wrong? For all that you’ve complained, you’re moaning with such a nice voice, aren’t you? Nngh! Hagh… you’re also squeezing hard down here… ngh…!

L: Did you want me that badly? Then I’ll give you more. Come on! Aah… haah… haa… Give up and say it. You want me to forgive you, right? Nngh… hah… then admit that you’re debauched. Haah… if you plan to resist still then I’ll broadcast your voice inside the school.


L: If I press this switch… ngh… then your moans and the obscene sounds from your mouth down here… all of it will resound through the inside of the school. Nngh! Haah… or is that your preference? Haa… ngh…! Come on, say it, that you’re a debauched woman who gets off on me assaulting you by force.

L: … Hahaha, well done. As a reward, I’ll make you cum like this. Nngh! Haah… hah…! *thrusting*

L: You’re about to cum already? Go ahead… climax alone! Nngh… ngh…! *heroine orgasms*

L: Haah… haa… *pulls out and tidies his clothes* It looks like you’re exhausted and you won’t be able to move for a while. I’ll remove the handcuffs, so you can rest a little before leaving. *removes handcuffs*

L: That was fun. See you tomorrow too, hehe.

*he exits room*

L: … Still no good, huh. Most of her mask has come off, but it’s not like she’s shown me everything yet. It’s just me tearing it off by force and only seeing a little inside. You haven’t changed since that time… Nothing yet.

*** TRACK 3: To a World of Pleasure ***

Narration: Two months ago.

L: Here we go. How are you doing over there? Are you done organizing the minutes? You’re quick with your work, plus it’s correct and thorough. How about joining the student council in place of the secretary who’s off sick? Haha, kidding. Our secretary will return tomorrow, so thank you really for these three days. I was helped out because of you.

*heroine’s phone vibrates*

L: Ah, go ahead, don’t hold back and answer it.

*heroine walks off to answer; Leo talks to himself*

L: Now then, I guess I’ll also do some cleaning in this student council room. Let’s see… where did that get put?…

*heroine finishes call*

L: … Hm? You’re done with your call already? Was it your mother again…? She called around the same time yesterday, didn’t she? Your family’s pretty strict. Curfew is at four o’clock, which is abnormally early for a student. Even the wind ensemble you finally joined you were forced to quit for cram school.

L: You actually want to go to a designer technical school, so studying for university shouldn’t even be necessary… Hey, are you fine with that? Throwing away your dream and going on the steady road your parents have ordered? Isn’t that just being subservient to your parents?


L: “My parents are only worried for me”… Hah, an answer proper for an honors student. *walks up to her* You’re extremely serious… and you’re similar to me somewhere. Somehow, when I look at you… I want to mess you up.

L: Heh, I’ve decided. I’ll take you… to a world of pleasure unfamiliar to you. *kisses; fade out*

[03:04] *back to present; school bell rings; heroine cautiously opens door*

L: What are you doing over there? What curious turn of events happened to bring you to the student council room alone? I see, you came with things left to you by Adviser Hirono. He’s your homeroom teacher, so you were asked to do this incidentally, weren’t you? And then, just as you dropped off the files and tried to leave while no one was here, I returned with good timing…

L: *walks towards her; she backs up* Haha, why are you stepping back? You personally dived into my territory. So, naturally, you’ve prepared yourself, haven’t you. If you didn’t want this no matter what, then you should have refused the teacher’s request, no? Or you could have asked someone else. There are countless of ways.

L: However, you didn’t do that and came to the student council room yourself. You say no, but aren’t you full of frustration? The one wishing for a relationship with me… is you. *backs heroine into wall* Now… there’s nowhere to run anymore. As you wish, I’ll take you by force. *kisses*


L: *heroine slaps him* Tch! Haha, isn’t this the second time I’ve been struck by you? *heroine runs* Ah, wait!

*Leo chases heroine*

L: Haa… haa… *grabs her*… haah… haa… I’ve got you. *whispers* Don’t shout. Right now, it’s the end of the school day. If you make a fuss at the main entrance, you’ll attract attention. *car pulls up* It’s my family’s car. Perfect timing, you’re coming with me. Where, you ask? My house, obviously. Come on, hurry.

*** TRACK 4: The Beast Hidden in the Heart ***

*Leo pepares tea*

L: Here, some tea. Drink it before it gets cold.

L: … How impatient. You’re finally at my house, so you should take it easy. Are you that worried about your curfew? Or do you need to go to cram school? No matter your reason, I don’t intend to return you home. If you say you’re going to leave then… I can release your embarrassing photos on the internet right now. Are you fine with that?

L: Why am I so persistent on you? Isn’t that plain to see? It’s because I love you. I was interested in you since the first time I saw you underneath the cherry blossom trees at our school entrance ceremony. As you helped out with student council work and we exchanged words, I liked you more and more.

L: When I see a serious girl like you, I end up wanting to tease her… turn her into a sopping mess… make her cry until her tears dry up. That’s me. I’m aware it’s an abnormal personality, but this is the only thing where nothing can be done about it.


L: Well, things may have been a little different if it wasn’t this family. As the eldest son of a congressman, I go to and from school in a car. My personal room is enormous, as you can see, and it even has a fireplace. It’s a life where I want for nothing, yet as the Arihara heir I was raised under strict conditions.

L: I have no freedom. I’m not even allowed to have a dream. I just run and run on top of my parents’ oppression and orders. Perhaps it was a backlash; by the time I noticed, I became like this. My parents and surroundings believe I am a gentle and sincere person, even up to now, but the real me is the one you already know. Cruel, sometimes to the point of scaring myself… and dirty…

L: That’s probably why I was drawn to you. I felt a sympathy with you. You were the same as me, raising a beast in your heart even while wearing a pretty mask. A beast called desire.


