Hyouhen Kareshi ~ Bartender ga Nawa wo Hodoitekuremasen ~

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Yamada Satoru (山田 サトル)
CV: 柊三太

About-Face Boyfriends ~ The Bartender Won’t Untie the Rope ~

He was the bartender of your favorite bar.

Popular among female customers with his gentle demeanor and sweet mask, he listened to your work troubles as one of his regulars and showed concern for you one way or another.

However, his real nature was that of an extreme sadist. He was disinterested in consensual sex and his relationships were limited to only one night. Even the person himself was aware of his brutish and arrogant personality.

Deciding that his target this time was you, he mixed drugs into your alcohol and brought you to be confined in his home.

From shaving pubic hair to the latest craze in piercings, after he mercilessly assaulted you he took pictures of you with his camera…

Thank you to the anonymous commissioner!! Every time I see this PIL-VAMP series I get so upset because it has gorgeous art and A+ seiyuu, but their contents are so extreme I’m always like “Please… I can’t follow you guys down this dark path” LOL. But, well, Immorality Prison did level me up with Yamanaka so maybe… I am going to grow accustomed… (is this a good or bad thing?).

EXCEPT JOKES ON ME NOW THAT I FINISHED TRANSLATING THIS. I… think I need to check out their other works because their samples tricked me into thinking it was just extreme PWP and I mean it still is? But I’m shook with that character development and the subtle changes in this one. WOW.

R18 content warning and this guy is an extreme sadist, genitalia piercings, humiliation, blackmail, etc etc. On JP DLsite.

Here we go!

*** TRACK 1: Smile of Sugar “If you are fine with me, I can listen to you.” ***

Narrator: About-Face Boyfriends: The Bartender Won’t Untie the Rope.

*footsteps; heroine opens door to bar*

Satoru: Ah, welcome.

*heroine takes a seat at counter*

S: That you dropped in at this time means… Haha, as I thought, it was overtime at work? You work hard every day. If I recall correctly, you worked on the weekend last week too, didn’t you? I worry over whether you’re working too hard and destroying your health.

S: Ah, only your body is healthy…? Hahah, touché. If you say that with a full smile then I can only reply “Oh, I see”, right? Allow me to at least worry over one of my regulars, haha.

S: Oh, yes, certainly! A gimlet, right? Please wait just a moment. *starts preparing it* Although your body is alright, is your mind tired? Hahah, you’re not allowed to dodge the question. Didn’t you sigh just now? I heard it clearly. Is it possibly the new project you spoke about yesterday? I remember you seemed a bit despondent over it.

[01:58] *comes back with drink*

S: Thank you for waiting. Here’s your gimlet.

S: Oh, I see. You quarreled with one of the bosses you said before that you didn’t get along with… That must have been terrible. I might not be able to give helpful advice but, if you are fine with me, I can listen to you. I would be happy if I could help you release the gloom you’ve shut up in your heart, even just a little.

S: Mm… ah… Hmm… Opinions are difficult things, aren’t they, since both of you think of yourselves as being right. People believe most in their own rightness. I believe this matter is just that. I’m certain the two of you will compromise more and understand each other. Yes, that’s right.

S: Besides, you said you didn’t get along with that boss, but I don’t think that’s the case. Both of you work too hard and so you’ve lost flexibility and seem to have just become stubborn… Ahahah, ah, I apologize for laughing. It feels like this is the first time I’ve seen you this troubled, so it slipped out.

S: I’m sorry, but… mm, that’s right, this is what I think. That you work a little too hard. I think it is alright for you to release the tension in your shoulders more. Even when you come to this bar, and you look a little drunk, you’re able to return home with your back straight. If you continue to always put on a bold front like that, and stand as if you won’t bend to anything, you’ll exhaust yourself, right?


S: … Or something like that. Sorry, I don’t even know you that well. These are just the thoughts of a man who has always watched you when you come to this bar. Please forgive me.

S: Yes, that’s how I see you. Have I made you uncomfortable? *heroine shakes head* Ah, I see. That’s a relief.

*door opens; more customers arrive*

S: Oh… welcome! Five people, right? In that case, please go ahead to that box seat there. *whispers to heroine* I apologize, but customers have arrived and so the continuation of our conversation will have to be afterward. Eh? You’re going home already? You only drank one glass…

S: Ah, I see. You have a business discussion early next morning. You can’t stay long then. I understand. Oh no, I apologize for not being able to give you any helpful advice for your matter. Hahah, thank you. Good luck with your work tomorrow as well. Thank you for your patronage.

*heroine leaves*

*** TRACK 2: Big Bad Wolf “Was the alcohol too strong?” ***

*Satoru is preparing a drink*

S: Here’s a cosmopolitan. Yes, it’s been a while. Let’s see… around two weeks, I believe? It seems like your work has been busy.

S: Ah, for you to apologize… Please come whenever you please. It’s not your obligation to come, so… Haha, you seem to be somewhat in a good mood today. Of course I can tell. When you were at this bar two weeks ago, the ends of your eyebrows were pulled down. Today they’re… how should I say this… they’re filled with energy.

S: Eh? Because of me? Aah, the advice I gave a few days ago. Going by your appearance… could it be…? Aah… I see! I’m glad! It’s a profound feeling when I think about how I was even a little helpful. I’m sure your project will go well! You’re not just strong, but also flexible and a lady who adapts herself to the situation.

S: Hahah, then why don’t we hold a celebration and encouragement party today? It’ll be on the house. Please order your favorite cocktail. Let me give something to the celebration of my valuable and precious regular. Ahah, yes, take me up on my offer. It’s a celebration, so I will drink one glass as well. *starts preparing drink*


S: … Please go ahead. Once again, congratulations. And good luck in the future as well. Cheers. *they toast; he drinks*

S: Is it delicious? I’m glad. The alcohol is a bit strong, so try not to drink too much, alright? *leans in* Because if you’re carried home by a big bad wolf, it’ll be a disaster. Heh, there’s no such thing…? No, I wonder about that.

S: You know about Red Riding Hood, right? That’s right, it’s the story where a girl went to her sick grandmother’s house with get well gifts and was eaten by a wolf. I’m sure Red Riding Hood didn’t know a wolf would be in her grandmother’s house. *leans in* But… there was one. In other words, negligence is one’s greatest enemy. Hahah!

S: Yes, fortunately. Today is the weekend and so there are many customers. Ah, indeed, the number of female customers has increased lately. The bar was printed in a fashion magazine that released several days ago, so it must be because of that. *starts making another drink; girls swoon in the BGM*


S: Ah, no, it’s unthinkable for me to be popular. Ahem, I’m sure it’s just a trend or something. There are plenty of wonderful stores, so… *sets down drink; girls swoon again*

S: Hahah, there’s no one who’s trying to land someone like me. Even if you flatter me, you won’t get anything. Eh? You feel complicated? Why— *door opens; customers arrive* Ah… I apologize, but customers with a reservation have arrived. The continuation of our conversation will have to be later. You have the day off tomorrow, right? I wonder if you can stay a little late today… just kidding. *he goes to greet customers*

S: Welcome! Please go ahead to those seats there.

