Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari ~ Weiss 500 DL ~

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Grenzen von Weltalles (グレンツェン・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: 安堂之

Thank you to the anonymous commissioner. I CAN’T BELIEVE DUSK SPOILS US SO MUCH. How is this a “short” drama? It expands the world so much and continues this amazing story, plus it’s completely free. Please note: the YouTube version will be taken down on June 30th (but it will be added to the DLsite version).

ALSO! We’re still 300ish DLs away from unlocking the 1500 DL reward which is Löwe’s short drama track, so you know what this means. Gotta advertise this series to everyone you know LOL.

Beep boop R18 warning as usual.

Note1: This is an IF story that branches from the main story before Track 4 when Weiss appears at the heroine’s place with news of her being married away. Instead, here Grenzen decides to come and save her.

Love with Grenzen

*knocking on door*

Grenzen: It’s me, Grenzen! I have something to tell you, so could you let me in?

G: … No, there’s no time anymore, so I’m coming in. *door opens* I apologize for my abruptness. But… there’s something I wanted to tell you quickly.

G: The things I’m going to say… everything is true. Even if you don’t believe me, I’d like you to listen to the end for now. In a month… you are to marry over to Brenan. Yes, since our father has always said he had no intentions of letting you marry since you were born, I also thought this wasn’t possible at first.

G: However, the country in the west is repeating acts of provocation. Recently, Weiss has had a lot of expeditions, so you must have guessed that too. On the other hand, the West has approached Brenan in the east with an alliance. If this alliance comes into existence, Weltalles will be flanked on both sides. No matter how excellent our brother, Weiss, is this isn’t a situation we can overlook.

G: Yes, this marriage is to obstruct that. You would be married to Brenan and then, conversely, they would form an alliance with our country. No, regrettably, it’s feasible. Even if there are whispers about how you do not have the king’s blood, you are officially called a princess.

G: However, the biggest issue at hand is this… *breathes in and out deeply* This is my one and only wish in this life. Tonight… I want you to run away out of this country with me. I have three reasons!

G: First, after you’ve suffered so miserably up to now from our father, I can’t bear you becoming a sacrifice for this country even further on top of that. Secondly, our brother, Weiss, is acting suspiciously. According to the reports from a spy I’ve slipped into the Knights Order, our brother heard about your engagement and appeared to act strangely on the battlefield. But then again, it was a degree that wouldn’t be seen if someone wasn’t watching carefully.


G: But, according to my spy, our brother, Weiss, seemed to have ordered his close aide to clear everyone away from your detached palace as soon as he returned to the imperial capital. Yes, isn’t that strange? No matter how you consider this, it doesn’t make sense to lessen the guards around the detached palace of a princess whose engagement has been settled. If the princess was assaulted by a lawless person and had her innocence stolen then it’d be a massive problem.

G: Haha, I’m glad you understand that much. You’re ignorant about the love between a man and woman, so I thought I would have to explain the importance of the proof of a maiden’s innocence. I see… it was written in a book you read recently. Haha, in that case, this was negligence on the part of our brother, Weiss. Because it didn’t seem like our brother, Weiss, was going to teach you to prize your maidenhood.

G: Ahaha… why, you ask? Our brother, Weiss… no, I can’t call that man my older brother anymore. *breathes in deeply* Listen, the reason he ordered for everyone to be cleared away from this detached palace… is because it is none other than Weiss himself who intends to take your innocence.

G: … I’m sorry. I noticed that you’ve been indoctrinated strangely by Weiss. I saw you and Weiss kissing by chance. No, you’re mistaken! That’s something strange! It’s wrong for siblings to kiss even if they were practicing! But still, I didn’t have the courage to tell you the truth.

G: I thought that he couldn’t possibly take it to the very end. And, above all, I was… terrified of Weiss and our father. But that’s why… I was wrong! Even while thinking about wanting to save you… I didn’t do anything. I didn’t want to… die.


G: I’m even worse than a bug that crawls on the ground. I only shook like a coward… and took a horrible optimistic view that our remaining brothers would do something.

