Red Koushaku no Aiyoku no Yakata ~ Kindan no Akazu no Ma ~

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Red (レッド)
CV: aki

Sole (ソール)
CV: 麻生修也

Duke Red’s Manor of Lust ~ The Forbidden Locked Room ~

The heroine’s late father left behind a large amount of debt.

It was the gentle duke, who spoiled the Miss when she was young, that saved her from her predicament.

The compensation was an unexpected marriage with him.


She would learn of his other hidden face.

The moment she opened the door to the forbidden “Locked Room”…

Thank you to the anonymous commissioner! Y’all aren’t letting me credit you with names, so instead it makes me feel like I’m the only person stepping out to show how kinky I am— jk jk. You can pick this up at the ENG DLsite here or the JP DLsite here.

R18 content warning and age difference, 3P, anal, and SM play.

Note1: I’m guessing at the manservant’s name because it can either be Sole (like shoe sole or the only sole thing) or Soul. I guess how you want to read it depends on how you think Red’s relationship is with Sole/Soul. I’ve chosen to go with the more contemptuous reading though.

*** TRACK 1: The Duke’s Proposal ***

*door is knocked and opens*

Sole: My lady! I have been awaiting you. Do you remember me? In the past, I peeked on you while you were changing, my lady… Hahaha, it’s me Sole, who overcame his terribleness!

S: My lady, you’re smiling nostalgically… ehehe. How adorable! Yes, I am now the duke’s manservant. You have an important discussion with the duke today, yes? *quietly* I beg you, my lady, please consent.

S: Huh?! Ah, no, it’s nothing. The duke is waiting as well. Now then, please, let us head to the study.

*they walk to the study*

S: Your Grace, the young lady has arrived. Now, I shall withdraw—

Red: Sole, I do not mind if you stay there. You also wish to hear the lady’s answer, no?

S: … Ahaha, yes, by all means!


R: *to heroine* How many years has it been since we’ve seen each other? You’ve grown taller and you’ve become a charming woman to an extent where I hardly recognized you. However, when you smile, there are traces of when you were a child. Oh my, if I recall that pendant… was something I presented to you when you were a child. I told you that if you were to put a picture of your sweetheart inside and wear it, your feelings would come through, didn’t I. Has your love borne fruit?

R: Hm? It’s a secret?… Seeing as your cheeks are flushed, it appears you have a sweetheart. I see… I wonder exactly who was it who stole your heart? I would like to enjoy talking about the past, but let us return to the main topic. The prospect of you returning your late father’s debts… Have you produced it? Hm?

R: … As I thought, it was impossible. If I had known earlier, I would have paid a visit… However, there is still a way to save you. I will… shoulder that debt. Yes, I am serious. Only, there is a condition attached. That condition is… marriage. Yes, marriage with me, a duke.


R: You’re so surprised you can’t even breathe, I see. I am reluctant to make marriage the condition, however… this is because I have feelings for you. Ever since you were a child, you were a lovely girl who could mesmerize even grown men.

R: I can say this only now, but my many visits to your father’s mansion was… because I wished to see you. I waited impatiently for you to become an adult for a long time. I would like you to consent to the marriage. This is my official proposal. I wish, from the bottom of my heart, to welcome you as my wife.

S: Your Grace, the young lady is at a loss. Her cheeks are flushed and she is looking down… In the end, do you still love the person in the picture?! I wonder exactly what sort of person he is…

R: Sole, I know. I don’t wish to speak about that. *to heroine* Both your parents have passed away. The only one who can save you is none other than me. Please, I ask of you to consent to a marriage with me. Whether your answer is a yes or no… I beg for a good response. *clock ticks*


R: What did you say just now? Could you say it clearly once more? Hm? Ahaha… I heard that. “Yes”… That answer in and of itself is a word I have eagerly waited many years for.

S: Your Grace, congratulations!! I am also pleased!! To be able to serve the lady I admire… I’m deeply moved!! Yes, please let me attend to you for anything and everything. I will do anything! Ehehe, I want to do that and this too…

R: Sole, you’re that overjoyed? Well, I can imagine the reasons. *to heroine* Now then, please sign these documents. The debt you carry will all be put aside. *heroine signs* Next is to sign the marriage procedures. Ahah, you’re so nervous your hand is trembling. Yes, that is enough. With this, you are my wife. *quiet* You belong only to me now.


S: Your Grace, what shall we do about the marriage ceremony?

R: I wish to debut my lovely wife to everyone immediately. However, we must prepare the list of guests, the arrangement of meals, and place an order for a wedding dress, don’t we? For the date of the ceremony… how about Christmas Eve? My aristocratic friends and many of the people will probably wish us good fortune. *to heroine* Are you also agreeable with that?