*scene skip; Satoru uses a lighter for a smoke*

S: … Hm… *leans in* You’re… sleeping quite deeply, aren’t you? Dear customer… it’s about time to close the shop. Please wake up. The last train is going to be gone. *cruel amused voice* Heheh, what are you going to do? Was the alcohol too strong? How strange… it was the same amount as always… Aah, or was it… because of that? Heheheh.

*** TRACK 3: Dungeon of Despair “I’m shaving your pussy hair.” ***

*shaving noises; Satoru is humming*

S: Hm hm hmm hm hm hm hmm… heheh! Hmm hmm hmm… *heroine moves; rope sounds* Oh! Ah, you’re up? Morning. Did you sleep well? You really sleep a lot… with a defenseless face like a kid. *heroine struggles* Hahah! Nope, useless, since you’re tied up. Although looks like you haven’t realized that.

S: Turtle shell bondage. Incidentally, I also tied your legs so that they’re spread wide apart. Well? Artistic, right? Oh wait, you can’t see it yourself, hahah! Woah, don’t move. You’ll get hurt…

S: You can tell what I’m doing right now, right? Yep, shaving. I’m shaving your pussy hair. Actually, there’s just the finishing touches left. Yeah, like that, good girl. *continues shaving* You don’t want to be cut, right? It’ll be over immediately if you’re obedient.

S: Hygienic… is what this’ll make you. Let’s see… Ah, that’s right, you’re full of questions, aren’t you? You were brought to an unknown place, next thing you realized you’re naked, and you’re bound with your legs spread wide apart, so there’s no way you aren’t surprised. Even for someone like you. On top of that, at some point in time, your pubic hair was shaved. You can only be dumbfounded, huh.

S: Hahah! Yes, yes, I wanted to see that look. *still shaving* Oh, mm, looks like it’s pretty clean now… and what a cute mound. Pale and squishy… like a marshmallow.


S: When I pinch both labia… the hooded clitoris comes out. Heheh, what a modest pussy. Now then, if you’re a good girl and you stay quiet, I’ll answer your questions. What do you want to know? Heh, a conventional question. But when you ask “why did you do this”, which one are you referring to? Bringing you here? Or shaving you?

S: Hahah! You’re red again. You’re really irresistible when you have that look. Anyway, back to the answer to your question, right? The one who brought you here was me, and this place is my house. To be precise, it’s a place that should have been the wine cellar.

S: Yep, correct, it’s a basement. *leans in* You understand what I mean, right? Your voice won’t reach the surface… whether you cry or scream. Heheheh, that’s good, that full look of despair on your face. It’s the best. *finishes shaving*

S: … Alright, it’s clean. I’ll be able to see it clearly with this… how my cock goes in and out of your pussy. *heroine struggles* Oh no, I told you not to struggle. I’m shocked that you still have the energy to try and run. But, you see, there’s no way you can unravel the ropes with that strength. *gets on heroine*

S: As always, you dropped into your favorite bar while going home from work and ordered your usual cocktail. You agreed to me treating you because it was a celebration and encouragement and drank just a little bit of the alcohol. You shouldn’t have become drunk from that. Your day should have ended uneventfully…

S: I told you, didn’t I? That a wolf was around. Heheh, the wolf is cunning… to the point where it can make a hunter look foolish. I said negligence is one’s greatest enemy, right? You were served a drug and brought home. Heheh, it’s too late now though.


S: Hey now, I told you not to struggle, hahah. Woah there, haha, you unmanageable girl. Come on, be quiet. Fun times are going to happen from here, so… Open your mouth. If you won’t open it then I’ll just wrench it open. *kisses*

S: Nrgh! Ow…! Hey, hey, I’m bleeding now, aren’t I? It’s been a while since I’ve been resisted and bitten. Jeez, I have to bow my head to that tough heart. You’re bound with your legs wide apart and your pubic hair is shaved squeaky clean like a kid, yet you still have the strength to resist. Hahah! But, well, that definitely fires me up more.

S: Grgh! *rope sounds* Come on, be obedient. Hm? When…? Ah, I ended up wanting to do it, so give up. Even if you wait around heroically, the morning won’t arrive in this room… *leans in* until I decide to let you go.

S: Heh… ooh, ah, these are some bouncy breasts. They look damn sexy squashed between two ropes. They’re also surprisingly big. You were hiding these under your posh suits? Hahah! Ngh… huh? Heheh, what’s wrong? Are you feeling good from them being rubbed hard? Your face is red, masochist.

S: Hah? Don’t lie. You’re getting turned on with them being squeezed hard, right? Isn’t your breathing rough? And your nipples are this erect…! You clearly like it rough, so I won’t accept you trying to lie about that.


S: Ehehehe, nice, that look as you try to hold back your voice. It’s out of this world. I get the urge to make you moan, no matter what I have to do. Like doing shameful things until you want to sob with self-hatred. Do your best to hold on… while I make your hips tremble.

S: I should check out the bottom soon. I’m going to see whether or not your pussy is dripping and sticky. *touches heroine* Oh! Wow… ah, this is nice, it’s sopping wet. Hah… your breasts are sensitive, huh. I just squeezed your tips a little and now your thighs are sticky. Or is your pussy the type to get wet immediately? Hahah! Well, it doesn’t matter either way.

S: Heh, come on, make some noise. Say that your pussy feels good. Ngh… Che, you’re still holding back? In that case, I guess I’ll make it so that you can’t help but make noise. If I yank on these two nipples… I wonder what’ll happen? Ngh!

S: Heheh. Aah, that’s a nice expression. Heh, I’m glad you seem to enjoy it. I’ll do it one more time then. This time harder… to where it feels like it’ll be twisted off. Ngh!


S: Ah, come on, show me your face. Hahah, I’m astounded. Isn’t it slack with pleasure? I see, I see, it felt that good, huh? Hahah! You’re a cute one, seriously. Your face and your nipples are bright red like ripe strawberries.

S: I’m wrong? Oh, you’re saying you don’t feel anything when your nipples are yanked. Then… how about I bite them this time? I’ll catch it between my canines… hard enough to tear it up. *heroine struggles* Too late. It’s your fault for lying. *bites down*

S: Hahah, don’t flail around so much. You’re naughty for telling the lie that you don’t feel any pleasure, which can be exposed right away. Nrgh… take a look at this sopping wet pussy. Heh…

S: If this isn’t you being aroused, then what would you call it? Nngh… ngh… *fingering heroine* Heheh, you’re dripping like it’s strawberry jam. Haah… haa… oh shit, this place looks so good. I want to hurry up and put my cock inside, hahah!


