Gokudou no Otoko wa Ai wo Utau

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Kurata Shirou (倉田 志郎)
CV: 二枚貝ほっき

The Yakuza Composes Pathos

It is the middle of the Showa era.

You are the daughter of a yakuza boss, who cared about the appearance of continuing education into university, and under his arrangements began to live alone in an apartment not too far from your parents’ home.

However, what you cared about was Kurata Shirou, who you’ve always had feelings for since childhood. Finding excuses, you would appear at the office and watch Shirou.

One such rainy day, on your way home, you met Shirou who was covered in someone’s blood—

Thank you to @coralynfirenza at Tumblr for the commission! Rubbing my hands gleefully here, because oh boy do I like me some yakuza men as well. I say this but I also spent half the CD crying over the language. R18 content warning.

Note1: OKAY SO!! I need to just geek out over the title. They use the kanji 哀 (ai; sorrow, pathos, grief) in the title, but as you can see from the romaji it’s read as “ai” which is also how 愛 (ai; love) is read. I see you, Chouette, and your play on words!! Meanwhile, the “utau” they use here is 詠う (utau; to compose poems) rather than the singing one, 歌う (utau; to sing).

*** TRACK 1: The Sorrowful Escape ***

*raining; heroine is walking; Shirou stumbles over from the distance, breathing heavily*

Shirou: Ah, young miss! Grgh… ugh… I’m sorry, while I was on guard duty, outsiders were wrecking one of the normal shops. I thought to punish them and the splash back of blood is as you see me… Returning to the family like this is less than ideal to my duties, so… could you help me a little? *heroine gives him a shoulder* Ugh… thank you, miss. Ngh…

*scene skip*

S: I’m indebted to you, miss. I’ll pass on going to the hospital. No, I’m really alright. If I gripe at this little thing, then I wouldn’t be able to work in the underworld. *kettle whistles* Oh no, to be served tea… I cannot allow the miss to do such a thing. I sincerely apologize. You even allowed me to shamelessly come into your room. The bleeding has stopped.

S: No, if I relaxed here the boss will likely kill me. I really… know I shouldn’t have relied on you, miss, but… in the end…

S: … Heh, it’s been a long time since we faced each other and spoke like this, huh. Ever since you continued your education into university, so… it’s been close to an year. Because our chances to meet have decreased, whenever I sometimes see you, miss, and how you’re rapidly becoming beautiful… it’s a somewhat strange feeling. Heh, since when I met you, miss, you really were still a kid.

S: Are you used to living alone now? To say you’re lonely… that’s not like the miss at all. From the past you were a tomboy and strong-willed, weren’t you? Haha, that’s right, the boss has gotten angry at how often you show up at the office. But when you’re doted on like that by your uncles then you won’t feel alone. That reminds me, ever since you started living alone but still come to the office, the boss has complained about being troubled.

S: “Son, the young miss’ brother has his future decided. However, if possible, the young miss should become the wife of a normal person and cut her ties to here”… Me? Right… I also wish for you to walk directly on a brightly lit path…
(T/N: They’re specifically talking about a son/future boss in the 3rd generation.)


S: Heh, why are you looking so sad? Miss, you can’t stay here in this world. It’s possible that one day you’ll be in danger.

S: No, I really don’t need tea. It’s fine, so please sit down. If you insist then I’ll— *heroine drops something* Ah, excuse me. Miss, please sit down, I’ll pick these up.

S: Hah, miss, you still like these strawberry candies, don’t you. When I was still at the very bottom I had my nose in the air just because I was a bit good at fighting and, after I got into fights in the city and came back to get beaten up and scolded by the other brothers, I’d go and sulk at the back of office which is when you often gave me these hard candies and told me to cheer up, huh.

S: I don’t like sweet things, but I clearly remember how the hard candies you gave me were specially delicious. Haha, who knows… I wonder why as well. During that age, I… no, even now, I’m starved for what you’d call kindness and warmth. The sweets I received from you, miss, probably sunk into my body.

S: What’s the matter? For you to suddenly ask that question. I don’t have anyone for me to be tender towards. I don’t think someone like me could bring happiness to anyone. As a child, I couldn’t have imagined I would end up walking on this path. I thought vaguely that my life was very unremarkable and would just pass by calmly.

