SNB Sanada ~ 光盟 Chapter 1.5 ~

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Chapter 1: Resolve, Enveloping Dark Clouds!

Yukimura and the others aimed for Mouri lands, but they caught hold of information that the allied armies of Oda, Toyotomi, and Date have taken a position to counterattack.

Yukimura and Nobuyuki judged that the battle could not be avoided, but…

Chapter 1.5

[SAIZOU]: “Well, what did you wish to convey to us?”

[YUKIMURA]: “It’s about the battle with the enemy allied forces…”

[YUKIMURA]: “I don’t think we should confront the enemies.”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh…?”

Everyone was surprised, including me, at Yukimura’s sudden words.

[YUKIMURA]: “Think about the situation right now. Our enemy is the allied armies of Oda, Toyotomi, and Date.”

[YUKIMURA]: “Although we have Takeda and Uesugi over here, there is no doubt the other side will be a tough enemy.”

[SASUKE]: “Yeah, we know it’s not gonna be straightforward though…”

[NOBUYUKI]: “……”

[YUKIMURA]: “At the war meeting, we shared information on the enemy’s military strength and I was convinced again on their difficulty.”

[YUKIMURA]: “You guys haven’t forgotten our goal, right? We’re going to Mouri lands to get information on Himemiko-sama. In that case, we should avoid unnecessary battles.”

[YUKIMURA]: “So… I think we shouldn’t fight but head towards Mouri lands together.”

[KAMANOSUKE]: “Together with the Oda army…?”

[YUKIMURA]: “At the war meeting earlier, my thoughts weren’t gathered so I didn’t say this, but…”

[YUKIMURA]: “I think I’m going to tell this to Shingen and Kenshin.”

We listened quietly as Yukimura-kun spoke.

However, the one who broke the silence was Nobuyuki-san’s heavy voice.

[NOBUYUKI]: “… Are those your thoughts?”

Nobuyuki-san stared hard at Yukimura-kun with similarly serious eyes.

[YUKIMURA]: “Yeah, that’s right. This is the path with the least sacrifices. So—“

[NOBUYUKI]: “Aren’t you saying that because, in truth, you are scared of battling?”

[YUKIMURA]: “Wha…?”

Saying that, Nobuyuki-san had a frightening expression that was never seen before.

At that, not just Yukimura-kun, but we were at a loss for words too.

[NOBUYUKI]: “Consider this carefully, your opponent is the peerless and ruthless Oda Nobunaga, you know? In addition, there is the unreadable Hideyoshi and Masamune, who only uses ambushes.”

[NOBUYUKI]: “Do you think those men would honestly cooperate?”

[NOBUYUKI]: “On the contrary, they would take advantage of your weakness and we could end up in a dangerous situation.”

[YUKIMURA]: “… C-certainly, what you said is right, brother. I don’t know if I could trust them like I do Shingen and the others.”

[YUKIMURA]: “But now isn’t the time to say that. In order to protect everyone, we should avoid this battle.”

[NOBUYUKI]: “… I can only think of this as an action that will expose everyone to danger. Your plan is an idiotic one that will only put everyone’s lives to waste.”

Everyone and I couldn’t interject at those strong words which were unlike the normal Nobuyuki-san.

Unable to stop the two’s argument, the quarrel continued.

[YUKIMURA]: “… No matter what you say, brother, heading to Mouri lands as six armies is the best plan. This is what I think as the general of the Sanada army.”

[NOBUYUKI]: “… You’re right. If you, the general, decides this then that is the decision of Sanada.”

[NOBUYUKI]: “However, I cannot obey this. I don’t intend to die with you and everyone.”

Everyone in this place was shocked at Nobuyuki-san’s abrupt statement.

[NOBUYUKI]: “… This is it for me. With this I am leaving the Sanada army.”

Having said that, Nobuyuki-san turned on his heel and began walking away to somewhere.

[SASUKE]: “…… Huh?”

[SAIZOU]: “I-impossible…”

[YUZUKI]: “Nobuyuki-san? P-please wait!”

When I called out Nobuyuki-san stopped for a moment.

However, he didn’t turn around and left like that.

Nobuyuki-san didn’t return to us as we stood still there–

9 thoughts on “SNB Sanada ~ 光盟 Chapter 1.5 ~

    b00len said:
    April 13, 2019 at 15:05

    My fluffing heart wowie
    The family is falling apart :(

    I understand Nobuyuki’s thinking but I also understand Yukimura’s. I feel like Yuzuki should’ve stepped up and spoken her mind and her opinion, like Yukimura asked her what she thought before, as a fellow comrade. But yeah, Oda, Toyotomi and Date would totally NOT work with each other, I really agree with Nobuyuki on that.

    Wowie, this chapter has me in tears
    Thank you for this ywy

      Ilinox responded:
      April 14, 2019 at 14:35

      Yukimura, please, your naivety is tearing this family apart— haha jkjk. But yeah, wow, we just plummeted instantly into a dark place with Sanada and my eyes are so wide right now. Two more armies and then we’ll get back to Oda and see Nobuyuki’s reasoning (?) for joining them.

      Mm, normally the MC never speaks during actual war meetings ;;; so I can see why she didn’t say anything (much like Sasuke, Kamanosuke, and Saizou) but I think everyone was also shocked silly at Nobuyuki’s explosive disapproval.