S: My hand is sticky with your juices. Haa… hah… I’m going to put it in now. Come on, lie face-down. *flips heroine; pulls down zipper* Raise your ass. Haah… it’s about time for me to preoccupy your vagina. Nngh… here! Ungh! Haah… haa… *thrusting*

S: … That place where children come out from is fitted with the cock of a brutish beast! Gngh…! You were drugged… heh… tied up like a sexual deviant… abducted and confined… How’s the cock of the man who did all that!? Haah… hah… *thrusting; kisses*

S: Is it really okay? For me to release inside like this… for you to get pregnant with a monster’s child… Ggh… hah… haa…

S: Hahah… ngh…! Cry and scream… with pleasure and pain…!

S: Ngh, get up. Don’t get comfortable. Place both shoulders against the bed. I’ll support your body. Ngh…! Haah… haa…!

S: Haha, it’s burning hot. Nngh… bodily fluids are flowing out every time I thrust in… ungh…! Haa… haah… your folds, sucking off my cock, are really folded up. I can almost see inside. Nngh… haah… haa…!


S: You’re really obscene… it makes me want to fuck you up! *spanks heroine* Nngh…! Haah… haa… take this! Nngh…! Oh! Aren’t you squeezing too hard? You’re gonna snap me in half… Ah, but… ngh… it’s so fucking good. Clench down on me again. Come on! *spanks heroine* Ungh…!

S: Hahah… ngh… Haah… haa… be sure to take it in. Nngh… gngh… I’m coming…! Suck it all up… without leaving a single drop! Nngh… agh…! *he orgasms*

S: Haah… haa… heheh… Hey, I told you to be sure to tighten up your vagina. Don’t spill a single drop. Yes, that’s right, drink it all up.

S: I’m going to stir it around inside with my cock that’s still hard. The walls… deep inside… so that you get real familiar with it. Nngh…

S: Heheh, does it feel good? Hahah… Hm? You look like a puppy, hehe.

S: … It’s boring to just assault you, right? You’re my regular after all, so I’ll give you a present. *gets up and walks off* Oh! Here it is, here it is. *returns to bed* Sorry to keep you waiting. Can you tell what this is?


S: Body piercing tools. Pretty, right? I thought I’d use these on your nipples next. *heroine struggles* Ahah, don’t be like that. My surgical technique is on the level of a studio, if I do say so myself. I’ll make it so that it won’t hurt. Everything is an experience, right? For an adult.

S: Let’s have you face up again then. *turns heroine over* Now, I’ll have to pull your nipples out a bit more… Hey, hey, are you getting aroused? Your nipples really have no integrity. They’re regrettably sensitive, but then again… if I pierce this place… won’t you squirt from the sensation of the needle passing through? Hahahah!

S: Relax your body. It’ll sting juuust a little…

S: See, it passed through! It didn’t hurt as much as you thought, right? Now then, this side too. Ngh… let’s see…

S: Heh, good, it’s completed. There’s silver right in your bright red nipples… it fits really well. Oh, hahah! Your pussy is twitching just from me flicking the piercing with a finger. What’s wrong? Your reaction is dull. Hahah, you look like you’ve used up all your energy and willpower. In that case, we’ll just do this next.

S: *gets up; fiddles with phone* Okay, say cheese. *takes picture* Done with the threatening photo. Heheheh! Come tomorrow too. Those piercings need care and I want to play with your pussy again. *leans in* If you don’t come, I’ll distribute the photo I took just now through your company.

S: You spoke a lot about your company at the bar. Thanks to that, I know where you work. In the future, wouldn’t it be better for you to have more of a sense of danger? Don’t look so sad, since I’ll be making you feel good. Ah, don’t remove those piercings. If you remove them a punishment will be waiting for you. Aah… I look forward to tomorrow, really. Hahahah!

*** TRACK 4: Threatening Photograph “Hurry up and come in. We’re wasting time, aren’t we?” ***

*heroine presses doorbell; door opens*

S: Heh, you really did come. Good girl, good girl. Ahah, hurry up and come in. We’re wasting time, aren’t we?

*heroine enters; door closes and locks; he grabs her*

S: By the way, you honestly came to my house like an idiot. You were raped, your nipples were pierced… and that photo was taken. Heheh, ah… could it be that you’re happy for these things to be done by me? *licks* In that case, you’re an extreme masochistic woman. *heroine struggles; he licks her again* It’s too late to resist. Anyway, you’re dripping wet again, aren’t you?

S: I’ll examine your pussy here so stick out your hips. *heroine struggles and slaps him* Ggh!

S: … Ow. What the hell? Are you angry because I’ve hit the mark? But violence isn’t good… you know?

S: Huh?… You liked me? You did? Towards me?… Hah… the bartender version of me that you like… is a fake. *yanks heroine into him* This is my real nature. Hm? Aah, like I thought, you’re already wet. Hahah, with this foreplay isn’t needed, right? Heheheh.

*** TRACK 5: Clitoris Piercing “Even if you look scared now, it’s too late.” ***

*right in the middle of the horizontal tango*

S: Ngh… haah… haa…! Such a nice noise. You can hear it, right? Hagh… the tinkling of the piercings every time I thrust into you. Ngh… it’s like the bell of a cat’s collar. Hah… so cute. *thrusting; kisses*

S: I’ll give you props for not removing them like I said. Haah… haa… as a reward, I’ll rub your clitoris too. Here, it feels good, right? Ngh… haah… Hahah! You just squirted your juices all of a sudden! Haah… ngh…! Did it feel that good? Thrusting deep into your pussy… while playing with your clit…? Hagh… haa…!

S: We’ve done this many times already, yet it’s still tight… this place of yours. I might not be able to part with it anymore… hahah! Ngh…! Haah… haa… Mm? Ahah, don’t get exhausted now. How about I wake you up?

S: Your beloved clit… I’ll pinch it hard enough to crush it. Ngh! Hahahah! Hah, it looks like you’re wide awake now. If it worked then… ngh… haah… haa…!

S: Just like that, be sure to feel through every part of your body… how the large and burning hot cock is going in and out of your pussy. Haah… ungh…


S: Hahah, what’s with those eyes? You’re really strong of heart. Heh, you don’t like me anymore, right? I know, I know. It’s only natural. Ngh…! Haah… haa… then how about we do something different from usual today? Heheheh!

S: Ah… haah… haa… your neck is slender. If I put a little pressure on it… it feels like it’ll snap. Heh… will I kill you? No way. I wouldn’t be able to have fun like that. Hagh… I’m just going to lightly… squeeze it. Nrgh… *strangles heroine; thrusting*

S: Ungh… ah… fuck… you’re going to break me. Nngh…! Aah… when I squeeze your throat your pussy really clamps down. It’s the best, ahah! Come on, listen properly to my voice. Ngh…! Move your hips more. Can you hear me? Don’t go unconscious yet. Haah… if you feel like you’re going to lose consciousness raise your right hand. Nngh… haah… hagh…!