S: The unremarkable life I pictured? Let’s see… I’d be an ordinary person working at a small company. Then I’d fall in love with a woman I met there and marry her. I’d live in a single-family home with my family and dog and then, at the end, I would die while being watched over by a crowd of grandchildren. It’d be that sort of life. At this time, it’s really pierced my mind at how valuable and difficult it is to have an unremarkable life though.


S: Miss, do you have a future you’ve pictured?… Why aren’t you answering? *heroine goes to hug him* Ah…! Miss… you can’t. To do this to someone like me… Miss… actually— *phone rings* Ah! Don’t mind me and please answer it. *heroine goes to answer*

Yakuza A: Miss, did Shirou go to your place? You see, he stabbed the boss and ran.

S: *quietly* Don’t you dare tell them I’m here.

Yakuza A: It’s dangerous for you, miss, so please be sure not to go outside. We’ll send men over there immediately to pick you up.

S: Refuse that.

Yakuza A: Hah? No, but… Ah, I-I see. You’re with a good person right now? I apologize for interrupting. Then, if Shirou contacts you, ask for his location and call the office at once. Anyway, lock your home and you must not go out. We haven’t found him in the area. *phone call ends*

S: Haah… that’s right. I targeted the boss. If you run to the police about me being here, I’ll kill you. Because I came intending on making you a hostage for me to run away.

[7:48] *scene skip; he ties heroine up*

S: Nrgh, I’m going to bind you tightly a bit. God knows what’d happen if you ran away here.

S: … I don’t have a grudge with you, but I’ll need you to bear with this for a while. *turns away to sit down* Huh? Hah, yes, it’s the truth. I don’t know if he’s dead, but it’s true I stabbed him. Haha, there’s no why or anything. I wanted to do it. That’s all.

S: In this world, there’s no way I’d target the boss without a reason, right? But it has nothing to do with you. Haah… I planned to cut his head off while he was sleeping, but I should have expected this of the boss. The moment I pulled out a knife he opened his eyes right away and slashed my shoulder. He glared at me with eyes that said he wouldn’t just let me send him to the next world. Do you want to hear in detail how I hacked up the boss’ stomach with my knife?

S: Hahaha, I’m kidding. Even I don’t have a hobby like that. *doorbell rings* Ah!…

S: *comes over to heroine; quietly* Don’t make a noise… *doorbell rings repeatedly* It’s not the family, is it…

S: …… Looks like they’re gone. Haah… haa… a-ah! Sorr— no, it’s nothing.


S: This is pathetic. To be so weak with just this sort of injury… *unties heroine*

S: The joke ends here. Please go, miss. And tell the other brothers that I’m here. I won’t run or hide. Fever? I don’t really care. Either way, I’m going to be buried in the mountains and it’ll be the end. Come on, please go now, miss… Go.

S: … GO, I SAID! *pounces on heroine* Listen up, miss, I don’t have anything to lose now. I can hurt you as many times as I want. You don’t want to be hurt, right? I’m scary, right? You hate me for stabbing the boss, right? Don’t say such things and, please, run away. Miss… Miss… *kisses*

S: You can still run now. I won’t give a damn if you regret it. *kisses*

*** TRACK 2: Even if Taboo is Broken ***

*intense kisses*

S: Miss… haah… Miss… This is the miss’ breasts… ah! Heh… what am I doing touching you like this. A-ah! *heroine pulls him into a kiss* Mmph…! Miss…! *kisses*

S: … Haah… Miss, I can’t stop anymore. That’s okay, right? *kisses*

S: Miss, your skin is beautiful, isn’t it. It slides against my hand and it’s soft… *kisses* This doesn’t hurt? I’m glad.

S: Nngh… which breast is more sensitive? *kisses* Depending on the person, it seems like the breast they feel the most from is different… Ngh.. If you don’t know then I’ll taste both of them.

S: Mmn… Miss, please let me hear your voice. It doesn’t feel good?… Nrgh, then let me hear your voice. *kisses*


S: You won’t let me hear your voice no matter what, huh. In that case… what about if it was this place? *fingers heroine* Heh… the miss’ voice is cute, isn’t it. Nngh…

S: Please let me hear more of your voice… ngh… How about your ear here? How is it? *kisses* Mngh… Miss, that voice of yours is erotic. Ngh…

S: Haah… haa… Miss, I sincerely apologize but could I get you to stand? My shoulder does hurt a bit and I can’t use my hand. Yes, stand on top of the bed… Roll up your skirt yourself. It’s not embarrassing. There’s no one here but me and you, miss.