G: Ahaha… our brother, Weiss, sounds like a bad man, you say? Exactly so. He’s like that. Right now, I’ll say everything I’ve been holding back. Weiss… is a demon. Nowadays, he’s obtained power to suppress even our father and does terrible political purges however much he wants. He mercilessly kills anyone who defies him, even friends, with a smile. And then to his younger sister, the only person he is obsessed with, he tells you all sorts of lies to get you emotionally attached only to him.

G: For example… that all your siblings, apart from Weiss… hate you. AS IF I COULD HATE YOU! Me… and Sirius… and Löwe… love you!! But our father forbid us from loving you and Weiss also used our father’s orders to suppress our feelings. ON TOP OF THAT, he took actions so that he would be the only one to love you.

G: No… Weiss is different from us and didn’t need to be afraid of our father. Weiss’ position is stronger than you think… You’re right, I think it’s painful to suspect someone you’ve believed in for many years. However, I beg of you, please believe me! That I wish for your happiness… that this is my wish as a man.


G: Ahah… yes, that’s right. Not as a brother… I love you as one would a woman. This is… the third reason as to why I don’t want you to be stolen away by Weiss. *kisses her on cheek* Our beloved seirei… you alone are my light. Even if I were to lose this life… as long as you could be happy in the truest sense of that word… that would be enough.

G: Ah, that’s right, I’ll clear up one more misunderstanding. The word “seirei” is originally a word used to point out your wife or lover. It would never be said towards someone who was just a younger sister. The things Weiss says are full of lies.

G: That’s true. It’s been many years, so I don’t think you would believe me if I just tried to convince you. *breathes in deeply* Therefore… *pulls out sword* I will offer up proof of my sincerity to you. *slices himself* UGH…! Grgh… ahaha… I only cut off my little finger. You don’t need to panic so much… Rather, even though you suffered for many years… I apologize for not being able to offer up my heart. Haa… ha…

G: Do you believe me a little with this? My… feelings… *heroine nods* I’m glad… In that case, will you listen to my wish?


G: … Right now, let’s leave this place together. If we don’t hurry then Weiss will return. It can’t be… that you’re wondering about the alliance if you disappeared? If that’s the case, it’ll be alright. There won’t be any problems at all! I can’t say it’s proper but… it’s simple to switch you out.

G: Aha, there’s only a very limited number of people who have seen your appearance. If we give those people money, seal their mouths, and return them to the border then the people who know your face will be gone. Furthermore, it’s ironic but it’s fortunate you don’t have the royal mark which signifies royal blood. Meaning you can be replaced with a number of women who resemble you.

G: That being the case, even if you were to disappear, our father will prepare a similar woman and marry off the fake. The alliance won’t disappear. Mm, truly. There’s no need for you to be a sacrifice. What we should worry about is Weiss. If you were to run away then, on the surface, he would be quiet to protect the alliance, but underneath he would search for you in a frenzy.


G: Are you concerned for me? Haha, it’ll be alright. I’ve told this to Sirius and discussed it with him. Yes, Sirius and I joined hands and decided to save you! That’s why, sooner or later, Sirius will also arrive here— *someone comes running over*

Agent: Prince Grenzen…

G: Ah, don’t be frightened. This person is the spy I spoke about earlier. He’s sworn loyalty to me, so he won’t betray me. *turns to spy* Well, what is the matter?

A: It’s a message from Prince Sirius. “Leave this place to me, you run away. I’ll follow you right after.”

G: Impossible! You mean to say Weiss has returned this soon!?

A: He hasn’t… reached the princess yet. Presently, Prince Sirius has prepared a celebration ahead of time in the castle town and is forcing him to stay.

G: I can’t possibly run away alone…

A: Please allow me to give my sincerest apologies. At this rate, it will be all over if the princess, her Highness, is raped. If you are to escape, now is the only chance.

G: Kgh…!

A: Please hurry, Prince Grenzen.

G: …… *breathes shakily* I understand. Tell Sirius to meet at the placed we promised on.

A: Yes, my lord. Understood. *he leaves*


G: This being the case, things have become even more pressing but… what will you do? Of course, I’d like you to come with me. However, I don’t want to force you. Because tonight… for you, it’s your first step to freedom. I don’t think you should be forced onto a path by anyone…

G: Ah… thank you. In that case… may I have your hand, our seirei? I will take you to a place where you can be happy. Alright, now then, let’s go! *they run away*

*scene skip; nature sounds; Grenzen walks over*

G: So this is where you were. If you stay under the sun too much you’ll collapse, you know.