S: How is it? Having your throat squeezed and your awareness hazy? Haa… it feels so good you could die, right? Ngh… it feels amazing being thrust into deeply while you’re convulsing, right? Haah… haa…

S: Hey… don’t you feel like begging me for mercy soon? Haah… ngh… “I don’t want to hurt this much. Please let me off”… Hey, don’t you want to plead? Hey! Nrgh… haah…

S: Ah! Woah… you… “Hurry up and end this”…? Heh… I see… Fine!

[05:08] *Satoru pulls out; stomps over to a drawer; rummages around tools; returns to bed*

S: You’re asking what I’m doing? Doing a piercing… your second one. Come on, spread your legs. “Where”? Your clitoris… Hah, what, I’m being generous enough to do this to your favorite place. Well, struggle as much as you like. I’m used to it, heheh.

S: Huh? Even if you look scared now, it’s too late. Hmm… let’s peel back the hood… Oh! It’s like a ruby. If you move your body too much, I’ll stab you in a different part of your body. Aah, that look is so good. Scared? You must be scared. But I’m not going to stop.

S: It’s because you kept on enduring, come hell or high water… and because you handle everything to the bitter end… that you’re at fault. Even though all sorts of things were done to you, you’re wrong in not crying and being dignified. Ngh!

S: Haha, does it hurt? You’re drooling though. Even sticking out your tongue… you’re like a dog. Oh, it’s in. Heheh… huh?

S: Ah! HEY!! Bitch, breathe!! What’re you doing!? Hey, hey, hey… are you serious!? Your face is purple… is this cyanosis? Shit! Hey, breathe! HEY!! If anything further was going to be too much then say so clearly!! Don’t die, idiot! Hey…!! I’m begging you, breathe!!


S: You seriously hang on way too much!! Fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUCK…!! That’s enough…! *gives heroine CPR* Shit… where the hell would there be someone who endured until they got cyanosis? There’s no such woman, apart from you. Kgh…! Don’t die!! *gives mouth to mouth*

S: Ah! *heroine stirs* Haah… I’m so glad… B-bastard, you seriously need to act properly. Don’t decide on your own to lose consciousness!

S: … Ngh, say something. Did I squeeze your neck so hard your throat got crushed?… Talk… TALK!! YOU DON’T WANT YOUR PICTURES DISTRIBUTED EVERYWHERE, RIGHT?! Kgh… grgh… *punches something off to the side*

S: …… There are a lot of things that even you yourself don’t understand…? *quietly unties heroine*… Go home. You don’t have to come tomorrow.

*** TRACK 6: Storing the Deed “I’ll let you go. Today is when we part.” ***

*Satoru walking on street*

S: *soulless voice* … Hah?… What are you doing? Squatting in front of someone’s house. I didn’t call for you today, right? You have business? No, I’m not busy. Well, that’s natural, if you had no business you wouldn’t come to my place.

S: *opens door* It’s one thing to stand around and talk, so how about coming in? I’m tired but I’ll have sex with you. *they enter*

S: Strip yourself. *heroine does so* Well, what’s your business? You don’t care if the photo is spread, so you want to stop now…? So, for that request, you came nonchalantly into the wolf’s lair.

S: … No matter what you say, that’s how I see it. After taking off your clothes, lie down on the bed, and spread your legs. So that it’s easy to insert myself, spread your entrance open too. *heroine does so* Heh, good. However… hahah, you’ve kept the nipple and clit piercings like I told you? You really are a masochist. Heh.

S: Anyway, about the photo, right? *gets on bed; leans in* I wonder what I’ll do…? Hah… *touches heroine* did you work with a calm face while wearing these erotic nipple and clit piercings? What a super lewd woman.


S: Heh, you’re more sensitive with this clit piercing. Look… ngh… Hahah, what an amazing voice. *kisses* Mm? Wow, you’re this wet already? I thought you had the qualities of a slut, but… *kisses* it’s more than I expected. If you’re this sopping I can easily… enter, right? In the missionary position, like lovers… I’m going to fuck you senselessly.

S: Even if… you were to get a boyfriend… each time you have sex in the missionary position, so that my face flashes in your mind… I’m going to prod, and thrust, and slam into your g-spot and cervix. Nngh… aah…

S: Haah… haa… ah, shit, you’re dripping. The juice flying out of your pussy… feels like it’s gonna make a puddle. Nngh…! *kisses; thrusting*

S: Make some noise. Ungh… cry more… ngh… Come on, those shameful breasts, jiggling from the impact inside… I’m going to crush them. Nrgh… agh…! Haah… ngh…!


S: Even though your mouth is saying no… hehe, you have an enraptured look on your face. Nngh… *kisses; thrusting*

S: … Things you haven’t realized yourself… there are a lot of them, huh. Hahah… ungh…! Haah… haa…!

S: Aagh…! It’s coming…! Nngh… ungh…! *he orgasms*

S: Haah… haa… Ahah, what the heck, did we cum at the same time? Heh… don’t you think your pussy and my cock are so used to each other they can’t be separated anymore? Haah… haa…

S: …… As you wish, I guess I’ll release you. *leans over to pick up phone* This is your blackmail photo. It’s taken really well, don’t you think? Look, I’ve deleted the data. There’s nothing that binds you now. You can go anywhere you want. Nngh… *resumes thrusting*

S: Who said there was going to be a rest? The second round is starting! We’re going to do it over and over and over again today. Nngh…! Haah… hrgh… after you’re released, heh, that means we’re going to be apart for a while, right? So we need to pile up doing it for that period. Nngh…!


S: Hah? Obviously, it means exactly as it sounds… ngh…! You can go anywhere after escaping my restraints… haah… but you will return. I know… that you will return to me. Ngh… you won’t be able to forget… the gentle me you interacted with at the bar… and you’ll remember, every time your piercings hurt, the cruel actions done to you by me… Ungh… you’ll want to know my true self and then you’ll return.

S: Haha, that’s right, it’s like a prophecy. Nngh… hah… are you saying that now? You’re right, I’m an arrogant brute. You knew that, didn’t you? Nngh… haah… I’ll let you go. Today is when we part. Nngh… haah… ahah, I believe you’d understand if you think on it a little, but alright… if you don’t understand then we’ll leave it as a puzzle.

S: Besides, I’d like to ask you something too. Nrgh… why did you come here? If you were fine with the photo being distributed, then you should have ran to the police like that and taken me to court, right? Nngh…! Haah… haa… oh well, if you return to me… let’s check answers. Nngh… haah… haa…! *fade out*

*** TRACK 7: Checking Answers “Welcome back. It’s been half a year, hasn’t it?” ***

*heroine walking; opens bar door*

S: Oh! Welc—… It’s you.

