Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari ~ 1000 DL: Love with Sirius ~

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Sirius von Weltalles (ズィーリオス・フォン・ヴェルタレス)
CV: 九財翼

Thank you to the same anonymous commissioner again. Here is Part 2 of being completely and utterly spoiled by Dusk. I have so many theories on where Löwe’s one is going to go and how it’ll make me bawl my eyes out but I’ll leave that to the end.

R18 content warning.

Note1: In this world, Sirius arrives one month after Grenzen takes the heroine to the island.

Love with Sirius

*ocean wave noises; Sirius walks over*

Sirius: Just as I was wondering which country girl was picking up seashells… it turns out to be you.

S: Haha, it’s only been one month but you’ve changed quite a bit. You’re tanned and you look healthier than you were before. Huh? I didn’t say you were ugly. I’m saying you’re lively and cute. Hehehe, you look like a pigeon who’s been shot by a peashooter. Is it that shocking for me to compliment you honestly?

S: Nah, I guess you’re right. It’d be surprising for you. In that past, I was scared of our father and Weiss and couldn’t tell you my true feelings. Up until now… I’m sorry.

S: I know it’s not something that’ll be over with an apology. But still, please let me apologize. I personally acted to save myself from harm and hurt you a lot. Ah… hah, you’re as softhearted as usual. You’re more concerned about my heart over how you yourself suffered.

S: No, it’s not for you to apologize for. That you didn’t realize everyone’s feelings was because of Weiss’ brainwashing. In that situation, it’s amazing how your heart didn’t get crushed. I always… respected how you were optimistic in painful circumstances. *heroine walks towards him*


S: Wait! Don’t come any closer.

S: … I don’t want to be seen underneath this mantle… I don’t want to be hated by you. *heroine comes closer anyway* Ah! I told you not to come— *wind blows* Ugh!

S: … Heh… I’m sorry for startling you. Right now, I’m ugly to the point where it’s unbearable to look at, huh. On top of losing my left eye, I have this huge scar that can’t be hidden beneath the eyepatch. *heroine touches him* Ah!…

S: Hah, you… You’re always like that, aren’t you. You would cry even for strangers over yourself. Nah, it doesn’t hurt that much anymore. I had it seen by a skilled healer. Yeah, this wound was gotten from the pursuers Weiss released. Well, just the fact that I didn’t lose my life is a matter for great celebration.

S: That’s why… I’ve told you not to apologize! Didn’t Grenzen offer up his pinky to get you to believe him? Then isn’t it great that I offered up something too? Hm? I hate you? Haha, that in and of itself is impossible. *hugs heroine*


S: I’m also… the same as Grenzen. Thanks to meeting you when I was young, I was able to end my useless way of living. I’m grateful to you to the point where no matter what I gave you that you desired it still wouldn’t be enough. You’re… that kind of person in my life. *kisses on cheek*

S: More than anyone else in this world… I love you. As my precious little sister. *someone comes running over*

Agent: Prince Sirius!

S: … What? I already showed myself to Grenzen.

A: Please run away! The pursuers… came to the mansion!

S: Wha!? No way… even though I tried to throw him off in this month… Did he guess it right? What about Grenzen!?

A: ……


A: … After he told me to inform you two, he encountered the pursuers… and he passed away.

S: Ah…… ah…… no way… Just earlier, we planned to drink the night away… FUCK! *heroine collapses* Ah! Hey, pull yourself together! For now, we’re running away. If the scouts haven’t returned that means the second set of pursuers will come!

A: Yes, sir! *everyone runs away*

[06:20] *scene skip; on a boat*

S: Ah… you’re awake?

S: … Unfortunately… that wasn’t a dream. Grenzen met the assassin Weiss sent and died. You heard that and fell unconscious. And then… somehow we got on a boat and we’ve just left the island.

S: … I don’t mind if you cry, but don’t say that Grenzen’s last moments were a misfortune. That’s an act that’ll make all of his feelings in vain. In this one month… remember just how much Grenzen treated you with love. To die for you, the one he loved… there’s no doubt he was happy.

S: Yeah… I know. The feelings he had in the instant he died… I know them perfectly well. *sniffling* Because for many years… we were friends who shared the same pain. That’s why… what you should say isn’t an apology, but feelings of gratitude. “Thank you”… you should say this to that star.

S: …… *crying*…… Idiot, I’m not crying! A man doesn’t cry in front of a woman!

