Double Score ~ Lotus ~

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Sano Fumiya (佐野 郁哉)
CV: Kusao Takeshi (草尾 毅)

Higuchi Subaru (樋口 昴)
CV: Hino Satoshi (日野 聡)

Double Score ~ Lotus ~

Due to circumstances of the heroine, the date that was planned was cancelled and so Sano Fumiya was somewhat displeased. For a change of pace, he helped out with Higuchi Subaru’s work but his displeasure was so much that he was teased about whether he broke up with his girlfriend.

Sano’s switch was flipped and, while denying that they broke up, he spoke about his passionate feelings for his girlfriend to where Higuchi was annoyed by the gushing. Sano was suggested to call his girlfriend if he was thinking about her that much, and this was how he learned the true reason for the date being cancelled.

In order to nurse his girlfriend, who said she had a fever, Sano headed to the heroine’s place…

Thank you to the anonymous commissioner!! For once I can shed my kinky title and present some all ages romantic goodness. The Double Score series has a sad past because it was a drama CD series that was being made into games (two guys per game IIRC) but then the rest of the games got cancelled after they only produced three. They have like 12 men, so that would have been 6 games at least.

Anyway, the drama CDs are connected to the games but the CDs and games can be enjoyed separately. Also, Double Score is all about an age difference between the heroine and the guy, just as a heads up!!

Note1: Higuchi is the 7th CD in this series and his flower is baby’s breath. In Japanese flower language, this flower means “pure heart, innocence, kindness, and happiness”.

Note2: Incidentally, the lotus in Japanese flower language means “pure heart, sacred, eloquence, and estranged love”. Estranged is how one site translated its Japanese meaning into English, but I’m not sure how I feel about that translation because the original is “離れゆく愛” which to me carries the connotation of a parting still happening. So, it’s love that’s growing apart but not alienation, keeping at a distance, or hostility like how estrangement implies.

*** TRACK 1: It looks like I can clear up the frustration at not seeing her ***

*computer noises; mouse clicking*

Fumiya: Ugh, boring. This online game’s a bust. I was looking forward to that company’s new work, but it’s a miss for me.

F: (It’s said to be a competitive game, but the actions are extremely slow. Is it a server problem? Or maybe the system lead is inexperienced? Either way, it wasn’t a game for me to use my precious time on to play.)

F: Haah… what do I do now? My planned date with my girlfriend got called off and this game is boring… It looks like my long-awaited day off is going to be wasted at this rate.

*cellphone rings*

F: Hm? Subaru? I have a bad feeling… Isn’t he just going to ask me to help out with work? Pass, pass. I don’t want to use my time for him. *cell continues to ring*

F: … He’s pretty persistent. Usually, if I make him wait this long he ends the call immediately. Guess I have no choice… *answers phone* Hello—

Subaru: I’m going out of my way to call you! If you were waiting then pick it up!

F: Ugh… CEO Higuchi Subaru, I’m on my day off today, you know. Even as a public health doctor, I’d like to relax in my own bed sometimes. Do you understand?


S: I’m someone who wants to relax too! Originally, the job I worked hard on for three months was supposed to finish today, but it got extended. You know why!? When I did the last check on the program that was to be delivered today I discovered a bug!

F: Aah, that’s a big problem.

S: Yeah, it’s a huge problem. Well, fortunately, it wasn’t a serious mistake. If I’m just amending that then I can do it in one hour, but… dammit, I can’t spare time to explain either. Listen, come over to my place right now!

F: Hey now, what happened to your wandering Kazuki? You two live together, so ask him.

S: He’s out of the house on a date with his girlfriend.

F: Nothing is better than being happy, right? Well, right now for me I want to click my tongue at Kazuki’s situation.

S: Hm? If I remember correctly, you have a girlfriend too, right? An ongoing secret relationship with a high school girl. You weren’t readily answering your phone, so I thought you were surely with her… but that’s not the case?

F: A text came. “Something came up, let’s do another day”.

S: Oh, you were dumped?

F: I wasn’t dumped! It just got postponed.

S: I see. More importantly—

F: You brought up this subject, so you can’t say “more importantly”!

