Kanojo, Tokidoki Kaitou

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Watanuki Leo (ワタヌキ レオ)
CV: 三橋渡

Her, Sometimes Phantom Thief

“Ooh?… Like I thought, this is worth researching…”

“… So, you see, it’s a sticky liquid… that comes out… You pulled the lever, didn’t you? Your curiosity won out, right? Jeez, why does it feel so lewd…?”

“You… like it when the top and bottom is being tugged, right?… Both of them are hard… it’s reaaaaally cute.”

You had broken your gun and, on a night when it was said a once-in-a-hundred-years meteor shower would occur, you visited the developer’s research laboratory, relying on your memory, to have him fix it.

However, there at the research laboratory was the developer’s grandson, Watanuki, who had inherited it.

You were easily caught and, with both hands bound, he inserted himself into you…?

“That reaction… just makes me more excited, you know? If you’re feeling that good then I need to give you more, don’t I…?”

Thank you to an anonymous commissioner!! You can get this at the ENG DLsite or the JP DLsiteR18 content warning but this one is a super sweet CD.

There’s actually another synopsis in Geometric Rose’s site (the doujin circle) so I translated that below too. It made me personally interested in this CD, because it sounded really melancholic and tender (but turns out my impression was wrong LOL it’s just pure sweetness). Also, it’s my habit to check these things so I can confirm the other DLsite translations I’ve done don’t have different synopses.

On the night of a meteor shower, she suddenly came down in front of me. Truthfully, it may have been that we shouldn’t have touched each other. Maybe I shouldn’t have been been attracted to her. But I easily caught her…

Note1: I went back and forth on the title for a long time. Ultimately settled on this because I don’t like the implication of an established relationship from the start with the ENG DLsite’s title, “Girlfriend, Sometimes Phantom Thief”. Also, the word girlfriend just looks so lame in English. I totally see what they’re doing with the dual meaning of “her” as a concept and “girlfriend” being used at the same time because they get INTO a relationship, but still…

*** TRACK 1: The Phantom Thief Who Fell From the Sky ***

*bell rings; heroine runs; drops into a place*

Leo: H-huh!? Eh!? Uh… um… huh? You’re…? I’m nitpicking!? No, no, this is normal, what time do you think this—… Uh, you’re in a hurry? What’s the matter? It’s rare for there to be guests at my lab… *heroine tries to run; bell rings; he catches her* A-ah! Woah, you’re really in a hurry.

L: … Are you alright? Uh, huh? Um, what’s wrong? Ah, you mean my clothes? Sorry, I wear casual clothes so I might not look put together, but I am a researcher at this lab. Maybe it’s better to say I’m an inventor? Haha, yeah, that’s right. That fits. Erm, so, do you have business here?

L: Eheh, no, if you don’t mind then I’ll listen to your story. Mm… mm… mhm… It broke? That toy-looking gun you’re holding? I see. Let’s see, let’s see. Show me. *heroine hands over gun* Hm… hm… eh? This is quite… Haha, you carry interesting things. Ohh? Ah, ooh… oh, this part becomes a trigger! Ooh… hm… ahah, eh, wait— Aah, sorry, may I examine this more on the desk?


L: Hmm… hmm…? Eh… its mechanisms… Mm… this remodeling… Ah, aah, sorry. Please sit where you’d like. *heroine approaches him* Mm… hmmm… Hm? Hmm?? Eh, u-um… this is my lap… though?? Erm… ah, no, how do I say this… it’s hard to move. I did say where you’d like, but… erm…

L: Huh, you want me to repair its body? Er, hold on, that’s… ngh, you can’t just spring this and that on me— aah, I’m saying don’t climb onto me! Don’t straddle me! It’s going to make me nervous! Hey now! Haah…

L: This is a conundrum… Why are you so friendly to someone you just met? Erm… mm… ahem… ah, hm… what can I do to get you to move? I don’t know if you don’t want to or something, but I’m troubled. Mhm… er, huh!? W-why are you clinging onto me?

L: Eh?… You’re warm… Ahah, mm, it feels nice. To the point where it feels like we didn’t just meet. Hm… haha…


L: Ah! But, no, this is, uh… not whether I dislike it or not but… Ah, I didn’t clearly reject this so I’m not wholly against it, but really with respect to social etiquette… No, wait, with respect to social etiquette… haha, what is it, huh.