R: Hm? You’re slightly absentminded. It’s a sudden subject and it’s natural to not feel that it’s real. It is enough if you can accept it… little by little… on what you should do… as my wife. From tonight, your residence will be this manor. I will no longer let you want for anything. You are my soulmate… I would ask for a kiss with you.

R: This… what in the world… You’re hesitating on a kiss, yes? Do you dislike a marriage with me? Hm? *sharply* What am I mistaken about?… Hah… I cannot understand a maiden’s heart. However, I am a magnanimous man. I will forget your insolent attitude just now. Now then, once again, I ask for a kiss.

R: Close your eyes. *many kisses* Such soft and sweet lips… I dreamed of kissing you.

R: Oh my? Your cheeks are red and your heartbeat has quickened. Could it be… that was your first? Ahaha, I understand now. Your innocence makes you even more lovely. There is no need to be concerned about the activities of a married couple. I will teach you carefully and thoroughly… the world of carnal desires and pleasure of men and women… anything and everything.

S: My lady, are you alright? Somehow, I’m concerned.

R: Hm? Where are you going? *heroine runs*

*** TRACK 2: Bridal Night ***

*door opens; footsteps*

R: Haah, I’ve found you at last. Were you discomposed with the matter of the kiss? Or were you embarrassed? You’re hiding in such a place… ahah, but I love that child-like side of you. Now then, come here. Please follow me.

*walking; another door opens*

R: Starting tonight, this will be our bedroom. A king-sized bed with a canopy and a single silk bedding. We shouldn’t be together in a bed until the ceremony is held and an introduction banquet is opened… but I cannot wait even one more second. I want to make you mine immediately. That our first night together begins in this room… I hope you won’t mind?

R: Do not worry, I will love you gently. Come here… inside my arms. *heroine comes over* Good girl. Do not move. To remove a dress from their beloved… is the joyful blessing of a man. Merely thinking that I am free to do as I please with you… heats me up from my core. *removes her clothes*


R: Ooh? The appearance of you in your undergarments is also quite seductive. Such soft skin… Beautiful. Tonight you shall become my wife.

R: … Let me love you. *kisses*

R: Allow me to suck your tongue. *wet kisses*

R: … And what about this place? Your earlobe… *kisses*

R: Ahaha, do you feel aroused? In that case, how about this side? *kisses*


R: Your cheeks are stained and you look dazed. It looks like you are sensitive in your ears. I wish to see your body. I shall slide this one strap off and your breasts… Ahaha, your pink-colored nipples are ones that haven’t been sucked once by a man. I want to taste them. *kisses* Do not move. Entrust your body to me.

R: … Haha, yes, that is good. Hehe, your nipples have become taut at last. Your voice is also… faintly leaking out. Such an adorable voice. Well then, I suppose it should be fine for me to remove your undergarments now.

R: Oh dear? If you hold it down with your hands then I cannot remove it. You are like a child throwing a tantrum. Ahaha, you are inflaming me, I see. In that case, like this… *tears underwear* Haha! You are at fault here.

R: Please spread your legs. *lowly* You heard me, did you not? Spread both your legs… and show me. I wish to see your secret place.

R: Yes, that is good. Mm, it smells like that of a maiden. It is also slightly damp with juice… Did you enjoy it when I tasted your nipples? You also grew excited from your ears. I am extremely pleased by how sensitive you are.


R: How did you comfort yourself up to now? Hm? To say you haven’t done it once means… Ah, you certainly are a young noble lady. I shall teach you. Like this with your fingers… you trace around this moist area and place it in… You don’t want to do it yourself? In that case, I shall make you feel good. Carefully, with my tongue, on this place… *gives oral*

R: You jumped. Did that surprise you? However… it feels pleasurable enough to spellbound you, no? *continues oral*

R: … How about I give you more stimulation? This spot should feel exceedingly nice… your clitoris. Allow me to hear your sweet voice. Mm… haha, I heard it. How irresistible. It’s arousing to hear a disheveled voice.


R: Haha, it’s hardened. Ample nectar is also flowing out… I shall make you feel even better.

R: Oh my? Your legs have begun to tense. Mm? It feels electrifying… Are you about to climax already? Heh, I want to see you as you release. Now, come… mm, climax under my tongue. Mmngh! Haah… you came quite magnificently. Was that your first orgasm? Hehe. You were extremely cute. *light kisses*

R: You’re in a dazed state, but… I am afraid I cannot let you rest. As one would expect, I am already at my limits as well. Hm? That… I will have to reject. I will be achieving my desires. Please accept me. Do not worry, I won’t hurt you. You are more than prepared enough already. Spread your legs more. Haha, without being shy… come now. Yes, relax… *inserts himself* Nngh…!