S: To me, this is more important than that. Whatever, just come to my place. You live right below me, so you can come over in a minute, right? I’ll be waiting. *ends call*

F: Saying your business and then hanging up… What a selfish guy. *ends call on his side*

F: (I want to ignore him like this, but… Subaru is the CEO of an IT company. Guess I’ll do this to create a debt of gratitude. Besides, it looks like I can clear up the frustration at not being able to play my online game and not being able to meet my girlfriend.)

F: Now then, I should go.

*** TRACK 2: It’s not just that. Everything about me is praiseworthy ***

F: Aah, it’s over somehow. I’m glad we made it on time. Ah, Subaru, it’s too much trouble for anything else, so instant coffee is fine, right?

S: Urgh… anything’s good.

F: I’m going to put a lot of sugar in, so don’t complain.

S: I’d rather have water.

F: Are you dumb? You used your brain for a long time, so get some sugar in.

S: I feel like this is the first time I’ve heard you say something doctor-like.

F: Hey now, I say these things regularly. You just don’t pay attention. Here, I’ve brought it over so get up somehow and drink it.

S: … Too much trouble.

F: If you’re not going to drink it, then I’m going to pour it down your mouth like this.

S: Heh, big talk for someone who has no serious intentions of doing that.

F: Ooh? *walks over; grabs Subaru’s mouth*

S: MFGH!? What’re you doin’!?

F: Ah, I thought I’d care for CEO Higuchi Subaru, who checked his programming from noon to evening without drinking or eating and completed it splendidly, so I’m making him drink his coffee. Now then, open your mouth.

S: MMRGH!! You are’mh pheriously gonna do it, are you!?

F: If I wasn’t going to really do it then I wouldn’t have said it.


F: Where’s your apology for doubting me?

S: *muffled* Mphow fhan I phay it liphe thimph!?

F: Jeez, you’re spoiled. Okay, okay, I just need to let you go, right? *releases Subaru*

S: Haah… what’s with this person.

F: Come on, say it. I’m listening.

S: HAH!? You’re seriously intending to make me say those humiliating words?! Haa… you’re the worst.


F: Pardon? Should I convey how serious I am once more?

S: … Your eyes are scary! And don’t try to put your hands close to my face! Hah… fine…… I’m sorry for doubting your seriousness. Is this good enough?

F: You should have apologized obediently from the start and then it’d be over without your face being grabbed by me. Dear me, having a needlessly high pride is a problem.

S: I don’t want to be told that by you!

F: Right? Because I don’t want to be told that by you either.

S: Gods, you’re a terrible man. Well, if you didn’t help out then I wouldn’t have been able to deliver the goods. So… um… that. Uh… th… thanks.

F: Aren’t you glad you live right beside someone who is good with computers?

S: Heh, yeah, that’s right.

F: I’m good with dinner as today’s thanks. An extra special one.

S: If you’re settling with that then I’ll let you eat as much as you want.

F: Seriously!? Awesome! I’m glad I risked saying that.

S: In exchange, I don’t intend to leave the house though. Delivery is fine, right?

F: Yeah, yeah, delivery is more than enough. Thank you very much, CEO.

S: Don’t worry about it. You really did help me. Sushi is good, but what do you want for money?

F: Huh? I don’t need any. Even though I helped out a programmer coach, all I did was check for bugs. It wasn’t anything big, so it’s alright. Besides, thanks to doing some work, I was able to forget something painful a little.


S: Painful…? Ah, that matter of your date being rejected by your girlfriend.

F: … How come you know?

S: It’s impossible for you to be depressed by anything anyone says to you. However, the sole possibility of that is… your girlfriend alone.

F: How can you declare that?

S: This is surprising…

F: Huh?

S: It’s impressive how the word “how” comes out from your mouth. As long as you’re free, you force me and Kazuki to listen to you talk about your girlfriend. Whenever you’re apart from your girlfriend, even for a little while, you get concerned about that and stupidly worry over whether you might be hated. In the end, I’ve seen you get depressed on your own on countless occasions.

F: Is that bad?

S: It’s not bad… but I’m saying perhaps you should grab some composure appropriate for your age. If you’re in a relationship like that in your early thirties, doesn’t it get tiring?

F: It has nothing to do with age. If you’re serious then your girlfriend’s every move will be on your mind. *tenderly* I want to stare into her eyes forever. I want her to call my name with her cute voice. I want to hold and squeeze her dainty and soft hand. I want to pet her glossy hair—

S: How long do you plan on continuing this annoying subject?