S: Mngh… *gives heroine oral* This place of yours… it’s hot, isn’t it. If you don’t like it then please tell me. Nngh… if you don’t say anything then it means I can keep going, right? Mm…


S: Please don’t move away. I need to carefully loosen you up inside… ngh… Ah, did that hurt? Should we stop here?… Then bear with it a little. You can grab onto my head. Mmgh… ngh…

S: More… we need to get you wetter…

S: Haa… Miss, lean against the wall. Please put your leg up on this shoulder. Nngh… *still giving oral*

S: When I taste you openly like this… the sensation is stronger, right? Aah… may I put my finger in again? Ungh… haha, it’s more slippery than it was earlier. Haah… ngh… Miss, this place of yours is really beautiful. *giving oral*

S: Can you lie down again? *removing clothes* I don’t know if I can move well with just one arm, but if it hurts tell me immediately. Nngh… is it alright if I go deeper? Nngh…! Haah… haa…


S: I’m sorry, miss. You’re doing this with someone like me… Haha… you’re right, it’s rude for me to apologize.

S: Is it okay for me to move? Nngh… hah… *thrusting*

S: We’re doing it slowly… so, miss, please don’t push yourself either. Nngh…! Aah… haah…

S: … Ngh? Miss?… Ahah, I really want to be closer too, but using both arms will hurt— uh, for you to be on top, miss… Because, um, it’s your first time, right? When it comes to moving yourself, I believe it’ll hurt quite a bit… Erm, you don’t need to force yourself.

S: If you insist then… how about we do this? *slips out of her* Ngh…

S: We’ll sit facing each other. Can I get you to come on top? *heroine goes over* Nn… put it in slowly. Aah… Miss, please hold onto me like this. Like this, I can move easily too. Haah… haa… are you really alright? Then I’ll continue. Nngh…! *thrusting*


S: Miss, you’re hot inside… haah… haa… Miss, it hurts, right? You don’t have to endure it. Mm… *kisses* haha, you squeezed down on me just now.

S: Ngh… is it alright if I move a little faster? Haah… haa…!

S: Miss, you’re sweating so much. You’re bearing with the pain, aren’t you… Nngh… *kisses; thrusting* I’m about to come…! Nngh… haah… Miss, please let go of me soon. If you don’t— *she holds him tighter* Ngh!? We can’t! At this rate… I’m going to… inside…! Ngh… I’m really…! I’m coming… it’s releasing…! Nngh… haah… *he orgasms*

S: Miss… I really came inside… *she kisses him* Mmph…

*** TRACK 3: Shirou’s Past ***

*phone rings*

S: Ungh… ngh… Miss…? *phone stops ringing* Did something fall…? A towel? Ah… I’m sorry, I seem to have a bad fever. Uh… Miss, why are you the one giving an arm pillow? My head is heavy, isn’t it? Haha, miss, you’re very manly, aren’t you. Your hand isn’t numb?

S: I thought this earlier as well, but… miss, your hands are small. You’re right, it might be that my hands are large. But when I look at them like this, they don’t look changed since the time you gave me hard candies.

S: Haha, yes, I know. It’s just an illusion. That reminds me, my mother appeared in my dreams. I had forgotten I saw a dream just now, but my mother also often gave me candy when I was a child. It wasn’t anything fancy like the strawberry candies you gave, miss. They were plain rounded tortoise-shell candies. But, being as poor as we were, those were luxurious snacks. It’s likely because of that memory that I was especially touched by the candies I received from you, miss.


S: Could you listen a little… to the story of my life?

S: … My family used to run a screw factory outside of this town. My father, my mother, and my father’s younger brother. It was a really small factory ran only by the three of them. The business was always barely able to keep going and I constantly went hungry.

S: At that time, the company we delivered to went under and the payment was uncollected. My father ended up bearing an enormous debt. In that situation, the people we appealed to were three young men under the boss who worked as moneylenders. I’ll talk about that later, so will you let me speak to the end?

S: The collection of debt increased severely with each passing day. Do you know? About the way those guys work. Day and night they would push into the house yelling “Return my money”, “Thief”, and whatever they liked. They even came to the elementary school I went to for harassment.

