Oukatan ~ Junpaku no Hibi ~

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Saijou Tamaki (西条 環)
CV: 三楽章

Ryuunosuke (龍之介)
CV: 三重奏

The Sakura Tale ~ Pure White Days ~

In the middle of a turbulent era, where people of all sorts were moving, there was a blind woman called “Her Ladyship” in a mansion in the mountains, isolated from the world.

Saijou Tamaki, who called himself her fiancé, visited her frequently and looked forward to their wedding date.

Depending on the heroine’s choice, her fate greatly diverges.
In the “Pure White Days”, the heroine becomes a happy bride,
In the “Jet Black Days”, the heroine learns of that which would have been better not to realize.

Is this love or obsession—
The beginning of an unbroken and continuous curse is depicted in these two stories.

Thank you to the anonymous commissioner for the second part!! So, like I mentioned in the other post, this Kankinkon volume is actually split into two sides: the white side and the black side. In my opinion, the black side is the true route and the white side is the “what if” one.

R18 content warning and despite being the “pure” side it still has dark themes and drug use. You can pick this up at the ENG DLsite or JP DLsite.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Incurable Disease ***

*shoji opens*

Tamaki: Hm? Oh, you’re already awake, I see. *comes over* How is your health? Today, I brought the castella you like. Ah, you don’t have to move. Being blind, you must feel fear when you move even the slightest bit. *heroine shakes head* To say you’ve grown accustomed… Ahah, you are as strong as always.

T: However, I will be troubled if you don’t moderate your tomboy inclinations. If you tripped again and hit your head and lost your memories, it would be a disaster. If you were to forget me again… I’d be in such sorrow I wouldn’t know what to do. A-ah, I apologize. I wasn’t trying to make you despondent. Only… I’m merely concerned. From a young age, you’ve been surprisingly active.

T: Even though you were born without being able to see, you could go anywhere with your walking stick. Hahah, you would like to hear about our past together? *heroine nods* I believe I explained when you woke one week ago… but even still? Haha, then here begins the love story of a certain young man.

T: The origin of everything was when my uncle, lying on his deathbed, said he would like to know the circumstances of his daughter who lived in the mountains. To be honest, at first, I thought an annoying task had been pushed onto me. My uncle neglected you when you were born blind and had you live in these mountains, so he didn’t make it apparent you were part of the family to anyone. It’s a horrible matter and, of course, I was not an exception.

T: Still, you were one of my female cousins, and so I knew you existed since I was young. I remember wondering what sort of woman you were and thought about the place you lived. To have no sight and to be shoved into these mountains to simply pass your days… I thought you would be quite a gloomy woman.


T: However… you were greatly different from my imagination. You said you were happy for someone other than a servant to visit, and you showed me around here and there in the garden. It was a place you were familiar with, but using a stick you skillfully walked around. Then, in the time we spent together in the garden, I completely became a prisoner of your smile. Far from giving in to your circumstances, you looked forward to the small changes of a day and the sight of you appreciating those made me think the intrinsic purity of a human was shown.

T: Furthermore, it is precisely because you can’t see that you probably noticed the inside of my heart. Hahah, you see, you said this: “Why do you hate the world that much?” It was as if cold water was dumped on me. I was dumbfounded. After all, since I was born, I never really expressed my inner thoughts. The reason? Hmm…

T: It is said in my house, the head of the Saijou family, that it is not elegant to reveal emotions. Moreover, by nature, I am unskilled at expressing my emotions. Because of these reasons, anyone and everyone looked only at my outward appearance.

T: It’s embarrassing to say this myself, but I’m called such things as a “frozen beauty” and a “devilish man”. Everyone and anyone who came close were just women aiming for my money or face. Thus, I felt like you were the first person to see inside of me and I was extremely overjoyed. If I was with you… I felt like I could love even this twisted world.

T: After that, I immediately proposed for an engagement. Our relatives opposed this, but after I persuaded them a little… they became sufficiently quiet. Since then, we became engaged and I’ve constantly looked forward to the marriage date, which is coming soon, but… unusually, you tripped and fell in the garden and hit your head… and lost consciousness.


