SNB Mouri ~ 光盟 Chapter 1.3 ~

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Chapter 1: The Hour of Departure

Allied armies were approaching Mouri lands. In such a tense situation, Motonari opened his mouth, dignified. “Now then, let us begin to move as well.”

The plan to confront the approaching large armies is…!?

Chapter 1.3

A large war was about to begin in Shinga.

Large armies were heading for Mouri lands. We had to do anything we could to avoid being invaded like this by them—

[MOTONARI]: “Athough we are strong, our opponents are three armies. Furthermore, it is only a matter of time for the remaining three armies to come here as well.”

[MOTONARI]: “As you would expect, if six armies were to march on us then we would be at a disadvantage.”

[YUZUKI]: (If that happens then Mouri territory will be in big trouble…)

[YUZUKI]: (Motonari-san and the others of course… but I don’t want anyone in Mouri lands to get hurt—)

Unlike me, who was worrying, Motonari-san continued speaking with a composed face.

[MOTONARI]: “However, conversely, if our enemies are gathered then we might have a good opportunity.”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh, what do you mean…?”

[MOTONARI]: “Presently, the six armies heading towards Mouri lands are not moving as one allied force.”

[MOTONARI]: “It wouldn’t be strange for them to have enmity with one another.”

[MOTOHARU]: “You mean to say the preceding three armies and the following three armies oppose each other and, before fighting us, it’s possible they will exchange a battle first.”

[TAKAKAGE]: “Then we can aim for a chance when they’re preoccupied with each other and attack them all at once?”

[MOTONARI]: “Our side is at a disadvantage with numbers, and so we must fight without needlessly wasting strength.”

[TERUMOTO]: “That’s just like you, Motonari-sama!”

[TAKAKAGE]: “If that’s decided then we need to hurry and prepare.”

[MOTONARI]: “Yes, arrange each unit to encircle the enemy. Understood?”

[FOUR PEOPLE]: “Yes, my lord!”

Everyone began to discuss preparations, following Motonari-san’s instructions.

[YUZUKI]: (I need to do something to help too…)

[YUZUKI]: “Um, Motonari-san.”

[MOTONARI]: “Mm? What is it, princess?”

[YUZUKI]: “What should I do?”

[MOTONARI]: “Oh, that’s right… I will search for something to ask of you so could you wait?”

[YUZUKI]: “Okay. I’ll do anything, so…!”

[MOTONARI]: “—Princess, did something happen?”

[YUZUKI]: “Huh…?”

[MOTONARI]: “I’ve been a little concerned since this morning. I can see… that you are forcing yourself to act cheerfully.”

[MOTONARI]: “Look, under your eyes… there are dark circles. It is proof that you haven’t rested well.”

[MOTONARI]: “If you are worried about something then I would like you to speak about it. Just as you wish to be everyone’s support, I too would like to be your support, princess.”

It wasn’t just Motonari-san, but Takamoto-san and the others looked over here with concern.

[YUZUKI]: (I wonder if I was pushing myself without me noticing… I was trying to forget my worries towards the war, even just a little, and to forget that dream—)

[MOTONARI]: “Princess…?”

[YUZUKI]: “… I had a dream. A dream where Motonari-san and everyone were on the battlefield and collapsed while bleeding—“

[YUZUKI]: “Even though I tried to go and help, my body wouldn’t move… I couldn’t do anything but watch. I don’t want that to happen… in reality.”

[YUZUKI]: “… Motonari-san, this may be an unreasonable request, but could you take me to the battlefield too? I believe the power of my blood will be of help to everyone.”

[MOTONARI]: “……”

9 thoughts on “SNB Mouri ~ 光盟 Chapter 1.3 ~

    Nanomi said:
    April 25, 2019 at 15:31

    Oml I couldn’t agree more with everything you just said :o I’m shook! I get where you are coming from on the toooooooo nice factor and I am soooo curious as to his past with the whole capital and everything. I rlly hope that gets revealed soon but I am also started to begin to grow a lot more curious about Himemiko. I wasn’t all that interested in her before but after going through the Mouri chapters I realized how little we know about her. Like bro she just pops out of a phone, teases Imari, and then straight up tells Yuzuki “Oh yeah sooo like kinda need ya to unify this nation or whatever… k bai good luck.” Like poor Yuzuki she just gets this thrown at her with very vague instructions and judging by her looks Yuzuki appears to be fairly young sooooo ummm yeah I rlly wanna see how she pulls this off.