S: Our neighbors, who first looked at us with sympathy, eventually considered us a nuisance. There were even people who came yelling about how we were bothering the neighborhood. We were stuck between the debt collectors and the neighbors and day after day we kept bowing our heads… It got to the point where, even as a kid, I could see my father and mother’s spirit break.


S: If I remember correctly… it was the day of the closing ceremony for the first school term. I came back from school… and I couldn’t see my father and mother who should have been home. I went to take a look at the factor, having a bad feeling, and… my father and mother… I found them hanging from the ceiling.

S: They left a suicide note telling me to use their insurance money, sell the plot of land, and clear the debt that way. On that note, the collectors wouldn’t come either. My uncle was waiting to be married and so he moved to another place to find employment. I was given to an orphanage.

S: It’s a common story. From there I was a new person and along with graduating from middle school I left the orphanage and moved from place to place of women I met in town. My physical strength was the only thing I had confidence in and, while I was picking fights everywhere as if to release my anger, I ended up getting known for that. It was at that time… that I caught the eye of the boss.

S: Heh… the moment I heard the name of the family I thought it was a good chance for revenge. The people who caused my family to suffer so much… I entered to settle the score of having been pushed into an abyss. From there, in order to get beside the boss, I became an errand boy and worked for the gang.

S: There were many times the other brothers got angry at me for pushing myself. But, as I did jobs and managed the delinquents in town, my position within the family rapidly grew higher and I could even exchange drinks with the boss. It was around that time… that I learned about a truth I didn’t want to know.


S: Correct. Like you just said, miss… in this gang it’s forbidden to drive an ordinary person to suicide. The ones who drove my parents into a corner… were guys my father had bad blood with in the past and that debt collection happened in a place your family had nothing to do with. The moment I learned that… I was at a complete loss as to what I should do. For what reason did I step on this path? I was really troubled.

S: That’s why… I thought this. A gang that let those people do as they please was bad in the end. If I didn’t do this then I thought I’d lose my reason for living. Because in these ten years… I was scared I wouldn’t know what I was living for.

S: So, when I became even one of the lieutenants… I decided to kill the boss and then myself.

S: … That’s what my resolution should have been… but the moment I swung the knife your face appeared… and I ended up thinking that I didn’t want you to feel the same thing I did when I lost my father… I didn’t stab him in the vitals. How pathetic… of a man I am. Because until that point… I didn’t notice my own feelings for you, miss.


S: Eh? Ahah… hahaha. You’re right, miss, like you say, I might have just pretended I didn’t notice. Because if I didn’t do that then my determination would have wavered more and more. Hahah, I’m no match for you, miss. *phone rings* Ah, the phone. It rang earlier, didn’t it?

S: Is it alright not to answer? For a call to come at this time… it must be about me…? *heroine gets up* Ah, what’s wrong? Y-yes, my fever seems okay now… L-leave? Here? Wait a minute. I’ve already made my decision. Once morning comes, I’m going to the office and taking clear responsibility.

S: I’m not a person you should feel sympathy for. Because even though I knew the boss was not at fault… I raised a hand against him. *heroine grabs him* W-woah!? Miss, please wait!

*scene skip; they’re both running; it’s raining*

S: Haah… haa… Miss, it’s enough already. Don’t make efforts for someone like me. Miss, if you don’t regret last night then please let me go even more. I don’t know what end awaits me, but… I absolutely won’t forget my feelings for you, miss. I’m really glad I met you at the end, miss.

Yakuza B: Shirou… you really were at the miss’ place.

S: Ah!

Yakuza B: I thought you’d come to the office yourself, but… you’re hiding behind the miss. That’s even more pathetic.

S: Kgh…

Yakuza B: You did something unthinkable, didn’t you… Shirou. How are you going to pay this debt? *heroine steps out*

S: Miss…!! Stop it, miss! To shield myself behind a woman… If rumors spread that I’ve broken the gang’s moral code then I couldn’t clear it even with my death. *turns to other man* I, Kurata Shirou, will be taking clear responsibility. Please hand me over to the boss.

*** TRACK 4: A Reunion, and then… ***

*heroine climbing stairs; knocks on door; door opens*

S: W-wha… huh!? Miss… how did you know about this place…? *heroine enters* U-uh…

S: … Miss, seriously, why are you here? The boss must have told you that our relations are severed. Ah, no… it doesn’t hurt anymore. Occasionally there’s what you’d call phantom pain… just a degree where the nonexistent tip of my little finger excessively itches. To be honest, I’m surprised it was settled with this. I told you I was prepared to be executed, right?