T: *shaky voice* During the time you were asleep, do you know what I felt…!? If you were to disappear then my world would lose color again… If you wouldn’t wake from this then I wanted to die together. *heroine panics* Ahah, don’t worry, I don’t think that way now. If you, my beloved, are alive… that is enough…

T: Besides, if you were to forget… *leans in* I just needed to make you fall in love again. Therefore, I will whisper my love to you any number of times… I love you. I will definitely make you fall for me. *kisses*

T: … To be able to say these words again… I’m truly so glad. Every day, while I watched your sleeping face, I cursed my own worthlessness. Hahah, it’s natural. If I couldn’t even protect my one precious fiancée then I have no qualifications as a physician.

T: Ahah, is it strange for the young master of a noble family to have the qualifications of a physician? Actually… *leans in* there’s someone I wish to kill no matter what. It’s my father who has abused me since I was young. In order to make that person live like cattle, neither alive nor dead, it’s necessary to know the structure of the human body, no? It was also important to have pharmaceutical knowledge to make him suffer more. And so I thought to become a physician, combining hobbies with profits.


T: Hahahaha!! That was a lie. I’m clearly jesting. You really are easy to trick. *heroine smacks him* Heheh, I apologize. I’ll give you this top class castella, so please don’t be angry. Alright? Please. Hahah, I’m glad. Let’s eat together then. I’ll give you a sweeter mood than this castella. Come to think of it, about your wedding kimono… I’m going to call for the artisan here later, so could we take your size again? Eh? Because you’ve been eating so many sweets recently, you’ve become a bit round, haven’t you? Hahaha!! You’re right, it’s my fault for bringing get well gifts every time, but you— *fade out*

*nighttime; something heavy falls in the distance; heroine gets up and opens shoji*

T: Oh my? What are you doing in such a place? Me? I was working nearby and thought to see your sleeping face for a little while before returning home. And then… a stray dog snuck in. The menservants have brought it down already, but if their reaction had been slow then it would have become a disaster.

T: Hm? Ah, in exchange for not being able to see your nose is acute, isn’t it. Yes, you’re right, this is the smell of the stray dog’s blood. It’s nothing for you to be concerned about. Now, let us return to your bedroom. Forget about the stray.

[10:48] *they return to heroine’s room; shoji opens*

T: Now, sit here. I will bring you calming tea now. *goes to prepare it; comes back* Here you go. It’s lukewarm but take care in holding it. How is it? This is a special tea I had ordered for you. Hahah, I’m glad. There is more, so let me know if you wish to drink it.

T: *heroine drops cup* Ah! Are you alright!? Does it hurt anywhere!? Eh? Your body is hot…? I’m going… to touch your body a little, alright? Hmm… it doesn’t seem like you have a fever. As I thought, this is because of that.

T: … You see, from before, you’ve had a chronic disease. I was hesitant about dropping it on you all of a sudden and so I was going to watch over it slowly, but… now that it’s become this, I have no choice but to say it. Ahah, please do not worry. It is not a life-threatening disease.

T: However, to calm that ache… you must orgasm once. Ahah, I mean feeling extreme pleasure and then bursting with ecstasy. *holds heroine* Calm down. Don’t be afraid. I will ease your ache right now.


T: I’m going to touch… your precious place. Shhh… don’t make a fuss. The menservants will hear your adorable voice. If that happens… you’ll be embarrassed, no? Mm, good girl. *kisses; touches heroine*

T: Hrmm, you’re already this wet. I haven’t treated you lately, so the ache has become worse, hasn’t it. Like this… when I slowly rub it… it feels extremely good, does it not? Ah, don’t close your legs. Show me more clearly. If you don’t I can’t give you adequate treatment. Mm, that’s right, relax your muscles.

T: Hmm? Here? This spot is particularly… bad? Aah, it really is… When I rub it, your honey rapidly flows out. It’s quite a severe spot… but don’t worry. If I rub it like this then you’ll feel increasingly good. *kisses; still fingering heroine*

T: Hahah, the way you tremble with pleasure is so lovely. I find myself unconsciously wanting to kiss those lips. Hey… may I kiss you while treating you? Why are you shy? You and I are engaged. Moreover, I’ve always given you treatment like this.


T: Hehe, that’s right, this is the same as it’s always been. Therefore, you only need to entrust your body to me. *kisses; fingering heroine*

T: … Mm… your lips feel sweeter than any sugar. But I… know of an even sweeter place. For example… the tips of these breasts are smoother than any candy and the texture is pleasant. *kisses*

T: Nrgh… Mm? The ache has become stronger while I lick this place and tease your lower half? Don’t worry, if you feel even better and orgasm then that ache will be suppressed. Aah… but I cannot endure seeing you in pain. So that you orgasm quicker… I’ll touch you inside as well. Aah, like I thought, you’re tight inside. Even though you’re dripping wet, you’re clamping down so hard only one finger can enter.


