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Kanojo, Tokidoki Kaitou

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Watanuki Leo (ワタヌキ レオ)
CV: 三橋渡

Her, Sometimes Phantom Thief

“Ooh?… Like I thought, this is worth researching…”

“… So, you see, it’s a sticky liquid… that comes out… You pulled the lever, didn’t you? Your curiosity won out, right? Jeez, why does it feel so lewd…?”

“You… like it when the top and bottom is being tugged, right?… Both of them are hard… it’s reaaaaally cute.”

You had broken your gun and, on a night when it was said a once-in-a-hundred-years meteor shower would occur, you visited the developer’s research laboratory, relying on your memory, to have him fix it.

However, there at the research laboratory was the developer’s grandson, Watanuki, who had inherited it.

You were easily caught and, with both hands bound, he inserted himself into you…?

“That reaction… just makes me more excited, you know? If you’re feeling that good then I need to give you more, don’t I…?”

Thank you to an anonymous commissioner!! You can get this at the ENG DLsite or the JP DLsiteR18 content warning but this one is a super sweet CD.

There’s actually another synopsis in Geometric Rose’s site (the doujin circle) so I translated that below too. It made me personally interested in this CD, because it sounded really melancholic and tender (but turns out my impression was wrong LOL it’s just pure sweetness). Also, it’s my habit to check these things so I can confirm the other DLsite translations I’ve done don’t have different synopses.

On the night of a meteor shower, she suddenly came down in front of me. Truthfully, it may have been that we shouldn’t have touched each other. Maybe I shouldn’t have been been attracted to her. But I easily caught her…

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