Oukatan ~ Shikkoku no Hibi ~

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Saijou Tamaki (西条 環)
CV: 三楽章

Ryuunosuke (龍之介)
CV: 三重奏

The Sakura Tale ~ Jet Black Days ~

In the middle of a turbulent era, where people of all sorts were moving, there was a blind woman called “Her Ladyship” in a mansion in the mountains, isolated from the world.

Saijou Tamaki, who called himself her fiancé, visited her frequently and looked forward to their wedding date.

Depending on the heroine’s choice, her fate greatly diverges.
In the “Pure White Days”, the heroine becomes a happy bride,
In the “Jet Black Days”, the heroine learns of that which would have been better not to realize.

Is this love or obsession—
The beginning of an unbroken and continuous curse is depicted in these two stories.

Thank you to an anonymous commissioner!! So, this Kankinkon volume is actually split into two sides: the white side and the black side. In my opinion, the black side is the true route and the white side is the “what if” one and so I’m using my discretion to start with the black side first before going to the white side.

R18 content warning and dark themes, 3P, anal, drug use, humiliation, autoerotic asphyxiation, murder… uh, it really just goes on LOL. You can pick this up at the ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: The Identity of the Scent of Blood is… ***

*shoji opens*

Tamaki: Oh my, you’re still in bed. Are you alright? Last evening, you said your head was heavy and so I brought new medicine today. Ah, you don’t have to move. I swore to be your eyes, did I not? That was only a week ago, but did you forget already? *heroine shakes head*

T: Haha, yes, that’s right. So, I’d like you not to strain yourself. *kisses* Ahah, no, I’m not being too concerned. You’re a hoyden to an extent where I’m surprised. Even though you were born blind, just where in the world does that ability to take action come from?

T: Eh? You wish to go outside? No, you cannot. I won’t let you go out yet. Please bear with it until your headache is cured, at least. Ahah, I apologize. In truth, I would like to go on a stroll with you as well. However, if you were to trip again and hit your head and lose your memories it would be a disaster. Be patient until you get better. Well, even if you were to forget everything, I would propose to you again and again, so in my case I don’t mind.

T: Heheh, you would like to hear about our past together? *heroine nods*… I believe I explained when you woke up one week ago, but even still? Hahah, then here begins the love story of a certain young man.


T: The origin of everything was when my uncle, lying on his deathbed, said he would like to know the circumstances of his daughter who lived in the mountains. To be honest, at first, I thought an annoying task had been pushed onto me. My uncle neglected you when you were born blind and had you live in these mountains, so he didn’t make it apparent you were part of the family. It’s a horrible matter and, of course, I was not an exception.

T: Still, you were one of my female cousins, and so I knew you existed since I was young. I remember wondering what sort of woman you were and thought about the place you lived. To have no sight and to be shoved into these mountains to simply pass your days… I thought you would be quite a gloomy woman.

T: However… you were greatly different from my imagination. You said you were happy for someone other than a servant to visit, and you showed me around here and there in the garden. It was a place you were familiar with, but using a stick you skillfully walked around. Then, in the time we spent together in the garden, I completely became a prisoner of your smile. Far from giving in to your circumstances, you looked forward to the small changes of a day and the sight of you appreciating those made me think the intrinsic purity of a human was shown.


T: Furthermore, it is precisely because you can’t see that you probably noticed the inside of my heart. Hahah, you see, you said this: “Why do you hate the world that much?” It was as if cold water was dumped on me. I was dumbfounded. After all, since I was born, I never really expressed my inner thoughts. The reason? Hmm…

T: It is said in my house, the head of the Saijou family, that it is not elegant to reveal emotions. Moreover, by nature, I am unskilled at expressing my emotions. Because of these reasons, anyone and everyone looked only at my outward appearance.

T: It’s embarrassing to say this myself, but I’m called such things as a “frozen beauty” and a “devilish man”. Everyone and anyone who came close were just women aiming for my money or face. Thus, I felt like you were the first person to see inside of me and I was extremely overjoyed. If I was with you… I felt like I could love even this twisted world.

T: After that, I immediately proposed for an engagement. Our relatives opposed this, but after I persuaded them a little they became sufficiently quiet. Since then, we became engaged and I’ve constantly looked forward to the marriage date, which is coming soon, but… unusually, you tripped and fell in the garden and hit your head… and lost consciousness.


T: *shaky voice* During the time you were asleep, do you know what I felt…!? If you were to disappear then my world would lose color again… If you wouldn’t wake from this then I wanted to die together. *heroine panics* Ahah, don’t worry, I don’t think that way now. If you, my beloved, are alive… that is enough…

T: *flat voice* … Yes, it is enough for you just to be alive in my arms. To me that is the most important balm.

T: Mm? Ah, that reminds me, in the morning I went to take a look at my father, so that may be why I smell of medicine. Indeed, it is a regrettable matter. Even though I am a qualified physician, I cannot even save the single life of my father.

