Futari no Nikushoku-kei Danshi ni Propose sarete Haramu made Yarareru Voice 2

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Older Man
CV: aki

Wild Man
CV: ysd.

CV: 及川貴博

I was Proposed To by Two Carnivorous Men and Fucked Until Impregnation 2

Before we even start anything, I just have to point out… WHERE THE HECK IS THE HEROINE’S HEAD!? If you thought no eyes was bad, how about no head? LOL. I’ve been squinting at this cover for hours trying to figure out where the heck her head is because one of the guy’s hands is on her neck… right? But then her neck just ends there…? The cover for their first one is just as odd because the heroine seems to lack an upper body there.

There’s three seiyuu because there’s an extra with a butler character. There’s also no synopsis, so I guess you’ll have to do with mine. Basically, two men propose and aggressively pursue you and it’s just wild, sexual shenanigans. Featuring heart-pounding scenes and comedy and being pounded… yes, in that way LOL.

Thank you very much to the anonymous commissioner!! This can be picked up at the ENG DLsite or JP DLsite. R18 content warning.

Note1: They don’t have character names, so… I’m just going to call them by their supposed voice type?? One is an older man (they call him “oyaji” for old man LOL) and the other is the “wild” type (tbh, he’s more cool than wild).

Note2: Not sure if this is common knowledge, but the whole thing on carnivores and herbivores is about types of men. The basic types are the nikushoku (meat eaters) and soushoku (plant eaters) and then everything else comes from there. For example, cabbage roll men look like plants (eaters) on the outside, but meat (eaters) inside, etc.

*** TRACK 1: Superfluous Prologue ***

Older Man: Aah… my stubble is such that it can be called artistic… This solid and strong BODY! And this lovely and large corncob between my legs! With my allure, today I will also take my kitten and BED. IN. MAKE. LOVE!

Wild Man: Ah, that’s quite a serious illness. And I don’t really understand what you’re saying.

O: Uwah! Who the heck are you!

W: No one in particular?

O: No, no, no, no, isn’t this the place where you’re supposed to introduce yourself?

W: I’m a pretty normal person. I’m neither a herbivore nor a butler. Just a normal man who was picked up by the lady and came here, that’s all… Do you still want to hear my summary?

O: A normal man is the most problematic, you know. Do you know the title of this work? It’s “carnivores”.

W: Aren’t all men carnivores? Fucking, teasing, and flustering someone, I believe everyone thinks that though?

O: You’re pretty cool, you know. That’s right though, being a carnivore is a law of nature, mhm. Ah! You’re that. Call yourself the “wild type”. From what you just said, haha.

W: I’d like you not to lump me together with you. I’m only slightly more loyal to my instincts than other people.

O: So cool! You’re so cool!! Ah, there was a time when I was called “wild” too, you know…

W: Why don’t we give the title call now? I want to screw her soon.

O: R-right… somehow, he kind of messes up my pace.

W: Voices to Help You Masturbate, Seven.

O: Two Carnivorous Men—

W: Proposed to you—

O: Fucked Until Impregnation, Voice—

W+O: Two!

*** TRACK 2: Propose ***

W: Well then, how about we head to the bed now? Hm? You’re the one who invited me, no?

O: Come on, don’t be embarrassed. Lie down slowly beside me… Mm? You want to be pushed down? Then, as you wish, I’ll push you down! *pounces on heroine* Heheheh, you got pushed down. Makes your heart pound, doesn’t it?

W: You don’t have to think about anything. Let your mind go completely blank and lie down between two men… From here, you’ll be greeting a wonderfully hot climax. You just need to leave everything to us.

O: But, before that, I have an important topic! I’m going to be saying something important, so I want you to listen seriously… Because you picked up this wild man, kitten, I’m worried. I need to say this.

O: *deep breaths*… Hey, I said this before, but… won’t you marry me? It hurts when I think about you. It also hurts when I’m separated from you. Usually I can sleep easily… but when I think about you my heart races, hurts, I want to strip you, make love to you roughly… and then I can’t sleep.

O: And then… I realized it. Something I should have known at my age… That I’ve seriously fallen for you. I’m… in love with you. I like you. I love you. So… won’t you marry me?