R: Tight…! Nn… mgh… Little by little… inside… Nngh!

R: … At last… you are… mine. Ungh… ah… I want to pull out and push in deeper. Wrap your legs around my waist. This way feels better, no? Yes, like that… that’s good. Nngh… ahh…! This is unbearable! *thrusting*

R: Haah… haa… the tightness is too amazing… aah… This pleasure is… damn, I’m going to climax! This is too fast for someone like me… agh… I’m… releasing!! Haa… hah…

R: … You were wonderful. I was unable to restrain myself and reached completion deep inside you. We are husband and wife with this. Tied together with this sexual intercourse— oh my, what is the matter? It can’t be…

R: Sole, stop hiding and come out. You were watching this entire time from that crack in the door, weren’t you?

S: Your Grace… I apologize. Her voice… I heard the Madam’s gasping and unintentionally…

R: And how was the shared pleasure?

S: At the same time Your Grace came… I also came as well… Yes, I am ashamed.

R: Good gracious, when it comes to you… I am going to take a bath. Your beloved lady… has fainted. I didn’t intend to be intense, but this situation was a first for me. Dress her in a night gown, so that my wife does not catch a cold. Understood? Do take care not to do any unnecessary things. You understand, right?

S: *he runs over* Yes, Your Grace! Please leave my lady to me! Your Grace, take your time in the bath.

*Red leaves; door closes*

S: Hehe… I was waiting for this.

*** TRACK 3: Secret of the Locked Room ***

*birds chirping outside; tableware noises*

S: My lady, er, no, Madam… ah, I get them confused. Um, may I call you “my lady”? Great, then hereafter it will be “my lady”. Did you have a sound sleep yesterday evening? The duke was intense, so— ah, my apologies!

S: … There are dark circles under your eyes. Like I thought, it appears you are quite tired. How about I prepare some herbal tea and a meal at once? *pours tea; sets dishes down* Yes, the duke had business and departed early in the morning. He advised he was concerned about my lady and would return soon. I believe he will return before long, but… presently, my lady and I are alone together!

S: After brunch, I will escort you through the manor! Including the guest rooms, there are more than twenty rooms and it would be a problem if you were to become lost. Ah, there is also a cellar! It’s a locked room there, so take care not to enter there. This is the duke’s rule. Be sure to keep it, alright?


S: Regarding the manor’s servants, there are the two men, the coming and going gardener and the cook. Let’s see, the steward retired and so the rest is done by me. That’s right, this job is enjoyable! I respect the duke a lot!

S: Yes, yes, that nightgown suits you well. Your skin is visible through its slight transparency… Last night, I chose it and dressed you. Yes, if you were naked you would catch a cold, so I did it quickly. Erm… I also wiped that place clean. It was my first time seeing a woman… ehehe, it was exciting. *heroine drops utensil*

S: Ah! Are you alright?… You’re bright red. I mentioned it earlier, but this is also my job. I will be attending to my lady’s body and needs as the duke instructs from here on. Huh? What are you looking at?

S: Well, certainly, there are a lot of paintings of ladies, aren’t there? The four of these are the duke’s wives. *heroine slams chair back* Huh? You didn’t hear?


S: My lady, you are the fifth wife. Yes… the previous Madam became crazy, is what I heard. Because the four of them… had things done to them in the locked room… by the duke. Ah, this is bad. Please act like you didn’t hear that just now—

S: My lady? Is something the matter? This time your face is pale. Huh? You’re done with your meal already? Where are you going in such a hurry? *heroine runs off* Hm? Did I… say something weird?

*scene skip; door slams open*

S: Oh, Your Grace, welcome home! I didn’t notice—

R: I cannot find my wife. Do you know where she is?

S: Just a while ago, she left the dining room. She looked terribly upset about something.

R: You… Didn’t you say something unnecessary again?! What did you say!

S: Um, I said my lady was the fifth Madam… also, I mentioned the locked room a little… Ah!? It can’t be that my lady ran away from home!? What do I do…

R: YOU FOOL! Search for her at once!

S: Yes! *he runs off*

R: … Good gracious, he is troublesome. She is in her nightgown, so she shouldn’t have run outside the manor, but… where exactly would she be inside the manor? Hm? No… it can’t be there!?

*scene skip; footsteps running*

R: Haah… haa… as I thought, you approached the cellar. HOLD THERE! No, you mustn’t open that door!

S: *runs over* Aahh!! Your Grace, I am deeply sorry!! Yes, it’s my fault…

R: Enough already. Sooner or later, she would learn about this. *to heroine* Why are you looking at me with such eyes? Are you in shock for being my fifth wife? I… truly love you only. If you are that concerned about this room then I do not mind. You may look at it until you are satisfied.