L: Ah, today is a day where a once-in-a-hundred-years meteor shower is going to happen, isn’t it. If that’s the case, then it wouldn’t be strange if anything were to happen… right? Ah, sorry, I was just talking to myself. Oh, that’s right, going back to the topic, but about this gun you brought. It’ll probably take time to fix it. I want to look at it more thoroughly. If you don’t mind, could you comment on my inventions during that time?

L: Haha, mm, that’s right. I was asked to make items presently and I haven’t had any way to test these various things you see. Ahah, I’m glad. Thank you for your cooperation. You brought this thing here, so I thought you might enjoy these. I’m glad I asked.

L: Then can we start at once? Ah, uhm, could I ask you to get off my lap then? *heroine gets off* Haha, thank you. Wait a moment. *rustles through inventions* Let’s see… hm… this is wrong… not this one… Mm! This one… Um, yes, that’s right. As you can see, it’s a ring. Yup! Hrm? It’s name? Eh? Haha, a name for this invention? Hahaha, no, that’s the first time I was asked that. You’re interesting, hehe. What should I do? It doesn’t have a name yet. Ah, I know, if you’d like, how about you give it a name? Mhm!


L: Eh? Pompom Ring…? Are you sure about that name? Ah, it’s true it’s shaped like a lion’s mane but… hahaha, no, mm, it does look like a puff, in the end. Mm. But… haha, wait a minute. Hahaha! Is it really okay? Ahaha, mm, it’s good. Hehe, mhm, whatever.

L: Ahah, sorry, I was just talking to myself a second time. Oh? You’re looking proud. Alright, then I’m going to put this Pompom Ring on you, okay? Hold out your hands. Oh! Looks like it fit on well. Good, good. Hmm? You see, the client’s target seems to be women. Yep, if I remember correctly, they were probably imagining a girl like you. Women really are difficult, huh. All the different shapes and sizes of their bodies are complicated.

L: Now then, about this ring that’s on you… I’d like you to test whether you can remove it or not. It’ll be a problem if you can slip out of it quickly, but I’d like some data. Don’t hold back. Okay, start then!

L: Well, I’m going to look at your gun during this time, okay? Hm… hm… hmm… ah, this mechanism… oh, it’s linked here… Hm? Ahah, it looks like you’re having a struggle. It’s like a puzzle ring? Ah, that’s right, it might be close to that, haha. Hm? What is this for? Ah, I see, sorry, you accepted it so naturally that I somehow felt like I already explained. I didn’t say, did I?


L: Mmm… let’s see… hm, I really shouldn’t tell this to someone I just met, but it’s not a decided case yet so I guess it’s okay. Mm, well then… keep this a secret, alright? This was actually asked for by the police. Mm, that’s right. Hm? Eh? Ah, what was it… if I remember correctly… it was for securing or capturing…?

L: Well, I think it’s a countermeasure for the phantom thief that’s been making news in the city recently. Ahah, see, they’re famous so I think you already know but it’s said the phantom thief carries unusual tools. Using those, they steal various prominent art… or something like that. Moreover, there’s rumors that their true identity is a woman. So, I’m sure those tools offset her physical strength and skills. Amazing, right?

L: Recently, the police have been losing constantly so they’re fretting. I’m pretty sure they want to fight tools with tools.

L: Hm? Oh, huh? What’s wrong? You’re kicking your feet and wriggling. Eh, what’s going on? Where are you trying to go!? Woah, hold on, wait! *grabs heroine* That’s dangerous.

L: … What’s wrong? I’ll be in trouble if you go home like this with my invention on you. Besides, I’m in the middle of fixing your gun. So… could you stay a while longer? Eh? You can’t? I see… Earlier you were that enthusiastic though…


L: Is there… a reason? Could it be that a spell will be broken? Oh, it’ll be broken… EH?! REALLY!? A spell’s been cast on you!? Eh? One hasn’t been cast on you…? Ahaha, which is it then? Oh, are you possibly delivering this rare tool to someone?

L: … Huh? Why are you stiff?… Erm, let’s see… uh… ah, I know, I noticed this when I was looking at the gun you brought earlier. Actually, it resembles something my grandpa made in the past. I’ve only ever seen its plans, but this feels really familiar. So… I’d like to look at it a while longer. Mm, ah, sorry, we’re too close in this position, huh. *steps back*

L: My grandpa’s someone I admired. It’s said he helped a lot of different people with his inventions. He accepted requests from anybody as long as it was interesting, but because of that there were times when trouble happened too, ehehe. Ah, sorry, I got too engrossed and just talked about myself.