S: *shop voice* Welcome!… *normal voice* Welcome back. It’s been half a year, hasn’t it?… What? Say something. As you can see, there’s no customers around. Criticize me, yell at me, do as you like. E-eh!? Wait… Hey, why are you crying here? You, the tough woman who didn’t cry when all those painful things were done to you…

S: What? Did something happen at work again? That’s not it? Then are you crying about me? Ah… I see. It’s my fault? Well… that’s natural.

S: … Did you come here to check answers? I see. You found your answer? The reason I did those things to you is simple… I was just interested. I liked pressing down and tearing capable women to pieces. Whenever I occasionally found women I was interested in, I’d do something or other to that degree. There’s no other reason. That’s all there is to it. I’d bind them, assault them, and hurt them… I did anything. Then, after doing it once, I’d be satisfied and I’d toss them.

S: Cruel? Heh… probably. I’m aware. That I’m an arrogant brute. I said it before, right?


S: The reason… I let you go…? Once is rape… but if I do it countless times… that’s love, isn’t it? *looks away* The same as other women… I intended to do it once and end it there. But you didn’t cry despite being in pain and you were always resolute or something… or you wouldn’t surrender or something… And yet your reactions were excessively good and you were admirable… I mean, you felt good and you were cute. I got greedy for more and more.

S: By the time I realized it… Ah, what? What’s with that look? The start was like that, but… uh… um, how do I say this, look, it’s like that. Haven’t you… fallen in love with me? Or is it because I’m hoping you have the same feelings as me? I don’t know. *heroine shoots up*

S: !! You got a problem? If you don’t then good. Sit down… Fine, I’ll do it. *kisses* Look, I’ve kissed you. So enough already and sit down. Geez, you keep throwing a tantrum but you’re not a kid. Heh…

S: Yeah, I know. *goes around counter* Here. *pulls heroine into him; deep kisses*

S: … Listen, I’m only going to say this once. Perk your ears up and listen carefully… *whispers* At some point in time… I’ve grown to love you. That’s… my answer to everything. So? What’s your answer?

*** OFFICIAL TOKUTEN: If My Boss was the Bartender… ***

Narrator: About-Face Boyfriends: The Bartender Won’t Untie the Rope. Tokuten drama CD: If My Boss was the Bartender…

*people working and walking in company BGM; Satoru flipping through papers*

S: Hmm… hah…! *throws paper* It’s all useless. What are these documents? The part I told you to revise hasn’t been fixed at all. I told you to use the draft I gave you like that, right? Why weren’t you able to obediently carry that out? Ugh, that’s enough. At any rate, do it over again. Come to the meeting room after your lunch break. Looks like we need to compare and adjust our opinions together again. It’s an exchange of ideas. Hmph. *returns to typing*

S: Hah? Why are you standing around for? If you understand then hurry up and return to your seat and start working. *heroine walks off*

*scene skip; heroine knocks on door then enters*

S: You came. Stand in the middle of the room. Yeah, around there is good. Wait a little. *walks off to lock the door*

S: Hm? The lock? You don’t want to be hindered in the middle of our discussion, right? Hah? You can’t accept this? You’re a real stuff woman… you know. Well, everyone recognizes you as a competent company employee. Of course, I’m the same.


S: Heh, this video camera is shooting you and me. The camera is connected to the projector and reflected on the screen. *returns to heroine* Today, what the projector is showing isn’t going to be documents… heh, don’t be so wary. I’m saying we should think together about the way to remove the chains that are restricting you. It’s a reasonable feeling as your boss, don’t you think?

S: *leans in* So, don’t stand on guard so much. The sight of the distance between our minds being shrunk will be recorded from beginning to end and reflected by this projector. The point of this? Nothing, really. I just thought it’d be interesting. Because you… *grabs heroine; whispers* have no experience of this being done to you by a man, right? So I thought, wouldn’t you have a nice reaction? Ngh!

S: Hahah! Like I thought! You have some nicely shaped breasts, don’t you? Don’t scream like that. It’s just an exchange meeting, right? Be more easygoing. Aah, shut up, jeez, just from this. Are you a virgin or something? You’re not, right? I can guess that just from your reactions.

S: If you’re going to scream… then at least do it because of something like this…! Hey, don’t let out such a loud voice. Or… do you want to be fired together? Heh… nrgh, come on, be quiet. *struggles with heroine*

S: … Hah, still, you have quite a nice figure. When you’re lying face down your ass is emphasized… hah. Nngh… erotic.

S: Come on, give up and spread your legs. Nngh…! I’ll loosen up your tense pussy. Haha, here, I’m stroking your camel toe. You can tell how my finger is moving, right?


S: Now then, my stuffy subordinate… where shall I knead to get you to be obedient? Heh… don’t squeeze down on my finger so hard with your slit, ngh.

S: Huh? Oh, what, aren’t your stockings gradually getting wet? Ngh… hah, look at this finger. It’s slippery, haha. Does your pussy easily get this wet because you’re sexually frustrated from working every day? Eh? I’m wrong? Heh, I wonder. Check out the screen.

S: Right now, the woman projected there… is feeling pleasure from having her sopping wet pussy rubbed. Hahah! Feel even better and lay everything bare. It’s doing something like that which will close the distance between our minds. Nngh… hah… look, your clitoris has gotten hard. I’ll rub it firm.

S: Hrm? Heh, you have a defenseless look on your face. That’s good. Because, normally, you’re a flower on an inaccessible high peak. *low voice* Fall closer… like THIS! Nngh…!


S: Heh, ah, your body is trembling. Discovering that you can make the face of a woman when you’re properly feeling pleasure… makes me truly happy. Nngh… haah… Now then, next is to rip your stockings. Ngh! Heh… don’t worry. The place I ripped was just around your pussy. Here, I’ll put my finger in… ngh…

S: Oh? Uwah, amazing. Isn’t the inside soaking? Hahah! Every time I massage your walls, your ass jumps. This is amusing. You’re weak to being pleasured by fingers. Then… I’ll give you more! Ngh…! Haa… hah…

S: Heh, you’re telling me to stop with that face? Show me that face more, hehe. Don’t glare at me like that. Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry for teasing you. *pulls down zipper* Heh, then in place of my finger… I’ll thrust something hot and thick into your folds and stir up your juices. Ah, be sure to watch what kind of face you have when you’re filled. *heroine struggles* Ngh…! Hey…! Cut it out and give up! Haagh…! *inserts himself; thrusting*

S: Wow! It’s tight and burning… It’s the best! Nngh… haah… haa…!

S: Are you properly looking at the screen? Hagh… what a loud noise… the crotch of the woman projected there is making this noise. Ungh… haah… haa…!

S: You feel good, right? Here? Haah… haa… expose yourself… everything of you. Nngh… haa…!