      Nanomi said:
      April 25, 2019 at 15:33

      Oops I commented this in the wrong area oh well 😂 just know that this goes to the verrrrrry long comment that you responded to earlier.

    leohikarusora said:
    April 25, 2019 at 03:25

    Phew… Finally can came back earlier and read this (and the drama CD too) completed my day after works…

    Hmm… Kinda forget this chapter (I want to reopen it, but the game needed to be updated rn and it took 716 MB). And I see that in here just like Motonari mentioned, Yuzuki truly care to others and push herself too hard (just like in Takeda one but she truly had role as herbalist). But put aside that, somehow I really like Mouri story even it was shorter than 6 armies but not really fan of Mouri clan (thanks for Takakage’s sadistic lol).

    Thank you for your hard works…

      Nanomi said:
      April 25, 2019 at 11:28

      Lol I have to agree with you there but for me personally I quite like Takakage as a characters. Despite his sadistic nature it is quite interesting to see the interactions between him and Yuzuki. Not to mention how you do get some soft moments to where he low key cares about your wellbeing. It is also very refreshing in a sense because I find him a unique characters rather than going for the classic tsundere like Masakage he takes on a bit more of a sadistic role. Bittersweet is the best way to describe him 😂 or just an oNiOn wItH LoTs oF LaYeRs. Either one works! :D

        Ilinox responded:
        April 25, 2019 at 12:53

        @leohikarusora: Welcome back!! But, as always, take care not to push yourself too hard and these posts will always be here so no need to rush to read them. Life and your health comes first.

        Haha, yeah, that update was huge and interrupted my plans because I just wanted to do some event stuff and then sleep but then I had to wait for the update… I feel like the MC is almost just as recklessly wanting to do something in the Mouri army as she is in the Uesugi army because both Motonari and Kenshin are really like “Oh, just sit there and don’t do anything”. I don’t think these guys realize that they’re better off GIVING her something to do like the other armies (except for Oda army I guess, but Nobunaga is controlling everything…).

        @Nanomi: Right?? Takakage is so unique among all the other men because his harsh words to the heroine are like 99% genuine LOL and I get really taken aback sometimes like “Dude, wtf?” but because of that I feel like the MC gets a little feistier when she’s with him and that’s fun to see. He’s definitely the type to not soften his words for her (or anyone really with the way he talks to Takamoto…) but he’s genuinely protective of Mouri and respectful of Motonari so we know he’s grounded with that at least.

    waterinegirl said:
    April 25, 2019 at 02:35

    [YUZUKI]: “… Motonari-san, this may be an unreasonable request, but could you take me to the battlefield too? I believe the power of my blood will be of help to everyone.”

    i think motonari would allow yuzuki’s request.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 25, 2019 at 12:48


    Nanomi said:
    April 25, 2019 at 00:50

    Ok sooooo like I’m about to go on this large tangent about the Mouri Army sooo ummm…you have been warned :>