R: What are you hesitating for? I said it was alright to open it, didn’t I?

*door opens*

R: Hah… it appears you’re so shocked you can’t even open your mouth. An iron bed, ropes, aphrodisiac, and a number of obscene toys. I wonder if you know exactly what these are for? Hm? You’re dumbfounded.

R: This is… the Locked Room; an indecent and lustful room in order to satisfy my desires. I didn’t intend to hide it from my wives, but… I believe you heard about it from Sole, didn’t you? The way I love my wife is different from others.

R: … I restrained my wives on that iron bed with rope and all night long— no, for several nights I continued to tease them. Of course, I didn’t harm them. That goes against my style. I used aphrodisiacs and tools and made them writhe in pleasurable madness… I teased them for hours until they desired me. You can’t believe it? However, this is my other face.


R: I have erotopathy… and am a sadist. Ever since I first saw you when you were young, I felt lust. However, I couldn’t wait for you to become an adult. The reason I married my four wives one after another… was to satisfy my sexual desires. However, it was impossible for my heart to be satisfied… because they weren’t you.

R: I did too much to them and couldn’t control my lust. My wives… went mad. They were women greedy to do things for money, but… I do feel apologetic for what I have done. However, now… I was able to obtain the person I have never stopped loving. I would like you… to accept me.

R: Drown… with me in a world of passion. *heroine goes to run*

S: My lady, don’t run! Please listen to the very end. I am also begging you.

R: *lowly* I do not have the slightest intention to release you. Yes… I absolutely won’t let you escape. Seeing that you have learned the secret of this room, I will have you obey my ethic. Yes, I intend to train you to my preference.

R: No reply, I see. There is plenty of time. Heh, you do not have to fear. You will only writhe in pleasure. Sole, I also have a role for you.

S: Your Grace… my role… do you mean I get to assist in training my lady? Nngh… somehow it makes me imagine lewd things. If this is for my lady then I understand, I’ll help with anything!

*cell door noises*

*** TRACK 4: Shameful Torment ***

R: My dear, over here.

S: My lady, please listen to what he says. Ah, her legs are frozen and it appears she can’t move.

R: Enough, bring her here.

S: Y-yes, understood. My lady, please forgive me. *carries her over*

R: You’re terrified as to what will be done, aren’t you? I believe you haven’t been restrained before, but I am sure you will be aroused. You have the makings of a masochist. Your wrists… and your ankles… I will affix them to the bed. *ties heroine up* Are you frightened? Your heart is pounding. Hehe, simply seeing you bound makes me hard. I wish to see it soon… the immodest sight of you climaxing.

R: Indeed, we should begin from here. Your clitoris… I wish to give this spot urgent training. It will depend on you… whether you think it painful or find it pleasurable.

S: … Ooh, meaning… you’re going to do something to my lady’s clit? What exactly…?

R: Aah, that is correct. A moderately thin thread is needed. That string there is reasonable. Sole, hand that over.

S: Uh, yes. My lady… you look a little pitiful, but I’m sure you’ll feel good. Ehehe, when I imagine that… I feel somewhat excited. *heroine struggles*

R: You do not need to worry. It will only be a slightly embarrassing experience. Like this, I can’t bind your clitoris and we need to make it large. Sole, lick her.

S: Eh!? A person like me?! But in what way… ah, like last night. I can just do it like how Your Grace did, right? I’ll do it!! My lady, I’ll make your clit large with my devotion. Now then, excuse me… *gives oral*


S: Ahaha, your clit is cute… Ehehe, my lady’s choppy gasps are also cute…! Mm… ngh… Huh? It’s already hard and twitching.

R: If it has become that large it is more than enough. Your clitoris… and this string… Ah, that’s right, I’m going to peel back the hood and bare it, so bind the base strongly with the string. *to Sole* Now, quickly while I hold down her waist.

S: Yes, Your Grace! Leave it to me!

R: Your clitoris is bound now. Heh, if you writhe around like that it will only make the string tighten needlessly. How is it? Does it not throb unbearably? This is training to turn you from a child to an adult woman. It’s training your orgasm. I’m going to tease you throughout the night. It won’t ever end while you are bound. Hehe, I wonder how long you can endure? My adorable girl, do not feel shame… all you need to do is plead with me. Yes, entreat me with “Please let me cum”.

R: Hehehe, how obscene… your privates are exposed and your clitoris is bound by a string. I’m unbearably aroused. I will be the one… to tease you. I shall taste your bared and restricted clitoris. *gives oral*


R: You’re writhing. Your skin is flushed and it’s extremely beautiful…

R: Hehe, what is the matter? You’re letting out a maddening voice. Do you want more? *gives intense oral*

R: You’re at your limits already? You’d like to climax, wouldn’t you?