O: … No, I’m scared of your answer so I won’t ask! But won’t you close your eyes right now? I want you to deceive me with your kisses tonight too. Nn… *kisses*


W: Is that your guys’ relationship? Hmm. Doesn’t matter to me though. Come on, let’s take off your clothes. You want to be caressed by me too, right?

O: *kisses* Nngh… nope. Kitten, the one you should love is just me… nngh…

W: I won’t listen to that. Some old man’s drivel. Look, your bare skin is erotic. Your neck… shoulders… the valley of your breasts… Mm? Does my finger feel good?

O: Ngh… it’s my kisses that feel good, right? Stick it out. Your tongue. Come… into my mouth more.

W: Aren’t you quickly getting more erotic? The top and bottom of the lewd princess’ clothes are pretty disheveled. Haha… cute. You want to be naked already, right? I’ll watch, so try taking off your underwear by yourself at least.

O: Either way, your panties are soaking wet just from these kisses, right? My sexy, lewd princess.

*** TRACK 3: Observing Caresses ***

W: Come on, raise your legs up high… so that I can see it clearly… Aah, that’s nice. I can really see that swollen, obscene shape underneath your panties.

O: Ngh… you said obscene shape. Let’s see, show me too.

W: Hm? What’s this stain? It’s a round and wet… I wonder what sort of stain it is?

O: Hey now, it’s no good if you don’t keep your legs up firmly, you know? Being in this embarrassing pose and feeling two men looking at your cunt gives you a very lewd mood, right?

W: Haha… do you want to be touched now? How about I pet you from above these wedged panties?

O: Does it feel good to have your pussy touched above your panties? Where does it feel the best? Your bursting clit? Or… the place where it’s already wet and making a stain?

W: Say it. Where you’ll be aroused if you’re touched. Where you’ll get even more wet if you’re rubbed… Come on, here? *squelching* Or is it no good unless you’re touched directly? Hahah.

O: Ah-ah. Did you hear that sound just now? It was really loud, right? Hm? Your body is twitching. Do you feel good already?… Strip. Take off those soaking panties.

W: Take it off slowly where I can clearly see it, okay? Yes, like that… put your knees together and sexily… slowly… gradually slide your panties down… Aah, I can see it. Take it all off like that…

O: I can put my finger in first, right? Here. *wet noises* Oh, what, didn’t it go in easily? I thought you’d need more petting, but I should have guessed, right, lewd princess?

W: Let me put my finger in too. Into your cunt. I won’t let you say no. You’re this wet… so you don’t have the right to refuse.


O: You can let yourself feel pleasure. Concentrate on your pussy… The fingers of two men are pistoning… bumping… and rubbing inside you…

W: You like it when it’s a little rough anyway, right? Like you wish, how about I thrust into you as hard as I can?

O: Even if they’re pushed in and pushed in, fingers won’t reach deep inside you, right? Does it hurt? Are you frustrated? You want to hurry up and be thrust into deeply, don’t you?

W: It’s okay for you to cum once while feeling frustrated, you know? It feels good even though it’s this rough, right? Come on, each time I piston into you hard, your cunt squeezes down, so it’s completely obvious!

O: You can come. Why don’t you come? You love this, don’t you? My lovely kitten’s orgasmic face… show me how cute you are coming from just having fingers in you. It’s okay. Later, I’ll also put myself in and fuck you hard. So, first, come from these fingers.

W: Aah, ah, aah, ah. You’re squeezing this hard. Do you like men’s fingers that much? Or are you just… a slut? You’re like this from the fingers of a man you just met? How shameless.

*** TRACK 4: Teasing Play ***

O: Then I guess I’ll put my dick in. It’ll be me first. Okay? Something thicker and harder than fingers will be better, right? Come on, kitten, give me your hand… try touching me.

O: … How about it? This is going to enter you now. It’s touching the entrance of your pussy like this… Oh no, you can’t let go of your hand, okay? Put it in with your own hand like that. *wet noises* Hmm? You like it when it goes in slow? Haha… it’s going in. The entire thing will be in soon… but did you intend for everything to be in from the beginning? Greedy girl.

W: Grabbing a man’s cock and putting it into your cunt yourself. Just how lonely were you feeling? Being made to do such a lewd thing, were you aching hard enough to obey that obediently?