S: The boss… he left me by his side, knowing everything. He’s too trusting… he didn’t know even when he’d be attacked. No, for him not to care when he’d be attacked. This exceeds being too trusting and that’s just being an idiot. He didn’t need to feel like he was indebted… That was just my unjustified resentment through a misunderstanding. He’s really… an idiot.

S: Huh? Ah… yeah, I’m currently working at a shipping company my uncle introduced me to. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get a proper job with this finger, my tattoos, and in addition no schooling, but I’m grateful to be working at a good place.


S: At this job it also wouldn’t be strange if I kept wearing work gloves. Um… by the way, I asked this earlier but why are you here, miss? What’s with that large luggage—… Huh? You’ve been disowned? Uh, hold on. That was done to you, miss!? Then what about your university?!

S: You quit…!? Why!? *heroine hugs him* A-ah… Miss… I’m grateful for your feelings… but you can’t derail your life for a man like me. Please treasure yourself. Huh? Ah… hahahaha! You’ve already found a job close to here? As usual you do everything with determination. Honestly… you’re too much for me, miss.

S: *hugs heroine* The words I couldn’t say at that time… can I say them now?

S: … I love you. If you don’t mind a man like me… could you come with me? I don’t think I can give you an easy life, but… I swear I definitely won’t make you sad. *heroine hugs him* Ah… I’ll make you happy, miss.

*** TRACK 5: From the Start and it is the Last… ***

*starts off with kisses*

S: Nngh… your warmth, which I haven’t felt for a long time… mm… Huh? W-what are you saying? There wasn’t a single woman after you, miss. I made this decision at that time. That the miss would be my last woman. Mmph—! *heroine kisses him*

S: I won’t ask you the same thing, miss. Because I know that’d be a stupid question. *kisses* Ahah…

S: Your warmth, of course… but it’s also been a while since I heard your sweet voice, miss. It’s irresistible, ah…

S: Did you know… it’s said the back of the ears are sensitive? In your case, miss… how is it, ahah? I can tell from your voice without needing to ask… *kisses*


S: Ngh, your neck too… is a sensitive place. I want to taste it all, mm… I’ve only licked your ear, but your nipples are already hard, huh. Ahah… *kisses*

S: Miss, your breasts are soft, aren’t they… Their size is perfect for my hands too… Haah… miss, it’s amazing here. Haha, it’s already slippery. Ngh… Huh? What’s wrong? E-eh? Oh no, there’s no way I can let you do that, miss. Nngh…! Ah…! *heroine touches him*

S: Miss…! Where did you… learn that? Ngh… yes, it feels good. If it didn’t… I wouldn’t be this hard. Aagh… hah… ah, right there, it feels good… haah… haa… Please wait, miss. I can’t just let you do everything. Straddle me from above and face your bottom this way. Nngh… *69, nice nice*


S: This smell of yours, miss… I love it. Nngh… ah…

S: Haah… haa… you don’t have to push yourself, since this position must be hard to lick me. Nngh…! Ah…! Miss, if you’re going to work hard then me too… ngh…

S: Spread your legs… a little more. Nngh, if you do that then I can lick you in a much better spot. Yes, that much. Nngh… I couldn’t afford it last time, but I want to make you come today, miss. Mm…

S: That’s enough, right? Move your mouth away. Leave it to me here… ngh… *heroine orgasms* Haah… haa… Did you come just now? Haha, you can’t tell? Even though your legs are shaking this much.


S: Miss, you really are adorable. *kisses* Can I do it from behind like this? If it hurts please tell me, okay? Nngh… like I thought, it still hurts, doesn’t it? I’ll go slow… ngh… haah…

S: Until you fit my large size, we’ll take it slow… little by little… Ngh… haa…

S: Huh? What’s wrong? Is this pace frustrating? Ahah, then I’ll move a little faster. Nngh…! Haah… haa…! It really doesn’t hurt? In that case… ngh! *thrusting*

S: Miss, the pleasure and heat inside you… I’m remembering it all over again. Nngh… haah… sometimes I even wondered if that hadn’t been a dream. Right now, it feels really strange… ngh… haa…

