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Thank you to the anonymous commissioner!! I was totally not expecting the cameo that appears in this story, but it made me yell so hard because C’MON, DARLING!! SWEETIE!! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!! Hahaha, anyway, as always I love Setsuka’s writing and Dusk is so good at feeding me.

Story below!

The Heart is in the Linarias

There were many of his favorite dishes packed neatly into oval lunch boxes— tamagoyaki, octopus weiners, bite-sized fried chicken. All of them were things his steward would say “The young master is fond of commoner-like objects”, but it was a menu Tendou Tsubasa wouldn’t yield on. If he had to be more specific, he liked his octupus weiners salty-sweet. When he was in the baseball club, there were people who were shocked, “For a weiner to be sweet…”, but the depth of that sweetness and rice mixed in the mouth was more delicious than any sort of delicacy.

Lining up these compliments in his head, Tsubasa stuffed his cheeks full with his favorite food, one after another. The weather was clear today and so, in this situation with lunch boxes spread out on the rooftop of the school, he thought it was like a picnic.

(Oh! That octopus has nine legs.)

When there was only one remaining octopus weiner, he poked reluctantly at its bright and shiny head in the sunlight.

A wind blew, pointing out his bad manners, and the seaweed on the rice fluttered.

There was also a twist on this seaweed; it was shaped in a heart mark under Tsubasa’s wish. In all respects, it was surely an over-the-top action.

The reason he liked commoner lunch boxes, even though he was a young master, was probably because he couldn’t forget the lunch box he ate in the past with the girl he loved. The lunch box she made when she was young, before she lost her memories, was cute even while it was ugly and it had been too good to eat it all.

(So I secretly hid the leftovers and it got rotten in the hospital room. Didn’t mother get angry and it was a big problem?)


As he was deeply savoring the memories of the past his girl, the maker of these, gave a small groan beside him.

“Tsubasa-kun, I keep telling you that you can’t just eat your favorites only.”

He turned to the side while chewing. Her eyebrows were lowered, as if she was troubled, and she was so cute he reflexively wanted to kiss her but he bit his own lip, which had become sweet, and resisted. It was when the taste disappeared from his lips that he teasingly laughed.

“As my wife, you can’t overlook your husband’s unbalanced diet?”

“It’s n-not just because I’m your wife…”

Seeing her lower her head in embarrassment, he became like a restless dog with its favorite food in front of it. He wanted to hug her right now and push her down.

(Ah, nope, nope. I have to endure, I have to endure. She’ll hate me if I push her down here.)

Tsubasa had proposed and entered her into the family register only a little while ago. He had never been as thankful as he was that day on being able to get married before graduation and on his birthday. It made him want to even thank his mother, “Thank you for giving birth to me on this day”, even if it was out of character.

However, ever since he was young, he always dreamed of becoming her husband. Will she forgive me if I act a little without restraint?… was what Tsubasa wondered but he was hesitantly told by her, “The number of times we do that are… a bit much”, and he seriously reflected. Other people’s opinions were like a breath of wind from somewhere, but a single word of his beloved new wife was the heaviest thing in the universe.

—Because of these sequence of events, Tsubasa had been living an abstinent life for about a week now. To be honest, since he was at the age where he wanted to do it anywhere and at any time, this was like spiritual cultivation. Maybe it was because he was releasing such a frustrated air, but it was to the point where his teacher, Kuse Kazuma, worried about him.

(Aah, I want to be an adult who can be composed.)

Even if he was at the age where he could get married, it wasn’t like he suddenly became an adult. There were still immature parts and that was exactly why he was childish enough to push his green peas to the edge of his lunch box.

Tsubasa’s girl was always worried about that unbalanced diet and his health. That was probably why she put in food he disliked which could be mixed in with his favorite dishes.

Thinking of her feelings made him feel apologetic and so Tsubasa tried tossing a single green pea into his mouth.

“… Huh? Surprisingly, I think I can take this.”

There was none of the characteristic texture and smell he imagined.

Her face brightened suddenly when he unconsciously muttered that.

“Right? I was taught a new way to cook them from mother-in-law.”

“Haha, are you still training for married life?”

“Because… I want to hurry and become a bride suitable for the Tendou house.”