F: You went ahead and called it annoying. What do you take my love for?

S: Like hell I’d care about your love! In the first place, don’t tell that stuff to me, tell it to your girlfriend! It’s gross.

F: It’s not like I’m directing it to you, Subaru.

S: Then don’t look here when you’re saying it! Jeez… if you love her that much then don’t loiter around here and just tell her directly.

F: I’m telling you I was told something came up today. So, I can’t tell her directly, right? I can only speak out about my overflowing feelings for her like this and lessen my sorrow.


S: *annoyed* Can’t you go home and do it alone?

F: Come on, you… Calm down and think about it. If I muttered those earlier words alone in my house then wouldn’t that be gross?

S: Either way it’s already gross, so I don’t think you have to worry?

F: You’re so rude. What sort of remarks are that to someone you received help with work from?

S: I’m showing the bare minimum of courtesy though?

F: You’re not cute.

S: As if being cute to someone like you would result in anything.

F: Well, that’s true. I too don’t want to show you any more concern than what’s needed. Because the one I wish to cherish and be concerned for with my body and soul… is my girlfriend only.

S: Then hurry up and go to your girlfriend’s place. Work is done so you don’t need to be here anymore, right?

F: Hey now… are you listening to what I say?

S: I’m returning those exact words to you!

F: Like I said just before, my girlfriend said something came up today. If I call her or text her during that, there’s no way she can keep me company, right? To begin with, if I contact her and there’s no response at all… I… wouldn’t be able to live.

S: *flat voice* That’s such a problem.

F: Why are you giving me such a disgusted look?

S: You’re so stupid I don’t feel like explaining. Haah… a man crazy in love is really annoying.

F: I’m not crazy. I’m super emotional. Those are words that come out on their own whenever I think about her. I can’t do anything about them!

S: I’m saying that’s the case of being crazy in love. Gods… I’m worried about a school that has someone like you as their public health doctor.

F: What sort of words are those to me when I’ve accepted those students’ trust with my whole heart?

S: Who is it that used that trust and laid their hand on a student?


F: *cheeky* Me, huh.

S: Impressive how you openly live like that.

F: It’s natural because I don’t have a guilty conscience about my feelings for her.

S: That’s…

F: I’m not an idiot. I’m aware that I don’t have permission from society. Proof of that is how I’m still dating her secretly so that no one finds out, right? But I really don’t want to lie about my feelings of loving her.

S: The reason you’re hiding this then… is for her sake?

F: Yeah. Whether I’m talked about by society or lose my job, none of that is a loss to me. But that’s not the case for her, right? I want to protect her from everything, so that’s why I continue this secret relationship.

S: That’s the only part that’s praiseworthy.

F: It’s not just that. Everything about me is praiseworthy!

S: The only one who thinks that is yourself…

F: You’re really someone who says one too many words. Whatever, hurry up and drink the coffee I poured. It’ll get cold.

S: I think it’s long gone cold… but I might as well. Thanks.

*** TRACK 3: In truth, today was supposed to be a date ***

S: *drinks and chokes* TOO SWEET!!

F: You better drink it all. Your brain will rejoice. Wait, you don’t like sweet things, huh.


F: You have a job where you face a computer every day, so leave something you can put in your mouth easily beside you like chocolate.

S: So that this doesn’t happen, next time I’m going to drink cocoa or hot chocolate.

F: Hehe, that’s wise.

S: Haah… you’re sadistic. I feel sorry for your girlfriend!

F: Too bad, but my girlfriend and I are extremely in love. There’s no need for you to feel sorry at all.

S: Don’t reply with something that sounds like an insult!

F: Aah… Subaru, because you brought up my girlfriend, I now want to see her again. What are you going to do about that?

S: Like I care? Don’t make it my responsibility. If you want to see her that badly, then just go.

F: How many times have I told you? She said something came—

S: How long is she going to be busy for? Is it twenty-four hours?

F: … I see! That’s how it is!? Depending on the time, there’s a possibility she might say OK, huh!

S: It could be she’s busy all day long though.

F: Alright, if that’s the case I’ll contact her.

S: Earlier you said you wouldn’t be able to live if she didn’t respond. It’s not a problem? If you’re going to collapse in despair then do it at your own place. It’ll be a problem if you do that in my house.