S: I’ll thrust in deeper too, so…! Ungh…! Haah… haa…! Accept me… and if your pussy relaxes… haah… then your thoughts will also… ngh… change a little. Nrgh… haah…!

S: Are you going to cum from being thrust into? Haah… haa…! Your thighs are sticky with your juices too… You’re flooding over this much. Haah… haa… isn’t it flowing down even to your ankles? Haagh… haa…!

S: To spill out this much lewd juice… haah… what a shameful, honest, and cute woman. Nngh…! Change because of my cock…! Haah… haa… come on! Cum! You’ll feel comfortable too. Ngh… haah… agh…! *thrusting; he orgasms*

S: Haa… hagh… ahahah, I came inside. Hey… Ah, well, it looks like you came as well. And, either way, this is a dream… *fades out*

*scene skip*

S: Mm… *stretches* Pffhaha… hahah! Still, just from hearing her talk, it looks like she made me out to be a pretty horrible boss. Moreover, why am I the boss? Hahah… hahahah! Ah… somehow, I really have the urge to film our sex now. Well then, time to go act as the gentle bartender man today too. *leans in* You’ll definitely come tonight too, right?

*** ANIMATE TOKUTEN: Gentle Bartender ***

Narrator: About-Face Boyfriends: The Bartender Won’t Untie the Rope. Tokuten drama CD: Gentle Bartender.

S: Mm… *kisses*

S: Oh my, are you alright? We’ve just been kissing this entire time, so are you tired of it? Ahah, in order for you to relax then, how about we loosen these tight clothes? *removes heroine’s clothes* Ah… truly, these are pert breasts whenever I see them. Pointing upwards… Oh, why are you hiding them? Huh? Because your nipples are hard…?

S: We did kiss for that long. Besides, your breasts are sensitive, aren’t they? Hmm… then I won’t look at your breasts. If I touch them beneath your shirt then it won’t be embarrassing, right? Let me? Please turn around then and sit between my legs. Yes, lean your back on me and relax.

S: Ahah, that’s good. Now then… from the gap in your clothing… Mm… Hahah, your hips are moving. You enjoy it when I caress them gently like this, right? Nngh… you’re denying it yet your nipples are this hard. I only need to rub them a little and they quickly get larger. Haah… ahah, amazing.

S: Both the right and left side have become stiff. Hah… it is regrettable I can’t suck on them from the front though. Ahah, if I say slightly embarrassing things, then it’s easier to fall into an aroused mood, right? I will make you boneless, so I absolutely won’t do anything that will hurt.


S: Hahah, I’m glad. Since earlier, you’ve been constantly rubbing your thighs together. Hasn’t that place started to feel lonely? Will you let me… stimulate you with my fingers? Ahah, don’t worry, I’ll use my fingers while you’re still wearing your skirt. Please spread your legs just a little. Yes, like that…

S: Aah… ngh… your clitoris is already swollen and the hood is peeled back, isn’t it? Oh my! I apologize, it’s better if I don’t say these sort of things, right? Mmgh… but please bear with it for a while. I will gently stroke this place that is overflowing with sticky juice. *fingering heroine*

S: Please don’t hold back your voice. I’ll stimulate you inside your hole as well. Nngh…

S: Ah! I apologize, if possible I’d like to not make any noise but… it seems, whether we’re willing or not, indecent sounds can be heard. Nrgh… hah, your clitoris is completely rigid. May I lower your underwear slightly? Thank you very much. In that case, please raise your hips just a little.


S: I told you before, didn’t I? That there is nothing to deny yourself for feeling good about, and that you can entrust your entire body to me. *pulls down his zipper* Haah… at some point, I’ve also become like this. If I were to put my length into you like this from behind, I’m certain it would feel even more pleasurable… Heh, did you imagine it? Then, to make it easier to insert myself, I suppose I’ll lie down face up.

S: Well then, I’m pressing against your fluttering entrance… Now, spread your legs and thrust out your bottom. Nngh… aah…! It’s hot…! I’m enveloped by your folds and even now I’m being swallowed in… Aagh… quickly, please lower your own hips. If you don’t… I’ll slam myself in so…!

S: Nngh… y-yes, like that, lower down your bottom. Nrrgh… it’s e-entering…! Amazing… you’re squeezing me tightly from inside… ngh!

S: Haah… haa… to move your own hips like that… Hah… you’ve been wanting this for a long time, haven’t you. Nngh…!

S: Your bottom is moving vehemently right in front of my eyes… Hrgh… ngh… your skirt has rolled up and your bottom is in full view, you know… Haah… ungh…! Hahah, it doesn’t seem like you can hear me. Is this… ngh… that delightful? Haah… haa…


S: Because you’re moving so ardently… hah… I’m already…! Hgh… then let us release together. Keep on moving… haah… ngh…! Aah… ungh! *he orgasms*

*scene skip*

S: …… Argh, it’s no good! In the end, it’s like a crawling sensation! Obviously, it itches!! It’s been a while since we had sex using the kind bartender version of me, but seriously that mode is impossible now. I can’t do what I want and I have to constantly be gentle, so I can’t concentrate on the sex. Even in this reverse cowgirl position, your lead was lukewarm. Jeez… what is there to be embarrassed about as a woman who squirted in front of me from her clit piercing— *heroine hits him* Ow!

S: It hurts! Don’t hit me! Yeah, yeah, that’s right. Embarrassing things are embarrassing, no matter how much time passes. So… how was it? The sex! The gentle one or the usual one… which one do you like?

S: … Yeah, yeah, I see, the gentle one’s better, whatever. That’s obvious. *sulking* It doesn’t matter, because I’m never gonna have sex in the gentle version. Mrgh…

S: Eh? Why did I do it in my gentle mode? Um… that’s because… erm… you said you also liked me when I was being a bartender. Besides, lately it’s always been violent, right? It looked… a bit rough on you.

S: W-what are you doing suddenly? *heroine hugs him* Woah!… Whatever, it’s not anything as impressive as doing it for you. It’s just… I wanted to have some sex that was different from usual. Nrgh, that hurts. Don’t hug me so tightly.

S: … I’m a man who can only have sex for self-satisfaction, you know. Heh, seriously, I don’t know what to do with you… for not having given up on me even now. *returns heroine’s embrace* The only person who can be with a hopeless woman like you… is surely only me in this world.


Narrator: About-Face Boyfriends: The Bartender Won’t Untie the Rope. Tokuten drama CD: Bar Sex.

*heroine enters bar*

S: Welcome— ah.

S: … Ahem. This way please. *low voice* What the hell. You came pretty early today. Ah, you didn’t have to work overtime? But it’s still this early. I don’t mind if you come to this shop, but… there’s still some considerable time until I close up. Get one drink and go home first.