T: Mm, it’s not scary, so relax your body more. Hahah, yes, that’s right. Well done. Nngh… ah, you’re burning inside. When I think about how I’ll be inside here one of these days… I cannot help but feel unendurable. Heheh, after all, to become a married couple… means doing that. My penis will enter this place and we’ll connect deeply. Ahah, don’t tremble so! I will leave our copulation to the bridal night. *kisses; still fingering heroine*

T: Haah… mm… Now, this time I will treat your other breast. *kisses*

T: Mm? Ahah… I see. So you like it when I lick you like this. I’ve been treating you for a long time, but I discovered something new. It seems like I will need to research on more treatment methods with this. For a test, may I… taste your secret place? Come now, be a good girl and don’t close your legs. Now, for the sake of treatment, accept my tongue. *gives oral*


T: Nngh… aah… it’s delicious. I’m sorry, even though you’re suffering, I am enjoying it this much… Aah, I’m in some pain now too. Haah… haa…

T: I have a request. While I’m tasting you, could you step on this? Hahah, don’t be concerned, it is just a heated sausage. I brought it here thinking it could distract you. Now, step on it and slide it against your foot as hard as you can. I will be… tasting you here. Nngh…

T: Aah… haah… haa… Good…! It feels so good…! Put more strength into your foot like that… Stroke this… haa… If you do that, you feel distracted, right? *giving oral*

T: Ungh…! Aah… haa… Ngh!? You feel like… the sausage has become harder? Haah… haa… that’s your imagination. Come on, press down harder and rub it… ngh…!

T: Aah, it looks like the treatment is about to be completed. This place of yours is twitching and convulsing. Nngh… this wet pearl… ah, is also swollen red. Mm? You feel tingly? Haah… heheh, that is a good sign. Here, it’s not scary, so thrust out the part that’s tingling.


T: So that my tongue… can reach deeper and deeper. Hagh… ngh…

T: Aah, you’re stepping down nicely. Keep at that… right against the shaft… ungh… Crush it… nrgh…! Haa… haah… mngh…

T: Now, don’t be scared, and entrust your body to the pleasure. Haah… ngh… ah…! Nngh…!

T: … Haah… haa… Aah, I apologize, it looks like fat flew out from the sausage. I’ll wipe it immediately, so stay still. Haah… how was it? Has the ache been subdued? *heroine nods* I see, I’m relieved then. If the symptoms of the disease appears in the future, I will treat you right away. Don’t be reserved. I am a physician and your fiancé, after all, so it is a matter of course. Now, you must be tired after an orgasm. You should go to sleep now for tonight. Good night, my fiancée. *kisses; he leaves*

*** TRACK 2: New Treatment ***

*footsteps; Tamaki is outside the shoji*

T: It’s me. May I enter? *opens shoji; comes over* How is your condition this evening? Eh? You’ve started to ache a little again? That won’t do. I’ve brought some calming tea today as well, so you should drink this. Here, it is the same as yesterday and I made it lukewarm, but take care in holding it.

T: Is it delicious? I made it stronger today than it was yesterday. I’m certain with this your symptoms will also— *heroine spills cup* Ah! Hold yourself together! It can’t be… the symptoms have worsened again? How strange… it looks like the tea just now has had no effect at all. Hmm… this is troubling. In order to suppress the ache of your disease I must give you that treatment again, but… you don’t like that, right?

T: Hahah, I see, it’s fine then? I understand. In that case, my heart hurts but I will begin the treatment for you. Now, why don’t you lie down on that futon there.

T: Well then… for the sake of treatment, I will be stripping you. Alright? *heroine nods; he removes her clothes* Heheh, my fiancée is truly stunning. Aah, it is no lie; you are extremely beautiful. Your beauty inside shows through. That is why… I cannot help but kiss you like this. *kisses* Mm…


T: Now then, it seems like yesterday’s treatment wasn’t very effective, so let us try a special treatment method today. First, get on your hands and knees and could I get you to face your bottom this way? Ahah, it may be embarrassing but this is treatment so nothing can be done. Hey… I’m requesting this. I want to save you. *heroine obeys*

T: Aah, it really is terrible down here. It’s twitching and, even though I haven’t touched it, honey is dripping down, isn’t it? Heheh, that tea is quite effec— no, I can see it was not effective. This needs to be licked urgently. *gives oral* Nrgh…

T: Haah… haa… oh no, it’s rapidly overflowing. I have no choice but to lick it up from inside. Hrgh…

T: Heheh, does my treatment feel that pleasurable? Your voice is sweeter than it was yesterday. Aah, it isn’t anything to be ashamed of, so you don’t need to be shy. *gets up* That way I can test the new treatment method. *kisses ear* Now, close your legs. I’ve brought a warmed sausage again. Today, I’ll rub it against your precious place.