S: Um, my lady’s nipples are standing up. It’s super cute…

R: Lick them.

S: Huh!? The nipples too? Of course, with pleasure! Let me service my lady! *kisses* Aah, such cute nipples. Hereafter, please let me suck on them. Mmgh… ah…

R: This is amazing. Your juices have dripped to your thighs. What’s wrong? It won’t do even if you look at me with those eyes. Hehe, I wish to see you writhe still. Ah, I know, I won’t let you climax for another hour. This is training after all. *continues oral*

S: My lady, your hair is tossed and disheveled and you’re in agony. Is the duke’s tongue that good? I want to make you feel good too, without losing! Nngh… *kisses and sucking*


R: Haha, how is it being tormented by the two of us?

R: … Mm? You can’t endure it anymore? I see… in that case, I would like a sweet kiss by that adorable mouth of yours. Now, do it. *kisses* Ahaha, to be kissed by you… Next, what would you like? Hm? I can’t hear you. You want this to end? Then be sure to say it so that I can hear it.

R: Hehe, such a cute voice. Your first entreaty… strikes me directly in the heart. It isn’t enough, but… this is my lovely wife’s request, so I will let you off with this. Now then, I shall let you climax but prepare yourself. A tremendous pleasure will run through your body all at once. I’m sure you’ll faint in agony. You’re prepared, yes? Now then, time to release yourself. GO!

R: Aah, this is terrific. You’ve cried out in an indecent voice, your hair is tossed to the sides, your whole body is tense, and you’ve achieved your orgasm. You probably don’t even notice what nonsense is coming out of your mouth either. Your juices have also dripped this much to the bed. Seeing your obscenity… heh, I’m aroused. You really are a masochist. I’m happy you felt pleasure. The sight of you writhing was exceedingly charming. Hm? Oh my…

R: … Haah. Sole, unfortunately the training stops here. My wife has fainted again.

S: Wha!? It’s over already? No way… I wanted to make my lady feel more too…

*** TRACK 5: Drowning in Pleasure ***


S: My lady, it’s time. The duke is waiting in the Locked Room. Eh?! That’s… Certainly, it was I who tattled on you with respect to the gardener. But… ngh, anyway, the duke is furious. Please, I beg of you to fix the duke’s mood.

S: Are you alright? The duke’s mood is terrible so he’ll train you harshly. If you don’t want this then I could say a word to the duke— Huh? You’ll be alright? But… it’s going to be that clit torture. Hm? Because you’re his wife… you’ll entrust your body to him. Huh? Meaning… wait, what does this mean? It can’t be that, my lady, you love the sadistic duke? No, you’ve… grown to like the training, maybe?

*they head to the room*

R: You’re tardy!! Making me wait… how displeasing. I heard about it from Sole and I do not wish to listen to your excuses. No matter what you think, that you accepted a flower says that you have accepted the secret intentions of the gardener. Yes, I immediately fired him. Unknowingly, you make men your prisoners. Our official wedding has not happened yet, but you are lacking too much awareness of your position as my wife.


R: You need to be punished. Understood? Tonight, I will not forgive you if you faint. Sole, remove my wife’s dress and undergarments immediately and bind her hands and feet.

S: Yes, Your Grace! My lady, you will be trained intensely today. It’s really okay… right? *clothes are removed; heroine is tied up*

R: Mm, irresistibly gorgeous. Until this skin is flushed with pleasure… I won’t allow you to faint tonight. Sole, I wish to see the results of yesterday evening. Lick her clitoris.

S: Huh? S-someone like me?! Yes, with pleasure! Ehehe, to get to taste my beloved lady’s clit many times… I’m blessed. H-huh? Just thinking about it makes me hard between the legs. My lady, I’ll make you feel good. Your cheeks are flushed, so it seems like you’re prepared. In that case, please feel pleasure from a manservant like me. *gives oral*


S: Ehehe, I’ve only licked it a little and it’s grown large. Your voice is beginning to leak out too… My lady, you’re really cute. Mmngh…

R: Sole, my wife is about to climax right away. Let her finish once.

S: Yes, Your Grace! Mmgh… ngh… You’re gasping so much. My lady… you’re about to come already. Aah, please come. Please, by my tongue! Nngh! Haah… haa… I’ve finally made my lady come. You also called my name! I’m so moved!!