L: No. We’re the same. It’s something you can tell if we ask your body. *leans in* How about we test it? *kisses*

L: … Mngh… how about you finally give up and learn to accept it? You should more than realize by now that resisting is pointless. But, well… I suppose it’s boring to ravish you if you just lie down quietly. Alright then, if you want to resist then resist for as much as you like. In exchange, I’ll also do what I want. *sucks on ear*

L: Haha, ah… what a nice voice. It’s the voice of you falling into pleasure. Fall to the ends of the earth like that. *sucks on ear*


L: Hm? You changed your bra? It’s usually a plain bra, but today it’s a random, womanly design. Could it be… because I said something a few days ago? For you to wear this sort of underwear because of that means you weren’t really against the idea either, I see.

L: “By chance”…? I see. Well, who cares about your reason, it doesn’t change how my enjoyment has increased. As I’ve told you before… I’ll make a mess of it. *kisses*

L: … Ngh, ah… nicely-shaped breasts. It makes me want to mess you up more and more… *kisses*

L: Raise your hips. I can’t strip you like this. Nngh… *removes her clothes* Hehe. No, I won’t return it.

L: … You’re persistent. If you’re going to say that then… *throws into fireplace* Heh, your skirt and underwear have become ashes in the fireplace with this. Haha, you look like you’re about to cry. How sad… but, don’t worry, I’m going to change that expression right now to a sloppy face distorted with pleasure. *kisses*


L: Heh, you haven’t been calm since earlier. Each time I kiss you, your body jumps and shivers. I know… you’re aroused, aren’t you? And… it’s hot here. Aah, even your thighs are soaked. It’s like you were rained on. Such a tidy face, but your body is more indecent than any other woman. How about I continue pressing against your most sensitive spot like this? Or do you want me to rub slowly around your entrance? I’ll let you choose the one you like.

L: … Hah, you’re refusing either one? Then you’ll have no complaints if I do as I please. *gives oral*

L: Aah, amazing, your juices are flowing out… How is it? The feeling of being loved by my mouth. *giving oral*

L: Hey, don’t bite your lip… If it feels good then make a sound… Right now, there’s no one watching… Those who bind you and impose on you don’t exist here. Come on, release yourself. Take off that mask and crave pleasure. *giving oral; heroine orgasms*


L: … You came? Heh, you look like you have a fever. Looking at you makes me feel dazed as well… but it’s not enough.

L: Get up. Over here. Get on my lap.

L: Hmm? Why are you frozen? You can’t possibly think it’ll end with just me holding you from behind, right? *removes his belt* Come on, spread your legs. Yes, stay still like that because I’m putting it in now… Nngh! Haah… you’re as tight as always inside; the folds are squeezing around me tightly… Nngh, don’t rush me like that, because I’ll give you as much as you want… *thrusting*

L: Hey, don’t just pay attention to me behind you. Take a good look… in front of you. Hehehe, have you noticed? Nngh, yes, it’s a mirror. It’s showing your reflection; your appearance of me holding your knees up and thrusting into you from below.


L: Don’t avert your eyes. Look at it carefully. Come on!

L: Heh, you look like you’re so embarrassed you want to disappear. But… when I see that face of yours, it makes me want to embarrass you more. Nngh…! *thrusting*

L: What’s this? You’re clenching around me so hard. It’s hard to move, isn’t it? Nngh… haah… Are you aroused at seeing yourself being ravished? Hah… ha… your juices are dripping again. Aah… it’s even staining my pants. It’s also making such an embarrassing noise… You really are a debauched and impure woman. Nngh… haah…

L: … Haa… ha… who said you could look down? Haa… ha… look up. Nngh! *forces her head up* Yes, that’s right. Look at that mirror… and then burn it into your eyes. Your true self. Nngh! *thrusting*


L: Me too… I’m already… I’m cumming… ngh! Haagh… hah…! *both orgasm*

L: … Aah, even the carpet is flooded. It’s like someone wet themselves. Was it that good?… Heh, as usual there’s no answer, I see. But I can tell. That you’re gradually becoming docile to pleasure. If you can say I’m wrong… if you can swear that to God… then shake your head.

L: You can’t, can you? *whispers* Then why don’t we continue like this? *kisses*

*** TRACK 5: A Choice in the Sunset ***

*riding train; train comes to a stop and doors open*

L: Ah, hello, it’s been a while. Last time was when you came to my house, I believe? It’s winter vacation, so I haven’t seen you at school.

*heroine tries to exit; he blocks her; train doors close*

L: Too bad, you missed your chance to run. Where are you going from here? The things crammed in your bag are… textbooks? Meaning you’re on your way to cram school?

L: … Are you really giving up? It’s your dream. Going to a technical school, studying designing… that’s your original wish, right? If you have the time to go back and forth between cram school, then wouldn’t it be better to draw even one rough sketch?… Well? Answer me.


L: Hah, you’re silent, huh. You spoke more when we first met, yet lately you won’t even meet my eyes. Your senior is sad, you know… *embraces heroine; low voice* Don’t move. Stand facing the door. I feel like you’ll pay a little more attention to me if I do this. It’s your fault, you know? You’re ignoring me and you’re in this fluttering skirt; there’s no way I won’t be tempted from seeing these delicious thighs.

L: Aah, what an indecent ass. You’re being touched because you have such an ass. Mm? Isn’t your underwear wet already? It’s much faster than usual. Ah, or are you aroused at feeling like you’re being seen by the other passengers? It’s possible with you, after all you’re a debauched woman who gets off on being assaulted by force. *fingers heroine*

L: Hehe, as I thought it’s soaking. It’s even making such sloppy noises. At this rate, it feels like the people around us will notice. If you’d like, how about I put my fingers inside too? Don’t be shy. You want it, don’t you? Look, your entrance is twitching with desire. As long as you wish for it, I can do it right now. Now, try saying it. What do you want me to do?