L: It’s fine? Eheh, thank you. Anyway, well, if it was my grandpa, I think he could have easily made a tool to catch a phantom thief. No, rather, if it was my grandpa he’d probably make tools for the phantom thief, eheh, yeah. Also, the interesting thing about my grandpa is that he would put a mark on his proper inventions. For example, hm, the bottom of the grip on this gun—


L: Eh? Huh? There’s a mark… Why…? Hrm… ah… H-huh?… It can’t be… um… this is a little late, but… are you… the phantom thief? Meaning… I just noticed, but you’re wearing those clothes and carrying this tool. And, in the first place, there was that feeling this wasn’t the first time I’ve seen you… uh… Huh? Wait… meaning… I made something unthinkable? And, in other words, this is exclusively for capturing you— *heroine struggles*

L: Aah! This was an act of God, an act of God!! Ah, wait, don’t struggle! Haah… I’m sorry, that wasn’t my intention… I didn’t trick you! I didn’t trick you… This is a problem… Anyway, um, I guess I’ll remove this? But… is that okay? Erm… uh… what do I do? Before things were made clear… I caught you?

*** TRACK 2: After You Get Caught ***

L: Uhm… don’t be angry. Ah, I see, you can’t easily take it off? Ahah, you look like you’re trying as hard as you can now. Ehehe, oh, you gave up. Well, that means my invention is well-made, right? Eheh, even if you give me a look of blame like that…

L: By the way, uh… with this conversation I guess it can be said we know each other now…? Right? Mm, I’ve stopped thinking on some things.

L: Hmm, I guess I have no choice. I’ll remove it, I suppose. Here we go, excuse me. Hrm… mm… ah, could you turn your wrist a bit more? Huh? Haha, not that way, the other way! Hahah, jeez. Ehehe… mm? Your heart is racing? I see… ah, are you possibly… nervous? Haha, that makes sense. The person who made a tool to capture you is in front of you, huh.

L: Erm… but it’ll be okay. I won’t capture you. Ahah, mm, I promise. Only… if we stay like this, uh, with respect to our positions… I can’t help but feel a bit excited. So, after I remove this, could you step away?


L: Eh? Uh… why? Erm… the meaning of that is…? Ah… if you say that then… now I also feel like not removing this. I don’t think it’s sudden, but… Huh? Is that where you’re going to be meek? Interesting… ah, I’m not teasing you. Um… I was thinking that even the phantom thief is a woman. So, I’m sort of surprised, and it’s like a gap, and it’s cute… It makes me want to do research…

L: … Ahah… Hm? My spirit for studying is piqued… Those clothes you’re wearing… could they also be inventions? I wonder if they stretch? Oops, ah, sorry, I just ended up touching them. Hrmm… like I thought, each and every one of your reactions is different from your attitude. But, how do I say this… it’s cute. Ah! You’re embarrassed now, aren’t you? Ehehe.

L: Plus, strangely, it doesn’t feel like we’re meeting for the first time. I wonder why? “It’s probably”…? You feel the same? I see… how do I say this… we probably shouldn’t have met each other. I wonder why… Ah… the meteor shower? Heh, you’re right. I should make it all because of the meteor shower… right?

L: Earlier, you said your “body”… Can I have it in the end then? Haha, just to make everything clear… right now, I’m interested in you. *kisses*

*** TRACK 3: Passionate Research ***


L: Mm… your lips are soft, aren’t they? Eheh, delicious. Mm… *kisses*

L: Nngh? You didn’t like that? Erm… if you just turn bright red, that means… it’s acceptable? Ahah, I’m going to continue, okay? *kisses*

L: … Mmgh… it’s strange… mm… Did we really just meet earlier? *kisses* It’s just that natural… mm… Nngh…

L: Ah, sorry… mm… I haven’t removed the ring yet… But… maybe that’s okay? *kisses*… Ah, I was late in asking? Sorry… if you don’t like anything then say so.

L: … *kisses* You’re not going to say it?… Right… Ah, erm, I don’t know if you’ll believe me when I say this, but I… uh… it looks like I’ve somehow fallen in love with you, ahah. Erm… this is too fast, isn’t it? There’s also the fact that I’ve left you unable to move, but…


L: Please stay like this… Ahah, I’m going to say it once more, properly. I love you. *kisses* Eheh, thank you… mm… I want to know you right now. I can’t stop this desire no matter what… *kisses* Eheh, does it feel good? Mm, hahah…

L: Ah, also, um… I’m planning to touch you more, but… here on out, it’s also because I have an interest in your clothes… if it’s okay to say that. Ahaha, you really are shy. Is it embarrassing when I ask again? Eheh, stay still.