T: Ahah, is it strange for the young master of a noble family to have the qualifications of a physician? *heroine nods* I see. Certainly, I may be an odd person among the other nobles. However, you see, us nobles exist to support the common people. It is precisely because I have this social status… that I thought I didn’t want to just lead people but to also help, with these hands, those who are in trouble.

T: Hahah, do you dislike an eccentric person such as me? *heroine shakes head* Hehe, thank you, I also love you. *kisses*

T: Ah, today I brought the castella that you love as a get well gift. Why don’t we eat it together right now? Hehe, that smile is adorable. For me, your smile itself is a confectionery. *kisses* Mm…

T: … Mm? Your head feels a bit light again?… Hehehe, that won’t do… In that case, after we eat the castella, I’ll give you a different medicine. Come to think of it, about your wedding kimono… I’m going to call for the artisan here later, so could we take your size again? Eh? Because you’ve been eating so many sweets recently, you’ve become a bit round, haven’t you? Hahaha!! You’re right, it’s my fault for bringing get well gifts every time, but you— *fade out*

[09:56] *nighttime; something heavy falls in the distance; heroine gets up and opens shoji*

T: Oh my? What are you doing in such a place? Me? I was working nearby and thought to see your sleeping face for a little while before returning home. And then a stray dog snuck in. The menservants have brought it down already, but if their reaction had been slow then it would have become a disaster.

T: Hm? Ah, in exchange for not being able to see your nose is acute, isn’t it. Yes, you’re right, this is the smell of the stray dog’s blood. It’s nothing for you to be concerned about. Now, let us return to your bedroom. Forget about the stray. *heroine shakes head*

T: H-hey! Where are you going!? It’s dangerous to head outside right now. It’s not guaranteed there is only one stray dog. Eh? You want to save the stray…? *quiet voice* Haah… that sense of duty hasn’t been killed yet? Oh no, it’s nothing. It’s just that you’re such a hoyden I end up being concerned. *flat voice* Yes… I get so unbearably worried that my heart always hurts.

T: Ahah, you don’t have to apologize. In exchange, could you drink this medicine? Hahah, yes, that’s right, I acquired very good medicine, so I returned tonight because I wanted to hand this over by all means. If you drink this medicine, you’ll fall into a state of absolute bliss. Hm? The smell is harsh? Then if I do this… I wonder if you won’t mind? *passes medicine through kiss*


T: Haah… how is it? It’s an extremely sweet medicine, isn’t it? Hehehe, I’m glad you like it. If you are so inclined, you may drink more. Here… Hahaha, see, you feel good now, right? You couldn’t care less about the stray dog now, right? *heroine stumbles*

T: Woah! Are you alright? It seems like your breathing is somewhat ragged. Oh my? What’s with your restlessness? Are you in pain somewhere? *heroine nods* Aah, symptoms of your chronic disease have come up again. How awful…

T: You see, you have a disease where periodically your body aches. Every time it happened, I provided treatment. Ah, don’t worry, if you orgasm once then that ache will be suppressed. Hehe, in other words, you just need to feel extremely pleasured.

T: Now then, place your hands on this pillar here… and stick out your bottom. Mm, that’s right. You’re a good girl, aren’t you. *touches heroine* Heheh, this place of yours is already swollen. It looks like your symptoms today are especially severe. How terrible… I’ll make you feel pleasure right away with my fingers. Aah…


T: You truly have amazing reactions. The bright red nape is also adorable… and it makes me want to suck on it, reflexively. *kisses*

T: Aah… ngh… Because you’re moaning with such a nice voice, even I’m throbbing. *kisses* See, can you tell from this hot length? This will enter you one of these days and pour seed into you. *kisses* But I won’t put it in today yet. I wish to leave it until our bridal night. Therefore… can you sandwich it between your thighs for now? *whispering voice* You don’t have to do anything special. You merely have to close your legs. Yes… aah… this is a nice state. *kisses*


T: Now then, I’ll move slowly so hold onto the pillar. *kisses; slow thrusting* Nngh… haah… ah…

T: Heheh, it feels like I’m really inside you like this. It makes my mood extremely good… aah… You too… when my length rubs against your sensitive nub, it feels irresistible, right? Nngh… your honey is spilling rapidly…

T: I’m going to slowly and carefully rub the tip of your breasts so that your ache calms quicker, alright? *kisses; slow thrusting; shifting noise in the distance*

T: Hahaha! Your honey has a lovely smell so I wonder if the stray has gotten excited? I thought it was dead, but it’s looking over here enviously. Mm? You want to stop? But, even as you say that, this place is becoming more and more wet, is it not?


T: Hehehe, I can tell. It’s twitching and even now you’re about to climax. Nngh…! Haah… haa… Aah, it’s good… it feels good… *kisses; thrusting*

T: Hahahaha! Aah, I really am in a good mood. Nngh… hah… Know just how foolish it is for you to be taken away from me… Ngh…! Haah… haa…! Ungh…!