F: That possibility certainly exists. But, right now, the feeling of wanting to see her is on top of that despair.

S: Yeah, yeah, that’s great. Okay, okay, I don’t need any more of an explanation so contact her in your own room!

F: I helped out with your work, didn’t I?


S: No way… You’re not going to ask me to listen to your conversation, right?

F: You think I’m gross, right? My wholehearted feelings towards my girlfriend. I’m going to clear up that misunderstanding. Now, listen to my conversation.

S: Listening to your conversation isn’t going to solve the misunderstanding! Go home right now!

F: In truth, today was supposed to be a date—

S: *pounds table* I KNOW! SO GO HOME!!

F: You know, we were planning to go to an amusement park a little way away—

S: Haah…

F: A place removed from our lives. In addition, we could slip into the crowd and it’d be hard to be seen by those who know us. If I disguised myself a little it’d be even more perfect.

S: I said I didn’t want to hear?

F: If we went to the amusement park, how do you say this, wouldn’t it feel exactly like a relationship in one’s teens? See, my girlfriend’s in high school and, in the end, don’t you think she wants to have the same sort of relationship theme as other young people? I don’t want to be told my date plan is a bit old and boring, right? Well, my girlfriend isn’t the type of girl to say that though.

S: Yeah, that’s right, you won’t lend an ear to my opinion.

F: At the amusement park, I’m thinking we should go on the roller coaster and she’d talk about how scary it was while putting her arm around mine. Or maybe we should enter the haunted house and she’d be all, “Wah, scary!”, and I could hold her.

S: What should I do to get him to shut up—
F: No, wait, in the end it might be better to go on the Ferris wheel early. After all, we’d be alone together—
S: Hmm… ah, I know!
F: If I wanted to hug her—
S: Hey! Sano.
F: Or even if I wanted to kiss her, it’d be a place where that would be possible—


F: Huh? Why are you yelling with such an angry look again? You’ll be a neighborhood nuisance.

S: Who’s a nuisance!? In the first place, my angry look and my yelling is all because you weren’t responding to my calls! Ahem, ahem… HMPH. Anyway, do what I’m going to say right now.

F: I don’t know what you’re going to make me do… but alright. So? What should I do?

S: You don’t have to go back home, so call your girlfriend right here and now. And then tell her you want to see her!

F: Huh!? How come I have to do something like that under your orders?

S: I don’t want to accompany you and the delusion in your head any further! Listen up, call her right now. Hurry up! Until you do it, I’m going to demand the same thing from you continuously, okay!?

F: That’s right… having you listen to me talk about my date plan isn’t productive at all, Subaru. How much better would it be to listen to my girlfriend’s voice?

S: *through gritted teeth* Then don’t make me listen to your pointless complaints and hurry up and call her!

F: You’re right! I’ll do that. *phones heroine; phone ringing* She’s not picking up…

S: Isn’t it possible your call is being rejected? In my case, I’d definitely want to reject a call from you.

F: My girlfriend’s not you, so she wouldn’t do such a thing. Besides, I got in contact with her today. From the start, if she was going to reject my calls then she wouldn’t have contacted me originally, right? *phone still ringing*

S: That’s true… How about texting her?

F: *ends call* Nah. I’m a little worried… I’m going to try calling her house.


S: Huh? You… Isn’t that going to bother her family?

F: *placing call* That’s no problem, you know? I’ve already met her parents and been officially recognized. *phone rings* Good evening, it’s Sano. Yes, thank you for the other day. Um, excuse me… Ah, yes, that’s right. She didn’t pick up even though I called… Eh? Is that so!? Yes… I didn’t know. Right… yes… Yes, if that’s the case, I think it’s better if I’m at her side. No, it’s not a problem. Then I will see you soon. *ends call* Haah…

S: Did something happen?

F: … It was a lie when she said something came up.

S: What do you mean?

F: Right now, it seems like she caught a cold and she’s laid up in bed. That she didn’t tell me that and lied means she probably didn’t want to worry me.

S: And? What are you going to do? Well… I don’t have to ask, huh.

F: Yeah, I’m sorry to her but since I know this I can’t not be worried. I’m going to go to her house from here and take care of her.

S: Well, that’s not so bad, right? However, don’t come to my place for a while. I don’t want you to carry germs in and I don’t want to hear you brag about her any more.