R: Sole, well done. It was proficient. My wife is dazed, but she is still conscious. Hehe, what is the matter? You’re looking at me with watery eyes. Do you desire me? Hm? Truly? To have you desire me… Feelings of dearness are overflowing in my heart. Well then, I shall give you what you unbearably seek for at once. *inserts himself* Nngh…! It’s tight… even if you’re fully wet, it’s as if you’re still a virgin.


R: Ngh… ah… Match my movements. Yes, that is good. I’ll thrust deep into you. Ngh, you’re starting to let out a sweet voice. Mm? More deeper? Ngh… haah…! Hm? What happened to your resistance? You’re done for already? Are you about to climax? This quickly? Aah…! To swallow and clench around me… ngh, good… it’s unbearable! No, I’m already… done for too…! I want to reach completion together… this time, ngh, right now… let’s climax together…! Ungh…!

R: Haah… haa… At last, I’ve finished together with you. My heart and my body are full of feelings of contentment. I’m happy… *kisses* Hm? Something touched me just now…

S: Ah, Your Grace, I’m sorry… I couldn’t hold back… and came…

R: Good gracious, you’re the one who needs ejaculation management.

*** TRACK 6: Endless Desire ***


R: Nngh… haah… haa…! Does it feel good? What is it this time? Mm? You’re the one who requested to be restrained, weren’t you? I have no intentions of removing it yet. You’re the one swallowing me and moving your hips indecently… hehehe. How cute. *kisses*

R: Seeing your writhing body makes my penis hard too. Hehe, Sole is full of desire. Sole, do not get it on me again. Understood?

S: Y-yes, Your Grace… but… I can’t hold back anymore… I want to put it in my lady too… Is that not allowed?

R: Hm? Sole… bear in mind your position. However, let’s see… if my wife would gladly accept it then there is something even you can do. Place my wife on her hands and knees.

S: Huh? Meaning… possibly from the back!? Ah, yes, I understand! My lady, I am a virgin but please let me service you. Together with the duke, I’ll make you feel good. Now, I’ll be removing the ropes, okay?


R: Hehe, are you disappointed with the ropes being removed? This time, climb on top of me. Yes, you will be on top. Even if it is your first time, you can do it since it is you. Grip my penis and place it against your secret place. I will place it in from below. *inserts himself*

R: Ahaha, you’re bending your back. This sensation is also wonderful, no? Match my movements and try moving your hips obscenely. Yes, like that… good… very good! Sole, place yourself in from the back. Gently though.

S: Yes! I’ll put it in gently… Aah… I’m inching into my lady’s anus… Amazing… agh…! When you bend your back I get squeezed…! Aah…! I’m so happy… I’m doing such a lewd thing with the lady I’ve admired… ngh… It feels good… The duke’s penis is large and it’s rubbing against me inside. I feel like I’m going to pass out…!


R: You’ve been overcome by Sole having anal intercourse with you, hm. It feels good there too, right? Hah, what a good reaction. You’re writhing as if you are going mad. I shall pull out and push in at the same time. Here now…! Nngh…!

R: Oh my? You’re about to finish already? Not yet. I won’t let this end until I permit it. Hehehe, you’re clinging onto me and writhing. Nngh… haah…

R: You’re in pleasure from the front and the back, aren’t you? You’re tasting two penises. Hehe, you’re wriggling your waist and making lewd cries. How about I rub your breasts and nipples too? Hehe, this voice… It’s about time. Are you going to climax? If you wish for release then where is your begging? “Please, let me cum”. Hm? Aah, I heard it. When it’s said in that voice, I’m also… already…

S: My lady… agh… me too… I’m also… about to finish…!

R: No, together…! You’re finishing together with me…!

S: I’m coming!
R: It’s releasing!

S: Aah… haah…


R: Haa… we finished together, didn’t we, hehe. For you to feel this much pleasure… I’m extremely pleased. *kisses*

S: This time I finished inside my lady, filling you up… I’m sorry.

R: My adorable wife, how was Sole? I see, you felt a lot of pleasure?

S: My lady, I love you! It makes me happy to have serviced you.

R: Hehe, I am also very satisfied. *kisses*

*** TRACK 7: Oath of a Christmas Eve ***

*dishes placed down*

S: My lady, you’re finally awake. Um… my lady, you made a request to the duke, didn’t you? Regarding my job. Yes… about that, guess what? Starting today, I’ve been promoted to a steward! This is also because of my lady! I’ll serve with everything that I have so as not to betray my lady’s expectations. Yes!

S: Since this morning, I’ve been very busy with the flower decorations, preparations of the meals, and checking the list of guests. Yes, and many congratulatory gifts have arrived for my lady. The duke is a very popular man even among the other aristocrats! He is also greatly loved by the people in his lands. Please take a look at them later.