T: Nngh… Huh? You feel like the sausage is trembling? Hahah… the one that’s shaking is you. Ungh… you’re so miserable looking I will rub this against you right away and cure you. Nngh… haah… haa…

T: Are you alright? It doesn’t hurt? Hagh… haa… I see, I’m glad. In that case, it should be alright to speed up, right? Haagh… ungh…

T: Mm? Hahah, you don’t have to mind me. My breathing is ragged because I haven’t exercised in a while. Haah… haa… that is why… ngh… my breathing has risen just from moving the sausage. Ahah… more importantly, please focus on your own pleasure. If you cannot then I will… play with the tips of your breasts again.

T: Heheh, it feels good when this place and your breasts are stimulated, right? When I do this to titled ladies, they orgasm immediately. Eh? Why are you sulking all of a sudden? Did I say something I shouldn’t have?

T: Hahah, I see. You’re curious about whether or not I’ve embraced other titled ladies. Aah, why are you such an adorable person. I apologize for not being able to leave my first experience for you. However, the first person I have fallen in love with… is you. Nngh… so, please, I beg of you to forgive me. *kisses*


T: Haah… may I resume the treatment for your lower half now? Ahah, thank you. I wasn’t able to hold back soon either. Aah, no, I only mean I cannot help but wish to cure you. Now then, I am going to rub against you slightly harder. Ungh…!

T: Aah, so cute. Haah… haa… you’re moving your hips so greedily… aah… It makes me want to put it in.

T: … Ngh! Hagh… don’t worry, I won’t break your maidenhood. It’s only a little… for the tip to just stroke your entrance. Haah… haa… ahah… ngh… It’s clinging to this very hard; a movement that desires a man’s penis. It looks like you’re even worse inside than expected. Haa… but, I’m sorry, right now I can’t treat you deep inside yet. After our ceremony… haah… haa… I’ll stroke you deep inside with my length.

T: Nngh… right now, with this sausage… hahah… you may orgasm. Haah… haa… ngh…! Heheh, you’re about to climax already? That is a good trend. Feel a lot of pleasure and get better soon… *kisses*


T: Nngh, ah…! Good… Here, I’ll rub this, so climax. Haah… haa…! Nngh…!!

T: … Hagh… hah… Hehe, your entrance clamped down so hard that the sausage broke again and its juice leaked out. This place of yours… heheh, is completely sticky as if someone released inside of you. Hmm… now then, it must feel awful so let us go to the bathroom together. I will wash you all over. *kisses; carries heroine*

T: Eh? Why are you apologizing? Ahahah, you aren’t heavy. Rather, you are as light as a flower… to an extent where it makes me concerned. Moreover, it may be unscrupulous but I am happy to carry you like this. If you could see with your eyes… you would be able to run away to anywhere… To a far away place… where my hands couldn’t reach.

T: Ah! Haha, I see, you’re saying you won’t leave my side. Thank you… I too will never leave your side. *continues walking*

*** TRACK 3: The Happy Bride ***

*nighttime; bushes rustle; heroine opens shoji*

Ryuunosuke: Ah, thank god. You’re safe! It’s me, Ryuunosuke! *hugs heroine* It’s really you… Do you know how worried I was in these ten days!? Come on, let’s go. I’ve prepared a horse outside.

R: … What’s wrong? Why do you look so scared? Ah… I know. You’re worried about whether that man will come or not, right? In that case, don’t worry. After confirming that man left this mansion I— GUGH!! *gets slashed and collapses*

T: Oh my, just when I had an awful premonition. A filthy rat appears to have slipped in.

R: Urgh… you…!!

T: *to heroine; worried* Are you safe!? You haven’t been harmed somewhere by this bandit, have you!? *heroine shakes head* Haah… I see, I’m so glad.