F: Hahaha, you really are someone who can’t be changed. Alright, as you’ve requested Subaru, tomorrow I’ll definitely visit to tell you how I nursed her and just how cute her face was.

S: ARE YOU AN IDIOT!? I said DON’T come!!

F: I know you aren’t honest, so there’s no worries.

S: SHUT UP!! Enough, hurry up and get out of my house!! And then go take care of your girlfriend as much as you want!!

F: I’ll be doing that. Well then, see you later, Subaru.

S: We don’t have to see each other later.

F: Yeah, yeah. See. You. Later. Hahahaha! *leaves; closes door*

S: Haah… I’m exhausted. It might not be fair to wish this on his sick girlfriend, but I’d like him not to leave her side for a while. I’m completely done with his gushing about her. Good luck, girl.

*** TRACK 4: Are you awake, princess? ***

*door opens; footsteps*

F: Now then, I’ll take care of her from here so, mother, please settle the business you said you had. Yes, I am a public health doctor, such as I am. I’m used to taking care of patients. Yes, please leave it to me. Have a safe trip!

*mother leaves; he comes over*

F: It looks like she’s sleeping quietly. Haa… it’s true. Indeed, her complexion looks good. I heard her fever also went down, but… I wonder how it is now. I guess I’ll check? It’s not that hot. Seeing that I don’t know the details of her condition, there’s nothing I can do, huh.

F: Hm, I guess I’ll watch over her at her side for a while longer. Now that this is decided… Chair, chair… *rolls one over; sits down*

F: Haha, I’ll push back her hair.

F: … You caught a cold, so I can understand why you postponed the date with me. But I wonder why you lied about how something came up? You didn’t want to pass on the cold to me or you didn’t want to worry me… I think it’s one of those reasons.

F: However, I wanted you to depend on me. If you felt bad then I wanted to be at your side and take care of you, like now.

*heroine moves around*

F: Are you awake, princess? *heroine startles* Ah, what are you doing trying to get up!? Even though your fever has gone down, you aren’t in your normal condition, right? Lie down properly. *heroine settles back down* Stay still like that.


F: … Eh? Why am I here? I called you earlier but it didn’t connect. If this was usual, you would definitely answer… so I couldn’t help but feel uneasy at that behavior. No matter how inconvenient you say things are for you, I don’t think you would ignore calls from me. So, thinking that was strange, I called your house and was told by your mother that you caught a cold and were sleeping.

F: Ah, if you’re wondering about your mother, she said she had an errand so I took her place to nurse you. That’s why I’m here. You don’t have to apologize. Because it’s you, you probably thought you couldn’t pass the cold onto me, cancelled our date, and lied, right?

F: Heh, that’s what I thought. But, if it’s possible, I’d like you not to lie to me in the future. *pets heroine* I end up feeling pathetic learning about it like this. If I knew then I would have taken measures so that you wouldn’t be in pain and your cold would get better faster.

F: From the start, think about this carefully, I’m working at your school as a public health doctor. Shutting out viruses and taking care of people is my specialty. So… just be like this and depend on me.


F: Jeez, I can’t do anything about you. Listen, you say you don’t want to pass on your cold, but I’m fine with it being passed like this. There’s only one reason… because I really love you. Whether it’s a virus or whatever, I want to accept everything you give me. The things I receive from you are treasures. Be it pain or anything.

F: That’s how things are, so throw away your strange reserve… and how about letting yourself be spoiled by your boyfriend? Being honest here will make yourself physically and emotionally comfortable.

F: Mm? You like it when I pet your head? Ahah, thank you for letting yourself be spoiled. I’m reaaaaally happy, you know? Tell me if there’s anything else you want. I’ll do anything.

F: Ah, water? Roger. *gets up* Let’s see, where’s the bottle? Woah, you don’t have to get up. Lie down like that. *walks over to pour water*

*** TRACK 5: Could it be that you don’t want to be kissed by me? ***

*returns with water*

F: Now then… You look like you’re wondering what I’m going to do. That’s simple. I’m obviously going to give it to you through my mouth. *drinks water; kisses* Haah… well? Was it tasty?

F: Hahaha! You don’t have to get so angry, right? I told you my thoughts earlier, didn’t I? That I’m happy about receiving anything from you. Even if I was to take a day off at school after the weekend ended then I would be laid up in bed in a super good mood.