L: Hmm? Haha… oh? It’s soft… the matter also stretches and is supple. Ahah, of course, I mean the clothes. Hm? What? You’re being rubbed? Ahah, mm, that’s because I’m making sure to rub it with my fingers like this. And… *kisses* I want to know whether your nipples will get hard or not, so let me touch you like this… okay?

L: Eheh, oh, your ears are sensitive too… *kisses*… Nngh… mm…


L: Hehe, I see. How about the area around the nipples? Eheh, what an honest reaction. Meaning… these clothes are thin enough for you to feel me? Ooh?… Like I thought, this is worth researching… hehe. Why don’t we take it off?

L: Hm? Oh my, is this when you’re going to look away? *kisses*… Hey, why did you turn your head away to that side? But this way it’s surprisingly easy to take these off. There’s a zipper on the back… of these clothes. Mm… does it tickle when I do this to your back? Eheh… *kisses*

L: … Haah… I’m going to touch your breasts from behind… hah… I see, it feels better directly, huh. Nngh… you’re full of sensitive spots, aren’t you. *kisses*

L: Just a little like this… I’m going to tug on your nipple, okay? Mm… eheh, good girl. More? Eheh, I’ll pull on both… like this. Ahah… haah… what a nice voice, hehe. Here, look this way. *kisses*

L: I’m going to press the area around your nipples a little, eheh. It’s standing up more, that’s sexy. Hey, it’s even harder now. This place… *kisses* I’m going to lick it… mm…


L: Seeing you embarrassed like that… it’s super nice. I’m going to lick it up and down. *kisses*

L: … Hah… oh, the way I move my tongue like this is good? Eheh… your bottom half too. Look, it’s already wet. Don’t close your legs. I’m trying to find the places you feel pleasure right now… Mm… mm? Ahah, this place, I think? A bunch of syrup is flowing out, hehe. Don’t hide yourself. Let me touch everything. Aah…

L: I’m going to put my finger in slowly, okay?… Mm… huh? It’s already full with just a finger. Haah… haa… hehe, it feels good, doesn’t it? Yeah… I’m going to curl my finger a little and find a more pleasurable spot, okay?

L: Hmm? Mm… mm… hm? Eheheh, I see. This area feels good too, huh. Eheh… show me the pleasure you’re in. Oh? This place is swollen too… mm… *kisses*

L: Hold on, okay? I’ll gently peel back the hood… Eheh, it’s coming out more. *kisses*… Nngh…

L: … Aah… mm? Ehehe, was it good just now? Then I’ll suck on your clitoris again. Mm… nngh…

L: Eheh, did you come lightly? Hehe, you’re just completely letting things be done to you. There, there, it’s cute. Mm… wait a minute, okay? I’m making sure to put protection on.


L: Hey, can you show me both hands again? Mm, they’re firmly stuck. You really couldn’t get out of them? Ahah, I see. In truth… was it that you didn’t want to slip free? Ehehe, don’t worry, okay? I’m going to put it in like this. Ah… relax yourself. Nngh… I’m going to push in more, okay? Ungh… haah… it’s really wet inside you… and warm… Put your hands around my neck. Eheh, see, come here. Nngh… *thrusting*

L: Eheh, it’s fine, cling onto me. Ahah, stick closer… haah… haa…

L: Nrgh… ngh… *kisses*… haa… hah.. Hmm? It feels like you’re going to climax already? Eheh… mm…


L: Let’s go while you’re feeling good. Ahah, don’t worry, just let yourself feel strange. Haah… how about I hold up your legs like this? It changes the spot I hit, right? Eheh… do you like this? Mm… looks like you like it. Nngh… *thrusting*

L: Ungh… ah… open your mouth, eheh… *kisses; thrusting*

L: Mmgh…! Haah… haa…! I’m coming…! Aah… I’m coming! Haah… haa… ngh! *he orgasms*


L: … Hah… haa… could we stay like this for a while? Ahah… I wonder why… I feel like I’ve been fulfilled. Mm? You feel the same? Mm… I’m thankful for those words. It makes me happy. Ah, that reminds me! Sorry, I need to remove these.

L: Hehe, they’re a prototype so they’re easy to take off. Huh!? Eheh, I’m being serious. You probably… wanted to be caught by me like this. Right? Haha, I got denied. I only make inventions with tricks and mechanisms, hehe.

L: Aah, and… I’ve been thinking about this, but… about the request for this ring… I was thinking of refusing the client. Mm, if I had to say then… I want to help you. That side would definitely be funner. So, I’m going to remake this. At that time, you’ll come to master it, okay? Eheh, I look forward to working with you, girlfriend.