Maybe because her own house collapsed once, but she had a strange complex.

For Tsubasa, he wanted to hurry and clear away that useless self-consciousness and he wanted her to spend her days relaxed.

That being said, a serious person like her wouldn’t stop training for homemaking.

Tsubasa felt vexed and, holding a green pea between his lips, he pressed them on top of hers.


She gave him a little reproachful look, having been fed through the mouth.

He kissed her once more, as if to ask for forgiveness, and tilted his head slightly.

“You’re not married to the “Tendou house”. You became my wife. If I say you’re worthy or anything, then there couldn’t be someone more.”

“Even if you say s-such sweet things and feed me what you hate, it’s no good.”

“I don’t hate these green peas.”

“Then why did you feed me them.”

“You haven’t eaten much, have you? I’m worried.”

“I’ve been eating. It’s just that you eat a lot, Tsubasa-kun. Look, even now… my stomach is already bloated.”

She said “Look” and rubbed at her stomach which was a bit distended.

Tsubasa, who followed her movements and looked at her abdomen, thought this absentmindedly.

(… I wonder when she’ll hurry and get pregnant with my kid and get a big stomach.)

She was more popular than she herself thought. That she was unaware of that was because Tsubasa used every means he had to eliminate those intruding bugs… in other words, it was inevitable for Tsubasa to be unbearably uneasy. However, that was also a problematic way of thinking, and so he wanted to quickly make a proof of their love.

He wanted to hug a child that looked like her as soon as possible, and then he wanted to give that trash – which is what Tsubasa called him in his mind – Arai a smug look.

(But even though I released inside on such a dangerous day she still hasn’t gotten pregnant. Like the principal said, it’s hard to make a child…)

Yamana Makoto, the physical education teacher at Yamana Academy, was Tsubasa’s friend nowadays. It seemed Makoto was asked by his teacher, Kazuma, when the two became friendly and he said he gave advice to a troubled Tsubasa. Tsubasa didn’t know he became kind, but Yamana told him “We’re comrades who had an abnormal beginning”.

On that note, of Yamana Makoto’s, Tsubasa spoke jokingly while showing a smile that hid his desire.

“(Get pregnant and) grow bigger.”

“Ahaha, Tsubasa-kun, do you like chubby women?”

“No, I love you.”

“O-oh. Me too… I love you, Tsubasa-kun.”

“I seriously love you. I love you to death.”


“You don’t understand. I’m a man who’s completely obsessed and will get deeply jealous more than any stalker.”

He whispered frightening things in a sweet voice that seduced.

However, maybe she didn’t understand the extent, because she innocently became embarrassed and turned red.

That was adorable to the point where he was writhing in agony inside, but… he also felt like she was a little too red.

Thinking on this, before they came to the rooftop, she would occasionally stagger. Even though he worried and asked, he would be told “I just nearly tripped” and he believed her, but she might have caught a cold.

“I’m sorry I didn’t notice. You’ve actually caught a cold haven’t you—“

The instant he placed his hand on her shoulder in worry her body jerked.


Maybe it was because Tsubasa was in the middle of abstinence, but he could only hear that sweet voice as a flirtatious noise. Multiplied by that red face, his carnal desires which should have been stifled to death was stimulated by this, as if it weren’t already enough.

A sensation like chills ran through his waist. He swallowed hard.

“Sorry… did that tickle?”

“Y-yes. A little…”

“Sorry, really.”

Even though he apologized, Tsubasa’s fingers broke free of his self-restraint and traced her neck.

She pulled her shoulders in and shook, holding her breath as if to swallow her amorous voice.

The trembling sweet voice that leaked out occasionally was a direct hit to Tsubasa’s lower half. That one part, which overflowed with youth, became strained in a flash and swelled to where it was visible at the front of his pants.

“Nngh, d-don’t, Tsubasa-kun.”

“Why? You can’t hold back either, so you’ve become this sensitive, right? Let me touch you just a little—“

“You have to control yourself still. Don’t!”

The hands which tried to grab Tsubasa’s hands were gripped in return and he brought their faces close.


“… I can’t say yet.”

“Yet… what does that mean? When can you tell me?”