S: … Ngh, I’m… so happy to be able to welcome this day. Somehow, I’m starting to cry…! Please leave me by your side hereafter as well. If it would please my lady, I will service you in any way. Ahaha, was that suggestive? My lady, you’re bright red.

S: Erm, the duke should come here soon. I’m going to the kitchen to grill the steaks!

*runs off; door closes; footsteps come*

R: Good morning. Ah, no, the sun is already high in the sky. Did you enjoy yourself yesterday evening? Hm? Seeing you turn red, it appears you are more than satisfied. Hehe, I as well. *kisses*


R: Incidentally, do you know what today is? Yes, that’s right, the day where I am introducing your beautiful self to everyone. At last, I am happy to be able to finally greet this day. Still, are you content with that dress? Even though more gorgeous and valuable wedding dresses were ordered… You lack too much avarice. Rather than a diamond necklace, you’re carrying that old pendant instead.

R: Is it that precious? Hm? Just now, you glanced at me and showed a faint smile. Are you… still chasing the man in the picture even now? You gave a small nod. That is profane conduct, difficult to forgive, towards me, who is your husband.

R: It might possibly be a man I know. That man? No… the man at that time? I don’t believe it… but it isn’t Sole, right? Grgh, imagining it displeases me. It might be all the more better for me not to know. However, in the end, I cannot restrain myself when my wife is wearing the picture of some man from somewhere.


R: I want you to tell me about all the men you met since you were a child, without leaving out a single one. Yes, all of them. Who did you… fall in love with? Who is your first love? If you won’t say, then right here… *pushes heroine down* How about it? You’re pushed down and you cannot move. Hm? Aah, the ceremony is about to begin soon, but… I cannot suppress my boiling emotions for you. *inserts himself; thrusting*

R: Ngh, you’re writhing… Who does your heart belong to? I won’t allow you to think of another man! Nngh… ngh…!

R: You’re this indecently wet… agh… haah… If you don’t say the name of the man in the picture… I’ll be even more violent. I’ll ravish you until you can’t stand— ah… just now, what did you…? It can’t be… That’s impossible…!?

*Sole runs over*

S: Your Grace, the preparations are all— wah!? Doing that in this place…!? Right, I apologize for interrupting. The bishop who is officiating the marriage was going, “Are the two still not ready?”, and has been waiting for a lengthy time. The guests as well. Please, head to the ceremonial hall.


S: … Uh… erm… before that, both of you, I believe it would be best to fix your disheveled wedding clothes. Your Grace, please close the front of your pants. My lady, your dress is rolled up. *clothing is fixed* Yes, everything is acceptable now, right? Now then, to the ceremonial hall!

*scene skip*

R: From here on, the days I walk together with you begin. I wish to live harmoniously. However… even if I am your first love, my carnal disposition won’t be cured. I will desire you in that locked room and call it love. Even still… will you love me?

R: Haah… to have a day where I hear those words… my heart is aflame. For as long as I live, my wife is you alone. I desire you… to the point of madness… and will love you. *kisses*

Note2: Erotopath exists as a word in the Merriam-Webster medical dictionary but nowhere else, so it doesn’t look like an actual disorder or something. Huh, you learn something new every day.

Note3: HIS VOICE IS SO GOOD WHEN HE’S IN FULL SADIST MODE. VOICE LIKE VELVET. But the actual sadism acts are making me scream because 1) I’m not into hard SM play but 2) WHAT IS THIS BLATANT MISINFORMATION LMAO. Women don’t have cock ring equivalents!! You don’t… that doesn’t… You can’t stop a girl from orgasm by tying her clit?? WHAT???? Why didn’t he just do plain old orgasm denial or edging? JFC.

Note4: Catch me shrieking in secondhand embarrassment at Sole. Like, at this point, I don’t mind Red at all but LMAO IT’S SO AWKWARD HAVING SOLE THERE. Also, I’m shrieking hysterically at the image of Sole ejaculating on Red and Red just being like “… Next time, don’t ever do it again.” LOL DUDE. JUST BAN HIM FROM THESE ACTIVITIES FOR MY SANITY PLEASE. It’s not that I hate 3P but the hierarchy here makes things so weird.

7 thoughts on “Red Koushaku no Aiyoku no Yakata ~ Kindan no Akazu no Ma ~

    Viki said:
    February 27, 2020 at 01:49

    Lmao excuse me but what 😂😂
    Is-I….. Lol idk how I should start

    I can clearly see that Red didn’t even care that Sole wanted to fuck his wife 🤡 and that he was always with them when they had sex 😂

    Sole cummed on his back and he was like “Dude don’t do that again” and I was like Yo tf????? You ain’t even angry??? You ain’t jealous?
    What is wrong with both of them 😭😂

      Ilinox responded:
      February 27, 2020 at 10:13

      Some kind of reduced form of polyamory LOL. It’s okay because the MC is Red’s wife and Sole is his servant, so he can control whenever the two can get together… I guess?? It’s a mysterious world of largely tolerant people and generous hearts and libidos like crazy.