S: *pauses and pulls out* In the end, could I get you to face this way? When I can’t see your face, I’m the one who ends up feeling uneasy. Ah, it really is you, miss. There’s no mistake… you’re the real deal. *kisses*


S: Miss, I’m putting it in. Nngh… *kisses; thrusting*

S: This face of yours, miss… How many times did I see it in a dream? Haah… haa… but this isn’t a dream. Right now, I’m making love to you, right? Nngh… hah… *thrusting; kisses*

S: Miss… Miss… I love you. Nn… I love you…

S: Haah… haa…! Miss…! Can I come soon…? Ngh… haah… haa… I’m going to come…! I’m coming… I’m coming… it’s releasing! Nngh… *kisses; he orgasms*

[12:22] *scene skip*

S: Are you awake? Not that much time passed. It was just nearly an hour. I watched your sleeping face the entire time, miss. I still can’t believe it a little… I’m worried that in the gap when I’m not looking at you, everything will disappear like it was an illusion.

S: … Yes, I know. That, miss, you’re here in my arms. But I didn’t think such a happy time would come around to me, so it feels a little ticklish and a little painful… an inexplicable feeling…

S: I love you, miss. Please make me your first and last man. It’s a promise. *kisses*

*** STELLAWORTH TOKUTEN: Lessons on Name Calling ***

S: Miss, we should put away the futon soon. Could you put away the teacups? I’ll fold up the table. *they clean up*

S: Oh! The futon is soft and fluffy. You aired it, didn’t you? *puts it away*

S: Huh? Something you want to talk about? What is it all of a sudden? Ah, the way I call you? But it’s been more than ten years since I called you “miss”… calling you something else at this point is a little…

S: I can’t possibly drop my respectful address. If you want me to do that then, at the very least, let me attach a suffix. Even if you say I’m not allowed… ugh…

S: Hah?! It’d be even more rude to just address you as “wife”. Certainly, it’s nice to feel the distance between us shrink, but… isn’t there no need to close the distance in our relationship? Even if you say it’s a problem of feeling…

S: Uh… lessons?… T-then… w… wi… dear wife… E-erm, I’m sorry. In the end, I’m reluctant to address you rudely, miss. E-eh…? If I can’t do it then you’ll kiss me once…? I understand… I’ll do my best…

S: Wi… wi… wi… Ugh, I’m sorry. I know, then… *kisses* I’ll try once more. Wi… wi… dear wife… *hugs heroine* Argh, it’s so embarrassing I can’t say it no matter what. Give me a break. Ah, the penalty for this time? *kisses* Nn… mm…


S: … Can we practice later? There’s something I want to do more than that. *kisses*

S: Ah, what’s wrong? Eh, you were burned? Oh, you touched a griddle at your work. It’s too much for your pretty hands to be injured, miss. *kisses* Ah… just now is what you’d call a charm for it to get better or something… Ngh, it’s somewhat embarrassing for you to ask me that. I’m sorry for doing something out of character. A-ah! *heroine hugs him* Ahah, for you to ask me that on purpose knowing I’d be flustered… You’re a bad person. *kisses* But that part of you is also cute.

S: Mmngh… Miss, your breasts are hard to the point where it almost tickles my tongue. Ngh… ah… Miss, could you lie face down and raise your bottom?

S: Miss, you’re wet to the point where your underwear is transparent. Your body has become quite erotic. Mmgh… ngh… *gives heroine oral* Miss, don’t move your hips away. Stick it out more. Nngh… spread your legs a little more… mm… this is enough to make it easier to taste you, ah…


S: You’re about to come? Nngh… I’ll make you come then. *heroine orgasms*

S: Haah… haa… *removes his clothes* I’m putting it in. Nngh…! Haah… haa… *thrusting*

S: Miss, you’ve been gripping the sheets since earlier… Could it be that it hurts? Nngh… hah… if it feels good then I’m glad. Aah… ungh…!

S: Ngh… when I rub here while thrusting deeply… doesn’t it feel better? Haah… haa… Ahaha, right? Ngh… ungh… *kisses; thrusting*

S: You’re clamping down tightly, miss… It feels good, doesn’t it? Nngh… mm… You’re about to come, aren’t you? Hah… haa… yes, I can tell… When you’re about to come, miss, it convulses inside and you start trembling. Nngh…!