    Now many may find Motonari as shady most likely due to how abnormally calm he is, now let’s put this into perspective. The Mouri Army has proven to be the most powerful army along with the Oni race which is also quite powerful. With this in mind there isn’t too much of a need to be concerned(except till now). Idk if this was intentional or not I may be reading too much into this but in the Mouri Army the only one who wears armor is Motoharu. Due to the fact that the Mouri Army is not heavily involved in war there is really no need to be wearing armor on a day to day basis for most of them. Because of this, it’s not necessary for Motonari to fright over trivial matters considering the large amount of power the Mouri Army possesses Soo they kinda get to live their days with a bit more peace than most other armies. Now moving on to why even now Motonari still remains calm. For one, like Motonari brought up at the war council, with all 6 armies heading towards Mouri lands there will most likely be issues considering the resentment between these armies and like we have read in other story chapters the other armies are most likely gonna start killin some peeps. So that doesn’t necessarily mean that the Mouri Army is hopeless in this case which relieves a small portion of the worry. Second, going back to the Date Army, Masamune had once stated that the reason for his contrariness is to also put his vassals at ease, so basically if he remains calm then the morale of his army will not plumit because their LORD and the person they LOOK UP TOO keeps their composure, now who’s to say that this doesn’t apply to Motonari as well. Motonari is always calm and it is shown as to how much his vassals look up to him (Takakage is another story but don’t worry boo still luv meh home boi) The reason for his composure may also be the same reason Masamune doesn’t express his true feelings. As seen in Motonari’s awakening, for once he actually shows just how concerned he is for his family as he states “In such times, I wonder if I can protect the future of those children?” Yusuki describes Motonari with a “distressed expression” In the main story we don’t quite get to see Motonari’s true feelings in regards to his worries and because we were able to catch a glimpse of this, my best guess is that the reason why we rarely see Motonari in this way is for the sake of his vassals. By putting on the performance of remaining eternally calm, the others will have little to nothing to fear in a sense. But at the same time this characteristic does make it a lot less easier to trust him and can be portrayed as shady. While this might be the case, I don’t necessarily find Motonari as shady not only because I am assuming that he hides most of his concerns for the sake of his vassals but also because of his motives which seem to differentiate from the other Sengoku commanders. While most other army leaders strives to unify Shinga in their name Motonari strives to keep peace for his fam. His awakening reveals that he is trying to protect these peaceful days for the sake of everyone in the Mouri Army. While other commanders do mention that they also wish to protect their fam, Motonari not only wants to protect but also maintain peace for the Mouri Army. All in all, I really don’t see Motonari as a bad guy but despite him possibly hiding his concerns, he sure doesn’t seem to hide his undying luv for his “PRINCESS”. 😂

    I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for the mess I have just created now if only I could put this much effort towards my term papers .-. Rip. Also kinda random but can we just appreciate how Ilinox always takes the time to read our comments and leave a reply! It is very much appreciated!

      Ilinox responded:
      April 25, 2019 at 12:47

      First, oh man, thank you for such a long comment! I love reading people’s character analysis and just deeper thoughts about the characters, haha, so this was a fun thing to go through.

      Oh, I didn’t catch the armor thing at all and, now that you mention it, the other armies and their characters all have some piece of armor on them, huh. It definitely further shows how Mouri has secluded themselves from the world to follow a peaceful life.

      Regarding the keeping up appearances for morale, I definitely agree with you on that point about how he’s trying to be the strong support for the family and that the leader needs to lead by example. But underneath that calm exterior the only other thing we see is just… love for his family. Which is totally fair and it’s a valid and sweet character trait. It’s just my own personal problem where I can’t trust someone who shows only “positive” traits like this LOL. I don’t think we’ve seen Motonari genuinely get angry?

      The only other person I can think of to compare Motonari’s eternal calm is Nobunaga, but for me Nobunaga is really easy to read and I know where his bottom line is. Motonari… I mean, don’t target his family, I guess? But what else does he dislike? Nobunaga isn’t impressed with useless people or people who don’t try to better themselves. Motonari… he just seems almost like a Bodhisattva that it makes me nervous until I can see some ugly past that he’s trying to overcome with his pacifism LOL.

      I’m also still side-eyeing how Motonari in the past was an awe-inspiring general that nearly marched on the capital where Himemiko was until he saw Motoharu, Takakage, and Takamoto. It means he DOES have a bloody side underneath, but it’s just now been replaced with the above-mentioned pacifism. It’s interesting!! I do like his character, but it’s just that I also have to balance my personal shadiness feel that I get. People who are TOO nice always get held at arm distance until a ball drops ;w; (or it never does but after like 5 years I grudgingly and gradually realize, nah, they really are just THAT nice).

      HAHA it’s much interesting dissecting characters you like for a media you like then researching for a dry academic topic. Also, aw, thank you so much!! I figure if you’re taking the time and thought to leave comments here then the least I can do is to reply with the same time and thought!!

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