Because their relationship started from force, Tsubasa was hopelessly anxious when she hid things. He became hurried and reached out a hand to her chest.

“Mngh, I said don’t…!”

“It’s just a little bit.”

His lips, which whispered that excuse, gently laid on hers. He rubbed her breasts while pecking at her lips and grazed her nipples through her underwear.

Her breaths that leaked out between their kisses grew increasingly ragged.

“Fuah, ah… Tsubasa… -kun.”

It was probably unconscious. That she called out to Tsubasa in a voice that was mid-coitus.

That finally flipped Tsubasa’s switch.

He couldn’t suppress his urge anymore.

The kisses that were only supposed to be a little had transformed, at one point, into an intense storm. He massaged her two swells and entwined their tongues with a squelching noise.

“Nngh, ah…! Nn, no… mngh.”

That voice of restraint, which escaped sometimes, also became fuel that excited Tsubasa’s carnal desires.

Because he had held himself back, he couldn’t manage his urge when he lost his self-control and so Tsubasa begged her while panting like a beast.

“Nngh, haah, haa, please. I won’t put it in, so let me touch you.”

“Mm, aah… Huh…?”

Without telling her where he was going to touch her, Tsubasa placed his hand inside her skirt.

She snapped back to herself a few seconds late and twisted her body at this late hour.

“D-don’t! You really can’t today!”

“Will you hate me if I touch you?”

“I won’t, but…!”


“It’s not goo—, ah!”

Tsubasa wrapped an arm around her waist when she tried to turn her body and escape. And then, at last, the soft sensation he had waited eagerly for—

“Hm? What is… this.”

His fingers felt an unexpected hard sensation.

Inside her underwear… strictly speaking, at the place that would be her vagina, there was something there.


Her reaction was obvious and, to say nothing of her face, even her ears and neck were red. She bit her lip with teary eyes and her shoulders shook. It looked like she was about to cry even now.

Tsubasa, who was weak to her tears, became flustered. He was also confused about an unidentified object in her vagina and couldn’t find any good questions.

He asked with bewildered eyes and, at the end of a long silence, she spoke in a voice that was like it was squeezed out.

“… I’m in the middle of training for homemaking, so you can’t touch.”

“Huh?… Huh??”

He was so confused he repeated it twice.

It seemed like she thought he was teasing her because she, unusually, glared at Tsubasa with eyes filled with tears.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Hah? Huh? T-tell you what?”

“That this was the Tendou family’s bridal training. I already know about it now!”


He was so confused he couldn’t say anything right away. He was worried about her for suddenly saying strange things and so Tsubasa asked this gently from the bottom of his heart.

“Did you have a bad dream?”

“Don’t change the subject.”

“No, I’m not changing it, I just seriously don’t understand.”

Seeing that Tsubasa was truly shaken, this time she was the one who tilted her head in puzzlement.

For a while, the two of them just stared at each other, feeling like these were unexpected developments.

There was a loud voice from the schoolyard and finally the wheels began to turn in Tsubasa’s head.

—If there was some someone who told a lie like “Sticking something in your vagina is the Tendou family’s bridal training” then… that would be an outrageous situation.

His killing intent welled rapidly and he spoke in a voice that was several levels lower than normal.

“… Who did you ask?”

She seemed to think Tsubasa was angry at her and she started trembling.

However, of course, the target of Tsubasa’s rage was the bastard who lied to her.

Unable to wait for a reply, he grabbed her upper arm and her mouth opened in surprise.

“Erm, um…”


“I’m sorry for k-keeping quiet on this. Actually, the other day… I went to meet Saijou Touji.”


The instant Tsubasa heard that his anger calmed down to a certain extent. That was because, in a sense, that was a far more terrifying being to Tsubasa than the yakuza.

He carefully asked a question while feeling sweat travel down his back.

“Did you get invited?”

In the past, her father fell in love with Saijou Touji’s wife, who was called “Saijou’s world”, and tried to force a relationship. The discovery of this caused Tsubasa’s wife’s house to be ruined. Under this development, which could only be called a complete spectacle, her family was visited by all sorts of misfortune… Everything was Saijou Touji’s revenge, who took offence at his beloved wife being harmed.