S: … If I said I’m not crying… I’M NOT CRYING! *hugs heroine* I’ll punish your stubbornness with this. If I hold you, then you can’t see anything…


S: *breathes in* Now, I’m going to talk about the future like this, so listen carefully. Right now, we don’t have the leisure to be sad all night long. Where we’re heading from here is the major nation of the south, Ordesion. Before, as part of my trade, I resolved one of their crises. Haha, don’t be surprised by every little thing. It wasn’t anything serious. Heh, I’m happy to be complimented by you, but… what’s important right now isn’t that.

S: Oh, good guess. Exactly as you said, the king – who has goodwill for me – said he’d return the debt of the past. He promised to protect us… and not only that, it seems he entrusted me with a part of the coastal territory.

S: Yeah, it’s tentative, but it means he’s made me a lord. It’s the truth. In addition, I’ve sworn loyalty to the king as a knight of Ordesion. That being the case, it can’t be said we’ve obtained complete peace. Ordesion’s coastal army has been invaded many times. That’s why that land has always been left to houses that can be sacrificed.

S: In other words, the king is returning the past favor he owes and, if the time comes, he’s telling me to die. Heh, even if I don’t go, the contract is already settled. There’s no going back.


S: Hey, it’s fine to cry for Grenzen, but don’t cry for me. Even if it’s not a situation where we can relax, it doesn’t change how we’ve gotten help and a shield. Hah? You say you’ll learn swordsmanship… Hahaha! You really are sturdy from your roots. Including that part too… I love you.

S: Heh… *quiet* those same words being returned to me… I didn’t think they could hurt this much.

S: Hm? Hah, I said “I’m so happy my heart hurts”. Well then, you should lie down now. No matter how sad you are, rest is needed, right?

S: *he turns to leave* Huh? What is it? Heh, that sort of thing is a simple request. If you wish for it… I’ll always hold you whenever. *holds heroine* Good night. At the very least, I’ll protect you from nightmares.

*scene skip; Sirius walks over*

S: It’s been three years since then. Time flies by fast. Nah, we can’t drop our guard. There’s no way that bastard, Weiss, will give up on you. That he hasn’t laid a hand during this time is because, on one layer, Ordesion is a great power. If he decides to cross battles here then even a country like Weltalles will be slow to act.


S: Yeah, that’s right. Right now, when the problem with the neighboring countries hasn’t been settled, it’s nothing but inadvisable for Weltalles to step foot into the continent. Nonetheless, in these three years, it’s not like there’s no assassins from that guy. It’s still necessary to be cautious.

S: Haha, don’t be so discouraged. A lot of good things have happened, right? For example… look, this coast and that port over there have become pretty to the point where it’s hardly recognizable from its past. Heh, that’s right, the defensive plan I proposed was created and that harbor has become an important trade port. Presently, this land is a jade plant to the kingdom and it’s too precious to lose.

S: Due to that, my value has risen rapidly. Haha, it’s more rewarding than when I was in Weltalles and every day is enjoyable. Huh? Ah, you’re right, soon Löwe is going to defect to this country too. That guy was resolved.

S: Haha, of course I’m happy to be reunited. Once that guy comes, let’s set up a family celebration. Heh… *quiet* and then I’m sure my duty will end. Haha, you’re asking what I mean? You know, don’t you? The person you should marry is a good man like Löwe— *someone runs over*

Agent: Lord Sirius!

S: … What’s wrong? Did pirates appear in our waters again?

A: T-that’s…

S: What is with that extravagant pot? Where did it arrive from?

A: Kgh…

S: Hey, speak clearly! If you stay silent I can’t help but have a bad feeling.

A: … T-this… arrived from Weltalles.

S: … Huh? From Weltalles… to me?

A: Yes… From the First Prince… as a present.

S: !! HAND IT OVER! *opens pot* Grghk…! Ah… *to heroine* Don’t look! A severed head isn’t something good to see. Haha… you’ve… gotten strong towards sorrow… *breathes in* I understand. We’ll receive Löwe. He loved you much more than anyone else, so if you held him it’d be his long-cherished wish. *Sirius crying*


S: Yeah, that’s right, this is a declaration of war on me. That guy is coming at last to get you back. Heh, don’t be worried. In Ordesion there’s many magicians who ran away from abroad. One by one they’re not at Weiss’ level, but if they gathered together there’s more than enough of a chance to win.

S: Hey, send out the fastest horse quickly. Inform His Majesty that the time has come.