R: *gurgling* Haa… haa… the dirty one… is YOU BASTARD! Her purity is being toyed around by y— GUAGH!! *gets stabbed*

T: It is foolish and the height of impropriety for a bandit to speak to us nobles. *to heroine; soft voice* There is no need to worry, I will dispose of him immediately. *stabs Ryuunosuke*

R: ARGH!! Guagh… haa… hagh… You beast… Saijou Tamaki!! I curse you and all your descendants…!! I curse you to death!!

T: *shaky voice* Ah! Aah, how terrifying! Not just his appearance but even the words out of his mouth are horrifying! Aah, I feel like my heart is going to stop.

R: DON’T GET TRICKED! Haagh… haa… this man…!! He’s smiling right now…!! He’s not the gentle man you think he— GUARGH!! *gets stabbed*


T: How sad. Even though he is a bandit, for me to have to raise my hand like this… it makes me tear up.

R: Gugh… haah… haa… I’m sorry… I wasn’t able to protect you… I’m so sorry…

T: … Ggh… *retches off to the side*… Hah… haa… I’m sorry, although he was a bandit, when I think about how I killed someone with these hands… My gorge rises even now. Hahah, it’s strange, isn’t it. Earlier, I could only think about needing to protect you. Haah… and I didn’t even feel nauseous.

T: Ah! No, if you embrace me right now your body will be dirtied. Therefore, could you wait for a short while? I will get rid of this filth and return back to you. I will order the menservants to take you back to your room, so wait for me there.

T: Oi, take her to a different room. Yes, I am entrusting it to you. *to heroine* Well then, until later.

[04:34] *scene skip; Tamaki is outside the shoji*

T: It’s me. May I come in? *shoji opens; he comes over* I apologize for putting you through a terrifying experience earlier. *heroine shakes head* Ahah, you would worry over me even at a time like this? I’m happy, but… I also feel conflicted.

T: I exposed you, my fiancée, to danger. I dropped my guard, thinking the security around the mansion was perfect. Grgh… you shouldn’t be kind to someone like me! *heroine hugs him* Aah…

T: … You truly are gentle. Even though you yourself must have been scared, you’re embracing me like this… But I am alright now. This time it is my turn to comfort you. *kisses*

T: Ngh… I want… I want to feel you more. That you are alive and in my arms… please reassure me of that. *kisses*

T: Haah… haa… it’s no good… I can’t restrain myself any longer. Nrgh! *pushes heroine down* When I think about how you were almost kidnapped by that bandit, my heart feels like it’ll be crushed by uneasiness and terror! Even though I’m embracing you like this, I can’t feel at ease at all.


T: … So, please, I intended to leave it until the ceremony, but… I want… you to let me make love to you. I swear I will love only you for as long as I live. *heroine nods* Ah…! Truly!? You are really agreeing to this, right? *heroine nods* Aah… how I have been blessed with good fortune! There is no doubt I can proclaim that I am the world’s happiest man right now! *kisses* Thank you. If you say you will offer your purity to me… then I will offer you this soul of mine. *kisses*

T: Nngh… haah… ah, your skin visibly glimmers even in the dim light. It is so untouched by impurities that I almost feel uneasy. I want to leave marks of how you’re mine across your entire body. *kisses*

T: Hagh… haa… Heheh, what’s wrong? Has your disease worsened again? I see… deep inside your stomach… it aches, right? Ah, I know. That which you seek is the pleasure in this jar of honey. *giving oral and fingering heroine* Ah, amazing, it looks especially severe today. I only put my finger in, but it’s this hot and wet. I’m going to touch you inside.


T: You drank medicine in the afternoon, yet it looks like it wasn’t effective at all. Heheh, how troubling. *kisses* I will need to give you even more stimulation or I won’t be able to treat you. Ah, that’s no good, if you beg me with such a slack face… Nngh… I really won’t be able to hold back. It’s your first time, so I will gently— mmph! *heroine pulls him into a kiss*

T: Mmgh… ah… Hahah, you’re now a complete prisoner of the drug. Even though you’re a maiden, you’re this disheveled… What a naughty girl. Ah, it’s nothing. You just need to concentrate on the pleasure. Heheh, how is it? Two fingers are already inside you, but… does it hurt? *heroine shakes head*

T: Mhm, I know. It’s painful inside your stomach, right? What you want… try saying it. I will grant all of your wishes. Aah, I understand. As you wish… I’ll drive you mad from deep inside. Nngh…! *inserts himself*