[03:32] *train comes to a stop*

L: We’ve reached a station already? Are you relieved? But I haven’t said it’s over yet. Come.

*drags heroine off; scene skip*

L: Phew. We’ve gone around to a lot of places. To a cafe, the movies, and a game center. I feel like I played around the most today than I ever have in my life up to now. Without me noticing, the sun has started to set. Time flies when I’m with you.

L: Haha, you’ve had that expression since the start. It feels like you’re troubled. You’re asking me what the point of this was? You’re really asking that at this point? It was a date. Da-te. It’s natural to ask the girl you like out on a date, right? Besides, it was written on your face. That you didn’t want to go to cram school today.

*strong wind blows*

L: What’s wrong? To scream at just the wind blowing. Aah, oh right, you aren’t in underwear right now, huh. After we got off the train I removed it in the station’s washroom.


L: Don’t glare at me like that. In my way, I’m being considerate of you. It’d feel bad to wear damp underwear, right? Now then, let’s not stand around here and let’s go. Ah, it’s a footbridge. It’s a dead end further up because of construction, so we can only cross the road here.

L: Eh? “Wait”…? *smiling* Why?… I see. You’re scared of passing people peeking underneath your skirt? Alright then, let’s cross the footbridge! Heh, I heard you clearly. But then I thought this: youl’l experience embarrassment crossing the footbridge. Seeing you like that will make me pleased. There’s no other date plan as wonderful as this.

L: Come on, let’s hold hands. I’ll cross together with you.

*they start walking; Leo starts whispering*

L: … Hey, look. The man climbing the stairs behind us is glancing at you. It’s possible he might have noticed you’re not wearing anything. Haha, you’re red like a boiled octopus. You really are cute.

[06:58] *scene skip*

L: Ah, we’re here. I didn’t think just crossing a footbridge could be such a fun thing. *heroine sinks down* A-ah! Are you okay!? You suddenly sat down on the floor… are you tired from walking too much?

L: Eh? You’re drained? From being embarrassed…? Pff… hahaHAHAHA!! Hahaha, I’m sorry, you’re too cute so it slipped out. It doesn’t look like you’ll be able to move for a while, huh. Then I guess I’ll sit down too.

L: Aah, the sunset is beautiful. Normally, I don’t pay attention to the sky, but for some reason I feel like I want to stare at it forever today. Not just the sky either, but the buildings and the sidewalks. Everything looks vibrant. This is the first time I’ve felt this…


L: Today was fun. You probably don’t believe me, and I’m not looking for you to believe me. However, I’m serious. My feelings for you— *heroine’s phone rings*

L: It’s from your mother… right? *phone continues to ring*

L: … What are you going to do? *keeps ringing*

L: You don’t “have” to go. What do you… you, personally, want to do? You’re a kind girl who can consider the feelings of your parents and your surroundings. But you’ll exhaust yourself acting as a good girl like that. You yourself must have realized that your limit will come one day.

L: Let me give you one hint. If it was me… I can save you. I can release you from all your shackles and bring you to a world different from this one. As long as you dive into my chest, I can do it right now.

L: … What will you do? Will you continue to wear a mask and live while lying to yourself? Or lay bare your true self, even if it means betraying the expectations of those around you? Decide during my count of three.

L: Three… two…… one………… zero— *heroine leaps into his arms* ah! I thought you’d do this. Welcome… to my place. With this you’re… free. *gentle kisses*

*** TRACK 6: As the Two Please ***

*door opens; both are passionately kissing*

L: Haah… haa… no, I won’t wait. I can’t bear it anymore! *kisses while moving heroine; she bumps into wall*

L: Nngh… ha… good thing the school was close. It looks like everyone’s gone home and there’s no one in the student council room either. I can fuck you to my heart’s content. *removes clothes; kisses*

L: Here too… I’m going to help myself to your breasts. *kisses*

L: You, haha… really love this spot. The tip of your breast is becoming hard. It’s asking to be sucked on… haah… ha… just one side isn’t enough, right? This side too. *sucks on her*

L: Ngh, hah… ah, this is unbearable. Touching your body like this makes me burn up inside. Haah… you can tell, can’t you? That’s I’m also… this hard. I feel like I’m going to burst at the smallest stimulation. Hah… I want to enter you right now and make you a mess. On top of this hard classroom desk I want to take out all my desires on you.

L: Nngh! *heroine removes his belt* What are you—… ah… Haha, I didn’t think it was possible for a day like this to come where you touched me. Nngh… ah… haa… move your hand more. Stroke it hard. Aah…! Ngh… y-yes, aren’t you good…


L: Where did you learn that technique? Did you do it with another man without me knowing? Ungh… hah… it’s just your natural talent then? Nngh… you really are indecent. Haah… alright, do it with your mouth next.

L: A clear liquid is dripping down. Come on, hurry and suck me. *heroine does so* Nngh…! Aah…! Haah… haa… right there, lick the underside… press your tongue against it… as hard as you can… Aah! Haah… haa! Good… I feel like I’m going crazy. Haah, suck on me like that to the base… while tracing me with your tongue… sensually… nngh… ngh…

L: You’re… amazing. Ungh, that mouth is like it exists for pleasing me… and your eyes… ngh, looking up at me from beneath your lashes, with tears, aah… I understand now… your eyes aren’t for looking at things, hah, but to invoke my lust… Nngh, ah…! *heroine still sucking*

L: Haa… hah… I’m cumming… I want to let it out…! Inside your mouth…! Ngh! I’ll hold your head, so swallow it all. Haah… haa… ah…! I’m cumming…! *he orgasms*


L: Something white is dripping from the corner of your mouth… I told you to swallow it all though. *kisses*

L: Aah… this is bad. I get aroused too when I kiss you… and I want to do it right away again… Come here. *positions heroine* Put your hands on the window like that and look outside. Nngh… *inserts himself*

L: Haah… although you’re wet, it really is tight if I don’t stretch you. But… you prefer it when it’s almost painful, right?… I believe I told you to look outside. Even at this time there’s still people passing through. I’ll make sure they see you… your appearance as you moan like an animal, assaulted from behind. Nngh! *thrusting*


L: You still have the leisure to pay attention to me behind you? Or are you expressing how you want me to be harder? Hah, good grief, what a hopeless girl… you are. Raise a leg and spread them further. I’ll thrust into a deeper part of you. Nngh! Haa… hah… *thrusting*

L: … Aah, look, that obscene juice is spilling from your lower mouth. You really do like it when you’re seen by people, huh. Ungh…! Haah… haa…!