A: Yes, my lord! *runs off*

S: … Let’s go. We’ll show our appreciation for Löwe’s long journey at the church. *they walk off*

*scene skip*

S: To bury just his head… it’s a sad thing, huh. One day we’ll have to get his body back too. Ah, are you okay? If you’re hurting then you can lie down. Haha, don’t apologize. Seeing something like that all of a sudden… anyone would be depressed. *heroine touches her sword*

S: Don’t do anything unreasonable. Certainly, you’ve become shockingly strong in these three years. However, that still won’t beat Weiss. You have to prioritize running away first. *heroine shakes head* Hey now, listen to your older brother at times like these.


S: According to what our scouts have shown, Weltalles’ battleship will reach here in several days. This place is my moment of truth. *heroine refuses to leave* Heh, I have no choice… then I’ll say something that’ll make you want to run away. Either way, before I left for war I thought about saying this…

S: No, you’ll definitely want to run… once you hear this truth I’ve hidden and held onto all this time. *leans in* The thing I said on the day we reunited… was a lie. I’ve never once thought of you as my little sister. I’ve always… every time I said your name, I’d say this in my heart… “My seirei… I love you. My one and only seirei.”

S: Heh… you’re disgusted, right? I lied on top of lies and continued to stay beside you wearing the mask of a good brother. For a liar like me to survive… and a fine man like Löwe to die… the Goddess of Fate is truly cruel.


S: … You get it now, right? I don’t have the right to stay beside you. Before you’re assaulted by me, hurry up and escape to the royal capital.

*he goes to leave; heroine chases after him*

S: Y-you! What are you—!? S-stop it! Don’t hug me! Being pitied will make me miserable. If you’re not pitying me then what is this!?

S: … W-wha… No way… Why… do you love me? Kgh, your feelings aren’t the same as mine. I just happen to be the man by your side, so you’re just under a misapprehension. Huh!? From long ago… and it was natural…?

S: Hah… true, that might be the case. We’ve been together for too long. Even though I was able to leave you in the royal capital, I used an excuse like being worried and continued to delay that date. *finally turns around* The time together with you… made me too happy. I wasn’t able to leave you! *embraces heroine*

S: Kgh…! I’m the worst kind of man! Even though Grenzen and Löwe loved you… I’m disregarding them and marrying you myself. I know that and yet… no matter what I do, I can’t seal my own feelings!


S: … You really… won’t regret this? I won’t let you go anymore, so… prepare yourself. *kisses*

S: Aah… ngh! *pushes heroine down* This bed… Once I come back from the war, let’s get a new one, yeah? It’s too small for intense lovemaking. *kisses*

S: Haah… haa… sorry, I can’t keep calm at all. Can I use this perfume oil? Heh, if I don’t use it then I won’t be able to enter you. I’m so turned on that I’m larger than usual, so… look. Hahaha! Don’t worry, if I stretch you properly then it’ll enter. Men and women were made that way.

S: Heh, good girl. Now then, relax your body… and entrust everything to me. I’ll make you feel better… more than Weiss ever did. *kisses*


S: Hey now, don’t hide your breasts with your hands. I want to burn the sight of you entirely into my eyes. *kisses*

S: Nngh… *uses the oil* ah, my bad. Was this… a bit cold? *kisses* Don’t act tough here, haha. I’ll warm you up right now, so… bear with it a little. *kisses; fingering heroine*

S: Hehe, do you like it when I rub here like this? Mm… it’s gotten slippery to the point where you can’t tell if this is the oil or your cum. Your moans are the best, but… when I think about how Weiss also saw this sight… it pisses me off.

S: Ah! You… Hahaha! You’ve gotten really good at pleasing me. You’re right, I’m the only one who hears you moaning as my wife now and in the future. *kisses; fingering*

S: Nngh…! Aah… ungh… just rubbing against your thigh like this… ngh… haah… I feel like I can cum. Heh, I know. I won’t do something as wasteful as spilling myself outside. The moment I cum… with this… I want to pour it into you. Nngh…


S: OK there? Heh, jeez… you really… stir me up too much! *inserts himself* NGH! Haa… haa…! Ungh… aah… Even if you’re a virgin, you’re being way too tight. Hey, loosen up a little… ngh…

S: Haha, I’m sorry. It’s impossible to do that all of a sudden, huh. In that case, forget about what’s going on inside temporarily… and concentrate on kisses with me. *kisses*

S: … Aah, ngh… hey… I’m holding myself back, so… don’t move inside. It’ll make me want to go deeper. Nope, you’re moving. See, when I rub your nipples like this… you clench down inside. Haah… your body is honest and cute deep inside. *kisses*

S: Mm… ngh! Aagh… hey, if you…! Haah… don’t make movements to draw me in… hah… haa… I won’t be able to stop my hips. Haah… heh, if you aren’t moving consciously then… ah… that’s bad. I’m going to be done for in the future.