G: Hahaha! You caught this many fish and shellfish today? I’m always surprised by your real strength. Mhm, I’m shocked. When we just arrived on this island, you felt exactly like a princess. But in just one year you’ve become quite robust. Ah, by robust I mean spiritually. Well, your appearance has changed quite a lot too. Keep it up like this and, until we meet up with Sirius, fishermen will be put to shame.


G: Hm? Ah, there was no news from Sirius today either. But don’t worry, he’s just taking a small detour and one day he’ll definitely join up with us. Hahaha! Until then, you want to become even more robust? That might be too much in the end.

G: Ahah… as if I could hate that. I think the tanned and healthy version of you is also beautiful. Oh my? Like I thought, haven’t you been in the sun for too long? *comes closer* Your cheeks are red. Don’t act strong. Let me see.

G: … Aah, it doesn’t seem like you have a fever. But, considering all that, your ears are red too. Hm? Could it be… because I said you were beautiful earlier that you’re embarrassed?

G: Hahaha! I see. I suppose this means you’ve finally learned the knowledge of an adult woman. I didn’t think a day would come where I would be so grateful towards the boisterous women of this island. Yes, I’m happy. If you’ve learned the proper information, then you’ll be able to marry over to anyone.

G: Eh? Aah… mm, of course I’ve thought about it. That you should be joined in marriage to a worthy man, not like me. I’m wrong, you say? About what—

Agent: Prince Grenzen!

G: What is the reason for you to be so flustered?

A: Word has come from Prince Sirius’ close aide!

G: He’s finally arrived!?

A: No… that’s…

G: ……

A: … In the southern continent, where he sought asylum… his life was taken by an assassin…

G: Ah… no way… ah…


G: *to heroine* I’m sorry for losing my composure when I’m your older brother. You’re probably more scared. Thank you for being concerned… That’s right, the next person whose life is to be targeted… is undoubtedly me. If Sirius was killed after he ran away with that much caution… then it’s only a matter of time before this place is discovered.

G: Yes… it’s as you say. Tomorrow morning, we’ll take the first ship and leave this place. But before then… ahah, sorry, can I be alone for a little while? Before the moon starts descending I’ll return to our house. *he walks off*

*scene skip; heroine sneaks up on Grenzen*

Agent: Are you certain, Prince Grenzen?

G: Yes, it’s for that girl.

A: However…

G: Ah! Um, what’s the matter? You couldn’t sleep? I see… if you heard then it can’t be helped. I thought to explain tomorrow morning, but I’ll tell you now. *to his spy* Ah, start preparing for our departure.

A: Understood. *he leaves*


G: Starting tomorrow, I’ll be going separately from you. For the time being, I’ll be crossing the southern continent while looking as if I was traveling with you. I’ll give you my most trusted subordinate, so I want you to head in the opposite direction with him. That way Weiss’ assassin will no doubt chase after me. The other party wouldn’t ever think that I would leave you.

G: Yes, exactly. I’ll leave as many noticeable tracks as possible and it’s a plan to distance pursuers from you.

G: … That’s true, it’s possible we may never meet again. However—… I’m begging you, please listen to me! This isn’t a sad talk. Yes… for me, this is a happy talk. When I was young, I was saved by a light that was you. If you didn’t exist, I probably would have spent a nonproductive life and lived as if I were dead. And then, at the end, I would have certainly been manipulated to death as Weiss pleased. That sort of horrid life… even if I were to have a long life, would have been the worst.


G: That’s why I don’t regret the choice of running away from that detached palace at that time with you. This way of life was the best choice. In particular, this one year was full of dream-like days. Together with you, my dear… and with no fetters… I passed the time peacefully.

G: Just that alone is more than enough for me. If I could be allowed to hope for more though, I would have liked to see you marry someone you truly loved. And then, while crying, I’d escort you to the church doors and scatter flowers.