*** TRACK 4: Entangled and Beloved ***

*bell rings; heroine’s running; opens door*

L: Ah! Welcome home. How was it? *she plops down* Aah… you’re exhausted. Do you want to drink anything? Mm, I have drinks. Eheh, come on, over here. Tell me about today. Mm… mhm… mm, I see… Oh!… Ah, rather than your work it’s that article, huh. Mm… you’re just doing what you do…

L: Hm? Eheh, I think you’re doing well. I know you, so I think that article is nonsense. Hrm, how do I say this… I know you’re working hard. Mhm, of course. Ah, I knew it… you wanted me to spoil you, didn’t you? Hahah, mm.

L: Go ahead… *kisses* Ah, that reminds me, do you want me to do some maintenance? On the suit I made for you a while ago. We need to check its durability… *kisses*… Hm? Oh my, why is your face turning red? It’s not our first time. Eheh, well… we need to, right? Mm, this time I strengthened the materials for this suit to have it easier to move in, but maybe I made it too fitting…


L: Ah! No, that’s not it. It’s because… erm… hmm… it feels a little sexual. Ahah, I’m kidding. It’s just because I’m looking at you with those eyes right now, eheh. Oh, huh? This part is scraped open. Oh no, did you knock into something? Ah, I see… hrm, I’ll have to improve its volume. Mm, I’m sorry. Ow!! Eh, why’d you hit me?

L: Because I apologized? But it’s like I didn’t protect you or something… Ow!! Ah, you hit me again. Eh!? My… maintenance? W-what do you… huh? Eh?! Ah, uh, wait a minute. You’re rolling up my clothes? Ahah, hold on, the way you’re touching me is— ahahah! Ah! Aahh!! *they fall over*

L: … Um… this position is… so to speak… one where we do it… huh. Do you want to… do it? *kisses* Ehehe, jeez…

L: Hm? Huh? What’s wrong? What are you looking around for? Hrm? Ah, that. It’s just like you to find it already. You see, that’s a new invention I just made— *heroine fiddles with it* Ah, that’s… uh… wait a minute, you can definitely name it but— *something springs out; goop gets all over*

L: Aah… that’s why I tried to stop you. So, you see, it’s a sticky liquid… that comes out… In addition, it becomes a net. Huh!? But before I could explain you just shot it out! You pulled the lever, didn’t you? Your curiosity won out, right? Jeez, why does it feel so lewd…?


L: I guess this one’s a failure. Because you’re in… such an indecent state. I can’t show anyone! People’ll be even more interested in you… Mrmm, even if you say you won’t fail… Um, look, are you aware that lately there’s been more attention on you? Er, huh? Ah, not really…?

L: Yes, that’s why you have to be careful. Yes, me too. Eh!? Huh… me… too? Why? Ah… ah… so that’s the case. It’s not like I did anything serious. Hrm… still, I don’t plan to change. I’m staying together with you, eheh. Mm! Let’s do our best without worrying about things around us.

L: Mm? Huh? We finalized everything, but… is this supposed to be good? Well, whatever. Mm, anyway, let’s take off this sticky stuff caught on you. Erm… let’s see… wah!?… It’s here too? Uhm… ah! *squelching and boing sounds*

L: Ah… eheh, I just touched you… more. Umm, sorry… No, it was an act of God. No, no, I’m not an airhead! To begin with, your actions were out of my calculations. Erm, huh? I didn’t think of an invention to take this off well…? Ah… you mean that… yeah, I didn’t think of that. Ow!! Ahah, I’m sorry!! I’m saying I’m not an airhead! Mm… ah!! Wait! Ah… ahahaha! No, don’t! Like this you’re tangled up even more, hahaha.


L: I’m sorry… How about we just, um… give up on a few things… Can I take this off? Mm… okay. Come here. Can you raise your arms? You can’t… huh. Let’s see… hold out your hand like this? Mhm, ahaha… Let’s just touch each other while we’re sticky like this… okay?

L: Hm? It feels gross? The texture? I see… then I’ll change the way I touch you. How about this? Ahah, I know you didn’t mean it that way. But… I’m going to touch you again.

L: So? Did it feel good? Eheh… mm… that’s what I thought. *kisses* Wow, the sticky liquid… ahah, it’s like a lotion now. Um… oh no. It’s getting even more arousing and it’s easily going to go somewhere strange. Aah, sorry, this isn’t the time to say such easygoing words, huh.