T: Hmm? Ah, you’re about to climax, I see. Haa… hah… go ahead, I’m also already… ngh…! Aah… hah… haa…! *he orgasms*

T: … Haah… haa… *kisses* This evening you were also absolutely adorable. *heroine stumbles* Oh my, that was close. Hahah, did it feel so good you nearly lost consciousness? Ahah, the effect is exceptional. *footsteps approach*

T: Hm? Ah, that’s right. Take her to the room in the back. Heh, I’m entrusting this to you. *kisses* Now then, you go to sleep first. I will hold a memorial service for the stray dog. Haha, I don’t care about it but you do, right? Therefore, I will give prayers so that it’s sure to reach the heavens. *kisses* Good night… *he leaves*

*** TRACK 2: Perhaps I Should Strangle You to Death Like This… ***

*footsteps; Tamaki is outside the shoji*

T: Good morning, it’s me. May I come in? *heroine nods; shoji opens* Oh my, your complexion is terrible this morning. Did you see a terrible dream? *heroine nods* About that stray dog? Ah, I was sure to give it a memorial, so I would like you to be at ease. I apologize for making you worry. I will strengthen the security around the mansion, so I don’t believe a stray will come in again.

T: Eh? I smell of blood? Haha, isn’t that just your imagination? Because that event happened yesterday, so I’m certain you’re confused. In any case, I am heading off to work so be a good girl. If you protect your promise with me, I’ll buy your favorite confection.

T: Heheh, what’s wrong? Are you so lonely you won’t let go of my clothes? *heroine nods* Haha… my beloved princess, I will absolutely come back to here so please wait without concern. *kisses* Now then, this time… I shall be off. *he leaves*

[02:10] *scene skip; heroine is walking*

T: For you to be out in such a place… what’s the matter!? It can’t be that you tried to leave this mansion— *heroine shakes head* THEN WHY!? Why would you walk around when you’re blind!?… Eh? You couldn’t sleep because you were worried about me? Why? Did my voice sound that weak?

T: I see… you can’t help but be concerned about the scent of blood. *quiet* Even though her memories have disappeared, it seems her nature hasn’t…

T: Ahah, I’m not injured anywhere. I’m also not lying out of concern for you. Yes, it’s true. More importantly… *leans in* you broke your promise with me. You even came to such a place… What would you have done if you tripped again? No, I won’t forgive you tonight even if you apologize. I’ll need to punish you when you don’t seem to quite get it.

T: Hahaha, even though I said punishment it’ll be something light. Rather, it might be something that will bring you pleasure and make you sleep soundly. Come, let’s go. *picks heroine up* Stay still. I’ll take you to your room immediately.

*he starts walking; opens shoji; he puts her down*

T: Now then, we have to put the naughty girl who broke an order into an appropriate state. Ahah, don’t worry, relax. I’m only… tying you up a little. Nrgh…


T: Normally, you’re adorable… but you’re absolutely lovely when you’re bound. The way the red rope bites into your pale skin is extremely sensational. Above all… when I see you tied up like this… I feel at ease. Because it makes me truly feel that you are my beloved alone. *kisses*

T: Aah… heheh, you’re twisting your hips like that. What’s the matter? Oh, aren’t you so miserable? Ah, could it be… that you can’t rub your legs together like you always do… and so it’s distressing? Hahah, I see, but it’s inevitable. After all, that ache of yours is a disease. *kisses*

T: … Haah… haa… heheh, I’ve only licked you a little and yet the tips of your breasts are already like this. Unexpectedly, do you like being bound? *kisses* Ngh…

T: Hmm? No? I see. Then I’ll have you show me your bottom. If you aren’t feeling pleasure… then it shouldn’t even be slightly wet, right? Mm? How strange. Despite saying you’re scared, this place is damp, is it not? This is to be a punishment and yet you’re feeling pleasure? That’s a problem… I’ll need to punish a liar like you even more. *gives oral*


T: Hehehe, amazing, the more I lick inside the more this lascivious flavor thickens… Being bound like this, embarrassed like this, it’s making you sensitive, isn’t it? *still giving oral*

T: … Aah, such a naughty girl. Don’t I need to give you the worst punishment of all now? *returns to her ear* Heheh, can you tell what this is? Yes… my penis. Seeing your erotic and lovely appearance has made me this hard. I truly would have preferred breaking your maidenhood in our bridal night, but… your hoyden nature hasn’t been cured, so I have no choice. It’ll… probably hurt a lot so feel free to cry and scream. Until those screams turn into moans… I’ll continue to ravish you.

T: Aah… haah… haa… Look, it’s entering… My length… inside you. Nngh…! It’s tighter than I imagined… and it feels like I’ll break you. Mm? Does it hurt? But I had no choice. This is because you broke your promise.