O: You’re not putting it in anymore? It hasn’t entered to the base yet, you know? Hm? It can’t go in anymore? Yes it can, can’t it? I’ll put it in, LOOK! *thrusts in*

W: Did it go in? Did all of it go in? Even though all of it couldn’t go in, you had it forced into you to the base. Isn’t the cock inside you bending? And yet why do you look like you’re in so much pleasure?

O: *thrusting* Kitten, rather than being thrust into hard, you love it when I push in and pull out slowly, right? Here, it’s pulling out slowly… and pulling out… and pulling out… *thrusts in* Haha, feels good? Here, I’ll pull out again… and pull out… and pull out… *thrusts in* Heh? You love this? You didn’t like it slow? Come on, come on, it’s going to slip out, you know?


O: Ngh! Hm? What? Why are you shaking like that? *slow thrusting* You love it, don’t you? You can come. Hm? You can’t come? You can’t come with this? *rapid thrusting*… Looks like I have no choice! If you don’t spread your pussy open yourself, it’s no good, you know?!

O: Aah, thrusting open… a clenching pussy… This sensation is…!

W: I think I’ll have you service me with that panting mouth. You know what I mean, right? A blow job. Fellatio. Come on. *puts himself into heroine’s mouth* Aah… it’s hot… it’s burning inside your mouth… Your tongue… use your tongue to lick the head of my cock…

*** TRACK 5: I Love Pounding into You in Missionary Position while Watching You ***

O: Does it feel good having dicks be pushed into you from below and above? Are you going to come… from being skewered like this? Come on! *thrusting* You want to come? You want to come, don’t you? Spread your pussy open with your fingers and beg! Come on, come on, come on!! It feels good having dicks pushed in and pulled out, right?!

W: Heh? You’re going to cum? You’re going to cum again? You’re going to cum while sucking a cock? Look over here. Obviously, I want you to serve me while looking up from a lowered head. You can see it, right? You can see my thick cock going in and out of your mouth, right?! Is it obscene? You feel aroused being made to do such an obscene thing, right? Use your tongue more!

O: Your pussy is clamping down on me really hard, what’s wrong? You’re feeling pleasure at this? Feels good? Do you like the missionary position? I like it too, you know, missionary position. I get to pound into you while watching you from the front like this! Pistoned into above and below, that erotic face of yours like you’ve been made into a toy, is something I love seeing while I pound you!

W: Don’t just make lewd noises from your cunt. You can make even more vulgar sounds from this mouth up here, right? *low voice*… Tempt me. Try making me cum with the sounds of your drool. Look up at me more from that lowered head and make my cock a mess with your drool.


O: That painful expression, do you want to be released already? Even though the night’s just started?… Even though we haven’t even come once? *thrusting*

W: There’s no way we’d let you off, right? My cock won’t go down until it shoots twice from here.

O: If your pussy is poured into that much, then you’ll probably be impregnated, won’t you? Still… you want me to release inside, right? You want to come while I release inside you like usual, right? Come on, come on, don’t rest now!

W: Sucking my cock while your drool is foaming, do you love cocks that much?! You’re looking like you want me to shoot off inside soon! Do you want it? Hah? Then I’ll release inside your mouth up here! I’ll release directly deep in your throat, so be sure to swallow my seed!! Here, I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!! Nngh… ngh… agh…!!

O: I’m going to be releasing in your pussy next! Getting semen poured into you from above and below, won’t your stomach get full? Do you like it? You love it, don’t you? You love it when your stomach’s full of jizz, right? Your pussy wants semen, doesn’t it? I’ll pound into your soaking pussy to release inside, okay? Come on! I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m going to release inside, okay? I’m going to make you pregnant!! Nngh!! *he orgasms* Get pregnant… get pregnant, get pregnant, get pregnant! Be impregnated!!

W: You’re not thinking this is the end, are you? Next is for my cock to fit into your cunt and blow its load inside! Hahaha, you didn’t really think it would end after we came once, right? Come on! Spread your legs!

*** TRACK 6: Move Your Hips! Give All of Yourself to Me ***

W: *thrusting* Ngh! Ah, it’s in, it’s in. It entered, didn’t it? How does it feel to have a second cock slotted into you right after you were shot into? Does it feel good? It feels good, doesn’t it? Come on, come on, I’m going to start off at the MAX!