L: Ggh… can you turn around a little? Let’s see… mm. Ngh… yes, like that. Eheh, and then, rather than taking it off, why don’t we enjoy things like this? Ahah, I’m going to do it, yes. Because now it’s become a situation where I don’t want to let you go. Okay?… I want to capture you from behind, okay?


L: Mm? It’s hot? Eheh, can you tell that I’m pressing against you? Yes, that’s right, I’m like this because of you. So… I’m going to do at least this much. Like this… I’m going to raise your legs. Yep, right against your butt. Ahaha, don’t let out such a nice voice. It’ll make me… more excited, right?

L: Ah, I see, the net is caught all over your body. Eheh… should I pull it? It’s digging into some important places… so when I pull it… Ehehe, this kind of thing is nice, right? *kisses*

L: Go ahead, I love that voice. *kisses*… Mm… how about I do it some more? Eheh, wow, I can tell you’re wet even from above your suit. Haah… haa…

L: There’s a lot of noises coming out, huh. Lots of indecent sounds… It’s lewd, huh. *squelching rope* Huh? You’re trying to move your hips away. You can’t go that way. How about I pull on it some more? The rope right along your slit… I’ll pull it directly. Come on… tugging it now, ehehe.

L: It just so happens to be on top of your clitoris, so I wonder if it feels really good? You… like it when the top and bottom is being tugged, right? For your breasts it’s when your nipple is caught between my index finger and middle finger… Eheh, does it feel good? Ahah, you have an honest body. Both of them are hard… it’s reaaaaally cute. Haha, that reaction… just makes me more excited, you know? If you’re feeling that good then I need to give you more, don’t I…? *kisses*


L: Eheh, here, your ears too… mm… mngh… nipping them… mn… hahaha… and then deep in your ears too… *kisses*

L: Haah… haa… you’re making such sexy sounds because you’re my girlfriend, right? You… have a special job, but… in front of me, you’re a girl, huh. I thought this again. And, see, it makes me happy. So, show everything to me only.

L: Nngh… turn your bum this way more. Mm? Eheh, nope, be sure to stick it out. I know you’re embarrassed, but… even still… the feeling of wanting to do something pleasurable is above that, right? Okay? See, it’s sopping wet. Mm, I’m going to open it, okay? Good girl. Hey, is it okay? Imagine it clearly in your head, okay? And concentrate on the spot where I’m going to enter you right now. Eheh, I’m putting it in. Nngh…

L: Only the tip has gone in and yet… ngh! Because you’re concentrating, you’re squeezing me really hard. Ahah, it’s clenching to the point where it feels like I’ll be pushed out. Haah… I’m going in deeply, so relax. Mmngh… little by little… it’s entering…! Nngh… haah… haa… See… it’s going in. Try saying “It’s entering”.


L: Hrm, say it. Mm, eheheh, it clamped down like I thought. Ngh, you feel full, don’t you. Haah… hah…

L: It’s easy to grab your hips. I love it, eheh. Haa… hah…

L: It’s amazing today… Could it be you’ve been wanting to do it? Hey, did you want to be thrust into deeply like this? Ahah, you’re moaning like that while your breasts are swaying… It’s really sexy… haah… I love you, you know? Hah… your hips, ahah, should be this way more. Hey, I’m going to be a little more intense, okay?

L: Nngh…! Hah… haah…! Haa… *thrusting; kisses* Hey… ngh… I want to kiss you. *kisses*


L: Hahaha, mm… *kisses; thrusting* Hngh… ngh!

L: Hey, you can’t… Try to hold back, ungh, from coming a while longer… Just a little longer… Aah… ahaha, it seems impossible? No more? Haha, then let’s go together. Haah… haa… let’s go… I’m coming…! I’m coming…! Nngh… agh…! *he orgasms*

L: Haah… haa… eheh… *kisses*

*** TRACK 5: An Advance Notice from Me ***

*bell rings; door opens*

L: Welcome home. You worked hard today too. Hey, did you see the advance notice from me? Eh, it didn’t arrive? Eh!? Huh? That’s strange… I made it so that it should have left a message on your watch. I wonder if it didn’t run…? Hrm… maybe the timer wasn’t good…

L: Ah! Mm, that’s right. Then I’ll say it directly, okay? Mm… mhm… Um, ahem. Presently, I possess a very, very expensive thing. It’s a treasure. So, Phantom Thief, will you come steal it? Now, I won’t run or hide. I’ll be lying down… spread-eagle. *flops over*