G: Yes, that is my wish. You being happy itself is my happiness. *walks closer; whispers* That’s why… wipe your tears now. If I can protect my most beloved little sister, I will happily go down the road to the underworld. *kisses cheek* Now then, we should sleep soon. If you stay out in the night wind too much you’ll catch a cold— *heroine hugs him*

G: Ah!… W-what’s wrong? Hugging me suddenly like this. Ah, haha, I know. You’re worried about seeing a scary dream. In that case, don’t worry, I’ll hold your hand until you fall asleep. So, let’s go to your room—

G: … !! Those words just now… I’ll act as if I didn’t hear them. You’re just lonely and mistaking familial love for a particular love… Once you sleep all night, you’ll gain your presence of mind. *heroine shakes head*

G: … You can’t… say anything further! *heroine goes ahead* I asked you… not to! *kisses intensely on the lips*


G: Do you know how much I stifled this love!? You wouldn’t know! Each time I thought about how lovely your smile was… my heart clenched… I was happy and yet every night my tears overflowed…

G: I held back this much and yet… ahah, I’m weak and hopeless, huh. If I obtain your permission… then it’s impossible… to suppress my feelings! I’m sorry for the location, I can no longer wait until the bed. *kisses; touches heroine*

G: Haha, you’re sensitive, aren’t you. Has Weiss really not entered you here? I see… in that case… it means I’m your first and last man. Haha, just thinking that… arouses me. *kisses; fingering heroine*

G: Aah, no, don’t close your legs. If I don’t stretch you more, I won’t be able to enter you. Ahah, you’re embarrassed so you want me to do it all at once… Haha, you don’t have to try and be strong at a time like this. Just kidding. I tried to sound mature, but… in truth, I’m feeling impatient and at my limits in holding back. So, in order to be one as soon as possible, I’ll have you let me taste you.

G: Nope, be a good girl and listen to your older brother and spread your legs. Once you do that, I’ll make you feel very good. *gives oral*


G: Haa… ha… this is… this is your taste. I’ve dreamed about this countless times… and wished to taste it… Haah… let me taste you deeper and deeper.

G: Eheh, this place of yours learns fast. It’s already squeezing my tongue… in pleasure. Its depths are also moving enticingly… You’re desiring me with all that you have. You’re so adorable I want to taste you forever.

G: … Haa… haha, you climaxed, didn’t you. But this isn’t the end yet. While I rub this place… I’m going to lick inside. You’ll feel even better…! *does more oral*

G: Nngh, something feels like it’s going to come out? Go ahead, don’t hold back. Come lots. Come on…! *heroine squirts*

G: Aah… haa… you squirted this much. Haha, did it feel good? Ah! I’m sorry, I got a little carried away! You were too cute, so I forgot myself… *kisses cheek* Will you forgive me? Ahah, yes, me too. I want to be one with you soon. *kisses*

G: It shouldn’t hurt that much right now, but if you can’t endure it then say so immediately. Ahah, I see. Me too, for you there’s nothing I can’t endure. Our hearts and our bodies… are together…! *inserts himself* Nngh… haa… ha…


G: Are you alright? It doesn’t hurt? Haa… ahah, I’m glad. Even if you didn’t answer, I could tell… Inside here… it’s surrounding me joyously. Haah… haa… *kisses*

G: … Ngh… can I move soon? Ahah, to do as I like… That isn’t something to say at a time like this. Ah, it’s no good… because that voice of yours… demolishes all of my reason! *kisses; thrusting*

G: Aah… haa… I’m sorry… I want to be gentler, but it feels too good and I can’t… restrain myself at all… This has never happened before. Mm? Ahaha, are you jealous of my past? Haah… then we’re both even. Because I’m also… jealous of Weiss who has made you so sensitive! *kisses; thrusting*


G: I love you. I won’t let you be touched by someone like Weiss ever again. You’re… my seirei alone. Haah… haa…! Nngh… ah…

G: Aah… me too… I’m coming…! Agh… I’m sorry for not being able to last long… Next time, I’ll take it much… slower…! I’ll thoroughly… stroke inside you, so…! Haa… haa… tonight, please let me come! I love you… I love you! My… seirei! Nngh…! *he orgasms*

G: … Haah… haa… *kisses* I’m sorry, I might have been a little too intense. Is your body alright? If it hurts, then we’ll look at it tomorrow— ah… I know, I’ll hold you tomorrow and the day after that. *kisses* I won’t talk about you running away alone anymore. No matter where… let’s go together.