    It me said:
    April 14, 2019 at 14:00

    So hard to find good help these days

      It me said:
      April 14, 2019 at 22:00

      I have an excellent theory that explains all of this.

      So Red hires this guy Sole to work for him. They become BFF because they are both huge idiots, and get to talking and realize they both have a thing for the neighbor’s teenage daughter.

      Sole tells Red, “Dude, this one time I miiight have been going through her underwear drawer, and I found all these sexy Gothic novels with maybe-muderous-but-sexy sadist husbands. I think she is into that!!”

      And Red is like, “Sole, dude, we both love her. We are going to have to change ourselves so she will love us.”

      Red buys a book called “Sadism 4 Dummies,” stocks his Sex Room as instructed, gets portraits made of his fake Tragic Mad Wives (Sole thinks 4 wives strikes the right balance of danger and tragedy), and buys a bunch of luxurious single silk sheets and semi-transparent nightgowns that will billow just the way she likes when she runs thru his mansion in fear.

      But then it all goes to hell because her dad passes away, and Red has to propose to her much sooner than planned instead of visiting/brooding around her mansion in a red velvet cape for two more years like he wanted to.

      But he asks her anyway and she says yes!!! Of course then Sole does shit like tell her the whole story all at once instead of allowing her to find the 46 (forged) journals, diaries, and love letters they have scattered all over the mansion for her to discover and slowly piece together the mystery in dawning horror.

      When she finally gets in the Sex Room, Red has obviously read the wrong chapter of the book, she passes out, and finally Sole jizzes on Red accidentally-on-purpose (like he always does). And she has a picture of some rando in the locket she was supposed to put a picture of Red in!!! Ugh! It’s all going wrong!

      But it turns out okay! They all really love each other, the locket has a picture of Red and a slightly smaller one of Sole, the heroine and Red give Sole the ejaculation training he needs, and they all live happily ever after.

      The End.

        Ilinox responded:
        April 15, 2019 at 00:52

        LMAO either versions are wild. I’m glad that Red was decent ?? enough to not groom her as a child or make advances on her and instead just took it out on his… prostitute wives? That’s totally what he made them sound like because he specifically uses a word to describe them as women who do things for money LOL they’re not just greedy gold diggers, but actually DOING something for money. Paid to be his wife??

        But Sole’s presence is just ?? where did he come from? Just because Red’s a sadist doesn’t mean he has to be an exhibitionist |D. Or are servants so low on the ladder that they don’t need to be counted as a presence to be aware of and are just there to do things you order (and occasionally make a mess like an untrained dog—).

        I enjoyed this story more than I thought I would though, haha, to be honest when I saw the title of mansion of lust and the SM play tag I was expecting something like Immorality Prison and prepared for the worst. Instead, Red and Sole are two big dummies like you said (I’M NEVER GONNA GET OVER SOLE JIZZING ON RED AND RED JUST BEING LIKE “… Next time, don’t.”).

        Also, I think this is one of the few times where I’ve heard a 3P with an actual main couple, and so the 3rd person is just there to make things kinkier but isn’t actually the OTP. Love that because I’m generally always biased to one person in a 3P scene and want to kick the extra person out of the room LOL or I get upset at how wishy-washy the heroine is to start and keep the 3P going (staring at you Triangle Kingdom).

    Kborenai said:
    April 14, 2019 at 05:25

    Lmfao, it is definitely tagged ‘abnormal’ for good reason. Also, erotopathy is a thing but not sure if it’s an actual disorder like you said.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 15, 2019 at 00:43

      I never pay much attention to tags and only registered that this was age difference and SM, so when they were talking about the locked room and things I was like “OH MAN BLUEBEARD!! BODIES? NECROPHILIA!?”. I am both disappointed and relieved that it was just sadism, but also got a good chuckle when I paused in the middle of translating to be like “Wao, he fucked his wives into insanity” LOL.

      This turned out to be a sweeter story than I thought it would though, because Red just wanted someone who understood his fetish :( and, well, he also wanted to be married to his one and only love. Haha, I’m surprised they didn’t use the word sexual deviant or something and I’ve never heard of erotopathy in English so I was pleasantly surprised. It’s such a specific definition for a Japanese word that I wondered how they placed the two together LOL because just going from the sounds in Japanese I was thinking it was something like a through-and-through pervert/deviant. But nope, it’s an entire word in Japanese that’s literally translated into erotopathy in English.

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