S: Dummy, I didn’t say you were lewd. I’m saying I can see a future where I’m emasculated. Haah… haa… mngh… *kisses*


S: Is it alright for me to move soon? Ah!… Hey, hey, don’t say you want me to cum inside before I even move. It’ll make me wanna cum… Aah, if I go off without even pulling it out and putting it in on the first night… I’ll be so mortified I’ll fuck you all night long.

S: Haha, that confidence… I wonder if you can hold onto it until morning? Ngh! *thrusting*

S: Aah… haa… amazing… It feels good… ngh… Is it because you’ve practiced swordsmanship? Haah… haa… you’re squeezing so well… It feels like everything is going to be wrung out immediately. Ungh… haha, don’t look happy at that. Haa… ha… it’ll seriously make me cum…! *kisses; thrusting*

S: Mmgh… haah… haa… I’m already…! You… you’re too cute. Why are you so cute!? Haa… ha… I want to keep you in these arms forever… haah… and make love to you for an eternity. Nngh…! Aah… haa… you’re squeezing… like this again…! Far from being emasculated… ngh… even my soul feels like it’ll be lost…


S: Nngh… I love you. For your sake… my eyes or my arms… I’d give them up. So, forever… until we die… stay by my side. *kisses; thrusting*

S: Ungh! Haah… haa…! Aah… you’re convulsing around me… so I’m cumming already…! Where do you want me to cum… tell me one more time! Haah… haa… ngh… I’ll give it to you! My feelings that have piled up through the many years… accept it deep inside! Haah… ngh… haa… *he orgasms*

S: Haa… ha… *kisses*… Thank you. Now I don’t want to die even more. You’re asking why? Because a child might be made from this, you know? We can’t make a child who doesn’t have a parent, so I’ll have to return no matter what.

S: Don’t worry. As you know, I’m more quick-witted than anyone else and headstrong. To the point where, lately, His Majesty has wondered why he didn’t have me be a strategist in the capital city. Yeah, once the war ends, I’ll cultivate this country even more. After that happens, I’ll build a bigger castle and live there with you.

S: Hahaha, you’re unselfish. Then, instead of a castle, let’s have three kids. I’m sure either kid will be a kind and brave person, like you. Haha, are you serious? Well then… once I come back from the war, prepare yourself. I’ll fill you up enough to make your stomach swell. *kisses*

S: I love you, my seirei. As long as you’re here, I will definitely come back alive. *rain and thunder BGM*


Note3: Okay, now that I did my part in giving a warning about Sirius’ awful bedroom practices, can I just say I love him so much? He’s always been my second favorite brother and, hilariously, I feel like he’s more talented than Grenzen. But Grenzen’s volume was probably needed in order to convince the heroine to believe the truth and to come with him. Sirius coming after him fits perfectly and ;w; GODS HE’S SO GOOD.

CRYING OVER HIS SURVIVOR’S GUILT and how he feels awful for his brothers but is also trying to do his best to protect the heroine. It’s such a difference compared to the main volume when you see how Sirius treats his own feelings like it’s the lowest thing :’)) CRYING.

Note4: Okay okay, so I just had to get this off my chest because I’m going to try and predict where Dusk might go from here. Löwe’s DL track sounds like he’s going to join up with the heroine after she and Sirius are established in Ordesion (also, the heroine is SO BUFF NOW LOL will Weiss even recognize her?) and I bet Sirius is going to die in the war. And I’m just thinking about how this sets Löwe up perfectly to kill Weiss on the battlefield (MY KINGDOM FOR HEROINE AND HIM TAG TEAMING WEISS).

It’s poetic justice what with Löwe being the youngest of the siblings and considered the “weakest” and least talented. Here, he’ll have grown up and will challenge the strongest of their siblings, the boogeyman Weiss. IT’S PERFECT. AND IT’LL TEAR ME TO PIECES BECAUSE I LOVE WEISS STILL… even though I was screaming at his “present” to Sirius.