O: Does his dick feel good? Between his and mine, which one feels good? Wow… every time you’re thrust into your body bounces, you know? Does it feel good to be shaken?… Come on, give me your lips at least. Nn… *kisses*

W: Come on, come on, come on, come on!! Here, right? It feels good here, right?! It feels good for me to stir up your cunt that’s filled with semen, right?! You can’t stop cumming? Haha, go ahead, cum more!! *thrusting*

O: That was a poor kiss, you know? Just because your pussy feels good, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t properly kiss me, alright? If I pinch your swollen clit and squeeze it… then you’ll be able to kiss me right, won’t you? You love your clit too, right? Here.

W: Where does it feel good? You’re being ravished in so many places, which place feels the best? Of course, it’s your cunt, right? Obviously, your cunt feels the best, doesn’t it? Beg! Move your hips too and beg me! Beg me with your hips for my dick milk!! *thrusting* Ngh… ngh…

O: Hm? It feels that good for your clit and pussy to be teased at the same time?… You can come. Come like this.

W: Come on! I told you to move your hips, didn’t I!? Suck in my cock with your cunt and don’t let go, alright?! I’m going to shake you up even more!! Ungh… ngh… Let me hear more moans! I’ll slam into you harder!! *thrusting*

O: Hm? Coming? Are you going to come? Here, kiss me. Come while our lips are touching. Come from my kiss. Cute… adorable… your orgasmic face is so lovely! I’ll give you my tongue! Suck it in more! Swallow it more!! Feel it more!! Nngh… *kisses*


W: Ohh… it’s coming out… it’s coming out…!! I’m going to smear my seed inside your tightly squeezing cunt! Move your hips and expose yourself! Give it all to me! Give all of yourself to me!! Kgh… ngh… ah… *he orgasms*

O: Is it coming out? Is semen releasing in you right now? Then next is my turn again. Come on, it hurts, right? You can shut your legs. I’ll enter from the side. *inserts himself* Hahah, it slipped in easily, didn’t it? It’s slippery from both of our semen. Come on, each time I piston into you, the semen spills out in a foam from your pussy… *slow thrusting* How was that man’s dick? Which one feels good? I feel better, right?… Mm? Does it feel that good from the side? Amazing. You’re clenching really hard inside.

W: He said you’re slippery inside from both our semen… And yet, you still want to be given seed?

O: Come into my arms. I’ll hold you like this… and gently, tenderly… spill the last of my seed in you, alright? *slow thrusting* Kitten, you like it when it’s intense… but this is also good, right? I’m going to spill my last seed in you while holding you tightly, alright? Right into your deepest spot… I’m going to pour it directly into your womb, okay? I love you… I love you… I love you… You’re my beloved… kitten. *he orgasms*

*** TRACK 7: Good Night Loving Voices ***

W: You’re dead tired now? Not surprising, given how much was poured into you.

O: Look, she’s making a blissful expression as always.

W: Hey… this track is where it finishes… but will you hear my proposal too?

O: Hey—

W: I don’t mind if you listen to it while in a dreamy state like that. Even if I’m a man just for tonight… that’s alright too. You don’t have to remember this tomorrow morning.

O: Hey, wait—

W: I still don’t know anything about you… Our relationship is just physical, but… I don’t dislike you. Some day is fine. Some day, get married. Together with me… Be my bride.

O: Eh… the one who chooses is the kitten, okay! Even if you propose on your own, there’s no point if you’re not chosen— ack, I’m a terrible person.

W: It’s not like I think I’m going to be chosen. So, miss, you don’t have to choose here and now. But… I thought if I didn’t say it now… then I wouldn’t be able to say it to this lady for my whole life. Well, she might only be hearing it half asleep.


O: Kitten… I’m sorry for always being rough. But please… know my feelings. I… I… really… from the bottom of my heart… love you, so… so… that’s why…! That’s why…

W: What the heck. Aren’t you a carnivorous old man or not?

O: I just want to be loved by the kitten. I’m really a coward who’s full of worries…

W: A man who says those kind of things isn’t cool.

O: … Right. Sorry. I’m going to continue loving only you, kitten, from here on too. So, let’s sleep together tonight as well. Let’s be together until the morning.

W: Yeah, I’ll be here together with you too, so sleep comfortably. Don’t worry. I’ll be gentle at least when you’re sleeping. *tosses blanket* Here, even if it’s hot, if you expose your stomach you’ll catch a cold.

O: … Good night, kitten.