T: Hahahah… aah… it’s irresistible. At last… I’m able to enter inside of you. *kisses* You’re doing your best, aren’t you. Good girl… *kisses*


T: Now, now, we can’t move yet. It’s your first time, and so we’ll stay still for a while… Until you grow accustomed to my shape inside you… we need to take more time. *kisses*

T: … Ngh! Aah… are you alright? Is it that painful that you’re crying? Ah… heheh, it aches so much deep inside that you’re crying. Alright then, until you’re satisfied I will… thrust into you as many times as you want! Nngh! Aagh… haa… like… this? It doesn’t… hurt if I slam in… this hard? Haa… haah…

T: Hahaha, more? If you say more then… this… much? Nngh…! Aah…! To drool this much… what a waste. The things that flow out of you… all of it is mine. Mmgh… *kisses; thrusting*

T: Haah… ungh…! Ngh…! This is… really bad. It looks really… severe deep inside… Haagh… haa.. if I don’t pour my seed in right away, it might get even worse…! Nngh… haa…

T: What do you want me to do? I’m fine… either way… ngh…! You choose… haah… haa…! Ungh…!

T: Mngh…! Hey… if you just moan I won’t understand. Haa… hah… where and what do you want poured into you? Say it. Come on, haah, come on…! Aagh…!

T: Hehehe, I understand! I will grant your wish! Nngh…! So that you’re certain to conceive, this deep spot… ngh… I’ll release lots… of my seed while stroking it… ungh! Aah… haa…


T: Good…! I’m also… going to come… Nngh…! You too… together…! *kisses; thrusting*

T: Mmgh…! Ngh…! *he orgasms* Haa… haah… Heheh, amazing, I came a lot. Today is a day when it’s easy to conceive, so… we may have to watch you attentively. Ahah, are you happy? I see, I am also happy. Let’s make a lot of children.

T: Hm? Is there something you’re still worried about? Aah, in that case there is no need for concern. Your disease becomes better after giving birth to one child. It’s true… Heheheh, after all, I’ve decreased the amount of the drug. Hm? Oh no, you don’t have to return to awareness yet. I will make you even more messy and slacken your mind with pleasure. *kisses* Haa… I love you. For eternity… remain in this happy dream.

[20:20] *scene skip; Tamaki and heroine walking through grass*

T: Here, this way. Be sure not to ever drop my hand.

T: How is it? It is a larger garden than the one at the mansion you were at. Apparently, my feeble grandfather tires from just one circuit of this garden. Depending on the season, various flowers bloom and it’s been praised as Amitabha’s Pure Land. Heheh, did you notice? Yes, this is a sakura tree.

T: It happens to be the time of full bloom so it has a wonderful smell, doesn’t it? You see, about this tree, it’s a special sakura that was conferred by the shogun at the time. Every year, when it becomes spring, it blooms splendidly with flowers. Aah, but… this year it is especially wondrous. I wonder if it is because you and your beauty came to this mansion. It looks like it’s dyed red with shyness.

T: Hahah, it’s true. Do you think I’m lying? Then I will tell you the special truth. *leans in* In actuality, the other day, underneath this tree… a certain thing is buried. And so, the tree might have drained its blood and became red. Hahahah! I’m jesting. That is impossible, right? Ah… this is a lie as well.

T: … I love you. My one and only princess. I could do anything in order to get close to you. I swear to this sakura tree that I will offer you an endless love… that will be spoken about even a hundred years in the future. *kisses*

Note1: I can never stop laughing whenever he brings up that damn “sausage”. HOW INNOCENT IS THE HEROINE JUST BECAUSE SHE’S BLIND!? But then again, they’re rural farmers and I doubt her childhood friends would give her education on that… LOL.

Note2: Anyway, as you can see, it definitely looks like the Black version is the truth because of the dual curses and more explanation of everything going down. I listened to the Black side first and I still believe it’s better to do Black and then White in that order, because Tamaki is so shady you might as well know the truth before jumping into a semi-happy dream.

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      Ilinox responded:
      May 8, 2019 at 15:17

      If the black side didn’t convince you that Touji was a literal copy of Tamaki then this one would LOL I’m never gonna get over how hard he tries to trick her. “Oh, my breathing is rough because I don’t exercise much, teehee.”

        Yueren said:
        October 13, 2020 at 17:17

        I was today years old when I realized that the man whose been ear-raping me is named Tamaki

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