9 thoughts on “Weltalles Oukoku Monogatari ~ 1000 DL: Love with Sirius ~

    choco cookie said:
    April 10, 2019 at 23:51

    This feels more like a thriller than anything else :’D It’s scary how Weiss is always a few steps away from getting them XDD Makes me feel really unsure about their future.

    & I am glad that the heroine is given enough time to get stronger and to realize her feelings for Sirius. I like the fact that neither he nor Grenzen forced their feelings on her in these alternative endings<33

      Ilinox responded:
      April 13, 2019 at 11:50

      RIGHT? Boogeyman Weiss is what I started calling him because he’s just looming over them and their happiness. Even though these are download rewards, it feels more like a sequel or like the true story of Weltalles because of how much it adds to all the characters /o\.

      Same! It’s always the heroine basically confessing after they reveal their conflicted feelings and then a happy relationship between them on equal grounds :’)).

    Kborenai said:
    April 6, 2019 at 17:56

    Nani the fack Sirius? PERFUME OIL?? Boi, you’re just asking for blue balls for ages to come lmfao. Anyway, holy crap this translation. THANK YOU!

    Comparing it to Gretchen’s track, I found this to focus more on expanding on Sirius’ relationship to his brothers rather than focus on the what IF scenario. Lemme explain: in the Main CD Sirius always came off as someone with resources. I always thought that if anyone has to do something about Weiss, it’s him. One could say he became OOC in the main drama when he succumbed to fate. This bonus track didn’t feel like AU to me at all, but a smooth progression into Sirius’ redemption story. And I fucking live for this! It made total sense for Grenzen to be the 1st to leave, because it was Sirius who actually had connections. Like all his non-Weiss brothers, he was grateful to the princess. While they also deeply loved her as men would a woman, it wasn’t the main force behind their reason to save her. Now that I think about it, Weiss really is one selfish sonuvabitch. Moving on, it was delightful to peer more into Sirius’ relationship with his bros. As we all know, Glanzen was his partner-in-crime. They were very much aware of Weiss’ fuckedupness and often indulge in the same interests. It was also interesting that even though Gretchen is older, Sirius is the ringleader. So I felt it…when Grenzen died I felt for Sirius so fuxking much. Side note; This CV is fantastic!

    Now let’s talk about Loewe….Fuck me! What is up with Weiss and severed heads??? Why do I have to see my bb boi as a head for the umpteenth time?? I didn’t need this Weiss! Any-fucking-way, *breathes*, it’s not clear if Sirius’ respect for Loewe was new but the fact that he expressed it was a monument. Both middle brothers considered Loewe the ‘yasashii’ man – the man to end all men lmao jk – but I feel they know how much the boy looked up to Weiss. Which is probably why it took him 3 years to defect but what do I know? All I do know is that I cant wait for the 1500DL bonus, Lord have Mercy!

    Lastly, the princess…who’s probably jacked af by now *roflcopter*. Now we get to see her after a long time, after realizing that in order to not go through being abused she has to get stronger. We cut to present day and she’s indeed so much stronger. Sirius has lost Gretchen, but gained a new partner who he could share his sorrow and joy with. I just loved the way he quickly relented to letting her see the jar, it shows how much he trusted her strength. But even then, he was determined to keep her alive by sending her away. Let’s be real, no misogynistic bullshit – he is kinda right not to involve her in battle. With only 3 years of training, MC would not survive 80%. This will never deter from the fact that she is a strong af MC. I do accept the image of the princess defending the castle hahaha. And I too would like to see their babies.

    Side note; i observed that Gretchen’s romance path involves MC being kinda motherly — being the pillar that holds, while Sirius’ was more of a partnership.

    What a ride. What a gutwrenching ride. My only gripe is that the bonus tracks end after the princess gets together with the bois. The story is still unfinished. Weiss is still alive and kicking and out for blood. Would Ordesion win? Looks like we need 200+ DLs to find out. I completely stan your theory of Loewe being the one to Kill Motherfuxker Weiss (and yes, I adore this sick psycho), it would be the epitome of poetic justice. The bb boi had always idolized his oldest brother to the point that he is shocked beyond sanity upon realizing the misdeeds Weiss had done. Man, I can’t wait for that!

      Ilinox responded:
      April 7, 2019 at 02:02

      Ehehe, you’re welcome and gotta thank the commissioner too!!