      I’m still just shaking my head at how no one seems to question how this action would reflect on Sanada’s reputation even IF everything went according to Yukimura’s proposal. Like, on the cusp of war, you withdraw from your allies and then join the OPPOSITE side? WTF? LOL. Or is a condition for joining Oda, Toyotomi, and Date that these three can’t fight Takeda and Uesugi? And that everyone should go to Mouri together?? I seriously don’t understand what Yukimura was wanting to happen /o\.

      You’re welcome and thank you for the comment!! Things are getting so intense in SNB.

    Cheek Rubsu said:
    April 13, 2019 at 10:38

    My man Nobuyuki, the Voice of Reason. He was laying it down quite harsh here, but he’s just being rational. I don’t understand how Yukimura can still be this naive/optimistic. I mean, Kenshin would also try to avoid battles when it’s deemed unnecessary, but even he knows that 6 armies mutually cooperating isn’t plausible right now.
    I’m still holding a hair-thin of doubt that Nobuyuki will truly betray Sanada (because MC), but so far it’s looking rather convincing that he’s just tired of babysitting, lol. Sigh, this Sunshine Route suddenly got the lights turned off.

    Anyway, that’s another army chapter complete! Thanks for all you do, and I hope you get some rest!

      Ilinox responded:
      April 14, 2019 at 14:31

      SAME. Yukimura’s suggestion here is just ??? because he’s still allied with Takeda and Uesugi right now and those two are CLEARLY going to fight Oda, Toyotomi, and Date… so he can’t just break off right now. Beside, even if he does that is going to give Sanada a horrible relationship for going wherever the wind blows LOL Neither side will trust Sanada at this rate.

      LOL My theories on Nobuyuki joining Oda went out the window because of this explosive argument and now I have no idea either, except it being his way to stop Yukimura from allying with Oda since he tells Nobunaga that he broke off from his brother to join them. But hmm… that sounds so ineffective.

      Aw thank you!! I’m so interested in seeing where SNB is gonna go now with so much drama being built up.

    waterinegirl said:
    April 13, 2019 at 03:05

    i knew from the start that yukimura’s kidness will be a problem in the future. no wonder why nobuyuki left.

    [YUKIMURA]: “… No matter what you say, brother, heading to Mouri lands as six armies is the best plan
    [NOBUYUKI]: “Consider this carefully, your opponent is the peerless and ruthless Oda Nobunaga, you know? In addition, there is the unreadable Hideyoshi and Masamune, who only uses ambushes.”

    nobuyuki should have been the sanada’s leader. he is reasonable and seems more suited for the role.

    but i think nobuyuki’s action to ally himself to oda is adding fuel to the fire.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 14, 2019 at 14:23

      Hahaha, Yukimura and Kenshin are very admirable and noble with their ideals and beliefs but, in the end, I question how realistic it can be to uphold them (Kenshin showing just how thorny the road can be). It was a rough discussion here that had to be had but man did it get explosive fast.

      I think Nobuyuki had a good point too in that Yukimura’s charisma and ultimate ideal/goals are more suited to being a kind leader that Sanada needs. Nobuyuki is like Kagemochi in that he’s always thinking the worst of people and plotting things that people like Kenshin and Yukimura would disapprove of.

      Mm, it’s still too hard to see what Nobuyuki’s end goal with allying himself to Oda is ;;; I wonder if it’s a way to prevent Yukimura from allying Sanada with Oda because if Nobuyuki allies with Oda first and claims he broke off from Sanada then Sanada can’t just be like “Heyyyy, we actually want to ally with you and my brother is just being silly!!” LOL.

    Reggie said:
    April 13, 2019 at 01:45

    I kinda agree on Nobuyuki, it really is a dangerous plan and feel disappointed on Yukimura. So he didn’t not believe in the strength of their alliance?! Come on Yukimura….! Did he try to do what he did when they broke away from Takeda army? I don’t think Shingen will agree this time and I’m not sure about Kenshin. Like his brother said, did he think those 3 are willing to cooperate like idiots ( I’m sorry Hideyoshi, Nobunaga and Masamune lol) they will out smart him. Protecting friends and comrades does not mean avoiding battles but also it needs a fight.

      waterinegirl said:
      April 13, 2019 at 03:06

      did he think those 3 are willing to cooperate like idiots ( I’m sorry Hideyoshi, Nobunaga and Masamune

      <<<asking these trio to cooperate is like asking yourself to be backstab when you lower your guard

      Ilinox responded:
      April 14, 2019 at 14:19

      I was so surprised to hear Yukimura’s opinion here and what he wanted to do. How would that look in the eyes of Takeda and Uesugi? You join up with them only to be like “Nope, nevermind!” and I’m sure Oda, Toyotomi, and Date wouldn’t be impressed to ally with such a wishy-washy army too LOL. It’d be like promising your friends to do a project with them only to – at the last second – be like “Oh, sorry, I’m going to do someone else’s project. Specifically, a project that’ll crush your project” LIKE WHAT!?

      He’s way too naive to just be like “It’ll work out somehow” with Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Date… but it makes me curious as to what Nobuyuki’s plan is. If Nobuyuki joins with Oda first then that’ll stop Yukimura from joining them?? Is that what he thinks?

      But yeah, sometimes the best defense is to go on the offensive and that’s what Kenshin finally learned through his route too :”D.

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