T: Ahahah, you look adorable when you’re smiling… but your face streaked with tears is also… tantalizing. *kisses*


T: Nngh…! I’m going to move soon, but you absolutely must not feel good. This is… a punishment, after all. Well, I don’t believe a maiden would so easily learn to feel pleasure from penetration. Right? Ungh… hah… haa… *thrusting*

T: Aah, poor you. It’s something that couldn’t be avoided, but… seeing you, ngh, cry… hurts my heart. Haah.. .haa… so, I’ll take it easy on you… just a little. This place of yours that’s adorably swollen… I’ll peel the hood back… and rub it… hah… haa… NGH…!

T: Mm? You don’t like it when I rub this place? But when I pinch it… ngh! Haah… you clench down inside. Doesn’t it distract you from the pain slightly?

T: Heheh, far from that, it looks like you’re in extreme pleasure. Haa… I’m not mistaken, am I? Look, when I rub against you inside and outside… haah… you squeeze down around my penis, as if clinging to it. Ungh… haah…


T: Hahah, how strange. You should have been a maiden just minutes ago, but you’re already feeling pleasure from being penetrated by me. Aah… haah… Heheheh, to think your disease has become this serious… I’m shocked. As your fiancé, I can’t help but be concerned. *kisses; thrusting* Mm…

T: Nngh! Haah… Hm? It can’t be that you’re about to release already, are you? This is a punishment and your maidenhood had just been broken. Ungh… you’re feeling pleasure from inside, I see. Ngh… haah… heheheh, what a bad girl.

T: More… I’ll need to punish you… more! Ngh…! Aah… it’s releasing… it’s releasing…! Here, I’m going to release my seed in your deepest spot. Aagh…! Be sure to… be impregnated with my child! Haah… haa… ngh…! *he orgasms*

T: … Hah… haa… Hehe, that was the best. You’re overflowing inside with my seed. I’m so happy I want to immortalize this moment. Nngh… *starts strangling heroine* when I squeeze your throat you become all the more tighter inside. Even though you just came… your lower half is, ah… sucking at me greedily. Ngh…!


T: Oh no, don’t move. I’m still… releasing inside… ngh… Take more… I need to seal you up inside, you see. *tightens choke* Nghahaha! Aah… it feels good. I came but I’m not settling down at all.

T: Mm? Hehe, do you feel like you’re about to suffocate soon? Ah, but you can still go on, right? *tightens choke* Hahahaha! You’re also lovely when you’re in pain. Perhaps I should really strangle you to death like this… *heroine struggles* Ahah, that was a lie. I apologize for scaring you.

T: *releases heroine from rope* Here, breathe in slowly… Exhale. Mm, good girl. Everything is alright now. You can breathe as much as you want. Ahaha, I wasn’t angry from the beginning. You just move around so much I became worried… Hahah, I only wanted you to understand. At any time and whatever the case may be, I will love you. *kisses*

T: Ahah, are you sleepy? Go ahead and fall asleep like that… Hehehe, when you wake the medicine’s effects should wear out as well. Mm? I was talking to myself. *kisses* Good night.

*** TRACK 3: The Sakura Tale – The Crimson Binding Curse – ***

*nighttime; bushes rustle; heroine opens shoji*

Ryuunosuke: Ah, thank god. You’re safe! It’s me, Ryuunosuke! *hugs heroine* It’s really you… Do you know how worried I was in these ten days!? Come on, let’s go. I’ve prepared a horse outside.

R: … Why do you look so confused? Let’s hurry and return home. Ah… I know. You’re worried about whether that man will come or not, right? In that case, don’t worry. I came after confirming that man left this mansion.

R: You… No way… You lost your memories!? *heroine nods* Eh… ah… what is this. On top of that man kidnapping you, he even told you that lie!? *heroine shakes head* No, it’s a lie! Listen carefully. Do you really think your hands are those that belong to a princess? Wake up! There’s no way these scarred hands could belong to a noble. We’re… just farmers. It’s true. You grew herbs outside the village and lived by making medicine. Plus, we’re childhood friends… and engaged.

R: I’M NOT LYING! You might have seen me as nothing more than a childhood friend, but… I actually loved you. That’s why you also accepted my proposal! Ichirou himself loved you, but he thought it’d go better if we were married instead.

R: Ah… that reminds me, Ichirou entered this place first. Do you know where he went? He said he couldn’t wait anymore and rushed out and I lost sight of him… after that I haven’t seen him once. *heroine shakes head* Think back hard. Didn’t he actually come to you? In that case, we need to search for Ichirou too! He’ll be killed by that demon man!


R: … You still don’t understand!? That man isn’t a gentle man! *heroine shakes head* Listen… calm down and remember. It was… a terrible rainy day. The road near our village collapsed because of a lightning strike… and the carriage that man was riding fell to the bottom of the valley.

R: You ended up finding that person. Even though I told you not to, you went to pick herbs while I was gone. That man, who couldn’t move at all at the beginning, quickly got better thanks to our treatment. Up to then, I was happy too. However, one day… for some reason he disappeared. You only smiled when I asked you, but I knew. I asked Ichirou about it later.