W: … Night. Let’s do it again some time.

*** EXTRA: The Carnivorous Butler’s Lewd Picture Book ***

*heroine knocking on door*

Butler: Hehe… hehehe… heheheheh. Welcome… my cute, cute princess. What sort of business do you have in my meager room today? Did you come to request something?… Hm? Am I mistaken? In that case… did you come for a kiss?

B: Heheh, what a shameless princess. To slip out of your bed in the middle of the night seeking a man. *lowers voice* Did you think think if you came to this room I would lose my reason and assault you…? Haha, that won’t do. I would not do such a thing… as the princess’ butler, you see. I wouldn’t assault my princess who simply could not sleep. Here, if you cannot sleep then why don’t you rest in my bed this evening?

B: Eh? Me? I will read a book while listening to my lovely princess’ breaths. Or… do you need a picture book before sleeping? Haha… I suppose I must then. In that case, please enter my bed. Here, fluff up the pillow… and cover yourself with the sheets…

B: “Once upon a time, in a certain land, there was a beautiful princess. The country the princess lived in had been cursed for a year already by a witch to never bloom flowers.”

B: Haha, if you don’t close your eyes, you won’t fall asleep, you know?

B: “Hearing of the crisis, a blue-eyed prince from the neighboring country came on a white horse to help. The two immediately fell in love. However, the prince was actually a minion of the witch, and came to degrade the beautiful princess. The princess, not knowing anything, asked the prince this.”

B: “Give me a kiss of love.”


B: Haha… does my princess also wish for a kiss? I suppose I have no choice. It will only be a gentle kiss, where our lips only touch, alright? Close your eyes… yes… please don’t move like that…

B: “Here is my kiss of love, princess. *kisses* I love you, my princess, forever.”

B: “The poor princess fell completely in love with the prince. The prince showed a broad smirk and put his hand on the beautiful princess’ pale skin… and removed the dress she wore…” *removes clothes*

B: “He traced his tongue over her red and pointed nipples.”

B: Heh… do you still need a picture book? Haha… I love the honest princess. Do you want to be eaten… by a bad prince? Heheh, but then again, hungering for my princess’ flesh, I am a terrible carnivorous… butler. My favorite food is my princess’ lips. My main diet is my princess’ lascivious juices. Night after night, I think about the princess out of my reach and comfort myself alone… I am a bad butler.

B: Hm? Having picture book read to you, you’re now in an aroused mood? Ahah, what a coincidence. I as well.

B: Your red and pointed breasts… those sensuous lips… the sweet mound damp with honey… From where shall I begin eating? In order from your lips? Haha… you’re not hoping for such a pure development, correct? Of course, I shall begin from your vagina.

B: Allow me to kiss my lovely princess’ legs?… Nngh… mgh… Here, relax your legs… and entrust everything to me… mmgh… ngh…

B: Do you love it when you’re licked? Mm? I’m speaking of cunnilingus. Do you love it when your vagina… is licked? Haha, then, stay still… *breathes in* Mm… it smells nice. I will be kissing you softly, alright?… Is it allowed? Here… *kisses*

B: … How was it? Did it feel pleasurable? I will give you more. *gives oral*


B: Haha, how adorable. I love that reaction. Become bolder… and seduce me. Yes, will you open yourself with your own fingers? Come now, do not be shy… Haha, well done. Then, as a reward for doing well… I shall dine on your vagina. *gives oral*

B: Nngh… nrgh… By your own butler… your most… indecent place… is being eaten and how does it feel? Ngh… my tongue is tracing all around you… The feeling of being led to the peak, is it not exquisite? Slowly… certainly, feel the approaching pleasure. Nrgh…

B: I know. You find this insufficient, yes? Whatever shall we do? *whispers* Do you desire it? Very well. Here, I shall insert my fingers!! Ngh…

B: Hehehe, you desired this, did you not? You wanted me to do this with two fingers, right?

B: That is fine. If you climax right now. Your climax is already counting down, right? Climax by my hand… my precious, precious princess.

B: … Ah, you’re climaxing, yes? Now, go ahead, princess. I shall present to you the peak with my fingers.

B: Did you enjoy yourself, princess? Hm? What happens to the rest of the picture book? Haha, as these stories go, it concludes with a happy end. “The prince, who threw off the witch’s curse by loving the princess, lived together… forever and happily… with the princess.”