L: Ngh!… Hah… haa… you came? You’re convulsing inside. I can tell immediately whenever you cum. *positions heroine* What are you surprised about? It’s just me pushing you down. I haven’t cum inside you yet. It’s still hot, hard, and huge. You can tell, can’t you? *kisses*


L: Ahah, you squeezed down right now. Didn’t you just cum? But… that’s fine. Crave me more. *kisses*

L: … Nngh…! *moves his hips* You… feel good with this, right? Me, circling inside you like this… But there should be a spot you love more. A spot deeper inside… here, ngh! *hard thrusting*

L: Haah… haa… it feels good, like I’m being wrung out. I’m surrounded by your wet folds and this… ngh… squeezing… How about you? Do you feel good? Haa… hah… do you want to feel even better? Then tell me what you want. Where… what you want done on you… what you want to become… Ngh, say it properly with your mouth.

L: Fuck you senselessly… in your deepest spot… And then? Hahaha… “Please let me cum, Arihara-senpai”, right? Heh, next time you should be able to say it precisely by yourself. As punishment, I’ll be more intense than you wished. Nngh! Haa… haa… *thrusting*

L: Here, cum. Haah… ha… I will too. Ngh… I’ll cum inside… deeply… I’ll pour it all in…! I’ll make your body and heart mine…! Haa… haah… ungh…!

L: I’m cumming…! Aagh…! *he orgasms*

L: … Haah… haa… hehe… you have a slack face. You moaned a lot today…  your hair is disheveled… and you moved your hips yourself… That’s good. Take off your mask in front of me. Show me your bare self at all times. It’s a promise. *kisses*

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Too Lovey-Dovey with Arihara, so Tried Abstinence for Ten Days Pt. 1 ***

Narration: This was an event one certain early afternoon, a short while after I started dating you.

*clock ticking; writing noises*

L: Ah, you’re done? Let’s see, let’s see. Hm, question one and question two are correct. Next is question three, but… hm, you only solved it partway? Then the rest is just a little more effort. Listen, once you’re here, use the aforementioned formula. So, after substituting the value you derived with x and y… See, the result will appear.

L: Heh, that’s what you needed, right? But if the same problem appears next time you’ll be able to solve it, right? This unit was definitely come out in the test at the end of the school year, so you’ll certainly get points. You worked hard. *pets heroine*

L: Haha, do you like it when I rub your head? Then I’ll pet you more. You worked hard on your worst subject, math, so it’s a reward. Hmm? Hehe, ah, you’re so cute as if you were a kitten. When you close your eyes in pleasure like that, you look exactly just like one.

L: Eh? You want to thank me? For what? Haha, you don’t have to worry about it. There’s no student council work during a test period and I can study for myself while teaching you.


L: Ahah, you’re conscientious. Alright then, if you’re insisting then… *drops voice* I’ll have you. *kisses; pushes heroine back onto bed*

L: Hah? Why can’t we do this? Aren’t you the one who said you wanted to thank me? Besides, my parents are away. No matter how loud you are, no matter how intense we are, no one will question us. Now… I’ll take your ample gratitude. *kisses*

L: … Haah… haven’t your breasts become larger again? They’re jutting out of your bra, unable to be contained. I wonder whose fault it is for making your body become so indecent, hm?

L: It hurts? Heh, but you seem to be making pleased noises for all that? Does this feel good for you? Gripped tightly and rubbed hard… Then how about this? Hehe, what a nice scream. I suppose it hurts when your nipple is pinched? Or did it feel so good you unconsciously cried out? How about we test it?


L: Oh wow, the inside of your underwear is dripping wet. So, you were aroused in the end. You weren’t even caressed and yet this much honey is flowing out. To like being in pain… you’re a hopeless girl. I can only physically punish you for this.

L: Be quiet. *removes belt* Hah… what a nice sight. Your body is held down and the belt has robbed both your wrists of freedom. It feels like I’m doing something forbidden.

L: Now then, I’ve removed your underwear too, so next is… *grabs and switches on toy* Alright, it moves with no problem. Heh, this? As you can see, it’s a vibrator. It’s in the shape of a cell phone, so it’s a little small but… Keep your legs spread like that. *turns on vibrator* Aah… how lewd. Here, can you heart it? This place is sopping. Your entrance is twitching, being stroked by this tool.


L: Heh, your face is bright red. I wonder whether an apple would be redder? Right now, you’d be sweet. *kisses; toy is still on*

L: … Haah… haa… hehe, you’re raising your hips. Have you reached the point where just having it pressed between your legs isn’t enough? In that case… *turns off toy* Nngh… heh, hey, I only put it in. Will you be okay when you feel that good already? The real thing is going to start from here. *turns on toy*

L: Hahaha, if you writhe around like that then aren’t my sheets going to be all messed up? Are you possibly trying to run away from the pleasure? Stop it. You’re just going to rub your wrists against my belt and get hurt. Aah, your honey is flowing out again. Even the sheets are soaked.

L: Are you fine with anyone? Even if it’s not me, and it’s another man? Even this toy?… *turns off toy*

L: … Heh, you look conflicted. Are you wondering why I suddenly stopped? Because you said you were fine with anyone. Then you should just do it alone. Oh wait, come to think of it, your hands are bound. Well, it’s not for me to do anything about. Leaving you unfinished and unable to orgasm has nothing to do with me.