L: Mm? Ah… huh? *heroine goes to him* Aha… hahahaha!! H-hey, it tickles…! No…! That’s not fair… tickling isn’t fair!! Jeez, hahahaha!! Aah, hahaha…!! Ah…! Haah… haa…

L: Haa… hah… I should have expected you to be fast. You got it already? Mm… okay, now that belongs to you. Of course, go ahead, go ahead. Open it? *heroine pops it open* Ah… um, no… It’s just that I thought doing it this way would be a little pretentious, but… um, I thought I’d occasionally give you a present— oh! *heroine hugs him* Erm…


L: Phew… do you like it? Mm, I’m relieved. This a tiny mini-mini-ring. But sooner or later… one of these days… Eh? This is more than enough already? Haha, mm… mmm… Um, you see, I want to show you more of my creations, in the future too. And, from here on, won’t you show me your activities while using the inventions I created? Eheh, mm, thank you.

L: Eheh, yeah, let’s make another plan together. But before that… *kisses*

*** BONUS TRACK: Cast Talk ***

Wataru: Hey! Erm, hello or good evening. I’m Mitsuhashi Wataru. Um, it’s my first time doing a binaural free talk, so I’m moving left to right, haha. Um, let’s see, how did you find the story? Erm, I want to make it feel natural… and so to bring out a natural atmosphere I would do things like this. Before the lines “Hm?” or “Huh?” and I’d slip those in. And so if there were people who enjoyed that it’d be nice. Er, how do I say this, like if the story could feel close to a free talk then I’d be happy. Mm.

W: And so, just a little, I need to declare again that this’ll be the free talk from here on out. Or you might think “Eh, isn’t this Watanuki?” so I have to make the division clear. Right, so, from here on this is the free talk! *claps* Wow. Ahahah. Mm, okay, once again this is Mitsuhashi Wataru. Nice to meet you, haha.

W: Erm, mm, I think there are people who are hearing of me for the first time in this work, “Her, Sometimes Phantom Thief”, so I’ll do a simple self-introduction. First, I’d like to do that. Erm, I am… “I am”??? Hahaha, I’m a person who does voice work. Originally, I used to do theater and other works, but now due to chance I’m acting mainly in works distributed on the internet. Yup, that’s how it is.
(T/N: He used “watakushi”, a more formal way to refer to yourself, when he normally uses “boku”, standard masculine pronoun).


W: My favorite… favorite ice cream is… haha, I just thought of this, but um my favorite ice cream is the sherberts, um… erm… the ones with a lemon slice on top. Lemon slice, mhm. Those are delicious. It makes you feel refreshed and it’s nice. The sour-sweet feeling is something I like and I like snacks. Especially during the summertime… I consume them voraciously. Is this, haha, good for a self-introduction!?

W: Eheh, mm, snacks are delicious. Let’s eat some together… What the heck is this!? Hahaha, is this okay!? Erm, okay, let’s see… there are some specific points, so I’m going to aim for these several specific questions.

W: First, question one, how do you feel after finishing “Her, Sometimes Phantom Thief”? Mm… first, when I looked at the script, I thought it was sparkling. Or that was my impression, ahah. To be more concrete and explain the sparkling feeling, um… It’s on a night when a meteor shower is happening, so… the feeling I got when I heard it was that it was really romantic. The atmosphere between the two’s interactions was very loose and leisurely. There was clumsiness and comedy, so I thought it was a really cute story. This was my impression at the beginning when I got the script.

W: And then, uh, the heroine is a phantom thief and Watanuki is an inventor. So, with this slapstick comedy and the extremely my-pace Watanuki, the two’s relationship is really… how do I say this, a very comfortable feeling? Hm, I thought it was wonderful. Mm, somehow… it’s like a gentle miniature garden in a gentle world? Does that get it across? This expression feels like you could make fun of it, haha, but I really got that sort of image.


W: Mm, how do I say this… I can’t say anything concrete, kind of like the ice cream talk, but… it’s like a warm and snug CG animation movie. Eheh, that sort of image was in me and I could really see the portraits… or sprites? Inwardly I thought it’d be nice if there were pictures like these and I felt like I could really see them. I don’t often feel this when receiving scripts, so, mm, how do I say this… I thought “It’s Geometric Rose” ahah. It’s a really unique and lovely setting… is what I felt.

W: I thought about how nice it’d be if I could express this atmosphere. Mm, but it felt like I was going to swear to do my best and tense my shoulders, when really it should be, how do I say this, left at this level of excitement. So, I loosened my shoulders, did it leisurely, and like “Oh? What’s wrong?” sort of feeling… is how I did it. Yup, they let me do that. Mm, for the listeners, if we could laugh easily together and if you listened to it with that sort of feeling I’d be really happy. Okay! Um, that’s all for this question.