B: The end. Do you feel satisfied?… *quiet* However, when will this princess… come to seriously love me, I wonder. Hm? You’re returning? To your own room?… Yes, yes, I understand. Then, good night, my princess. *heroine leaves; closes door*


B: Gugh… haa… as usual, she’s a selfish one who teases people… ngh…

B: Hagh… hah… haa… princess… why won’t you, ngh… give everything to me…? Ungh… princess… princess…! Once again, tonight like this I am a bad butler… ngh… to masturbate while thinking of the princess… gugh…!

B: Until just a second ago, the princess was gasping indecently in this bed… this pillow where the princess’ breaths fell upon… these sheets where the princess reached her peak… agh…!! Nngh… aah… princess, princess, princess!!

B: I am the indecent one! I am the one thinking of you with obscene delusions!! I am the one who wishes to ravish you violently!! Even though I just made intense love to the princess… I am the bad servant who already longs for you and is masturbating!!

B: Aagh… ngh…!! It’s coming… it’s coming…!! Give me permission to release… please give me permission to release princess!! The permission to release inside you… ngh…!!

B: … Haa… hagh… I apologize, princess… hah… tomorrow morning I will again attend to you with a nonchalant face.

B: Haa… it hurts… Am I ever going to be able to disclose my true feelings to the princess? No, I cannot. I cannot do such a thing as a butler!! Therefore… some day, expose my true nature… princess… This terrible… carnivorous… dishonest… butler of yours…

Narrator: “The Carnivorous Butler’s Lewd Picture Book”, accompanying you was Oikawa Takahiro.

8 thoughts on “Futari no Nikushoku-kei Danshi ni Propose sarete Haramu made Yarareru Voice 2

    Harumi said:
    May 28, 2019 at 02:37

    *looks at picture* ….First eyeless heroines and now headless… *shock*

    *looks closely* Is it just me or is she tilting her head? XD
    (I just wished they made it somewhat more obvious lol)

    Thanks for all the translations you do! Especially Sengoku Night Blood! :D
    (Was blushing the whole time reading this X’D)

      Ilinox responded:
      May 28, 2019 at 10:25

      See, I kept thinking her head was just tilted too but I’m pretty sure that’s the guy’s other shoulder… she literally doesn’t have a head LOL.

      Aw, you’re welcome! Thank you for supporting this blog by viewing it and taking the time to comment :D!

    Eu said:
    May 18, 2019 at 03:37

    I clicked this post mainly because I’m also trying to figure out the heroine’s head! I thought I was seeing things wrong. I even thought that the leg belonged to one of the guys lmao. That summary though… 😏

      It me said:
      May 18, 2019 at 05:14

      That guy is definitely gripping that leg like he is gonna scamper off with it tho

      Ilinox responded:
      May 18, 2019 at 09:56

      RIGHT? I keep on staring at it hoping the mystery of the heroine’s missing head will just reveal itself to me, like I’m not looking at the picture right or something. Maybe it’s covered by one of their arms? Maybe it’s like… sunken in the bed and out of sight? But nope, I think she’s just literally missing her head… LOL I tried my best at a summary by taking bits and pieces of their synopsis.

    It me said:
    May 17, 2019 at 18:22

    Hahaha I never expected to see a translation of this jam. If any drama CD feels “vintage-y” like it was made in the ‘70s or something, it would be this one. Doesn’t hurt that the cover illustration makes it look like they all just got back from the disco

      Ilinox responded:
      May 17, 2019 at 21:02

      Oh my god, you made me curious about the date this CD came out after saying it was “vintage-y” and that explains everything… This came out in 2012 LOL which was basically when the first official company’s R18 CDs came out (Stellaworth’s Osananajimi Kareshi if you were curious) that started off the growing business of R18 CDs to the current state it’s in now.

        It me said:
        May 18, 2019 at 05:34

        I love the way the number 2 is added on the illustration in like MS Paint, like they had no idea anyone would want a sequel and were scrambling to put something out. Poor Carnivore O is never gonna get married at this rate.

        This is a lot kinder and less extreme than I expected, and I was surprised to see the winky way it breaks the 4th wall. It is like you dug up this CD in a cave and realized it’s the earliest predecessor of “Piercing Bartender Strangle Dungeon” or whatever that latest PIL VAMP CD was.

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