L: Now then, I’m going to watch you leisurely from here, so swallow that vibrator by yourself. *heroine struggles*

L: Hehe, you can’t even get up by yourself? No matter how much time passes, you’re just going to be in pain like that. Aah, you’re even crying. My heart hurts when you look at me with such damp eyes. If you have something you wish to say then say it. I’ll hear you out for now.

L: Hm? What was that? I couldn’t hear. “Please let me cum”? What do you want to cum from? The vibrator? Or…? Hahahaha! I guess it can’t be helped. Nngh… here, put your hands on the bed and get on your hands and knees. Thrust your ass out this way.

L: Is that your way of doing it? Do it more. Higher. Yes, that’s good. *unzips pants* I’m putting it in… nngh! Ugh… aah… because it was stretched with the vibrator it’s loose. I’m entering easily. Haah… ah… hah, can you tell? That I’ve arrived deep inside. To a place where a vibrator can’t reach. Now then, as you wish, I’ll make you cum. With what you love… myself! *thrusting*


L: Amazing… you’re wrapped all around me… like you were waiting for me. Ungh… hah… hehe, to move your own hips… ngh… I need to punish such a lewd woman. *spanks* Hah, what’s wrong? You clenched down on me. Heh… it can’t be that you felt pleasure from having your ass hit? Come to think of it, you like it when it hurts, don’t you?

L: Haah… hah… in that case, I’ll punish you a whole lot more. *spanking* Nngh… hehe… come on, more? Do you want me to spank you more? You pig! Ngh! Ungh! Again… you’re squeezing and clenching… I feel like I’m going to get carried away. Do you want me? Not any other men or toys, but me? Haah… haa… hehe, I can’t not respond when you nod again and again like that. *thrusting*


L: Here, cum! Haah… haa…! Nngh…! *heroine orgasms*

L: … Aah, that slack face… Originally, we were talking about you thanking me, so what are you going to do when you’re the one who was pleasured? Hah, oh well… *door unlocks outside room* Ah! Shit, my parents came back. Hide in my futon.

*heroine hides under blanket; footsteps come; door is knocked on*

L: Yes? *door opens* Ahah, welcome home. Our studying is going well. My girlfriend learns fast, so teaching her is fun. But, haha, maybe she was tired because she fell asleep. I’ll wake her after a while and then we’ll resume again. Please, don’t worry.

[14:30] *door closes; footsteps leave; Leo sighs*

L: It’s fine now. *heroine comes out*

L: I said that to my parents, but we actually haven’t even reached half of our goal. At this rate, we might not be able to make it in time for the exam. Hm… there’s no choice. Let’s be abstinent. If we have sex then we can’t progress in our studies. A student’s duty is studying, so until the exams are over we’ll both have to endure.

L: Why are you relieved? Doesn’t that make it seem like I’m the only one who wants to do it and forced you to go along? Impressive of you to say that when you were moving your hips like that… I look forward to seeing how long that bluff holds.

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Too Lovey-Dovey with Arihara, so Tried Abstinence for Ten Days Pt. 2 ***

Narration: And so our abstinent life began. Because it was interesting, I made an observation diary about my girlfriend during this period.

L: *writing in diary* On the third day of abstinence. I saw my girlfriend self-studying when I went to the library during lunch break. I brought my face close to her under the pretense of teaching her, but was hit by the corner of her notebook. Even as she told me to stop seducing her, those somewhat sad eyes of hers left a strong impression.

L: On the fifth day of abstinence. After school, I bumped into my girlfriend in the hallway in front of the student council room. I was careless, but she was also reading a reference book while walking and it seemed like she wasn’t really watching where she was going. The moment I touched her legs, to try and lift her up when she fell, she jumped and trembled… and, what’s more, she cried out sweetly. It appeared she was quite sexually frustrated. I wonder if she can protect the oath to be abstinent to the end like this?


L: And then on the tenth day of abstinence…

*door is knocked on*

L: Come in. *heroine enters* You’ve worked hard. How was today’s exam? If I recall correctly, wasn’t it math? I see, the parts I taught you came out. Then I’m sure you’ll get good results back. *school bell rings* Ah, it’s about time to leave the school. There’s still tomorrow morning’s exam, so you should go home early and study. I happen to have finished my student council work too, so why don’t we head out together. *Leo turns to leave; heroine reaches out*

L: Eh? What?… Ahah, I won’t understand if you just pull at my sleeve. Say it properly with your mouth. Hm… seeing you rubbing your thighs together like that, it looks like you finally can’t bear it anymore?

L: … Aah. *grabs a chair and sits down* I told you, didn’t I? That until the exams at the end of the school year were over we were to be abstinent. In addition, some time ago, didn’t you reject my proposal? You declared you wouldn’t give up and pushed me away. It’s a problem if you don’t take responsibility for your own words.

L: If you insist you can’t endure it no matter what then… do it alone here. I’ll sit here like this in this chair and watch. Come on, what’s wrong? It’s built up, hasn’t it? In that case, hurry up and do it. First, sit on that desk. *heroine does so*


L: Heh… that’s right. Now… masturbate.

L: … “What do I do”? You must have masturbated at least? Just do it how you always do it alone.