W: This time, was there a scene that left an impression on you? Wait, I just needlessly moved left and right. I thought to use the binaural, haha. Anyway, the scene that left an impression this time… Haha, this… uh, I feel like I’m going to be told “That one!?” but… there was a scene that left a big impression, erm… the Pompon Ring, hahaha.

W: More than I thought, the instant I said “Pompon Ring” out loud… uh, inwardly, something that I can’t say ran through my mind… A video, uh, I can’t say what it was but it crossed my mind. I wondered if this was okay but it really came out naturally and so I had a lot of fun, haha.

W: Yes, also, there’s an undivided Watanuki monologue and narration and that also left a huge impression. Um, it’s something that expresses Watanuki’s view on their relationship. It isn’t between the two during the main story. And so, it’s about how Watanuki thinks of the heroine and it can be seen he really cherishes her. I read it while thinking about how nice it’d be to treasure those feelings so, if you don’t mind, after you finish listening to the story, you could listen to it again.


W: Erm, now then, lastly is a message. Uh… that’s right, a message… Okay, um, everyone, haha, a message is kind of embarrassing. Erm, everyone, thank you very much for listening. Um, I do think this a really gentle world and leisurely feeling story, so… for example, I think there are days where you think “I’ve worked a little hard today” or “Today was rough” so, on those days, if you could remember “Ah, that reminds me, ‘Her, Sometimes Phantom Thief’ is there” I’d be happy.

W: And, if possible, listening to this gentle world together with a feeling where you couldn’t sleep, but then after you listened to this you fell asleep immediately. If you could think that then I’d be really happy. Right, right, so, anyway, with that feeling this was the free talk. Erm… I look forward to a day where we can meet again. This was Mitsuhashi Wataru. Bye bye!

*** BONUS TRACK: Watanuki Leo Looks Up At the Sky ***

L: The girl who suddenly came down from the sky was probably someone that shouldn’t be caught… However, without knowing why… like that… I fell in love. This might be what it means to be drawn to someone. The girl who couldn’t be caught by anyone… I wonder why she was so easily caught by me at that time. Ahah… tonight I am also waiting for her to return from work. For my girlfriend who is working hard… I wonder what I’ll do after she comes home.

Note2: MITSUHASHI IS A KISS DEMON. IF NO ONE HAS HEARD HIS MONOCHROME SERIES I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. JP DLsite here and ENG DLsite here. I don’t know how to explain it without sounding super embarrassing but he has such a warm voice and it’s just 20 minutes of kissing, breathing, sheets rustling, and the deed LOL. I applaud the uniqueness of that series, but also this guy can rival professional seiyuus with his kisses.

5 thoughts on “Kanojo, Tokidoki Kaitou

    It me said:
    April 23, 2019 at 17:08

    So. Adorbs.

    You: “Today was rough. I listened to another Dusk CD. Everyone is cursed, nobody consented to anything, and the dog got reincarnated but it died again.”

    Mitsuhashi: *hands you a warm mug of this drama CD* “Just a reminder that “Her, Phantom Thief” is there.“

      Ilinox responded:
      April 24, 2019 at 21:01

      DUSK CONTENT IN A NUTSHELL. I always have to space Dusk CDs out with something mindlessly sweet because even if the majority of Dusk CDs end somewhat happily (?) there’s such heavy content in them that I need to take weeks to organize my feelings for their characters LOL.

      Mitsuhashi and his warm voice ;w; wah, I have to thank you again for introducing me to this CD because the synopsis made me think it was just gonna be PWP with the scientist being really kinky and deciding to capture the heroine to “test” his inventions on her. Instead, he’s like the sweetest, gentlest man ever and I’m in love with how natural his conversations with the heroine are. THIS IS SO CUTE. I’M HEALED!!

      shngml said:
      April 26, 2019 at 14:40

      Thanks for the translstion. I like Mitsuhashi’s voice. He’s one of theose rare find.

        Ilinox responded:
        April 28, 2019 at 13:41

        You’re welcome and yes!! Mitsuhashi has gotta be my favorite doujin seiyuu now.

        shngml said:
        May 4, 2019 at 09:33

        He’s got a lot of other works on dlsite. I was introduced to him by his Forelsket. Which wasn’t too bad considering Parasite Garden’s 咎人は道化と踊る. 😣

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