Everyone in society was sympathetic, but they were afraid of flying sparks and so publicly no family tried to help her house. However, there was one house that offered a helping hand behind closed doors. —That was the Tendou family.

Because of these circumstances, Tsubasa was constantly wary of the Saijou family and didn’t ever think that she would approach Saijou Touji.

“No… I asked Saijou Hikaru to let me meet him.”

“Why would you do such a dangerous thing?”

“That man wouldn’t allow any person of my family to be happy. So, I thought I’d surely bring disaster to the Tendou family, which took me in as a wife.”

“It can’t be… to protect me…?”

Tsubasa asked this while shaking again and she averted her eyes, as if lost, before closing them tightly and then nodding.

“Ggh, I wouldn’t be happy even if you did that!”

“I know. But, Tsubasa-kun, I didn’t want you to taste what my family did… that hardship. I wanted to get rid of the possibility of misfortune falling on you, Tsubasa-kun…”

“Just because of that, you…!”

“D-don’t worry! After I met him, he was a much kinder man than I thought.”

“Saijou Touji… kind…?”

Speaking of Saijou Touji, he was a famous man with the shining and glittering nickname, “The Ice Noble”. Exactly like the impression of his nickname, Tsubasa had never heard even once of a warm-hearted matter.

Nevertheless, all the women in society fell in love with his beauty. Men turned envious looks at his overflowing intellect. However, there were few who were able to get close to Touji.

That was because this devil, who could even order an assassination with one finger, was not interested in anything apart from his wife.

“Are you seriously saying that? You weren’t threatened?”

“Mhm. Mr. Touji welcomed me warmly and served delicious sweets and tea.”

“Was it poisoned?”

“If it was poisoned then I wouldn’t be here.”

“What was his goal?”

“He made some time to officially forgive my family.”

“No way. That’s as impossible as a meteor hitting us directly right now.”

“It’s true. He was really busy, but for a little girl like me he made ten minutes of time.”

“S-so then, what did Saijou Touji say?”


She closed her eyes and breathed in. In a careful manner, so that she wouldn’t mistake a single word or phrase, she copied Saijou Touji’s words.

“Mr. Touji said this— ‘Thank you for coming all this way to apologize. However, I’m no longer angry. Haha, truly… You see, I love it when two young people get married and thus I will forget your father’s misdeed entirely… Aah, that reminds me, since you are marrying into the Tendou family, I suppose you’ve received their bridal training?… Pardon? You don’t know what I’m speaking about? That won’t do. I’m certain Tsubasa is embarrassed and can’t say it. A woman who is to marry into the Tendou family places this instrument in her vagina for an entire day to create a body that will please their husband… Oh, you don’t know what this is either? It’s a vibrator’.”

She finished saying this rather long recollection without getting stuck. It must have been a conversation that left a pretty deep impression.

In contrast to her, as she sniffled as if to say she accomplished her mission, Tsubasa gave a long, long sigh.

“Haah… And you believed that?”

“… Is that wrong after all?”

“By ‘after all’ means you were a little suspicious that this was wrong, right?”

“Erm… yes. But Mr. Touji showed me a lot of old documents… I was shocked that it was real…”

“There’s no way it’s real.”

Tsubasa was about to look exasperated, but he suddenly realized something and swallowed his sigh.

(It’s that Saijou Touji, so he probably prepared Hollywood-esque props and convinced her. But even if that were the case… isn’t this a ridiculously roundabout way of making trouble? For a grown man to hurt a girl with such a stupid lie…)

Impossible, was what he wanted to think but… he couldn’t conclude that with an opponent who transcended ordinary people. If he thought about it carefully, if this was discovered in front of the family apart from Tsubasa… if it was discovered she was spending the day with a vibrator inserted in her then Tsubasa’s parents’ impressions wouldn’t be very good. Tsubasa’s parents were good people, but they weren’t the type to welcome an uninhibited woman. If this was a harassment based on that then— it was a simple, but effective curse.

He felt dizzy and put his forehead on her shoulder.


“Haa… Let me stay like this for a while.”



As his heart, that beated like an alarm bell, calmed he gradually got irritated. When he thought about whether other men saw her pleasure-stained cheeks throughout the morning… a burning jealousy rose, became a whirlpool, and changed into a disgusting desire to monopolize her.