G: Haha, of course, I know. Even when I’m going to the underworld, I won’t let go of this hand… so don’t worry. There’s nothing for Weiss to steal anymore. We’re one forever.

Note2: CRYING TEARS OVER THIS BITTERSWEET AND AMAZING ADDITION. I didn’t think much about Grenzen (yes, I changed his name because I realized I was delusional when I first translated it the way I did LOL) in the main track, but oh boy did he change my mind here.

WHAT A RELIABLE SECOND OLDEST BROTHER AND UGH I started crying when I heard about Sirius’ death and then how selfless Grenzen was this entire time. How he prioritizes her freedom to choose even when Weiss is nearly breathing down their necks. How he still maintained his brotherly distance and just wishes to see her happy and wedded to someone worthy of her. MY. FUCKING. HEART. LISTEN TO HIS VOICE THERE WHEN HE’S TELLING HER TO STOP SAYING SHE LOVES HIM. I’M!!

Note3: Okay, sorry, a proper note this time because I don’t know if it’s as noticeable in the English translation as it is in Japanese but it gives me a chuckle that Grenzen echoes some words and phrases that Weiss uses. It made me go “Huh, you guys really ARE related” LOL. Especially when he says “Ah, it’s no good because your voice…” because the beginning part sounds exactly like Weiss when he goes “Oh no, if you say such adorable things… I’ll want to release inside you” LOL.

Note4: Sirius’ short drama follows right after Grenzen’s and it’s another alternate world where he manages to make it to the island after one month, instead of being on the run for a year and then dying… to boogeyman Weiss. Or well more like Weiss’ assassin but same thing! (GODDAMMIT WEISS! I LOVE YOU BUT PLEASE!!).

8 thoughts on “Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari ~ Weiss 500 DL ~

    leohikarusora said:
    April 6, 2019 at 06:47

    First, I’m truly agree with you ili. WHY USE PERFUME OIL!? Can’t you search another oil, sir? XD

    Hmm, since Sirius is paired (did I say it right?) with Gretchen in this series, I tried to compare the stories and… I think Gretchen one was better one as drama CD but for the story itself, I’ll choose Sirius one. And just like the comments in here, I also can’t wait for Lowë one, and really hope that MC and the brothers defeat Weiss for good.

    Thank you for your hard works, and thank you for the commission…!!

      leohikarusora said:
      April 6, 2019 at 09:36

      Wait, I just realize this comment should in Sirius one, but I comment in Gretchen one. Ugh, sorry for my mistake TvT

        Ilinox responded:
        April 6, 2019 at 11:47

        Somehow, I don’t think they normally keep any sort of safe lubricant at hand LOL and he definitely didn’t have time to search for anything else. But yeah I was just going like “SIRIUS NOOOOO” at that scene.

        I think they’re all going to be in the same AU-verse tbh since Lowe was supposed to make his way to Sirius, so that’s probably what’s going to happen in his short drama.

    Kborenai said:
    April 6, 2019 at 06:21

    Yo, thank you so much for this translation! I just listened to the dramas and I’m here like ????? *cries*

    On the subject of his name, the DL-site english page spelled it as [ Glanzen ] and I refuse to believe that shit lmfao. Take that as you will, personally, I loved “Gretchen” much more. Grenzen isn’t too bad so I’m accepting that with some reservations. Anyways, FINALLY. I used to give Sirius and Grenzen so much flak for being spineless little shits in the Main CD. But thinking back on it, the Main CD does focus on Weiss being OP on top of being a sick psycho so the two boys get a pass for getting overwhelmed by fear. It’s really nice to see a parallel reality though, where they grow some semblance of a backbone. They were still technically running for their lives, but the fact that they involved the princess – who Weiss will never, NEVER let go – spoke volumes of their courage. Gretchen (yes, I cannot fix on 1 version of his name) is normally passive, always trailing behind Sirius – you can argue that Grenzen might be a sissy bitch without Sirius. This drama explored the possibility of them being separated, now Glanzen has to fend for himself and protect his beloved at the same time. Politics was never his forte – that was Sirius’. Neither was combat – that was Lowe’s (my bb boi). Imagine the fear that blazed in his mind.