F: I’m sorry, but I haven’t teased you once. I’m always serious. To the extent where I want to take this cold that’s causing you pain. Look, isn’t it often said that if you pass your cold onto someone you’ll get better immediately?

F: I’m happy you’re worried about me like that. But… more than that, I’m helplessly worried about you. I don’t want you to suffer or be in pain. I want you to always be at my side, healthy and with a smile. Well then, this cup isn’t necessary anymore, right? *sets aside*


F: Hey… *kisses* if I say let’s repeat these kisses, so I can receive your cold…? Eh? That’s no good? Why?

F: Hah, I see. Because it’s embarrassing? I was pretty serious about doing it, but maybe doing it for real like this wouldn’t be good. Here, look this way. For me, I couldn’t care less if I was to catch a cold. More importantly… it’s because it might not end at just kisses. And then your body will be taxed, instead of me. It’s better to hold back. *heroine dives under covers*

F: Why are you covering yourself with the blanket? Ah, could it be that you don’t want to be kissed by me? I see, you’re going to insist on saying you don’t want to pass the cold onto me. If you’re going to be that unreasonably stubborn then… I end up wanting to use some force too. *leans head down*

F: Do you remember? Before we were a couple like this, I took care of you in the infirmary when you were just a student. Ever since that time you were special to me. But now I don’t have to keep a check on those feelings. I can act as I please and stay beside my beloved and take care of you with everything I have as your boyfriend.

F: Hahaha, come on, show me your face. If you don’t want to then I’ll try not to kiss you anymore. So, won’t you let me take care of you beside you like this? *heroine comes out*


F: My hand? Of course, here. Holding your hand is nothing but happiness for me.

F: I see… you also honestly wanted me beside you, huh. I’m happy, so don’t be reserved. Listen, I’m really happy when you depend on me like this. I won’t mind even if I have to stay in bed because of a cold as a result. I’m sure you don’t know just how much value this moment of staying at your side and having you depend on me is to me.

F: I’m hopelessly in love with you. So, I want to stay beside you at all times. I’m going to keep holding your hand until I’m satisfied. Even if you say you’re embarrassed or you’re done, it absolutely won’t enter my ears from this moment. Okay?

*** TRACK 6: That sort of request is warmly welcomed, so I’d like you to say it more ***

F: Now then, there’s something I want to ask. You went to the hospital, right? At that time… was the doctor a man? Or a woman?

F: … Phew, there’s no problem if it was a woman. Um… you might think this is dumb, but if the one who saw you was a male doctor then I probably wouldn’t forgive him. Because he would have touched your skin, right? I’d absolutely hate that.

F: It’s not something to laugh about! The only person who can look and touch your skin… is me. Anyway, if you feel bad or want me to do something then say so.

F: Hm? What is it? You have something you want to say, right? Come on, try saying it.

F: To say you want me to sleep next to you and warm you up… That’s pretty bold. No, I don’t mind. Rather, I’m super happy. That sort of request is warmly welcomed, so I’d like you to say it more. Well then, I guess I’ll fulfill your request. Actually, you’re fine now?… Hah, even if you say that now, it’s too late. *gets in beside heroine*

F: In the first place, I already said it, right? That even if you’re embarrassed that opinion won’t enter my ears. Now… we might as well enjoy this situation as much as we can. First, I think I’ll hug you to show you how welcome this is. *breathes in and out deeply*


F: I can feel your warmth and it smells of you. I wonder why… right now, I feel really comfortable.

F: Mm? You were so embarrassed at the beginning, but now you’re snuggling up to me. That’s such a cute action. Then next is my turn. Look up a little? *kisses*

F: Mm, like I thought, kissing you makes it feel even more real. Well? Am I right? I thought we’d feel the same. And now, aren’t you thinking about kissing more? I thought so, because I’m thinking the same thing. *kisses*

F: … Haah… haa… somehow, I feel like it’ll be dangerous if we keep going. *kisses* Okay, I’m going to try and restrain myself here one way or another. Even if you say you’re feeling much better, you’re still a sick patient. Besides, it’s about time for your mother to come back. If she sees a situation like this then all my hard-earned trust will be wasted.