S: I don’t mind if you wait, but… Anyway, a Cassis Orange is good, right? *heads back to bar* Really though, you should go home first, alright? If you start drinking at this time, you’ll get drunk. Eh? You’re going to read a book? Is that something you do at a bar? *customers enter* Ah… Welcome! Please feel free to head to those seats. *to heroine* Well, I’m going to return to work… I’ll keep you company whenever I find time.

[01:40] *scene skip; Satoru is in the distance*

S: Thank you for your patronage today. Please take care. *customers leave* Haa… *approaches heroine* Uwah, you really read a book? You seriously take things at your own pace. I’ve already closed the shop, but I need to clean up and prepare for tomorrow so it’ll take some more time. My bad, for making you wait so much.

S: … You’re reading a book so you’re fine? Honestly, you… *heroine turns page* Even though you’re in the same space as your man… Boring. Hah… you accomplish your work so energetically, but you’re really ignorant about these kind of things. In other words, I’m confiscating your book. *snatches it* We’re finally alone together, you know? And you’re not thinking about anything after seeing me?

S: Hah? I can clean up later. That’s the last thing on my mind now… *kisses*

S: Heh, sit on the counter. Face your legs to me. *drops voice* Enough, do exactly as I said. I’ll give you an ample reward for waiting until this time. I’ve been restraining myself this entire time. As you read your book, looking unruffled, I wondered what sort of expression you’d make if I pushed you down here. That’s all I thought.

S: … I’m not joking. Those are my true feelings. I want to tell everyone in this world that “this girl is mine”. So, let me touch you. You’re not the only one who held on so as not to wait in vain. *heroine sits up on the counter*


S: Heh. Ah, that’s good. Now… oh, there’s a perfect thing. *grabs ice cube* Open your mouth. What, you ask? It’s just ice. Okay, open wide. *heroine accepts cube* You’re wondering what I’m going to do with this, huh. You’ll know soon.

S: Nngh… *kisses* Ah, cold… and yet it’s burning hot inside your mouth. Mm… *kisses*

S: … Hahah, because both of us were licking it, the corners of the ice has become rounded. It won’t hurt with this, right? Heh, don’t look terrified. There’s no need to be scared. Here, move your hands. Are you feeling shy now? Even though I’ve thoroughly touched your pussy deep inside. *commanding voice* Heh… be obedient and spread your legs.

S: Ah, this ice, right? I’m going to do this…! Hahah! I only traced it against your thigh. Stay still. Heh… but it’s not just cold, right? It feels good, doesn’t it? The water trailing down your inner thigh… it’s erotic and fucking pretty. Now… the base of your thigh too.

S: Heh… oh? Today it’s that underwear. You came wearing the ones I said I liked? Heheh, doing that sort of thing just stirs me up even more. Is there anything else I can use…? Ah, this is nice.


S: Don’t worry, it’s just muddler. Don’t move… *puts it in heroine* Oh, it’s in. Aah… haha… there’s squishing noises. Are you feeling aroused already? Haha.

S: Oh, it’s steadily going in deeper. And the lewd sounds are quickly getting louder. Nngh… hah, you’re already feeling good from this thin stick? Then I guess my cock isn’t needed.

S: Hm? I didn’t hear it clearly. *keeps moving hand* Nngh… hahah, wow, you’re sopping.

S: … Huh?… Haah… do you want me to put it in? You can’t be satisfied with this stick, I see. Heh… *throws it out* okay. *removes clothes roughly* Hahah, then I’m putting it in. Nngh… agh…! Amazing… you’re clinging to me hard inside and squeezing me… Ungh… hrgh… haah…! *thrusting*

S: I’ll taste your stiff nipples too, so… ngh… Haah… haa… Ahah, what a sexy voice. Mm… looks like your tits and pussy are feeling good. Nngh…! Haah… haa…! Aah, don’t move your hips like that! I’ll slip out… ngh… ah… *thrusting*


S: You’re clenching so fucking hard inside. Nrgh…! Haa… hah… are you about to cum soon? Then… ngh… me too! I’m going to dump my load all over you deep inside. Haah… hagh…! Nngh…! *he orgasms*

S: Haah… haa… ngh… Shit, I came really hard inside you. Haah… oh well. It just means an earlier marriage. Hm? Hehe, what are you panicking about? Did you think a scumbag like me didn’t think about those things? Heheh.

S: There’s no problem then, right? Don’t close your legs, I’ll wipe you. *grabs tissue*… Now then, back to my work from here. *walks around counter* I feel heavy… I really should have done everything else first. *turns on faucet*

S: Huh?… What? You’ve been staring at my face. Is it that unusual to see me clean up? Do your reading which you love. You’re not going to read? Why…? It’s boring to be left alone? Hahah. *turns off faucet* Then I’ll stop cleaning up here. It’s a big problem if you don’t feel like reading. *leans in* After we go home, I’ll give you tons of attention. We’ll also do tons of… sexual things. So, you too… look only at me.

Note1: Just wanted to bring this up, because I feel like something was lost in translation. In Track 2, Satoru says これからも頑張ってくださいね (korekara mo ganbatte kudasai ne) which I translated as “good luck in the future as well”. It’s a common Japanese phrase to sympathize and encourage someone working, however the literal translation in English sounds patronizing if you’re being a listener because it’s like “keep working hard in the future” or “do your best in the future”. Like, excuse me, bitch? I am already?? LOL.

However, “good luck in the future” feels a bit distancing like “oh, good luck with your stuff, but I’m going to sit here and do nothing”. It makes me unhappy, because I think Satoru was actually hinting at how he wants her to “work hard” in what he’s going to put her through. So, basically, this is a common encouraging Japanese phrase but in another context this phrase can sound domineering like “Please work hard for me, hehe :)” and I think Satoru was playing around with that. Maybe I’m just being pedantic here though.

Note2: He is referencing actual bondage poses, but uh… all the images are NSFW so use your own discretion if you want to look them up, haha. On that note, he’s also referencing actual alcoholic drinks.

Note3: Just for fun, the word he uses for “brought home (お持ち帰り; omochikaeri)” is literally what you’d say for takeaway and takeout food. But it’s also slang for taking home a woman from the bar, one-night stand, etc. I just find it to be a cute word since it’s made out of the verbs to hold/carry and to go home and I get the image of someone literally being carried home LOL.

Note4: I tried my best to differentiate his two sides, because his bartender talks with polite keigo while his dark side talks pretty roughly by using slang and shortening his verbs, etc etc. Anyway, I hope it was clear enough to give people a different feeling (though it’s even more obvious in his voice).

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    Min said:
    May 5, 2020 at 01:05

    I listened to the drama cd, also reading this translation. I CAN’T BREATHE–
    I still can’t believe they got Onoyuu to act the script. Satoru’s character, the whole plot, really match with his voice ;;;;

    anyway, thank you for your hardwork to translate this!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 6, 2020 at 12:13

      MC also couldn’t breathe at one point— HAHA SORRY SORRY. Honestly, PILVAMP just keeps collecting all the mainstream seiyuu and making them do crazy stuff, which is both hilarious and also startling and makes me all sorts of conflicted because I normally don’t go for such extreme stuff but THE SEIYUU…

      Haha, but I did like this one and thought the story was interesting. Thank you and I’m glad you were able to use it too!! Gotta thank the commissioner too for bringing it to my attention (and making me get off my butt to do stuff).