    So I was applauding the shit outta Gretchen in this bonus track, like finally THIS BOI. FINALLY!!!! I AM SO FUCKING PROUD! To put the MC’s freedom above his fears is truly the most courageous thing. He deserved MC’s love, he deserved all the love in the world. And MC though! Yeah girl, tell that stupid boi about your feelings! *laughs* This series really has me by the proverbial balls.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 6, 2019 at 11:55

      You’re welcome!! All I ask is that this gets spread to try and tip us over 250~ish more downloads so we can unlock Lowe’s short drama LOL.

      HAHA I don’t like that spelling either. I tried to keep to German roots because of Weiss, Sirius, and Lowe, which is why I first had Gretchen but then, upon looking at his name again, I realized I was really off on the sounds and it’s actually closer to Grenzen. Phonetically it’s Gu-re-n-shu-n.

      Oh man, I had the same exact thoughts. They didn’t have much presence in the first CD and always seemed paired together with Grenzen following behind Sirius, etc etc. But in this one he actually took the first steps to get the heroine out of the castle and arguably was the first to act and approach Sirius for cooperation.

      HE REALLY DID SO GOOD. And even at the crucial moment where, if the heroine doesn’t want to go with him, he wouldn’t force her and is still risking his and Sirius’ life in detaining Weiss just for this. UGH, he’s really really selfless and doesn’t expect anything from her (wanted to see her married off to a better man, sOBS).

      What I really admire about the writing in Dusk (aka. Setsuka’s writing) is that she loves delving into all these dark stories (and catering to do-m people yay!) but she also never loses sight on giving the heroine that backbone of steel. Weiss’ main CD was special in a sense that in order to go fully through the plotline that it had it needed to have a groomed heroine (to show off Weiss’ sickness). But now here in the AU-verse you can totally see how strong her female characters are and I’m just cheering so hard for the heroine here. Wait until you see her in Sirius’ short drama :D.

        Kborenai said:
        April 6, 2019 at 16:59

        Agree! Dusk was never just about porn, and that gives me so much satisfaction. The heroine is also the real MVP here, having grown so much even after Weiss brainwashed her. (On the subject of strong MCs, you’ll find the My XXX series by Dusk to be gems hahaha. Those bitches know what they want and they’ll get what they want.)

    choco cookie said:
    April 3, 2019 at 06:20

    Omg, I loved this. Compared to Weiss’ forced ending where he takes advantage of a completely clueless and innocent girl, this one is so much better! The one who initiated the kiss was her! And she also fully understood what love is and what her actions mean; unlike the manipulated her in Weiss’ route X’DD Thanks for translating this; reading this while listening to the drama cd was a bliss<33

      Ilinox responded:
      April 3, 2019 at 11:19

      Hahaha, character-wise I really love this version the best because of all the development the heroine goes through and not to mention the selfless sacrifices and angst of the remaining brothers. UGH. But I gotta admit I still enjoy Weiss’ version where he just comes out on top after laying everything in place smoothly (except for the ending I guess where she rejects him, causing his ultimate freak out).

      I think he was the one who initiated the kiss actually /o\ but she certainly did confess first and choose to take that step into a romantic relationship instead of letting him place boundaries like he was doing, knowing full well what this meant. LOL YEAH NEVER GONNA GET OVER WEISS’ “we’re just practicing, teehee, it’s completely normal!!”. Bruh. And check out the nice contrast when Grenzen apologizes for how it might hurt because she’s a virgin but she says she’ll endure it for him; meanwhile, in Weiss’ she says she’ll endure for her country, causing Weiss to mutter to himself that she won’t endure it for him LOL.

      You’re welcome! I was also commissioned for Sirius’ so that’ll be coming some time soon too :’)) and I think I might like Sirius’ more if only because I have a sinking feeling (in a good way) of where this is all going to go, especially whenever Lowe’s finally gets released.

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