R: Apparently, that man proposed to you. You refused and so he left the village. Your sudden disappearance… was seven days after that. I knew it immediately! That the culprit for kidnapping you was that man! Because sometimes that man would look at you with terrifying eyes!!

R: Ah… I’m sorry. You don’t have any memories so telling you this all of a sudden probably confuses you, but… anyway, for now let’s get out of here. If we stay here, it’ll be dangerous for you. I’m begging you… please trust me. Ah… that’s enough. Even if you don’t believe me now, you’re interested in leaving this mansion for the time being so we’ll have time to ta— AGH! *gets knocked to the ground*


T: Oh my, just when I had an awful premonition. Did another stray dog slip in? Ah, no, I’m mistaken. This is a filthy rat.

R: Ugh… bastard…! Saijou Tamaki, right…!?

T: Ignorant peasant, do not speak my family’s name. How repulsive. *to his men* Oi, hurry up and bind this man. However, do not kill him yet. I would like to personally treat him as a guest. *to heroine* Ah, you don’t need to have any concern. I am only going be exterminating an annoying rat after this. *heroine protests* Hm? Ah… what? You learned the truth? In that case, I suppose I shall have you come as well.


T: Hahahah! Do you think I would release her? From here, a time where the three of us enjoy ourselves is to begin. *drags heroine* Heheh, do you think you could escape with that strength? Good grief, I find myself always bowing to your bravery.

R: Aah… shit!! Let her go…!! LET HER GO!!

[06:30] *scene skip; rain and thunder*

T: Heheh, good morning. Are you awake? But then again, for you a nightmare is beginning. *heroine stirs* Ah, that rat? You don’t have to be concerned about Ryuunosuke. He’s lying down right there. Well, he is tied though.

R: Mmgh! MMGH!!

T: Hahahah! Only, his pointless mouth is blocked though. Mm? Ah, I see. So it wasn’t the case that you regained your memories. I’ve made a mistake then… You were shaken, so I completely thought you remembered everything. Hmm, if this was the case, I should have persisted with my lies.

T: Ahahah! Yes, everything was a lie! I am not your fiancé and you aren’t the daughter of a noble. Yes… you are just a village girl. In actuality, I did have a cousin who just so happened to die. I replaced her with you. My uncle had never met my cousin ever since she was born, and so it was a simple matter. Well, I did kill all the servants in the mansion to seal their mouths.


T: Heheh, you’re asking why I did such a thing? Such a stupid question… *leans in* It’s because you refused me, obviously. *kisses; heroine shoves him* Woah! How cruel of you to thrust me away like this. The day I came for you, you also pushed me away like this. Hehehehe, that’s right, I came to pick you up. You rejected my proposal because of your social status. Once more, I visited and proposed to you again… along with a mountain of money.

T: However… even still… EVEN STILL!! YOU REFUSED ME!! YOU TOLD ME TO GO HOME BECAUSE YOU DIDN’T NEED MONEY! Aah, truly… I have never despaired so much than in that moment. EVEN IF I HAD MONEY ENOUGH TO ROLL IN AND A BEAUTY EVERYONE ENVIES, NONE OF THAT WAS USEFUL! Furthermore, you gave me a terrified look when I implored to you. Even though… EVEN THOUGH I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH!

T: Grgh… I couldn’t tolerate it any longer. Therefore, when I tried to force you to come with me, you resisted… and fell down while you were running. I had never been so struck with terror. For you see, your head fell down on a rock and you were absolutely limp as if you were dead. Aah… I’m so relieved you lived. *kisses; heroine slaps him* Hahahah! Even though you can’t see, you can still slap me skillfully on the cheek. Truly, you are my beloved.

T: Hm? Why did I fall in love with you? You still don’t remember? Heheh, you see, it’s because you are the first woman to see inside me. Aah, that time was honestly a blessing. In your world, appearance doesn’t exist and you purely faced my inner self. Moreover, you said you respected me because I had knowledge on various things. It was the first time I was appreciated by you… and the hollow me felt like I obtained a filling inside.


T: And then, each time I exchanged conversation with you, I was rapidly drawn to you… I believed you were the same as well. Oh dear, I can’t help but find it a shame from the bottom of my heart… that I need to take this method. *drugs heroine* Hrgh! There, there, be a good girl and drink it all. Come now, it is your favorite sweet medicine. *she spits it out* Oh! To waste precious medicine… what a naughty girl.

T: Hmm… well, if you drank this much, it should be more than enough. Now then, Ryuunosuke, it’s your turn. *walks over; removes gag*


T: An extremely wonderful medicine. Perhaps you should also be thanking me?

R: There’s no way I’d thank yo—

T: Silence, peasant. You will drink this. *shoves into Ryuunosuke’s mouth*

R: Mmgh! Puwah… haa…

T: Hmm, this should be good enough. *comes back to heroine* Now, come. If you resist… I’ll kill him. *moves them over to Ryuunosuke*

R: Haah… haa… bastard, what did you make me and her drink!?