    Viki said:
    February 25, 2020 at 12:37

    piercing where?!
    oh my god, what??
    can’t imagine really existing like this…just think how uncomfortable it must be having piercing on clit
    and lol hope he learnt his lesson with how the mc almost died.
    no more choking

      Viki said:
      February 25, 2020 at 12:38


        Ilinox responded:
        February 25, 2020 at 14:15

        Haha, apparently it’s one of the most common types of piercing. Okay, specifically it’s the “hood” in real life but he didn’t specify where in the CD… But there’s also people around with Prince Albert piercings, so I’m sure you just get used to it.

    Miss Neko-chan (@TheRealMissNeko) said:
    December 9, 2019 at 02:09

    omy goshh pil-vamp cd dramas are my must have XD to be able to finally understand what is going on…! thank u soo much for translating these! you translated it soo well~ i wish i can learn japanese easily but it is hard (TдT).. anyway, thanks for this! pil-vamp cd dramas always blow me away (>ω<)~*♥✧ their stuff is high quality haha XD thanks for this! hope you are always having a good day!😘

      Ilinox responded:
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      They’re pretty… intense… HAHA. You’re very welcome though <3! I'm always surprised by how they can drag all these mainstream seiyuu into their wild, wild concepts. Thank you for commenting again and, ooh, good luck with learning Japanese if you're going to continue with it! Remember to be patient and be kind on yourself |D there's no rush and it really helps if you're engaging with media you're interested in (cough drama CDs cough).

    shngml said:
    May 17, 2019 at 11:10

    I cannot believe you went and translated something that even I was going to faint to. 😅 Thanks for the translation. The only thing that got me going for this was 山田 サトル’s voice. It’s been so long.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 17, 2019 at 11:43

      I am a slave to whatever a commissioner requests LOL but this turned out to be surprisingly touching and really good!! Seriously! The piercing weren’t described in much detail so it didn’t feel painful or gross or weird and the whole drama of his character developing feelings was just way more present and distracting.

      Haha, last time I heard him was in Reunion so this was a BIG change from the characters he does :”)) not to mention I keep seeing him around as Lancelot in GBF. I shouldn’t be surprised anymore at what professional seiyuu can do, but I’m still like “MY MENTAL IMAGE OF THIS SWEET MAN!!”

    It me said:
    May 15, 2019 at 19:48

    The only one of these I’m interested in is the one where your Childhood Friend is grew up into a tough-talkin’ juvenile delinquent…except he’s not, he’s just faking. Then he cries and you smooch. It looks cute except for the fact that it’s PIL-VAMP so I assume something horrible is also happening like there’s someone watching you bone and he accidentally-on-purpose jizzes on your boyfriend.

    Oh wait. Never mind, different story.

      Ilinox responded:
      May 15, 2019 at 20:53

      I heard from a friend of mine who listened to it that nothing crazy happened and it was really cute if you like the stuttering tsundere type. Going by the track titles, it looks like the most extreme they go might just be anal…? There certainly wasn’t any watersports or anything, so!

      LOL I know though, right? PIL-VAMP makes me nervous. Their latest one which is Hyouhen Kareshi EXTREME has Kitayama and I’m so pressed. THEY KEEP TAUNTING ME!! I was gonna be like “Okay, he has an extreme licking fetish that’s… b-bearable?” Until I read his synopsis and it went from normal things to eyeballs, nostrils, rimming, etc etc. I’M JUST WEEPING INTO MY HANDS.

        satsuyurami said:
        June 2, 2019 at 11:07

        Pardon, may i know the title of the child hood drama cd from pil-vamp?

        Ilinox responded:
        June 2, 2019 at 15:46

        It’s Hyouhen Kareshi: Osananjimi ga xxx wo Misetekuremasen |D;;

    Kborenai said:
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    Good Lord, that was obscene!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 14, 2019 at 12:03

      I’m NEVER gonna get over the fact that CPR was needed LOL other drama CDs have to step up when they advertise extreme scenes now because if no one actually has to be revived halfway through then you’re clearly not doing things hard enough— jkjk.

        Kborenai said:
        May 14, 2019 at 20:24

        Preach the truth girl! What’s even funnier is that MC is down with all that, wtf loool! Good thing they found each other ‘coz that is a one-in-a-billion chance.

        Ah, hells, why Ono Yuuki tho??? I mean, he IS good, but Kagami Taiga pops into my head all the time and he’s supposed to be gay for Kuroko or Aomine lmfao jk jk.

    satsuyurami said:
    May 13, 2019 at 22:04

    Idk why but I found it amusing in r18 drama cd. When the men assault the protag for no reason or because they like protag and… they are suprised when turn out protag love them

      Ilinox responded:
      May 14, 2019 at 12:04

      At least they’re self-aware enough to realize their actions should make anyone hate them LOL but that’s the beauty of otome-oriented R18 cds, ahah, that even things like this can end with a happy ending and relationship.

    leohikarusora said:
    May 13, 2019 at 10:18

    Saw this and auto focus to the CV, I can’t stop both shocked and laughed since I’ve never found this one. Maybe I found some but they didn’t use their real name like OnoYuu.

    Okay, back to topic. A big applause for the writer who describe things so well, I trying to imagine it and wow, it’ll gonna hurt I think (the pose). Also, maybe this is the first time in your R18 posts that including bondage (I think hands that tied aren’t included as bondage 🤔), or maybe I forgotten some.

    About the story and character… The story itself is truly amazing if I saw it. Just like I told up there, the writer is describe things so well, this makes me trying to imagine it all the times so somehow I can truly feel it. The character, Satoru right? He remind me to… Wait I forgot his name, the one that confined and do you-know-what to heroine in Locked Room. He’s really good trying to hold himself, but yeah… He’s truly released his desires while both of them are alone XD

    Thank you for your hard works, and thank you for the commission…!!

      Ilinox responded:
      May 14, 2019 at 12:08

      Oh no, none of the seiyuus who do these R18 CDs use their real names LOL. I’m the one who always translates their pseudonyms back into their real names, because I’m making it easier for myself to tag things and because I want to just recognize them by their real names and not pseudonyms.

      Haha, like actual shibari and stuff? I think the Jooubachi CD with Hakuoh had bondage too because he was all about that IIRC. But it’s a really old CD I did way back so I don’t blame you for not having seen it.

      Locked Room man was a sweetie though ;w; Satoru is straight up into hardcore SM!! Haha, you’re welcome and I’m glad you seem to have enjoyed this one.

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