Day: April 3, 2019

Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari ~ Weiss 500 DL ~

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Grenzen von Weltalles (グレンツェン・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: 安堂之

Thank you to the anonymous commissioner. I CAN’T BELIEVE DUSK SPOILS US SO MUCH. How is this a “short” drama? It expands the world so much and continues this amazing story, plus it’s completely free. Please note: the YouTube version will be taken down on June 30th (but it will be added to the DLsite version).

ALSO! We’re still 300ish DLs away from unlocking the 1500 DL reward which is Löwe’s short drama track, so you know what this means. Gotta advertise this series to everyone you know LOL.

Beep boop R18 warning as usual.

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