T: Do I have to tell you before you understand? Aah, this is why it is exhausting to interact with peasants. Ryuunosuke, you should be able to tell by your own body’s reactions, no? This is… an aphrodisiac. A very powerful one… *to heroine* right?

R: … Why would you do such a thing…?

T: *to heroine* Oh my, why are you also that confused? Hehehahahah! Correct, what you have been drinking has always been an aphrodisiac. And yet you still believed me. Heheh, that innocence of yours was adorable. *catches heroine’s hand* You can’t always hit me. Besides, there is something you should be doing rather than hitting me, no? You don’t know? You’re going to be making your last memories with him.

T: In truth, I don’t wish to lend your body to him, but… I am a kind husband. I thought I could endure for this last moment at least. Ah, but I won’t lend your front hole. What is to be lent to him is… *leans in* this back hole. Aah, I know, even though you’re saying no with your mouth, anything that is done to you now will feel pleasurable, right? Heheh, so that the lovely you isn’t harmed, I will also cover this back hole with a lot of aphrodisiac.


T: Heheh, ah, it’s loosening, it’s loosening. It’s twitching so lasciviously. *kisses* With this, I think Ryuunosuke should be able to fit in.

R: … W-what are you saying? You’re… insane.

T: Hahahah! You say that but, while seeing me tease her, your penis is already that hard, isn’t it? Aah, how vulgar.

R: Ggh, this is…

T: Here now, I’ll support you so please put in Ryuunosuke’s penis into your back hole.

R: S-stop it… You don’t have to do such a thing!

T: *flat voice* Do it. If you refuse then I will kill him immediately.

R: N-no…! STOP IT! *heroine does it* Nngh…! Aagh… haah… ngh… Bastard…! This… Making us do this… What’s so fun about that!?

T: It’s enjoyable. Seeing the face of someone who loves her twist with humiliation… is extremely satisfying. *to heroine* Now, don’t stay still and try moving. It will be painful on him too if you stay like that.

R: Nngh… s-stop…! Aah… kgh… no… I don’t want this! Please stop!!

T: Heheheh, how cute. You’ve ended up feeling pleasure from having your back hole bored into, right? That slack face… Aah, it’s irresistible. *kisses; Ryuunosuke groaning in guilt in BGM* Mm…

R: Haah… haa… ngh… gugh…!

T: Ahahah, it looks like Ryuunosuke is also starting to feel pleasure. In that case, I think I will also make myself feel good inside you. Nngh…! *inserts himself*

R: You…!? What are you doing!?

T: Nngh… haah… haa… What, you ask. Can’t you tell? I’ve put myself in her front hole. Aah… it’s extremely tight because Ryuunosuke entered you from behind. *kisses* Haah… you must also be feeling good being rubbed and scraped against from both ends, right? Come on… I’m going to rub the place you love, so it’s alright to feel very good.

R: Haah… haa…! Mad… You’re absolutely mad!!

T: Aah… ngh… what a strange thing to say. Is there any human who isn’t insane in this world? Ryuunosuke, you yourself have gone insane by your love for her, no? After all, your penis is reacting… in such a way!!

R: Guagh! Stop it…! I’m begging you… please, stop making her do horrible things…!


T: HAHAHAHAH! Horrible? Horrible, you say!? From where are you calling it horrible when her face is slack with pleasure? *to heroine* Isn’t that right? Raise your voice more and tell Ryuunosuke. Just how much pleasure you’re in… Grgh!

R: Nngh! Agh…! Haah… no… if you move any more…

T: Aah… haa… Ryuunosuke is a man with no perseverance, I see. He is about to release in his beloved’s ass and when being forced.


T: Hahahah! Nngh… aah… release! Once you release, I will also pour my seed into her.

R: STOP!! Gagh… please, spare just that! Don’t come inside her— GUGH! Aagh…!

T: Aah…! It’s clenching…! Nngh… haah… haa… up to now, this is the most greedily you’ve swallowed me in down here. Hah… hey, you also want us to release inside, right? Front and back… you want them to be poured into at the same time, right?

R: Ggh… aah… haah… wait… no… NO!!

T: Hahahah!! Nrgh… haa… come now, let all three of us release. I’ll release the seed you… so… love!!

R: Gugh… AGH…!! Aah… haah… haa…

T: Nngh…! Ungh… hah… haah… Heheheheh… Ah, you were also adorable being penetrated by two men. *kisses*

R: Haah… *to heroine* hey, get a hold of yourself!

T: Hahah, it appears that I used too much of the drug and her consciousness has become hazy.


R: No… Getting her with such methods, ARE YOU HAPPY!?

T: Ah, I am happy. To no bounds. Now then… *kisses; picks up heroine to move elsewhere* Rest here. I am going to dispose of the rat.

R: … Grgh… Go to hell, SAIJOU TAMAKI!

T: Heh, hell? Hahaha, how interesting. Supposing I was to fall into hell, I would crawl out.