S: Please come… *kisses; thrusting; heroine orgasms*

S: Haah… haa… *pulls out* Miss, face this way. *position change* Hold onto me tightly. I’m going to lift you up like this. Nngh… our first time was in this position too, wasn’t it? Miss, at that time you were very proactive. Haha, you don’t want to talk about it? Heh, to be embarrassed remembering it… Miss, you’re cute. Nope, I absolutely won’t forget it. That, on that day, you pursued me, miss.


S: Nngh…! *thrusting* On that day I thought it would be the last. Ngh, but to make love to you again like this, miss… it’s like a dream. Haah… haa…! Since that time, my feelings have only deepened. Ungh… haah…

S: I love you… *kisses; thrusting* There’s no one for me but you, miss… I can only love you, miss. Ngh…! Haa… haah…!

S: I’m coming… ngh…! It’s releasing… hrgh…! Nngh…! *he orgasms* Haah… haa…

*scene skip; clock ticking*

S: The futon smells of the sun, doesn’t it. It really is nice to air it out. Eh? Continuing from earlier…? What was it? Ahaha, I’m sorry, I guess it’s useless to play dumb. But, you see, this is what I think, miss. Don’t you think it doesn’t matter about such a small thing like how I address you? What’s important is how our feelings meet and strengthen, right?

S: Haha, like I thought, you won’t let it be glossed over beyond this, huh. Ahah, I’m sorry, I understand. I’ll practice, so let’s sleep for today and start tomorrow. I won’t forget! One of these days, I’ll be able to say it properly. Okay? Hahahaha.

Note2: You don’t know how many dictionaries I was looking at during the course of this translation. Not to mention reading entire articles in Japanese about yakuza terms LOL. Just… gonna leave this link here for future reference and in case anyone wanted a glossary (that is still missing a ton of words that I had to find in other places).

Note3: The Stellaworth tokuten was just all sorts of pain too LOL. How am I supposed to translate the nuances of 呼び捨てる and pronouns when the translation in English doesn’t HAVE suffixes or pronoun differences!? I can’t even switch from “miss” to “you” because there were times I chose to use “you” to keep the flow LOL. UGH, anyway you guys can see what I did and choose to laugh at it or not.

7 thoughts on “Gokudou no Otoko wa Ai wo Utau

    小京 said:
    March 21, 2020 at 13:41

    Hello! Thank you so much for the translation!!
    I really really love this drama CD and I’m glad to someone enjoying it too!!😭
    I’m just wondering if you know any other drama CD of the theme yakuza or with the main character calling the heroine a special pronoun?

      Ilinox responded:
      March 22, 2020 at 10:40

      You’re welcome! This was a pretty sweet one, which was a relief because the title and cover art made it look really serious and I thought terrible things were going to happen LOL.

      Hm, for other yandere-themed CDs, there’s the two volumes in Koi no Michi and the newly released Van – Watashi ga Aishita Spy.

      Oh gosh, giving the heroine a nickname happens in too many CDs for me to keep track of but the mariage series is a good one where each guy pretty much has a unique name for their heroine. Rouge et Noir maybe if you don’t mind being called “Newbie” “Robin” or “Miss Narcotics Cop” haha.

    waterinegirl said:
    April 28, 2019 at 05:16

    im glad it ended with a happy ending. i like shirou. and also the heroine is amazing. she did whatever takes for him. it breaks my heart knowing his past.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 30, 2019 at 09:57

      Haha, yup, it was a short and sweet story :D

    Kborenai said:
    April 28, 2019 at 04:20

    I never knew Nakajima Yoshiki could do a low, DADDY voice so the wtf’ing was so real throughout this CD. What’s nice, however, is that MC’s a stubborn mule. Great work as always.

      Ilinox responded:
      April 30, 2019 at 09:56

      LMAO SAME. He’s been dropping into my radar because he’s had some solid releases lately where he showcases a lower voice. I love how they make yakuza daughter MCs pretty bad ass. Have you heard the Hanakagami yakuza series because the second volume with KumaKen is SO GOOD and his heroine is such a great counterpart to him.

        Kborenai said:
        April 30, 2019 at 18:48

        Huhu, nope. I only have the 1st volume but was planning on buying this one as back order. I did like concept of Koi no Michi, but if it’s as you said the 2nd volume must be bomb. That’s just my type of wholesome.

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