F: And so, I’ll get out of the bed— *heroine stops him* I’m done for. How come you’re hugging me? You don’t want me to leave yet? Oh dear, this is a problem. I’m trying to put some distance between the feelings of a man and a woman for your sake. But in an instant it’s now all in vain.


F: I’m blaming you. *leans back down* You’re the one who instigated me. You understand that, right? Heh, I’m glad then. Then, until your mother comes back, let’s stay like this without separating.

F: Ah, that reminds me. I’m going to say this again but, no matter how embarrassed or done you say you are midway, I really won’t lend an ear to that. Well, I know when you say no more it means you’re happy. Haha, now then, in this time… you have to love me too. In exchange, I’ll also love you with all that I have.

F: I’m not going to let you go that easily, so… prepare yourself.

*** TRACK 7: Q&A for Sano ***

F: Bonus track! Q&A for Sano Fumiya.

F: My favorite food? I’m not very particular with my food, so anything is fine. Nothing I eat is bad, and I feel like everything is tasty. I don’t have anything I’m obsessed over and will say that it’s good. My friends often get angry at me for this, but sometimes by the time I notice I’m fine with skipping three meals. I do think “Ah, I should eat” but I forget it right away and do something else. But I don’t hate eating, so I’m often told by people that they don’t understand me.

F: My least favorite food? I don’t really have one. Really, anything I eat is tasty and I don’t really think of anything as disgusting. It’s enough that it’s edible, so I’m not particular about its taste.

F: Something I’m not good with? The thoughts of people who are indecisive, maybe, or who want to be reserved. For example, when asked “What do you want for dinner tonight?” and they’re answered with “Anything’s fine” then it’s all over. Don’t say anything’s fine. To not be able to say clearly what you want to eat or what you don’t want to eat… that doesn’t exist in me. I’m the type to make things black and white.

F: Well, I know that’s not something to persist on through to the end. I am, after all, in a teaching profession. I do try to adapt myself to the requirements of the moment. But I’m pretty certain I’ll get irritated and it’ll come out on my face.


F: My hobbies? Electronics, maybe? Nothing in particular, but things like refrigerators, washing machines, and computers… I’m interested in many things. I research their features, performance, and other things and compare them. Ah, I’ll definitely buy the latest product and examine its performance. Among these, I’m good with computers and I’ll install parts on my own and I can make my own programs. Thinking on it now, I wonder why I didn’t go work in that field. Well, they say it’s better not to make your hobby your work, so I guess it’s not a problem.

F: My favorite alcohol? It’d have to be a highball. Hands down, a highball. I like the taste of whiskey, but it’s pretty tough drinking it just like that. With soda, you can drink for a long time and enjoy it. It’s two birds with one stone. Lately, there’s been lots of varieties of highballs so I’m pleased.


F: My favorite underwear? Hah, this is an interesting question. You’re asking me if it’s hard to answer? Not at all, haha. This question is going to be told to my girlfriend, right? Then I will gladly answer it. Let’s see… it doesn’t have to be lace. Simple designs, without unnecessary decorations, are nice. Also, I absolutely can’t remove a front hook. Hehe, basically, anything that doesn’t have things which get in the way when removing them is nice. Huh? How come you’re drawing back?

F: What’s my fetish? The butt, maybe? I think the shape is important and a little soft feeling. If it’s a shape where I can grab it with both hands… *claps hands together* I might have to put my hands together and prostrate myself. Just imagining it gets me fired up.

F: Lastly, I have to give my girlfriend some words? Hmm…

F: Have you come to understand me from these questions? Well, I think it’d be impossible to understand… so I think it might be better for you to come to the infirmary. I will kindly, carefully, and thoroughly teach you. Ah, don’t worry, I probably won’t do anything… alright?

Note3: Maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know this, but public health doctors are more about creating policies, preventative medicine, and treating communities / groups of people than one on one patients like doctors at hospitals or physicians that are family doctors. Huh, the more you know.

Note4: Digging up 2013 information on this series is wild. Higuchi Kazuki is Subaru’s cousin and roommate.

Note5: I love?? Sano??? LOL I enjoyed this so much and the Q&A had me screaming at his answers. This reminds me of the Rouge et Noir boys getting asked these spicy things too, phew. Anyway, I love how relaxed he is despite being 31 years old. Hello, yes, can I have a boyfriend like him?—

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