R: Even if the gatekeeper of hell sets you free… I will never forgive you. I curse you and all your descendants!

T: Pshahahah!! Now it’s a curse? The ideas of a peasant sure are amusing. Ah, go ahead, try cursing me. Being cursed by a loser won’t amount to much.

R: … I declare this: Bastard, you will always be cursed by all and everything to die.

T: Heheheh, then I too shall return a curse unto you. No matter how many times you are reborn, you will never find your beloved and, at the end of your distorted fate, you will be attracted to the wrong thing and die countless of times. True love like the one I have obtained will slip through your hands.

R: What’s with your true love… YOUR LOVE IS JUST FULL OF LIES!

T: Oh dear, I suppose a peasant cannot understand in the end… Ah, that reminds me, with my last amount of mercy, I will bury you underneath the sakura tree in my mansion. It’s a sakura that blooms splendidly in the spring. Heheh, you will become those flowers and every year you may comfort her heart. I will grant you that much privilege.

R: Kgh…!


T: Now then, goodbye… rat. *stabs him*

R: GUAGH!! Gugh… haah… haa… I’m sorry… I wasn’t able to protect you… I’m so sorry… In our next life, I’ll definitely protect you… so, next time, we’ll run together. Look, you said you wanted to throw out your walking stick and run as hard as you can, right? Haa… hah… I swear I’ll fall in love with you again, so… please, in our next life, fall in love with me… I love you… my bri… de…

T: HahahaHAHAHA! What a fool. If he quietly stayed in that village he wouldn’t have ended up dead… *flat voice* You really were an idiot. I was slightly grateful for how you saved me with her. *heroine stirs* Heheh, are you awake already? The night is long, so you should have slept. *walks over* Ahah, until you sleep, I’ll stroke your head like this. Now… fall into a deep sleep… The next time you wake… it will be the marriage ceremony with me. *kisses* Good night.

[26:45] *scene skip; Tamaki and heroine walking through grass*

T: Here, this way. Be sure not to ever drop my hand. If you let go… *leans in* you know what will happen, right? Now, come this way, princess.

T: How is it? It is a larger garden than the one at the mansion you were at. Apparently, my feeble grandfather tires from just one circuit of this garden. Depending on the season, various flowers bloom and it’s been praised as Amitabha’s Pure Land. Heheh, did you notice? Yes, this is… that sakura tree.

T: Heheh, it happens to be the time of full bloom so it has a wonderful smell, doesn’t it? He must surely be satisfied at comforting you. *heroine hits him* Hahah, no matter how you struggle you won’t escape. You will live in this garden forever. Do not worry, you will want for nothing. No matter what you wish to eat, or mountains of treasure, I will give you whatever you desire.

T: … Therefore, please, even just a little, love me. *heroine shakes head* Why?! He was your fiancé, but you didn’t think of him specially, right? I see… even still, you won’t forgive the person who killed your childhood friend? Then, at this time, I will tell you something good.

T: *leans in* Your one other childhood friend… Where do you think he is right now? Hahah, oh what, you already realized it? There is no fun when it’s spoiled. You’re correct, that time when I said it was a stray dog it was your other childhood friend. Like a fool he came to save you, so I cut him down without a second thought. Aah, don’t cry like that. He’s still more or less alive.


T: Yes, he was on the verge of death but I saved that life and now he is somewhere in this mansion. I will say this in advance, but it’s impossible to find him by voice. Presently, his voice has been robbed and he is detained in the dungeon. However, there is no need for concern. I am treating him with proper hospitality as he is your good friend.

T: Hm? You wish to save him? Then… *leans in* love me, bear me a child, and be together with me until death. As long as you are beside me, I will allow him to continue to live. If you won’t love me… I will bury him underneath this tree as well.

T: You’re asking if that sort of love is enough? Of course it is enough. Even if it is transient… if I am loved by you then… that is enough. Now, say that you love me in front of this sakura. If you say it then I will devote everything of me to you…

T: Hahah, ah… I’m so happy. I too love you. My love will rain down on you like these light crimson flower petals… and I’m sure it will stain your world. And as you stand amid all this… I will continue to ravish you until death. Even after death I won’t let you go to heaven. You will always be tied to this sakura tree together with me. Heheh, when I think on that, I end up looking forward even to death. This is the beginning of a sakura tale that will continue for eternity. *kisses*

Note1: I feel like I need to mention that the word he uses 薬 (kusuri) is one of those context specific words where it could mean either medicine, drugs, or poison LOL. So, it’s funny that Tamaki could have been using it to say “drug” all this time but we just heard it as “medicine” because of the context created by his lies. Such a snake.

Note2: I wanted to point out that the word they use for curse is 呪縛 (jubaku) which generally translates into “spell, curse” but it has an implication of binding and being caught, because the second kanji can be found in its verb form 縛る (shibaru; to bind, tie, fasten).