L: If you can’t think of anything then I’ll give you instructions, so you can follow it just like that. Let’s see… touch your breasts first then. *heroine does so* Hah, is that what you call touching? Rub yourself harder. Hold your breasts in both hands and move them up and down. *heroine does so*

L: Yes… you can do it when you put your mind to it, can’t you. Your breathing has risen too. Are you feeling aroused by touching yourself? Hehe, it’s become more and more interesting. Why don’t I watch closer beside you? *gets up from chair and goes over*

L: Now, what should we do next? You can’t be satisfied from just touching yourself above your clothes, right? How about removing everything? I can consider helping out. Here, raise both your arms. *removes clothes*


L: Take off your bra too. It’s in the way, isn’t it? Aah, your breasts have spilled out. Mm? Aren’t your nipples hard? A light color on top of pale skin. Hmm? No, I won’t touch you. Unlike you, I’m being sure to keep to the oath of abstinence. If you feel frustrated then how about touching them yourself? Pinch them with your fingertips and roll them around. Simple, right? *heroine does so*

L: Heh, yes, yes, well done. Ah, your voice has gotten wetter. Teasing your breasts by yourself and writhing on the desk… You’re a deviant, aren’t you. Come on, remove your underwear next and spread your legs.

L: It’s not “I can’t do it”. Is that what you say during your exams as well? “I can’t do it”, “I don’t understand”, so you don’t take your exams? That’s wrong, isn’t it? However it is, you’ll take the exam. In that case, do this. It’s not that you can’t do it… it’s that you’re going to do it.


L: More. Spread them wider. Show your most important place entirely to me. Aah… it’s wet. That beautiful pink color is drenched in love juice. Your entrance is also this swollen… How obscene.

L: Don’t just let it twitch, how about touching it? Even if you wait, no one will give you anything. You can only do it yourself. *heroine touches herself* Merely that, is it enough? Rub it harder. It’s how I always do it, right? Use your middle finger too and rub it.

L: Good… just like that. It’s squelching… sopping… and making sounds. Ah, it’s even dripped onto the desk. Exposing your naked self in front of me and, on top of all that, letting me hear such indecent sounds… you really are a shameless woman, aren’t you.


L: What’s the matter? You want to cum? “I can’t do it alone”, even if you say that nothing can be done, because I’m abstinent and won’t do anything. If you want to cum then cum alone. Relax, I’ll be sure to watch you here.

L: … Haah, do you want me to do it no matter what? There’s an attitude to take for that then, isn’t there? After all, I’m breaking my oath to abstinence for your debauched self. You’ll have to beg more desperately. Come on, try begging. Say this in your voice, “Please ravish me, Arihara-senpai”.

L: Hehe, looks like I have no choice. My beloved is begging me with tears. *removes belt* There’s no way I can’t listen to that… Ngh, I’m putting it in so relax your body. Nngh… ungh…!

L: Can you tell? That my tip is pressing against you. I’m going to go deeper from here. Nngh… ah…! Haah… haa… wrap your arms around my neck. Hold tightly so that you don’t tumble off the desk. Nngh… agh… you’re soft and wet inside… hah… this is the first time you’re so hot. Is it because you held back for ten days? You couldn’t wait to do it with me and became this filthy? *thrusting*


L: Hey, are you cumming already? Nngh…! Didn’t we just start? Endure it a little more, hah, if you cum alone first… Ngh! I won’t forgive that. Ungh…!

L: Aah, you’re drooling. How sloppy. I guess I have to wipe it. *kisses*

L: Nngh! Hey… don’t squeeze! Did you get excited from being kissed? Haah… haa… no, I won’t let you cum. Here, I’m going to move again! Nngh… hah…

L: Does this spot feel good? Or… here? Ungh…! Come on, what’s wrong? Don’t just moan and tell me where you love it. I’ll thrust into it senselessly, ngh, ah…! You clenched again… haah, I understand, anything’s fine? Aah…


L: Having me inside you after a long time… you’re so happy you can’t do anything, I see. In that case, I’ll do it however many times you want. Haah… ah… ngh! *thrusting*

L: Are you cumming now? Hah… you can’t hold on any longer? Nngh… alright, I’ll permit it… In return, I’m going to release inside. Haah… I’m going to fill you up deep inside with myself. Haah… haa… ngh…!

L: I’m… cumming…! I’m releasing… inside… the deepest part of you! Agh…! I’m going to pour this hot cum inside you…! Nngh… agh…! *he orgasms*

L: … Haah… haa… why are you being limp? Don’t end this on your own. *grabs heroine* Don’t you understand? I came once, but it’s hard again. I also had to endure for ten days. Every night I thought about you… my mind felt like it was going insane. There’s no way it’ll settle down with just this. You’re the one who admitted defeat first, so I’m going to have you accompany me to the end. Now then, why don’t we continue?

*** SEAGULL TOKUTEN: Going with Arihara on a Lovey-Dovey Training School Trip Pt. 1 ***

Narration: A while after I began dating you, I had to go on a customary school field trip. Five nights and six days in Hokkaido. Everyone was ecstatic, but leaving you for close to a week and having to spend a night together with dirty men… Simply thinking about it gave me the chills. That being the case, I abused my authority as the student council president and brought you along as well.

Narration: And then, on the day of the school trip…

*everyone is riding the bus*

L: Nngh… ah, I seem to be a little car sick. Normally, I’m always in a limousine so it’s been a while since I rode a bus. No, there’s no need to change seats. I don’t need motion sickness medicine or water either. Thank you for your concern. Although, even if I say that, anyone would be concerned if the person beside them had a gloomy face, huh.

L: … Oh, I know, can you… lend me your shoulder for a bit? *leans head over* Aah… mm, it’s settling down little by little. It feels like my motion sickness subsides when I touch you. Hey, can I touch you more? Aah… it’s round and soft.


L: Haha, why are you so surprised? You’re used to me touching your breasts, right? Don’t worry, no one will notice. Do you intend to neglect your boyfriend who is feeling bad?

L: … It’s true I told you not to worry earlier, but— kgh! Ugh… I’m feeling bad again. The instant I let go of you… Hey, you’re worried about me, right? Help me… *heroine lets him*

L: Hehe, thank you. Aah… your breasts really are nice. The size and shape are to my liking. *whispers* Your breathing has gotten warm. Isn’t it a bit wet? Or is my whispering arousing you? Be honest, haha.