(I’m a small man.)

Even though he thought that he couldn’t stop himself. By the time Tsubasa noticed, his hand was hidden again inside her underwear. He traced an arc around her vagina that was spread by the vibrator.


“Hey, earlier… you were feeling it while I was playing with your nipples, right? If you’ll pant from just that small thing, then wouldn’t you make a cute face in front of other men too?”

“I wouldn’t!”

“How can you declare that. That guy, Arai, is always staring at you, so I’m sure he’s imagined many things.”


“Like how you’re somewhat sexy today…”

He caught her ear between his lips while he whispered that. Just that seemed to set her body on fire again and he heard a sweet voice once more.


“Look, isn’t your voice coming out.”

His jealousy only rose and an obviously irritated voice was released.

She hurriedly shook her head.

“N-no. This bridal training… it wasn’t that but, anyway, I thought that if this went well and you might love me more, I’m now conscious of this thing inside… and so I’m more sensitive than usual…”

“Did you show your sensitive and cute face to other men?”

“No I didn’t!”

“But here… the vibrator is wet to the point where it’s slippery. You can’t say you didn’t make a turned on face while you’re this wet.”

“I really didn’t. I’m reacting because I’m being touched by you, Tsubasa.”

“Hmmm. Then… will you feel good if I do this even if what’s in you is a vibrator?”

He grabbed the edge of the vibrator with his fingers and pulled it out in a slipping motion. When she cried out, almost like a scream, he pushed it back in again.

“Hie, aah!! No!!”

“You’re saying no, but… your hips are moving. Do you like it more than mine?”

“Of course no— nagh!”

He moved the vibrator in and out, purposely making loud noises. And then, while doing that, he gently pushed her down on top of the jacket he had taken off.

When he determined the place to aim for to make her feel it, the amount of her juices increased and soaked Tsubasa’s hand.

He got terribly excited at that obscene smell. But he hated himself for that and became further irritated.

“Shit! Don’t get aroused by something other than mine.”

He realized himself that it was an irrational complaint, but his feelings couldn’t be restrained no matter what. His mind was a complete mess from the passion and agitation. Eventually, Tsubasa opened the front of his pants, breathing with heaving shoulders, and revealed his bulging penis.

“W-wait! This place—“

“It’s impossible to wait even a second. I’m going to fill you up right now with this and have you say I’m better or I won’t be at ease.”

“But that’s such an obvious answer…”

“All I know right now is that you’ve gotten soaking wet here. So… prove it to me properly.”

He ripped out the vibrator and immediately pressed the tip of his upright penis into her. Grabbing her wrists as she tried to drag herself up, he slammed his hips forward.

He was enveloped to the base, with a squelching noise, by her burning tightness.

“Hyah! Aah…!”

“Ngh, ah, it’s… even more amazing inside than I imagined. You’re sopping and hot… hagh, you’re swallowing me down tighter than usual. When I think that this is also because of the vibrator… I’m so fucking jealous.”

“That’s… ngh!!”

Putting his arms under the back of her knees, he spread her legs wide open. After putting her in a position where her waist was slightly raised, he pounded into her from directly above. Every time he thrust in deeply his tip was pressed right up against her cervix and this brought irresistible pleasure to Tsubasa.

“Hgh, ah!! N-no! Stop, you’re… going too hard!”

“Haah, hah, hagh… do you really want me to stop? When you’re bored into here after becoming a sopping mess… you cum right away, don’t you. I’ve made love to you many times already and we’ve came together countlessly… I know. Me too, when I rub against your deep spot like this… hrgh, it feels so good I’m almost boneless…”

“Nngh, ah… Tsubasa, does it feel good… being in me?”

“Mm, it’s unbearable.”

Maybe she was happy that Tsubasa was getting pleasure, because her face broke into a smile. Those dazed eyes were completely drowned in pleasure.

But still Tsubasa couldn’t help but ask this.

“Hey, are you… feeling good because of me? Is this better than the vibrator?”

“Nngh, mhm, it feels good.”

“Which one? Say it with words.”

“Aah, Tsubasa’s… Tsubasa’s is… good!”