      First, I haven’t gotten around to listening to this guy in the Kankinkon series (except for his poor fate in Touji’s sweet FD track) but I second how good this CV is!! But ooh yeah I definitely appreciated how much this short drama expanded Sirius’ feelings towards his bros and GODS it destroyed me how much he cares about Grenzen and Lowe. It must tear him apart to be the middle child who survived… His eldest brother is a psychopath, his reliable/kind (?) older brother died before he could do anything, and he couldn’t protect his younger brother. It says something that he automatically excluded himself from the list of people his sister could like and he even treats his feelings as something disgusting (unlike Grenzen who also felt like he wasn’t worth her but didn’t deny his feelings either? Like he was gonna quietly marry her off compared to Sirius’ active derision of his own feelings).

      I wonder what changed Sirius here, other than him seeing Weiss and their sister do the horizontal tango in the main track and then freak out LOL. Cause yeah, like you said, it sounds like he had these resources to begin with and this time actually decided to pull on those strings and use them.

      I WONDER IF WEISS DID HIS MAGIC THING AGAIN SO LOWE WAS ACTUALLY STILL ALIVE THEN!? But Sirius and the princess just couldn’t tell?? But then again there wouldn’t be much of a point for him to do that and it’d probably be a good thing since Lowe could confirm with his “own eyes” that Sirius and the princess are safe LOL. It still gives me a good chuckle that Grenzen and Sirius think Lowe is the best and most innocent of them and has genuine and pure love for the heroine because as we all know… he was the one who was second craziest to Weiss LOL. Ugh we’re still some ways away from 1500 DLs SOBS.

      So true!! Even after just one year with Grenzen, while she’s still strong, she also still feels like a normal girl. Meanwhile, in Sirius’ after three years she sounds like she’s a competent swordsman (though maybe not war-material yet). It’d probably be a terrible idea to bring her to the battlefield when she’s Weiss’ target too LOL. I wonder how the king of Ordesion feels about that… unless Sirius just lied and was like “yah for some reason my elder brother is crazy and going after both of us” instead of revealing the truth and making this a Helen of Troy thing.

      I would sacrifice so many things for an actual Weiss cameo. LET US HEAR HIM IN LOWE’S. And I feel like there HAS to be a conclusion to Weiss after Lowe’s because of how each short drama seems to extend the AU-verse. TBH while Setsuka says these are happy ends and it ends after the two leads get together, I kind of think it still ends tragically with Weiss winning until we hit the end with Lowe, just because of how each short drama seems to build on each other so perfectly.

      For example, Grenzen doesn’t have the resources after Sirius passes away to keep the heroine safe as they go on the run forever. Meanwhile, Sirius is gonna die in the war because he’s not a soldier at all LOL yeah he’s been training as a knight for 3 years but it wasn’t his original talent. Not to mention, the position he says the king wants him to go into is a strategist LOL. C’mon, if YOU’RE already no match for Weiss then no one out there can be a match for him…

        Kborenai said:
        April 9, 2019 at 04:32

        Agree agree agree agre-AMEN to that! Hahaha.

    shngml said:
    April 5, 2019 at 10:41

    I’m with you, Weiss is my fravorite character too, after all his messed up ness. However, it’s nice that these brothers get their own shine.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 5, 2019 at 21:39

      Right? It expands the world so much too and is actually such an epic alternate take on the tragedy that was the main volume :’)) now we just gotta hope that it can reach 1500 DLs for Lowe.

    hazukiotome said:
    April 5, 2019 at 01:15

    Sirius is the merchant, right? So it makes sense that he lost his eye. He is able to find things that have great value lol

    Besides that he’s the smartest next to Weiss apparently lol

    I wonder what Lowe will end up loosing…

    Is there a retweet goal after Lowe? I don’t remember bc I would love the princess to meet and defeat Weiss by herself if that were possible lol

      Ilinox responded:
      April 5, 2019 at 21:38

      OH good point. I can see Lowe losing his arm or becoming crippled like a permanent limp, because his talent is being a swordsman (below Weiss though of course).

      It’s not a RT goal it’s a DL goal /o\ and there’s none after Lowe. Haha, I’d die for a Weiss cameo especially in Lowe’s :’)) but yeah I’d actually like one where the MC goes back to Weiss after everything LOL because that’d be an interesting dynamic now that she’s traveled the world and realized how he lied to her. It’d either be utter despair because he destroyed everything until she had nothing but him, or they might actually find equal grounds because she’s become a badass in her own right.

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