L: I also… want to touch someplace softer. *kisses*

L: Mm, feels good. Your breasts are nice, but your lips too… and inside you… I’m going to taste them. *kisses*

L: Aah, I’m aroused. It’s due to you. I think I’ll have you… take responsibility. *moves heroine’s hand* Touch this place. You can tell it’s hard, right? You’re the one who made me like this, so do something about it. First, touch it on top of my pants. Hah… ngh…

L: Grab it tighter… rub it with the palm of your hand… ah… yes… Aah, that’s nice, just like that. Nngh…

L: … Why did you stop? Do you think I’d be satisfied with this? *he opens his pants* Touch it directly.


L: What are you hesitating for? Isn’t it something you always do?… What about us being inside a bus? Touch it now. If you don’t, I’ll make you do something more embarrassing. Let’s see, for example, I’ll remove your underwear and have you do karaoke with the bus’ microphone— *heroine moves*

L: Ahaha, you’re obedient. Nngh… ah… ungh… right there, grip it… yes, and then stroke it from the base. Aah… pet the tip too. Knead it with your hand and rub the slit with your fingers. Aah… ngh…

L: Mmgh… hehe, compared to how you hesitated you’re holding it firmly, aren’t you. Nngh… aah… didn’t you actually want to touch me? Haah… don’t act so tough.

L: Good, I’ll give you a reward for doing it well… *sucks on ear*


L: Your hand has stopped. You want a reward, right? Then work harder. Nngh… *kisses*… ngh…! Aah… haah… haa… good… the tip is wet, isn’t it? It’s because you’re making me feel good. Here’s your promised reward. *sucks on ear*

L: Aagh… haah… I can’t hold back anymore. I want to be inside you. Heh, but it would be impossible here. What shall I do…?

L: … Oh, I know. Do it with your mouth. Come on, do it. Quickly. *heroine gives him a BJ*

L: Swallow it more completely. Put it into your mouth to the base. This is something you’re used to, isn’t it? Ungh… yes… what should we do next? Work me well with your mouth. Nngh…


L: Good… next is to suck. Haah… lubricate me with your tongue. All at once… ngh! Haa… haah…

L: It feels good. You’re even making lewd slurping sounds… aah…

L: Heh, it’s such a refreshing blue sky outside the window, and yet with you here you’re swallowing me indecently… Hey, don’t remove your mouth. Continue. *heroine does so*

L: Aah… what a dirty expression. Haah… your red cheeks and intoxicated eyes… It can’t be that you’re aroused from being made to swallow me, right? Oh? Hehe, it’s not convincing when you deny it with that face. Let you off, you say? Then what is this? *touches heroine*

L: Like I thought, you’re wet there. Your hips were moving earlier too. Did you think I didn’t notice? *heroine retaliates with BJ* Nngh…! Haah… haa…


L: Aah, what a nice sight. This appearance of you swallowing me with relish. Maybe I’ll take a picture as a commemoration of our trip… *grabs phone* Hey, look up a little. *takes photo* Ahaha, I took a nice picture. You’re looking up adorably through your lashes and sucking me off.

L: No, I won’t erase it. Oh, I know, how about I send it to your smartphone too? Heh, those teary eyes. I know… you’re happy, aren’t you? You’re that kind of woman, right? Debauched… sluttish… You love embarrassing things, right? Come on, don’t remove your mouth and be sure to taste me. Haah… haa…

L: More… do it harder… Nngh…! Aah… hah… there’s drool at the corner of your lips… How sensual… ngh… Looking at the scenery outside is nice too, but in the end looking at your sloppy face is the best. Ungh… haah…


L: Good… I’m… about to cum… haah… haa… Ngh…! I’m going to release… in your mouth so… swallow it all. Don’t spill any… hah… haa… ngh! *he orgasms*

L: … Haah… haa… Face this way. Ah, there’s something white spilling from your lips. I even told you to swallow it all. *kisses*

L: Thank you. Because of you, even my motion sickness from the bus subsided.

L: Oh! Hmm…? What’s the matter? You’re snuggling up to me like a kitten. You want to feel good too? Too bad, if we do that then this time everyone will notice, won’t they? Let’s postpone that for now. In exchange, once it’s night, I’ll pamper you a lot. Alright?

*** SEAGULL TOKUTEN: Going with Arihara on a Lovey-Dovey Training School Trip Pt. 2 ***

L: Nngh… the air is fresh and it feels nice. We were confined in the bus, so the air feels even more like that. Ah, look, moss phlox! The whole ground is pink and it’s beautiful. Oh, over there is a souvenir shop with local sweets. There’s lavender ice cream. I wonder what that tastes like! How about we go check it out?

L: Eh? I’m enjoying myself. There’s no way I’m not having fun when I’ve come on this trip with you. How about you—… oh, your complexion looks bad. Is it possible you’re the one who had motion sickness this time? Well… you were looking down the entire time, huh.

L: Guess I have no choice. Come here. *leads heroine* Over here more. You can lean against me.


L: You really aren’t lively. It’s a complete difference from earlier when you were frantically sucking me. Haha, I’m kidding. Don’t get angry. Mm, forgive me with this. *kisses*

L: Hehe, it looks like you’re a bit more energetic. I’m glad. Now then, why don’t we keep going.

*scene skip; nighttime*

L: Ooh, what an elaborate Japanese garden. It’s a nice traditional inn to stay at on a school trip.

L: … Hey, you aren’t cold? I see. That’s good then, but you just came out of a bath and it’s easy to catch a cold so be careful. Haha, sorry, I thought about taking one in the building but this is the only place to be alone together.

L: Hehe… Oh no, I was thinking that yukata suits you. Show it to me more clearly.