“Then you can’t feel good other than when mine is put in.”

“Ok… ay! Okay, so!! I’m… co… coming!!”

“Mngh, me too… haah, haa… I’m coming…!”

With one last slap of his hips, he released a week’s worth of ejaculation.

He gripped her hips tightly, so that a single drop of what flowed into her forcefully wouldn’t spill, and poured in his semen.

She stroked her abdomen and murmured this with her face still dazed.

“Ngh… it’s still twitching… If you pour in this much…”

“You might get pregnant… I’d be happy if that happened.”

“Tsubasa, are you still worried?”

“Yeah, I’m worried because you’re adorable. I really want to lock you deep in the mansion and stare at you all day long.”

“Haha, you’ll get tired of staring.”

“You really don’t understand, huh.”

“About what?”

(My scariness…)

He didn’t say the answer and, in exchange, repeated gentle kisses…


—Twenty years after that, the vibrator was only used once at that time and now slept in the depths of a drawer.

He remembered it many times, but never felt like using it. Their beginning itself was forceful, but Tsubasa’s sexual preference was relatively normal and he was satisfied with ordinary sex. The most important reason though was his jealousy that would not forgive even a vibrator. Still, he didn’t throw it out because… Tsubasa himself couldn’t express it precisely but he was probably reminded of his wife’s courage when he saw the vibrator and his heart would warm.

Still as wholehearted as she was at that time, she continued to have feelings for Tsubasa. That being said, if she learned Tsubasa was still holding onto the vibrator, even someone like her would furrow their eyebrows… no, there was a possibility she would cry.

“But Mr. Saijou’s present might not have been wrong.”

Whenever she wasn’t around Tsubasa would sometimes open the drawer and chuckle by himself. From an outsider’s perspective, it was a dangerous picture of a middle-aged good-looking man smirking and staring at a vibrator. That’s why it was stealthily kept in a secret jewelry box. Most likely, until death, he would continue to cherish it.

The moment he thought about touching it for the first time in a long while he was called by a soft voice from a distance.

“Tsubasa, are you looking at your secret treasure again?”

Feeling his wife come closer, Tsubasa closed the lid of the jewelry box in a slight hurry and locked it.

There was a fragrance of linaria flowers when she stood in front of him. This gave her, who had become accustomed to being “the Tendou family’s young Madam”, an even more gorgeous and modest impression.

“They’re blooming already, huh.”

Every time he smelled the fragrance of linarias, the day he received a flower bouquet from her was vividly revived behind his eyelids. On that day, in that instant— the flower language, “Notice this love”, appeared in her eyes.

“Yes. Because you’ve abandoned me to be absorbed in your secret treasure, the flowers are speaking for you.”

Her mouth was smiling while she turned her face away, as if sulking.

Tsubasa covered both her cheeks in his hands and made her face him before gently kissing her like an oath.

“I’m the one who needs a flower bouquet of linarias. You don’t know how long I stare at you when you’re engrossed in the flower garden. Sometimes I want to get rid of it entirely like I do the men who approach you.”

“You say that but you like the flowers too.”

“I love the things you love, that’s all.”

Tsubasa said that, but he also extremely liked linarias. The intensity of his love was such that no matter how many bouquets there were it wouldn’t be enough, so he was grateful for them being raised in this huge flower garden.


Please notice this love that would find it fine even to turn all of humanity into their enemy. He wouldn’t be scared even of the Saijou family in the world—

The linaria flowers, which were the whole surface of the flower garden, carried Tsubasa’s feelings today as well and swayed in the wind.

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    Kborenai said:
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    And so the trend of thirsty Dusk bois is still never ending. Legit question though: How does one go about having THAT much libido? I mean, sure, it makes sure we listeners don’t run out of pron but goddamn the logistics must be a nightmare lmfao.

      Ilinox responded:
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      LOL when in doubt the answer is always puberty. Tsubasa’s a teenage guy so he’s just ready to be horny at any time!! As for Touji and the others when they get older… they just l-love their heroines that much? They actually talk about that (and make fun of it in Dusk’s way) in one of Makoto’s short stories LOL Touji’s heroine gives some tips and tricks to the other heroines on how to survive their husbands’ crazy libidos.

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