There’s many other ways they could have written the word “curse”, for example the Tatarikon series uses 祟り (tatari; curse, divine punishment, wrath of an evil spirit), so you can see there’s different connotations depending on the word. I probably don’t need to point it out, but I’m sure they’re using “jubaku” here because of the “red string of fate” imagery.

Note3: UGH. LIE ME DOWN IN A BED OF CHERRY BLOSSOMS. I just want to cry at all the references and imagery? I’ve been translating this series out of order, so I hope you guys can forgive me when I go into a rant here about the call backs and connections (although there’s a chance I’m just going full conspiracy theory here).

SO! To begin, let’s start with the curse itself. Touji is the one who introduces the “Saijou curse” in the series and he says the curse is that no Saijou man will ever be loved by the woman they love. Here we learn that Ryuunosuke’s curse is actually for Saijou men to forever be cursed by everyone around them and then to die.

Now… Touji’s birth itself was a curse. His mother-sister gave birth to him, calling him a curse, and then committed suicide or died (I’m foggy on this). His father committed suicide to follow after her. Then Touji’s grandfather cursed his existence because Touji’s birth is what killed his daughter, so he goes around destroying everything Touji loves. THEN, the cherry on top, Touji is cursed (?) by his heroine because she hates his guts. I just… really want to die now? It’s so sad.

Note4: Hikaru is canonically stated to be the one who breaks the Saijou curse (with the help of his mother who purified it) and I would argue that he also breaks Ryuunosuke’s curse. How, you may ask? Because Kazuma is Ryuunosuke’s reincarnation. This theory here is the one where I wonder if I’m reaching though. All I have to support this is that 1) Ryuunosuke shares the same voice actor as Kazuma and 2) Kazuma’s situation and connection with the Saijou family ironically fits the curse put on Ryuunosuke.

Hear me out, Ryuunosuke is cursed to reincarnate and never find the woman he loves, leading him to ultimately be drawn to something/someone else. In Kankinkon, Kazuma thinks he’s in love with Hikaru’s wife and after what goes down in Hikaru’s CD Kazuma swears off love and mopes for days. It’s Hikaru who pushes Kazuma and Kazuma’s wife together, thus helping Kazuma find his true love.

Note5: THE SAKURA TREE. JFC. So, Tamaki has so much imagery involved with the sakura tree and swearing his eternal love to his heroine there. Meanwhile, Touji falls in love with his heroine at first sight when she walks through a park underneath falling sakura blossoms. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!!

Also, on a side note, this generations-old sakura tree is living on a fucking graveyard. First, Ryuunosuke is buried underneath. Then we know that Touji’s mother is buried here. Then his father commits suicide here and is also buried underneath. AND THEN Touji says he wants to be buried underneath the tree when he’s dead too… LOL.

3 thoughts on “Oukatan ~ Shikkoku no Hibi ~

    Criy said:
    May 7, 2019 at 08:06

    They did more or less confirm Kazuma was Ryuunosuke’s reincarnation during the 1st anni commemoration, but unfortunately, the short tracks are no longer on youtube since they were only up for a day or so.

    While the interactions between Hikaru and Kazuma themselves don’t happen in canon, the information they gave was telling.
    In one of them, Hikaru apologizes to Kazuma for the actions of his ancestor.
    And in another, he mentioned that Kazuma’s dearest wish from way back during the Meiji era has finally been granted.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 7, 2019 at 10:03

      Ohh! Apart from missing three cast talks for Ryousuke’s CD (and everyone else’s sweet vacation time) I’ve been saving all the other videos, so I have those anniversary tracks. I just never got around to listening to them, oops. I felt like there were too many hints and connections here for it NOT to be intentional, but it’s good to get confirmation! And now I can safely assume that Dusk wasn’t casting Mie Kanade just because they needed another seiyuu, but because they DID want him to have the same voice :’)) ow, my heart.

      Meanwhile… h-how does Hikaru know about his ancestor so much? LOL I remember him saying he dreamed of his ancestor (back in the sweet FD I believe?) but this is a whole other level.

      This gets pretty funny though because if Ryuunosuke’s wish to fall in love with the heroine again and have her fall in love with him… doesn’t that mean Kazuma’s wife is THE girl that Tamaki went after? In which case, if Tamaki swore HIS eternal love to her shouldn’t Touji be gunning after Kazuma’s wife— LOL. Unless her soul split into multiple girls to soothe all these cursed yanderes.

        Criy said:
        May 7, 2019 at 14:02

        Hikaru dreamt of of his grandfather, Touji’s dad since he mention that the person looked a lot like his dad.
        Those mini-tracks are like omake-style 4th wall breaks so I don’t think he knows much canonically (couldn’t recogize his own grandfather after all)

        Pretty sure Tamaki wasn’t reincarnated (and prob still sitting in hell) so it makes sense that Touji didn’t go after Kazuma’s wife. Though it is kinda strange to think that all the members of the main Saijou line are descendants of Kazuma’s wife’s previous incarnation.

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