L: Ah… beautiful. The yukata and you… Both are so stunning it makes me want to do something. In addition… *inhales* what a nice smell. I wonder if it’s because you came out of a bath? To make matters worse, your hair is put up and your nape is showing. I can only think that you’re tempting me.

L: Don’t be shy and tell me. You were also looking forward to the night of this school trip, right? Hehe, me too then. I need to respond to your feelings, don’t I. Come this way.

L: This place is in the shadow of the bushes and it’s a blind spot from the corridor. Now, close your eyes. *kisses*

L: Aah… what’s the matter? Heh, you can’t stand? Then fall down like that. *kisses; they end up on the ground*


L: Haah… lovely. Your pale skin stands out in the light of the hanging lanterns. Haa… *kisses*

L: Hehe, I only sucked a little and your hips jerked. Here, this time it’s the other one. *kisses*

L: What? Is your obi painful? Fine, I’ll loosen it a little. But we can’t take it off. Why, you ask? It’s better that way, right? Looking at you while you’re wearing this… it’s sexy and exciting.

L: Hey, what is this? Aren’t you wet already? Making this lewd stain on your underwear… Hehe, I’ll remove it right now, so don’t be frantic. *removes underwear*


L: Why did you close your legs? We came to this point and yet you’re unreasonably stubborn. Come on, spread your legs properly. Aah, this is terrible. I can tell, even in this dim light, that it’s soaking with an indecent sheen. If left alone it looks like it would even drip onto your yukata. Looks like I have no choice but to clean you up. *gives oral*

L: I lick it and lick it, but it continues to flow out. Hehe, aren’t you a little too aroused? What in the world is with you today? Aah, I know, are you stimulated? Leaking like this outside, haha, good grief… You’re a naughty girl.

L: … !! Someone’s coming. *footsteps in the distance* Don’t worry, we won’t be found if you don’t make a noise. If you have no confidence then… bite the cuff of your yukata like that. Now then, I’m going to continue.


L: *quiet whisper* Heh, your voice is slipping out. Are you trying on purpose to be discovered? Haha, it’s not unlikely for you to do that. After all, you like doing it outside. Are you denying it? Even though your entrance is this swollen… *still giving oral*

L: Nngh… hah… Did you cum? Hehe, your breathing is ragged. To cum when you might be found by others… How debauched are you? *footsteps go away* It looks like the person went away somewhere. I can fuck you without reservation with this. Put your hands on the lawn there and get on your hands and knees. *heroine has troubles doing so*


L: Because you just came? What, you can’t possibly intend to be the only one to feel good. Come on, you can tell, can’t you? What kind of state I’m in right now… Haha, I only brushed against you and you’re twitching. This mouth down here is still saying it wants something. Nngh…! *inserts himself*

L: Aah… haah… ngh…! It’s… tight! You were so wet, so I thought it’d be loose even without stretching you… ah… Raise your hips more. I’m going to enter deep inside. Nngh… ngh… aah… amazing. You’re so hot it feels like I’m going to be burned… Because of that it feels like I’m using a hot spring. Haah… haa…

L: Haha, to be moving your own hips… You can’t endure it anymore? Heh, I have no choice when you beg me with teary eyes. I’ll make you cum until you’re screaming at me to stop. Nngh! *thrusting*


L: Uh oh, moaning like that… won’t it be heard even at the inn? Ngh… satisfying yourself in this state under the moonlight… ah… it’s like you’re an animal. Nngh, what feels so good? Me thrusting deeply? Or me rubbing against you inside? Ungh, say it. Haah… haa…

L: Haha, saying both. You’re quite greedy. Mmngh… aah… *thrusting*

L: Are you about to cum again?… Wait some more. This time… ngh… *flips heroine* from the front… This is good. Your disheveled yukata… the moment you cum… I can see both clearly. Nngh… ngh…! *thrusting*

L: Huh? You feel like you’re going crazy? Nngh… isn’t that fine? We came on a trip, so you can act without some restraint… The only thing watching us now is the moon. No matter how intense we make love to each other, ngh, it won’t care. Haah… haa…!


L: When you’re about to cum… tell me you’re cumming. Hah… haa… I’ll also… release inside…! Inside your deepest spot…! Ngh… ungh…

L: Nngh…? You’re cumming…? Haah… I see… haa… in that case… ngh, me too! *they orgasm*

L: … Haah… hah… Can you tell? That something hot is pouring into you. You’re twitching and pulsing too… it won’t stop. We even took a bath, but now we’re sticky with sweat and lewd juice. There’s no one around now, so why don’t we enter together again? It’ll be a secret. *kisses*

4 thoughts on “Junai Paraphilia ~ Seito Kaichou ~

    Naira Ferreira said:
    May 9, 2019 at 19:50

    Você poderia traduzir o resto da série? Por favor! Isso me deixaria muito feliz.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 9, 2019 at 22:11

      I don’t take requests, sorry! My commissions are open though.

    waterinegirl said:
    March 24, 2019 at 22:02

    L: You don’t “have” to go. What do you… you, personally, want to do? You’re a kind girl who can consider the feelings of your parents and your surroundings. But you’ll exhaust yourself acting as a good girl like that. You yourself must have realized that your limit will come one day.

    L: Let me give you one hint. If it was me… I can save you. I can release you from all your shackles and bring you to a world different from this one. As long as you dive into my chest, I can do it right now.

    L: … What will you do? Will you continue to wear a mask and live while lying to yourself? Or lay bare your true self, even if it means betraying the expectations of those around you? Decide during my count of three.

    i fall for him the moment when he said these.

    and that abstinence story… i can relate to the girl. it’s really hard to masturbate and prefer to be touch.

      Ilinox responded:
      March 25, 2019 at 10:02

      Probably my favorite part of the CD as well, haha, but I’m also super weak to the theme of being allowed to be your true self in front of one person who’ll accept the good and ugly sides of you, haha. Bonus is the theme of acknowledging how hard you’ve worked :’)).

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